Black Star – Part 2: After Dark

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

*   *   *   *   *

Having just completed quite a detailed tattoo for a girl, he sat back with a breath, taking a moment to relax after the intense concentration. She herself was taking deep breaths, relieved the pain had finished even though she’d asked for it. Looking down at his work, she smiled even as she winced at him wiping it clean, happy with the design he’d done for her. It was a deep red rose with thorns, quite an intricate and fine design that’d taken his skill to get right, sitting just in the right place on her lower tummy, in the angle of her pelvis and just above her pussy. Applying a sterile bandage to her was the final act, and she pulled her knickers back up, having been exposed to allow him space to work. She was getting it as a naughty treat for her boyfriend, so she said, but didn’t seem concerned with showing off for him, knowing he was a professional.

Standing from the chair, she carefully pulled her jeans back up as he took his gloves off, knowing he needed a cigarette. She paid for his services, giving a smile as she turned and walked from the shop into the cold night, a bite on the wind and chill in the air. It was late autumn now and the weather was rolling in, but it was still a fine night, dark already even though it wasn’t that late, the blonde illuminated by the neon lights of his window as she walked a little gingerly away from the shop. Stepping past his counter, with no other customers it was time to have that cigarette and like any hardened smoker, no cold weather would stop him. He dropped off the step onto the pavement, glancing at the girl walking away into the night and then up at the skies, clear and dark, the stars bright on the moonless heavens.

Reaching for his pocket, he found his cigarettes, raising the packet to his mouth and drawing one straight out, shoving them away as he reached for his box of matches. He still hadn’t bought a new lighter, and was finding matches a distinctly reliable method at the moment. Shivering slightly at the colder-than-anticipated chill, he got one out, spinning the box in his hand as he lined up the strip, about to strike it when he heard;

“Need a light?”

It was a tone he knew, an unmistakable voice, a twang to it that evoked the most pleasant and surreal memories in an instant, and made his hands lose pressure on the match so it skittered ineffectively along the side of the box without igniting. Turning round, he was greeted by Avril Lavigne, stepping away from the corner of his shop and into the light from the window and nearby streetlights, a smile on her face as she held up his lighter, the one he’d left in her hotel back when the evenings were long and warm, stretching into the night.

“Yeah, actually, I lost my lighter,” he said, unable to stop a smile breaking across his face as she clicked it on and stepped forward, reaching up to light his Marlborough.

“That’s too bad,” she grinned, flipping it shut and returning it to her pocket. Taking a deep drag on his cigarette, he had barely held it before her dainty fingers stole it from his mouth, popping it into hers and doing the same, making him smile.

“Some things don’t change then,” he said, blowing his smoke out into the clear night.

“Nope, some things stay the same,” she said, sexily blowing her smoke out and then stepping in to him, leaning up to kiss him quite tenderly, her spare hand sliding round his body. Her lips were just delicious; he’d forgotten just how well she kissed, and revelled in the sensation of her soft lips and skilful, tender tongue as she gave him a long, lingering kiss. Breaking away, she looking up at him saucily as she put the cigarette back into his mouth.

“It’s not always a bad thing,” she purred as he inhaled, taking in how she looked properly for the first time. She was looking sexy as ever in a black leather biker-type jacket over a Gothy, corset style top, with a lacy, layered skirt, fishnets and some high heeled laced boots on. Topped off with her dark eyes, deep red lipstick and long, flowing hair, darker in colour now, she looked utterly gorgeous, and so enticing.

“No it’s not. You’re looking great as ever,” he said, eyeing her up and down as he smoked, Avril not stealing it for another puff yet.

“Thanks, you look good too, but a bit cold,” she said, seeing how he was slightly tensed against the brisk breeze.

“A bit, this warms me up, as does finding you,” he said as she came closer to him, sliding in to cuddle against him for warmth. It was a wonderful feeling, as they snuggled together as if they’d never been apart and were so much more than near strangers.

“I can think of plenty of ways to keep warm,” she teased, already laying it on.

“I bet. Hang on, were you just waiting out her for me? So you could crack that line with the lighter?” he said, pausing to consider how it was that she’d just reappeared in his life, smiling down at her as he thought about it.

“…Maybe,” she said, smiling up at him shyly after a pause, then taking his cigarette again and looking down, hiding under her hair as she inhaled.

“Seriously? How did you know I’d come out at all?” he said, amazed that she wanted to set up such a moment.

“Well, I was just glancing in your window again, and then I saw you coming out with that girl,” she said, gesturing in the way she’d left the shop, “and figured you’d probably be a predictable smoker and come out here for one,” she said, knowing it sounded a little stalkerish, but he found it utterly adorable that she’d done it.

“Well, what if I’d quit?” he teased.

“I would’ve had to come in instead and my moment would’ve been ruined, either way I don’t think you’re too disappointed,” she said, smiling and offering him the end of the cigarette as she turned and ground her bum into him a little, making him stir a little at the mere thought of having her again.

“Of course not, it’s great to see you. Come to think of it, what are you doing here at all?” he said, finally realising the shock at seeing her again with words. Though they’d had a great night, and he’d done excellent work on her tramp stamp tattoo, which had now appeared in plenty of photos in magazines, he was never expecting to see her again, figuring himself a one-night plaything for the Canadian beauty.

“I wanted to take advantage of your skilled hands again,” she said, giving an eyebrow towards his window of designs.

“You want another tattoo?” he said, not quite believing she’d come back to him just for a bit more needlework.

“Something like that, among other things,” she said, taking the cigarette for the last puff of it, holding it with a smile before she breathed it smokily up towards him in the cold night, letting him breathe it in. Flicking the end to the kerb, she turned to walk into his shop, sliding her hand into his to lead him in the door. He couldn’t believe she was there; given he had her number, he’d messaged her a couple of times after their encounter, which she’d replied to but it’d never given him any idea it was going any further. She’d asked him if her liked her pictures, to which he’d boldly sent her picture of her little black thong wrapped round his hard cock, figuring the picture gave her all the thanks that was needed. Avril had messaged back saying how hot that was, that thinking of him masturbating with her panties over pictures of her got her so wet, and that she might need to go and do the same, only helping make him harder at the time.

“So what did that girl want done? She was pretty, did she get the same service as me?” Avril asked, looking back at him foxily with a smirk.

“No, nobody else gets the service you got,” he smiled, glancing down to her sexy fishnet legs.

“You told me you gave the same excellent service to everyone, guess you were lying,” she said.

“No, you just…inspired me to offer an additional level of service that’s all,” he said with a laugh.
”Enticed more like. So what did she get?” Avril pressed, nosing into the business of his other customer.

“She got a tattoo done, a rose and thorns, down inside her hip,” he said as they got into the shop, feeling surprising relief as the door closed out the cold, background noise he hadn’t realised was there fading to silence.

“Near her pussy then,” Avril stated, surprising him with her bluntness.

“Yeah, down there,” he said, shuddering a bit as he warmed up, amusing Avril as his body shook animatedly.

“Did you get to see anything?” Avril said with a sly smile.
”Yeah, but she has a boyfriend, so she says. Said it was for him,” he replied, locking door. He wasn’t welcoming any other customers now he had Avril in his shop.

“You know, you never even asked if I had a boyfriend,” she said after a pause, giving a playfully scolding look to him.

“Because I didn’t care. By that point I was gonna fuck you whether you did or not,” he said, turning the sign to closed.

“Oh it was like that was it?” she said with a grin, noticing him eyeing her again, loving the interest he took in her body.

“Yeah. So what can I do for you?” he said, stepping behind the counter.

“I want my clit hood pierced,” she said simply, looking into his eyes. He just stopped, knowing his mouth was hanging open a little and eyes wide as he contemplated it, the cute Canadian singer with a naughty piercing hidden in her pants.

“Really? You actually want that?” he asked, wanting to be sure he’d heard her clearly.

“Yeah, you do piercing right?” she said, not seeming the least bit shy that she was asking for her clit hood to be pierced.

“Yeah, but not as much as I do tattoo work. You sure you want this? Thought it through?” he asked, as same as with tattoos he wanted people to be sure before they went through with things.

“Yeah, been thinking about it for a while, I want it,” Avril said defiantly.

“You know it’ll hurt? Not many girls come in here asking for that you know,” he said, contemplating the idea of pushing a needle through her most delicate area.

“I know, and I kinda like the idea. They’re just scared, lots of them want to, but they’re just too scared to actually do it and admit they want it. I’m not,” Avril finished, clear what she wanted.

“Ok then. Head through and strip naked,” he said, giving just the slightest wry smile as he caught her eye.

“Naked?” she said, giving an inquisitive cock of her head.

“Naked,” he reiterated, keeping a straight face. She paused, looking into his eyes.

“Sure thing,” she said with a smile, sashaying sexily past him into the back room past the curtain. He paused, taking a deep breath, taking a moment to think where he was, that he’d get another crack at the luscious Avril Lavigne. In truth he was settling himself, and giving her a minute to take her clothes of, if she indeed did as he had cheekily asked. Taking a deep breath, he turned and then stepped through the curtain and into the backroom, where he was presented with a lovely sight.

She wasn’t quite naked, but standing with a smile on her face was Avril, her gorgeously tight and toned body on display, wearing fishnet hold-ups, her boots, a sheer black balconette bra and sheer side-tied panties. Eyeing her up, he just took a moment to drink her in, studying her other ink work, knowing she liked him looking at her.

“I didn’t get naked, because I knew you’d want to see me like this,” she said with a grin, loving his reaction to finding her this way.

“You were spot on,” he said, ogling her as she posed for him, noting her dark patch of pubic hair through the mesh of her knickers.

“I’ve masturbated about our night together so many times,” she said softly, just letting her hand slide down to brush over the front of her thin underwear.

“And you jerking off over my pictures, with my panties,” she finished, turning round and arching her back to show off her tight arse, her sexy side-tied underwear just about covering her bum as she wiggled a bit, letting him see first-hand how her tattoo now looked. It’d come out just perfect, and really was suited to her. She was evidently pleased with it.

“And now you know I’m a girl who embodies the stereotype,” she said, glancing foxily back over her shoulder to him, “In every way.”

“Come here you little prick tease,” he said with a smile, keeping himself calm and authoritative towards the Canadian cutie. Avril turned with a smile and stepped to him, leaning up to kiss him as his hand went behind her back to release the tight bra strap. After her tongue lightly slid into his mouth, she pulled gently at his bottom lip as her push-up bra sprung undone, immediately letting her perky breasts be free, nipples hardening to the cool air as he pulled back from her and drew the bra down her arms to expose her.

“And now you can undo me like a present,” she teased, pulling herself to him for more kisses, more passionate this time, lingering as his hands found their way to her hips, reaching round for a quick squeeze of her ass that she didn’t discourage before they took hold of the bows on her slender hips. With a slow pull of both hands, the bows gave way, the silky ribbons sliding apart to let the sheer black material drop away from her front and back. She spread her legs a little to allow the panties to peel away from her feminine curves and flutter to the floor between her legs, revealing her thick patch of dark brown hair, neatly styled at the edges. Stepping back, he looked down to take in her bush, looking back up to her as he decided she could keep her thigh-high fishnets and boots on for the duration.

“That’s not quite how I left it, and it’d be better if that was out the way for me to pierce you,” he said with a smile.

“No, and that’s kinda another reason why I came here,” she said a little shyly, looking down from him.

“Oh?” he said, wanting her to explain.

“Well, when you shaved my pussy last time it got me really horny, I really loved it,” she said, glancing up to him, “and you said that next time…next time you’d use a cut-throat razor,” she said, looking to him with her big, pretty eyes.

“Yeah, I did,” he said, considering what she was implying.

“Well, this is next time,” she said, holding her hands out to present her near-naked body, offering herself as what he had to work with.

“I…you actually want me to shave you again?” he said, not quite believing what she was saying. He knew she’d enjoyed it, after all she’d suggested it, but he had no idea she’d enjoyed it so much that she’d come asking him to do it for her again.

“Yeah, as you promised, with a straight razor. The danger just…excites me,” she almost whispered, knowing what she was asking was a touch weird for most people. She was sure he’d understand though, after all he’d happily shaved her before when she’d offered the chance. There was a pregnant pause as he looked at her, from her eyes to her pussy and then back up, slowing over her breasts of course.

“I don’t have a cut-throat here at the shop though,” he said, raising his eyebrows.

“I figured you probably wouldn’t,” she said, turning from him to go for her leather jacket, bending over for it, giving him a clean look at her sexy tramp stamp and the bulge of her delicious pussy between her toned thighs, stirring his already enflamed passions.

“And I wanted you to have something special to use for it, you know,” she said, sort of trailing off as she handed him a fine case. He hesitated a moment, looking up into her eyes again before taking it, running his hands over the blue-tint of the machined titanium, his fingertips over the finely milled piece before he pressed the clip, popping the case open and pushing the lid back with his thumb. Inside lay a gorgeous brand new straight razor, its polished steel blade glinting, its smooth, creamy handle of ivory interspersed with dark grey vessels. He just stared at it for a few moments, a thing of pure beauty and quality before him, and undoubted expense.
”That’s real mammoth tusk that,” Avril said, meaning the handle, allaying any fears he may have of its origin, and seemingly unconcerned that she stood nearly naked before him as she eyed him to try and read his reaction. It was a beautiful Dovo creation, with a 5/8″ round-pointed blade, ground to uniform perfection by skilled craftsmen.

“Avril, how much did this cost?” he said, looking up into her beautiful face again, feeling a bit embarrassed at being offered such a princely gift.

“Don’t worry about it, honestly. It’s as much for you as it is for me,” she replied, not taking no for an answer it seemed with regards to his accepting the razor as her gift.

“I don’t know what to say,” he said, running his fingers over the handle.

“You don’t need to. You can thank me with what you do with it,” she said with a smile, hinting that she wasn’t here for too much talk on the subject.

“I guess actions speak louder than words,” he said, closing the case, not wanting to take it out until he put it to use.

“Exactly. So do you want to fuck me before or after you shave me?” Avril said, making him choke on his own breath. He knew they were merely dancing around the obvious but for her to so blatantly address it caught him off guard.

“After. If this gets you as horny as you say, you’ll be gagging for it by the time I finish,” he replied, leaning down to kiss her again as he guided her towards the chair. He could feel her smile through their embrace as she was being given what she wanted, as he considered whether there was any shaving foam around. He did have to shave people now and then for tattoos, and was sure he still had some around. Avril sat back into the chair, the same one he’d fucked her vigorously over last time she’d been here, bringing back pleasant memories for her as she leaned back and pulled her knees up, spreading her legs open to give him a good view as he paused to watch her. She gave a giggle as he stared, then started untying her boots as he looked around for the shaving foam, finding it and sorting out a bowl of water and a towel as she dropped her boots to the floor in turn with a hefty thud.

“All ready for you,” she purred as she pulled her smooth, toned legs up over the arms of the chair, exposing her juicy pussy and dark patch of hair for him, already feeling horny as she contemplated him working so intently on her. He’d already put the water and foam on the table beside her, where now he placed the razor, opening the beautiful case to present the razor, Avril eyeing it with a strange kind of lust. Dropping into another chair, he rolled into place between her spread legs, wrapped perfectly in their fishnets, which was all she wore now. He couldn’t resist running his hands over them, and then down to playfully tickle her feet, making her giggle and kick.

He dipped a hand into the water and then ran it over her soft hair and lips, making her shiver at his touch as he prepared her a little, then got the foam, shaking the can briskly and then ejecting it onto his hand, the creamy white froth swelling thickly on his fingers. He then applied it directly to Avril, spreading it luxuriously over her pussy and insides of her thighs, working to massage it thoroughly into her pubic hair as she trembled a little under him, her nipples stiffening a little at the surge in her excitement as he lathered her up. She knew it was a little weird what she was asking him to do, and with a very expensive straight razor that she’d bought him specifically for the job, but she couldn’t help herself. The erotic moment was emblazoned on her memories from before, and she wanted another one, and now after all that anticipation, here he was foaming her up, adding just a little more so she was very well covered to lubricate the incredibly sharp blade. Rinsing his hands, he dried them and then, after a thoughtful pause, picked up the gorgeous razor from its case.

“Just before you go to town,” she said, pausing him and breaking the moment, “you do know how to use that thing right?” she asked warily, not wanting the desire for an erotic moment to end up being something far less fun.

“Yes, though I’ve never used one for this exactly,” he said, indicating her creamy mound as he took in her tight body and perky breasts, Avril looking down to watch him, biting her lip with cute anticipation.

“Ok well then we’re losing our virginity together, just be careful,” she said with a smile, relaxing a little and spreading her legs just a touch more to offer him excellent access to her. He smiled and took a deep breath, calming himself as he took a good grip on the razor and moved in, able to feel the nervous tension boiling off her as she waited for the first kiss of the razor. He considered it for a moment, since he had to work perfectly with the razor or she’d end up with a cut in a very delicate place, repositioning the razor in his hand as he got himself prepared, Avril tense underneath him as she waited, putting her full trust in his hands again, but with far more at stake than their encounter in the shower months before.

Steadying her thigh with a hand underneath and around the outside above her knee, just touched it lightly to her groin, above her hair, flat to her skin and inclined to just the right angle. She managed to refrain from jumping as he did, and watched intently as, with just a whisper of pressure, he glided down through her bush, effortlessly sweeping away her patch of hair that’d taken weeks to grow. She gave a little shiver, feeling a rush of arousal and her pussy clench involuntarily as he moved away, rinsing the razor and giving a breath, the tension broken somewhat by the successful first stroke. Avril looked down, impressed at how clean shaven she looked already, tempted to feel it and find out, starting to reach over when he stopped her with a grasp on her wrist.

“Don’t peek behind the curtain Avril, you can stroke it all you like when I’m done. Trust me, this will be the smoothest you’ve ever been,” he said, his concentration taking on a distinctly dominant edge.

“Ok,” she breathed, pulling her arm back and relaxing into the chair, feeling somehow safer in his confidence and control. He went back to work as she watched, working meticulously to perform the same stroke down her body, with the grain of her hair in near the apex of her thigh, before rinsing and repeating the other side, staying away from her labia for starters. Deciding the work through the phases, he moved lower, pausing to use a finger to carefully wipe away the foam from her soft opening, feeling her wetness leaking through as he penetrated her just slightly. He couldn’t believe how turned on she was, and felt his cock stir despite his concentration at the thought of sliding his cock so easily into her juicy pussy once he was finished. With intent focus and a steady hand, he very carefully shaved down each side of her vulva, so worried he’d nick her as he did. She didn’t say a word, just watching him work with considerable skill on her, loving the sight of him with the opulent razor as he shaved her most intimate area.

“So how come you know how to use a cut throat?” Avril asked carefully, making sure not to break his concentration as he carefully shaved down inside her thighs. He paused as he used the round point of the blade to delicately glide down the feminine curve between her lips and thigh, making her shiver a little.

“I just always wanted to do it, so I learnt, it gives the best shave,” he said, rinsing the razor in the hot water and carefully moving a bit lower, nearer her asshole to complete his first, with-the-grain stroke.

“Wanted to be all manly and sexy shaving with a straight razor huh?” she said, sort of being playful but actually serious, since the thought of it did turn her on, thought of him as her man, all man.

“Something like that,” he said, rinsing the razor again and then her, making her shudder a little as he did, already feeling like he’d given her an  incredibly close shave. She didn’t question him though, just letting him work his magic as he picked up the foam again, rubbing it more thinly over her, feeling how easily his hand slid over her now much smoother body. Picking up the razor again, he went through the second phase of shaving her, working across the grain sideways, again working from top to bottom, giving a stroke from the left, and then the right, sweeping easily and gently across her stubble with the fine, dangerous blade. He took his time as he worked over her lip and off onto her thigh, making it a very smooth motion, both ways on either side, Avril intently watching the intricate skill he was applying to her, and noticing the sweat breading on his forehead, the intensity of things showing through.

Avril wanted to ask him things, but decided not to interrupt now, knowing he had to concentrate fully on the task at hand. Lying back in the chair, she closed her eyes to heighten her senses and marvel that something she’d thought about, fantasised about and even masturbated over was now coming true. He was working her to an incredible smoothness with a cut-throat razor like she wanted, and she couldn’t wait to repay him for it by letting him slide his thick cock into it amongst other things. She tingled as he spread just a tiny bit of foam over her, a very thin layer so he could see what he was doing, washing the razor off well before he went to work for the final strokes of his masterpiece.

“This is the hardest part, don’t move,” he commanded, steadying her leg again. She nodded submissively and waited, then felt the touch of the blade, this time for upward strokes against the hair. She immediately felt a sense of worry, that the blade would slide into her soft skin, but was quickly relieved as she felt him slide perfectly up her mound, removing every tiny little trace of stubble that might remain, not that she felt even a hint of drag, just the erotic, silky slide of the razor over her skin. She breathed shakily in a mix of arousal and nerves as he worked in upward strokes, again going either side near her legs, but giving another upward one centrally to finish it off. Taking his time, he carefully worked round her delicate folds and curves as she lie with her head back, basking in the deep, risqué sensations of the blade on her, a strange perversion almost as he shaved upwards over her labia, thighs and just underneath a little.

He stroked her with his fingertips, making her immediately shudder at the intensity of the sensation, feeling so incredibly smooth and exposed right now, like she was brand new. With a splash of hot water she gasped, and then curled up from the chair in a pre-orgasmic tense as he stroked the towel over her to clean her off completely, leaving her totally smooth and exposed, every tiny trace of her hair removed. She felt his hand reach for hers, pulling it down to her pussy, where he’d told her not to touch as he worked. He guided her fingers onto it, where she tentatively stroked, feeling every touch and contour of her fingers as she slid them carefully over herself. Looking down, she was greeted by the sight of her incredibly clean shaven pussy, a stark contrast to how he’d started.
“Something like that you had in mind?” he asked as he watched her explore it, cleaning then drying the razor, emptying the water and putting the towel and foam away.

“Yeah that’s just sublime, exactly what I wanted,” she said, her fantasy fulfilled, now desperately horny from the illicit strokes of the razor. He put it away in the case again and watched as she stroked up against the hair, unable to find even the tiniest piece of stubble.

“So smooth,” she said, starting the stroke herself now, her fingers being spurred on by the pleasure she’d brought herself as she stroked over her lips and clit, her hood protruding now from her arousal.

“The smoothest,” he said with a smile, happy to bring so much pleasure to Avril, and relieved that he’d done it right, without a cut. He watched Avril play with herself, his cock rock hard in his jeans as she circled her clit, looking up into his eyes with a devilish smile. Without a word he unbuckled his jeans, sliding them and his boxers down as he shoved the chair out the way, his hard cock springing up in front of her as she grinned. Her smooth, bare pussy was a stark contrast to her black fishnet hold-ups, and he couldn’t wait to slide himself inside her, knowing just how tight and wet she would be. Avril bent her legs in to take a fumbling grip on his cock with her feet, making him groan slightly as her dainty feet squeezed onto his cock, the fishnets combining with the warm grasp of her feet to stimulate his steel hard cock. She stroked him a bit as she continued to stimulate herself, groaning slightly and moving to use her toes as his hands found her calves, stroking and squeezing them a bit.

“Do I have to wear a rubber this time?” he asked with a smile.

“I’m not telling,” she said playfully, “you can be responsible, or you can take your chances,” she teased, her spare hand reaching up to firmly grope her breast, her fingers circling the nipple. After a momentary pause, he shoved her leg apart, keeping hold of one and lifting it up over his shoulder, rolling her hips back as he pushed forward, pushing his erection down. She gave a sharp gasp as he thrust powerfully into her; despite the tightness of her pussy, she was so wet and ready for it that her body offered no resistance, and in a single stroke he sank himself balls deep inside her, making the Canadian star flinch in surprise and shock as she was suddenly penetrated and stretched around him. He paused a moment to let her accommodate him, rewarded by the clenches and grips of her snug pussy around him.

“I knew it,” she breathed, looking up at him with a naughty smile, referring to him going bareback with her.

“We both know you want it this way,” he said, spurring her on as he leaned down to playfully bite at her leg as he withdrew, thumping himself back into her pussy hard and making her grunt, loving the exquisite tightness of her pussy. She held the chair arm with her spare hand, her other still working at her clit as he started to screw her, his hand holding her hip to stabilise her as he started to pump hungrily into her body, his other hand pulling back just above her knee on her other leg to tension her as it pressed against his shoulder. She groaned deeply in the pleasure of his thick, smooth cock sliding in and out of her, lighting up every nerve ending and giving her a definite orgasmic twinge. She wasn’t far off, as after his shaving and then her fingering she was fit to blow anyway.

She realised she’d missed this, how well he fucked her, the distinct thickness and shape of his cock inside her, pushing right up to her cervix as he went quite hard on her, not holding back to build up, just pounding on her dripping pussy the way he knew she needed it. Sliding his hand to her waist, he got more purchase on her body as he pumped harder, still using the full length of his cock to nail her, sliding back to his head just barely popped out and then driving in for the maximum pleasure of her muscles round the ridge of his head, pushing hard into her till his hips slammed into her tight arse, feeling her juices leaking over him.

“I never took any precautions after last time,” she blurted out, looking up to him as he pounded into her. She immediately felt his cock a little harder inside her, and knew he was somehow turned on by the idea that she’d taken the chance after he’d blown twice in her unprotected pussy.

“Why not,” he breathed, working hard to fuck her, going just a little harder, causing her to give a grunting, gasping moan.

“I didn’t care,” she murmured, feeling her orgasm building as she rubbed at her clit vigorously. He continued to fuck her, holding her tightly as he worked harder into her, wanting to make her climax. Avril stopped rubbing her clit, wanting to come from his cock alone, rolling her hips down to stimulate her G-spot. She was incredibly horny now, reaching up to squeeze at her boobs and then push her hands through her long hair as he fucked her. She knew there was a question on his mind, behind the primal need and want to fuck her, which was doing a very good job right now. She felt herself start to twitch, the orgasm starting deep in her body, her toes curling and feet arching. Letting go of her hip and thigh, he grabbed hold of her ankles, spreading her legs open and rolling her hips back with a sharp jerk down in the chair that made her gasp, holding the arms as he started to pound her hard, more accurately on her G-spot now, reading her body and knowing what she needed to make her climax, which had a near instant effect since she was so close.

“I’m still not on the pill now,” she gasped before biting her lip, holding on tight as he pounded relentlessly into her vagina, holding back the orgasm as long as she could. That was the question she knew he’d wanted to ask, and now he knew it, he could decide whether he wanted to play risky with her. Her orgasm burst over her hard, making her tense up and then release in a huge shudder and deep, guttural groans, the kind that came straight from the soul as she climaxed, her whole body shaking as she came. Her toes curled tightly as she dug her fingernails into the arms of the chair, her noises turning to a brief wail of pleasure as she bucked under him as he continued to stuff himself into her pussy, loving how she squeezed and clamped down on his manhood, having missed just how pronounced and trained those muscles of hers were.

He was close now, pumping into her as her orgasm faded to leave the beautiful Canadian gasping and exhausted beneath him, continuing to work her pussy however to take him towards climax. He hauled her fishnet-wrapped legs to one side, over one of his shoulders and held them tightly round her thighs, squeezing them together and rolling her hips to give a different sensation to her pussy, making her tighter and her muscles round him slightly different. Pounding on her hard now, Avril continued to grunt as he fucked her almost viciously hard, smashing against her booty in hard, short thrusts, about to blow. She was worried he’d chicken out and pull out of her to jerk himself off over her stomach or ass, though the idea of it all over her freshly balded pussy was an enticing one. However she was rewarded with her wish as he breathed heavily, holding back as she felt him stiffen and swell inside her.

“Squeeze your pussy!” he gasped, holding back just long enough for her to clench her muscles a couple of times before he levered against her legs to slam himself deep inside her and explode, his cock jumping and throbbing within her as he groaned throatily, his balls tightening as he came hard, ejaculating thick, hot bursts right into her womb as she gasped and groaned with pleasure, immensely pleased he’d chosen to take the chance, pushing herself down into him to grind as he gave a few hard, grinding thrusts into her with the surges of his orgasm. Emptying every bit of himself as deep in her as possible, he squeezed hard as she clamped on him to milk his cock, releasing her legs as he breathed hard. She clenched and held as he pulled back to squeeze every last bit from him as he slid out, both of them gasping as his stiff cock slipped out of her silky, unprotected pussy.

“Fuck I needed that,” Avril mumbled, lowering her legs and pulling herself to sit up a bit in the chair and resting back, breathing heavily as he turned and leaned back against his table, his cock bouncing slightly with his heartbeat as it softened.

“That was intense,” he said, hanging his head a minute as the sudden drop of chemicals hit him, after the intensity of concentration shaving and then fucking her, leaving him feeling a bit washed out for a moment. He pulled his jeans back up and sat down in his chair, Avril reaching to hold his hand as they recovered from their energetic session, as hard and primal as the first time over this chair when she’d last visited. They just took a couple of minutes to recover, Avril’s hand finding its way to her pussy to stroke softly at the enticingly smooth skin, marvelling at his skilful work once more.

“Thank you for shaving me, it’s incredible. I know it was a lot of work,” she said, squeezing his hand a bit.

“I’m glad you’re impressed with it, it does look great,” he said, glancing down to her smooth mound once more.

“Yeah, and feels even better. Best I’ve ever had without a doubt, even waxing never made me feel this way,” she said, fascinated by his handiwork.

“It’s the razor you crave. And now, I can give you the final thing you came here for,” he said, standing up a little stiffly from the chair.

“I’ve already had the other two,” she said with a smile, feeling her nerves rise at the thought of what was now to come.

“So how do you want this done?” he asked, referring to piercing her, since there were options and he was pretty sure her hood would carry all of them.

“How do you mean?” she replied, not entirely sure what he meant as she waited in the chair.

“Well do you want it horizontal or vertically pierced? Are you after this for sexual pleasure or looks?” he said, pulling on his gloves and finding a clamp, light and sterile needle.

“Well, I’m not sure how, I want it to feel good, but I also want it to look good as well of course,” she said as he sat down again and pulled himself over to her, encouraging her to open her legs.

“What do you think I should get?” she asked, opening them and giving him access to inspect her, stroking her a moment before he teased her hood from her lips and inspected her.

“You told me you’d thought about this Avril,” he said, looking up into her big eyes.

“I have, I want your opinion though, you know what’s best,” she said, sincerity in her eyes.

“I do?” he asked, pinching her hood slightly and pulling it out completely to get a good idea of her body.

“Yeah, you did with my tattoo. What do you think I should do here?” she asked, watching and shuddering with intense, overwhelming sensation as he pushed his little finger up under her clit hood to see how tight it was over the delicate nub beneath. He paused to think, pulling and stretching her hood a little, amusing her slightly at the professional manner in which he tested and checked her body.

“Well, you want it for looks, but you want it to feel good as well. You have plenty of space under your hood for a barbell, and vertical piercings generally feel better. However I don’t think they look as good personally. What I’d suggest is to have a horizontal captive ring,” he said, eyeing her up as he continued to fiddle with her.

“Yeah?” she asked, wanting him to elaborate just a little more.

“Yeah stay quite simple, have a horizontal piercing through your hood side to side, then fit a half-inch, fourteen-gauge captive ring with a four-millimetre ball. The ball will be under your hood against your clit for stimulation, but the ring will look good and symmetrical through it. You’ll be able to change it afterwards of course for other jewellery, bigger bars, balls et cetera, but it’s a good place to start”, he said, having pondered it over, liking the idea of how that would look on her.

“Ok then, I’ll have that,” she said with a smile, liking the idea of it as he described it. It seemed to fit what she wanted.

“Rings can get caught on things, often people are best to start with a bar,” he said as he went to find the jewellery.

“I’ll just have to wear smooth panties then. Just go for the ring, let’s do this properly. You’ve already shaved my pussy with a cut-throat razor, I don’t think it’s a day for half-measures,” she giggled, pulling her legs up properly over the arms of the chair.

“Ok then, what style of ring would you like? Any particular colour or anything?” he asked, opening his stores of prepared jewellery.

“No, you decide, I’ll let you pick my look,” she grinned, seeing him grope her with his gaze as he looked over at her, sat on the chair with her knees pulled up and open. He considered it a moment, then found a polished titanium ring, its bluish hue distinguishing it a little from other polished pieces, which he thought would suit her perfectly. Taking it over to the waiting Canadian cutie, seeing her eyeing the tools that he’d use to do the job.

“How bad is this gonna hurt?” she asked, her bravado diminished now as she considered what she was about to go through.

“It’s different for different people, but generally this isn’t too bad. If you can handle a tattoo you can manage this. It’ll hurt when I do it but after that it’ll be alright, so I’m told,” he said with a slight smile, since he himself couldn’t know exactly how it felt. She didn’t reply, and he got to work, positioning her clit hood and getting it clear in his mind before bringing the small circular clamp over, pulling her hood up and then gripping it, before squeezing tighter to lock the clamp, making her give a squeak of pain. Taking his light, he illuminated her hood through the clamp and looked carefully, before repeating it the other side.

“Hmm no not quite,” he said, having seen a blood vessel he didn’t want to pierce through. He unclamped her and repositioned his tools, holding her hood up to leave space underneath afterwards for the captive ball. He clamped her again, which Avril took silently this time and rechecked her, seeming happy with it now. He moved her hood around a bit, checking its position and tightness, making absolutely sure she’d be clear to wear the ring comfortably in this position.
“Ok that looks good to me,” he said, picking up the needle and peeling the packet open. Avril was breathing quite fast now, clearly nervous about it.

“Avril, calm down. Are you sure about this? Last chance,” he said, looking into her eyes for any doubt. She slowed her breathing and visibly calmed herself down, lying in the chair with her clit clamped.

“Yeah, I want it,” she said, looking in his eyes, then down at the clamp on her hood.

“Ok then,” he said, positioning his needle to pierce through the clamp in the right place, placing a cork on the other side.

“Take a deep breath,” he said, watching her slowly breathe in, staring into her big, beautiful eyes, “now out,” he said. As she exhaled he swiftly pushed the needle through her clit hood, making her yelp and kick, pushing away and stretching her hood on the needle as it stuck into the cork.
”That’s it, that’s it, all done,” he said, pulling the cork off and releasing the clamp, opening it over the needle and off, leaving it through her clit as she gave heavy breaths.
”Really?” she said, leaning up and looking down at the stainless steel needle through the top of her pussy, “That wasn’t so bad.”

“Yeah see, told you,” he said, picking up the captive ring, quickly turning it through her hood as he drew the needle out, Avril gritting her teeth as it hurt somewhat, especially as he lifted her clit hood to secure the ball underneath it. Tightening it up, he let go and sat back to observe the polished ring through her delicate folds.

”How’s that?” he asked. Avril sat up to look at it, studying the newest addition to her body.

“That looks hot,” she said, grinning and reaching down to lift the ring with a fingertip, giving it just a little tweak, making herself shudder at the sensations of the ball directly on her clit, and the ring pulling at her just-pierced hood.

“It really does,” he said, smiling wide in agreement as he cleared away his tools, peeling his gloves off and throwing them in the bin as Avril continued to marvel at her newly pierced clit hood, leaning back in the chair in nothing but her fishnet stockings. He took the time to take her in fully, her gorgeous body, firm boobs, beautifully smooth pussy thanks to him and her polished titanium ring. She looked up to him, positively beaming as she pulled herself up to sit properly.

“I assume all this is on the house,” she said teasingly. He just smiled.

“Well, I did provide a particular service I’ve never done before, but I think you’ve covered your bill,” he replied, ogling her as they spoke, which Avril enjoyed really, taking it as a compliment. She pulled her legs down and together, giving a squeeze of her thighs testingly, before dropping her dainty feet down onto the floor and slowly standing up. Feeling no discomfort, she looked down, pulling her tummy in a bit to just get a look at how her ring was hanging, reaching down to just brush her fingertips over her smoothness again.

“Want a mirror?” he asked, since she clearly wanted to inspect herself.

“Yeah, please,” she said, reaching out to take it as it offered it. He watched as she used it to inspect herself, how the ring was displayed as she stood normally, hanging perfectly in her protruding hood. It accentuated it nicely she thought, and it was wonderfully naughty to know had that hidden in her pants, and judging by the little movements so far she was sure it’d be very useful in getting her off once she was up to it.
“Still happy?” he said, watching her check it out.

“Yeah it’s great,” she said with a smile, handing him back the mirror and then adjusting her stockings.

“So what do you wanna do now?” he asked, since last time it’d been later at night and she’d invited him straight back to her hotel to fuck her for the night.
“Well I was thinking,” she said, as she bent over in front of him to pick up one of her boots, giving him a hell of a view, “that you could take me out for the night,” she finished, leaning on the chair as she pulled one of her boots on.

“Yeah, anything in mind?” he said, considering how he’d go about taking her out for a date.

“Not really, just go out and have some fun, make it an interesting night,” she said, getting her other boot and sliding into it, lacing it up deftly.

“I think it’s already an interesting night,” he said with a sly smile, and that couldn’t be denied given what’d happened so far in his shop.

“Agreed, so let’s keep it going. I could eat though,” she said as she started to gather her clothes, bundling them on the chair. He just studied her decorated body, complete with its new addition, mentally grading the quality of the work.

“We’ll find a place to have dinner then, there’s a few decent places around here, must be something you like,” he said as she slid into her balconette bra, letting him watch as she took a little longer than necessary to get her perky breasts settled in the tight, sheer material after clasping it. He was pleased as she went for her top next, leaving her bottom half bare as long as possible as she pulled on her corset-style top, again arranging her boobs for him and spending time to make sure it was just right, adjusting the token laces on the front a bit before picking up her layered, black lace skirt.

“Yeah am sure there’s somewhere you can take me, I’m pretty easy,” she quipped with a cheeky wink, before stepping into the skirt, slipping it up to her hips. It hung about mid-thigh, and she smoothed it out before looking up to him.

“How do I look?” she asked, knowing he found her hot by the bulge in his jeans.

“You look great, but I think you need to roll that skirt up,” he said, giving a little rise of his eyebrows. She smiled at him and then set about it, rolling it up a couple of inches to show off more of her fishnets and creamy skin. She looked back at him for approval, where he shook his head.
“More?” she asked incredulously. It was already pretty short now, and she knew her stockings would show if it flicked up.

“Yeah keep going,” he said. Even though she didn’t have to, she felt compelled to comply, wanting to please him and have a naughty night of fun, even if it meant some people got a bit of a peek at her. It was an exciting thought though, and she kept that in mind as she rolled it up again, levelling it front and back. It was just over her bum, and only an inch or so below her pussy, just about over the tops of her hold-ups, and even then it was onto the lacy tops of them, making it very clear what she was wearing. She looked to him again, and knew by his smile he was pleased.

“Yeah, that looks good,” he said, the Canadian star now barely hidden.

“I assume you know I’m going commando,” she said, informing him of the risk of her skirt predicament.

“I hoped you would,” he grinned, loving the naughtiness of a girl going without her underwear, especially when it was Avril Lavigne in a tiny, loose skirt with a brand new clit ring. She picked up her sexy, sheer black side-tied panties and bundled them up in her hand, stepping to him and leaning up for a kiss, feeling his hand immediately slide up under her skirt to squeeze her bare ass as she did.

“And that means,” She purred, pulling away, “that you can have these to jerk off over me with,” stuffing her knickers into his pocket with a devilish grin. He just smiled as she did, pulling her back in for another kiss.

“I’m sure they’ll come in handy,” he said as she reached for her leather jacket.
“Make sure you send me pictures like last time,” she replied, giving a sly smile that held a certain seriousness, evidently getting to see him jerking off with her panties the payment for giving them to him. Avril loved the idea of him thinking about her as he masturbated, it turned her on and made her feel strangely wanted, so she wanted to help enable him. Of course another fantastic night with her would give him more than enough things to pleasure himself to in the future. He grabbed his jacket and checked he had everything, sliding the razor case into a pocket, then picked up the keys and ushered Avril towards the door.

“Locked this time at least,” she commented, looking back momentarily past her long hair.

“Yeah, soon as you got here…” he started, being cut off by;

“You thought I was a sure thing?” in a playfully indignant tone.

“Based on previous experience, yeah,” he said, making it clear he’d been intending on fucking her as soon as she showed up.

“Good, because I was,” she grinned as she stepped outside. He flicked all the lights off and followed her out, locking the door up securely and then taking her hand. He started walking down the dark street, feeling the chill of the wind as it cut at their face and hands, Avril giving a shiver, a tingle spreading through her body as the breeze whipped under her skirt, over her freshly shaven pussy and round her thighs, feeling it keenly on her exposed treats.

“So you know where you’re gonna take me for dinner?” she asked, looking up to him past her blowing hair, reaching up to brush it back.

“Yeah, somewhere nice I know, but first I have somewhere else I think you might like to check out,” he said, a tone in his voice telling  Avril he was up to something. It didn’t convey his nerves, worried that she’d find it too public or break the mood, but she seemed very open and kinky so he decided to push his luck.

“Sounds intriguing,” she said, letting him lead the way. They walked a while in silence, before she broke in with a question.

“What happened with your ex? Did she ever call again?” she asked, wondering if anything had remained after her pragmatic hijack of his phone during their vigorous fuck session at her hotel.

“Oh, yeah she did actually, couple of weeks later,” he said, not sure how far to go into all of it.

“And?” Avril pressed, just leaving it open for him to continue.
“Well she was pretty pissed, but I wasn’t taking that crap any more, I moved on,” he said.

“With a real hot piece of ass,” she interjected with a giggle.
“Yeah, think you know her,” he laughed, “So I told her to save it and leave me alone with all that same old shit. And then she said she wanted to get back together,” he said, making Avril pause in her step slightly. He wasn’t sure why she’d care.

“Really, after she listened to us fucking over the phone?” Avril said. It was hard to believe, but she knew the type of girl his ex was, and that she’d want him back solely because someone else had him, and regardless of him screwing another girl he was suddenly ticking her boxes again.

“Yeah I guess so, maybe I sounded great,” he said with a slight laugh.
“You were actually,” Avril said quietly, not wanting to shout too loudly that he’d fucked her fantastically.

“So anyway, I decided to take your advice and played her for a grudge fuck,” he said, noticing her look up with a smile.
“Yeah? How was she?” she asked immediately, cursing herself slightly for seeming so desperate to know.

“Yeah got her over to my place. She was only ok, nothing like you. I put it to her hard and just got what I wanted, it was better than it used to be before we broke up though,” he mused.

“Yeah that often happens if you hook up with your ex, things that sullied it are out the way and you just enjoy it,” she said, pleased to hear she was a lot better in bed though.

“Yeah so it was good fun, I got what I wanted and then told her I didn’t want her anymore and to get out,” he said, knowing it sounded harsh.

“That’s cold, but she screwed with your head and deserved to be on the receiving end,” Avril said, boots clicking on the pavement.
“Yeah, she was in more ways than one. And not spoken to her since, I know there’s a lot better girls out there,” he said, giving her hand a squeeze. She smiled, feeling a little warm glow of happiness at how much he wanted her.

“Yeah there are, good to hear you’re happier now,” Avril said, going quiet, pleased with herself at how she’d helped him over her. They walked in silence again for a couple of minutes before he directed her down a side road, walking only a little way from the main street to the shop he had in mind. The sexy underwear in the window gave it away, and she looked up with a smile as he directed her into an erotic shop. It wasn’t a seedy sex shop run by some sleazy guy that leered at her as she walked in, it was modern and well lit, with a young red-head behind the counter who gave them a polite greeting, though her eyes did still flick down to Avril’s tiny skirt and fishnet stockings, recognising the Canadian star though not mentioning it. If she did, Avril was sure it’d be to a gossip column somewhere.

Avril didn’t call him on it, liking the playful nature of the idea, and quickly got into shopping mode, looking through the lingerie at the front of the shop, more tame to the passer by, commenting on what she did and didn’t like, and what he might want to see her in. Moving further back, there were naughty items in general like food, lubes, games and so on, and in the corner was all the bondage items. They spent a few minutes indulging in saucy conversation about the leather and latex items, cuffs, chains, whips and clamps, Avril feeling a little turned on.

She did like to get a bit kinky sometimes, but finding a trustworthy guy to enjoy it with was hard. He suggested she buy a black leather corset they had, steel boned and double laced, and a spiked gothic collar. She merely giggled and said she didn’t think they were ready for that just yet, but the thought did cross her mind.

Stepping away from the bondage section, they turned to the other corner, which was a closed in area to shield it from the pavement, and inside was an array of sex toys of all sorts, from small vibrators to intimidatingly large dildos, anal toys and everything in between.

“Is this what you really wanted to show me?” she asked with a smile, looking around at the sexy items.

“It might’ve been,” he replied, seeing her curiosity at them. She wasn’t shy about it, and they looked through the array of different toys, laughing over the design or concept of some of them, interested in others. Avril also squealed at the size of some when he jokingly pointed them out, giggling there was no way they were fitting inside her. After a general peruse through the toys, with Avril musing that perhaps she didn’t own enough sex toys, she got to the point, feeling playful and horny given that she was standing there with a no pants on and a ring in her pussy.

“Cut to the chase, I think you had a little something in mind here,” she said, sliding in close to him and leaning up to teasingly kiss him under the jaw to butter him up.
“Maybe I did, if you’re brave enough,” he said teasingly, feeling himself stiffen as she kissed at him softly.

“I just let you shave my pussy with a straight razor, I think it’s pretty clear I’m game,” she whispered, making sure nobody could hear. He considered it a moment, wondering how his proposition would sound to her, before he reached out to pick up the box of a remote controlled vibrating bullet, putting it into her soft hands.

“Oh that’s what you had in mind was it,” she said studying the packaging, thinking of him clicking it on and off as she wore it, catching her out and bringing her off publicly, the idea at least very exciting. He wasn’t done yet though, and reached out to pick up a small butt plug, made of stiff black rubber, handing it to Avril along with the bullet.

“Kinky,” she commented, looking between them, considering the size and then looking up at him.

“Yeah, a bit,” he said, unsure quite how to proceed. She was amused but he wasn’t sure she’d go for what he had in mind.

“I’ve never tried one of these before you know,” she said, offering up the butt plug, “or these come to that,” she finished, shaking the remote controlled vibrator.

“Then it’s another first for the night, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them,” he said as she read the box of the vibrator, seeing the settings and considering its size.

“I’m sure I will. So what did you have in mind for these exactly?” she asked, since he knew he had a plan in his sexy, scheming mind. He took a deep breath, and looked into the pretty eyes of the expectant Avril.

“I want you to wear them through dinner,” he said, making her eyes widen a little bit. She considered it a bit, evidently thinking of the actuality of it.

“Seriously?” she said, worrying at her tiny skirt. It was already enough that she was going commando, if she got caught wearing these as well it’d be a field day for the press.

“Yeah, all the way,” he said, looking at her as she thought about it. She wanted a wild night, some fun, to cut loose, and this seemed like the sort of thing not to say no to. After how far she’d gone with him already, she didn’t want to disappoint and knew he’d more than please her later on.

“Very naughty,” she said with a smile, pushing up on her toes to kiss him. As they embraced softly, he took the butt plug from her hands and quietly popped the box open, withdrawing it out of its packaging as they broke apart, Avril looking down at it and then around nervously, back to him questioningly. He just went for it, and leaned down to kiss her again, moving softly down her neck, feeling her shiver in arousal and then tense with a withering gasp as he bit her firmly, reaching down with the plug to reach up under her skirt. Avril helpfully spread her legs a little, and he pressed the plug up against her ass.
“Be gentle,” she breathed as he continued to nibble at her neck, knowing without lube it’d be a bit of a push. He carefully tried to push it into her ass, but her body resisted, stretching a little but feeling her unyielding. He pushed it forwards into her juicy pussy, making her gasp a little louder than intended as it slipped through her slick entrance, a good mix of her wetness and his now leaking come offering plenty to help him out. He pushed the plug inside her, making her breathe a little heavier as he gave it a couple of thrusts, coating it thoroughly before moving it back to her ass. Pushing again, Avril helped by pushing out a little, and in one smooth motion the plug stretched her sphincter and popped into her arse, making her give a sharp little breath. She squeezed her muscles on it a couple of times as he made sure it was right in, then he pulled away to kiss her again as she started unwrapping the bullet.

“One down,” she murmured, pushing it into his hands. They paused to sort out the batteries, with him unscrewing it as she quickly retrieved them, popping the remote into the top of her stocking for a moment. Looking around, she felt her heart pounding at the exhilaration as he retightened the bullet, batteries in and ready to go. He gave her another kiss, then reached down between them, easily moving up under her short, rolled-up skirt to her pussy, making her gasp again as he bumped her tender new piercing. Sliding down, her pushed it over her entrance, almost going straight inside. That was the aim, but he teased her a moment, sliding it up and down her entrance, nice and slippery till she reached down and forced his hand up to slide it into her pussy. She stifled a sound as he used a fingertip to drive it inside, her vagina swallowing it easily, the toy sliding past her tight muscles and being held inside as they squeezed behind it.
“Fuck this is kinky,” she whispered, clenching her pussy to feel the toy inside her. He just smiled, taking the remote from her stocking and pulling the tab from the battery to active it. Avril pulled in close to him and bit into his jacket before he pressed the button, making her tense and barely hold back a long moan of pleasure, biting into him hard to stifle it as he smiled. He turned it back off, making her sigh in relief.
“I’ve got you now,” he whispered, holding up the remote, then sliding it into his pocket out of her reach. She’d never done anything so kinky in a shop like this, it was so exciting and illicit, giving her a rush like never before. Checking her tiny skirt covered her up, she gave him a kiss and took a breath.

“Now to pay,” he said, taking her hand and giving her the boxes back. She bit her lip as he led them out towards the till, the cute redhead smiling, perhaps a little too much as they approached.

“Hi guys, find everything OK?” she asked casually, but to them it felt like a very loaded question.

“Yeah just fine,” he said, holding back a wider smile. There was a pause, then Avril put the boxes onto the counter.

“I’m gonna wear these out,” she blurted out, since she didn’t know what else she could possibly say. There was a moment where time seemed to stand still, Avril going bright red and looking at the floor as she girl on the till hesitated, evidently not having a clue what to say to that.

“Let me just scan those then,” she said, managing to keep a professional air as she scanned the boxes. Giving the total, he reached for his wallet, acting momentarily like he didn’t know where it was. In doing so, he quickly pressed the button on the remote again, making Avril give a sudden gasp that made the red-headed girl look. She quickly tried to play it off as a cough, still red with embarrassment as he handed over some cash to pay for the toys, leaving her buzzing as he finished the transaction.
“Thanks,” he said, taking his receipt and the boxes for Avril’s new toys.

“Have a good night guys,” she said with a tone, knowing exactly what was going on, giving Avril a wink as she caught her eye when she looked up. Avril just gave a shy smile and turned to walk out with him, holding his hand and struggling to walk quite right as her thighs squeezed together. He reached into his pocket and clicked it off again, making her give a sigh of relief again at a break from the pleasure-inducing vibrations. As they walked out onto the street again, she playfully slapped him across the body.
“Fucker,” she said, giving a giggle at the exciting and embarrassing situation.
“You agreed to this, I own you now, so be nice else,” he said, clicking the remote again, making her close her eyes and shiver in sensation before he turned it off again. It made his point, and she just took his hand as they started to walk again, dropping the boxes into the bin. She could feel the toys inside her, especially the plug in her ass as she walked. It was an oddly satisfying sensation. The bullet inside her was different, feeling very filling and quite intrusive in a good way, but at least she knew his load wouldn’t leak from her now.

“They feel good?” he asked, curious as to whether she was enjoying them.

“Yeah, feels so kinky, and good when it’s on, if I could really relax and enjoy it it’d be better,” she giggled.

“You will don’t worry,” he said, knowing that he’d give her a good fuck tonight.

“So where are you taking me for dinner?” she asked, since he’d got his wish of her with the toys, now she wanted her meal.
“I’m taking you to a nice little Italian place, just a couple of minutes from here, quite casual but does lovely food,” he said, hoping she’d like the atmosphere.

“Sounds good, you paying?” she asked, feeling she was owed dinner for this.

“Well, I don’t know, can be a bit pricey in there for average guys like me,” he said with a smile. She looked up at him with teasing disbelief.

“After everything you’ve done on me below the waist tonight, you think I should buy you dinner?” she said in a playfully petulant tone. He considered it a moment.

“You did ask for a couple of those things, but how about this. If you get through the dinner with….restraint, I pay. If you come, you pay,” he said with a grin, arriving at the restaurant and stopping outside, turning to face her. She thought about it a moment, not protesting as she knew full well he’d bought them to put her through her paces in the middle of a public place.

“Deal,” she said coolly, leaning up to give him a slow, loving kiss before they headed inside, away from the cold. She immediately worried that everyone was able to see up her skirt as they stepped in, a couple of guys checking her out as they asked for a table for two and got seated, being led to a table in the corner that was thankfully quite secluded, though Avril couldn’t help but notice a handful of people seated at certain tables had a good look at her, and due to the stepped layout of the place they were lower down, meaning she couldn’t stop them seeing under the table. One wrong move of her legs would show off everything for them. She slid out of her jacket, showing off her tight body and impressive chest, pushed up by the corset top and giving him something to stare at.

“I’m starving,” she said, picking up the menu. He did the same, taking the remote from his pocket to rest on his thigh under the table. It had the on-off button and a small dial for a few different settings, which he would explore. Clicking it over the next one, he waited as she looked through the menu, picking up his own to choose. He liked the food in this place, it was all good, and he decided on a Carbonara dish for simplicity. Avril spent a little longer choosing hers, electing a pasta dish with a creamy white wine sauce. The waiter could see they were ready to order, and came back to their table.

“What would you like?” he asked politely, with a notepad at the ready. He offered Avril to go first, being gentlemanly, however just as she was about to speak he turned the vibrator on again, making her jump but not cry out this time. Avril grit her teeth slightly and controlled it, feeling the toy vibrating in a series of quick pulses broken by a pause deep within her, making her squeeze on the butt plug as he buzzed against her G-spot. She managed to fumble through the order, and then passed over to him. He left the bullet on the rev her up as he casually ordered his Carbonara, and then offered to split a bottle of red wine with her. Avril only managed to nod, breathing through her teeth with a smile that let on a little of her pleasure as he ordered quite an expensive bottle, feeling confident he wouldn’t be paying for it. The waiter didn’t suspect a thing and walked away, assuring them it wouldn’t take too long.

“No, I don’t think it will,” he murmured as he turned the toy off, Avril giving a breath and blinking slowly, pulling herself back up in her seat.

“God that felt good,” she breathed, clenching herself and reaching under the table to just check her skirt was smoothed down.

“It looked like it,” he said, flicking the toy to the next setting in readiness. He was hard now, seeing Avril enduring such pleasure, feeling frustrated that they weren’t enjoying it together. It was fantastic fun, but he had to just watch her have an orgasm and know he wouldn’t get one for a while.

“Got a hardon?” she asked crisply, clearly reading his mind.

“Yeah,” he replied, seeing her give a wry smile.

“Good. I’m gonna suck it later for you,” she said, glancing up to see their wine on its way to the table.

“Just think about that,” she added teasingly as it was delivered, the bottle already open to breathe. The Canadian star kept herself calm as the toy activated in her pussy again, this time in long, slow, ascending pulses, making her rock her hips, pushing herself down on the butt plug as it rested on the seat as they did, managing to keep this hidden as their wine was poured. She was enjoying this setting, able to manage herself and just focus on the pleasure as he thought about her sucking on his cock, knowing how good she was at it, and that she’d swallow afterwards as well. The waiter left the bottle and went away, leaving them in peace, letting him take in Avril’s lovely chest and the look of pleasure on her face as she started to grind down a little more, careful nobody was watching as she did.

“I like this setting,” she said, and he decided to let her have it for a while, leaving it running for a few minutes. After all, he did want her to have an orgasm, just not too soon, and she seemed to just be simmering quite nicely on this one. They managed some small talk, but generally he just let her enjoy herself, which she did, focussing on squeezing and riding the butt plug a bit. She’d never had one before, since anal usually was something she just did for guys, but she’d enjoyed it with him and was wondering if she’d been missing out a bit. He surprised her by trying the next setting, which was an alternating mix of high and low frequency, feeling herself tremble deep down and her pussy wetten. That was really hitting the spot and getting her going, but too much so, and she could feel herself flushing and breathing heavier as she knew she was leaving a slight wet spot on the chair.
“Stop, you’ll make me come,” she breathed, biting her lip and looking around. It wasn’t too busy and luckily nobody else had noticed her.

“Good,” he said with a smile, leaving it on.

“But do you want me to orgasm without anyone else seeing it?” whispered, looking into his eyes. It was surprising that she said that, he was sure she was enjoying the playful nature but was pretty embarrassed by him showing her up with it, however she clearly saw what he wanted.

“That is what you want right? To make me come in front of somebody while I try and hide it?” she said, giving a smile.
“Yeah,” he said with a grin, loving how she knew what she had to try and hide.
“Then I suggest you give me a break, else I’m going to cream all over this chair before we’ve even eaten,” she said with a giggle, reaching out for her glass of wine. He took her advice and switched it off. They both knew he had her, she was going to lose this bet by climaxing in a restaurant, it was just a matter of timing. They went back to their chat, and drinking their wine, which Avril cleared a glass of pretty quickly. As their food was delivered, he decided to let her wait it out, seeing the anticipation on her face as she clearly awaited the toy jumping into action inside her while their meals were topped with parmesan and black pepper to their liking. Picking up his fork, he just smiled to her.

“Don’t let it get cold, sexy,” he said, taking his first mouthful of the delicious dish. It made him forget all about her toys for a moment, it was gorgeous, and he extended her the same courtesy to enjoy her first few bites of the pasta dish.

“Good?” he queried, looking at her tucking into the meal.

“Yeah it’s lovely,” she said, and immediately hesitated on her next bite as the toy kicked into life again, on the final setting available now, which turned out to be slow, patient pulses which would be just enough to keep her ticking over.

“That should improve it,” he said, settling down to his meal. She just smiled, feeling the slight intoxication from the wine taking over, hitting her quite hard because of her empty stomach, and combined with the steady surges from the toy and the plug in her ass, it was indeed a nice feeling. He just left her to enjoy and they enjoyed their food, not saying much as Avril also worked her way through her second glass of wine.

Their food was lovely, and she liked the feel of the restaurant, appreciating the chance to just have a casual meal with him, though she did notice a couple of people trying to peek up her skirt from afar. She squeezed her thighs a bit, very turned on and feeling her clit rubbing on the captive ball of her new ring, feeling that he’d definitely advised her correctly. It would take some getting used to but it was already feeling good, and it looked great, achieving the two things she’d wanted from it.

He took in the sight of his gorgeous Canadian dinner date as they ate, her pretty face, big eyes, long dark hair, perky breasts pushed right up to ogle by her sexy bra and corset top. Avril was an absolute treat, and he couldn’t believe he had her, it just didn’t seem real, especially to think they’d already had sex once tonight and she’d told him she’d suck his cock later on. He smiled as she closed her eyes for a brief, pre-orgasmic shudder as the toy got her just right, breathing deeply as she looked to him with a knowing smile as she opened her eyes again, feeling the intensity building in her.

“I am gonna come so hard when you make me,” she said, reaching out for more of her wine, letting him see the tattoos around her wrists. They’d both had nearly two glasses now and were a little buzzed, so he carefully shushed her with a move of his hand, since she was probably talking louder than she should.

“You’d better keep it quiet, unless you want a when Harry met Sally moment,” he said with a grin, finishing the last of his meal, sated by the delicious Carbonara dish.

“I’ll try, but it’s pretty intense,” she said, continuing to eat.
“That’s the point, it’s a challenge for you,” he said, sipping the red wine as she enjoyed the last of her food. She sat back, giving a distinct grind down on the toy as she did so, clearly wanting to go for the goal. But he wanted her to come in front of people and see how quiet she could be, since she did have a bit of a tendency to grunt.

“Dessert?” he offered, as the waiter headed towards their table, seeing they’d finished.

“Why not,” she said, slipping more back into date more. As the waiter arrived, she gave a sudden tremble as he flicked the setting back to the long, ascending vibrates, making her quake for a moment before she got control. He wasn’t sure what the settings were doing, but he’d read her reactions earlier and knew how each one affected her, and this had seemed to be another that got her nice and hot but wouldn’t make her climax. The waiter glanced to her with slight concern, but she just covered it with a smile as he offered them the dessert menus and left them again for a couple of minutes.

Avril was more interested in the toy buried in her pussy than ordering dessert now, wishing she could come, even if it was going to be a public event. However she pulled herself together and focussed on the range of delicious things on offer.

“Would you like to share something?” he said, dropping back into date mode. Avril smiled, a shy, girly smile, the romantic suggestion bringing up a naturally coy reaction in her.

“Sure, how about ice cream?” she said, since they could have a range of flavours.

“Sounds good,” he said, catching the waiter’s glance and drawing him back to the table. He ordered a few different flavours, confirmed by Avril’s nods as she kept herself quiet, trying to refrain from letting her fingers move to her clit. They took the offer of whipped cream and some chocolate sauce to top it, and then he went back to watching Avril as she got a little closer to climax.
“Where else are we going tonight then?” he asked, since she’d wanted to party it up and make a real night of it.

“I’m not sure, I was thinking maybe a club, get a few drinks, go dancing?” she said, taking her wine glass after he finished the bottle into it. Taking a long sip, she clenched and clamped her muscles on the two toys in pleasure.

“Sounds good, go find some trouble, though you seem a bit tipsy now,” he said, noticing she was a slightly drunk.

“I’m fine, you’ll like me drunk,” she teased, giving a distinct look that said he’d have no trouble getting anything he wanted when she was.
“I like you when you’re sober as well, but sounds good,” he said, seeing their ice cream on its way.

“If I’m not worn out by then,” she giggled, her pussy aching now with her need for orgasm. He just smiled as they were given the ice cream and two spoons, setting it between them. She immediately dug into it, murmuring in pleasure at the delicious, creamy taste of the rich dessert. He took a first spoonful, then switched her bullet back to the alternating high and low frequency vibration, making her immediately shudder, her teeth chattering as her eyes squeezed shut, her thighs inexorably pressing together to maximise the sensation as she shook, giving a long, strained breath as she fought the sensations of it.

“Fuck,” she breathed, inhaling deeply as she continued to eat.

“Like that setting?” he said almost rhetorically as they shared the ice cream.

“I’m almost there,” she purred, squeezing her ass to enhance the feeling of her first butt plug. He just smiled, loving how all this had come together, his cock rock hard in his jeans, having to rearrange himself slightly. Avril stifled another couple of surges as they finished it in peace, a couple of people glancing to them as she gave particularly heavy breaths. She was sure people would see how she was clenching her thighs, but just hoped they’d figure it was to preserve her modesty, though wearing a loose skirt that short and having her boobs pushed right up was hardly modest. The waiter started towards their table, and Avril knew he would push her to climax, feeling it was all too much now, her body on the brink of something too big.

“Ready Avril?” he said, daringly holding the remote up enough for her to see it.

“No, no wait, I can’t do this,” she breathed, giving another tense tremble of imminent ecstasy, holding onto the edge of the table momentarily.

“Too bad,” he said with a grin, turning back to the first, constant vibrate setting, seeing her whole body arch from the seat before she could stop herself, giving a gasp that everyone heard. She flushed with embarrassment as she turned away and covered her mouth with her hand, her entire body starting to tense, feet arching in her boots and deep sensations rising in her body as her orgasm started to take over. She tried to hold it back, but it was a big orgasm and she knew she couldn’t, just as the waiter arrived at the table. Somehow the timing worked out great, and as he cleared up their bowl and cutlery, Avril broke into her big, soul-wracking orgasm. His question of;

“I hope everything was to your satisfaction,” was accompanied by Avril’s uncontrollable shudder and exhale, gripping the tables edge and shaking as her eyes squeezed tightly shut, legs crossing up and gritting her teeth as she gasped and breathed hard through the intense climax. She was luckily shielded from the restaurant by the waiter, but to him it was pretty clear what she was doing as she orgasmed, her body alight, muscles clamping on the toys, her ass tight on the plug. The waiter couldn’t help but smile as he watched her, having already recognised who she was, finding it an incredible sight in his restaurant. A couple of other people tried to see what the fuss was about but were blocked, denied the sight of the singer creaming herself. She couldn’t help but let a slightly strained grunting sound out, bright red now from her climax and that she was busted doing it, unable to stay calm.

“Could we have the bill please,” he said as if nothing was wrong, whilst Avril felt her juices leak onto the chair and her pussy spasm.
“Sure,” the waiter said after a pause, picking up their dishes and taking a last look at Avril as she slowed, jolting at the intensity of the toy inside her now as she untensed. He left as she put her feet back down and flopped back in her chair, gasping for breath, opening her eyes and looking around embarrassedly as she reached down to tug her tiny skirt down as much as possible, since it’d ridden up over her stockings during her moment.

“Off, off!” she whispered hurriedly, shifting a little uncomfortably on her chair from the overwhelming sensations. He clicked the off button on the remote and she visibly relaxed as the bullet went still inside her, giving a deep sigh and slowly sitting back, looking into his eyes, sexually exhausted but unable to give a slight smile, even though people were still trying to covertly steal a glance at her as she finished her wine in two big, nervous gulps.

“You’re paying,” was all he said, not commenting at all on her massive climax.

“I know,” she replied, shyly pushing her hair back as she looked down, still giving post-orgasmic twitches and squeezes on the toys, finding the anal toy particularly comfortable. After a few deep breaths to control herself, the colour fading from her cheeks, she reached into her jacket to find her credit card. They just stayed quiet as the bill was delivered, the waiter giving a knowing look to her as he placed it on the table. She handed him her card, and he went to fetch the machine.

“I hope you’re hard,” she murmured to him, since enduring that had to get him up. If it didn’t she’d be pretty put out.

“I am, might need you to suck it soon as we find a quiet place,” he teased.

“Yeah right, think I’ll make you wait for it a while now,” she said playfully spiteful tone. She paid their bill and then took a moment to straighten herself up, then considered something a moment. Looking around to check nobody was watching, she quickly took her napkin and reached up her skirt, lifting herself slightly so she could wipe her thick, slick juices off the leather seat. He just watched wide-eyed as she cleaned up, and even gave a quick wipe over her slippery pussy, letting her fingers feel her titanium ring, simply because she wanted to. Dropping the damp napkin back on the table, she quickly straightened up and stood up, holding her skirt down.
“Damn Avril,” he said quietly as he stood, sliding into his jacket.

“They’ll never know,” she said with a devilish grin, picking up her leather biker jacket and getting back into it, checking she had everything and zipping it up to conceal her tasty rack. She took his hand, and with slightly weak legs they left the restaurant, both wondering quite how much people knew, Avril reminded as she felt the tiny skirt sway round her thighs and fishnet stockings, and the butt plug move in her ass as she walked. Outside, they quite quickly walked from the restaurant, getting round the corner before he pulled her in against the wall, pinning her back and kissing her hungrily. She returned it eagerly, their passions having built up in the tense environment and needing to be released a bit.
“Fuck that was intense,” she gasped as he kissed at her neck, letting her hand reach out to stroke his erection through his jeans.
“Yeah, I can’t believe you came like that,” he said before they passionately snogged again, their tongues battling and entwining as they did.

“I can’t believe you didn’t come in your pants at that little show,” she breathed with a smile, squeezing at him and feeling him tremble.

“I have some stamina, but it was fucking hot to watch,” he mumbled, letting her kiss at his neck now, dragging her tongue over him.

“You can show me it later, right now keep it in your pants,” she growled, giving him a bite and a squeeze before a last kiss. He really wanted to fuck her right now, but she couldn’t handle it yet, she needed to recover a bit first, and she needed the toys out of her body. Pressed back against the wall and hidden by him, she glanced to the sides to see if anyone was watching, then reached under her skirt to find the little cord on the bullet, grasping it and giving a quick, smooth pull on it, the vibrator sliding easily out of her slippery, relaxed vagina and leaving her feel empty and more comfortable. Reaching back, she grabbed the base of the plug and pulled it out slowly, enjoying the feel of her asshole stretching over it as she did before it popped out.

She gave a little sigh and then reached up to slide the toys into a pocket of her jacket, zipping it up and giving him another quick kiss before taking his hand and then pulling him back to walk onto the street. They sauntered vaguely along, Avril feeling rather wet beneath her skirt, which kept flicking up dangerously with the breeze, and he walked a little stiffly due to his sustained erection. Her pussy and ass felt strangely empty now, but it was more comfortable. They’d certainly been a lot of fun, and she was sure it wouldn’t be the last time she enjoyed them.

“So what kind of places are there round here?” she asked as they headed into town, back towards the bars and clubs.
“Well, all sorts really, depends what you want. Most places are pretty typical, same old bars, but we can dance and stuff,” he said, unsure what she fancied.

“Hmm, is there anywhere a little different?” she asked.
“You mean like a strip club?” he asked, at which she gave a short laugh.
“No, that wasn’t what I had in mind. I just mean somewhere a little unique, different to those same old places,” she said. He thought for a moment.

“Well, there’s a sort of club-bar place that’s a bit darker, less mainstream. A lot of the Goth types and stuff hang out there, it’s alright,” he offered.

“Sounds interesting, we’ll go there and check it out,” she said, holding his hand firmly. He led the way, and felt her pull in close to him as they walked, huddled against the cold of the evening. She could feel the cold wind blowing up her skirt, a constant reminder that she had no panties on, the wind whipping across her freshly shaven pussy as she used her spare hand to keep it down in case. Her boots clomped on the pavement as they walked, still feeling the satisfaction of her tremendous orgasm as she looked forward to some dancing with him and a few more drinks, still feeling the red wine nicely.

Arriving at the club, there was a short queue to enter, a mixture of people from every day looking sorts to full-blown Goth and Emo types. He couldn’t help but notice a couple of very sexy girls amongst the people waiting, managing not to get noticed by Avril, though he was sure people were checking her out as well.

He covered their entrance fee and they headed inside, Avril immediately undoing her jacket in the warmth, shivering as it washed over her. They checked their coats and headed down a set of stairs towards the dance floor, more of a pit in the centre of the club.
“I hope they don’t look in the pockets,” she giggled, referring to her new sex toys.

“Let’s hope not,” he said with a smile, not really caring if they found them. She pulled him into the crowd, pushing through towards the middle a bit and then turning into him, immediately starting to rock with the music. He wasn’t the best dancer, so he intended to keep it minimal, just moving his hips and shoulders a bit, keeping control and letting her do most of the dancing. She was a little drunk and getting easily into it, looking stunning in her red corset top, tiny skirt and stockings, swaying her ass and pushing her hands through her hair, looking deeply into his eyes with a sexy smile. Avril turned away to shake her ass for him, arching her back and letting him watch her booty, knowing her black lacy skirt was very close to flicking up and showing her off, but it was dark in the club.

Pushing back she ground into him, immediately feeling his hard cock, grinding into it as his hands found her hips, sliding up her waist and through her long hair before she spun back round with a teasing smile, knowing what she was doing to him. He loosened up a bit and they danced, just getting into a music which was a mix of old and new, some slower stuff, others faster dance type tunes, keeping the variety going. A passing guy in the crowd reached out and gave Avril’s ass a squeeze, making her turn and slap out at him as he disappeared into the group of people.

“Asshole,” she muttered, getting back to dancing, not letting it spoil her mood.

“You just look too hot tonight Avril,” he said with a smile, though he wished he could give the guy a smack.

“Thanks baby, and it’s all for you,” she said with a grin, knowing she pleased him.

“I know, and I’m gonna take full advantage,” he said with a smile, making her grin in return at the thought of him plundering her. She liked certain things he wanted to do to her, and was looking forward to eventually getting him home. They continued to dance a while, before drawing together for a deep, passionate kiss, their tongues dancing together as she ground forward against his hips, wanting to tempt him as much as possible.

“We need a drink and a seat,” he said, having had enough of dancing for a bit. He pulled her off the dance floor towards the bar, where since he was taking her out for the night, he gave her some money. There was no doubting that sending Avril, gorgeous and with her perky breasts spilling out of her top, to the bar would get them served a lot quicker. She gave a giggle and playfully tucked the money down her cleavage.

“Go and find us somewhere to sit, I’ll be there soon,” she said over the music. He nodded and gave her a kiss, then headed off to find a place, leaving her to push her way to the front and then lean gratuitously over the bar. She couldn’t bend forward too much though, otherwise people sitting down behind her would be able to see she had no knickers on as the skirt rode up. They could already see her tramp stamp in the gap between her skirt and the corset top. He headed away from the bar, up a set of steps and to another seating area. It was pretty busy at the larger tables, but tucked back in the corner was a booth, only big enough for three or four people, in the shadow of the stairs and quite concealed. It seemed perfect, and he sat down in the corner as he waited for Avril. With her impressive looking chest and beauty it didn’t take her long to get served, and she came and found him carrying two beers, and four shots.

“Damn enough to drink?” he asked with a laugh, helping her put them down on the table.
“Well it’s busy, it’ll keep us going,” she said, picking up a shot, which he joined her for, quickly downing what turned out to be Southern Comfort. As she stepped into the booth, he gave a cheeky flick to the front of her skirt so it flew up, exposing her bald pussy and sexy titanium ring. She just gave him a look and raise of her eyebrows as he cheekily smiled.

“Patience, you’ll get it again soon,” she teased, sliding onto the seat next to him, her bare ass and thighs sliding across the cold leather. They quickly downed their other shot, Jagermeister this time, which he quickly chased with the beer before the after effect hit him. She did the same, before moving in close to him and sliding her hand onto his thigh. He slid his arm round her back, then they kissed deeply again, caressing each others tongues softly, in sync with one another, his hand sliding onto her thigh and slipping up towards her pussy. She boldly let him just lightly stroke his fingers up her, but flinched as he bumped her clit hood, feeling a bit tender from the piercing. In return she slid his hand straight onto his cock, giving firm squeezes near his head to stimulate him.

“Fuck I want you,” he breathed as they broke apart, quickly looking around to see if anyone was watching. They weren’t, after all a grunge-Gothy looking chick making out with a guy wasn’t exactly odd around here.

“I know baby, but we’re out right now. I’ll make you happy later don’t worry,” she teased, rubbing slowly at his cock.

“Not if you carry on like that,” he said, kissing her again and then moving down her neck with a series of sharp bites, making her gasp and grunt, stirring her arousal again and making her tempted to take him somewhere so he could fuck her.

“Mm take it easy baby, just enjoy the journey,” she murmured, sliding her leg up onto the seat to offer herself a little more, feeling him more gently touch at her piercing, and then carefully move it in his fingers, stimulating her a little bit. Deciding she didn’t want to just leave him with nothing, after stroking him a bit more as he lightly pulled at her jewellery.

Shifting along the seat, Avril pulled in close to him, then lifted herself up and slipped onto his lap, her bum gliding over his jeans and hard cock as she moved over him to settle on his lap, feeling him slide down under her to let her have space. His hand slid up to hold her hip as she smoothed her skirt down, pulling her down into him so he could grind up into her ass, which she reciprocated by pushing down, rocking herself on him as he pulled her back to lean against him.

“Fuck me, Avril,” he whispered in her ear, before biting into her shoulder.

“Right here?” she asked, grinding herself on his cock, looking round to see if anybody was looking at them.

“Yeah, I can’t resist you, I need that tight pussy on my cock right now,” he murmured, his heart racing in his chest as he suggested it, but he was fit to burst.

“I bet you do,” she said with a smile, slipping forward off his cock and reaching back to his zip. She pulled it slowly down, then fumbled with him to get his erection out. He reached to help her out, hidden behind her from everyone else in the club.

“But I really don’t know that I should,” she purred, stroking him up and down slowly, her warm, delicate hand feeling incredible on his bare cock, feeling him surge in her hand. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do, but she slid herself back onto his cock, letting his smooth erection slide against her pussy, slowly pushing back to let him feel her slippery lips, before he sprung up in front of her, where she quickly pushed forward again to bring him to rest up against her vulva, biting her lip as he bumped at her new piercing, pulling her skirt down to keep them concealed, squeezing her thighs to hide what they were doing.

“How’s this?” she murmured, resting back into it him and starting to push and roll her hips, letting her swollen, soft, slippery labia glide up and down the top of his smooth cock and between her thighs.

“That’s good, but not quite perfect,” he said, letting her do her thing and be a prick tease. Avril slowed, looking around from their darkened corner of the club, knowing she shouldn’t do it, but she was just so wet, horny, and wanted to let him slide inside her. Lifting up, Avril pushed against him, letting him slip through her lips to her entrance, where with a neat roll of her hips she pushed him inside her, sinking her hot snatch onto his throbbing manhood and sitting down onto his lap, hearing him sigh deeply and push up into her as deep as he could.

“How’s that, perfect?” she asked with a squeeze of her muscles.

“Fuck yes,” he breathed, feeling great to be inside her as she wiggled a little, pulling he skirt down nervously as she looked around, making sure to keep them concealed. Keeping an eye on everyone, she started to sneakily ride on him, limited movement but just getting him going, pushing down as hard as she could onto him as he tried to fuck her, but she stopped him with her hand, not wanting them getting

“Ever done this before?” he whispered, looking over her shoulder and giving her a kiss on the cheek as she ground on him.

“Outside sure, but never in a place like this,” she replied quietly, enjoying the feel of him inside her, especially how turned on he was, stiff inside her, his thick head pushing in and out of her tight muscles. They got into it cautiously, wanting to just go for it, but they couldn’t. It was so illicit and naughty, in a public place. If anyone caught them, Avril’s reputation would be permanently altered, especially if they found out any of the other details of the evening.

“Oh fuck,” Avril suddenly said, stopping and sinking on top of him, looking up.

“Why what’s the…” he started, his voice dying as they both looked at a grungy Goth chick walking towards them. She was clearly making them her target, gaze fixed, mostly on Avril as they just let her approach. She was a little taller than Avril, with a luxurious black hair pulled into sharp points down around her face. Her lipstick blood red, she eyed them with a piercing stare from her heavily shadowed eyes as she weaved through the tables to get to them. As she got closer, they could see she had long fake lashes on, and a sharply spiked leather collar round her neck, to compliment her black leather mini dress, torn tights and big, heavy boots.

They just stayed still, his cock pulsing inside her pussy as she gave little squeezes, wanting to keep him hard despite this occurrence. He couldn’t help but take in the figure of the girl as she approached; she has nice curves to her, full breasts, a slender waist and curvy hips, with some nice powerful looking legs to go with it. The dress suited her perfectly, and he was sure Avril could tell he thought so as he pulled her down a bit on him. Sliding onto the seat of the booth beside them, where Avril had previously been sitting, she sat silently for a moment as they stared at each other in a sort of stand off.

“Um, hi?” Avril offered, knowing someone had to break the silence.

“Hey,” she just replied with a smile, looking at them. It was a curious moment.

“Can we help you?” Avril said, a little unsure what this girl wanted.
”I know what you’re doing,” she said simply. Avril suddenly felt hot, knowing she was busted, squeezing her pussy tightly on him as she did, making him involuntarily push up to her a bit.

“Don’t worry, I won’t rat you out,” she said, seeing Avril’s distress. Both of them took a breath, relieved at that.

“I just want to watch you,” she said, giving them a sly smile.

“Well…I don’t know,” Avril mumbled, having never been in such a position before. She wasn’t sure she was comfortable having someone watching her have sex. He kept quiet, since to be honest he was happy either way, and found it hot that this seductive looking Goth chick wanted to watch them screw in a public place.

“Just let me watch, and I won’t be…disappointed,” the girl said with a little raise of her eyebrows. There was a pause, and Avril knew she was under a little pressure, but the idea did turn her on. Here, in the secluded corner of the club with her man, with another girl wanting to watch them fuck.
”Ok,” she breathed, and without further hesitation slowly lifted herself on his cock, feeling him jump a little inside her as her snug pussy stimulated his sensitive head. She pulled right up, then sank back down again, both of them a little too on edge to fully enjoy it, watching the reaction of the girl beside them. She gave an encouraging nod and smile, and they carried on, looking around keenly in case anyone else caught sight of what they were up to, since with Avril on his lap bobbing up and down in such a familiar way, it didn’t take a genius to work out what she was up to. The girl however blocked a few peoples line of sight.

“Mm yeah, fuck him,” she breathed, squeezing her thighs together as she was clearly turned on by the sight of them fucking. Avril was grinding down firmly, and making up for the lack of stroke by clenching her pussy on him again, something she knew he particularly loved, and it helped her feel him so hard in her body. The Canadian star let herself go into it a little as he held her hips tightly to pull her toned bum down onto his hips, getting as deep in her as possible, the tip of his cock rubbing over her G-spot as she rode him, making her wish he could take her somewhere quiet and really smash her.

Avril could see the girl’s hand just stroking at her thigh as she watched them, touching her skin through the ripped tights, clearly getting pretty horny at their show. Avril closed her eyes to enjoy the sensations a moment, and right then she felt a hand slide straight up her thigh to her smooth pussy. She immediately lurched forward and opened her eyes with a gasp of surprise, and was kissed passionately by female lips. Taken aback, she didn’t know what to do as the fingers pushed over her perfectly shaven vulva, a skilful tongue slipping into her mouth, seeking and searching. She felt him give a hard push up into her and swell within her, hardening at his excitement at seeing her with this girl, his breathing heavy behind her ear.

Realising how much he liked it, she let herself go, the slight intoxication of alcohol and the generally hot and risky situation getting to her. She kissed back, letting her tongue be found, where it immediately danced with a pierced competitor, finding it strangely nice to kiss another girl, especially with a tongue stud. She enjoyed the taste and smell of her, her subtle perfume and soft lips. Avril just let her new friends fingers roam as she continued to ride him, then gave a slight hiss as they tugged at her new hood ring, tender to the touch. It made her tense on him, which he enjoyed, and the girl sucked her tongue as she pulled away with a naughty smile.

“I wasn’t expecting to find that,” she murmured, her hand still under Avril’s skirt a she started riding in rhythm with him again, fingertips still stroking her smoothness and toying with the captive ball ring. Giving it a little tug made Avril wince again, and the girl eased off it, letting it go.
”How long have you had it?” she enquired, looking the Canadian beauty in the eyes.

“About an hour,” she replied, biting her lip as she rolled her hips on his cock, the girl still stroking her smooth pussy.

“Wow brand new, and you’re already out doing this. You’re certainly up for some fun,” she said with a grin, just reaching down to teasingly touch it again as he pulled Avril’s hair aside to bite lightly at her bare shoulders.

“Where did you get it?” she asked, her hand stroking the inside of Avril’s thigh. They’d forgotten about everyone around them right now, though nobody was looking.
“He did it for me,” she said, nodding back slightly at him. He gave a smile and kept slowly thrusting up into Avril.

“Kinky, where’s your shop?” she asked him, looking into his eyes. He explained where his place was as they talked, noticing the naughty spark in her eyes. This Goth chick was very pretty, and he almost forgot Avril riding his cock for a moment as they talked. She reminded him with a very tight squeeze of her pussy however, finding her own pleasure in riding him.

“You’re really smooth as well, get that done today too?” she teased, letting her fingers again find the singers perfectly smooth skin, making Avril shiver again at the intimate, sensitive touch.

“Yeah, he did that too,” she said, not wanting to be questioned too much right now. She was getting very hot, enjoying both this girls involvement in their intimate moment and her voyeurism.
“Sounds very kinky,” she said, looking to him again.
“Yeah, cut throat,” Avril said, without being prompted for any more detail, wanting to share her kinky, unique experience it seemed. The girl paused, looking to him in a moment of surprise and fascination.

“Wow that’s hot, I’ve never known anyone do that,” she said, and it certainly sounded like she’d seen a fair few things, “Maybe I’ll have to drop by next time I want some more work done,” she said with a sly smile to him, unseen by Avril. They continued to slowly screw for a minute or two more, with her watching and trying not to start fingering herself evidently. Avril realised that she’d just met this girl, shared intimate details, let her watch her having sex and even stroke her pussy, all without even asking what her name was.

“What’s your name?” she breathed, looking to her as she sank onto him, letting him push her into up as he did the work, glancing round to check they weren’t being watched. Luckily the dark corner offered plenty of seclusion.

“Beth,” she said with a smile, holding out her hand with a playful giggle.

“Avril,” she replied, grinning as they shook hands lightly as she rode his cock.

“I know,” Beth said, her smile becoming a naughty one, fully aware of whom it was she was with. She slid her hand up Avril’s skirt again to stroke at her, managing to carefully avoid her tender piercing and just tease her clit momentarily, making Avril murmur with pleasure.

“Can we change places?” she asked, squeezing Avril’s thigh and looking into her eyes once more. She slowed on his cock at the request, feeling a surge of initial excitement rush through her, flattered that this girl wanted to join them and have her man, that she had something she wanted. His cock went rock hard within her, making it clear how he felt at the idea, though she wasn’t surprised at that. It was replaced however with a wave of jealousy, that this pretty, foxy Goth chick would have sex with her man, even though he wasn’t her boyfriend. She gave a couple more good strokes, squeezing tightly on him as she thought about it.

“Ok,” Avril said a little unsurely, still fighting herself as she came to the decision, “but we’re not using a condom,” she advised, just to make the girl aware.

“Good, it’s best that way,” she said with a sly smile, reaching between Avril’s legs to squeeze his thigh, making him jump and then push up deeply into Avril, pulling her down hard at her hips for a last deep feel of her pussy. Avril suppressed a slight grunt, then slide from his grasp and lifted herself up, just slowly letting him slip out of her, both of them sighing as his bulbous head was squeezed out by her tight vagina, before the Canadian singer carefully slid herself onto the seat beside him, Beth shifting over to let her so she now sat between them. Smiling with her blood red lips, she gave Avril a quick kiss on the cheek and eyed his slick erection as he looked around self-consciously.

Quickly moving past Avril, Beth stood onto one foot and pivoted to drop onto the booth seat with her knees, straddling his legs and intending to ride him face-to-face. He slid down in the seat a bit for her as she pushed herself up over him, reaching under her leather dress and giving a tug that was accompanied by the sound of ripping material as she tore a bigger hole in her ripped tights to allow him entry, going commando beneath. Avril took a quick glance around to make sure nobody was watching and then looked back to them intently as this gorgeous, vixen-like Goth chick lowered herself onto him, using her fingers to just spread her wet pussy as her middle finger pulled him up in readiness. Sliding her other arm round his neck, she drew him into a deep, passionate kiss as she pushed herself down, lowering her hips onto him to envelop his cock in her hot, juicy pussy, gliding easily down his manhood as he pushed up, stifling a groan through their kiss. Avril felt a burning envy as he grabbed at her leather-clad waist to pull her down hard so she took his full length and sat onto his thighs, giving a throaty grunt through their kiss.

“Hi,” she said with a smile as they broke apart, looking into his eyes, “we never really got introduced,” she purred as she squeezed herself on him to get comfortable, making him throb within her.

“Hey,” he grinned, taking in her feminine scent, and then the sweet taste of her as he started to kiss under her chin and neck, carefully avoiding her spiked collar as she started to lift herself up. Avril grit her teeth and dug her fingernails into the seat cushion as she watched them get started, wishing she was still on his cock now, but she was merely a spectator, and from the looks of it she’d stay that way. He let Beth slide up, and then glide down his shaft by herself, and then got hold of her waist again and started to help her, rocking his hips up to meet her as he guided her up and down himself. She let out a breathy sigh as they got going, her arousal from watching Avril riding him now released in her own pleasure, loving the feel of his stiff, thick cock inside her.

“Mm Avril he feels amazing inside me,” she whispered, and the Canadian couldn’t help but smile.
“Yeah he does,” she agreed, unable to deny that it was making her horny to watch them. Hidden by the leather skirt of her dress, Avril couldn’t see the actual penetration, and could only wonder what her style was down there. They kissed deeply again as she started riding him, pushing her hips into him a little harder than Avril had done, giving him more of a ride rather than giving him her pussy to squeeze and slide on his cock. He loved the feel of her pussy around him; she wasn’t as tight as Avril, but she was hot, wet and working briskly up and down him, eager to take his cock, and the fact that she was a hot stranger, who had asked Avril if she could fuck him while she watched no less, made it incredibly arousing. Pulling her down firmly onto him, she rolled her hips and he managed to get himself almost fully inside her, making her gasp slightly as she got herself completely stretched out.

Reaching down, Beth took one of his hands and lowered it to her thigh, sliding it over the torn nylon and up under her leather dress, straight to her pussy, his fingertips discovering a neat strip of pubic hair above her lips. Guiding his fingers down, he found her clit, immediately feeling the piercing through it. He paused, making her smile as he discovered it, lightly pulling and feeling it as they continued to screw, inspecting her to work out what she had. She had a vertical hood piercing, and was wearing a curved barbell through it, meaning one of the balls was resting on her clit and could circle round it for intense stimulation. She’d got it solely for that reason, and loved him playing with it, feeling a rush as he gave it a slight twist, not hurting in the slightest and loving the attention.
“Very nice,” he mumbled, reaching up to pull her down for another kiss by her collar. Avril narrowed her eyes as she watched, clearly a chemistry between them, as they had sex in the darkened shadow of the stairs. Beth just gave a smile and started to ride a bit harder, pumping herself down to pleasure them both as he toyed with her clit and piercing beneath her skirt, her juices all over both of them. This went on for a couple of minutes, before Beth turned her attention back to Avril, knowing she must be jealous. She reached out to draw Avril in and leaned over to kiss her, another long, tongue-twisting kiss that made Avril bubble in a special way, even more so when Beth took her hand and slid it straight up her skirt, pushing Avril’s fingers over her vulva, hood piercing and down to where he was penetrating her.

“Don’t be jealous, I’m just borrowing him,” she teased as Avril took in the sensation of feeling another girl’s pussy for the first time. She was frozen for a moment, and then with Beth’s help started to stroke at her clit, his hand having retreated back to her waist.
“See, we have something in common,” Beth murmured, meaning their hood piercing, which Avril was quite interested to explore, glancing again to check they weren’t being watched. Odd glances passed over them but nobody stared. She was drawn into another kiss with Beth, who took the opportunity to slide her hand back up Avril’s skirt, pushing it out the way this time to expose the top of her fishnet stockings and lack of panties, making Avril give a start and desperately tug it back down as Beth ran her fingers up her dripping, shaven lips, causing the brunette beauty to shudder, her raging hormones exposed. Extracting her hand from under Avril’s skirt, she pushed hers from her own, giving a few slower rides on his cock.

“I think we’d best find somewhere more private,” Beth said, looking around at the busy club, still feeling him pulsing within her. Avril said nothing, checking her skirt was down and looking to him, who gave her a look that said he’d be very interested to pursue a threesome with their new friend.

“If we don’t, we’re going to get caught, or he’ll finish and blow his load inside me,” she giggled, giving a clench of her pussy and then lifting up to slide off. With her stiff skirt, Avril was able to dimly catch sight of his thick manhood spreading her lips, and then sliding out coated in her thick juices as Beth lifted off to the other side of him on the seat. Before he even had a chance to sort himself out, Avril pushed her hair back and swooped down on him, taking him as deeply into her mouth as she could, pushing him a little into her throat, where she gagged slightly before giving a few quick, strong sucks up and down. He just shuddered and breathed deeply as she tasted Beth’s delicious nectar on him, their flavours mixing as she sucked him off and then let him slip from her mouth, sitting back up beside him.

“We definitely need somewhere more private,” Beth said with an anticipating smile, able to see the raw, sexual hunger in Avril. As he put himself away, Avril had no idea why she’d suddenly done that; She’d never tasted another girl before, and in such a public place it was a huge risk. It was almost like she wanted to assert her dominance over Beth as the top female. She had however enjoyed the taste, and loved the feel of him inside her mouth as she sucked up and down him. Looking around, she was amazed nobody was staring at them, but she was sure that people must have been watching them at points, feeling self-conscious as Beth made sure her skirt was down and stood up.

“Come on,” she said, stepping past him and taking Avril’s hand, pulling her from the seat, onto her high-heeled boots and leaving him to follow. Holding hands, she led them through the crowds of the club towards the toilets, her hefty boots booming on the floor as they went into the corridor from the club floor, away from loud music that they seemed not to have noticed much in the last few minutes. He watched Avril’s little skirt bouncing up a bit, catching sight of her sexy stockings and toned thighs beneath, relishing the thought of what might be to come, and getting her home later on. Beth was heading for the ladies when she spotted the door of what looked like a cupboard ajar, pausing and then going to it. It was stuck, and she gave a sharp yank at it, making it jolt open with a wobbling judder, stopped by Avril as it swung back to reveal what was more a small room than a storage cupboard.

“This’ll work,” Beth said, finding the light switch to illuminate it. There was plenty of space, and she reached back to pull Avril inside, a little reluctant as she felt a burst of nerves at the risk of getting caught. He followed them in and they closed the door, Beth enlisting his help to force it shut past the tight frame. There was no lock, so he picked up a broom from the corner and wedged the handle through that of the door and across the frame, preventing it being pulled open from the outside, just in case anybody tried. They shoved a few things out the way, cleaning supplies and boxes of things, to create a bit of space, then Beth simply turned with a smile and kissed Avril, deeper and more passionate this time, able to fully give in to it now they were in private. Avril was caught out by the slightly sudden restart of things, but found herself melting into it, feeling a little spark and loving the naughty, illicit lesbian kiss, especially since she knew he was watching them.

They embraced strongly, their soft lips pressed together as their tongues slid and circled, caressing and fighting one another as he watched. Avril’s hands slid over the smooth leather of Beth’s dress as they slid round her waist, and then onto the small of her back, another moving down more boldly onto her firm, rounded ass. Beth ground her hips forward into the Canadian star, sliding her leg slightly up the inside of Avril’s and holding her close, letting a hand slide up the back of her corset style top to take hold of her hair, as her other slid down over her ass in return, past the skirt and then back up onto her bare bum, giving a good squeeze. As Beth kissed from her mouth and down onto her neck, pulling Avril’s head back by the grasp on her hair, she gave a deep, guttural groan, shivering at the raw excitement, letting it overtake her.

“Get your cock out,” she demanded quickly, casting her eyes to him as she did, intending to fuck him very soon, but Beth had some other ideas, letting her fingers move up under the skirt to Avril’s smooth pussy, stroking over her and then gliding down her juicy slit, making her gasp as she hooked them back up inside her, feeling how easily she yielded to the penetration.

“Mm you really need his cock don’t you,” she breathed, thrusting her two fingers into her as she shook, incredibly turned on now. Avril couldn’t reply, just groaning and looking to him, his thick cock standing up absolutely rock hard from his jeans. Beth reached over to take hold of him, feeling him jump in her hand as she started to masturbate him gently.
“Ok but just for a minute,” she said with a smile, taking control of the situation as she pulled him forward by his cock. Turning around to face him, she turned Avril away and released him, and then pulled down on her shoulders to encourage her to bend over in front of him. She needed little encouragement though, and flexibly bent down to grab her ankles, spreading her sexy, stocking-encased legs for him as her tiny skirt retreated straight up over her bum. Beth just smiled and pulled it up completely out the way as he hastily got in behind Avril, pushing his cock down and taking hold of her hip. She was so wet and in need of him that as soon as he pushed to her slippery pussy he just glided inside, filling her with most of his manhood in one easy stroke, his bodyweight lurching forward to help drive it inside her.

“Oh fuck me,” Avril moaned with a whining shudder, every nerve ending inside her alight as his cock slid over it, pulling away and then pushing back onto him as he pulled back and then buried himself inside her to the hilt, stretching her pussy in the most perfect, natural manner. He just gave a groan, watching her hair sway and booty bounce back onto his hips as they started to fuck slowly, both of them feeling immensely pleasured by it as Beth just watched with her steely eyes and a smile, having a distinct taste for watching them have sex it seemed. She moved in close and dropped to her knees beside them, looking over to watch his cock slide in and out of Avril’s tight hole for a moment before reaching to slow Avril’s hip with her hand.

“That’s enough now, you’ll make him come,” she said, her fingers lightly stroking at the smooth, cold spikes of her collar.

“I want to,” Avril breathed, pushing back hard into him again and grinding against him.
“Not like this, we’re going to satisfy him together, he’s ready to burst as it is,” she said, pulling Avril away from him as she gave a mumble of discontent.

“I’m going to help you blow him. You’ll be able to taste yourself this time rather than me,” Beth said with a grin, watching his thick erection spring up as it slipped easily out of the Canadian’s snug tunnel, Avril shakily straightening up and then turning to carefully drop to her knees beside Beth. She eyed his thick cock, bouncing slightly with his heartbeat and glistening with her thick, slippery juices, breathing hard at the anticipation of giving him a double blowjob with the sexy Goth chick beside her.

“Suck it,” Beth said calmly, wanting to see Avril suck and taste her own juices from his cock. The Canadian star looked to her momentarily, into her mesmerising eyes, and then back to his cock, before pushing her hair back and taking hold of his hips. She opened wide and curled her tongue up onto the underside of his head, giving a couple of flat licks of her tongue to make him shiver before closing her hot mouth over his head, making him groan deeply as she sucked firmly and then pushed firmly down his shaft to take as much of him as possible. Beth just watched as Avril sucked at him, her cheeks hollowing and tongue clearly working busily as she took him to her throat and then pulled back, then started going faster, taking as much of him as she could and doing her utmost to stimulate him.

“How do you taste?” Beth asked with a sly smile, seeing Avril suck her juices from him enthusiastically. She didn’t respond at first, taking time to continue fellating him before Beth slowed her with a light pull on her long, soft hair. Avril pulled off slowly with a slurp, his cock bouncing up again as she swallowed.

“Good, I taste good,” she breathed, making Beth smile as she slid over a little and reached up to grasp his shaft, making him thrust a little before she enveloped him with her mouth. She just sucked lightly at first, taking him in and tasting the remains of Avril’s sweet pussy on him, before she pushed firmly onto him to let him slowly sink all the way into her throat, his thick cock forcing down until she pressed her nose to his body. He gave a groan of pleasure, and Avril watched with an impressed stare. She could deep throat but nothing like that, and she felt a little jealous that he was clearly enjoying Beth’s blowjob so much.

“Oh fuck,” he breathed as Beth pulled back, engaging her pierced tongue to pressed onto the underside of his shaft as she drew back. He’d never been sucked by a girl with a tongue stud before, and it felt amazing, especially as she clearly knew how to use it for maximum effect, starting to thrust and push at the underside of his head with it, the intensity of which almost overwhelmed him. Beth paused from that to bob up and down him again, lightly stroking and massaging his balls as she did, feeling how hard he was in her mouth. She knew he didn’t have too long, and didn’t want to hog him too much as she knew Avril would be pissed. She pulled off him, just letting her hand move back up to lightly stroke him.

“Come here,” she murmured to Avril, guiding her in closer to him but not moving away herself. Pulling him down a bit, she leaned forward to start softly kissing at the side of his cock, making it clear what she intended to the musician. After a moment’s hesitation, she went for it, feeling a little buzzed still and deciding to just let go and have fun now. Leaning in, she tentatively applied her soft mouth to the other side of his cock, making him groan in pleasure, his hands finding their way to both of their heads, twisting into their hair a little as they both kissed and sucked softly up and down his shaft, their noses and lips bumping as they passed each other. Avril felt Beth’s hand slip up her thigh over her hold-ups, and just spread her knees a little to invite it, though Beth held back, just staying where she was to tease her.

Beth reached up to stop Avril at his purple head, where she joined her, before pressing more firmly and pulling Avril to her to kiss her round the tip of his throbbing erection. He shuddered and gasped in pleasure, his hands gripping their hair tighter as they kissed each other over him, their lips barely able to touch but wet tongues slipping over and around the most sensitive part of his cock as they reached one another. He couldn’t take it, and with his firm hold on them started to thrust, pushing through the delightfully wet union of their mouths. They just continued to work with their tongues as he thrust back and forward through his little haven, up and down the top half of his cock. Starting to get a little faster, Beth just let him work for a moment and then as he pulled back, swiftly pulled Avril in front of him with a yank of her hair, making her gasp just as he thrust firmly into her mouth, immediately choking her with his cock.

She held Avril’s head as he gave a grunt at the sudden change to the perfect sensation of Avril’s mouth on him again, his hands finding her head now and holding her quite tightly. She wasn’t blowing him now, he was going to fuck her mouth whether she wanted it or not. She was happy to let him though, and started to suck hard, her tongue going into overdrive as she attacked his thrusting cock, letting him hold her in place and drill her mouth. Beth was still holding her hair, and when he slowed for a hard push to make her deep throat, Avril found she couldn’t pull back at all, and then felt Beth push her onto him, forcing his cock past her limit and into her throat.

“Take it,” she breathed, pressing Avril onto his cock. She choked, her eyes pricking as they started to water, unable to handle him and trying to pull back, but they both kept pushing and got another inch or so into her tightly throat, making him groan her pleasure, which Avril did like she had to admit. Pulling back, he started to firmly fuck her face again, pumping into her mouth and working her cheeks to feel the smooth, slick sensation and see them bulge as she sucked his cock. Beth watched, squeezing her thighs rhythmically, feeling herself almost leaking into her ripped tights, well what was left covering her pussy at least. She saw Avril doing the same as she sucked obediently at his cock as he gave it to her, and Beth stroked her hair a moment before he pushed hard again for a deep throat.

He held Avril almost brutally tight as he pushed deep, Beth pushing her head forward again as Avril didn’t fight it, knowing they had her number and wanting to impress him. She couldn’t hold back her gag though and choked again, but this time he exploited it, easing of a touch as she choked and then, as she took a gasp of breath round him, he shoved in hard and buried his entire cock into her throat, Beth helping to push her down fully right to the hilt. She choked again of course but it was too late, he was in and just enjoyed her throat contracting around him, giving a growl of pleasure as he stroked her hair, loving the feel and giving a couple of very short, grinding thrusts as she choked on him before pulling back, right out of her mouth. She coughed as Beth pulled him back into her mouth, immediately sucking hard and fast, working powerfully up and down his cock.

Avril wiped her eyes carefully as she watched, seeing Beth’s clear oral talents as she worked on him, her mouth gliding up and down, cheeks pulled in by her vacuum-like mouth. He stiffened in her mouth and she knew she was almost ready to explode, so pulled back to just his head, which she sucked at with ferocious intensity, making him give a strained groan of sensation as she attacked him with her pierced tongue, working hard to get him off, her hand grasping the base of him to stroke him slightly. Reaching with her other, she pushed her hand up the back of Avril’s neck into her hair, taking a firm holding and pulling her in close, looking into her eyes as she continued to suck. Avril gazed back, realising what she might be about to do as she pulled her so their faces were almost pressed together. He suddenly tensed and gave a gasp, his balls tightening at Beth’s relentless assault, holding back his climax as she worked even harder on him to build it up, feeling his tension.

As she felt a tiny drop of his slightly salty sperm leak onto her tongue, she suddenly yanked off him and out the way, holding Avril tightly in place by her hair as she aimed his cock onto her face and jerked it fast with her hand right as he exploded. He gave a loud grunt followed by hard gasps as his hot, thick load exploded over the Canadian’s pretty face, Avril squeezing her eyes shut at the last second as he ejaculated onto her. He clenched his fists as his balls squeezed tightly, Beth’s hand working hard to sustain his orgasm as he gave several hard spurts, involuntarily thrusting his hips forward as he did, his load landing all across Avril’s face as Beth aimed him, the first big one going over her nose, forehead and into her hair, with others landing over her eyes, cheeks and neck, with Beth milking the last of him out onto Avril’s soft lips as he gasped.

Avril opened her mouth and he sank back in with a shudder as she softly sucked and licked the last of his come from him and her lips, sucking a moment before he slipped back out, both of them gasping as she knelt there with his come all over her. She’d never been given a facial before, and certainly found it an odd but strangely pleasurable sensation. She’d had guys shoot their loads most other places on her, like her chest, tummy, back and inevitably over her hands, which she’d reasonably enjoyed, but this was her first facial, and she was sure it wouldn’t be her last now. Beth just released his cock and Avril’s hair, then sat back to take in the scene for a moment, the sight of Avril Lavigne after a facial one to treasure, and she noticed he was taking the sight in as well. Avril clearly wasn’t quite sure what to do, needing to get cleaned up but unable to open her eyes.

Beth just smiled, then knelt up and leaned in to Avril, pushing her hair back out the way and licking up from her neck to her cheek, temptingly close to her pushed-up breasts, making Avril inhale in surprise and his cock twitch a little as she set about cleaning Avril up. She didn’t protest, or say a word at all actually, and simply knelt in place with her skirt gathered over her stockings as Beth licked his come from her smooth skin, rolling her tongue back into her mouth and swallowing before licking again, going over Avril’s cheeks and then carefully her eyelids, before finishing with a long lick up her nose and forehead to lap up his first, biggest, thickest spurt, murmuring in pleasure as she pulled it into her mouth. But she didn’t swallow, instead moving down and kissing Avril hard, thrusting her tongue into her mouth and letting her taste him. Avril was again surprised but didn’t fight it, and they enjoyed a deep, passionate French kiss, sharing and swallowing his come.

“Better?” Beth purred with a smile, reaching up to wipe his come from the front of Avril’s hair.

“Much,” Avril said with a shy smile. Beth just smiled at her, then leaned down to kiss her neck, her hand pushing up under Avril’s token skirt to her perfectly bald pussy again. She didn’t fight it at all, simply letting her legs spread a bit to allow Beth to finger her, giving in to this experience with another girl. Her expert fingers found her clit, carefully moving around the new piercing to get at the sensitive button which she started to circle, making Avril shudder.

“Stand up,” she commanded, which Avril unquestioningly moved to do, reaching for his hands to help her up. He pulled her to her feet, where she teetered on her high-heeled boots a moment before spreading her legs to let Beth underneath her skirt as she unceremoniously went down on her. He quickly put himself away as Beth went to town, pressing her lips to Avril’s clean shaven lips and starting to lick effectively, working over her smooth labia to tongue both inner and outer lips, tasting her abundant juices as they leaked from her pussy, along with the taste of his come as he seeped out from deep inside her, from their early fuck in his shop after he’d shaven her. Avril just shuddered and squeezed his hands, which were now holding her waist as he stood behind her, looking over her and then reaching down to lift her skirt so he could watch Beth licking her.

“I’ve never licked a girl as smooth as you,” Beth murmured before she continued, moving up now to gently lick at Avril’s clit and new titanium ring, making her shake, already very close to an orgasm because she was so turned on. His other hand slid down behind Avril, between them, and under her skirt to her ass, sliding straight down between her cheeks to her tight backdoor and immediately beginning to massage at it, making her push both back and forward towards the two of them, shaking in pleasure. Beth shifting back down, getting right between Avril’s strong thighs to allow her to bury her tongue deeply inside her pussy, feeling Avril’s muscles squeeze at her as she thrust and circled her pierced tongue, the stud feeling very nice inside her as it stimulated nerve endings, her fingers working delicately at her clit.

He lowered himself down behind Avril, taking hold of her ass and spreading her firm cheeks to expose her asshole, before leaning in and pressing his tongue to her, making her shiver with a moan as he started to lick at her anus, tonguing over and around it, feeling the tight ring of muscle twitching under his ministrations before he just pushed the tip in a little, making her push back and groan. Beth knew she was close, and with a last few thrusts of her tongue pulled out, sliding back up to her clit. With one hand she used her fingers to carefully pull the hood up out the way by her new ring, making her hiss with the discomfort, and with the other she jammed two fingers deep into her pussy. Avril’s hiss turned to a grunt, then growling groan as she started to massage her G-spot, right before moving in to lick directly at her clit using her tongue stud, rolling the gold ball of it around her centre of pleasure, immediately making her approach climax.

“Oh fuck, fuck,” Avril growled through gritted teeth, her eyes squeezed shut as Beth licked hard at her clit, showing her skill eating pussy, thrusting her fingers powerfully against her G-spot as he continued to lick hard at her ass, making her feel slightly in the mood for him to squeeze his cock in there, though she was sure he’d ask for that later anyway. Her orgasm rushed up on her under the intense dual stimulation, and the feel of Beth’s stud sliding and rolling around her clit quickly got her off, making her tense and then shudder with a series of loud, gasping groans that seemed to shake her whole body as her orgasm washed over her, her hips bucking in their hands as they continued to work at her, Beth’s fingers flooded by Avril’s juices as she practically squirted, shaking and spasming between them as she climaxed, her groans turning to gasping breaths of pleasure as she thrust forward onto her female lover’s tongue.

As Avril became too sensitive, Beth pulled her fingers from inside her and moved off her clit, going down to lick up her thick, delicious juices as he gave a last circle of her asshole and pulled away, giving a light spank as she came down, shivering and twitching as Beth licked her leaking pussy, tasting both him and Avril as she did. She reached up with her juicy fingers to Avril’s mouth, and without a moments hesitation Avril leaned down to suck them, licking between her fingers and working hard for a moment to do so, loving the taste of her own juices in this moment, though immediately feeling a bit embarrassed after she’d done it, blushing and looking away. Beth pulled away from Avril and looked up with a smile, before standing back up onto her platform boots, and giving Avril a peck on the cheek.

“Good?” she asked, even though she knew the answer.
“Yeah,” she breathed, looking up shyly into her eyes.

“So you’re an anal girl as well?” Beth asked, wanting her to admit it.

“Yeah, I am I guess,” she answered quietly, glancing back to him. It was clear she was, she’d done it plenty really, but he’d helped her enjoy it more and was sure he would again later.

“That’s hot, and now you’re satisfied you can eat my pussy for me,” she said matter-of-factly, looking into Avril’s eyes. They widened as she gave a start, a little shocked at the request and feeling instantly terrified. Having a girl lick her pussy was one thing, but licking another girl was quite another, that was going properly bisexual and she didn’t know if she could do it.

“I…err…I don’t know,” she said unconvincingly, knowing she had no real right to refuse.

“I licked yours, it’s only fair,” she said, raising her eyebrows.

“I’ve never done it, I don’t know what to do,” Avril said meekly, biting her lip.

“You’ll figure it out when you’re down there,” she replied, just wanting Avril to lick at her pussy one way or another. Avril looked over at him questioningly, hoping he’d give her some kind of out.

“It’s only fair, and you might like it,” he said, and he was right, she’d never done it so how did she know she wouldn’t like it.

“I know she will, and so will I,” he finished, since watching Avril eat another girl would be hot.
“I bet,” Avril said with a smile. There was a pause, then she gave a slight nod and reached down for Beth’s leather skirt. Beth helped her pull it up, rolling the black leather up to reveal her ripped tights and neatly shaven pussy, letting Avril get a first look at her nice strip of hair and vertical hood piercing. Avril lowered herself to her knees in front of her, unsure how to go about it exactly and blocked by nylon.
“Just tear them,” Beth said, reading her mind it seemed. Reaching up, Avril’s fingers brushed the delightfully soft skin of Beth’s pussy as she got her fingers into the torn tights and then pulled at them, the ripping sound cutting through the air as she tore a hole to expose her pussy completely, Avril able to tell how turned on she was. Beth’s hand on her head just guided her onto her, and with trepidation Avril extended her tongue and let it slide down over her clit, feeling the smooth curved barbell beneath it as she slid down over the soft folds of the first pussy she’d ever licked. Beth gave a murmur of pleasure as Avril tentatively started to lick at her, sticking with her clit and trying to do the things she liked having done to her, tasting the sweet juices of her first pussy and having no problem with it, finding them alright, though far more abundant than when she’d sucked Beth’s and her own juices from his cock.

“Mm keep going,” Beth said encouragingly as Avril licked feverishly at her clit, grinding the barbell down into it as she did. She worked to get underneath it, before resorting to pulling it up by the barbell the same as had been done to her. Beth just murmured in pleasure at it as she did, then inhaled as Avril’s skilful but untrained tongue went directly onto her sensitive clit.

“Twist it,” she breathed, meaning her barbell. Avril hesitated a moment, then gave it a twist, pulling at it a bit as she did so, feeling Beth immediately respond with a tensing shiver, loving rough treatment of her clit hood piercing. Avril increased her efforts at her clit, before moving down to lick all the way up her pussy, feeling the soft folds of her vulva flow and yield under her strong ministrations, the creamy juices sticking to her tongue. A thick string stretched from Beth’s pussy to her lips as she pulled it back into her mouth to taste it, gathering it expertly. Avril swallowed and then dove deep again to lick right over Beth’s entrance, pressing more firmly and being rewarded with her tongue sliding easily inside her, feeling her muscles clasping at her as she did. Lapping up her juices, Avril again thrust her tongue inside, loving the feeling of Beth’s vagina squeezing at it as she did, throwing her cares away as she just tried to give her the best oral she could.

“Yeah that’s good,” Beth breathed as she rubbed her clit lazily while Avril licked her intimately, enjoying thrusting her tongue inside. He’d been watching until now, with a renewed erection, and just had to get involved, wanting to help Avril get Beth off. Stepping over, he slid behind them, pressing close to her to let her feel his hard cock before sliding his hand down to her ass, giving a good squeeze and then pulling at a hole to extend it and let his fingers access her ass. Beth didn’t try to stop him, and he slid a finger to her asshole, teasing over it before pushing it firmly inside her. She seemed the kind of girl who would be ready to go anally, not wanting a tease, and he turned out to be correct, as she pushed back onto his finger to get it into her ass with a moan. He started to thrust it as she worked her clit, before Avril withdrew from between her thighs to lick long and slow right up her vulva and back to her clit.

“Enjoying yourself down there?” she teased as Avril started to lick her clit again, swirling her tongue over the hood to press the barbell onto her, before she caught it with her teeth. She gave an affirmative murmur as she pulled it firmly, making Beth gasp at the intense sensation and shake in pre-orgasmic sensation. She was so turned on that Avril’s inexperienced but enthusiastic licking would probably get her off, especially as he fingered her ass, burying it deep into her as his other hand reached up to give a hard squeeze to her breast. Beth reached back for his cock, just to rub and tease him through his jeans, rubbing up and down his length through the denim as he worked to help the Canadian singer make her come as they double teamed the Goth chick.

Avril again pulled her clit hood up to reveal her, then attacked hard with her tongue, circling and pushing at Beth’s intimate button, lighting up the thousands of nerve endings as she pulled and twisted at her barbell, making her shudder and gasp, feeling an imminent orgasm. Avril’s tongue ached deeply, her jaw locking a bit, realising quite how tricky it was for guys to make her come when they went down on her. She was finding it distinctly harder to eat pussy than she did sucking cock, but then she had no experience, she mused. With guys, when they did come, it was straight into her mouth for her to swallow, whereas with a girl she was finding it all over her lips and chin. However she wanted to make Beth come and had to succeed, so kept going, forcing herself to work through the discomfort, especially as Beth started to gasp.

“Oh god Avril, you’re gonna make me…I’m gonna…” she gasped hurriedly, trailing off as her breathing got hard and heavy, leaning back into him as he jammed his finger into her ass, pushing forward to grind on Avril’s strong tongue as she hit her peak, giving a huge shudder and letting out a long, loud wail of pleasure as she came, her body arching in a smooth, primal manner as her climax overtook her. Fearing being caught, he immediately clamped his hand over her mouth, where she just let go and really made some noise, knowing it was quieted by him as Avril continued to lick at her slippery pussy. Shaking and trembling through her orgasm, her sphincter clamped down on his finger as Avril’s exhausted mouth gave up, unable to continue, reaching up to rub her for the last few jolts of her orgasm till she slowed down, Avril just kneeling with her aching tongue out. As she slowed however, she did find the energy to give a couple of last, long licks up Beth’s pussy to lick up her dripping juices, swallowing them happily before pulling away to wipe her face.

“Fuck,” she breathed, a little surprised how hard she’d come as he slid his finger from her ass. Avril just smiled up at her embarrassedly, proud she’d got her to orgasm but a little shy at being on her knees having just eaten her first pussy. Beth reached her hands out for Avril, who took them to be weakly helped from the floor.

“That was good, I think you have a future licking pussy,” Beth teased, giving a sated smile as Avril blushed.

“I don’t know about that,” Avril replied quietly, pulling her skirt down to hide her stockings and bald, pierced pussy. Beth rolled her leather dress back down and smoothed her hair out a bit as Avril did the same, checking their appearance as they recovered their senses properly.

“Well, if you think of me later when you two are fucking, or when you’re alone, you’ll know you like pussy,” Beth teased with a grin.

“I…It wasn’t…I’m not…” Avril stammered hopelessly, lost for word at the suggestion she was bi. Also now she knew she’d think of her regardless, the idea planted in her mind.

“Right you two, that was awesome, and Avril your secret’s safe with me,” she said with a teasing smile, since this would be gold dust for a newspaper.
“Thanks…for everything,” Avril murmured coyly.

“No problem. I might drop by your shop sometime, if I want any more work done…of any kind,” she said to him with a smirk, hinting to the kinky shaving he’d given Avril.
“Sure, feel free, business is business,” he said with a smile.

“I’m sure some business is more highly welcomed,” she said with  a glance to Avril and a smile. Avril shyly looked down as he just smiled, unable to stop himself.

“Of course,” he replied.

“And who can blame you. Right, now go home and fuck each others brains out, you need it,” she said with a giggle, stepping forward to give Avril a soft, lingering kiss, before doing the same to him and then going to the door pulling the broom handle out of it and giving it a shove open with a shoulder.
“Until next time,” she purred with a wink and a blown kiss, before disappearing round the door. It left them standing there, a little awkwardly after their threesome, before he took her hand with a squeeze. Avril looked up to him with a smile, after all they’d had a lot of fun, and then stood onto tiptoes to give him a kiss, delving her tongue into his mouth, letting him taste the last of Beth.

“I think you’ll be seeing her again,” Avril said with a knowing smile, able to see the signs of attraction in another girl.

“Yeah?” he asked, since he hadn’t really thought about anything more, being caught up in the moment of their sexy threesome.

“Yeah, you have stuff in common, and she seems into you,” she said, probing a little to see if he was interested in her.

“I think she was more interested in you,” he said with a smile.

“Perhaps. So, want to take me home and bang my brains out?” she said with a smile, looking up expectantly.

“Sure,” he said with a smile, leading her by the hand out of the cupboard, flicking the light off and heading back down the corridor to the club, someone looking back over their shoulder to them as they headed for the toilets, and must’ve had a suspicion about what they’d been doing. Stepping back out into the noise and darkness of the club, they looked about but their Goth chick Beth was nowhere to be seen. They didn’t let it concern them however as they purposefully headed for the coat check and got their jackets, quickly checking they had everything and then walking back out of the loud club to the street, several guys checking out Avril’s tiny skirt and catching a flash of her sexy stockings. Luckily her skirt didn’t flick up enough to offer a glimpse of her naked pussy as they escaped to the real world again, feeling a cool breeze blow around them as they did, Avril noticing it straight up her skirt.

As they started to walk, she reached over to fumble in his pockets, checking one fruitlessly and then the other to find what she wanted, which was his packet of cigarettes, quickly opening the pack and putting one between her lips, followed by reaching up to playfully pop one in his mouth.
“I forgot you needed a cigarette after sex,” he said with a smile as she shoved the packet in her own jacket pocket, and found her lighter, well his, the one he’d left in her hotel room months earlier.
“Yeah well, you fucked me at your shop, made me wear those toys at dinner and then she licked my pussy, so yeah I really do need a fucking cigarette now,” she said with playfully no-shit tone, flicking the lighter and commencing her cigarette, drawing a deep lungful as she reached up to light his.

“Understandable,” he smiled, inhaling the satisfying smoke from his Marlborough.

“And I know you need one,” she said, putting the lighter away and breathing out her smoke in a relieved sigh, holding the cigarette with her spare hand.
“And how do you know that?” he said, even as he blatantly enjoyed his first drag on his and slowly exhaled.

“Because you have a habit, and you’ll need to calm down after a sexy threesome with Avril Lavigne and a kinky Goth chick,” she grinned, referring to herself jokingly in the third person and putting the cigarette back in her mouth, pulling her leather jacket round her corset-topped body to keep warm.

“I think I’ve got over the whole “Avril Lavigne” thing,” he said playfully.

“Oh have you now, and why’s that?” she asked, a teasingly icy tone in her voice.

“Well she just asked me to take her home and fuck her brains out, so I haven’t time for celebrity, she’s a good lay,” he said with a smile. Avril just smiled and smoked her cigarette, pulling in close beside him. He slid his arm over her shoulders and they just quietly walked, smoking in the cold night air, the relaxing sensations washing over them, feeding their cravings and relaxing them, ready for when he got her on her back. They walked quietly for a couple of minutes, before Avril realised how far it would be to her hotel, a different one to the previous time she’d been here which was much further away.

“How far is your place?” she asked, looking up to him and holding the last of her cigarette to the side in waiting. He took the last drag of his, holding it as he flicked the butt to the gutter, a spark flying off as it tumbled on the tarmac before he let it out in a long, slow stream of smoke as Avril sexily inhaled from hers at the side of her mouth.

“Not far, five minutes or so,” he said, surprised at her asking since he was sure he knew why.

“Take me to your place,” she said after blowing out her smoke, looking sexily to him with a sideways gaze. His heart jumped a little; there was nothing wrong with his place, it was clean and tidy with a nice bed to fuck her on, but it was no penthouse suite.

“You sure you wouldn’t rather just get a taxi back to your hotel, be a lot nicer than my place?” he said, since it was true. She just looked at him with a smile.

“You can fuck me sooner if you take me back to yours,” she said casually, before taking her last pull on the Marlborough and throwing the end aside. She giggled as he immediately quickened his pace and turned down a side street, heading back towards his apartment. Her boots thumped on the pavement as his hurried her towards his place, Avril feeling the cold wind blowing up her skirt and incredibly shaved pussy.

“Don’t worry, I’m gonna put out,” she giggled, teasing him as his haste to get her home.
“I know, I just want you out of those clothes and on my cock,” he said with a smile.

“What else is new,” she said with a grin, and snuggled closer to him as he led the way to his apartment. Reaching the building, he opened the door for her and she headed in, where he followed, feeling the enveloping warmth of the air as he closed the door to the small entrance area.

“First floor, number twelve,” he directed as he handed her the keys, Avril just giving a smile over her shoulder.

“Follow me,” she said, then turned and sashayed sexily to the stairs, starting to walk up them, glancing back to him as he hung back with a smile, letting her get several steps ahead of him so he could see up under her skirt, at her toned ass and thighs, sexy fishnet stockings and her juicy pussy peeking between her legs. They took a little while going up the stairs as Avril showed off for him, arching her back and shaking her hips a bit, legs wider than necessary, but she loved it, and as she got to the top she paused to give a more explicit show for him, spreading wider and pretty much bending over for him. He was almost tempted to run up behind her and take her right there, but she walked towards his apartment. He caught up to her as she opened the door and stepped into his carpeted hallway, doors opening off it.

She didn’t have any time to really take it in though as he grabbed her from behind, shoving the door shut and then pushing her up against the wall, making her gasp and grind back against him. She loved being taken roughly when she was in the right mood, and his hunger was evident, quickly freeing himself from his jeans and pulling her head back by her hair.
“No, not like this,” she breathed, playing up to it as he pulled her away from the wall and pushed her down onto the floor on front.

“Fuck,” she murmured as she pushed back up onto her hands and knees. He was already kneeling behind her, her tiny skirt having retreated up over her nice arse to reveal her wet, inviting pussy.
“Shut up, Avril,” he said with a dominant tone as he grabbed her hip past her leather biker jacket, then swiftly sunk himself into her dripping, unprotected haven, making her grunt hard, then give a strained groan as he didn’t pull back but forced himself balls deep into her from his initial thrust, stretching her pussy out once more. Digging her nails into the carpet, she held on as he immediately started to fuck her, pounding into her pussy with an intensity usually reserved for the end of a fuck session, not the start. She squeezed her pussy tightly on him because she knew he loved it, which only spurred him to thump into her harder, driving his hips into her ass noisily as he seemingly tried to split her in two.

She let out a grunt as he pulled her head back by a handful of her hair, bracing herself as he jammed his cock into her. He was already close, she could feel it, evidently having got very horny watching her and Beth.
“Is this…because I licked pussy?” she gasped, hoping to play to his fantasy.

“Yeah, I’ve had a hard-on ever since, watching you and her together…” he breathed, holding her powerfully and ramming into her full depth, her pussy just taking his cock with ease, though her new titanium ring bouncing about was feeling a bit sore. They weren’t having sex, he was fucking her, using her hard to get himself off, and she found that deeply arousing somehow.

“Watching me licking at her clit, loving eating her pussy. I bet you’ve thought of that before haven’t you, the thought of me and another girl, just going at it while you…” she said, and was abruptly cut off by his breathing getting suddenly very heavy, his cock stiffening and then suddenly exploding inside her, jerking and swelling in a series of hard, intense pulses as he ejaculated another load inside her, making her immediately respond with as many tight squeezes of her muscles as possible to intensify the sensations for him and milk every last drop into her body. She loved the feeling of guys as they came inside her, though she usually made them wear rubbers to do it. He had good stamina but this was just due to him being so turned on by Avril’s show with Beth, she knew that, and that he’d be good to pound her longer again soon. Also she had enjoyed it, the rough and tumble fashion of it, how he’d taken her, and him coming inside her.

“Better?” she asked, lowering her head as he released her hair, shaking a little from the intense smashing she’d just taken.

“Much,” he breathed,  leaning up from his position over her.

“Good, now I can get naked like you wanted me to,” she said, slowly rocking forward on her knees to pull herself off his cock, which slipped thickly from inside her. She gave a squeeze to tighten herself and then carefully stood up again on shaky legs, shrugging her jacket off as he took a breath before doing the same, putting himself away and then starting to take off his jacket, watching Avril reveal her sexy body in her gorgeous corset top.

“Want me to give the tour first?” he asked, hanging his jacket up near the door.

“Want to give me a tour naked?” she countered with a smile, starting to undo her corset top. He just smiled and stripped his shirt off, making sure to watch as Avril, pushed her top together and then pulled it off to reveal herself, her perky breasts pushed up in the sexy, see-through shelf bra. Reaching back she unclasped it and let it slip down her arms, revealing how firm she was and her stiff, pink nipples. She watched him with a smile as she dropped it aside, then reached down for her rolled-up skirt, pushing it over her hips and letting it drop down her legs, where she kicked it away from her boots, revealing her lovely ass and star hip on her tattoo, as well as his handiwork. Standing now in just her stockings and boots, he took in her lithe, toned body, and how stunning she was, and how perfectly he’d shaved her, leaving her incredibly smooth and inviting.

She just giggled as she bent down flexibly to undo her boots, all the long lacing as he kicked his shoes off and his jeans, pulling them off as Avril removed her boots surprisingly quickly despite the laces, slipping her dainty feet out of them and quickly peeling her fishnets off to leave her standing completely naked before him, and several inches shorter.

“Ready,” she said, holding her hands out to playfully show herself off. He quickly disposed of his boxers to expose his semi-hard cock, still juicy from being in her pussy and then stepped to her to give her a kiss.
“Right then, this is the bathroom,” he said, opening the door to his right, to his simple bathroom, with a bath and separate large shower cubicle, and the other necessities, with a nice black tile floor. Moving on, he opened stepped slightly into the next door on the right.

“Kitchen,” he said, letting her take it in a moment and moving on. It wasn’t anything special, but clean and efficient.

“Not bad, can cook me breakfast then,” she said with a smile as he led her to the end of the hall.
“Front room,” he said, stepping in the fairly sizeable, L-shaped room, which ran along the end of the apartment and back round the hall slightly to the left. It had a nice leather sofa and a big matching armchair, a big flat screen TV, surround sound and his collection of DVDs, Xbox and so on. A typically blokey flat, but he was happy with that. She looked around, thinking the sofa looked very comfortable, and the back was at about the right height to bend over. Also it had French doors, which opened onto a small balcony despite the modest setting.

“Such a guys place,” she teased as he led her out of it, back down the hall to the last door at the left of the hallway.

“Well you wanted my place,” he said as they got to it, where he gently pushed Avril ahead of him.

“The bedroom,” he said, which contained his Kingsize bed, with simple black sheets on, side units and some shelves with his stereo on, some books and other bits and bobs. He gave her a push to get her into the bedroom, but she turned and stopped him, pulling her delicious naked body close to his and leaning up for a gentle kiss.

“No, not yet, I think this door instead,” she said, and pushed him back, across the hall to the bathroom, where she closed the door behind them. Stepping past, she opened the shower cubicle and looked back to him with a foxy look. They both remembered what’d happened in the shower last time, and he grinned as she turned the water on, adjusting the temperature up for a steamy shower.

“I don’t need a shave this time, but I think you need to wash me. I’m very, very dirty,” she purred with a vixen-like smile, letting her tongue play over her lips before she stepped in under the spray, the hot water bouncing off her soft skin. He just smiled and followed, pulling the door shut behind them as Avril gave a beaming smile and turned to pull her arms around his neck, indulging him with another long, tongue-twisting kiss as the water cascaded down over them. His hands slid down the delectable feminine curves of her body; her arched back, the flare of her hips, the lovely firm curve of her bum, which he gave a good squeeze to, lifting her onto her toes slightly. He could feel her hard nipples pull across his chest as she dropped back down onto her feet, kissing down his neck and onto his body as she did. The feel of her slender, sexy body close to his was just electric, and his recently spent cock was already starting to stiffen again, lifting slightly to bump at her tummy.

“I’m gonna smell all blokey after this,” she giggled, ignoring his imminent erection and picking up his shower gel from where it was hooked on the shower hose. He just smiled as she poured a load into her hands, spreading it between them a little before pressing them onto his body, where they glided effortlessly across his skin. Lathering him up, she spread it over his body, down his arms and over his shoulders, avoiding his growing cock as she tickled under his arms slightly. Somehow managing to slip instantly behind him, she worked the shower gel down his back, her hands feeling relaxing as she stroked his smooth skin, hiding behind him. Her hands slid round his sides, and both took a slippery hold on his manhood, making him surge in sensation as her soapy hand circled round the head of his cock, his manhood immediately swelling to full size, hardening purposefully in her skilful hands.

“That’s better,” she said through an unseen smile, using both hands to circle, stroke and squeeze at him to help him achieve and maintain a full, strong erection. Her lubricated hands felt simply exquisite on his cock, gliding slowly up and down him, teasing smoothly round his head to tease him as she stroked his shaft, reached down to just run her fingers over his balls. With her firm, slippery grip, it was reminiscent of her perfect pussy, a thought that only helped to arouse him further. With a few more seconds of stroking, Avril finished it with a long, slow, squeezing pull from his balls right off the tip of his cock, making him shiver slightly before she turned him round the block the water, giving him the bottle of shower gel.

He just took in her wet body, flowing down her pale skin and her tattoos as he poured shower gel into his hands, then reached out and bluntly put them straight on her breasts, making her gasp at the cool gel and look down at his hands, before back to his face with a giggle. He just smiled and started to massage her, spreading the shower gel over her skin, taking a good opportunity to grope and squeeze at her breasts, using fingertips to swiftly tease her nipples to full hardness as he did, making her shy with the ticklish sensation. He stroked down her sides to take in the ebb and flow of her female form, down onto her smooth thighs, before pulling back up and in from her hips, encountering the incredible smoothness she now sported. Avril gave a gasp at the frictionless sensation over her sensitive area, and then a tremble as his soapy hand slid unexpectedly fast over her totally bald pussy and over her new hood piercing, giving her a jolt of sensitivity.

“Watch it down there, I’m starting to feel it more now,” she mumbled, his hand now slowly stroking back up her pussy and over her new titanium ring. He couldn’t help but play with it a little, carefully rolling it slightly and letting his fingers explore around it.

“You’ll be playing with it in no time I assure you,” he smiled, just sliding his fingers flatly over her bare lips, feeling her grind slightly at him as he did so, using the shower gel as a thin excuse for stroking her pussy, his hands brushing onto her inner thighs too. She let her hand stray to his cock to help keep him stiff, as if it needed any encouragement with her wet, soapy body in front of him. Keeping hold of it, she turned away for him to get to her back, where he paused momentarily to get some more shower gel before working from her shoulders down, spreading the luxurious foam over her smoothly curved back, down to her toned bum, which he wasted little time moving down to.

His hands slid across her firm cheeks, squeezing and massaging at them, before he let his fingers trail up between, from the back of her swollen labia and over her asshole, feeling her shiver a little as he did. He didn’t try to hide what he was doing, he didn’t need to with Avril, pushing his soapy fingers down to start stroking at her backdoor, circling and teasing at it, just trying to press the tip of his finger in slightly as her hand still worked the thick foam over his thick, hard cock. She tugged him in little, sudden jerks as he pushed a little inside her, feeling her body fight it a bit but relax, Avril arching her back and rolling herself around his fingertip slightly, before she suddenly gave a push back to push to the first knuckle of his finger before pulling off again.

“Put it in my ass,” she whispered, giving a distinct squeeze of his cock.

“My finger?” he asked, since that was what she was pushing at.

“No your cock, put it in my ass,” she said a little louder, pulling it down towards her bum now. He gave a surge in her hand, the idea of another anal session with her very enticing. He knew she could do it, and with their soapy lubrication he’d be able to go harder on her than he had the previous time they’d had anal sex, though he had been pretty had on her then by the end.

“You sure?” he asked, even as he used his fingers spread the foam thickly over her ass.
“Yeah, my pussy’s tired now, and you love it. I can trust you to be gentle with me,” she said, glancing back over her shoulder to him slightly. After the night she’d had, her pussy really was aching now, and the hard pounding he’d given her in the hallway had finished her off. Also, after he’d licked her ass she’d thought of anal sex, and had been considering doing it with him prior to coming to town, enticed by the idea because she knew she could trust him to be careful with her and deliver an anal session she’d enjoy, even if he would stretch her ass a little past its comfort zone.

He wasn’t one to turn down such an invitation, and after their previous anal session, which had left his cock aching from her tightness, he’d been hoping he’d get a chance to squeeze himself back into her booty from the moment she’d turned up outside his shop. Avril reached out for the wall and then arched her back, spreading her legs a bit for him as she stuck her bum out, leaving him to take control of his manhood. She was sure he knew how, after all he’d managed to slide it into her ass expertly last time before she could even do anything about it. His hand found her hip and Avril felt a little shake of exhilarated nerves as she waited for him, feeling hyper sensitive as the bulbous tip of his cock touched her tight asshole. She tried to push back to get him inside her, but felt him just let her push him away.

“Just let me,” he said softly, his hand calmingly on her back, easing her back into place. Avril relaxed, loving how he took control and knew what he was doing, and felt she was positively looking forward to getting his cock into her ass. He again pushed into position, taking her hip again and just settling himself before he gave a push. She relaxed and pushed out a little to him, and with a powerful, controlled push of his hips and his guiding hand the pressure was applied perfectly to her sphincter to make it give way, and with a little jolt he popped his head into her ass, immediately stretching her more than she’d remembered and making her gasp, clamping down on his cock. He just gave a smiling groan at the pleasure of her tightness just behind his head, holding her to prevent her body expelling him.

“Mm Avril you’re so tight,” he murmured, leaning down to kiss the back of her neck, letting his teeth graze over her shoulders to distract her before he pushed his weight onto her again, Avril bracing against the wall allowing him to apply himself to her firmly, pushing his soapy cock into her tight, hot ass, resisting him even though Avril wanted him there.

“Oh fuck, fuck,” Avril breathed, turning to a growl and squeezing her eyes shut as he sank himself deeply into her ass, using her own strength against her to embed his entire thick, throbbing length into her most forbidden paradise with a low groan of ecstasy.

“You’re doing great,” he said pulling her hair back to kiss her soft cheek as the shower rained down his back and their legs. She was doing good, relaxing herself well and taking him all the way without much complaint. The lube helped her, but she was performing impressively. It wasn’t painful for her, it was just a little uncomfortable as her body hadn’t adjusted fully yet for him, though she was sure he’d get her loosened up and stretched out very shortly. She just gave a little shy smile of pride, loving being told she was doing well, turning her head more to give him a proper kiss as he took hold of her hips to draw back slowly, sliding his cock out of her tight hole all the way to the head, feeling her body start to squeeze involuntarily to push him out.

He decided to try and train her a little, not that he thought he’d ever get the chance to fuck her anally again, but it would help her. Holding still, he let her body go through its natural rhythm and then relax again with him still just inside her ass, pulling back just a little more to almost pull out before he slowly slid back into her once more, pushing firmly to the hilt in her hot booty, making her break their kiss with a stifled grunt.

“Just relax, you’ll be fine,” he said, sliding back slowly again to push powerfully back in, exuding confidence and control of her body as he enjoyed his slow thrusts into her ass.
“I know, it feels kinda good,” she said quietly, shifting a little under him and rolling her hips to help push back a little as he pushed back into her. She was doing fine now, feeling the full, satisfied sensations of anal sex and loving how attentive he was being to her, but it was when he started to pound on her ass that she wasn’t sure she could maintain her control and prevent her ass from tightening up too much and making it hurt. She knew he’d love it, but it could get uncomfortable to her. Pushing the thoughts from her mind, she just let herself go into it as best she could and focussed on the pleasurable sensations of him in her, admitting to herself she genuinely did enjoy anal sex, it wasn’t just something she did to keep her men happy.

He bit into her shoulder and made her shiver with excitement as he started to pump at a good, steady pace into her ass, feeling her muscles squeezing him despite her trying to keep control, letting his hands slide up round her body to give a good squeeze of her breasts as he pulled himself in close behind her, grinding deep into her to make her grunt as he buried himself inside her. Feeling the pleasure of her hot tight ass round him was just heavenly, especially with the lubrication of the soap that allowed him to easily glide in and out of her, starting to follow that pleasure now as he pumped in and out of her body a bit harder.

“Mm goddamn, fuck me,” she said, feeling the urge now to have him properly work on her, get her into it and give her the fucking that he wanted to give her. She’d surrendered to him now, and much like their previous time, now he was in her and they were going she was finding it decidedly enjoyable. Her hand slid down to her smooth lips, giving a stroke and carefully navigating her clit hood ring as she started to touch herself to intensify the sensations, giving a tight squeeze that almost stopped him as she suddenly tensed in sensations, sending a pulse of pain through from her ass as her body was unable to resist his powerful penetration of her.

“Oww…” she stuttered in a strained groan as he gave one of pleasure at the sudden tightness, spurred on to suddenly start fucking her harder, his hands instinctively stabilising her body by her waist this time as he suddenly upped his pace to start pumping himself fast and deep inside her, lighting her body up with sensation that made her toes curl, feeling a slight twinge as he stretched her ass the final bit.

“You wanted it in your ass, Avril,” he reminded her, exonerating himself of any blame at her discomfort as he started to fuck her.

“I know, now fuck it,” she said boldly, knowing it was giving him a blank cheque to do as he pleased with her, though after the way he’d taken her in the hallway she was pretty sure he was going to do that anyway from the moment she’d asked him for anal sex. The truth was that feeling the stretch and a little pain were what she expected from anal, and she found them strangely desired as part of her anal desire, briefly wondering whether she should try letting him dry fuck her to feel the ultimate painful stretch. It was just a fantasy though, never to be acted upon, as he took her mind off it by slamming in against her ass, knocking the breath out of her as he did as she commanded.

“Yes ma’am,” he said with a grin, holding her tightly by the flare of her hips as he gave her several hard, deep thrusts of his cock, making her take every millimetre of it with little cries at the jolts it sent through her. She didn’t tell him to stop though, and pushed back on him to encourage his efforts as he started to pump her hard, making sure she took him full depth every stroke as he used about half his cock to split her in two. She just gave a deep groan of overwhelmed sensation as he pounded her, his cock sliding easily in and out of her slippery, loosened ass, her muscles having given up the fight now, just working with him so he could fuck her hard.

“Like this?” he asked, before biting her shoulder and pumping her harder, feeling her give a voluntary squeeze around him, clamping tighter than her pussy ever could and sending a shudder through him at the heightened pleasure. She just gave a strained sound and pushed herself back into him, trying to match his pace to maximise his power and penetration on her.

“Yeah…” she managed, getting into sync with him to help bury him in her ass, feeling the twinges of pain as he got deep inside her, helping to train her to new sensations as he thumped into her tight booty, his body slapping wetly into her arse as they fucked under the hot spray of the shower.

“Fucking love this don’t you?” he asked, almost rhetorically as he focussed on pounding her ass, leaning back to spank her as he did, making her moan, which only made him give her another one, making her squeeze him again in response. He started using his whole cock again, slowing him a bit, and as he pulled back he suddenly popped free of her ass and slid up between her cheeks, making them both gasp. Without a moments hesitation he pushed himself back into her, her sphincter stretching slightly and letting him glide easily back in, Avril not even giving the slightest protest now as he did. After a deep thrust to reassert himself, he pulled back and just rocked his sensitive head in and out of her strong, squeezing ring of muscle, feeling the incredible sensations that were almost too much, building him rapidly towards another orgasm.

“Just fuck me already, fuck me!” she demanded, despite the fact her arse was now aching from his thick cock penetrating and pounding into it. With his climax already building, he went for it, jamming himself hard back into her, making her almost slip over, her foot sliding on the floor of the tub. She just balanced herself again and presented herself to be banged, which he did, as hard as he could now. Avril groaned a long, loud sound of overwhelmed, strained sensation as she rubbed as firmly at her clit as she could stand to endure it, giving a grunt as he pulled her head back again by her long hair, arching her body as he slammed into it, chasing his climax, feeling his balls tighten now as she spurred him on to fuck her hard in the ass.

“Harder, harder, come in my ass!” she hissed, gritting her teeth and shoving back, doing everything to get him off, acting like his personal fuck toy as he pulled her hair and drilled her. It didn’t take much of that kind of talk from Avril Lavigne to get him off, and with a sudden squeeze of her ass his climax was induced. He held it back, pounding her in a blur that caused her moan to turn into a high-pitched, then silent squeak before he unloaded hard with a loud, primal groan of relief, ramming into her deeply and pulling on her hard, making her feel completely owned and dominated by him as he did. Even though it made her hurt, she relished the moment, loving the deep, instinctive pleasure and comfort she found in being used for such sexual relief by her man. To enhance it she clamped at him, fighting the resulting discomfort it caused as she worked to draw every drip of come from his spurting cock deep into her ass as he ground into her, tensing and pushing to ejaculate every ounce of himself into her.

Avril’s hand stopped on her newly-pierced clit as they stilled, both breathing hard as he rested his head on her shoulder, the roar of the shower suddenly seeming so loud and overbearing as their senses returned, both feeling as if they’d just been thrust back into the world. Straightening up stiffly, they both felt tight, tensed muscles releasing, steadying shaky legs. She gave a deep sigh as he pulled from her ass, giving an uncomfortable clench as she tried to close her gaping ass, feeling his thick load leak a little as his thick manhood slipping back out of her tightest hole. He leaned against the wall and let the hot water splash down over him, reaching out to hold Avril as she turned back towards him a little uncomfortably. They kissed quite lovingly for a moment, before they took a minute to wash themselves off fully under the shower, Avril making sure to get the front of her hair where his come had landed earlier before he reached to stop the water, the sudden silence a welcome relief as they both felt emotionally and physically exhausted now from what had to be their final fuck of the night.

“Take me to bed,” she said, resting her forehead on his chest. He stroked her damp hair and gave her a soft kiss as she looked back up, then opened the door and stepped out, grabbing a towel and quickly absorbing the bulk of the water, tying it round his waist as she stepped out soaking wet onto the mat.
“Let me just get you a towel,” he said, since being a bachelor he only had one towel in his bathroom at any one time. He left her dripping off as he stepped out into the hall, then across to his room to fetch what she needed. He stopped briefly on his way back however at his jacket, quickly fumbling his phone from the pocket and turning it onto camera.

“Smile,” he said with a cheeky grin, holding it up to capture Avril’s soaking wet body.
“What the…” she said, looking up from where she’d been inspecting her new clit ring just in time for the flash to go off, capturing her raw, naked beauty. He just smiled as he focussed again for another, Avril this time having got her hands up to cover her perky breasts, squeezing her legs together in a vain effort to hide her sweet pussy.

“Don’t you have enough naked photos of me?” she said, unable to hide a smile as she fundamentally liked his appreciation of her body.

“Not ones you didn’t stage,” he said, taking another as she turned away to hide, catching her side profile with the curve of her back, bum and legs.

“And candid ones like this are better?” she said, pulling her arm over her breasts now so she could use her other hand to hide her smoothly shaven mound.

“They’re different, and more of a moment captured, fresh from the shower always looks good,” he said with a smile, lowering the camera slightly as he waited for her to turn back, hoping she’d let him take some further photographs.

“Because I’m soaking wet?” she said, turning to him slightly, where he snapped another picture.

“Yeah, it’s very sexy, even more so than you usually are,” he said buttering her up a bit.

“Oh go on then,” she said with a playful roll of her eyes, giving a knowing smile and turning towards him, keeping herself covered and letting him take a picture, before posing a touch more with her legs tightly together, and another with them more apart, before she let her arm down to reveal her chest, keeping her pussy concealed with one hand at first, then using the other, letting her arms squeeze her breasts together for him, knowing he was taking a plethora of pictures as it flashed brightly at her. Slowly she revealed her smooth pussy, letting her fingers trail away from it, clenching her thighs again to hide herself at first, then gradually revealing more until she was stood in front of him with her hands on her hips, legs apart in a powerful stance, her back arched to push her chest out for him.

“Hold still,” he said, aiming the camera down and zooming in. Avril knew full well what he was doing, which was taking a close-up of his handiwork, a zoomed in picture of her perfectly shaven pussy and its new titanium addition. She did as he wanted however, letting him take more than one snap of her most private area, feeling a little turned on because she knew he’d be jerking off with these pictures in future, probably with a pair of her panties wrapped round his cock again. With that done, Avril turned to give a shot of her booty, her back arched and legs straight, hands at first pushing up into her long, dark hair, and then down at her hips, then onto her bum, before a final one of her pulling her toned cheeks apart slightly to expose herself for him, knowing that was a money shot for him.

“Right that’s it, give me that towel,” she said, turning back suddenly and reaching for it. He continued to snap photos as she lunged for the towel he held out, capturing the moment perfectly as she declared her impromptu photo call over and got the towel off him, looking at him in a pouting, frosty manner as she pulled it around her and wrapped up, looking to the camera with a blown kiss once she was into it. It seemed the perfect snap to end the shoot, and he locked his phone with a smile, reaching out for her hand. She took it and let him lead her across to the bedroom, walking a little tenderly since she was so thoroughly exhausted. Pulling her into the bedroom, he gave her a kiss, embracing her lovingly as she nuzzled close to him, before she peeled her towel away. Turning it to the dry side, she quickly finished drying herself off, careful not to snag it on her new piercing, and handed it to him with a smile.

He just rolled his eyes and smiled as she leaned over to pull the covers back on the bed, arching her back and sliding in as he watched, playfully smiling at him as he put the towel over the radiator. She snuggled down into the inviting bed as he quickly dried himself, flicking the lights off before he then moved to join her, the Canadian star slipping over to the other side and letting him into the bed and her arms, which she slid warmly round him to pull him close. Settling in, they paused for a few tender, sensual kisses, before she rested her head down onto the pillows with a sated, peaceful sigh, closing her eyes and relaxing. He did the same, tiredness overtaking him, resting into the comfort of his bed with the gorgeous singer, fleetingly pondering the evenings events, Beth, and that he now had Avril Lavigne in his bed, entirely fucked out at that. The slight ache in his cock was testament to what he’d done to her tonight, and it made him smile slightly as he pulled her closer. They lay together dozing lightly in the darkness, the sound of her soft breaths a warming addition to his usually empty bed.

“Night baby,” she breathed, “you fucked me real good tonight.”

“I know,” he said with a smile, feeling her playfully poke him before he gathered her close in his arms and gave her a long, soft kiss, their tongues massaging and stroking as her arms slid round his body for an intimate cuddle, before they broke apart and Avril turned over in his arms, pushing herself back into his strong arms to be held. He snuggled her close, giving a kiss to her neck before relaxing into the pillows feeling her do the same. He stayed awake long enough to hear her breathing slow and deepen, signifying she’d fallen asleep, and gave a satisfied sigh. Having her warm body close to him, snuggled up in bed after the kinky, sexually exhausting evening they’d had was just the perfect end to his long day, and he soon drifted off to sleep behind the cute Canadian.

* * *

He awoke slowly to the sunny morning, the light bathing a patch of his floor and side of the bed as it broke in through the windows, over the bump of Avril’s slender leg under the covers. She was still asleep, sprawled on her front beside him, arm dangling over the side of the bed and head buried half way under the pillows, completely gone still. He smiled as he realised it wasn’t a dream, he really did have Avril Lavigne in his bed, his own this time and not her plush hotel suite. Carefully he slid away from her and out of bed, pulling on a pair light trousers and heading for the kitchen quietly to get the kettle on, with a distinct nagging for a cigarette. Getting the kettle filled, he decided he’d have one as it boiled, and set it going before going back to the hall and his jacket.

Rifling through the pockets, he was grumpy when he couldn’t find them, before his sleepy memory reminded him Avril had put them away in her jacket after taking them the night before. Quickly checking her leather biker jacket, he found them, and her new toys as well. He paused, then decided to take a quick moment to wash them ready for her, since he had no idea what the new day might bring with the kinky Canadian. Returning them to her pocket, he also took back his lighter from her jacket and walked through to his front room, opening the French doors and stepping onto the chilly morning balcony, shivering a little at the cold.

The fresh air only helped to wake him up though, and he put a cigarette in his mouth, shielding the lighter to ignite it, followed by a deep, satisfied sigh of his first Marlborough of the day. He knew he should quit, hell everybody knew that, but he just didn’t want to just yet, so he was going to enjoy it while it lasted. The cool air blew the some around him as he breathed out, feeling immediately better and pondering what to do as he looked out at his limited view of the surrounding buildings and road. He managed one more drag on the cigarette when the door opened, making him turn to see Avril step carefully out onto the balcony with him, wrapped in his thin robe, the grey cotton pulled around her body against the morning.

“So this is where you’ve got to,” she smiled, looking as gorgeous now she’d just woken up as when he’d laid eyes on her the previous night.

“Hey, I thought you were asleep,” he said, pulling her to him for a kiss, where she waited for him to blow back into her mouth, most of it lost to the breeze however.

“I was, just woke up to find you gone, must’ve disturbed me,” she said, pulling an arm around him as he smoked.

“Didn’t intend to, wanted to let you sleep,” he said, as she reached up to take his cigarette, taking it between her soft lips for a slow pull at its smoky charms, letting it sexily flow from her mouth and up over her nose, re-inhaling some of it skilfully.

“You know you can just have one,” he said as she passed the cigarette back to him.

“No, I haven’t got a habit, or much of a craving right now,” she said, giving a foxy glance up to him as she alluded to her post-sex nicotine needs.

“Am sure we can do something about that,” he said nonchalantly, looking away into the distance as he smoked on his cigarette, Avril just sliding to stand in front of him, leaning back against him as his arm slid over her shoulder, where she held his hand with both of hers, feeling like it was where she should be. She wondered if she was falling for him, then put the thought from her mind. Taking the final drag of it, he stubbed the butt out and dropped it into a flowerpot he kept for such a reason, where they could cool before he binned them. Being a smoker didn’t mean he had to be messy.

As they turned, he was treated to the view of Avril’s nipples showing hard through the gown, which she had pulled tightly around her body, her arms over her tummy, offering him a perfect view of her perky breasts and diamond hard points as she turned to step in. She didn’t acknowledge it as he stepped in behind her, feeling invigorated by the fresh air and his cigarette, each complimenting the other nicely. Walking to the kitchen, Avril followed, sloping along behind him lazily.

“Tea or coffee?” he said, glancing back to her as she gave a yawn.

“Coffee,” she mumbled sleepily, “with a sugar.”
”Sure,” he said with a smile, heading to the kitchen and flicking the kettle again to make sure it was full heat. It boiled in seconds, barely giving him the time to prepare the cups.
”Sorry it’s not fresh ground and straight out of the rainforest or anything,” he said as he stirred up the instant coffee.

“Don’t worry, it’s not like many people can actually tell the difference anyway,” she said with a smile, leaning on the kitchen doorframe. He just smiled in return and finished the coffee, adding a bit of milk and then handed her the mug, gripping the hot body of it to give her the handle.

“Thanks handsome,” she purred, taking it and having a sip, which was clearly a bit hot as she winced. Putting the milk away, he took a careful sip of his.

“No problem, so what would you like for breakfast?” he asked, leaning on the counter. A naughty smile spread across her face and she playfully let the robe slip open a little to show off a strip of skin down her middle, almost to her smooth pussy.

“Well, actually I’d be fine with some toast,” she said in a silky, sexual tone, completely turning it on to ask for the most mundane of breakfasts. He couldn’t help but laugh and lean to her for a kiss as she giggled.

“I can manage that, go back to bed and I’ll bring it. Butter or jam?” he asked as she started walking back down the hall.

“Jam would be nice,” she replied, not looking back as she disappeared into the bedroom. He found some bread and set it in the toaster, and found a plate and the jam, putting them onto a tray with the knife. He had no idea how much jam she liked, or what kind, but he only had strawberry jam so she’d have to have that. In the time the toaster took, he was able to quickly pour and devour a bowl of cereal to quiet his stomach, finishing the last quick mouthful just after the toast popped up. Dropping it onto the plate, he dusted his hands off and headed for the bedroom with the tray and his coffee, finding Avril snuggled back into bed sleepily, her coffee cooling on the side unit.

“Mm thanks,” she murmured, pulling herself up in bed, the covers sliding down to reveal her perky chest as she did, giving him a good chance to ogle her as she took the tray onto her lap, watching him as he stripped off his trousers and got back into bed. Taking a quick sip of her coffee, she started layering jam thickly on the toast, taking a crunchy bite and leaning back into the pillows. He just drank his coffee as she enjoyed the breakfast, finishing her coffee with a satisfied murmur and putting the tray aside. He quickly popped to the bathroom to freshen up a bit, as everyone did in the morning, and then returned to bed, upon which the sexy Canadian slid out and padded to the bathroom to do the same, giving him a first proper look at her naked that day as she casually strutted by.
While she was quickly cleaning off the previous nights make-up and doing a couple of other things, she paused to check out her clit hood piercing, carefully inspecting it, feeling a bit more sore this morning. She wasn’t sure if that was just how it was or due to letting herself get fucked repeatedly immediately after getting it pierced, but she knew she’d have to be careful with it to let it heal up. Heading back to the bedroom, she just smiled as he watched her, heading to his side of the bed this time though and sliding under the sheets right on top of him, making it quite clear what she wanted as she slid smoothly over him, giving a devilish grin as she felt his morning erection slide up between her legs.

“Mm good morning,” she murmured as she pressed her lips to his for a kiss, softly slipping her tongue into his mouth as she carefully ground her impeccably shaven pussy onto him, rocking her hips so he felt her soft labia split around his shaft, slipping up and down it as she teased him.

Good morning indeed,” he whispered as he kissed at her neck, feeling her wetness up and down his length, the heat of her waiting vagina evident.
“Does he need a bit of pussy already?” she teased, lifting up so he sprung down against himself, letting her rub her delightfully soft skin over his hard cock, being careful not to snag her titanium ring.

“Yes he does,” he said, urging Avril to pull up to allow him into her body.

“I’d have thought he’d be far too tired after last night,” she said, leaning down to return the favour of kissing his neck now, biting lightly at him which she knew would turn him on even more.

“He’s never tired for you,” he said, running his fingers through her long hair.

“I bet, but he’s not getting a taste of pussy right now,” Avril said, looking him in the eyes with a raise of her neatly shaped eyebrows. He gave her a questioning look that asked why not, since she was clearly ready for it.

“Nope, but you are,” she said, reaching out to touch a finger to his lips with a grin. She went to lift up, but his hand found her hips and pressed her juicy pussy down onto his cock, feeling her instinctively grind a little.

“Only if…” he said, touching her lips with a finger, not needing to say the rest. Avril looked into his eyes, then pushed down and sucked the finger into her mouth hard, rubbing it with her tongue and pulling right down to his hand, never moving her gaze before slowly slipping off again with a grin.

“I always do,” she replied. He just smiled, then released her as she lifted off him, pulling her knee back over and turning round, pushing the covers down and taking a look at his long, thick cock, so hard it was standing up from his body, glistening a little with her juices and so ready to fill her pussy. Shuffling on the bed, she slid back to him and then carefully lifted her leg over his head, offering him a fantastic view of her from behind, both her holes waiting for his tongue, her ring hanging down a little from her delicate folds. His hands found her waist and then her firm breasts as they hung pertly beneath her while she settled in, giving a push of his hips as her dainty hand took a grip round the base of his cock. He pulled his arms up round her hips to let his hands spread her ass, then leaned up to take a long lick from her clit to her ass, his tongue carefully caressing her soft lips and new jewellery as he did, feeling her asshole squeeze as he moved over it.

“Yeah that’s it,” she breathed, shivering a little in immediate pleasure at his tongue, tingling as he did it again, just holding his throbbing cock. He reached down to push her head down, which kick started her again and she lowered her head to let her hot mouth slip over his cock, making him sigh heavily at the wet, suckling sensation as she just started to gently work his head, sucking at it a moment before starting to tongue him, circling and swirling around the tip as he started to softly lap at her clit. He felt the ring shifting under his tongue, turning and moving through the soft crease of her hood, able to sense her slight discomfort as it mixed with the pleasure of the smooth titanium ball moving over and around her clit. Using the tip of his tongue, he pushed up underneath a little to get direct access, working just right on her most sensitive area, feeling her immediately tense and shudder at the intense feelings.

He felt it in the form of her mouth turning into a vacuum for a moment, sucking so hard on him it made his toes curl, before she relaxed again, taking about half his cock now in slow, sensual bobs of her head, her soft lips wrapped tightly round him as her tongue pushed and curled at the underside, her hand squeezing and jerking slightly at the base of him. She tilted her head to let him softly work into her cheek as she licked at the side of his cock, a reward for when she felt him slowly push his tongue inside her pussy, delving deep into her pink tunnel and circling around her velvet walls. Their little gasps and groans were all that broke the silence besides the sounds of their sucking and licking, any particular noises they made blocked by the other person.

Withdrawing from her pussy, his tongue moved to her ass, firmly pressing at it as he licked over it, then more gently circling and probing at it as she continued to suck lovingly at his cock. He wasn’t going to eat her ass so early in the morning, this was more loving, and she responded well to his careful, attentive licks at her tightest hole, paying him back by taking him a little bit deeper and sucking harder, loving how his impressive erection swelled and stiffened a bit in her mouth, able to feel his need. However, as much as she’d be happy to let him come thickly in her mouth, and wished to do the same on his talented tongue, she wanted to give him more than that. Sliding her mouth of his cock, letting her lips pout off the head in the process, she jerked him off for a moment and then let him go, then pulled away from him on her knees.

“That’s enough now baby, let’s go back to my hotel room,” she said, kneeling up over him. He tried to pull her back, enjoying their sixty-nine.

“But I’ve already got you in bed here, why do we need to go back to your hotel,” he said, his hand stroking over her toned ass.

“I need to go back for new clothes, and I’ve got something for you there,” she said, smiling back to him as she lifted off him.

“You’ve got something for me right here,” he said, leaning up to kiss her and pull her down on top of him as she giggled.

“Maybe, but you’re not getting it here. Only way you can get it is at my hotel,” she teased, giving him another kiss and then rolling off him, hopping off the bed and walking naked into his hall to look for her clothes. She picked up her wrinkled skirt from the floor, lines across it where she’d rolled it up, and her corset top, throwing her balconette bra over her arm. Stooping down she managed to get hold of her fishnet stockings, boots and leather jacket, struggling back into the bedroom and dropping it down over the bed as he slid out of it, his cock still fairly stiff.

“Women and their clothes,” he mused, pulling on a pair of boxers, having the luxury of a new outfit given they were at his place.

“Yeah well I haven’t much choice right now,” she said, slipping into the bra and fastening it to support her lovely rack, “and I’ve got no knickers.”

“You can have them back?” he said, remembering her sexy, sheer black side-tied panties were still bundled up in the pocket of his jeans in the hall.

“No, they’re yours to…enjoy,” she replied with a smile, simply stepping into the skirt and pulling it up to her hips, doing it up and trying to smooth it out as he watched, loving how her see-through bra looked. She left the stockings and put her boots on, tying them up deftly before slipping back into her sexy corset top. She wasn’t too fussy about looking perfect, after all she had the classic look of someone slinking home the morning after a night out, or one night stand. She smoothed her hair down as best she could and then pulled her jacket on. Quickly finding her mobile phone, she checked through her messages, but evidently none of them was too important as she soon put it away again, checking her pockets and putting her hand onto the toys. Pulling the butt plug out, she glanced at it with a smile and then to him sexily under her eyebrows.

“I almost forgot about these,” she said, putting it back in her pocket, “don’t forget to bring the remote.”

“I won’t,” he said, smirking as he pulled on a shirt and then went to find some shoes. He quickly went into the pocket of his jeans to locate the remote in question, putting it in his pocket as he went to find his cigarettes where he’d dropped them on the kitchen counter on his way back in. He also found his old lighter, which she’d kept, and took that with him. He went back to the bedroom to find Avril ready in her jacket, and got his last bits together, quickly throwing his clothes from the hallway to his room before they headed for the door, picking up his phone on the way. He could tidy up later, right now there were far more important things to do, namely Avril.

“We gonna walk or get a taxi?” he asked, picking up the keys from the floor near the frame, where Avril had dropped them as he’d taken her by surprise the night before.

“We’ll walk, it’s not too far really,” she said as he locked his place up, feeling a little disappointed to leave it. She’d enjoyed his place, it’d felt intimate and like she was his girl.

“I thought it was a fair way away?” he asked, looking to her with a raise of his eyebrow as she took his hand and headed down the stairs.

“Maybe I just wanted to have you at your place,” she said, smiling to herself as she led the way, down and out of the building into the bright morning. He didn’t question it any more, he was happy to have Avril anywhere she fancied, and they just walked casually holding hands in the fresh air as she led the way to her hotel. She could feel the slight breeze right up her skirt again, making her very aware she was going commando as they walked, a few people glancing their way. She wondered what they were thinking; some probably internally branded her a tramp, especially a couple of the girls she saw. Her hotel was a good walk, and he was pleased last night that they’d gone to his instead, especially given what had ensued.

Arriving back at her hotel, they headed in, nobody seeming to have worked out she was staying there. Or perhaps they had, but when she didn’t come back the previous evening had thought it to be incorrect, since the hotel staff wouldn’t disclose such information. Nobody paid them much attention, and they got to the lifts, which were handily close to the lobby and opened swiftly after a button press. They stepped in and she pressed for her floor, then turned to give him a kiss pulling close to him as she pushed him back against the wall of the lift. He let his hand sneak under her skirt, as despite being rolled down she was still easy access, his fingertips trailing over her smoothness and then capturing her ring, making her stop suddenly, then shudder as he lightly twisted it.

“Baby don’t,” she breathed, then trembled again as he pulled it teasingly.

“You’ll be doing this yourself very soon,” he said with a smile, kissing her again.

“I know, it’s why I got it,” she mumbled, grinding onto his hand slightly as he continued to twist and tweak it, making the ball roll on her delicate nub. She was still horny from earlier and with him doing this she was enjoying herself more than a little. She just hoped nobody else got into the lift, as right now she wasn’t sure she’d be able to stop, or get away for that matter given the hold he had on her. They just continued to kiss as he more gently played with her ring, Avril rubbing her bald pussy pleasantly on his hand as he did, before the lift slowed and the tinny voice announced their floor number, making him relinquish his intimate grasp on her and let her escape, whereby she turned and pulled her skirt down. The doors opened to show a member of the staff waiting, who had no idea what they’d just been up to as he politely waved them out of the lift first. They just gave a smile and walked past him with a casual thank you, smiling as they looked back when he’d disappeared into the lift.

“We really must be more careful when you’re bringing me back to my hotel,” Avril playfully scolded, since they’d been caught during their previous encounter with her hand very firmly on his hard cock.

“You love it though,” he said, giving her hand a squeeze as she walked to her expensive, top-floor suite.

“Well, the risk certainly makes it exciting,” she said, giving a foxy arch of her eyebrow as she found her key card to let them in. He stepped in with her and closed the door, which automatically locked behind them with a definitive click. He looked around as she slipped off her jacket; it was another big, opulent hotel room, somewhat open plan, with the front lounge area type room leading to a bedroom with a huge, Kingsize bed in it. A bathroom led off, pristine fittings and a huge bath visible through the door. He pulled off his jacket as Avril pragmatically started to strip naked in front of him, pulling her top off as she walked to the bedroom, throwing it down and then quickly pushing her skirt off. He just watched with a smile as Avril stood back up, wearing only her black leather boots and the sexy bra.
She giggled and took the bra off, then bent down to dispense with the boots, freeing her dainty feet from the heels and stepping down onto the floor. As he undressed to join her, she went into her jacket to get her new toys out, casting him a naughty smile as she put them beside the bed.

“Hope you brought that remote, never know when they might be needed,” she teased, catching the remote as he threw it to her, before stripping his jeans off to join her.

“Not right now, I’ve got something else to fill you up,” he said with a grin, taking the lead and pulling her close for a deep, passionate kiss, lifting her slender form off the floor as they snogged, his erection growing between them at the touch of her soft, warm body. Stepping towards her bed, he sent her tumbling on the fresh sheets, giggling as he cast her down onto the comfortable bed. She leaned up on her elbows with her legs spread for him as he paused to go to his jeans, finding his phone and turning it to camera.

“Oh come on, not more naked photos, I just need you to fuck me,” she whined as he raised the camera.

“No photos, video this time, wave Avril,” he said with a grin, pointing the camera at her, having captured her asking to be fucked. She looked into it uncertainly, then gave it a nervous wave. He scanned up and down her, watching as she nervous pulled her legs together as the lens took her in.

“Come on I can’t let you film this, if it gets out…” she said as he approached the bed, his cock rock hard for her.

“Hush Avril, now show me that new piercing you got,” he said, playfully acting like the director as he took her in. After a moment staring at the camera, Avril couldn’t hold back a smile and then opened her legs, reaching down to run her fingers over her smooth pussy and show off the titanium captive ball ring, lifting it a little to show it off for him.
“Very kinky, and very smooth,” he commented as he zoomed in on her wonderfully bald mound.
“Yeah well you did a very good job with that cut throat,” she commended, seeming quite comfortable to be naked on camera right now.

“Thanks, and now you want me to fuck you?” he asked, glancing down to include his stiff cock in the shot, her toned legs in the background as he approached, before getting back right on her as she turned onto the bed with him, kneeling between her thighs.

“Don’t you want to lick it first?” she asked, playing up to the camera as he panned up and down her.

“I licked her earlier,” he said, leaning down to let his erection slide sensually over her smoothness.

“Not enough. Come on, she’s so smooth, you know you want to lick her,” Avril cooed, running her fingers over it again.

“I thought you wanted to get fucked,” he asked, trailing his bulbous head up and down her slick entrance.

“I do, but I want you to lick me first,” she said, smiling at the camera and looking into it as she finished with  “and I’ll suck your cock, you know I will.” He just smiled from behind the phone, then turned and handed it to her as she grinned, spreading her legs for him and focussing on him as he slid down between her sexy legs to her pussy.

“You’re gonna delete this afterwards, right?” she said as he dragged his tongue up her pussy, tasting her juices and flicking her hood ring.

“Sure, just enjoy being a star for me,” he said, then set about licking her. Avril’s gasps and moans were captured by the microphone, the arching and tensing of her body by the camera as he licked her pussy vigorously for a few minutes, ranging from burying his tongue inside her to assaulting her clit, using his fingers to work her G-spot and teasing her by playing with her new ring. Avril was quite enjoying filming him as he licked her pussy, loving how deep he dove down when he tongued her ass, making her shiver and moan, and loving the sight and feel of his hot tongue gliding over her smooth skin. Pushing her feet down between his legs, she got her dainty little feet to his cock, feeling it jump as she touched it, before she grasped it with her toes, just starting to slowly stroke back and forward.

It was an oddly pleasurable sensation for him. It wasn’t a real footjob, and it wouldn’t get him off, but it did feel good, especially for her to pay him such attention as he ate her out. In control of the camera, Avril zoomed in past him to see her feet on his cock, her somewhat clumsy toes grasping onto him and stroking back and forward, letting the balls of her feet stimulate the back ridge of his head.

“A little feet fun to keep him going,” she commented, pretty much to the camera, realising how she was getting into this as she took in the sight of her feet kinkily stimulating him, then moved back to him devouring her sweet cunt, licking and sucking at it, pulling at her delicate lips with his teeth, the tip of his tongue attacking her clit under the hood to make her shiver. He finished with a firm pull at it with his teeth and the stretching of her pussy with three fingers, making her shake and struggle to hold the phone steady as he readied her for his thick cock.

“My turn, I need to suck your cock,” she breathed, feeling quite close to orgasm and not wanting to climax before he got his cock inside her again. He looked up with a smile, then took the phone from her, shaking typically as they rearranged themselves, focussing back in with his hard cock waiting and Avril Lavigne leaning over it, pushing her hair back so her face could be clearly seen.

“Suck that cock, Avril,” he said softly, making her feel a little rush of dominated excitement at his tone. The fact that she was being commanded to suck cock on camera was intently arousing, and she slipped her skilful hand around him, giving a squeeze to his balls before gripping the base of him and lifting him up ready to suck.

“Like this?” she teased, looking up into the camera and extending her tongue, licking showily around his head, giving a slight porn star moan of enjoyment as she did, licking up the length of his cock, making it jump as she did.

“That’s amazing, now suck it,” he breathed, his voice a little shaky at the pleasure of her so gratuitously licking his cock. With some more long, hot licks, Avril pressed her lips to the tip of his cock, giving it a kiss before she pushed over it to let her full lips glide down and envelop his head, making him groan with pleasure as she did, starting to suck firmly at him, making him push slightly into her mouth. She allowed it, and he sank another inch or so inside, watching her work as she looked back up at the camera sexily. It was so hot to see her stare into the camera as she sucked cock, as if defying anyone watching to tell her there was something wrong with what she was doing.

“Now use your tongue,” he said, and she immediately did it, closing her eyes and starting to work at him with it, going round the sides and underneath his head with a well practiced manner that made him tingle in pleasure. The camera captured every beautiful moment of it, and the extra work of her throat as she applied her tongue to him. She worked on the first few inches of his cock for maximum effect, pushing her hair back from her face again so she could be seen by the camera, knowing he was absolutely loving filming her as she sucked him off.

“Go deep,” he ordered, loving how Avril looked up into the camera again, taking a few more shallow strokes and then pushing down deeply onto him, getting him into her throat in one slow push to really demonstrate her skills. Avril stayed down on his cock, looking up at him as she gave short, deep sucks on his cock, keeping him in to the back of her throat, comfortable with him there. After a few of those, she pulled back slowly to his tip, pouting at it before pushing easily all the way down again to take him deeply, most of his cock in her mouth as he gave a groan. Her work rate was evident as she bobbed her head efficiently at his cock, sucking just right as her tongue continued to work, his groans telling the tale of just how good a cocksucker Avril Lavigne was. She gave another long pull back to lick up his cock to the head, making it jump before she enveloped it again, this time his hand reaching down to slide into her long hair, pushing it back and taking a hold on her.

She looked up into the camera and then pushed down slowly, letting him take control. His arm tightened and he pressed down on her head, slowly pushing his cock down her throat, Avril’s gaze never wavering from the lens as his thick manhood was fed into her mouth. Her reflex tripped and she gagged, pushing back off him slightly, which he let her do before she started her rhythm again, still deep on his cock. After a few strokes she pushed down again, his hand immediately assisting her to make her take it deep, getting a bit further this time, before he let her carry on sucking. This continued for a minute or so before with one firm push he got his entire cock into her throat, holding for a second, making her gag, her body tensing and eyes watering for the camera before he let her pull off.

Avril breathed and swallowed as she jerked him for a moment and then swallowed him again, gliding down the length of his cock and bobbing harder. A little pat to her head this time told her what was expected, and she didn’t disappoint, as with an increasing intensity she delivered a full-depth suck on his cock, just taking him for long enough that he felt the incredible, fully-embedded suck of her vacuum-strength skills, before she slid back and carried on sucking dutifully. Her tongue was working him again now as she sucked him, making him push into her mouth as she gave another full swallow of his cock. She couldn’t hold him down there, or deliver constant deep throat, but she was able to deliver one-off bobs right down to his balls every few strokes, much to his pleasure.

She could feel how hard he was, how much he was enjoying her blowjob, especially as she took it all the way, looking up into the camera and giving a smile that was told with her eyes, showing just how much she loved to suck cock and please her man. Avril knew however, that as much as he’d like to empty his balls down her throat, or perhaps over her face, he’d be very much happier in her pussy, and so with a last, lingering deep throat, she slid off his cock with a hard suck, the intensity making him jolt as she pulled of his head. Immediately wrapping her dainty hand around him, she stroked his slick cock firmly, working with fingertips in just the right places to help keep him absolutely rock hard.

“I need this inside me,” she whispered with a smile, her eyes flitting to his thick cock as she stroked at it teasingly. He didn’t say anything, just watching her before she gave it a soft, wet kiss and then crawled up over his legs. He struggled to keep the camera steady as she friskily mounted him, sliding over him on her knees and reaching down to pull his cock up. With a momentary stroke over her entrance to prepare herself, looking down what she was doing rather than the camera now, she sank her hips down onto him, pushing his big, hard cock into her hot, succulent pussy, both of them groaning as she pushed easily down him to take every inch.
“Oh fuck that’s good,” she breathed, arching and pushing her hands through her hair to show off for him as she took the last couple of inches into her, impressively taking him all the way first time because she was so wet. His camera captured her sliding down his cock, her titanium ring, lovely shape and perky breasts as she showed herself off on camera, gasping pornographically as she started to slowly ride up and down his length, taking him from balls to tip. It wasn’t show though, as he felt incredible inside her, his smooth cock stroking along her walls and igniting every nerve ending, feeling him bump firmly against her cervix as she pushed down fully, rocking her hips to grind against him as he looked down to film it.

“Like that hard cock, Avril?” he asked with a grin, catching her lazily, guilty smile as she looked at the camera again.
“Uh huh,” she groaned, leaning up from him to squeeze her breasts, exhibiting herself as she groped and felt them, letting her fingers slide over them to capture the nipples, twisting and pulling at the stiff peaks. He started to push up into her to match her strokes, building them into a smooth, synchronised rhythm, Avril leaning on his chest to help free her hips to roll and circle on him, her wonderfully soft bum brushing over his thighs as she did. Reaching up, she took the camera from his hands, catching his playful grin as she aimed it at him, taking over the direction. Looking down herself, she rolled her hips back a bit and then lowered the phone to catch a close-up of him penetrating her soft pussy, her silky lips hugging every contour of him as she slid up and down.

“You like that tight pussy?” she asked, turning the camera back on him, playing interviewer now. She was grinning behind the phone, thoroughly enjoying filming their playful sex tape.

“Yeah I do,” he grinned, his hands sliding up to hold her hips.

“How about now?” she asked, before giving and almighty squeeze, clamping herself so tight on him it was almost painful in its pleasure. His groan told the story, and she gave a giggle as she rode a little harder.

“Yeah you do, you fucking love it,” she said, riding him shallowly to let her entrance muscles stimulate his head. He let her, relishing it a moment before he pulled her down his cock again, making her take several deep, long strokes, before he suddenly pulled her close to him and rolled her over, Avril tumbling on the bed to end up beneath him with a squeal before she gave a deep grunt as he buried his cock into her under his bodyweight, giving repeated grunts as he started to pile drive her, the camera capturing blurred shots of the room as the microphone took in her noises of sexual pleasure. She managed to aim the camera again to capture him powerfully leaning over her, taking her primally, pounding between her pulled up knees, the video seeing every detail of how his thick cock slammed in and out of her bald lips, her inner labia hugging his shaft tightly. Avril reached down to rub herself, briskly fingering herself, the tip of once catching in the ring in her haste and giving a sharp, painful tug on her new piercing, making her wince and shudder, her hand immediately withdrawing as he continued to fuck her.

“Oh baby, too sore?” he asked, taking the phone and looking down at her pussy, his cock still sliding delightfully in and out, then back her face, where she looked at him with a hurt expression, biting her lip and nodding.

“Well just enjoy this,” he said, punctuating it with a hard thrust into her that made her gasp, “And we’ll sort you out in a minute.”
“Ok,” she smiled, digging her fingers into the bed as he started to ram into her, pulling her leg to him for extra leverage as he started to powerfully slam himself into her pussy, making her gasp and grunt in pleasure as he stimulated her, angling up to get at her G-spot a bit, taking in her body with the camera, the lovely way her breasts bounced, her eyes squeezed shut in pleasure and the perfect way he split her pussy lips. He pulled her legs together to tighten her and increase their sensations for a moment, before he slowed and pulled out wetly, Avril looking down to see why before he rolled her doggy style with a push of her knees, getting a look at her gorgeous Celtic-style lower back tattoo.

“Embodying the tramp stamp then, Avril?” he teased, pausing on it with the camera in her position on all fours.

“Yeah, I’m one of those girls,” she said as she just spread her legs and arched her back, letting the camera see her intimately as he positioned himself, then sank back into her hot pussy, straight to the balls, the position offering the deepest penetration possible and making her grunt loudly as he pushed against her cervix. An odd sensation for her, and she gasped as he gave her a series of hard, deep thrusts, slapping into her ass before he started to steadily pump in and out of her, grunting himself as she gave squeezes to him, showing his stamina well to withstand all this. Perhaps it was because he was concentrating on filming her, now watching her rocking back and forward on her knees as he screwed her from behind, her lovely waist and lithe body clear to see, along with her toned ass. This continued for a few minutes, both of them enjoying it, Avril especially when he lifted up to angle down onto her G-spot, feeling quite close now despite her disregarded clit.

“Now let’s see what we can do for you,” he said, pushing right into her and grinding his hips, making her reciprocate before he pushed her down flat onto the bed beneath him. She continued to push back up into him as he reached for her side unit, to the remote control bullet and its remote control.

“You’re quite a kinky little thing really aren’t you, Avril?” he said, more as a statement than a question as he showed the bullet to the camera, letting Avril push them back up into doggy style position, working to ride him as he held still.

“I can get a bit wild yeah,” she murmured, glancing round, then smiling as she saw the bullet. She eyed it as he reached out to her with it, then submissively opened her mouth as he pushed it there, taking it in. He thrust it into her mouth a few times, letting her lube it up as she worked to squeeze her vagina on him, making his erection throb inside her. Sliding it out, nicely wettened for her, her moved back, leaning back to let the camera see a last few thrusts into her, watching Avril’s snug tunnel take every inch of him quite effortlessly before he slowly slid out, her swollen lips smoothly gliding over him as he did.

“Baby don’t stop,” she said, looking back to him, brushing her hair out the way as she tried to see what he was doing. Frankly by getting her to lube it, she’d been expecting him to try and put it in her ass, then fuck her to his finish.

“You’ll enjoy this I promise,” he said, then slid the bullet to her slippery entrance, sliding the tip up and down her soft lips before sliding it inside her, the hot pink toy disappearing into her folds, before he used a solitary finger to push it all the way, disappearing inside her hungry pussy. He placed the remote control on her back, then moved in close behind her again, letting his erection slide up the back of her pussy and over her ass. Picking up the remote, he turned it on, watching as Avril immediately tensed up, her whole body clenching before she gave a shudder with a stuttering groan, breathing heavier and hanging her head, fingers twisting in the covers.

“That good?” he asked, watching as she let the pleasure spread through her body. An internal orgasm was what she needed, and she knew this would give it to her, lying right on her G-spot and vibrating frenetically. It almost made her lose sense of her surroundings, and what he was doing.

“Yeah, fucking good,” she breathed, genuinely pleased he’d chosen this route for her.

“Good, and so will this be,” he said, looking down with the camera as he rocked himself across her booty, thickly coated with her juices as he took hold of himself and pushed back down to her entrance, feeling himself almost fall through her wet, hot entrance. She gave a groan as he pushed into her a little bit, feeling her muscles and the buzz of the toy within, coating the tip of his cock with a bit more of her abundant juices before he relaxed again, letting the camera see him teasing up and down her lips for a moment before he moved up determinedly to her asshole. To his surprise she didn’t make a protest, and he pressed into her just right, before putting his weight behind the skilful technique she’d experienced twice before, which both times had easily got him into her ass. She didn’t know how he did it, but she knew he would, and pushed out a bit towards him as he gave a little movement to work it, and then she felt herself stretching for him, her sphincter releasing and opening tightly around his thick head.

“Oh fuck,” she growled as she felt a twinge of pain, only her juices for lube as her muscles were stretched open by his cock, feeling like they might give way suddenly as he pushed into her. Avril’s ass was still aching a bit from where he’d banged it in the shower the previous night, and just as she felt like she could take no more, she felt her body give a final stretch and then his cock pop inside her, making her gasp as he jolted forward slightly into her, wasting no time in pushing a couple of inches home.
“Fuck that’s tight,” he breathed, looking down to film his thick cock splitting her booty, the sight of Avril Lavigne doing anal one to behold, before back up her body to where she hung her head, overwhelmed in sensation. She was gasping in pleasure from the toy, and awaiting the deep, fulfilling sensation of him filling her ass. She could tell he was already close, as the moment he’d got into her ass she’d felt him stiffen significantly. It didn’t matter, she was close herself now. He started to thrust carefully, working himself into her as her arse relaxed, loosening up easier than before as she knew what to expect, and was still a bit worn out from the previous nights anal activities. She just let him work on her and then started to push back on him to take more as she felt ready, helping to push him deep into her ass, feeling desperately horny now, building quickly towards a climax as the forbidden, fulfilling sensations of a big, hard cock in her ass mixed with the intense buzzing of the bullet on her G-spot.

“Gonna make you come?” she teased, biting her lip and shoving back on him more aggressively now, not caring at the slight pain it caused to take him too quickly, enjoying the raw feeling of getting almost dry fucked as she worked towards an orgasm. Climaxing with something in her arse was the most intense sensation she’d ever found when it happened right, and just now she knew this was going to be a good one.

“Yeah, your ass is so tight,” he gasped, holding her hip and pumping into her as he struggled to keep the camera steady.

“I know, I’m gonna come too, hold on baby,” she breathed, wanting to make sure he fucked her into a stupefying orgasm before he climaxed. She wasn’t sure where he intended to do that mind, but frankly right now as long as he held out to make her come she’d let him do it absolutely anywhere he wanted – all on camera.

“You like getting fucked hard in the ass, Avril?” he said dominantly, making her pussy squeeze involuntarily on her toy, intensifying the sensations as he started to slam himself into her, jamming himself full depth hard, not worried she couldn’t take it as she just responded with a moan, pushing back hard into him on every thrust.

“Uh huh…” she gasped, feeling on the brink now, her clit tingling as sensations spread out through her body.

“Fucking love it don’t you,” he growled, his hips slamming into her ass now as he buried his cock into it hard, holding back his own climax and focussing on letting the camera see his cock wrapped tightly by her asshole.
“Uh huuuuh…” she groaned loudly, feeling the first pre-orgasmic clench. Her orgasm rushed up on her in a sudden wave as she pushed herself back on his thumping thrusts, the toy buzzing relentlessly at her G-spot, pushing her over the edge as she began to shudder intensely, trembling beneath him as she started gasping uncontrollably as she came.
”Oh fuck, fuuuck!” she wailed, suddenly coming hard, shuddering powerfully in the blend of intense pleasures wracking her body; the intense, direct buzz of the bullet inside her at her G-spot, the slight shake of her titanium ring bumping at her clit and the deep, fulfilling sensation of his big cock pounding into her ass. Her pussy and ass both squeezed tightly on their respective invaders, making him grunt as she grunted and groaned through her climax, sinking down on the bed to bite at the sheets hard as she did, his humping only helping to sustain her for a moment before she felt suddenly exhausted, overwhelmed, hardly able to take his fucking.

She did it though, managing to steady herself under him, pushing back to help him fuck her ass, feeling how close he was. The vibrator was too much for her now though, far too much, and she desperately fumbled back with her hand, managing to grab the cord after a tender bump of her piercing, then pulled it firmly, the buzzing toy gliding back easily out of her dripping pussy and dropping onto the bed as she gave a sigh. With a squeeze of her ass she took him to the brink, feeling him stiffen and shake, holding it back and stepping to the redline as he started slamming her in a blur, making her groan long and low at the intensity, wondering where he’d come. He now had both her holes, and her body to use. She doubted he’d be able to pull out though, as he was going like a freight train in just about the hardest anal she’d ever endured.

He gave a deep grunt and she felt the characteristic tense up, the sudden hardening inside her, and then was shown how wrong she was, as with one move her shoved her off his cock by her ass and flicked her hip powerfully to roll her onto her back, Avril tumbling over with her legs open, right as he grabbed his cock and jerked it furiously, exploding a hard, hot blast straight up over her body, the first shot managing to hit her under the chin, right before another thick burst landed across her right breast, nicely over the nipple, before a third went over her flat tummy and into her navel, before he aimed his final couple of weaker shots right onto her smooth pussy, thickly spurting onto her just above her vulva and across her clit ring.

Gasping hard, he gave a hard squeeze of his balls and milked his cock from root to tip, squeezing a final thick, creamy drip out of himself, which clung to the tip of his cock as he pushed his still hard cock down to her slippery, welcoming entrance. He’d dropped the phone on the bed after catching the cumshot over her tight, tattooed body, so he didn’t catch her knowing look, Avril looking into his eyes and reminding him of the dangerous game he was playing as he slipped himself back inside her. They both sighed deeply with satisfaction though as he pushed all the way inside her, where Avril dutifully obliged him with several hard squeezes of her pussy, feeling him jump at the intensity on his sensitive cock and knowing she’d extracted a little more come from him into her unguarded womb. With a last grind, he slowly pulled out of her, rocking back on his knees as they both breathed heavily, picking the phone back up and focussing in on her.

“Promised you’d enjoy it,” he said with a weary smile as she beamed tiredly at the camera.

“I think you did too,” she said, nodding down to the load across her body.

“Of course, you’re a great fuck,” he said, making her grin shyly.

“Why thank you,” she said playfully, then slid her hand down her body, pushing a fingertip through his thick load on her beautifully smooth skin. He filmed as she scooped a good amount up, then raised it to her mouth, sucking it foxily from her finger as he watched intently.

“Say goodbye, Avril,” he said with a grin, the camera focussed clearly on her face. She grinned at the camera, slipping the finger from her mouth and giving a little wave before she blew a full, pouting kiss at the camera, which he zoomed out on and panned down her body to take her beauty in one last time before he hit stop, lowering it and grinning at her. She just gave a tired sigh and patted the bed beside her to invite him as he got the remote and turned the bullet off, putting it aside with her new butt plug.

“Being a porn star is hard work,” she murmured with a glance to him as he let himself sink down beside her, realising just how exhausted he was now he pressed his head to the soft pillows.

“But very satisfying,” he replied, reaching over to hold her hand a moment.
”Yeah, maybe you should make a career of it,” she giggled, then reached over to get some tissues from the side of the bed, quickly cleaning herself up before she slid back down beside him, reaching down to pull the white covers up over them, turning on her side to face him and snuggling closely. They shared a soft, lingering kiss, tongue just gently entwining as they did before breaking apart, Avril just revelling in the intimate closeness as he nuzzled her a little before resting back on the pillow. Their tiredness was weighing heavy on their eyelids, and they started to doze off easily, sated and satisfied.

“Avril,” he murmured.

“Mm?” she managed, not even opening her eyes. He reached up to gently brush her face with the back of his fingers, making her smile.

“I think I’m falling in love with you,” he said quietly. She was awake now, that was for sure, freezing for a moment as her heart lurched, opening her eyes wide to look straight into his, searching for the sincerity. It was there, but she could somehow tell the truth of things. She broke into a wide smile, breaking the tension, before reaching up to cutely stroke a finger down his nose.

“No baby, you’re not. I’ve just given you a great shag, and you just need to find a new girlfriend and have a special person in your life,” she said softly, before leaning forward to give him a kiss. He seemed a little confused, unsure what he felt in this after-sex moment.
”But Avril…” he attempted; she quieted him with a finger on his lips.

“Hush,” she said, moving it to stroke his cheek, “go to sleep,” she said, ending the conversation and giving him another loving kiss as he closed his eyes. He relaxed, and Avril knew what he needed, cuddling close to him so he could feel her, as if she were his, sending him off to sleep in just a few moments. The sudden tiredness just washed through him and he was gone. She wondered if he’d even remember what he’d said as she rested her head on his arm; it might not be love, but she certainly felt safe and protected with him, as if she belonged there in against his body, and so let her guard down and dozed off easily in his shadow.

* * *

They slept for a couple of hours before they awoke, with him stirring first; he was very pleased to again wake up to the beautiful Avril Lavigne beside him, taking in her pretty face for a moment before he hazily remembered what he’d said to her. He internally cringed at it a bit, but was still sure he felt something more than simple lust for the Canadian starlet. He put it away though and decided not to mention it unless she did, noticing her awaking next to him, giving a stretch and then opening her gorgeous eyes, smiling at him as she did.

“Hey,” she said quietly.

“Hey sexy,” he smiled, his hand sliding over her body beneath the covers, pulling her close for a kiss, a nice passionate edge to it.

“You know what I need,” she said, giving him a knowing look. He did, and with a roll of his eyes he turned and slid out of the bed, walking naked to his jacket in the entrance area of the huge suite, finding his cigarettes and old lighter, turning it over in his hands as he walked back, looking up to see Avril watching him as he walked back to the bed casually nude.

“Get that thing between my lips,” she said playfully, giving a flick of her eyebrows. He laughed as he opened the packet, revealing the last stick of delicious, smoky sin. He realised he’d noticed it earlier and meant to grab some on his way past a shop, having clean forgot.

“Last one,” he said, looking at her as he slid back to the bed.

“Dibs,” she said almost before he could finish speaking. He gave a humour sigh and held the open packet over to her, letting her lean in to place her soft lips right the filter of it and draw it slowly out of the packet. She reached out to take the lighter from him, flicking it, reliably lighting like it always had and producing a clean flame for her to light the cigarette with. She inhaled deeply as she closed it, then turned to put it on the side, out of his reach, clearly claiming it as hers as she took the slender roll from her mouth with her fingertips, blowing a slow, thick stream of smoke out as she slipped down into the bed.

“Alright for some,” he said, putting the ashtray on the bed as he got back in, settling down beside her and just watching her pull the cigarette to her mouth again with a sly, sexy look to him.

“You get to share my body, I think you can share my smoke,” she said, drawing deeply and then rolling onto her elbow, tapping the ash off into the glass dish and then holding it carefully out the way as she slid herself over on top of him, just her top half as she leaned down to his mouth. He opened slightly and she started to gently breathe out as he sucked it in, blowing back into his mouth the way they had before, an intimate moment created by a bad habit. Expelling all the smoke, she finished it by pressing her lips to his for a smoky kiss, before nuzzling at his cheek as he effectively blew it up into the room.

“Your turn,” she whispered, turning the cigarette down and putting it between his lips for him to inhale, which he happily did, feeling the full, calming effects of the fresh smoke as he breathed it in, Avril letting him take it deeply before pulling the Marlborough away from him. Now she pulled her thigh over him, straddling him and leaning down closely with a smile as he smoothly breathed out, a little fast at first, some of the wispy smoke flowing up round her face as she started to inhale it, literally taking his breath away and looking incredibly sexy as she did it. This set the tone, and a few more rounds of sensually blowing back ensued as they finished the last cigarette, a striking metaphor for their own time together, as if the clock was running out.
With their final Marlborough stubbed out and smoking its death knell in the ashtray on the side, they cuddled up close again, taking some time to passionately make out, indulging in thrilling, loving kisses as they did, seizing the opportunity for it. Avril knew he wasn’t really in love with her, but hearing it still made her warm inside, and their kisses showed that there was more to them than rough, animal sex. Snuggling down, they just spent a while cuddled together, with him planting little kisses at the back of Avril’s neck where she’d turned to be held close by him.

“You really best get going, I can’t stay in bed all day,” she said, sad to break the mood, but it had to be done.

“Yeah I know, but I want you to,” he said, giving her a little nibble on the shoulder and holding her tightly, taking a chance to grope her perky chest.

“I know, but don’t you need to open your shop?” she asked, not wanting him to lose money, well any more than he already had.

“My partner will have done it by now,” he said as she turned over in his arms.

“He’ll be pissed that you rock up late surely?” she enquired, giving a cocked eyebrow.

“I’ll just tell him I got laid, he’ll understand,” he said with a grin. She slapped him playfully.
”That you did, but I have to get ready. Life as a star has it’s commitments,” she said, pulling back the covers and climbing out over him, letting him get a nice look at her naked, tattooed body, carefully inspecting her back tattoo as she walked to get a robe from a hook near the door.

“I guess so, and I’d best get back, people need tattoos,” he said, sliding out of bed and looking for his clothes, scattered around the floor.

“Yeah, some hot girl might need your…services,” Avril said with a foxy look over her shoulder, before she walked out into her suite. He pulled on his clothes, just getting his shirt over his head before she returned with a box.

“Told you I had something for you back here. It wasn’t just my pussy, you’d had that anyway,” she giggled.

“And more,” he added, indicating their wild night the previous evening. She handed him the box, which he took unsurely, feeling its weight and then carefully opening it as she watched expectantly. Inside he found a small case, a long box and a memory card case. Picking it up, he looked at it and then her.

“Some things you’ll enjoy, a few things I took for you,” she said a little shyly.

“Like what?” he asked, though he already knew really.
”Stuff you’ll like, trust me,” she said with a grin as he dropped it back into the box, “just don’t let anyone find it,” she finished, which went without saying. The ones he already had were locked in his small safe, away from any Internet connected device. Picking up the other case, he looked at it, then opened it to reveal a brand new lighter, finished in brushed titanium with a flame cut lightly into the surface around its case, a lovely piece of work. He looked it over and flipped it open, feeling its weight and quality.

“Like it?” she asked, like she was giving him birthday presents.

“It’s gorgeous, but you didn’t have to, you could’ve just let me have my old one back,” he said, glancing over to it on the side unit.

“That’s mine now, reminds me of you. The way that your new razor will remind you of me. You broke that beautiful blade in on my pussy, you’re gonna think of that every time you shave with it,” she said with a grin.

“I’ll think of you more than that,” he said, putting the lighter back in its case and then getting the final box. He had no idea what it was, unmarked, and opened it, pausing as it revealed a fleshlight. He looked at her to inspire her to tell him about it, but she kept quiet.

“You suggesting I’ll need this because I can’t find a new girlfriend?” he said jokingly.

“Not at all baby,” she giggled, “I know you will. But until then, you can use that. It’s moulded to me,” she said, making him stop then have to unscrew the top to look at it.

“Really?” he asked, noting it did seem to be accurate.

“Yeah, I had to be very discreet to get it made, but I had it moulded to my pussy. I got it made with the tightest sleeve they had, so now you can really think of me when you’re jerking off over some of my pictures,” she said with a naughty giggle. He just stared at it for a moment, then put it away with a smile, pleasantly surprised.

“Wow, you know you really didn’t have to do this Avril, any of this,” he said, shaking the box a little.

“I wanted to, after all I stole your last lighter, and you’re going to love what’s on that memory card, and well the fleshlight will just help you along with that,” she said with a smile. He pulled her close for a long kiss, delving his tongue into her mouth to dance with hers before they broke apart.

“Well thank you, it’s brilliant,” he said, packing it away and picking up his phone.

“And thank you for shaving me, the piercing, and my new toys,” she said, reminding him all the sexy things he’d done for her.

“Any time, maybe I should pierce your nipples next time,” he grinned, and they enjoyed a last, long kiss.

“We’ll see about that one,” she giggled, before he found his jacket, slipping into it and quickly checking he had everything, walking to the door to share another quick kiss before he stepped outside.

“Until next time,” she said with a devilish grin, then opened her robe wide, shaking herself sexily, moving her hips deliciously before she closed her robe and the door with a sexy peek around it, leaving him alone in the corridor with her generous gift box. With a look down at it, he paused for a deep breath, then started walking to the lifts, remembering he had the explicit sex tape of her on his phone that she’d never asked him to delete. He smiled to himself at that, and the way his cock ached from the multiple fucks he’d had with her over the last night and morning.

He quickly walked home from the hotel, back to his flat to drop off the new things and very quickly clearing up, getting Avril’s sexy panties out of his jeans and putting them somewhere safe before he had a very quick shower, dressed and headed out to work, knowing that his partner would be pissed despite saluting him for getting pussy. On the way a message arrived from Avril regarding the video.

“I’m gonna let you keep the video, after all I know where it came from if it leaks and wrecks my career! Same as my pics, get them off your phone and enjoy. Don’t forget to send me pics back 😉 – Avril xxxxx” it said. He knew she wanted pictures of him jerking off to her pictures and with her panties again, and he imagined probably using the new toy she’d bought him. He just messaged back saying they were safe with him, and that he’d definitely enjoy them, but not just now as he was too worn out from her.

Getting to his shop, his partner was grumpy when his excuse was only that he’d hooked up with a girl. He apologised and said he’d pay for lunch, and knew he’d be alright later, getting to work to not waste any more time. Luckily his morning schedule had been fairly clear, and now he got his head into gear for the upcoming afternoon appointments.

Later, while working to reorganise some things in the backrooms, he heard the door go. With his partner getting the lunch, he walked through to the counter to meet the customer, business calling for him.
Stepping out into the front of the shop, he found Beth standing the other side of the counter, breaking into a smile as she saw him…


The End

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