Black Star

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

*   *   *   *   *

Standing outside on the wet pavement, cigarette in one hand and phone in the other, he put his head back and gave a deep sigh, looking up at the clouded night sky. It’d stopped raining now and some of the stars were visible through the now white clouds, catching his eye as he blew out a lungful of smoke and tried to find some inner calm. It was getting late and people were out for the night, groups of girls giggling and tottering down the street in their heels, people moving bar to bar and enjoying themselves; time with their partners, fun with their friends, or just looking for a hook-up. It was the typical night out for so many, but not him, standing outside his shop and battling inner turmoil as he argued with his ex-girlfriend via text message.

Raising the cigarette to his mouth, he took a long drag, leaving it in his mouth as he paused to use two hands to type another reply, blowing out the smoke casually around the Marlborough at the side of his lips. Neon lights illuminated the street around him, the glow from the signs in his window; he ran a tattoo parlour, a joint venture with another artist he knew, and was building a good reputation for doing excellent work. It was exactly as he wanted and allowed his creativity and lust for skills and knowledge to thrive, learning something new all the time. He wasn’t above turning away work when he felt he wasn’t skilled enough to do it justice either, telling people he’d rather they went elsewhere and got the tattoo they really wanted rather than put a few pounds in his pocket. It also had the effect of bringing people back, choosing to come to him for smaller tattoos or future work, liking his attitude and attention to detail and quality. He was generally pleased with things, especially his growing business and the way it allowed such an easy and intimate way to get to know people, letting him work on his social life while at work. Unfortunately right now that had kind of backfired, as it was through his skilful hands that he’d managed to meet the girl at the other end of the text messages he was sending, who had brought him so much happiness and then in a swift turn so much pain, and she was still playing with his head now as he struggled to move on with his life.

Sometimes you just can’t move on from people easily, and this was one of those situations, especially as she’d ended things when he’d been happy, thinking they were going somewhere. She’d wanted space and needed to find herself, work out what she wanted, only she was still in his life, playing with his emotions. She’d go from missing him and hinting at getting back together, to telling him she wanted no contact and had to move on, praising how he was as a person to telling him every little thing she’d disliked in his character. It was a tough emotional ride, and he knew he should just tell her to leave him alone and move on, but he just couldn’t and it was really starting to trouble him that she had such hold on him. He barely even noticed the long-haired, blonde-highlighted brunette behind him looking in the window at his designs as he smoked the cigarette to the butt and flicked it into the puddles in the gutter. Shoving his phone back in his pocket, he blew smoke out through gritted teeth in an almost growl of frustration, pushing a hand through his hair as he turned back from people-watching to his shop to be confronted by a petite, pretty girl, silhouetted against the neon lights as she looked over her shoulder at him curiously.

“Hey,” he said, a little taken aback to suddenly discover her there, wondering momentarily what she thought as he imagined how he looked, smoking and huffing to himself at the side of the road.

“Hey,” she replied, turning to him from the window, her hands in the pockets of her hoodie. To go with her long hair she wore smoky eye make up, a black hooded top, a short, pleated tartan skirt, knee-high black and red striped socks and doc martins. He immediately recognised her as singer Avril Lavigne, feeling his heart jump in excitement and nerves at the moment, but not letting it show, letting the relaxing effect of his cigarette keep its slender hold. They just eyed each other a moment, waiting for the slightest tension to break.

“Something up?” she asked, clearly referring to his evident frustrations.

“Yeah it’s this…don’t worry about it,” he said, realising she didn’t want to talk about his issues and he didn’t really want to share them, flattered that she asked though.

“Sure?” she enquired, clearly at least somewhat compassionate for his problems.

“Yeah. So thinking of getting another tattoo?” he asked, pointing up at the window and his plethora of designs on show.

“Thinking about it,” she said, “and anyway, what do you mean another? How do you know I’ve got any?” she asked, looking back to the window as she considered what she might like.

“You’re Avril Lavigne, everyone knows you have tattoos,” he said casually, relaxed by how laid back she was and just chatting to her like any other customer, and after all why shouldn’t he.

“So you recognise me then,” she said with a smile, not looking away from the window.

“Of course, I don’t live under a rock. Surprised to see you here of course,” he said, since he was genuinely shocked to find Avril at his shop, pondering a tattoo on a chilly, wet evening.

“Well like you say, I have tattoos,” she murmured, giving a slightly foxy little glance sideways to him with a tilt of her head.

“So you wanting another one? This a spur-of-the-moment thing?” he asked, since he always discouraged people from getting them done without thinking it over properly, and he really didn’t want any backlash from giving Avril Lavigne a tattoo she wasn’t impressed with.

“No I’ve been thinking it over for a while, just been hankering to get another one for a bit now,” she said.

“Miss the sting of the needle huh?” he said, knowing how people so often got hooked on getting tattoos, and he was sure it wasn’t just for their aesthetics, but the feeling of getting it.

“I miss so many things at the moment,” she said wistfully, pausing before turning to glance at him again. There was a pause as tension built for a moment, his mind churning over quite what she meant before he snapped back to reality and continued.

“Have you decided where you want it?” he asked, fleetingly hoping it wasn’t just on her ankle.

“I think I know where I want it, just not quite decided exactly what,” she said, looking over the designs still, evidently having a specific effect in mind for her new tattoo.

“I have lots more designs inside in my books if you want to check them out, and I can modify any you like, give it a unique edge for you,” he offered, genuinely offering her his standard, excellent service rather than trying to find an excuse to get her into the shop.

“Really? Do you offer to do that for all the girls who come here on a quiet night?” she said teasingly, giving a sly smile and eyeing him up as she stepped towards the door.

“I’d love to pretend I’m just charming you, but the truth is you could be a hairy, six-foot biker in the middle of my busiest day and I’d offer you the same,” he said with a smile. Avril gave a laugh and stepped into his shop with him a few steps behind, dropping down into a chair just inside where people could wait for others, or while discussing their wants. He stepped behind his small counter and found his thick books of tattoo designs, all carefully ordered by their styles to help people who were after a specific type of design.

“What is it you were looking for?” he asked, putting them down on the counter.

”A sort of Celtic design, not too generic but something like that,” she said, leaning forward on her knees as he flicked into the second of his two thick books.

“Something like these?” he said, stepping round the counter and offering her the heavy book, which she hefted onto her lap, looking over the sharp black designs.

“Yeah these kind of things,” she said, looking over the striking collection of styles and designs, all variations on the sort of thing she wanted.

“So where is it you want this tattoo?” he asked as she perused his work.
”Lower back,” she said casually, eyeing up one design in particular.

“Really?” he asked, unable to help himself, before closing with “sure, no problem.”

“Is there something wrong with having it on my lower back?” she asked, looking up at him with a slight smirk that hinted she knew exactly what he was thinking.

“Of course not, it’s something I like personally,” he said, just as his phone started ringing.

”I’ll bet,” Avril murmured with a smile, looking back down at the designs, deciding between a couple of them. Getting his phone out of his pocket showed it was his ex-girlfriend calling, probably because he hadn’t answered her last text, hadn’t even read it. He cancelled the call and before he could even take his hand off the phone as he put it away, it started ringing again. He cancelled it again immediately, then turned his phone off, not wanting to talk to her anyway, especially now he had Avril Lavigne to ink.

“Problems?” she asked.

“Yeah, but I’m not getting into that right now, better things to do,” he said, wanting to not bring his ex up at this point.

“Absolutely, because I want this one here,” she said, pointing to her chosen design. It was a symmetrical design, with an open black star in the middle and a rotating style open figure-eight with tails and streaks type design either side, a style that would nicely suit her lower back.

“Very nice, I think that’ll suit you, I don’t do that one very often either, people seem to want something more general,” he said as he took the book back from her.

“Yeah I’m unique, trust me,” she said with a giggle as she stood up, reading to get herself tattooed. Just then, the shop phone started ringing, both of them looking at it, having a fair idea of who it was.

“Just go through, get yourself comfortable, I’ll be there in a minute,” he said, waving her through to the back of his shop as he picked up the phone. It was indeed his ex-girlfriend, who immediately launched into a rant about how he wasn’t answering her, his phone was off and so on. He knew he should just hang up on her, but he couldn’t, and what ensued was an intense and passionate conversation that left him feeling pissed off with her. He ended it by telling her he had a customer and had had enough, hanging up the phone, then unplugging it. Walking into the back, he found Avril waiting for him, her hoodie and top gone, wearing just her bra.

“You know, she sounds like a bitch,” she said to him, ignoring the fact she was half naked.

“I…what?” he said, losing track of things half way through staring at her and listening to her. He drank her in, her gorgeous slim body, bountiful breasts supported by a sexy black lace bra, creamy skin and the existing tattoos she had, well the ones he could see.

“Your ex, she sounds a right bitch,” Avril reiterated, giving him a frank expression.

“It’s complicated,” he said quietly, regaining his composure and starting to get set up.

“It’s not, she dumped you and she’s still messing you around, I heard everything,” she said, having listened through the open door.

“Yeah I’m just struggling to move on,” he said, wanting to say just enough to finish this conversation.

“That’s why. Tell her what you really think and to leave you alone, then meet some new people. You find a nice hot new chick and you won’t think about her at all,” Avril said, giving him a smile that said she knew what she was talking about.
”Yeah but it’s not as easy as that,” he said, getting his design, inks and tattoo gun ready with needles and sterilising equipment.

“Sure it is, you never know, one might just walk into your shop one night,” she said with a smile, giving a little flick of her eyebrows before she turned round to kneel on his chair, sitting down on her heels and grasping the back of the chair, her short skirt sliding up but keeping her peachy rear covered.

“Well, I guess it’s possible,” he said, getting his design ready for her, eyeing up her sexy back.
“Course it is, just don’t miss the signals, plenty of girls will find you sexy,” she said, enjoying the sensation as he first put his hands on her, becoming professional now as he set about her tattoo.

“Where do you want it exactly?” he asked, wanting to get it perfect for her.

“You pick, find the best position, but I want it low down,” she said, leaving him to finalise the details as she glanced back over her shoulder at him. He took a minute to contemplate it, eyeing the shape of her back and how her pelvis sat, the shape down into her bum. He made his decision, and it took a moment to fully consider before he asked.

“Pull your skirt down,” he said, realising quite how that sounded as he said it.

“What?” she asked, thinking he was asking her to strip off.

“Just a bit, I need some more space to get it just right. It will suit you right low down,” he said, which was true. She didn’t speak, just pushing up off her heels a little and reaching back, pushing her thumbs into the waistband of her little tartan skirt and sliding it down slightly with a little wiggle of her hips, leaving it just above her bum.

“That better?” she asked, sitting back down and waiting.

“That’s great thanks,” he said, getting his design onto her and starting to work.

“I bet it is, I’m pushing my skirt off for you,” she smiled, staying still to let him work. It took a few minutes, but he got the design onto her perfectly, level and centred. He always had to get it completely right, and he was pleased to achieve that on the first go with Avril, taking the time to do so.
“Right, got it. Let me get a mirror, you can check,” he said, wanting her to be absolutely sure on it before he made it permanent.

“Don’t worry, just use my phone,” she said, grabbing it from her hoodie pocket and handing it to him.

“Sure, hold on,” he said, pressing the camera button and wishing he could take a minute to go snooping and read all her little secrets. He took a photo of her knelt on the chair, wishing he could keep it himself, marvelling at how neat and right the design looked on her. Handing the phone to Avril, she studied the picture carefully, evidently as interested in its quality as he was.

“That’s perfect, it looks great!” she said enthusiastically.
“Yeah? Completely happy?” he asked, wanting to be sure.

“Yeah exactly the sort of thing I wanted, and you’ve got the position just right, low down like that. Excellent, let’s do it,” she said, very happy with it.
“Ok then, give me a moment,” he said, getting his equipment ready, black ink in the tattoo gun and then wiping her back with alcohol, making her inhale at the cold sensation. He settled himself in position, pleased to be about to tattoo the Canadian star.

“You know, if you had a girl in the position you’ve got me now, you wouldn’t be thinking about your ex in the slightest,” Avril said with a smirk over her shoulder. She immediately gave a cry, biting her lip as the gun buzzed and he pressed it to her beautiful body, deliberately starting in the most painful place right across her spine.

“You know what they say about girls with tattoos like this, Avril?” he asked casually, coolly working on her as he started moving through the design with surprising speed, getting it absolutely spot on at the same time.

“Of course, everyone does,” she murmured through gritted teeth, getting used to the pain but still jumping and making noise as it crossed her spine.

“Don’t mind that then?” he said.

“Are you asking me whether I like that, or about what people will say?” she said, managing to tease as he worked on her.

“Either,” he said, not wanting to miss a potential chance to hear her sexual preferences.

“People are always going to talk, I don’t care. My body and I’ll do what I want with it. And most girls I’ve known with them tend to embody the stereotype,” she finished, hinting at what it signified.

“Oh really, and you’re getting one,” he said, leading her towards what he wanted to hear, having the concentrate hard on his work now as he pondered Avril Lavigne embodying the characteristics of the lower back tattoo.

“Well who doesn’t like doggy style,” she said bluntly, catching him off guard a little and making him pause.

“Good point,” he said, before carrying on.
“And some other things as well,” Avril finished suggestively, making him wonder exactly how far she went in living up to it, and his cock stiffen in his trousers. Continuing, Avril was starting to struggle a bit more with the pain, and gave a particularly loud yelp as he worked at one area, making him stop as she jumped a bit.

“Do you need something to bite down on?” he asked, sitting back from her.
“Yeah, it might help,” she said, leaning up a little on the chair and breathing deeply. He thought a moment, a naughty idea entering his head, making his heart race and knowing it was pushing his luck. He didn’t know where the decision got made, but he decided to go for it, sliding his hands up under her tiny skirt. He didn’t bother to waste time hiding what he was doing, sliding his hands over her thighs and bum, feeling her jump at his touch as he slipped up under her skirt and into the waistband of her knickers. Feeling her warm skin under his hands, he pulled them down smoothly as she arched her back a little, then she lifted her knees so he could take them off her, showing she was completely into it as she knew what he’d do with it.

She was, or rather had been, wearing a sexy little black thong, almost sheer and lacy. It would hardly do what it was meant to do, but he had Avril’s panties in his hands, and that was more the important factor right now. Bundling them up in his hands, he reached round in front of her, where Avril shocked and aroused him by flicking her hair back out the way and opening her mouth, letting him push them in before biting down on the naughty lingerie. He took a deep breath and steadied his hands before picking up the gun once more, blotting her with paper before continuing his work, hearing her grunt and growl a little.

“They’re some very sexy panties by the way,” he said, knowing she probably wouldn’t reply. She gave a mumble that seemed something like a thank you, but didn’t take them out of her mouth, just biting and tasting herself slightly on them as he inked her. It took a good while longer to complete her tattoo, making sure he did it perfect despite his mind trying to overwhelm him with sexy thoughts of Avril, or the urge to just take her where she knelt right now. The thing that wasn’t on his mind now was his ex and her shit, that was for sure. Completing his work, he wiped her down and admired his handiwork, having left his mark on the Canadian cutie.

“There, one tramp stamp,” he said with a smile, eyeing Avril on his chair, and just wishing her skirt would ride up so he could see what lie beneath. Reaching up, Avril pulled her panties out of her mouth, just holding onto the damp underwear as she pushed up to lean on the back of the chair, looking back over her shoulder to try and see it.
“How does it look? Does it suit me?” she asked, craning to see it. He picked up a mirror for her this time, holding it back to she could see her newest tattoo.

“Oh wow, that’s great, you’ve done a fantastic job there,” she said, very happy with how nice a job he’d done, her tattoo looking exactly as she’d hoped it would.

“Yeah I think that looks really good on you there, and it suits you,” he said, enjoying the view of her sexy body in just her bra and short skirt, enjoying ogling her smooth thighs.

“It doesn’t make me a tramp though,” she pointed out, leaning up from the chair and looking back at him past her long hair.

“But as you say, you do like what it suggests,” he ventured, giving a wry smile as he put the mirror down.

“You don’t know that for sure, only what I’ve told you. I think you’re just letting your imagination run away with you,” she said teasingly with a smirk, arching her back and rocking her hips ever so slightly.

“You wouldn’t get this done if you didn’t want guys to look at it, you know full well what you’re inviting,” he said, standing a little closer to her now, his cock hardening fully at the thought of doing her from behind, or even anally. Avril looked round at him again, eyeing him up before reaching back towards him with her hand, giving a little wave of her fingers to bring him closer to her, his heart pounding in his chest now as he stepped into the unknown, closer behind the Canadian star. As soon as he was close enough, she pushed her fingers into his pocket, yanking him right up behind her, where she immediately reached back with her other, panty-filled hand. She shoved her sexy knickers into his pocket, evidently to keep as she pressed them firmly, pushing her hand in to match the other and give her a strong grip on him. She arched her back tightly, pushing her tight bum out as she suddenly yanked him to her, stumbling him slightly to grind against her, hearing him inhale at the surprise move. Avril could easily feel his hard cock pressed into her through his jeans, resting against her booty and back of her naked pussy through her tartan skirt. His hands instinctively went to the sexy curve of her back, unable to resist taking hold of her, feeling the enticing warmth of her smooth body as he slid his hands up her back, carefully avoiding her new tattoo.

“But you don’t know for sure, not for real, and how can you ever know?” she teased, rocking her hips now and pressing back, grinding herself onto his hard cock, making both of them feel good and teasing him unashamedly as he instinctively pressed into her, just wishing their clothes weren’t in the way as she held him tightly, his cock desperate to be freed. His hands slid onto her waist with a mind of their own, sliding over her smooth pale skin to pull back against her hips, grinding her harder onto him as her Doc Martins hooked round the back of his thighs.

“You can’t, you’ll just have to think long and hard about it,” she growled, giving a slow, hard drive specifically up his cock, able to feel exactly where he was. He gave a slight groan, to which Avril gave a sexy, primal growl as she started to raise then arch her back, rolling her hips to slide her ass and pussy up and down the length of his through his jeans, making her skirt ride up but denying him any chance to see given how tightly he was pressed to her, not that he cared about that right now.

“Anyway, I’d better get going,” she said, suddenly changing the tone, letting go of his pockets and leaning up from the seat, spurring what happened next. After all her prick teasing and come-ons, there was no way he was letting her get away with this, especially since she clearly wanted it. With his firm grasp already on her waist, he shoved her roughly down over the chair, making her grab hold of the back to catch herself as she leaned forward on her knees. He grabbed hold of her long hair tightly, giving a sharp pull back that made her give a loud grunt, breathing heavily with excitement as he took charge, his other hand sliding up under her chest to cup her perky breast, giving a hard squeeze that sense a tingle through her body. Avril held tightly to the chair as he pulled her head back, arching her body as he leaned over her, pulling her to one side as he swooped down to firmly bite the side of her neck, making her shudder and give a deep, growling moan of pure pleasure, pushing her bum back into him as he leaned over her, feeling him even harder for her now. Avril fought his grip and turned his bite into a frenzied, gasping kiss of passion, his hand moving from pulling her hair to pushing her head towards him as they frantically kissed, their lust unchained now, his hand groping harder at her chest, skilful fingers sliding into her bra to tease her stiff nipple.
“Oh fuck, fuck,” she gasped as they broke apart, his hand suddenly leaving her chest as the other shoved her down harder over the chair, making her cling to the backrest in anticipation, barely able to contain herself as he flicked her skirt up fully at last. She gasped as it landed on her fresh tattoo as he exposed her, his other hand rapidly undoing his jeans as he leaned back slightly to finally get a good look at her tight, juicy pussy and asshole, Avril wiggling slightly for him enticingly as he freed his rock hard erection. With his cock springing up vertically behind her, he swiftly took a firm hold on her hip and pressed himself to her with his other hand, his swollen purple head slipping easily over her pussy. He could feel the slick heat of her abundant wetness as he just took a moment to tease her, sliding his cock up and down over the back of her bulging pussy and tight anus, something she didn’t complain about as she wiggled frustratedly at his cock. With one little push he was inside her, Avril pushing back the second she felt him enter her, feeling the squeeze of her muscles as they pushed towards each other, her pussy tight but enveloping his cock with ease from how wet and ready she was for him as she grunted in instant pleasure. He breathed hard through his teeth, shuddering slightly at the fantastic sensation of her dripping pussy sliding down the length of his cock, all the way to the hilt in one smooth stroke. He was just a little over average length but quite thick, and his cock stretched Avril a little more than she expected, stimulating every nerve ending inside her, making her shake with pleasure as he bottomed out, more than long enough for her as well as she felt completely filled by him.

“Fuck that’s good,” he grunted as her vagina contracted on him at full depth, squeezing tightly on him in a strong, involuntary squeeze, Avril giving another little shudder as she pushed back against him hard, both of them just relishing the moments pause after he’d finally penetrated her. He grabbed hold of her waist firmly, pulling back from her pussy, easily gliding back full length with her wetness so just the ridge of his head slipped out, before burying it into her hard again, making them both grunt again as he bumped into her booty at full depth. As he held her firmly, Avril arched her back and spread her legs a bit more, jamming her knees into the arms of the chair to steady herself for the pounding he was about to give her, holding herself low and tight to the chair as he started to fuck her, wasting no more time as he began pumping on her pussy, pulling back against her hips as he worked his cock in and out of her in long, smooth strokes, his hips pushing powerfully against her toned bum. Avril murmured in the simple pleasure of him sliding briskly in and out of her, with it feeling particularly good today as she relaxed to the pleasure of being screwed, especially since it’d been a while and she’d been missing a nice hard cock inside her. She treated him to squeezes of her pussy as he thrust into her, making him groan as he squeezed into her tightened tunnel, already loving how she felt and knowing this wouldn’t take too long.

They didn’t speak, the only sounds their gasping breaths and his hips against her ass as he went balls deep with every thrust. He was fucking her harder now, pumping her shorter and faster, chasing the pleasure as his thick cock slid in and out of her, especially his sensitive head as it was caught by expertly timed squeezes of her muscles, Avril pushing back against him to enjoy the pleasure as he got full depth, teasing at her cervix as he filled her up. He squeezed her waist tighter and pulled her back a little harder as he started to fuck her hard, properly hard now, combining the motion of thrusting into her with yanking her back onto him, Avril rocking on her knees on the chair, her perky breasts bouncing in their sexy black bra as he slammed into her ass, making her grunt and groan as he picked up the pace, drilling hard into the slender musician’s fantastic pussy. He gave a sudden burst of pace, really slamming into her, which made her tense up and bite the back of the chair as he did.

“Ohh god fuck me,” she gasped as she relaxed again with him slowing down, loving how he was pounding on her. He gave her another burst of speed, again overwhelming her momentarily and making her push back hard against him to inspire him to continue. It was taking him close now, her enthusiasm and tight, juicy pussy more than enough to encourage him to climax, especially given how she’d teased. Squeezing her tightly, he jammed her back on his cock as he thrust as hard and fast as he could, jack hammering her pussy so hard the chair was shaking and creaking as if it might give way underneath them, Avril braced hard into it as she moaned deeply in pleasure, overtaken now and just letting him fuck her as hard as he could. He could feel his balls tightening a bit and knew the familiar sensations, intending to ride Avril hard to his imminent climax, gritting his teeth as he continued to plough, glad of his stamina and fitness.

“Fuck,” Avril breathed, releasing her bite on the chair and giving ragged, heavy breaths, exerted by him screwing her so hard, feeling his urgency now and his cock that little bit stiffer.

“Don’t come inside me baby,” she said breathlessly, knowing he was soon to explode as she ground back in ecstasy. He didn’t say anything and continued fucking her hard, harder even as he picked up his pace just a little bit more. Avril knew that behaviour, feeling how hard he was and what he was doing to her, and she knew he was about to empty his balls inside her.

“No don’t, don’t!” she gasped as he continued to slam into her, squeezing her thighs together and pulling forward from him to try and get him to slip out of her, even though it was feeling amazing as he fucked her harder than she’d been nailed in a very long time. He was set on finishing what he’d started though, and grabbed her long hair, twisting a handful of it up and pulling her back, his other hand at her waist yanking back against her pelvis as he followed her forward on the chair and buried himself back in her full depth. She gave a primal groan as he somehow found even more pace, fucking her very hard, fast and deep, her protests silenced by the wave of sensation as he smashed her, gasping for breaths through her involuntary moans as he held her hair tight. Within a few seconds she felt him go absolutely rock hard and swell bigger inside her, making her pussy squeeze in response as she heard his fast breaths as he held on, the tension rising as he screwed her in a blur, yanking her head right back. With a deep gasping groan of release he came hard inside her, pumping hard and deep through his orgasm, Avril grunting loudly, feeling his thick cock jumping and surging inside her as he ejaculated deep within her, holding her tightly to him as he ground into her. She was impressed by his climax, feeling him shoot several hot, thick bursts into her, making her react instinctively and start squeezing with her pussy, feeling him shudder and push against her hard as she milked all his huge load out of him as deep in her pussy as possible, figuring now that it didn’t make much difference and they might as well enjoy it, her own body tingling with near-orgasmic pleasure following his climax, the surge of energy within her having pushed her buttons.

“Fuck…that was one hell of a tattoo,” Avril breathed, both of them gasping as he let go of her hair and leaned off her, the Canadian cutie releasing the seat and pushing her hands through her long dirty-blonde hair, wiping the sweat at her forehead.

“Yeah, I definitely don’t give that service to just anyone,” he breathed, standing up and sliding back, giving a jolt as his sensitive head slipped out of her pussy and she squeezed it tightly on him. The full realisation that he’d just fucked Avril Lavigne hadn’t really sunk in yet, and right now he was just enjoying the rush and euphoria of a really good fuck.

“Yeah I should think not. I hope you’re not expecting me to pay for it now though,” she said with a slightly smile as she looked back over her shoulder through her hair.

“No I think that more than makes up for it,” he said, pulling his jeans up and realising that the shop was open, anyone could have walked in looking for ink and caught them fucking in the back room. Avril stiffly pushed back off the seat, standing down with shaky legs and giving a stretch, pulling her little tartan skirt down a bit shyly to cover her ass, though she didn’t ask for her panties back. She rearranged her bra and then got her T-shirt, a snug black number with a skull on the front, turning to see him watching her with a smile as she pulled it on.
“Hey, why didn’t you want me to come inside you?” he asked, wiping his face with his hand as he glanced down at Avril’s sexy legs, unable to stop himself thinking about how she was commando under such a little, loose skirt.

“Well I don’t really know you, and I’m not on the pill,” she said, giving him a bit of a look before she turned to find her hoodie from his counter. His heart surged and pounded hard in his chest suddenly, realising he’d just come in an unprotected Avril, feeling an immediate rush of terror, which quickly turned to odd excitement at the thought that he could’ve got Avril Lavigne pregnant.

“Well fuck, sorry, I didn’t realise,” he said, knowing that excuse didn’t really hold up given how she’d tried to push him off and told him no.

“Well you did, but don’t worry about it, I’m sure you’re fine and it’s done now,” she said dismissively. If she was worried about it, she sure wasn’t showing it, probably figuring she’d just deal with it later as she pulled her hoodie on.

“Wait careful, let me get you a bandage for that,” he said, referring for her new tattoo, not wanting her to damage it.

“It’s a bit late for careful,” Avril said with a smile, referencing the energetic fuck session and the fact he’d unloaded in her unprotected pussy. He just smiled and found her a bandage, kneeling down behind her as she lifted her tops up, carefully putting it over her stylish new ink. He was very pleased with it, and not just because it was on Avril Lavigne, who he’d just got to fuck. It really did look good, and definitely suited her as he now knew first hand.

“There, all good,” he said, standing up. She pulled her tops down carefully over it, then turned to him, unable to stop herself smiling before leaning up to kiss him. It was a nice, gentle kiss, her tongue seeking his for a moment, before it became a little more passionate and broke, letting her back down from her tiptoes.

“Well, thanks for the tattoo, it’s excellent,” she said, making small talk, seeming a tad shy and not quite ready to leave.

“It’s what I do, I’m glad you’re pleased with it,” he said, feeling slightly awkward now, wishing he could ask her to stay but knowing that he might come across as silly or pushing his luck. There was a pause as they looked at each other, him admiring her beauty, her his rugged good looks and pondering a moment just how fantastically he’d fucked her. Her pussy was still tingling.

“Come back to my hotel,” she blurted out, immediately blushing slightly and looking away. She was confident and strong, but it just seemed like right now she was begging him to come back and fuck her more, that she needed it, and she was worried how it made her look to do it, but she couldn’t resist. She wanted more of what she’d just had. He was a little taken aback, pleasantly shocked at the demand, knowing exactly what it was they’d be getting up to.

“Seriously?” he said, having to check her resolve to be sure.

“Yeah, spend the night with me,” she said, overcoming her shyness and making it clear what she wanted with an authoritative tone now, far more the Avril people expected. He wasn’t going to say no, but saying yes somehow wasn’t the first thing that came to mind.

“You’re not going to make me wear a condom are you?” he said, immediately wondering why the fuck he just said that, when all he had to do was tell her yes. There was no way he was turning down such an offer even if she asked him to wear five.

“No,” Avril said with a giggle, “there’s not much point now.”

“Let me just lock up,” he said, packing things away as she stepped out into the front of the shop, excited that he could give her more stiff fucking like she’d just received. He came out to the front, turning off the lights and grabbing his money from the till, not as much as he’d hoped for, as Avril glanced at his designs more. He pulled on his jacket, shoving the money in a pocket and checking he had his cigarettes, quickly feeling his phone and her still-warm panties in his jeans.
“Wait, was this unlocked the whole time?” Avril said, pointing to the front door of the shop as he grabbed his keys and ushered her towards it.

“Well, yeah,” he said, given there was no way he’d been about to leave a horny Avril hanging on while he locked the door.

“Damn,” she said with a smile, feeling naughty as she stepped outside, a few more people passing by now, inebriated and having fun, a couple glancing at her but not recognising her as he locked up the shop. Putting his keys away and checking the door, he turned to Avril, who’d pulled her hood up against the chilly breeze, reaching out to take his hand, starting to walk.

“We’re not getting a cab?” he asked, surprised that Avril would walk.
“No, it’s only a few minutes from here, and I’ve got you to look after me,” she said, hearing her smile even though he couldn’t see it. He gave her hand a slight squeeze as they started walking, enjoying the cool night air as she walked in close to him, feeling the fresh air on her bare legs and up under her short skirt, now exposed given her panties were balled up in his pocket. Nobody recognised her or even paid them much attention at all as they left the main street of nightlife behind, heading off on another main road towards a large hotel, its huge illuminated glass structure visible for miles.

It didn’t feel like they needed to talk, a bond already having developed between them so they could comfortably enjoy silence without ruining it with mindless chatter. Avril was concerned her little skirt would blow up in the breeze, her hand continually finding it to pull it down. As she walked along, she felt his come start to leak from her pussy, his abundant load and her juices starting to cause problems, and without any knickers on to soak it up it started to run down the inside of her leg. Squeezing her pussy, she quickened their pace a little to get to the hotel, making him think she was eager to get him back for more sex, which she was, but it was making her walk funny.
”You OK?” he asked, noticing and wondering quite what was wrong.

“Yeah, just maybe we should’ve got a cab,” she said, walking normally again.

“The hotel’s right here, as you said, a few minutes,” he offered, unsure what the problem was.

“Yeah but…that massive load you shot in me is leaking a bit now,” she said with a giggle.

“Oh right,” he said, a bit taken aback but seeing her humour in it, “sorry about that.”

“No you’re not, be honest, else you would’ve pulled out. But don’t worry, it felt great, and you’re right, we’re almost there,” she said, looking to him with a smile as they walked. The hotel was only another couple of minutes down the road, which they reached and entered with no fanfare, evidently all her psycho, stalker fans taking the night off. Heading through the reception area, they were unnoticed and continued to the lifts, taking it up to her luxurious suite near the top of the building. Avril pressed the button for her floor, then immediately turned and drew him down into a deep kiss, her tongue sliding into his mouth to seek and caress his.

His arm slid round the middle of her back, pulling her up towards him onto her tiptoes, returning her kiss just right, taking in the softness of her lips and the way she expertly manoeuvred her tongue onto and around his. His other hand slid down her side and onto her bum, giving a squeeze through her little skirt before quickly slipping down and then back up underneath it onto her bare ass, making her murmur as he gave a good, firm grope of her tight body. Avril moved to kiss down his neck as she held him close to her, making him shiver as she lifted her leg to allow him better access to her booty, pulling her thigh up his hip and inviting him to explore. He took advantage, squeezing her firmly again and then sliding his fingers further, avoiding her slippery pussy and stroking teasingly over her asshole, making her moan throatily with a tremble and bite his neck. Their excitement was palpable, both of them extremely turned on, Avril grinding herself against him, feeling him already hard again through his trousers as his fingers just temptingly probed a little more firmly at her ass.

Their moment was rudely interrupted by the slowing of the lift, whereby they pulled apart, Avril smoothing her skirt down to hide herself as she dropped onto her feet, and then quickly turning and standing in front of him to hide his erection as she realised someone else was getting in and this wasn’t their floor. They couldn’t hide their flustered appearance though, Avril’s flushed neck and cheeks, and his general intense, slightly perspired look telling tales to anyone who looked at them. It was a woman who got into the lift wearing a black business suit and glasses, probably in her late twenties; she completely noticed the rapid way in which Avril had scrambled in front of her man as the lift doors opened to expose them, clearly having been up to something naughty. She just gave them a knowing smile as she stepped in and turned away from them, silently saluting their public playfulness, and thinking there was something familiar about the girl.

Tucked back into the corner of the lift, they rode quietly up, both of them working to control their breathing. He slid his hands over her shoulders, where she leaned back into him and let his hands slide round in front of her, in an affectionate position over her upper body. Glancing at the woman with them, who hadn’t looked round, Avril slowly slid her hand behind her back, spreading it and pressing it to the front of his jeans, finding his stiff manhood. He held back any sounds, brought on by surprise, his heart accelerating at her bold, exhibitionist move as her hand narrowed to focus on the length of his shaft, squeezing and then stroking along him with her fingers, making him push towards her a little at the ticklish pleasure. Avril held firm and just kept going, stimulating him just above her ass as she leaned back into him to hold him in place and not give the game away.

They hadn’t realised, but inside the lift had long, thin mirrors, just for decorative and lighting purposes, and angles were at play. They couldn’t see the other woman in them, and she wasn’t looking at them over her shoulder using one. What they missed though was that she was able to look into a mirror out of the corner of her eyes which gave a perfect view past Avril. She knew they’d been up to something mischievious, and now she could see Avril’s hand skilfully stroking and teasing at a significant bulge in the front of his jeans, just working slowly at him as she drove him wild. To catch them in the act was exciting, it turned her on as she watched the familiar brunette so blatantly teasing her man; she was sure he’d be ready to explode by now, and probably take her like an animal once they were in the privacy of their room. The lift slowed again, this time their floor, and Avril let her hand drop, leaning forward away from him as he let her go. She felt herself a little wet at the show she’d briefly seen, and couldn’t help glancing back to them with a sly smile and a wink before she stepped out and walked down the corridor.

“I think she knew,” Avril said, looking back up to him with a playful giggle as she took his hand, leading him out of the lift, casting a glance to see the woman walking away, not looking back.

“You’re bad, Avril,” he said with a smile, walking a little uncomfortably due to his hardon.

“I know, and you’re loving it,” she grinned, leading him faster than he really wanted to go down an adjacent corridor towards her large suite, retrieving her key card from a pocket with her other hand.

Easily opening the door, she pulled him into her huge hotel room, making him pause just to take it in. It had a long row of windows offering a good view of the city at night, an open-plan sort of layout and an opulent super king-size bed, a glass table and a few of her things lying around. Through a door he could see an adjoining bathroom, which looked equally impressive, and marvelled it was likely the best hotel room he’d ever stay in.

“Fuck,” was all he said, looking around it, slipping his jacket off and turning back to her as she locked the door, looking deeply into his eyes.
”I intend to,” she said, almost launching herself at him, very horny again now after their elevator tease, entwining in another passionate kiss, more hungry this time, gasping for breath as they pulled at one another’s clothes as she pushed him back towards the bed. He was quickly stripped of his shirt by Avril, kicking off his boots as they stumbled backwards, his hands roughly pulling her hoodie and shirt off in one, and a skilful hand immediately making her bra follow, finally revealing her perky breasts properly. He didn’t have much time to take them in, but they were a lovely size and very perky with nice stiff little nipples, which he’d get to later.

Avril reaching down to fumble her Doc Martins off, now wearing only her little tartan skirt, which he quickly yanked down off her hips, making it drop down her legs to leave her naked before him, right before she shoved him back down onto the bed, his phone falling out of his pocket. He looked up at the gorgeous star, her lovely lithe body completely naked, toned and tight, with a neat strip of dark hair above her pussy. She quickly grabbed at his jeans, undoing them and pulling them and everything off him to leave him lying naked on the expensive sheets, his hardon bouncing and sticking up from his body, ready and waiting in anticipation of her hot pussy.

“Mm that’s nice, I didn’t get to see it before,” she said, chucking his clothes aside and swiftly joining him, crawling over him as he slid backwards onto the bed.

“Same, you’re absolutely beautiful,” he said, before they locked into another deep kiss, their tongues battling powerfully now as she slid into place on top of him, immediately pushing back and making him press against then slide up her pussy and over her ass, both of them shivering. Still kissing she tried again, still not using her hands, pulling forward and then pushing back precisely. With him so hard for her and sticking up, her pussy lined up perfectly with his swollen head, and she pushed back onto it, just carefully moving back so he took purchase in her tight entrance, easing her pussy open before she thrust back hard, his thick cock sliding perfectly inside her in one motion, once again Avril taking his whole length in one stroke despite how snug and tight she was, though not as much as she had been earlier on.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned, curling his toes and leaning up from the bed towards her as she sat down on his cock, grinding her hips a little to settled right down and take him completely, joining him in another sensual kiss as his hands slid to her hips.

“Just let me do the work this time,” Avril murmured, pushing his grasp back to her smooth thighs so she had freedom to ride, her slender hands sliding up his arms to gently push him back down onto the bed, wanting him to just relax and let her fuck his brains out. He let her take the lead, relaxing back onto the bed to have her ride him, something he hadn’t had in a long time. He closed his eyes for a moment and just let himself relaxing, focussing on sensations, feeling Avril start to ride up and down, marvelling at how fantastic her tight, wet pussy felt as it slid along his length, taking her time to just slowly move right up to the tip of his cock before enveloping him to the hilt again, pushing down into him on the bed.

Avril smiled as she watched him enjoy it, the blissful smile of pleasure on his face and how at peace his body was as she rode him slowly at first, starting to get into a more steady but still controlled pace, wanting him to have plenty of time to take it in. He couldn’t stop his body responding and pushing up to her, pleasing her at how it was making him feel and tempting her to grind down into him a little harder, getting into sync with each other now. She drew a deep grunt from him as she squeezed herself tight around him at the base, holding it to slide all the way back up him and make him shudder, pushing up to try and stay inside her as she withdrew, before she sank comfortably back onto him again, burying his thick manhood in her liquid heat.

He was watching her now as she rode, her gym-honed body and perky breasts bouncing softly up and down on him. He inhaled sharply and grabbed her legs as she suddenly squeezed her pussy tight again, this time for the down stroke, tensing up and pushing herself powerfully down his cock, overwhelming him with sensation and a sudden pre-orgasmic urge, which luckily faded away as quickly as it’d started, but his cock had instinctively hardened rock solid and swelled a little, not unnoticed by her.

“Don’t come yet,” she breathed with a smile, loving how much power she had over his body right now.

“Just caught me off guard a bit there, you’re so tight,” he said, breathing deeply and stroking her thighs as she continued to smoothly ride him.

“I know, just want you to really enjoy this,” she purred, riding a little faster on him with slight squeezes of her vagina, which he was ready for and revelled in, feeling his cock jump and surge with each one. He didn’t need to tell her that he was loving it, and simply continued working with her, lifting up to push into her downward thrusts, making her take every possible part of his throbbing length. Avril started riding him harder, more aggressively working his cock, no longer riding right to his head, going up and down about half his length in faster strokes and shoving her toned bum down into him firmly as she leaned on his chest. His hands slid up the curve of her hips, just reaching around to squeeze her bum, making her give a stretch and squeeze her pussy again as she fucked him, his hands continuing up to take in her slender waist and then onto her firm, ample breasts, feeling her hard pink nipples under his palms.

She mumbled with pleasure as the gentle caress, his talented hands taking in her perky rack, just lightly squeezing and stroking at them, letting his thumbs rub over her nipples, circling them with the tips to make her arch at the ticklish sensations. Avril continued to ride diligently as he took her in with his hands, massaging and exploring, letting his fingers drag over her soft skin to her nipples, tweaking and teasing them to harden them fully before he gave a light pinch, making her gasp and then jump, tensing up with a pleasing squeeze on his cock as he gave them a slight pull. Immediately soothing them with more squeezes, she started to fuck him a little bit harder, her lovely tight pussy stretched nicely round his deeply embedded penis as he slid an arm round her back and pulled himself up to sit underneath her, Avril rolling her hips and squeezing her thighs round his to accommodate him, sliding her arms round his back. With a final squeeze, he reached up to brush her long hair back from her shoulders and chest, leaning down to suck at her nipple as his other hand stroked down the sexy curve of her back above her new, bandaged tattoo.

Avril’s skin goose pimpled as his tongue slipped over her nipple, shivering as his fingers pushed through her soft hair, arching her back into his hand. She’d switched from riding now to thrusting her hips back and forward onto his cock to work with their new position, which was making her pussy feel tighter for him and working him down into her at a different angle, feeling good for both of them. So good in fact that Avril let out a moan, her eyes closed as he sucked and licked at her nipple, pushing and flicking at it with the tip of his tongue, then swirling around and devouring it with his lips, giving a little nip with his teeth to make her breath catch in her throat. Pushing her hips against him firmly, she felt the thick shape of his cock, how good it felt to have inside her again, the tingle of her clit as she ground into him and the orgasm starting to awaken deep inside her as he moved to her other breast, assaulting the nipple in the most pleasurable way.

“Mom,” Avril groaned, wanting to voice her pleasure and encourage him, but not thinking of anything better she could say, knowing he could feel her body responding and yielding to him, how her pussy was perfectly fit on his cock, her senses alive to his touches and ministrations. His fingers again slid through her long, dark hair, as his other hand moved down to her ass, taking a good grip of it and giving a firm squeeze as she rocked on him. She gasped as he suddenly jerked her head back by her hair, holding on and exposing her elegant neck, making her give a stuttering sigh as he immediately attacked it vigorously, kissing and sucking at it, not biting her but grazing her with his teeth, all round under her jaw and onto her shoulder. Having pulled her into a more upright position, she immediately thrust down harder, starting to ride him again, unable to go so deep and instead choosing to squeeze her pussy rhythmically and ride the first few inches of his cock.

He breathed heavily at the immense sensation of her tight pussy stimulating his sensitive head, just slipping in and out of the tightest part of her tunnel as she bounced on him briskly, making him pull her hair a bit harder and slide his hand over her ass, groping her firmly and then sliding his fingers between, teasing the tips over her asshole just as he bit into her neck firmly. She gave a shudder and ground down hard, loving having her neck sucked and bitten, rolling her hips as he stroked her backdoor and bit just a little painfully at her neck, combined with his hard cock buried inside her it was an interesting, enthralling blend of sensations that only served to turn her on, her body feeling alight and alive at their union. It’d been months since she’d been laid, and far longer than that since she’d had such a good fuck.

Starting to ride again, she murmured in pleasure as he continued to assault, her neck, feeling him stroking and probing at her ass a little harder, just firmly circling her tight ring, sending tempting sensations into her. Slowing her thrusts, she suddenly pushed back onto his finger, feeling him immediately respond to push into her, her tight asshole stretching as she chased penetration, time seeming to slow for a moment as his finger eased into her dry ass, just getting his fingertip into her with a deep groan, making him shiver in pleasure at the clench her pussy gave on him, releasing her hair. Just shaking her booty a little for a moment, Avril started thrusting again, pulling off his finger and then leaning down to kiss him hard, passionately thrusting her tongue into his mouth, twisting around and dominating his own as she fucked him harder, his hand just returning to a firm grip on her ass as his other slid down her back.

Digging her nails into his back made him groan into their kiss, Avril offsetting the sensation with another very tight squeeze of her pussy as she started riding harder, making him thrust up to meet her in response. Sliding her hands over onto his shoulders, she broke away from him and shoved him back down onto the bed hard, sitting up fully on him and smacking his hand away from her ass, wanting to dominate again. He could tell what she wanted and lay back on the bed, just letting his hands sliding to her toned calves, feeling her soft skin as she started riding hard, using her legs perfectly as she bounced up and down, her perky breasts looking fantastic as he watched her, hair cascading down her shoulders. She leaned forward to put her hands into his, lifting them and pinning his to the bed by his head as she let her soft locks drop down over him, just swaying a little to let it tickle and brush his face as she rode, able to go even harder on him now with her new position, slamming down to bury his hard cock deeply into her juicy pussy with a grunt.

In the midst of Avril fucking his brains out, his phone started ringing, bouncing about on the bed nearby with the Canadian cutie’s energetic humping. The ascending ring tone meant it couldn’t go unnoticed, and after a few seconds Avril reached out to snatch it up, not slowing on him, groaning and gasping throatily on top of him.

“Who the fuck is calling?” she snapped, pissed off to be interrupted in the middle of their enjoyable and energetic session, chasing her orgasm now, wanting to come hard on his cock. Picking up the phone, she flicked her hair to the side so she could see it, reading the name on the screen.
“That bitch of yours?” she almost growled, turning the phone towards him. He was barely able to read it as she bounced on his cock, loving how she was riding and knowing it wouldn’t be long before another of her perfectly timed squeezes made him climax, holding her hand tightly and pushing up into her as they fucked. He managed a nod before leaning up to kiss her again, a noisy, gasping kiss, thinking she’d just ignore the call or cancel it. She surprised him however by shoving him back down with the outside of her hand, giving a sly smile before flicking her hair aside again and answering the phone, sending a cold rush of excitement through him that made his cock jump within her as she put the phone to her ear. The effect it had on him wasn’t lost on Avril, feeling him surge and wanting to have some fun, as well as tell this bitch to stop interrupting.

“Yeah?” she said through her heavy breaths, leaning hard on her other hand and continuing to ride energetically, not letting the phone call interfere with how well she was building to an orgasm. There was evidently a pause at the other end of the phone before his ex-girlfriend spoke to Avril, and he could only imagine how she must feel having rung him to have it answered by another girl when they were clearly in the middle of things. He had no idea what she said, but it certainly seemed to rile Avril up.

“Well he’s not your boyfriend now, and we’re busy!” she snapped, slowing on top of him as she sat up on him, pushing her hair back and pausing to rest on him, needing a slight rest from her ride as she took deep breaths, hamming them up a little for the phone. He took the lead again, pushing her up with his hips, which made her settle onto her knees as he grabbed hold of her hips again, thrusting up into her welcoming body, getting deep inside her as he immediately got going fast, pumping her hard. Avril bit her lip and groaned loudly with pleasure, and then grunted hard as he started to really fuck her, hitting her just right with his cock and pushing her towards climax, holding her hips hard now as he smashed into her, slapping against her lovely arse.

“Listen Bitch, you broke up with him, and now he’s fucking me. When you throw away a guy who fucks this good I’m glad you make poor choices, now fuck off and let us finish!” Avril snapped, breathing hard through gritted teeth as he jack hammered into her. She threw the phone down without ending the call, feeling the buzz of an impending orgasm inside her as she noticed the call didn’t end, his ex evidently hanging on to listen to them going at it. Avril wondered if she was turned on hearing her ex-boyfriend screwing someone else, or just realising what she’d thrown away. After all people always want what they can’t have, but right now Avril had him, and she was also about to have an orgasm, something she could have and definitely wanted. She had come close but not climaxed in their first fuck over the tattoo chair in his shop, and right now that meant she was about to have a huge, double-strength orgasm.

He held her tight and pounded himself up inside her, Avril bracing her legs tightly to maintain her position and let him destroy her pussy, giving a grunt and a distinctive jolt as her orgasm started to break, Managing to find another gear, he absolutely smashed into her, making her moaning noises go silent, the strain on her body evident before she suddenly gave a huge, shaking shudder, her toes digging into the bed, her fingernails into his hands where she was holding them on her hips. Her whole body arched tightly as she threw her head back to give a huge, loud scream of ecstasy, gasping desperately as he continued to screw her through her climax, breaking into deep, primal grunts as her body spasmed and jerked on top of him, held tightly in place so he could make her orgasm last as long as possible, feeling her pussy clamping down and milking at him with every surge of her huge orgasm.

“Slow down, slow down,” she gasped, suddenly too sensitive for his hard strokes into her, her body giving intense, overwhelmed shakes as she let go of his hands, her legs turning to jelly under her as she sank back down onto his cock to slow him down, which was good as her clenching vagina and intense climax had him close now. Sitting down on his hips, they rocked more steadily as she took heavy breaths, stretching and pushing her hands through her long hair with a sated sigh of pleasure, looking down to him with a dreamy grin, the sheer joy evident in her beautiful blue-grey eyes.

“God that was fucking amazing,” she breathed, pulling her hands onto his stomach, steadying herself for a moment as she wiggled a little on his hard cock and readied herself. She glanced to the phone, seeing the phone call was still ongoing, giving a smile as she tensed her tired legs a couple of times. Pushing up, she started riding again, squeezing her pussy again and getting going, feeling him push up into her, still close to his climax. Now he’d got her off, it was her turn and she wanted to finish in style. Quickly picking up speed, she pumped him into her aching pussy fast, squeezing and clenching at him, seeing and feeling him tingle beneath her, his hands reaching up to her hips once more.

“No baby, my turn,” she almost growled, riding up and down on him as she pushed his hands back down onto the bed, pinning them there as she rode up and down his whole length, giving perfect squeezes as she reached his head, making him gasp and push up involuntarily. She smiled as she fucked him harder, taking him deep inside her, working in short, fast thrusts now as she humped him, his engorged head stimulated deep inside her, bumping at her cervix as she worked energetically up and down, holding him down on the bed as she worked his cock towards his climax.

“Fuck, Avril!” he gasped as she humped him, slamming her petite body up and down his thick cock, her tight ass slapping into his thighs as she thrust and ground down onto him.

“I am,” she purred with a sly smile, pumping on his manhood, wanting to induce his orgasm. He watched her lithe body riding shamelessly on his, taught and tight, seeing how hard she was working as her perky tits bounced, breathing hard as she squeezed her tight pussy on his aching hardon, feeling his balls tighten now as she slammed herself down on him harder and faster than any girl had in his life. It was the most incredible ride, and to get it from Avril Lavigne was just surreal.

“Come on baby, come for me, inside me!” Avril gasped erotically through heavy breaths as she felt him stiffen inside her, clamping her pussy down and riding just a tiny bit harder to finish him off. With her riding so hard, after an incredible fuck and with her now begging him to come inside her unprotected pussy, he couldn’t hold it back, feeling his body squeeze as he let out a loud groaning gasp of release, a thick burst of come exploding inside the tight Canadian singer.

“Oh yeah! That feels incredible!” she gasped, having another mini episode of ecstasy herself as his cock swelled and burst inside her, thrusting down short and hard to let him come as deep inside her as possible, his entire body surging and tightening, shoving up into her with every huge, thick squirt as he ejaculated into her snug pussy. Riding him through his orgasm, his moans turned to gasps of relief and exhaustion, giving a last arch as he pushed hard, both of them working together to get the last drop of his load into her as he tensed and she milked him with her muscles, seeming particularly efficient at that. With a last grunt, he dropped back on the bed, releasing Avril’s wrists, which he’d grabbed in the heat of the moment. Avril dropped down over him, leaning down on her arms either side of his head, both of them gasping for air from their exertions, looking into each others eyes with a tired, knowing smile before they kissed softly.
”That was fucking incredible, I never imagined…” he trailed off, unable to properly form words.

“That I’d be so good?” she finished, kissing him on the cheek as she rested her head on his shoulder.

“Yeah, and that I’d get you at all. You were amazing, the best I’ve ever had,” he said sincerely, his honestly coming out in the aftermath of the intense orgasm.

“Good,” she smiled, proud of herself, “that was the best orgasm I’ve had in a long time. No guy’s made me come from just sex in ages, you really know how to fuck a girl,” she replied. It was true, but she was playing it up a bit, pushing her long hair away from her face to look at his phone, just as she call ended and the screen went dark. Smiling to herself, she leaned on him to carefully slide herself upwards, pulling her firm breasts and smooth, soft body over his as she slipped herself off his cock, feeling empty without it as he slid out of her. Pulling herself over to the side, she lay beside him, head on his shoulder and knee pulled up over him, sweatily resting after sex, both just basking in the warm, safe, satisfied glow of each other. They just lay for a few minutes, Avril almost dozing off, before stirring as he moved.

“Where are you going?” she murmured, wanting him to just rest with her a while, looking to him as he slid from the bed, thinking he was going to leave her now he’d screwed her again.

“Hush, just stay there,” he said, sliding from the bed to find his jacket. Fumbling through the pockets, he found his packet of cigarettes and lighter, withdrawing one and then hopping back onto the bed, where Avril immediately enveloped him again, pulling him close to her, drinking in his manly scent as he put the Marlborough in his mouth. He quickly flicked his lighter to ignite it, snapping it shut as he took a long, deep drag on the cigarette. Putting the lighter down on the side unit, he exhaled round the cigarette, resting back into the sheets of the plush bed as the relaxing effects washed over him. He was about to take another pull on it when soft fingers stole it from his mouth, Avril taking it and breathing in from it, looking to the ceiling to blow it out.

“Who said you could share?” he said with a smile, looking over at her gorgeous face as she sexily smoked the cigarette.
”Who said you could smoke in my room?” she retorted, giving a grin as she reached over to put the cigarette back in his mouth. He just smiled as he inhaled another soothing breath, feeling Avril snuggle against him as they shared the cigarette, taking a couple of relaxing minutes to enjoy it, till it was almost gone, Avril taking it for what would be the last lungful.

“Stealing my last breath huh?” he smiled.
”We can share,” she said after a pause, looking sexily sideways at him as she drew in the smoke, holding it before she slid up onto her arms, sliding sexily over on top of him, reaching out to stub out the butt in an ashtray as she leaned down, her mouth millimetres away from his as his hands held her slim, smooth hips. She gave a light, testing breath of smoke over him, just holding back till he got the point, then another as he breathed in, before she slowly exhaled to him, letting him breathe in with one long, deep lungful. She let the last of it lazily escape her lips and flow up her cheeks as she dipped down for a long, intimate kiss, their tongues caressing and entwining before she slid smoothly to his shoulder, still on top of him as he blew out the smoke into the room, feeling her snuggle again.

“Come on, get up,” Avril said, taking his hand and pulling him up from the bed after a few minutes lying together closely.

“Why can’t we just stay here, I was comfy,” he said, whilst still letting her drag him up.

“Because we need a shower,” Avril said with a giggle, getting him to his feet and pulling him towards the huge bathroom suite he’d seen earlier. He gave a playful grumble but didn’t try and stop her, relishing the thought of getting Avril all wet and soapy in the shower, running his hands over her tight curves. He saw her ass clench a little as she squeezed her pussy, trying to keep the two big loads he’d blown into her pussy inside her as she padded to the bathroom. Stepping into the huge suite, Avril went immediately to the huge shower cubicle, reaching in to turn it on before sliding back into his grasp as he started caressing her body. His hands moved from her hips up her waist, stroking up her sides and in front a little to cup and brush over her firm breasts and stiff nipples, making her shiver at the sensations and push back to him, the little teasing brush of her booty enough to make him harden slightly. Avril reached back and took hold of his cock, looking over her shoulder with a smile.

“Come on,” she said, stepping into the now steamy shower, leading him by his cock into the cubicle and then closing the door behind them. He quickly pulled her into a kiss, lifting her onto her toes as the water cascaded hotly over them, both of them relishing the warmth of the shower as they kissed, his hand just giving a good squeeze of her ass as they did. Releasing her, she turned and took hold of the shower gel, leaning back into him.

“Hands,” she commanded, waiting for him. He didn’t hesitate, reaching past her under her arms to offer his palms to her, fully understanding what she wanted. She squeezed a plentiful amount of shower gel onto his hands, then put it aside and reached to up to pull them to her chest, immediately feeling him squeeze at her slick, soapy breasts.

“Get everywhere,” she murmured, then released him to wash her. During the next couple of minutes, Avril revelled in the feeling of his big, strong hands caressing and groping her body under the thin pretext of washing her. He took his time on her breasts, making sure to squeeze and pinch at her nipples, washing both arms and then pulling round her sides to go over her back, giving her a brief, sensual back rub all the way down to her ass, carefully avoiding her now wet bandage. Pausing for more shower gel, he continued, soaping her ass properly and sliding his fingers between it, over her tight asshole, just pressing a soapy fingertip inside a little and making her jump, slipping his fingers down to the back of her pussy. Pulling her back to him, she rocked her soapy bum against his hardening manhood as his slippery hands pushed down her tummy and onto her pussy, through her dark strip of pubic hair and over her labia, making her moan in pleasure as he worked slowly over her. He reached right down under her, feeling the soap mix with their juices leaking from her, and then pulled his fingers back up to circle and stimulate her clit, making her bite her lip and bend slightly in pleasure.

After teasing her to a nice state of arousal, he knelt down to wash her toned legs, soaping her smooth skin and making her carefully raise her feet so he could wash them, tickling slightly between her toes, making her giggle and squirm before he slid his hands back up the insides of her legs, shamelessly stroking her pussy again as he stood up, trailing his hands up her back as he pulled himself back to her, his hands again taking hold of her breasts, loving caressing her soapy body as she sighed.

“Mm you do get everywhere,” she murmured, resting back into him for a moment before she reached for the shower gel herself. With her prepared hands, she immediately reached back behind her and took hold of his now hard cock, making him gasp at the sudden, unexpected move as Avril started to stroke him.
“We both know you only want me to wash one part of you,” she teased, stroking him slowly, her dainty, slippery hand feeling incredible on his cock.

“Amazing how you would take a hand job, after you just fucked me…twice,” she mused, stroking him to absolute rock hardness, before suddenly letting go of him as suddenly as she’d started.

“You do recover well, but it doesn’t mean you get a tug job,” she giggled, turning round to him, looking up with a smile as she reached up to start soaping his chest, rubbing her talented little hands up over his shoulders and down his arms. He didn’t argue with her, realising by now she loved to tease and would reward him later. He already knew what he wanted and hoped he’d be so lucky, but right now just gave in to the relaxing sensations of Avril washing his body, her little hands lathering him up, now rubbing down his sides, before slipping back in front and down his tummy. She didn’t shy from his cock, but this time gave him a more matter-of-fact approach, using both her hands to wash his manhood, though that didn’t stop it from jumping up in her hand. She just smiled at his response as she ran her hands over him, impressed with his cock and teasing him a little as she ran her hand between his legs. Kneeling down in front of him, Avril smiled up at him and let her mouth stray desperately close to his rock hard cock as she soaped his legs, breathing hotly over him and making him almost grab her head and shove his cock down her throat.

Managing to resist it, he let her continue, standing up at the edges of the hot shower spray and pulling herself close again, letting his soapy cock rub smoothly against her tummy. Reaching up she slid her hands up over his back, smoothly lathering him as he enjoyed his head rubbing against her slick body, relaxing in the sensations as she stroked down his back and over his arse, looking at her with surprise as her hand slid under to stroke his balls, then stroked teasingly back up in a very intimate manner. She just gave a giggle and pulled herself against him harder, rubbing her body on his cock to tease him before she stepped back under the shower, water cascading down in a torrent of foam sexiness as it rinsed from her body.

Avril just stood for a minute to let it wash from her, letting him ogle as she stretched and posed for him, before she reached up for the shower head. Unhooking it, she turned to rinse him down, going carefully over him to wash all the soap from his body, making him turn so she could get his back, then using a hand to playfully stroke his erection as she made a show of moving it around so she could properly rinse his balls with the shower. With a smile she turned away, pulling her hair aside and handing him the shower head, inviting him to rinse her back and booty, which he happily obliged. Washing her down, he stroked her smooth skin and groped her ass, running his hand between it and spraying the water up between her legs, making her coo in mild enjoyment before he finished with her toned legs. Avril turned and let him do the front, seeing her stiff nipples under the running water and incredible body, with her now very wet strip of shaved pubic hair.

Taking the shower from him, Avril turned away and put it between her legs, reaching down to rub briskly as herself. He thought she was getting herself off, but realised she was just washing away the thick mix of his sperm and her juices from her pussy, though it did give her a nice tingle as the water jets got inside her and hit her clit.
“Well, it was leaking out of me anyway,” she giggled, hanging the shower head back up after finishing cleaning up. He just smiled and pulled her to him again for a kiss, his cock still achingly hard for her. He hoped she’d drop to her knees and suck him, after all she didn’t seem to be shy, but she didn’t, instead offering something a little more left-field.

“Would you like to shave my pussy?” she offered with a nice smile, looking into his eyes, completely serious.

“…What? You really want me to?” he asked after a somewhat stunned pause, having never been asked that by a girl before.

“Yeah, or you can just help, if you don’t think you’re up to wielding the razor,” she said with a teasing smile, knowing he liked the idea by the way his hard cock throbbed.

“No no I can do it, just thought you were already neatly styled down there,” he said, glancing down to her dark strip.

“I am, but I’ve had this a while,” she said, looking down and running her fingers through the neat landing strip, “And I’d like to start over with a blank canvas as it were,” she grinned.

“Well sure, I’d love to, never been asked that before,” he said, liking the idea of shaving her bald. He had a thing for girls who shaved themselves smooth, and he was looking forward to sinking his cock back into that newly shaved pussy after they were finished.

“Well then it’s something new. I’d just like to do something a little kinky with you, thought you’d like it,” she said with a smile, reaching out for the shaving foam. Placing the can in his hands, she turned away from him out of the shower and nestled back into his arms.

“Whenever you’re ready, just be careful,” she said, not wanting him to nick her with the razor. That was the last thing he wanted to do, he just wanted to make her perfectly smooth, give her a shaving she’d be very pleased with. Shaking the can, he watched Avril’s lovely boobs bounce from resting against him, before he squirted a good amount of the gel into his hand, immediately expanding into thick, luxurious foam, the cute Canadian singer watching intently as he readied himself, lowering his hand to her most intimate area. Avril spread her legs a little and bit her lip as it concentrating herself as she felt him spread the smooth, thick foam all over her pussy, down between her legs and onto her thighs, intending to shave her fully and get everywhere. She thought he’d just work to remove her strip, but he was planning a full job of it, making Avril slightly excited. She was already turned on, and now awaited his ministrations. He rinsed his hand under the shower, then took the razor that Avril had picked up and offered to him, a fresh blade ready to go to work.

“Just relax and let me do this my way,” he said, leaning over her to look down to her foamy pussy. Avril didn’t know what his way was exactly, but she trusted him. If she could trust him to tattoo her, she could trust him to shave her, and she just kept still as he went to work, reaching with the razor and pressing it just above her strip. Working with the hair, he drew it down onto her labia, taking off a good amount of her style in one stroke. She shivered as he did, before rinsing the razor and doing it again, this time removing what was left. It looked smooth, Avril studying how easily he’d got rid of her soft hair, but he reached down to rub a bit of shaving foam back over her, then put the razor down, this time to draw upwards from her clit.

“I need to shave against the grain, want to get you super smooth,” he said, explaining what he was doing as Avril watched. She didn’t fight it, and watched as with one, smooth, firm stroke he pulled up, feeling her stubble fight the blade and then give way. He did it again, really making sure her landing strip was gone, and then repeated the technique all over her mound and into the tops of her thighs, double-shaving every area against the hair to get right to the skin. It was an interesting sensation, she’d never let a guy shave her pussy before, and was finding it strangely enjoyable, excited by the illicit risk of him working her pussy with a sharp blade. She inhaled slightly as he reached down round her to reach right down on her lips, worried he’d nick her delicate vulva, but she let him continue and realised she had nothing to fear. Carefully avoiding her protruding inner labia, he shaved up one lip and then the other, carefully removing all traces of stubble before giving another good shave over where her strip had been.

“Stop looking,” he said with a smile, releasing Avril and stepping round her, kneeling before her to finish his careful work. She saw his rock hard cock, somehow seeming even harder than it had before, and knew he was absolutely loving this reign over her body. She marvelled how he could sustain an erection after two hard fucks in quick succession, and knew he’d be fitting it back into her again soon.
“Just close your eyes and feel me work,” he said, playing to her enjoyment of this kinky little encounter and wanting her to just work on sensation. Avril did as he told her, shutting her eyes and tipping her head back, letting him get on with it. He rubbed the remaining shaving foam over her, inspecting his work, then encouraged her to lift her leg up to give him access. She did it without question, then murmured as he worked on her again, feeling the smooth, dangerous glide of the razor over her, working carefully into all the delicious feminine contours of her body to seek and destroy every little bit of hair. He did the same with her other leg, making sure her labia was entirely smooth, and then he turned her round. Carefully pushing at her lower back, he urged her to bend over for him.

“Do I really need to…?” she asked, somehow now a little shy at presenting herself for him.

“Just do it Avril,” he replied, pushing her legs apart as well. She didn’t know what it was, but an edge to her voice made her obey, and she also wanted him to finish what was a very erotic moment in her life, and she was sure about the best time she’d ever have shaving her pubic hair. Arching her back, she bent over and pushed her bum out, presenting the sweet bulge of her pussy and tight ass. He enjoyed the view as he went back to work again, carefully, working at the back of her pussy and just into her arse to finish the job. Using his finger he tested for any little bits he’d missed, finding none, and then teasingly pressed the finger inside her pussy, feeling her slick heat. Avril didn’t stop him, just curling her toes a little as he did, holding her position. Splashing water over her, he washed away the foam, and then leaned down to drag his tongue all the way up her pussy, over her swollen, perfectly smoothed lips and over her asshole, making her shudder at the sudden oral assault and give a gasp.

“All done,” he said with a smile, standing up and letting his cock slip up between her legs momentarily. They both enjoyed the sensation as his immensely hard cock glided through her slippery entrance and bounced up as she stood straight again, before he turned her into the spray, using his hand to carefully rinse away all traces of shaving foam and expose her perfect fresh shaven pussy, marvelling at her beautifully bald mound.

“Can I look now?” Avril asked, having obediently kept her eyes shut, enjoying her heightened senses and hoping he’d lick her pussy for her. All she’d wanted was for him to bury his tongue into her folds as she bent over for him, feeling a little disappointed.

“Yeah you can look, I hope you’re pleased with it,” he said, putting the razor aside and looking over her shoulder as she opened her eyes, blinking against the brightness before looking down to where her dark strip of hair used to be. He was a little nervous, knowing he’d not cut her but it was a very intimate thing she’d let him do and he wasn’t sure quite how she’d respond. Pulling her tummy in, she inspected his work, running her fingers over her newly-smoothed pussy, reaching down to stroke between her legs and feel every curve, pulling her nails gently upwards looking for any stubble, and finding they just glided perfectly over her soft skin.

“Oh wow, that’s incredible, it’s so smooth,” she said softly, pausing to rub herself again to check, and taking in a quick rub of her clit through its hood.

“Really? You’re happy with it?” he said with a smile, feeling an immense pleasure that she seemed so contented with his work. He always set out to deliver the best.

“Yeah, I’ve only ever been this smooth with wax, I’ve never got this when I shaved myself,” she said, looking back up over her shoulder to him. He gave her a kiss and pulled his arms round her tummy as he held her from behind.

“Well as long as you’re pleased with it, glad I didn’t disappoint,” he said.

“Oh I am, it’s fantastic. And it felt great, it’s strange but so exciting to let you do it,” she said.

“Yeah it is, I enjoyed it, especially since you like it. Maybe next time I’ll use a cut-throat razor,” he said, looking down at her smooth pussy with a smile, barely noticing the rushing shower.

“I can tell,” she said, rubbing back against his hard cock a little with a smile, “If there is a next time. But I think you should just check you definitely did get everything this time,” she said, giving a knowing look back into his eyes.

“And why should I?” he said after a pause, knowing exactly what she wanted him to do.

“I’ll show you just how much I appreciate your work afterwards,” she said with a smile, giving a little wiggle of her tongue to hint at exactly how she liked to show her appreciation for a guy with a steady hand. They both grinned, then he turned Avril and pushed her underneath the hot shower, making her gasp as it rushed over her sensitive skin, murmuring as he squeezed her breasts authoritatively and then knelt down, kissing her tummy as his hands slid down to squeeze her ass. Avril gave a moan as his tongue slid across her freshly shaven pussy, the sensation of him lapping at her newly smoothed skin like nothing else. She’d never had a guy lick her immediately after before, and it set her on fire, reaching up to grope her own breasts and tease at the nipples to enhance it. He wasted no time in “checking” her, his tongue immediately delving down to lick her from bottom to top, tasting her juices and covering every millimetre of her, brushing perfectly over her clit and making her shake.
“Oh fuck,” she breathed, quaking in front of him in pre-orgasmic quivers. She’d got incredible excited during the shaving, and by knowing how much he wanted her from his steel-hard cock, and was already close. He pressed his advantage, licking quickly up her pussy and over her entire groin, loving how perfectly smooth she was now, impressed at his own work as he enjoyed licking her. Avril was groaning and wriggling in his grip on her ass now, overwhelmed already and giving a deep grunt as he started licking her clit. Circling and dancing over it perfectly, he teased it from its soft hood for a full assault, burying his face in her pussy as he went to town, letting his hand stray to her ass to teasingly finger at her asshole. Avril didn’t know whether to push forward or back, overwhelmed in an intense wave of pleasure from all angles, and came surprisingly fast. With a few more seconds attention she shuddered to a climax, giving deep, gasping breaths as she orgasmed again, letting her grunts blend into her moans as she primally expressed her climax from him licking her impeccably smooth body.

Standing up, he immediately gave her a kiss, pulling her to him and pressing his cock to her toned tummy. Avril responded hungrily, still gasping as she kissed him hard, tasting herself on him as they tongued each other, her hand reaching between them to start pulling at his cock, making him groan as he held her up on jelly legs. It didn’t matter though, as she let them give way beneath her to drop to her knees and show him how much she appreciated the orgasm-inducingly smooth pussy he’d given her. Taking hold of his hips, there was no more teasing now, hungry to get his thick erection into her mouth, his manhood twitching front of her with his heartbeat as she cupped his balls and licked up his shaft, from root to tip, making him groan in relief that she was finally stimulating him, his cock aching from such an enduring erection. He just watched as the Canadian cutie licked up and down him a few times, before she rolled over onto the top and sank him into her hot, sucking mouth.

“Oh fuck, Avril suck my cock,” he breathed, not that she needed any encouragement, happily providing him the blowjob she felt he deserved. He couldn’t stop his eyes closing as she got to work, demonstrating considerable oral talent as she started sucking firmly, just right, and applying her tongue to him, working busily at the underside of his head and shaft as she started to bob up and down on his rock solid penis. She gave a murmur of contentment, actually quite pleased to be sucking on his magnificent cock, and pleased at the noises of enjoyment he was already making. Squeezing and massaging his balls carefully, Avril sucked lovingly up and down on his cock, like a girl working on her boyfriend with all the love in the world. She pulled off him a moment she showily work at the tip of his cock with her skilful tongue, darting and flicking at the most sensitive part of his head as his cock stood up in front of her, making him gasp and shiver.

“I can’t take any more teasing Avril,” he said, sliding his hands into her damp hair and pulling her back onto his cock. She happily let him control her and slide himself back into her mouth, immediately starting to suck and tongue him again like a good girl, hollowing her cheeks so the soft insides rubbed at him as he slid into her mouth. She rarely let guys be rough with her, but she gave him control now and he started to thrust into her mouth, pumping deeper than she’d been sucking previously, bumping into her throat. Avril controlled herself and kept working, wanting him to have a great blowjob from her, letting him as deep as she could and helping to pump her head on his cock as he fucked her mouth. He pushed a bit harder, making her cough and she pushed his hands off, resuming control. She didn’t stop, getting straight back to working fast, holding his hips tightly as she bounced her head energetically, but she worked the first few inches on.

She could deep throat, and a few guys had enjoyed the privilege of her swallowing them right to the hilt, but they had been less well hung, and he was a little too big and thick for her to take all of. With enough time and practice perhaps she could, but right now there was no way. She twisted her head to the sides to rub him inside the sides of her cheeks, thrusting her face onto him and turning so he popped out with a distinct sound and moan from her, pleasing him by immediately taking him into her mouth again, working hard like a porn star. However he had considerably stamina, something she’d felt the force of already, and after their earlier fun he was clearly nowhere near climax. Sucking hard on him, she tongued hard as his head and worked back and forth in a blur on his tip, a dainty hand sliding up and down his shaft to match, making him grunt deeply and shake, but Avril could tell from her experience sucking cock that he was going to be a long blowjob.

“No don’t stop,” he said, looking down disappointed as Avril slowed and slid her lips off him, looking up with a apologetic look and giving his head a kiss.

“Baby I’m tired, and we’ve got to get out of this shower. You’re nowhere near blowing, you need to rest a while so I can make you come,” she said, explaining herself and knowing he wanted her to continue. She was sure from the moment she started sucking he’d imagined her swallowing his load, or letting him shoot it on her face or chest, but she couldn’t wait for him right now.

“I promise I’ll suck you off soon,” she said, standing up. He gave a sigh and accepted it, just hoping she lived up to that promise. He pulled her close a moment, enjoying the last moments under the shower before Avril switched it off, the sudden roar of the water dying away, leaving them in perfect quiet, just the noise of water dripping from them and the fittings. Avril slicked the water from her tight body and opened the shower door, the entire room heavily steamed up, stepping out and grabbing hold of a towel from the rack. Typical hotel white, embroidered with the logo, she threw one to him as he stepped out, cock still hard, and then got another herself. She just smiled as he stood and watched her, making a little show for him in conciliation, taking her time to dry her legs and massage her breasts, pulling the towel round her bum and wiggling side to side into it to dry herself, giving a grin as she let him ogle her body tone and handiwork of her smooth quim. He finished drying himself more matter-of-factly as she wrapped herself in her towel, heading to the mirror, wiping the steam from it with her hand.

“Go back to bed, I’ll be there in a minute,” she said, waving him to the door. He did as she asked, heading for the bedroom as she got her make-up wipes out and set about removing her now smudged eye shadow and liner as she reached back to peel the soaked bandage off. Walking through into the lavish bedroom, he dried himself with his towel then pulled it off, letting the cool air dry his body as he walked back to the bed. Flipping the wrinkled covers back, he flopped down on the bed, his erection subsiding now and tiredness overcoming him. Pulling himself on properly, he left space for his cute Canadian lover and relaxed, just thinking how good life could get all of a sudden. Resting comfortably, he heard the padding of little feet, then the lights snapped off. Walking naked in the darkness, Avril skipped across the floor and then slid into bed beside him, pulling the soft sheets over them as she snuggled up next to him, kissing his cheek and then drawing him into a romantic, intimate kiss.

“You wore me out tonight,” she murmured, resting her head on his shoulder with a contented sigh.

“Good,” was all he murmured, pleased at having pleased Avril Lavigne so thoroughly. However having her warm, tight body snuggled up to him was having an effect again, and it wasn’t long before his stiff erection was standing up against the covers. She didn’t notice at first, snuggled beside him, however when she pulled him onto his side to face her it bumped against her, making her reach down to stroke it. He tried to deny how good it felt, wanting his erection to fade now so they could snuggle and sleep together, but her dainty hand didn’t let go so quickly. She did eventually release him, and then changed positions, evidently to try and help him relax, turning away from him, but it only served to make her bum an enticing place for his cock to rest.

Avril dozed lightly, but felt him turning beside her, restless and uncomfortable. As he turned onto his back again next to her, Avril reached over to him, straight for his cock, and found it still rock hard and in need of attention. She held him a moment, giving a thoughtful squeeze, then without a word rolled over and slid down under the sheets. Pulling it up for herself by the base, she slid him into her mouth, hearing him gasp in surprise, and then got to work, tonguing skilfully and quickly as she sucked firmly, not too hard, at the sensitive head of his cock, slurping as she started to pump quickly up and down on him, aiming to give him relief.

He was clearly more relaxed now in the wake of their earlier sex sessions, and she could tell he would be able to come easier as she deployed all her skills on him, applying everything she knew about cocksucking to bring him release. Her jaw ached as she worked up and down on him, diving down for long, slow strokes where she pulled slowly back off with deep sucking and rubbing him into her soft cheeks. She used the underside of her tongue, applied the talented tip of it, deep throated as much as she could and thrust herself hard down on him, all the while sucking hard and jerking the base of his cock. Despite her fantastic work, it took her over ten minutes to bring him to climax, which he absolutely loved, getting a long, fantastically energetic and dedicated blowjob from her as she refused to quit till he came.

Bringing him to climax, Avril switched back to sucking hard and going as fast as possible with her lips just round his head, stimulating the sensitive back ridge of it as her tongue assaulted the sensitive underside of the tip, inducing the most incredible orgasm in him, continuing to suck him off as she let him spill in her mouth. His hot, salty load ejected into her mouth, shooting into her throat and then leaking thickly across her tongue in several more bursts, working her tongue to hook his load backwards into her mouth and also stimulate and encourage him to empty fully into her mouth. As he finished, she milked his shaft and sucked him deeply to get all she could from him, then slipped off him quietly and swallowed deeply, taking his load down as she slid back up in the bed to her pillows. She’d always swallowed, relishing bringing a guy such pleasure and frankly didn’t see why girls made such a fuss about it.

“Now go to sleep,” she mumbled with a smile, hearing him still breathing heavily beside her.

“Avril that was….” he started, but she cut him off.

“Ssh, I know,” she said, rolling away on her side and settling in, as he recovered his breath and slid his arm under her. Pulling his other to her hip, he drew her back to him for a snuggle, Avril holding his arm and snuggling down, contented, satisfied and safe, hearing his breathing deepen as he almost immediately fell asleep.

* * *

Awaking slowly, he opened his eyes, blinking several times and giving a slight stretch, immediately being hit by the soft scent of Avril’s long hair, his face nestled into her long, dirty-blonde locks. They were still in the same position they’d fallen asleep in, bar being a bit further to one side, her lovely petite frame snuggled in against him, hiding in his shadow, protected. Looking up from her, thinking of everything that’d transpired the previous evening, his cock aching delightfully to help remind him, he saw it was light, the bright morning illuminating the hotel suite for what was most certainly a beautiful day. Avril gave a little stir in his arms, clearly awake but not wanting to acknowledge it yet, pressing herself deeper into the bed.

Leaning up a little on his arm, trying not to disturb her, he reached up to brush her hair away from her face, the crisp morning light highlighting her pretty face and its distinct features, looking beautiful first thing and devoid of any make-up.

“Lay back down baby, I’m not ready for fun yet,” Avril murmured, not stirring from her doze. He was a little surprised that she wasn’t asking him to leave, didn’t seem phased he was there, and was hinting towards some morning sex as if he were her boyfriend. He wasn’t the least bit disappointed, feeling delightfully wanted and snuggling back down behind her, drawing her a little closer to him as if she were his girlfriend, feeling her wiggle a little onto him, causing his normal morning wood to stir.

“I said I’m not ready for fun yet,” she teasingly mumbled, smiling to herself as she ground her booty lightly against his cock in their snuggle. He couldn’t fight nature though, and his cock hardened with his morning wood, a feeling like no other, enhanced by the fact he had Avril Lavigne to put it to use on. Rearranging himself a little, he pressed himself back to her, his cock nestling into her sweet ass just right, Avril giving another slight grind to settle it right, just resting comfortably.

He couldn’t do anything except wait for her, but she wanted him to come and get it. She wasn’t sure how, she wasn’t sure she even minded, she was anticipating morning sex and was happy to have it either way, and he had a couple of options as far as she was concerned. He could either be nice to her, butter her up and get her in the mood, or he be assertive and take charge, tell her she was down to fuck and get on with it, either one would get her in the mood. Failing that, he could wait her out, play like he wasn’t interested and make her come to him, leave her to get so horny that she turned and pounced on him, taking charge. So she just waited to see what he did, the anticipation helping to turn her on, just sneakily letting her hand stray to her smooth pussy, loving the fresh feeling as her fingertips glided over his excellent handiwork.

Before he noticed her, she slid her hand back up to hold his arm softly, waiting for him patiently. He decided not to wait her out, as she’d expected, and made a move, his hand sliding over from her side onto her tummy, stroking down a little, but not so far as to her pussy, though she knew he wanted to. He breathed warmly over her neck through her hair, then reached up to pull her hair back out the way, exposing her to him, pulling her closer to nuzzle and breathe at her neck, making her tingle a little before he started planting soft, warm kisses on the back of her neck and shoulder, making positively shiver, unable to hide her enjoyment from him. His hand slid back down her side, stroking at her figure before reaching round to softly cup her chest.
Avril murmured and wriggled a little into him, sliding her hand into his as his other squeezed gently at her breasts, now licking and dragging his tongue on her neck, making her tilt her head forward to offer him herself. She shuddered as he bit her, not hard, but firmly enough to get her going and show a form of dominance over her, Avril decidedly horny now and very much getting ready for fun. She straightened her body out, rolling her hips back towards him more as his hand slid south to her pussy, both of them eliciting sounds of pleasure as his hand slid over her perfectly smooth mound. Just gently stroking at her, he avoided her clit or going lower, just tempting her and building her up, knowing she was horny as he continued to bite and kiss wetly at her neck.

His rock hard cock was pressed into her toned ass, now wedged firmly between her cheeks from where she’d ground into him, and she wanted it. As his hand slid away from her pussy to go back to her perky breasts once more, she made her move, lifting her leg and reaching down between, taking hold of his cock firmly and pulling it back between her legs before she squeezed them shut, hearing him groan in pleasure as he was compressed between her strong thighs. She felt him thrust a little and pushed down into him, rocking so he could feel how wet her pussy was for him, her hot juices spreading slickly over his thick cock.

Pulling her back into him now by her chest, he thrust slightly between her legs, his motions short and contained, Avril’s hand still in place, letting her fingers hook under the tip of his cock to pull him up to thrust against her clit and stimulate him at the same time, making both of them surge slightly and lightly groan their pleasure. They got into a steady, combined rhythm, just snuggled close together as they built up to what they both knew would be him sinking himself into her pussy one way or another. Avril wanted him to take her now, after a little more of this, to either role her on her back and slide inside her, or to pull her up doggy style and bury his hard cock deep to stretch her pussy out. He was surprisingly patient though, just letting her stimulate them both as they rocked together, giving longer thrusts now as he relished the sensation of sliding between her thighs and over her juicy entrance, right up to her clit as her fingers now massaged in firm circles under the tip of his head.

Squeezing her thighs with arousal, Avril rocked her ass on him and hoped he’d go for it now, eager to be penetrated as he slid over her pussy, pulling him up more firmly into her clit. His hand was still groping her breasts and with a bite of her neck he pulled back a little further and then thrust between her thighs a little harder at an angle, his cock pushing into her entrance and then popping out, sliding hard through her soft pink folds, making her gasp. She couldn’t take another one of those, and as he pulled back to thrust again she opened her legs a little and reached down a bit further to push him sooner, so with his thrust she directed him straight into her dripping pussy, his thick cock delving easily into her pussy, making him gasp as her hot, slick vagina was suddenly around him. Avril gave a cry as with his sudden penetration he bit her neck hard, sending a twinge of pain but also jolt of excitement through her at the same time.

His cock curved up as he slid inside her, Avril pushing down into him to take all she could, loving the feeling of him stretching her still aching pussy. She loved the feeling of getting fucked in the morning, there was nothing quite like it and she felt the very pleasurable sensations spread through her as he pulled back, then thrust again to bury as much of his cock inside her as he could, inhibited from deep penetration by the position as he spooned her. Avril didn’t want to get fucked hard just yet though, she wanted a slow, fulfilling shag to start with, so as he started to try and thrust harder into her she reached back to slow his hips, controlling his movement and matching his movements as she pushed back into him, getting them into a rhythm as she split her pussy on his thick cock. He got what she wanted, letting her do equal work and snuggling in behind her as they started making love, Avril still holding his hand as his other moved to rest gently at her side, their bodies in unison as he stroked in firmly but lovingly against her G-spot.

Thrusting gently together, he nudged Avril’s head over so he could kiss her, the Canadian beauty getting the hint and turning to lock lips, enjoying deep, sensual kisses as they screwed slowly, Avril just squeezing her thighs to make herself tighter on him as he squeezed himself in and out of her snug haven. Despite the loving atmosphere, they started to speed up, Avril initiating it by pushing back harder and faster, pulling away a little more so he gave her longer thrusts, encouraging him to take charge a bit more and start to pump properly into her lovely vagina, wet and ready for him to fill. Sliding away from her a little, he let his hand play through her hair as he steadied her hips and started to thrust powerfully into her, giving himself more angle to allow him to get deeper inside her as he pushed strongly into her fine booty. Avril was loving it though, groaning as he stimulated her G-spot very effectively, her fingers now rubbing casually at her clit as he gave her what she wanted, his heavily breathing telling her just how good her pussy felt this time of the morning.

He started to pump harder now, rapidly speeding up, using both hands to hold her hips now so he could pound on her better. Avril just gave an appreciate grunting as he did so, arching her back and pushing her bum out to him to invite it, his hips slapping into her now as he pumped her squeezing pussy. Gasping and groaning, Avril realised how much she’d missed a good session such as this, feeling his energy as he held her firmly to fuck her deeper and harder, slamming against her now to bring them both pleasure. After a particularly hard, balls-deep thrust that made her grunt hard, he slowed down, pulling in close to resume their slower earlier pace for a few moments, sliding lazily in and out of her, before he pulled back for a long thrust, popping out of her loosened pussy and sliding up between her legs, his slick cock pushing over her bald pussy, making her inhale at the interesting sensation. He paused for a moment, breathing heavily as Avril rocked and rolled her hips to stroke the top of his erection over her perfectly smooth crotch, her hand having retreated to her hip with his.
“Baby don’t stop, fuck me,” she whispered, cutting straight to the chase about what she wanted as she wiggled eagerly on him. Sliding back and forward over her juicy pussy a few times, he just teased her for a moment as Avril went back to fingering her clit gently, and then reached down between them and took hold of his cock, pulling back past her soft lips to her tight asshole. Stabilising himself, he positioned his cock perfectly before she could speak, her arched back and bent knees offering him full access to her lovely arse, pressing himself powerfully at her back door, not too hard but just right, her juices offering lubrication as he pushed firmly and worked his cock just a little with his hand.

“Wait…wait!” Avril gasped even as she felt her asshole stretch, her sphincter releasing for what was clearly a practiced technique, her position meaning her muscles were already relaxed. He didn’t wait though, holding on and stretching her forbidden hole with his thick head, knowing what he wanted. Her booty resisted him, time seeming to slow for a moment as his pressure built and then he popped inside her as she gave a sharp cry, immediately yanking the pillow to her and biting down on it, as he gave a grunt of surprise pleasure at how incredibly tight she was on him. Avril gave heavy, groaning breaths in the pillow as the sharp twinge in her sphincter slowly subsided, trying to pull off him and also relax herself to stop any more pain. He read her body, not withdrawing from her but just holding her still on his cock, not letting her escape though, feeling her tight ring squeeze and spasm on him for a few moments as she endured the first few moments.

She did anal sometimes but not like this, always with a condom and proper lube, so for him to just squeeze his cock into her ass was unexpected, and very bold on his part. All she had for lube was her own pussy juice, and after a moment he slowly pushed more of himself into her ass, Avril biting harder on the pillow at the unique sensations and slightly twinges of pain as he stretched her out. He pushed to about half depth and then withdrew, being careful with her as he worked her open, managing to slowly squeeze most of himself into her ass on the second push. She’d never had a guy quite as thick of him anally before, but despite the pain, and him taking her by surprise, she didn’t tell him to stop, she just couldn’t. She did like anal sex sometimes, and he was being careful with her, responding to her body as he slowly got going, taking into account their limited lube and sliding his hand round her to softly caress her chest again. With his cock comfortably inside her, he released her hip and spooned up behind her again, sliding his arm under her and pulling the pillow away.

Avril immediately squeezed his hand tightly as he took hers, holding back her uncomfortable mumbles of pain as he started to slowly push in and out of her exquisitely tight bum, her other holding onto his at her chest as he got going. She was still being quite still, willing her body to relax as she let him fuck her in the ass, his desire for her turning her on. Despite the pain, her pussy had wettened even further at the moment he’d penetrated her ass, and now she was properly horny, even if she didn’t quite know it. As he pushed deeply into her, working to get more of his cock inside, he pushed her hand down to her dripping pussy, starting to stimulate it using her fingers to get her going, sending waves of pleasure and a weird mix of stimulation into her. It only took a few moments to get her going and Avril started rubbing at her clit more firmly, giving a little shudder and then squeak as it made her ass clench on him, feeling awesome for him but a bit painful for her still.

Even though he’d ignored her requests to wait, he was being the most caring anal lover she’d ever had. Most guys tended to just think it was meant to hurt for her and acted accordingly, making her do it doggy style, simply ignoring her complaints, telling her it wasn’t that bad, to bite the pillow and pumping her hard to get their own pleasure as she grit her teeth to the finish, followed by them telling her they loved her usually. Her first anal experience had left her walking painfully for a week and almost put her off it, and a couple of other times had not brought her much either. But sporadic exploration with toys and one particular lover had shown her anal could be pleasurable, and that she did actually like it, and when combined with the rubbing of her clit it could induce the most mind-blowing orgasm. Sadly she hadn’t had a session like that recently, and her last anal encounter had been another wham-bam affair that left her feeling uncomfortable. Right now though, he was holding her, kissing at her neck, taking things slow and helping her find her pleasure with it, which was encouraging her to work with him as he fucked her ass.

A few more moments of fingering herself and Avril was into it, starting to rock her body on his thrusts to get into a comfortable rhythm, the pain gone now as she circled her clit and enjoyed the deep, fulfilling sensation of him sliding into her ass, pushing back on him more to help him get deeper, knowing he wanted to get to the hilt. It pleased him greatly to feel her responding and they worked together to build into a deep, satisfying session, Avril arching her back a little with pleasure to grind on him as he squeezed into her ass. Leaning over her a bit, he drew her into a long, passionate kiss, something Avril definitely hadn’t enjoyed during anal sex before, relishing the battle of their tongues as they breathily snogged, both of them pushing together as they enjoyed the feel of him deep in her ass. His hand roamed over her delicious body, stroking at her curves, hair, breasts and thighs as they screwed, loving how her sphincters gave little clamps on him from her fingering herself and generally enjoying it, and occasionally on purpose to stimulate him, clamping so tight he almost stopped in her.

“Ohh fuck…” she gasped and then trailed off, evidently embarrassed to be enjoying anal sex quite so completely.

“You like that?” he said with a smile, starting to pump into her harder now, giving longer strokes, being careful not to slip out of her as he did so, using his whole length on her tight back hole.

“Uh huh…fuck me, don’t stop,” she breathed, as if he would do, his cock feeling incredible inside her tight booty. He knew he wouldn’t last too long, she was just too tight. Her pussy had been sublime but this just felt fantastic, and not just because he’d got Avril Lavigne to do anal sex. He responded to her by fucking her harder, still using the long strokes and slapping into her arse, making her body shake and pushing groaning grunts from her as he did, feeling her pull at his hand tightly as she tensed and pushed back into him.

“Yeah that’s it, fuck it, fuck my ass,” she moaned, surprising him at suddenly being so vocal, immediately feeling her shyness as she paused, but he kept going and she quickly fell back into it, both of them working harder now as she tried to get herself off, squeezing at him and pumping back, evidently trying to make him climax as well. He was quite close now, and really wanted to go to town on her, and since she wanted her ass fucked he decided to please them both. Pulling back from her, he gave her long hair a pull to arch her body and pumped into her much harder and faster, making her groan loudly and shudder at the sudden increase in pace, pulling away then pushing back to him as he did, gasping loudly before he released her. Lost in her own hair, she barely had time to register what was happening as he pulled out of her ass, slid up onto her knees and pulled her by the pelvis, knocking her leg aside to set her in the perfect position, face down, ass up.

Pushing herself up on one elbow, curtained by her hair, she gave a grunt as he swiftly sank himself back into her booty again, having no problem penetrating her this time, taking a reassuring hold of her hips as he started to thrust into her, giving a few strokes before he suddenly leaned forward under all his weight to bury his entire cock in her ass to the balls, deeper than he’d been before, making her give a yelp and tense up as she took it, feeling a stretch and pausing a moment as she squeezed before he resumed fucking her, deeper and harder now as he worked for his climax, taking in her sexy new tattoo, Avril definitely embodying what it meant now. Avril quickly fumbled her hand back to her clit, spreading her legs to sink underneath him a little as she gave a groan, rubbing hard and fast at her clit now, wasting no time, the kind of pragmatic touch she usually reserved for when she was having a quick two-minute orgasm before a catching a flight or going to sleep at night. It was very effective, and when combined with the sinful pleasure of him taking her anally it felt especially good.

Rubbing at herself, she broke briefly to hook her fingers into her pussy, feeling him thrusting above them as she bent them deep inside, shoving them in and out for a moment before intimately massaging her G-spot, trembling a little as it combined with his thrusts into her tight ass, before slipping back out to rub in firm, fast circles round her stiff clit. She worked for a few moments before her heavy breaths turned to deep, guttural groans as her orgasm rushed up on her, tensing up before shaking as she hit the peak, grunting heavily and riding the wave as she shoved back onto his hard thrusts, rubbing herself in a blur and squeezing down on him, burying her head in the pillow to muffle her orgasmic sounds. He however wanted to hear her, and reached for her long hair as he continued to pump her ass, fucking her hard as he pulled her head back, eliciting another cry from her as she gasped out her climactic noises to the room, a very soulful, sating orgasm induced by his pounding of her booty.

Having Avril’s incredibly tight ass on his cock, and doing it whilst she climaxed was just unimaginable. Few girls were up for anal, so for Avril to do it, especially after his rather assertive penetration of her, was a huge turn on, and now he could feel his balls tightening, a sensation that was wonderfully familiar from the past evening. Releasing her hair, he grabbed her waist tightly to pull her back, fucking her as hard as he could, slamming to full depth with every thrust, working in short, fast motions. Avril gave a squeal as she felt a slight jolt of pain as he took her ass so hard, jamming in and shoving her forward, making her brace herself on the bed despite how tightly he was holding her, hauling back hard against the flare of her hips. Biting her lip hard, she almost drew blood as she gave strained sounds from what became the most intense ten seconds of anal pounding she’d ever taken in her life, his strong hands pulling her back as he fucked her like an animal, so hard she could barely handle him, chasing his imminent climax as he gave her the proper hard fucking he’d intended.

She’d asked him to fuck her ass, though she never knew it was going to be quite like this, but she knew he needed to, and she wanted him to despite her discomfort, pushing back to let him finish with her. In a sudden surge, his intensity burst in a hard orgasm, making him almost roar in release as he buried himself in her ass full depth, knocking her forward off he elbows into the bed, forcing her ass up so he didn’t go without. Growling deeply through his intense climax, he came deep inside her, his thick cock incredibly hard as he emptied his thick load into her ass, giving a couple of short, hard strokes to pound her down into the bed, his full weight on her as she felt an exciting blend of danger and excitement as the almost primal way he came. With a last squeeze of his balls, he collapsed over her back, Avril now completely flat on her face on the bed with embedded in her, both of them breathing hard, a sheen of sweat covering them.

Avril made him jump in intense sensation as she squeezed her ass several times on him, so tight it was almost painful, helping to get any last drops of his sperm into her as he lie on top of her. Pulling her hair out the way, he kissed her cheek softly, making her smile as he reached to take her hands, interlocking their fingers as he kissed her shoulders.

“I’ve never had anal sex quite like that before,” she murmured, pushing up into him a bit, not wanting to lose their connection.

“Glad I could surprise you,” he breathed, resting his head on her shoulder again.

“I’ve never been ridden bareback that way before either,” she said, closing her eyes.

“You didn’t seem to mind,” he commented, leaning up from her and lifting his hips to slide slowly from her ass, his head pulling free of her tight ring with a pleasant sensation as Avril breathed deeply, feeling the dull, pleasant tiredness in her booty that she knew would remind her for a couple of days that she’d been fucked properly hard in the ass, in the best possible way. Sliding over onto his knee beside her, he got a glimpse of her loosened, gaping asshole as she reached back to rub slightly at her bum, pulling herself open just a bit to expose it which he was sure she did deliberately for him. Sliding down beside her, he laid on his back, staring at the ceiling with a deep, contented sigh, contemplating how he’d now come in all Avril Lavigne’s holes in one of the most incredible nights of his life.
“I really need a cigarette,” Avril said, pulling herself a little tenderly up from the bed to half sit up, sliding over to the side unit to fumble with his packet. Retrieving one, she quickly snapped the lighter and lit it, taking a deep drag and sinking down into the bed, the smooth, relaxing sensations spreading through her body as she dropped the lighter back on the side unit. Taking it from her mouth, she blew out and then rolled over towards him, giving a slight wince before giving him a somewhat smoky kiss. Looking into his eyes she took another drag and then reached up to put the cigarette in his mouth, breathing out softly and resting her head back on his chest, sliding her leg over his, a hand onto his stomach with a sigh of relief.

“You really do need that,” he observed, taking a long inhale of the Marlborough, Avril listening to it draw into his lungs from her vantage point before he reached down to put the cigarette back in her mouth. Reaching behind her, he got hold of the ashtray, bringing it over beside him as he held the cigarette for her to suck on. She blew the smoke back out sleepily after a hold, and him taking it to tap the ash off.

“Yeah well, when you fuck me in the ass that hard, I’m gonna need a smoke after it,” she murmured, glancing up to him with a roll of her eyes. He just smiled slightly and took another puff from the cigarette, feeling perfectly at peace with Avril now, and deciding she needed more nicotine than him. Reaching down, he put it back in her soft lips.

“Finish it, I think you deserve it,” he said with a smile, pulling his arm in round her back. She certainly had earned it, and took another minute or so to enjoy the end of her cigarette quietly, resting with a satisfied sigh after stubbing it into the ashtray. He put it back on the side unit as the smoky Canadian just lay breathing softly on his side, relaxed and as completely satisfied as he was.

They dozed for another hour or so, not quite awake, but not quite asleep, just in their own little world, zoned out as they basked in their contentment and closeness, holding one another and not wanting the moment to end. However it had to eventually, and Avril stirred, giving a stretch and sitting carefully up from the sheets.

“We’d best get up, I have a thing later on,” she said, reaching for the ceiling and offering a lovely view of her chest.

“Can’t we just stay here and have fun,” he said, reaching up to stroke her thigh.

“We’ve had enough fun that I need to recover first, and don’t you need to go cause people pain?” she said with a giggle, reminding her actually had a business to run.

“Shit yeah, my partner will be wondering where the hell I am,” he said, looking back to the ceiling as he stretched his neck.

“You can tell him if you want, just leave my name out,” Avril said with a smile, taking a moment to reach down, unseen by him. She slid her smooth legs off the bed and planted her dainty feet on the floor, pushing herself to her feet as he looked back to her. He had a lovely view of her arse and sexy new tramp stamp as she walked away, swaying her hips a little as she went to the bathroom to freshen up. He just relaxed a while longer as he heard the shower, only briefly as she quickly washed down, knowing it wouldn’t live up to the shower they’d enjoyed the previous evening. She took a little while in the bathroom, by which time he’d got up and dressed and was resting on a sofa near the window, watching the world go by in the pleasant morning sunshine, the grey weather from the night before having passed. Hearing the door, he looked up to see her walk out and back into the room, wrapped in a short towel, her make-up and hair all freshly done, ready for the day, eyes delectably smoky again, hair pulled silkily to one side.

“Took your time,” he said with a smile. She smiled back, then threw him his phone, which he caught despite his surprise.

“You’ll thank me later,” was all she said, giving a sly sideways look as she turned towards the wardrobes in the corner. He just sat silently for a moment, staring at his phone, before looking back to her as she picked some clothes out.

“My ex never called back,” he said, realising it was probably not the smart thing to say, covering it with a smirk to suggest his pleasure at it, which was quite apt really, loving how he’d got to rub it in after all the shit she’d given him.
“She won’t,” Avril replied, glancing back with a naughty smile, knowing she’d driven his girlfriend off with her orgasmic show over the phone.

“She might, maybe she’ll come crawling back,” he said, pondering whether the jealousy and hearing another girl so utterly pleased with him would spark a green-eyed response.

“If she does, tell her you don’t want her any more, or grudge fuck her and then kick her ass out!” Avril said with a grin, loving how she’d helped give him the upper hand.

“But I don’t think she’ll be able to keep up with me somehow,” she finished, knowing she’d been a good lay.

“Too right,” he agreed, smiling warming at her as she let the towel drop, showing off her impressive body for him, playfully giving a naked twirl to give him a last good look at her perfectly smooth pussy, tight ass, perky breasts, toned abs and taut legs. Picking up a pair of sexy sheer black panties, she slipped them on, not a thong this time, noting how he looked at them. She just gave him a raise of her eyebrows that told him he knew exactly why it wasn’t a thong; it was the risk of his come leaking out of her ass, and besides they were very cute, sexy and showed her off totally. Adding a matching sheer bra, she gave him another little twirl so he could look at her, knowing it was some sexy underwear for a day-to-day but she was feeling empowered and sexy today.

Carefully pulling on a snug shirt over her hair, she finished it with tight jeans and some black dolly shoes, opting for a dressed down look over her naughty lingerie. She gave him a smile as she turned to him, walking slowly across to him on the sofa and sliding onto his knee, hooking her arms round his neck and leaning down for a kiss. He enjoyed slow, soft kissed with the Canadian singer, who paused.

“Do I look sexy?” she asked, indicating her more humble outfit. With his hand on her thigh, he of course felt so.

“So sexy, I might be inclined to do this,” he murmured, sliding his hand up, and then down into her jeans, pushing it in to her delightfully smooth pussy, still pleased with his skilful handiwork. Avril just smiled and kissed him again, letting him jam his hand down her panties for a few moments.

“Mm say goodbye to her, I have to get going, I’m already late, and so are you,” she said, letting him give her a last good stroke, getting onto her clit and making her jump a little with a giggle. Extracting his hand from her jeans, she stood from his leg and pulled him up with her other hand, obviously reluctant to leave.

“I guess,” he said, disappointed he couldn’t meet a girl like her that might last. Collecting his jacket, he slipped it on, tucking his phone and cigarettes into his pockets, checking he had his stuff and looking back to Avril, who gave him a nice smile which he was sure was tinged with a little disappointment.

“Thanks for the tattoo,” she said as he pulled her close to kiss her deeply again, letting their tongues linger and just biting at her bottom lip a little.

“Any time, if you want any more…work done, let me know,” he said, giving her another kiss before stepping towards the door.

“Oh I might need another tattoo if I’m in town, we’ll see,” she said with a grin, reaching out to squeeze his cock through his jeans, making him pause before she pushed him cheekily back out the door

“Bye stud,” she purred,  and slowly closed it with a wink. He was just left standing in the corridor, almost immediately wondering whether he was about to wake up. Walking to the lift, he pulled out his phone, wanting to see what she’d put on it, but found a message waiting for him…from Avril Lavigne. Opening it, he realised she must’ve saved her number onto his phone in the bathroom.

“Check out the pictures I saved for you, your camera takes really great shots actually. It’ll help you remember me on cold dark nights alone, as if you could forget me. Don’t leave them on your phone though, as if they show up online I’ll know who did it, and I’ll come back and get you – Avril” it said, ended with a wink face and kisses.

He just stared at it for a minute, interrupted by the lift doors opening, not even realising he’d reached it and pressed the button to call it. Stepping in, he quickly saved the message to a protected folder and then flicked through to his pictures, immediately seeing a sexy preview of what she’d done. Opening the photos, his heart stopped as he saw what she’d taken, a series of sexy and playful snaps of her naked, all done up sexily in her smoky eye make up and damp from the shower. She’d included some close-ups, and some of them were very explicit. His personal favourite was one of her bending over, arching her back and just pulling her thighs slightly apart to completely show off the sweet bulge of her pussy.

They could do a lot of damage to her image, or make someone a lot of money in the wrong hands. But his were the right hands, and nobody else was getting to see these, quickly closing them down as he reached the ground floor. He’d get home and save them off onto a few memory cards in safe place, wanting to keep them all to himself. Walking through the lobby, he stepped out onto the street in the warm morning sunshine. Well it was barely morning anymore, and he knew he looked a little worse for wear now.

Pulling a cigarette from inside his jacket pocket, he popped it in his mouth, reaching for his lighter, which wasn’t there. Patting down all his pockets, he realised he’d left it in her room.

“Goddamn it,” he said to himself, looking around for anyone else smoking, but there wasn’t. Not so many people smoked anymore. Nothing was going to get him down though, not today, or for the next couple of weeks he was sure, putting the cigarette back in the packet and then peeling the jacket off, slinging it over his shoulder as he walked back towards his shop.


The End

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