Black Star – Part 3: Temptation

Story Title: Black Star – Part 3: Temptation
Author’s Name: Viper_Noj
Content Codes: MF, MFF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Rom, Voy
Celebs: Avril Lavigne
Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

*   *   *   *   *

Accelerating along the darkened street, he pulled the throttle back on his Triumph motorbike as he went over a crest, lifting the front wheel with a flare of the engine before reining it back in to slow down, not wanting to get caught playing on the public roads. He was just having a little fun in the absence of traffic and before he picked Beth up from work. She always made a fuss if he rode fast, especially with her on the back, so he was working out his frustrated motorsport ambitions before he got to her. The streets were quiet, unsurprising given it was only a Thursday night and well past midnight, going on for one as he slowed to behave through the final few streets.

He pulled up outside the bar she worked at, feeling the bike drop to a low rumble between his legs before he killed the engine, pushing the stand down and letting the bike sit onto the road before stepping off. Pulling his helmet off, he stood it down on the seat carefully and unzipped his jacket, finding his cigarettes and lighter quickly as he felt the chill. Spring might be on its way but it sure didn’t feel like it right now, standing in the gloom of the street lights as he put a cigarette into his mouth, lighting it and taking a welcome drag as he tucked them back away in his jacket and gratefully zipped it back up. Feeling the warmth spread through him, he gazed casually around as he waited for Beth to finish work.

Beth worked in a bar, which meant every night she had to stay to clear up. He figured it was also because her boss wanted to stare at her arse as she did it, which wouldn’t surprise him. It sucked that she worked late so often, but he relished the time spent with her, and loved to pick her up after it and take her home. Taking another drag on his cigarette, he leaned against the light he’d pulled up under, hoping she wasn’t long. He wanted to see her, his sexy new thing, the girl that made him so happy. Especially since today she’d been a right tease, texting him suggestive and sexy messages, and a few pictures as well, so he knew exactly what he was missing. It meant he was very eager to get her home tonight. He was almost done with his Marlboro before she emerged from the bar, being let out by someone that locked the door behind her as she walked to him and his bike. She smiled as she walked to him, giving him a lingering kiss after he’d blown out the smoke from his last pull.

“You have helmet hair,” she said with a smile, reaching to take the cigarette from him. He didn’t say anything, but it reminded him of Avril, the way she always stole his cigarette with a casual nonchalance.

“I probably do,” he said with a smile, watching her take a long, cigarette-killing drag on his Marlboro, burning it down to the filter. He’d been sat on his sofa watching a film before coming out to collect her, and given he was just going to get her in the small hours of the morning he wasn’t so fussed about how he looked. Beth reached up to tussle it playfully as she flicked the cigarette butt to the gutter with her other hand, making him pull out of her reach in a joking manner. She gave a giggle, making him smile at the pure sound of it.

“Take me home,” she almost purred.

“Gladly,” he said, handing her the spare helmet that’d been strapped onto the backseat of his bike. She took it and pulled it on, as he did the same with his own, stepping back over the bike and kicking the stand up. He started it up as Beth got on the back, her snug skirt retreating up her thighs to almost show off her underwear.
”This is gonna be a cold ride,” she mused as he started the bike up, the machine throbbing beneath them.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find a way to warm you up when we get home,” he said, smiling inside his helmet. Beth pulled her arms around him and snuggled in against his back, her thighs lifting a little more than necessary to squeeze around his hips. It was enough to give him ideas, his cock twitching just slightly as he kicked it into first gear and let the clutch out, turning the bike slowly in the road before opening the throttle and accelerating away, back the way he’d come towards his apartment. The night was cold and clear, but at least that gave a beautiful sky, which he glanced up to at moments when he could do so, seeing the stars deeply set into the dark, enveloping canvas of the night sky.

It was enough to lose yourself in, however he was brought back to reality by Beth’s slender hand reaching down to squeeze his thigh, before sliding slowly back up and over his crotch, making him almost lose concentration on what he was doing. After a pause, it returned to his stomach as she held on, leaning with him as he controlled the bike, squeezing her wind-chilled thighs tighter on him. Pulling up at a set of traffic lights, he turned to her as it held on red.

“You know, I’m gonna fuck your brains out when we get home,” he said, more as a statement than a suggestion, as if she wouldn’t have a choice in the matter. He could only see her eyes, but could tell she was smiling.

“Good. Sooner you get me there, sooner you can have me,” she teased, giving a wink before he turned back to the road. It was almost a challenge, and he decided to rise to it as the lights changed, reaching down to make sure she was holding on properly before he let the clutch out and gunned the engine, opening it up. Keeping the wheel down, he accelerated hard from the light as Beth clung to the back, hearing her give a squeal as he shifted hard through the gears, speed limit be damned as they escaped the city in the dead of the night. He slowed a little but was still moving pretty fast as they got back to his apartment, pulling into his car park with a few quick downshifts, letting it tick over for a moment before switching it off, putting the stand down as Beth hopped off the back. Stepping off, she looked at him with mock annoyance; she loved it really, and he left her no time to be angry as he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the door, hearing her giggle at his urgency to have her.

He showed little care for the neighbours as he shoved the door open then pulled her quickly up the stairs, her heels clumping noisily on the steps as they got up to his apartment, which he opened in a blink to pull her inside, their helmets still on. Shutting the door with a quick twist of the lock, he saw Beth already undoing her helmet, quickly casting it aside onto the floor as she kicked off her high heels. He’d barely undone his helmet and got it off before she had her jacket off and was reaching to the hem of her dress. Undoing and dropping his leather bike jacket to the floor, he had to pause and watch as Beth arched and stretched up to peel her short black dress off over her head, showing off her delectable body, her curvy hips, slender waist and firm, ample breasts encased in the sexy underwear she’d told him of earlier in the day as a tease.

Flicking her raven hair out the way, she grinned as he drank her in with his eyes, quickly resuming to pull of his shirt and yank his shoes off, watching as Beth paused to let him ogle her in the sexy sheer black underwear, edged and decorated with lace though that didn’t stop it showing off everything, helped by Beth slowly turning with an arch of her back to show it off. She knew he loved her sexy lingerie and got off on him ogling her so gave him a show, turning to show off that it was a tight little thong, barely clinging on as it curved over her firm, round bum and down into a thin string between her cheeks. She gave a little shake of her ass before reaching back to unclip her bra, letting it fall open, shrugging it from her shoulders as she turned back to show off her firm, perky breasts, showing off her nipple piercing as he quickly got rid of his jeans.

They didn’t talk, there was no need, as he stripped off his shorts to reveal his rapidly stiffening cock, well what she could see of it in the gloom. He could see her better as she was standing in the hall between the doorways of the bedroom and bathroom, the light coming in and illuminating her better than him. It didn’t matter though, she was happy for him to watch as she reached down to quickly slip her thong off, throwing it aside and letting him see her in her full, naked beauty. She didn’t need to see his rock hard erection, she’d feel it soon enough. And that she did, as he surged forward with a primal lust to take her, grabbing hold of her and kissing her hard, his cock pressing into her tummy, her hands sliding round his body as his did the same.

Their tongues danced in the embrace, writhing and twisting together in their passionate kiss, as his hand slid up her back to grab her long, dark hair, giving a yank on it that made her gasp, followed by a moan as he kissed at her neck. Beth simply revelled in the sensations as he ground slight against her, feeling how wet and ready she was to be taken, putty in his hands. With a pull he stepped back into the bedroom, Beth eagerly and obediently following, wanting what he had to give her. As they approached the bed he pulled her up in his arms and turned to cast her onto the bed, Beth inhaling in excitement as he did, immediately on top of her, kissing her hard as his fingers slid through her hair.

She arched up towards him, thrusting her hips up invitingly, but she didn’t reach for him, letting him be in control. It was how she wanted it, how he wanted it, and he didn’t leave her waiting. No sooner did he get her on the bed he pushed her cold thighs apart and slid between, the bulging head of his cock instantly pressing to her hot, slippery entrance, relishing the sensation of her soft, shaven labia. His arms slid under hers and took a double-handed grip in her hair before he pressed forward with his hips to sink himself inside her, both of them gasping at the wonderful sensations, her tight pussy wrapped slickly around the first few inches of his cock.

Beth just sighed heavily as she pushed her hips up to give him optimal access to her, letting him pull her head back as he gave a slow drive to sink his cock into her full depth, feeling the wonderful sensation that she got every day of him stretching her pussy with his big, hard cock. They both had a high sex drive and as a result had sex daily, usually more than once, and if they didn’t screw then they’d at least do something else. Despite this, she still loved every time he buried his cock inside her, the way he breathed and responded to the feel of her body as he did so, the surges of his manhood inside her, where it should be.

In that moment, the whole atmosphere changed. He didn’t pull her legs over his shoulders and start to pound on her pussy, as she would’ve expected and welcomed if he wanted to, and he didn’t sink his teeth into her neck to fire her up and make her feisty, get her in the mood to try and challenge his control for a rough and tumble fuck. Instead they both just melted into one another, holding for a moment to enjoy the sheer connection, his stiff cock buried to the hilt in her snug tunnel. His hands released her hair, then brushed it back from her face to kiss her, a deep, intimate kiss as he pulled back almost full length and then sunk slowly into her again, making them both breathe deeply.

Building into a steady rhythm, he used the full length of his thick cock to thrust in and out of Beth, grinding his hips into her with every push and feeling her hood piercing, making her arch and give a strained gasp each time, feeling the pleasure of her nerve endings lighting up as his fantastic erection slid over them, loving the slow motion. Breaking the kiss, he stared deeply into her eyes, making her feel an intense connection to him, losing herself in his gaze, the pleasure of his physical penetration of her body the only other thing to register in her conscious. It was incredible how their energy had turned from a desperate-to-fuck attitude into a slow lovemaking session, but they were both enjoying it.

Staring into Beth’s eyes as he slid himself in and out, he could feel her pleasure and took in her beauty, both inside and out, knowing how lucky he was to have found her and what happiness she brought him, stroking her hair as he gazed into her soul, pumping himself into her just a little faster as he felt her pussy squeezing and clenching at him, making his motions both in and out of her very pleasurable. His hand slid down to her chest to gently caress one of her breasts, the one without the nipple piercing, just circling the nipple with his fingertips before giving a firm full hand grope of her, both of them breathing quickly now as they screwed. Beth leaned up to kiss at his neck as he pulled himself over her a little more, and raised her legs to wrap them around his body, pulling him tight to her, making him penetrate her deeper, his cock delving into her hot, wet pussy.

“Oh fuck me,” she breathed, wanting him to go faster but maintain the same moment they were sharing. He seemed to know that, not wanting to turn this into anything else, and started to thrust into her harder and shorter, without spoiling the intimate, loving mood between them. He slid down on his elbows, Beth slipping her hands into his hair, raking her nails lightly over his head as he dropped down to kiss her softly. He pulled and sucked gently at her bottom lip, nipped at her pierced tongue and caressed it with his own, inviting her to do the same with its subtle motions whilst keeping up his same firm, brisk thrusts into her pussy, driving her towards what was now an inevitable climax. It wasn’t too far off either, as she rolled her hips back to let him drive across her G-spot more effectively, feeling the wonderful climax building deep inside her. She might’ve teased him all day, but she’d been looking forward to this as well, and now she had him it felt as good as she’d imagined, feeling every inch of him as he pinned her to the bed and took her as his woman.

Beth gave a squeeze that made him shudder in pre-orgasmic pleasure, but she knew he would be fine. He had excellent stamina, and always made sure she was satisfied, and right now she definitely was, closing her eyes to drift in the sensations as he leaned down to nibble at her neck, switching from long thrusts to grinding into her deeply, just rolling his hips a moment before accentuating it with several hard, short thrusts into her that jolted her towards her orgasm bit by bit like little hammer blows. They also made her give little gasping, grunting sounds with each one as she submitted beneath him, pulling him close with her legs. He pulled away from her to arch up and resume deep, hard thrusts, the pace quickening now as he worked to make her climax, seeing the state she was in and feeling her body around him.

She tried to curl up to kiss him, but now he was focusing on the physical, their wonderful connection as he pumped between her thighs. Beth found his hand in her long, raven hair, and with a swift but not painful yank he pulled her head back and down onto the bed, making her gasp loudly, looking up into his eyes as he dominated her. Her whole body surged with excitement, her pelvic muscles quivering around him, pussy juicy and slippery for him to ravish as he stared into her eyes, feeling his gaze cutting right through her soul. She felt her nipples prick with intensity as she gasped and pushed up to meet his movements in the darkness, wanting to show just how much pleasure he brought to her, feeling the ridge of his bulbous head rubbing across her G-spot, the intimate little area that was momentarily going to bring this big orgasm that was building within her to fruition.

He could feel the sensations building in him as well, but he suppressed them, focussing on her, his lovely Beth, the gorgeous woman that’d completed him thoroughly. Holding her tightly now, his hand in her hair as his other held her waist, he thrust in hard and fast, working her just how he knew she loved, feeling her squeezing and twitching as she started to orgasm, seeing her sexily bite her lip, trying to hold her eyes open to gaze into his as she did. He just smiled as they rolled back and squeezed tightly shut, followed by rapid gasping and Beth gritting her teeth, holding herself back as long as she possibly could before, with a violent shudder and spasm, she climaxed.

Her arms pulled up round his body as the came, arching from the bed as she gave a deep, groaning, grunting noise of release. She wasn’t much of a screamer, but her noises were pure, guttural, real. She shoved her hips up to try and take anything else he could give her as she rode her orgasm, shaking and trembling beneath him as her pussy clenched and clasped at his thick cock, a nice addition of hot, slick wetness enveloping his cock. She always got very wet, and he’d made her squirt more than once; it was something he loved about making her orgasm, especially when he was buried deep inside her like now, thrusting powerfully into her snug haven, which felt as if it’d been made perfectly for his manhood.

As Beth breathed heavily through the end of her satisfying climax, she opened her eyes to see him, looking down to her caringly, still working hard and clearly restraining himself to maximise her pleasure. Reaching up, she held his face and stared deeply into his eyes, her love evidently in her gaze.

“Come baby, come for me, inside me,” she breathed, rocking her body beneath him and squeezing her pussy energetically, wanting to make him climax immediately. He immediately seemed freed, picking up the pace to thrust short and hard into her in fast strokes, his hands twisting in the covers of the bed as Beth pulled her nails down his back lightly and wrapped her weakened legs up around his hips. It only took a minute or so of brisker thrusts and a completion of his previous goal to help him towards climax, and with an intense grunt Beth felt him harden suddenly inside her, making her smile as she looked up at his expression of relief in the darkened room as he came, managing to hold it just a moment longer before his cock gave a hard burst within her and he ejaculated hot and thick inside her.

Beth moaned in pleasure, loving the feeling of him coming deep inside her, bareback, nothing between them, just as it should be. His body gave powerful squeezes as he ejected his load into her as she silently counted the spurts, loving the rock hard surges of his penis and grinding of his hips as he released himself into her, letting out all the pent up want and need that’d accumulated during the day. Holding him close, she felt his body shiver and jolt as he gave a last couple of thrusts into her and worked with her tight clenches to extract every last drop into her before his arms gave out and he dropped on top of her, breathing hard. Beth gave a deep sigh of pleasure between her own deep lungfuls as she lie beneath him, feeling the weight of his body, enjoying being pinned after such pleasures.

“I love you,” he breathed softly into her ear. She couldn’t help but giggle; she knew he was serious, but when she heard it after sex it always made her think how it’s the kind of thing they would say. But she knew that wasn’t it.

“I love you too,” she whispered, turning her head and meeting him for a slow, deep kiss, which turned more passionate, their tongues entwining and delving into each others mouths before they broke apart breathlessly, with him rolling off to lie down beside her on top of the covers in the darkness. They were both completely satisfied, tired, and in love. After a few moments lying together, they managed to find the energy to pull themselves under the covers, leaving everything else till the morning. Their clothes and everything else could wait as they slipped nakedly together under the sheets, Beth sliding instinctively into his arms, not needing to be invited. His hand slid down her back and onto her waist as she rested her head on his chest, hearing his breathing and heart rate as his other hand reached up to hold hers where she’d put her arm across his body.

They didn’t say a word, they didn’t need to, just snuggled together in the darkness with each other, having never turned the lights on.

* * *

Awaking in the morning, Beth found herself still in his arms, turned on her side now with him spooning her, but still together. She gave a little stretch and snuggled back in, just feeling safe and secure with him. It was still dark outside, barely getting light in the cold spring morning, though winter was still hanging on with long, icy fingers. She thought back to the dark morning when she’d first woken up with him, back at her place after their first real date.

It’d started with her going to his shop of course, making her intentions clear. He was very pleased to see her, flattered by her evident interest and was quite happy to offer her his personal services. She’d decided to use the opportunity of a little new work to bond with him, doing something that’d been on her mind for a while. After seeing Avril’s new piercing the previous night she’d decided to finally get her nipple pierced, and was sure he would relish the opportunity to do it for her, though that wasn’t why she’d gone to get it done by him. He clearly had the skilful hands to do it, and it was a way in to get to know him for real on a level playing field.

She wasn’t used to making the first move, usually she had men coming to her, attracted by her sexy, succulent allure. So with a deep breath, feeling nervous despite having boldly had sex with him in public and then engaged in a threesome with Avril Lavigne in a cupboard the previous evening, she’d followed him to his area of work, let him sit her down, and then slowly removed her top.

He assured her that he could remember every detail of how she’d looked that day, and that delightful moment when she’d pulled her snug black top off over her head to reveal she wasn’t even wearing a bra, leaving her full, perky breasts to fend for themselves. She had curves in all the right places, and he’d paused momentarily to take her in before regaining his professional attitude and going about his task. They’d talked quite casually though as he did it, clamping and piercing her nipple as she grit her teeth, feeling it more than she had during any of her other piercings. After fitting her with a nice stainless steel ring, she’d put her top back on and thanked him for the work, which was just how she’d wanted it despite her distracting him. Turning to leave for the front of the shop, he’d surprised and excited her by suddenly making a move, grabbing her hand and pulling her back, his other arm pulling confidently around her slender waist as he drew her close to kiss her passionately.

She’d been a little taken aback but mused at the sudden arousal it’d induced, immediately kissing him back hard, pushing her tongue into his mouth, letting him feel her tongue stud as she did and sliding her arm round his shoulders as he pulled her up onto her toes to snog her. Afterwards he’d immediately asked if he could take her out that night, which she’d agreed to, saying she’d come back and meet him at his shop. It’d been the start of the hungry passion that endured through their relationship, both of them so free with their emotions and lust for one another, meaning they had a fantastic and highly active sex life. They hadn’t had any more threesomes, but frankly they were all one another needed.

That night he’d taken her for a fantastic evening of live music at one of the local bars, accompanied by plenty of drinks and then they’d moved to an underground sort of club, where the talking stopped and their chemistry took over. Their date had led into them dancing sexily together after both getting pretty buzzed, their need for each other spilling over as they kissed passionately amongst the noise and bustle of the others around them. After getting worked up, she’d asked him back to her place, something she wouldn’t normally do. Whilst she might’ve had sex with him in the club the previous evening, part of her rebellious streak, she didn’t do that with guys she genuinely liked and wanted more with, she made them wait to find out if they were really interested in something special.

But with him, it was different. She’d already made a move the previous night, and they clearly wanted each other and somehow Beth just knew it was for more than a one-night stand, and so the question was asked. With another deep kiss, he’d said yes, that he’d very much like to go back to her place with a cheeky, warming smile that made her sure it was the right choice. But the night of firsts hadn’t ended there, as after she took him back to her apartment and they’d torn each other’s clothes off, they’d had anal sex. She’d just wanted it; remembering how he was clearly an ass man, knowing he’d done it with Avril and she herself enjoyed it. Through her tipsy haze and after a few fantastic minutes on her back enjoying strokes of him into her juicy pussy, she’d rolled over and told him to lube up, resulting in a fantastic, vigorous anal that’d given her a mind-blowing orgasm when combined with him rubbing her clit, and him a release that left him totally gone afterwards.

Waking up the next morning beside him, close to him like she was now, she’d just known they had something more than the carnal lust that’d overtaken them. After he’d woken up, they cuddled, kissed and he’d finished what he’d started the previous night with her pussy to both their pleasures before getting in the shower together.

That was months ago now, and that same raw passion was still there, but atop a foundation of love, trust and connection to one another. Looking up at him, she just took him in before leaning up to lightly kiss under his chin, wanting to gently wake him. His alarm would go off soon anyway, and she wanted just a little more time with him this morning. He stirred lightly, but didn’t wake, making her kiss a little firmer and snuggle against him, but he just instinctively pulled her in a little closer and shifted to stay under the warmth of the covers. Beth smiled to herself, then dragged her tongue up his neck, making him shiver slightly, before she gently slid down under the covers. She knew exactly where she was going, and nuzzled slightly at his already semi-hard manhood, giving a grin at the fact he was always hard if she did anything at all, even when he was almost asleep. Giving a few soft kisses, she felt him start to swell, then dragged her tongue up his length, encouraging him into a rapidly engorging erection, which she wrapped her hand around, stroking him softly before she sank him into her hot, wet mouth.

“Oh fuck, Beth,” he groaned sleepily, his body arching at the sudden sensations on his body so soon after waking, making her feel deliciously naughty as she started to suck firmly and bob her head expertly up and down his cock, quickly getting her pierced tongue into the action on him to make him shudder. His hands grabbed at the sheets of the before he settled down to relax into her early morning blowjob, feeling her ease off just a little so he could just enjoy the hugely satisfying sensation of his hot girlfriend giving him a blowjob first thing in the morning. A hand found its way onto her shoulder, and then into her long, dark hair, just gently holding and guiding her, not that she needed any. She found it strangely nice to have his hand there as she sucked enthusiastically on his cock, integrating long, slow pullbacks up his length between her steady, sucking bobs, her cheeks hollowing with the vacuum.

He had his eyes shut, so comfy and warm beneath the covers, which were rhythmically rising and falling from the most luscious wake up call. She was easily the best blowjob he’d ever had, and not just because of the tongue stud she was applying effectively to him as she worked up and down. Suddenly, his peaceful ecstasy was interrupted by his phone piping up, his sound for a text message going off; He’d never got around to turning it off the previous night after having fantastic sex with Beth. He paused a moment and then reached over for it from the side unit. Beth felt him shift to get it, but she didn’t stop, just continuing to suck dutifully, something she knew made him happy. She didn’t make a fuss over things like that, she just sucked him off when he needed it, because he’d happily return the favour to her later on. He paused however, his thrusts matching her sucking suddenly fading.

“Holy fuck,” he said, which did make Beth stop, sliding her mouth from his stiff cock and quickly pulling herself up from under the covers to him. Instinctively however her hand slid onto his manhood and started to gently squeeze and stroke to keep him going.

“What’s the matter?” she asked, emerging from the covers and looking to him, seeing him staring at his phone. She looked to it, and saw that the text message was showing the name Avril Lavigne, with an attachment logo on it.

“Aren’t you gonna open it?” she said softly, her hand carefully stroking him, feeling him throb in her hand. He hadn’t contacted Avril since shortly after their previous carnal encounter when, as she’d asked, he’d sent her photos of him stroking himself with her sexy side-tied black panties and told her he was doing it over the array of pictures he had of her, both taken by him and given by her. She’d replied to tell him how hot she found that, and that soon as she got some quiet time she intended to go and rub at her newly pierced pussy. She’d thanked him for doing it for her as well, saying how it wasn’t as tender now and that the ball under her clit hood just made her come incredibly hard with minimal work, and that her new record now was somewhere around thirty seconds.

He’d followed it up by sending her a video clip of him using the fleshlight she’d had made for him specially, along with saying how he was watching the sexy videos he had of her, including the sex tape they’d made and a couple she’d included for him on the memory card, where she’d filmed herself generally showing off and exposing herself, fingering her pussy and enjoying a vibrator. She’d treated him to a picture of her doggy style in a mirror holding the vibrating bullet he’d bought her on her clit with the buttplug in her ass, and a message saying how horny he got her, and it almost tempted her to come back to him for more. Later he’d shared all this with Beth, every photo and video, the messages, which had got her very horny and eager herself to get another taste of Avril Lavigne.

Looking at the message on his phone, he clicked to open it, and was immediately greeted by a saucy picture from Avril. They both looked at it intently, drinking in the detail of a close up photo of her neatly shaved pussy, showing off her clit hood piercing, which was now sporting a barbell. It was also only one picture of three, and he swiped to the next shot, which was her posing full frontal, arms behind her head, not even attempting to hide her face from it. He moved to the last one, which was her turned away, with her legs wide apart on some tall heels, back arched to show off her fine arse and treasures below. Beth noticed how hard he’d got in her hand, loving the pictures and the fact she’d sent them to him.

“Those are some hot pics,” she breathed, finding them sexy herself since she was bisexual, and had enjoyed particular fun with Avril.

“Yeah,” he said, eyeing the last one before flicking over to the message itself, which read:

“Hey, I’m gonna be in town in a couple of weeks – Avril xxx”.

It was as simple as that, her meaning was clear. They knew she was in town; they had tickets for her concert in a couple of weeks time, and whilst the thought had definitely crossed his mind that she’d be around and he’d fantasised about what could happen, he’d never expected to get a message from her.

“Fuck,” he said simply, staring at the message. He flicked back to the images, slowly scrolling through them, ogling Avril’s incredible body. His cock was rock hard in Beth’s hand, the hardest it’d been all morning, her soft grip slipping over it slowly, taking in its contours. She knew he was thinking of the cute Canadian at that moment, but she didn’t mind, Avril was a fantasy and she knew he still thought of her after what their exciting past. However, she knew something that could make him think of her again.
”Just look at her sexy pictures baby,” she purred, leaning up to kiss him on the cheek, before she slowly slipped back down underneath the covers. He stared at Avril’s hot pictures, loving her slender, toned body, and the barbell through her delicate hood, and the fact it showed that she was trying new things with the piercing he’d given her. His concentration was shaken by Beth’s hot mouth slipping back onto his hard cock however, and then shattered as she immediately turned it up to eleven, sucking him hard and deep, pushing down in a single motion to take his entire thick length into her throat as her tongue attacked ferociously with the stud.

“Ohh fuck,” he gasped, his eyes squeezing shut as his spare hand pushed back into her hair, immediately pulling her back down to deepthroat as she started to pull back. Beth smiled to herself and worked with him, giving him exactly what he wanted by pressing herself to his pelvis and sucking him powerfully. He tried to look back to his phone but it was as if she knew what he was doing, as she pulled back from the base of him to apply her vacuum like mouth to his head, her tongue going into overdrive as she worked her barbell into his most sensitive areas, making him shake and drop the phone onto the bed. She was sure of this as his other hand moved under the covers to take hold of her head.

Beth just went with it, letting him run with the rush for a minute as he took a good hold of her head and started to thrust up into her mouth, pumping himself across her tongue to her throat before he gave a few deep, long pushes to get full depth. She didn’t even gag, being good at deepthroat and happy to please him. They had some fantastic rough sex at times, and she’d let him throat fuck her on more than one occasion. He calmed down though and released her, leaving her to do the work, which she happily resumed as he dropped back onto the pillows in ecstasy to just let her suck him off. She knew exactly what he liked and gave it to him, making him feel the climax start to build deep in his body as she sucked, working at his head to build the intensity and mixing it with the deep, pressure-building effect of deepthroating him, her cheeks hollowing to rub at the sides of his shaft.

“Oh Beth, Beth,” he groaned, pushing up to meet her, knowing she loved to hear him moan her name as she pleasured him. She reached up to put a hand on his stomach to tell him she knew just what she was doing to him, and that it was absolutely fine. His grasp tightened in her long, silky hair as she showed off her impressive skills, her other hand lightly squeezing his balls as she bobbed vigorously up and down his length, letting her tongue work onto his head just right in both directions with every one, driving him towards a fantastic climax, one that he felt might just overwhelm him. He stiffened a little in her mouth, letting her know exactly where he was at, but knowing he’d do his utmost to resist her oral assault. With an ever increasing speed, suction and skill she broke through that barrier, making him almost double up in pleasure, wondering where the hell she found such reserves.

“Fuck,” he groaned deeply in a long, strained breath as he yanked the raven hair beauty down on his cock and exploded, burying his granite-hard erection into her throat, her chin pressed to his balls as he gave several hard, intense spasms as he ejaculated thickly. Beth felt every swell and burst of his cock, loving the sensation of his climax inside her, especially her mouth as her tongue was able to take in every pulsing, talent-confirming moment, tasting his hot, salty load as he emptied his balls deep into her mouth, feeling them squeezing powerfully in her hand as his body responded to the fantastic orgasm she’d induced in him. Without the slightest complaint she let him hold her down and swallowed, knowing he could feel that extra stimulation on his sensitive head as she did, sucking firmly and working her tongue powerfully to draw the last of his load into her mouth before he gave a gasp at the sensitivity, stopping her with a firm pull of her hair.

His gasping was the only sound to break the silence of the room, a sheen of sweat over his body as Beth pulled away, gave a final swallow and slipped up from under the covers, smiling as she saw his totally satisfied but exhausted expression as he lazily glanced to her with a grateful grin. She leaned over to give him a quick peck on the cheek and rested her head down on his shoulder, not saying at word. After a morning performance like that she didn’t need to say anything, and he wouldn’t be able to either, nothing coherent at least. He fell into a light doze, his breathing deepening and slowing a little, Beth loving the sounds of his body before she too dozed off, snuggled under the covers with him, till the rude shrieking of his alarm broke their snooze, making him aggressively reach out and batter it into submission, eventually finding the off button.

“I don’t wanna get up,” he grumbled, pushing his hand through his hair as he gave a stretch, Beth doing her utmost not to be moved at all, wanting to stay comfortably dozing on him.

“Mm I know,” she mumbled, sliding onto the pillow and reaching up to lazily brush his face with her fingers, not even opening her eyes.

“Fucking work,” he growled, tetchy because he’d not had his first cigarette of the day, and he didn’t want to leave his lovely warm bed with his smoking hot girlfriend in it. She just smiled and sank down into the bed, pulling the covers about her as he slid out from under them, standing up in the gloom with another stretch.

He left her to sleep, grabbing what he needed to get ready and leaving the bedroom to give her peace and quiet. He stealthily moved about the flat as he got himself dressed, sorted out his hair, made some simple breakfast and took a couple of minutes to enjoy his first cigarette of the day on his chilly balcony with his cup of coffee, blowing the smoke into the biting morning air. He couldn’t wait for some warmer weather now; winter felt like it’d dragged on for ages, and he wanted to spring to break through so they got some sun, could get to the beach, get on their surfboards and crucially so that Beth would wear the sexy little bikini he’d bought her. Taking one last, long, cigarette-killing drag on his Marlboro, he flicked it from the balcony and blew the smoke slowly out into the cold air as he turned back to the door to go in. Locking it behind him, he put his mug in the kitchen and then got his stuff together, pulling his jacket on and heading quietly out of his place, leaving his gorgeous brunette sleeping soundly.

His Friday morning passed smoothly, pausing to go and collect breakfast for him and his partner from a place down the street. He looked after himself, but a nice unhealthy breakfast at the end of the week wouldn’t hurt him, and it reminded him that the weekend had arrived. He had a long job on after breakfast; a guy had booked a few hours of his time for a large, detailed tattoo, part of an ongoing masterpiece that he’d already spent plenty of time on. That took him through till lunch as his partner dealt with piercings and some smaller, quicker tattoos they had booked. Business was going alright, but it could be better.

He was pleasantly interrupted by Beth texting him, to let him know she’d had a nice long lie-in and hot shower. The brisk morning and her awesome blowjob felt like days ago rather than hours now, and he glanced at the time to momentarily wonder how long it’d be before he was done. Not that he could get home to her; she’d be at work at the bar by then, and she wasn’t going to make it easy evidently, as the message from Avril seemed to have stirred her up, and the next message from her had an attachment. Opening it immediately, the phone took a moment and then revealed a full body shot of Beth, in glorious resolution, wearing one of his favourite sets of black underwear, which consisted of a ribbed balconette bra and sheer, tight little panties that showed her smoothness and hood bar, combined with a pair of long lace-topped hold-up stockings.

“Fuck,” he murmured, gazing at the picture, lusting for her, even if she was being a bit of a prick-tease.

“What’s up?” his partner said, walking past as he put his phone away.

“Beth, teasing me,” he said, getting back to what he was doing.

“Nice, can’t complain at that. Don’t forget what makes you happy when you’ve got it,” he said philosophically, knowing him and how he’d been when he was single and the wreckage of his previous girlfriend. He didn’t answer, as he knew he wouldn’t. He’d had enough lessons in love, and he knew how Beth completed him. He wasn’t gonna let her go.

Beth continued to tease him with sexy messages through the rest of the afternoon, evidently intent on getting him revved up. She clearly wanted some kind of primal lust built up in him for when he got his hands on her, but frankly he didn’t need her teasing to get that. She teased that he’d have to wait for her to finish work, which would be late as it was a Friday night, and that he’d just have to be patient for her. He assured her he’d keep himself in check, and as soon as he got his hands on her she’d be in trouble. She just said she’d hold him to that.

Thankfully he had quite a busy afternoon to keep him going, between Beth’s messages at least, so the time passed alright, focussing on his work. As soon as he got into the detail of a tattoo, he just zoned out, blocking the world completely as he concentrated on his craft. It was almost like meditation, able to calm his mind as he got on with the task at hand, which also happened to pay his bills. They finished with the last customers before six, and then went their separate ways. He was looking forward to a later start on the Saturday, since they both wanted a lie-in and had agreed to give themselves a bit of a break.

“Have a good night mate,” he said to his partner, locking up the shop.

“You too, have fun with Beth,” he said with a smile, giving a wink and a laugh as they fist-bumped.

“Will do,” he said, before they went their own ways. He took a brief detour via a favourite takeaway of his to pick up a curry, since he was eating alone and it was a Friday, before walking the few minutes back to his place. He got in and got the TV on, sat down on his welcoming sofa and enjoyed his food, before heading to the bathroom. He lathered up and got the beautiful Dovo razor from its polished stand, giving it a quick strop before starting to shave, at a pace that would’ve astonished anyone unskilled with the potentially lethal blade. As it glided over his face he though of Avril; her message and pictures, how she’d bought it for him to shave her pussy with, giving her a deep, sexual thrill. Losing focus for a moment, he turned the blade over slightly and cut himself under the jaw line, the incredibly sharp edge cutting through his skin effortlessly.

It was no big deal though, and he carried on, swiftly finishing before getting in the shower, feeling great after a long day. After he was done, he slid back onto the sofa with a cup of tea and relaxed, intending to enjoy the couple of free hours he now had to take in a few of his favourite shows and just rest without worry. He wished he could be relaxing with Beth, but she had to work. He got her other nights, and he’d have her later, pausing to look at her picture again. He passed the evening with a light doze on his sofa and a film, before pulling himself up feeling more refreshed as the clock eased into the early hours of Saturday morning. Getting his helmet and jacket on, he pulled on his boots and then left his place to go and collect Beth, the time going on past one in the morning.

He felt the chill in the air, shivering slightly as he got onto his bike and started it up, the Triumph turning and then revving into life. He throttled it a bit to get it going, then settled himself on the saddle and kicked away the stand, moving easily away from his parking space. Glancing up, he realised he’d left a light on, but he sure as hell wasn’t going back for it. He headed out of the car park, squeezing the throttle to accelerate out in the road. The bike started, then suddenly the back wheel spun up as he hit a slippery patch on the edge of the road, the engine giving a sudden scream, all in a moment that made his heart lurch, a rush going through him as he controlled the bike and headed more carefully down the road.

Opening the throttle again he sped confidently away from his place to go and collect Beth from the bar. The ride was uneventful and he just enjoyed the feel of the bike beneath him as he went to collect his brunette vixen, still thinking of what he’d do to her after her day of teasing as he pulled up and parked the bike near the front of the bar, the last people still heading home after being expelled at closing time. He knew he’d have to wait a few minutes, so put his helmet on his saddle and got a cigarette out, lighting up and feeling the smooth, hot sensation spread into his chest at the first pull of it, taking his time with it as he waited. It seemed this always happened, he arrived early and ended up smoking beside his bike; perhaps he should leave later and then he’d not be encouraged to smoke.

Beth finally emerged from the bar, finishing her shift as the time was going on towards two in the morning as he stood, arms-folded beside his bike against the cold. She smiled as she approached, a little hint of playfulness, as she knew what he’d been thinking about. She didn’t realised however that the thoughts she’d induced were keeping him warm, and he hadn’t been able to shake the thought of her in her sexy sheer underwear from his mind. The mere flick of the edge of her short, snug dress was enough to hint at the sexiness beneath, and he simply couldn’t hold back; he couldn’t wait to get her all the way home. With a pull of her hand he yanked her into his arms, making her stumble slightly on her heels and fall into his grasp. His other arm immediately went around her waist, holding her tightly to him as he planted a deep, passionate kiss on her, his lust and want her evident.

Beth was a little taken aback by the sudden move, but his ardour was an energy she could feel, the way he was just taking her, dominating her, turned her on like nothing else, making her immediately feel a tingle rush through her pussy as it wettened, squeezing her legs together as his other hand pushed into her long hair, pulling her head suddenly aside to kiss and bite at her neck.

“Oh fuck,” she gasped, glad everyone around the bar had faded away as she pressed herself to him instinctively. She sucked at is tongue as it delved into her mouth, wrapping hers around it, letting him feel her tongue stud as his other hand gave her arse a good squeeze. Suddenly he broke away, making her give a gasp as it interrupted her, already turning away with a strong grab of her hand, pulling her towards the alley at the side of the bar. Managing to co-ordinate her legs, she followed him, clacking across the pavement as he took her commandingly into the alleyway, his dominance clear and unchallenged.

“Wait, hang on, we shouldn’t…” she whispered, looking around, feeling the exhilarating rush through her body, her heart pounding. He stopped and drew her to him as he turned back to her, grabbing both her wrists and pushing her back against the cold wall as he kissed her hard again.

“Don’t talk,” he said, before kissing her more, and she didn’t try, and didn’t resist him. He released her wrists to grab her hips and pull her skirt up, revealing her see-through panties and smoothly shaven pussy as he ground into her, Beth able to easily feel his hardness for her. She wanted him as badly as she wanted her, the rush and excitement pumping through them both. Her hands immediately went to his jeans, deftly releasing the button and zip to let her push one inside, squeezing his erection through his shorts, feeling him surge and grind into her hand as she did.

Their kisses were loud and vigorous, focussing more on other things now though their tongues still danced skilfully. Beth was very good with hers, and he loved feeling her piercing and the way she could use it, both in his mouth and on his cock. Right now though it was just for his tongue as she released him, springing up in the cold night air as he stroked her firmly through her lingerie, making her grind onto him, feeling the curved bar in her vertical hood piercing and making her shudder. She was so horny that she practically felt relieved when he lifted her up, her nylon-encased legs automatically slipping around his hips as he pressed her back against the wall, his hand under her tight ass as the fingers of his other switched from stimulating her to pull her sexy, token knickers to the side.

Beth slid her arm around his neck as her other slender hand, which had been stroking his rock hard cock just right to somehow enhance even that incredible erection, now directed the bulging head of his penis to the hot, slippery entrance to her body as he pushed his hips in between her strong thighs. He both thrust up into her and let her sink down, a double whammy that buried his full, thick length into her tight, juicy pussy in a single stroke, making her arch from the wall and give a strained, grunting gasp of pleasure and sensation, as he in turn growled at the exquisite feel of her finally on him, burying his face into her neck as she pulled him close.

Something Beth loved was exciting, random places to have sex, which she’d demonstrated when she’d met him with Avril. She’d done it out in parks, clubs, alleys like this, and once at a music festival on her back whilst wearing nothing but her Wellington boots. And this was why, right now, the passion and hunger for each other, the excitement and need, it revved her engine, and his too. They’d done it a few times already in their relationship, but this was already heading that list as he held her tightly and started to thrust into her powerfully, owning her body and immediately inducing deep, soulful pleasure inside her as he did.

She wanted to talk to tell him to do her harder, but he’d told her not to, and besides, he was already nailing her pretty hard, pumping energetically into her. He wasn’t interested in her pleasure right now, though she was getting plenty of it. She’d felt decidedly horny since that morning when Avril had text her pictures to him; she wasn’t sure if it was because of the thought of being with Avril again herself, or because he was going to be, and that little drive of arousal and jealousy mixed together was pushing her. It was why she’d sent her own picture to him today, and had been a complete cock tease, resulting in him taking her like this. But with such thoughts on her mind all day she was horny, and if he’d taken her home first she’d have pounced as soon as they were in the door.

Resultantly she was ready for him and feeling great pleasure just at him sliding in and out of her as he pumped hard. He bit into her shoulder as he thumped into her pussy as hard as he could, feeling her pussy hotly squeezing around him, clenching and grabbing at him, tightening as he tried to withdraw and feeling fantastic. He knew after the day he’d had thinking of her that this wouldn’t take long, already feeling the tightening in his balls as he kissed her again, pinning her against the wall. Gripping her arse tightly he ground himself deep, slamming into her with short, hard thrusts which made her grunt deeply, arching her back and resting her head back against the wall with her eyes closed. One of his hands slid back slightly up her thigh to feel her lingerie and pull her leg up just a little bit for more access.
Her fingers pushed through his hair as he drove her towards a swift climax, neither of them noticing the cold as he pounded on her pussy, curling his fingers between her cheeks and pushing the tip of one into her ass, making her shiver on his cock with a long, clenching squeeze that took him a step closer. Beth was already going though, pushing herself down into his hands using her stocking-wrapped thighs and pulling him into her with her calves, rolling her hips to get it just right, biting her lip as her heavy breathing became a series of hard, sudden gasps, trembling in his arms as she orgasmed. She struggled to maintain her co-ordination but did work at squeezing her pussy deliberately to assist the orgasm, making it very tight for him, the thick head of his cock squeezing through her clamping muscles.

As her climax ended she properly regained her senses and began thrusting herself down to him as hard as she could and tightening her pussy, but she needn’t have worried as he was already on the way, and with a hard bite of her neck that made her cry out loudly in the dark alley he buried himself inside her and exploded, his cock feeling so much bigger as he stiffened powerfully within her, feeling the hard, straining bursts of him as he ejaculated into her, spilling his hot load deep. She groaned in pleasure, loving the sensation of him finishing in her mixed with the pain of his teeth in her neck, which he released as he slowed down, pinning her against the wall and stopping to rest for a moment.

Neither of them said anything, before he slowly lifted her off his cock and let her down on shaky legs, Beth almost teetering off her high heels before regaining her composure. He was still leaning over her against the wall, and now she was much shorter than him she looked up to him, giving a naughty smile and then leaning up for a soft, lingering kiss. She wanted to do something a little extra for him, since he’d been teased all day, and after quickly reaching down to pull her sexy panties back over her pussy and pushing her dress down over her hold-ups, she dropped down onto her knees, ignoring the fact it was a random alleyway as she took him into her mouth, feeling him shudder powerfully as she sucked firmly at his softening, juicy cock, tasting both him and herself on it as she gave a few slow, succulent bobs up and down his full length before letting him slip out and standing back up as he put himself away.

“Thanks for picking me up,” she breathed, giving a smile.
”No problem, and I’m giving you a ride home from work too,” he said with a cheeky grin, making her smile at the joke with a playful roll of her eyes. They were aware of their surroundings again now, and looked around to make sure nobody had been watching them. They were quite secluded in the alley and were pretty confident nobody had seen them, although they might have heard Beth. Either way they should head home now, and he took her hand to lead her back to the bike, walking a little more slowly this time. Shivering at the cold and come down from their vigorous encounter, Beth took the helmet from him as he retrieved it from the back of the bike. He pulled his own on and hopped on as Beth fastened hers, before she stepped carefully over the bike, her short skirt pulling up to show off her stockings and sexy, see-through underwear.

He smiled under his helmet at the view before he started the bike up, feeling it throb beneath them as he pulled it up and kicked the stand, then pulled smoothly away from the kerb as Beth slid her arms snugly round his waist. As he opened it up and got away from the bar, out towards the more open roads, he felt Beth snuggle in closer behind him, holding on tighter, pressing herself to him as she squeezed her thighs in against the cold. The only reason she went home like this on his bike was because he loved it, his sexy chick on the back, and she loved being that girl for him. She held tight to him as he piloted the Triumph back to his place, which was practically their place given how much time she spent there now.

She’d been expecting a good session once they were back to his place, but their impromptu fuck in the alley and a long shift at work, combined with the end of a busy week for him, meant that once he pulled the bike in and locked it up, they just headed up into his place and got ready for bed. She stripped off sexily for him so he could get a first hand look at her in the sexy underwear he loved, and then headed for the bathroom. He finished locking up the place and got a drink as she got ready, and then paused to watch her strip naked and slip into bed before he went to quickly do his thing, mainly to get the cigarette taste off his breath for her. Coming back to the bedroom, he stripped off far more matter-of-factly and slid in beside her, where she immediately snuggled up to him, and after some minty-fresh kisses they settled down, both quite relieved by the silence of the darkened room, just the two of them shut away from the world.

They slept solidly, safe and relaxed with each other, awaking to the sun through the curtains the following morning. He found Beth already awake and flicking through her phone when he woke up, stretching out in the bed, relishing a Saturday morning lie-in with her. She seemed to have other ideas however, as after he’d got himself a coffee and woken up a bit, she made a move, taking charge this time, which resulted in a nice, loving cowgirl ride by her, start to finish, getting herself off with a little help of rubbing at her clit before bringing him to a great climax inside her.

“Better than sleeping in?” she asked playfully as she sat on his hips afterwards, both of them sweaty and sated. He could only nod, making her grin, pushing her hair back and rolling off him to lie next to him, settling back under the covers again.

“Did you ever text Avril back?” she asked a while later, making him realise that he hadn’t. He found his phone and got to her message, taking time to flick through the pictures again before he wrote her a reply to thank her for the pictures, and tell her they were going to her show the following week and that he’d love to see her.

With that done they relaxed back into bed for their lie in, followed by a lazy lunch. Avril replied a few hours later to say she’d sort something out for them. She knew he was dating Beth, he’d told her, with Avril giving him an “I told you so” message. He couldn’t stop thinking about the Canadian cutie and what he’d do to her when he got his hands on her as he enjoyed a great weekend with Beth, with plenty of sex and rest away from work. Life was good, especially since she was extra horny this weekend. It all seemed to pass too quickly however, and before he knew it he was back at work, but greeted with a surprise. Avril came through for them, as a courier delivered an important envelope to his shop. Opening it he discovered two exclusive backstage passes to meet her after the show, and he knew it would be more than that. He messaged Beth to tell her the news, knowing it’d excite her to get Avril alone again. The thought of sex in a backstage dressing room got her going, and also got her thinking.

When he got home that night to Beth, who was off given it was a Monday night and she only worked the more busy nights at the bar, she had something to talk to him about. It was regarding Avril, as she told him she’d been thinking about it.

“I want you to save yourself for her,” she said.

“I…what?” he said, wondering what she meant by that.

“Well, I kinda had the idea that perhaps when we get together with Avril, you could give her a facial. She loved it last time, I’d love to see that, you’d love to do it, and if you saved yourself up you’d have a big load for her face,” Beth said, her excitement at the prospect evidently as it spilled from her.

“Save myself, so no sex till Avril?” he said, turning the idea over in his mind. The idea of giving Avril a big facial was tempting, if she’d go for it, and he couldn’t deny he wanted to do it, but to go without sex for the best part of two weeks until she was in town was going to be intense.
”I know it’ll be tough,” Beth said, knowing what she was suggesting was going to be difficult given they had sex typically twice a day, sometimes more. He had a very high drive, and to ask him to go without would frustrate him. It’d frustrate her as well though; she loved sex as much as him and she couldn’t very well ask him to sort her out whilst denying him any sort of stimulation.

“To say the least,” he said, thinking it over.

“You know she’ll love it though, she enjoyed her first facial last time,” Beth pushed, wanting it more than him seemingly.

“Just…all that time, with you around I don’t know if I can make it,” he said, knowing his self control and lack of discipline at times, like when he’d tried to quit smoking once before.

“I’ll do it with you,” Beth said, knowing it’d be easier if they did it together. He thought about it more, then agreed to it, that after that night he’d save himself. Beth agreed to that, and then was subjected to a very hard fuck by him, since it was the last chance he’d get with her for the best part of a fortnight, and she absolutely loved it and realised what she’d be giving up for Avril to get a blast in the face. Biting a pillow as his cock slid into her tight ass in their second session of the night, she knew she’d be desperate for him to screw her by the time Avril Lavigne was in their midst.

The next day they both ached, Beth especially, her arse having been absolutely pounded by him the previous night. The next ten days or so before the concert were frustrating and tough for them to go through, as even snuggling up with her gave him a hardon, which she could do nothing to remedy despite lightly stroke at, which was far more a tease than any help. She was frustrated too, wanting it inside her, or him to go down on her, anything, but they denied themselves, getting through it by assuring him it was worth it and that Avril wouldn’t know what hit her. Beth let him out of the routine of shaving her pussy for her, something she’d asked of him after knowing what he did to Avril, but she did spend the time teasing a bit with a few sexy pictures and texts. He protested, but she gave the excuse that keeping him interested would help to build up a bigger load for Avril’s pretty face. He wasn’t sure it was true.

By the halfway point however they couldn’t take it anymore. Both of them were frustrated and grumpy, starting to snap and snipe at each other without meaning to. He felt a deep, soulful need to screw Beth, and frankly she felt the same for him. One night, after she slid into bed beside him, he made a move on her, taking charge and pulling her powerfully to him, kissing her passionately, his tongue delving into her mouth. She couldn’t resist; she loved to be dominated and taken a bit roughly and with passion she could be swept up with, and right now he was more than delivering on that as he kissed her hard, shuddering and wettening as he kissed down her neck.

“Baby we can’t, what about Avril,” she breathed, a token protest though she knew this flight was barrelling down the runway now for a take-off. His response was to grab her long, luxurious hair and yank her head back with a sudden tug that made her almost grunt in lust, biting her neck hard, making her arch with need as he pinned her down onto the bed, kissing her again as he slid between her legs, his cock incredibly hard as he pushed it down over her slick pussy, both of them gasping at the sensation. He was about to slide inside her when she managed to find the resolve to stop him, grabbing his cock firmly, relishing the feel of it properly in her hand as she managed to speak to him.

“Avril, think of Avril, you don’t want to waste this,” she breathed, wishing she wasn’t saying those words right then.

“Thinking of Avril won’t make it go away that’s for sure,” he said with a cheeky grin. Beth just smiled, holding onto him.
”I know, but you want this for her,” Beth said, still stroking carefully.

“Don’t you want it?” he asked directly, his hand still in her hair.

“So much,” she whispered. He moved to take command again, but she stopped him, thinking it over for a moment.
”You can fuck me as long as you don’t come,” she said, looking into his eyes.

“But Beth…” he started, but she cut him off.
”No, I want you to save it for Avril. I want to see you blow that big load on her face,” she said clearly, stating just how much she wanted to see him give the Canadian star a facial.

“I won’t, I’ll keep control,” he said, knowing his stamina, even if he did need it so much right now his cock ached.

“We know what we’re like, we can’t take that risk. So to do this you’ll have to wear…” she said, leaning over to the side and fumbling in the drawer, “these,” she finished, holding up two black rubber cock rings. He didn’t take them, and she reached down to stretch them onto him, a larger one first with a slightly tighter one ahead of it.

“I’ll be alright without them,” he said as she settled them in place, feeling how hard he was and knowing they’d do the trick to control him.

“I want to come from this, you’ll have to nail me properly, so you’ve gotta wear these. Just be happy I’m not making you wear a rubber as well,” she said with a playful flick of her tongue. He took charge again now, pushing her down onto the bed and kissing her deeply again, feeling her respond now, unreserved, trusting him to handle things as he rolled his hips to let his steel-hard cock push down between her silky thighs. With a little push he was inside her, gasping at her deliciously wet, juicy pussy around him, feeling her muscles immediately clench on him as he penetrated her.

“Fuck…” she breathed, feeling him immediately bury himself inside her, his thick manhood stretching her out, feeling it swell and slide inside her, realising just how badly she missed it after only a few days. She needed this, despite feeling bad that he wouldn’t get to finish. He’d still enjoy it though, demonstrated by the way he was thrusting into her, still holding her hair tightly as he powerfully took her body, dominating her just how she liked as he took what he could get right now. Her pussy felt sublime around him, so tight and wet, easily accommodating him but still making him stretch her to do it. It felt great, but he could tell the rings would hold him back for a good long time, so he decided to put it to use. After all, she had asked to be nailed, so who was he to disappoint her.

Pushing up from her, he put his hands onto her shoulders to pin her hard to the bed, making it clear he had total control as he thumped himself into her harder, making her take every inch of him now, feeling her arch and push towards him, loving every stroke of him inside her. She didn’t need any more stimulation; just the feel of his thick cock in her was enough, making her feel alive with pleasure as he pumped on her hard.

“Harder, fuck me harder,” she breathed, unable to resist near begging him to satisfy her. Right now she needed all he had, especially with his super hard cock, intensified by the tight rings around it. He made her gasp and surge up ineffectually as he suddenly pulled out of her, giving her no time to keep up as he suddenly rolled her over and lifted her into doggy style, swiftly sinking himself into her, full depth this time, the position offering him access to her entirety.

“How you doing baby?” she managed to gasp as he pumped into her, driving down across her G-spot and making he shudder with pleasure.

“Shut up, Beth,” he growled, his mere tone enough to make a shiver of excitement course through her taut, glistening body. She did as she was told, save her sounds of pleasure and endurance as he fucked her, his strong hands holding her hips, then sliding to her waist to get a tight hold on her as he pumped his manhood deep into her, driving his hips into her firm, rounded ass with his rapid strokes. He knew exactly how to get her, and with powerful drives down over her G-spot and hard, thumping bursts of thrusts into her deeply she was driven to her climax. She tried to hold it back, wanting him to enjoy her as much as he could, but there came a point where she simply couldn’t prevent it bursting over her, the powerful orgasm of ecstasy and release bursting from her soul, deep in her body, erupting up through her entire being.

With loud cries of pleasure that were sure to wake the neighbours, Beth shuddered and struggled through her orgasm, her body just losing control, leaving him to hold and control her as he continued to pump into her squeezing pussy, loving the sensation of her muscles clenching and grabbing at him as she climaxed, her pussy never tighter than at that moment. He was loving the feel of her on his cock, the heat and slickness as he thrust deep into her, burying himself fully with every powerful thrust that shoved her up the bed slightly as she dropped onto it, her head in the covers, totally exhausted from his pace and stamina, along with her climax.

She could sense him getting a little harder though, and his energy and focus were immense. It was behaviour she knew well, and she knew that if he continued much longer she’d be on the receiving end of his massive orgasm, with an already big load that by now shoot into her so hard he’d probably pass out. It’s not that she didn’t want that in her, but she couldn’t let him, they had bigger plans, and she reluctantly reached back to stop his hips, pulling forward off him so he sprung from her pussy, sticking right up. Beth felt an immediate rush of jealousy, that this huge climax of his and its massive load were going to be enjoyed by Avril Lavigne and not her, but she quickly put it from her mind, focussing on him and the frustration he was feeling.

“That was fucking great,” she breathed, turning round to him, talking hold of him and jerking him off firmly, making him push a little to her hand.
”Yeah…for you,” he grumbled slightly.
”I know baby, but it’ll be worth it when you’re busting it in Avril’s eye,” she purred with a smile. He couldn’t help but smile as she pulled the rings off him, making him feel immediately relief at the freedom, then give a groan of pleasure as she slipped him into her mouth, sucking firmly at him and bobbing up and down steadily. She worked her tongue stud strongly as she tasted her juices on him, loving them, kind of wishing they were Avril’s in a switch from her momentary jealousy just before as she sucked him off, his hands pushing into her hair for a couple of minutes before she slowed and succulently let him out of her mouth with a pout of her lips.

“Just a bit more,” he said, pushing his fingers through her long hair.

“No baby, you only want to finish, you know that,” she said, rolling onto her back on the bed. He slid down, still rock hard, to sit beside her.

“Yeah, well, not such an unreasonable request,” he said. He couldn’t help but be grumpy. Beth could understand it, and didn’t push him for anything else, it was the natural reaction.

“You have to suffer this, but you get to fuck Avril Lavigne at the end of it. Nobody else gets to do that,” she offered, urging him down into the bed to lie next to her.

“True,” he conceded.

“And after you’re done with her, you can go back to fucking me as much as you like,” she said with a smile, before leaning over to kiss him on the cheek.

“Oh I will,” he said, and the tone in his voice told Beth he had some things in mind for when he could do that. She’d look forward to them, as she turned the light off and snuggled into the bed, giving him a deep kiss before resting quietly on the pillows. He was restless, and she felt him shifting around a lot, but drifted off into sleep easily post-orgasm, as he lay frustrated in bed, staring at the ceiling of the darkened room.

The rest of the week was just as tough, with Beth dressing as sexily as she ever did, and sending him teasing texts and pictures, enjoying wiggling back into him when they were cuddling in bed. Despite what she said, it was clear she was loving it, almost like a punishment because he was going to bang Avril. He just got through by thinking of that, that he’d get to do something nobody else in his position did, but also  to see his fondly remembered tattooed rock chick. The night of the concert finally arrived at the end of the week, wrapping up his torture and leaving him to think of her tight body and what he could do to her.

Beth had him shave her pussy with his straight razor for the occasion, leaving her incredibly smooth and him unbearably hard, prior to them getting into the shower together. Beth teasingly gave him a soapy handjob, just gently, to give him a bit of stimulation and help get him started. She said it would be best to keep him horny until Avril, as it’d help him blow a good load for her, as he was kissing and nibbling at her neck and making it very difficult for her not to just go down and suck him. He assured her that if she didn’t stop teasing right now, he would have his way with her whether she wanted it or not. She smiled, of course she wanted it, but they had worked too hard to blow it now, and she let her hand slide reluctantly from his manhood and they finished their shower.

Beth dressed in a sexy hot pink thong with a little black bow on the front, and a pair of fishnet hold-up stockings. She didn’t wear a bra, instead opting to contain her firm C-cups inside a strapless black pinstripe corset dress, slipping herself into it and then lacing up the black ribbon in the mirror as he got dressed. It wasn’t a full on corset, of which she had a few, but it gave a nice squeeze to her body, pulling her in and pushing her up, defining her slender waist, pushing up her ample boobs and accentuating her curvy hips. She knew plenty of men would give her a glance tonight, but she only wanted the one who already had her. It was nice to get interest though.

He watched his sexy girlfriend getting dressed, checking her stockings and letting him get a look up her dress at her sexy panties as she sat down to pull her footwear on, which were a pair of high-heeled ankle boots, made of black leather with laces all up the front and a stiletto heel at the back. It was an erotic blend of gothic style and feminine sexiness, and took her several minutes to lace herself into them, slipping her fishnet-covered foot into the first one. Once they were on they wouldn’t be off again till she got home, something that he knew well as he’d once felt them pulled around him when they’d had a vigorous, passionate fuck after a night out and she’d not wanted to waste time taking them off first.

He just put on a smart pair of black jeans with a nice dark grey short-sleeved shirt, a simple chain round his neck as always. Kicking on his Skechers, he was ready, leaving Beth eyeing him with playful hate at how easily he got ready, swiftly sorting his hair and then waiting for her.

They had plenty of time though, and after they were ready and made sure they had the tickets and special backstage passes, they got a taxi to the arena for Avril’s concert. Hundreds of Avril Lavigne fans were milling about outside and in the venue, not at their seats, some clearly completely obsessed with the Canadian star and others far more normal and everyday. He mused that the obsessed ones, no matter how they stalked her, would never get see even a fraction of what he had of her real self, and her gorgeous body.  Just the thought of it was enough to get him going a bit, and he pushed the thoughts of Avril to the edge of his mind as Beth led him with her soft hand, going to the bar for a drink.
Several guys looked at Beth, some attempting to be subtle, mostly the ones with girlfriends, more than one of which elbowed them in the ribs for looking at her, and others quite blatantly staring. Beth didn’t acknowledge it, letting them look, after all she was sexily dolled up for the night, but it was for her man and Avril Lavigne, not that anyone besides them would ever know that. They got themselves a drink and then headed in to find their seats. After a wait the support act got on, someone they’d never heard of trying to break into the industry. They were alright though, and he and Beth chatted, avoiding the obvious, scintillating subject of Avril and what might go on backstage once they got to her. There was a while before Avril got on stage, the crowd going through periods of chanting for her and quieter times of waiting, anxious to see their idol on the stage.

Eventually, the arena darkened, immediately electrifying the crowd, the flashes of cameras bursting all over the sea of people. A huge surge of noise accompanied the start of her first song, opening with “Girlfriend” to massive appreciation as she emerged on stage in tight jeans and top, microphone in hand and got to work. He and Beth cheered her onto the stage, before he drew her to him with arm around her waist, feeling her push her booty back teasingly into his crotch with a little wiggle.

“Don’t start that,” he murmured in her ear. She leaned her head back onto his shoulder with a grin, offering him a great view down her dress at her pushed up boobs.

“Everyone’s watching Avril, nobody will notice,” she whispered, rocking her ass back into him. He couldn’t resist and just let her, his hand straying from her waist upwards to cup her breast, before giving a squeeze, making her reach to stop him.

“Hey, you said nobody would notice,” he said with a cheeky smile. She lowered her hand and smiled, glancing to see that indeed, as she’d said, nobody was watching them, all focussed on the Canadian star on stage.

The concert was fantastic, as he’d expected, with Avril right on song, and dressed in a sequence of sexy outfits as she belted out her biggest hits as the crowd lapped it up. He pulled Beth close during “I’m with you” as they swayed, feeling her shrink into his arms as he did, pausing to enjoy a long, romantic kiss afterwards. They weren’t that close to the stage, but it was just being there, hearing her, the atmosphere that counted, and it was certainly a great gig. Made even better by the fact that Beth was with him, someone to share the moment with, and teasing him at numerous opportunities.

For much of the concert she kept him at least semi hard, getting him fully up more than once, by doing thing such as suddenly guiding his hand under the front of her skirt and directly onto her sexy underwear, and later actually pulling his hand into them, feeling how perfectly smooth he’d got her. This combined with lots of sexy little comments about their upcoming encounter with Avril kept him pumped right up, which Beth said would be ideal, as it would mean he’d blow a huge load on her face. It might’ve been true, but it didn’t make for the most comfortable gig, and he didn’t focus on the music as much as he should have, though he was hardly unhappy to have this hot, horny brunette with him to distract from it. He could still glance up to see Avril though over her head, taking moments to think of her as Beth teased and stimulated him.

As it came to a close and wrapped up, Avril thanked her fans after her encore and skipping energetically off stage, letting everyone see her sexy ass bounce, her little skirt flicking up to almost offer people a tantalising glance at her tight booty, but never quite enough. Not that they were close enough that he could actually see anything anyway. They waited a few minutes for the huge throng of fans to vacate the arena as the lights came up, dispelling the atmosphere, and let Avril get off stage and organised, before approaching the security near the stage and showing their passes, where they’d been told to go. After a brief inspection of their VIP tickets, and a good look down Beth’s dress and at her kinky footwear by the security guys, they were waved through and escorted by a runner through the brightly lit corridors backstage to Avril’s dressing room, where he knocked.

“VIP ticket holders, to meet you,” he said through the door.

“Come in,” Avril called, the sound of her voice immediately exciting both of them, a rush into his chest as he heard her sexy tones, calling up memories of the two incredible nights he’d spent with her. Avril knew it was them, because she hadn’t authorised any other VIP “Meet Avril!” tickets for this event deliberately. Feeling the excitement herself, she shivered as the door was opened, and she clapped her big eyes on Beth, his sexy brunette lover. Their eyes met, and then Avril couldn’t help but look down, drinking her in; her sexy dress, pushing her up and making it clear she had no bra on, her lightly laced-in waist and the floaty skirt over her sexy fishnets and her kinky black boots.

Avril would never have looked at other girls before, but after the encounter with Beth, her first lesbian experience, she found herself looking at them differently. She wasn’t really sure what she felt, and hadn’t made any moves with women since, but she was certainly appreciating them more, and as Beth stepped in ahead of him she couldn’t help but take in every detail, and immediately wonder what panties she had on. Beth had said if Avril thought of her afterwards then she was into girls. She’d certainly done that, on lots of occasions since actually, usually when she had her hand down her pants, but she wasn’t sure if it was just Beth as opposed to her general sexuality. She really wasn’t sure, but there was no denying Beth looked hot, and was looking at her with a calculating lust that suggested she already had something in mind and was ready to pounce.

“Hey,” Beth said in a voice thick with the lesbian lust that her gaze portrayed.
”Hey,” Avril said, glancing to him. He looked her straight in the eyes with a genuine smile as he closed the door. Beth glanced back to see him close it, concealing them from prying eyes, and then immediately stepped forward, grabbed Avril’s head and kissed her hard, pressing her tongue into her mouth before the Canadian star even knew what was happening. Avril gave a murmur of surprise, her eyes widening as she looked to him, seeing his eyes locked on them before she melted into the kiss, returning it fully, curling her tongue into Beth’s waiting mouth, sliding it past hers as they kissed passionately. Beth’s fingers slid through her hair as he other hand moved down her side and round the small of her back to pull her closer. Breaking apart gasping, Beth rested her forehead on Avril’s, looking deep into her eyes.

“I’ve been thinking about that for a long time,” she smiled, letting her hand stray down onto Avril’s ass, giving a light squeeze through her skirt.

“I’ve been thinking about you as well,” Avril replied.

“Oh really?” Beth said teasingly with a grin, flicking her pierced tongue out playfully, knowing exactly what she was referring to.

“Yeah,” Avril murmured more quietly, then turned her gaze to him, seeing him looking at her with a look that belayed more than a lust for her tight body. There was definitely a spark between them, even if she’d denied he was falling for her previously, and it was that which led her to slip from Beth’s arms towards him, where he drew her in with a hand and straight to another kiss for her, this time Beth’s turn to watch. The petite Avril Lavigne stood up onto her toes, before he pulled and arm around her and lifted her up so he could kiss her properly, something he did to Beth quite regularly. She loved when he did, and could see Avril liked it as well, kissing him passionately, with a hint of affection as their kiss slowed into a lingering, lustful lip-lock.

“Hey,” she breathed without opening her eyes, feeling his hand take a firm grip on her ass, under her skirt, which was hanging out the way. He was able to feel her conservative if slightly racy lace knickers, which were now pulled up her bum somewhat by the way she’d hooked her leg around him.

“Hey,” he said, unable to stop his wide smile as Avril kissed lightly down his neck. Beth looked on with a little twinge of jealousy, though it was far outweighed by the arousal she was feeling, very turned on now they were finally with the singer. She couldn’t wait to get her hands on her properly, and very shortly to watch him blow his load on her pretty face. He was evidently feeling the same, as Avril suddenly arched with a strained gasp as he turned his fingers under between her legs to stroke over her already wet pussy. Avril had been wet for her last three songs; she’d been thinking about this after-show party all the time, almost forgetting her lyrics because of it as the sexy thoughts overtook her mind. And now here she was, holding onto him and shuddering in pleasure as his fingers pushed past her slightly risqué underwear and slipped easily into her juicy pussy.

Beth caught his gaze, both of them smiling as Avril held onto his shirt, giving a shake and grunt as he buried two fingers all the way inside her.

“Oh fuck,” Avril growled, pushing down onto his fingers and grinding against him. He was already rock hard, having seen how Beth had kissed Avril when they arrived, and now he couldn’t help but respond to the Canadian cutie, pushing back and feeling the wonderful stimulation to his cock, having been denied anything bar a teasing hand for days. Right then he could easily do what he’d done to Avril more than once, and just shove her down, skirt up and fuck her hard, bury himself into her tight pussy, and frankly he was on the brink before Beth intervened.

“Put her down, there’ll be plenty of time to fuck her, but right now she’s gonna suck your cock,” Beth said, taking command of the situation.

“She is?” he asked, looking up to Beth from the musician.

“I am?” Avril said, stopping to look round at Beth, hanging off him by one arm as if she was his, which frankly she was. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to suck him, she’d thought of it plenty leading up to now, but Avril had figured that the first thing he’d do would be to jam himself to the hilt in her pussy, much as he had in their previous brace of encounters.

“Yeah you are, because we have a little surprise for you,” Beth said with a naughty smile, as Avril bit her lip in pleasure as his two exploring fingers found her G-spot, making her body shudder.

“Really?” she asked, both excited and nervous at what they might have in store for her. Given she was entering into a three-way with them she was already sure her time in their company would give her some new experience, not least further exploration of her sexuality.

“Yeah. After you suck him to it, he’s gonna give you a nice big facial, since you enjoyed your first one,” Beth said with a smile.
”Oh really?” Avril said, looking back to him with a grin, rocking her hips on his fingers.

“Yeah, he’s been saving it for you for nearly two weeks, and now you’re gonna suck him so he can blow that big load right in your pretty face,” Beth said, excited to see the singer suck her man off to another impressive facial for the Canadian cutie.

“Two weeks, wow you must be ready to pop!” she exclaimed, knowing how high his drive was, and that him and Beth had a very active sex life. As a tease she ground down against him, feeling his rock hard cock through his jeans, and his fingers working powerfully inside her, taking her quite close towards an imminent orgasm.

“He is, so you’d better not disappoint,” Beth said. Avril just smiled slyly at her.

“I never do,” she murmured, giving a last grind against him and then dropping her legs back to the floor to be put down. His hand just reached up to glide and lightly tug through her long hair, making her tremble at the thought of him pulling it. Beth could see it, and tell Avril was absolutely gagging for him to fuck her, and she knew full well he felt the same. Avril was set to kneel down dutifully as he and Beth shared a look, which somehow conveyed everything that was going on.
”Just for a bit,” Beth smiled, looking at him and then to Avril, who looked round at her. Beth’s eyes moving back to him directed Avril the right way, where she turned to be grabbed for a deep, passionate kiss, where he pulled her towards him and off her feet with ease, making her mumble in pleasure as he shoved her back into her dressing table with a thump, pushing her ass onto it. They didn’t need to talk, totally in sync with each other like old lovers, Avril’s nimble fingers going to his jeans, releasing them and sending them down his legs with his boxers in moments, letting him spring free. He was so hard for her, and somehow surged even stronger as she immediately grabbed hold, giving a firm squeeze and then quick strokes up and down, feeling so horny as she got him in her hand after so long.

His hands went straight up her skirt, over her smooth legs and grabbed her little black lace panties, yanking them down so hard she was sure they’d rip, discarding them to her knees in his haste to get at her pussy, which now was even wetter than before. She didn’t think she’d ever been so wet and ready for a cock as she kissed him passionately, using her tongue skilfully on his as he went to penetrate her, Avril attempting to spread her legs, only to be stopped by her underwear at half-mast. Instinctively she reacted, taking the fastest route to getting him inside her by pulling her knees up to her chest and keeping her legs spread as wide as she could, leaving her thighs open to let her labia bulge between them invitingly, revealing her neatly trimmed but full patch of hair and the titanium ring in her hood.

He couldn’t care less right now as he immediately plunged himself into Avril, both of them gasping loudly as he sank straight to his balls, her pussy absolutely drenched, body totally ready and willing to accept his manhood, allowing her to stretch and slide to easily take his full, thick length. They paused for a moment, Avril feeling her vagina quiver and spasm around him a few times at the sheer sensation of having him inside her again, like it was where he belonged. They both looked down to look at her snug pussy hugging him tightly, her inner lips drawing outwards as he slowly withdrew. He relished the feeling of her clenching and squeezing on him, before he put an arm around her knees and started to thrust into her, going straight into long, hard thrusts, shoving hard into her to make her grunt, knowing her dripping, accommodating pussy could take it, and Avril wanted it.

Her dressing table rocked under them as he started to thump himself into her, the feeling of her snug pussy on him absolutely unbelievable after going without in readiness for it, so hot and slick around his shaft as he pumped her, feeling her soft, yielding folds squeeze and glide over his bulbous head deep within her as she worked to clench her muscles for his pleasure. Avril braced herself on the dresser as he fucked her, craning up to kiss him further, giving a hungry bite to his tongue as he started to pound her with hard, short thrusts as her booted feet went round his sides to give him optimal access to go hard as he wanted on her.

She gave a gasp and almost lurched off the tabletop as she pushed her hips forward to receive a thrust he didn’t give, peaking in a sudden flurry of pumps that made her entire soul ripple with primal pleasure before he suddenly yanked out from balls deep, making her inhale sharply, her eyes popping open to see why. Her question was already being answered though as he pulled her now shaky legs down onto the floor and spun her straight round to shove her down over the dresser, grabbing her skirt to push it up out the way. Avril took the momentary pause to reach up and step on her panties, getting them down and off one leg, allowing her to spread and present fully for him. They remained caught around one boot as she reached back to spread herself for him, using her fingertips to pull open her juicy labia to guide him inside. He decided to take a moment to tease her, rubbing his achingly hard over her fingers and juicy opening, pushing his swollen head up over her tight asshole, making her momentarily think he was going to drive into her anally, which right now she was so horny she’d have welcomed.

“Oh god fuck me, come on fuck me!” Avril gasped, not caring how it looked to Beth, standing and watching them. To Beth it was incredibly hot to watch, staring intently as her man put it to the Canadian singer, her fingers sneaking up under her skirt to just brush teasingly at the front of her sexy pink thong, pausing as Avril gave cry of pleasure as he plunged his cock into her again, easily driving balls deep, pushing into her tight ass as he put it to her, grabbing hold of her hips and rapidly picking up the pace again, jamming his cock powerfully in and out of her as she gasped and groaned from under a curtain of hair as it hung down around her face on the dresser. Her boots scuffed on the floor as she pushed to keep herself up on the dresser for him to nail her, though she was sure he’d have managed it regardless, feeling his thick, hard manhood throbbing deep inside her petite body.

Beth’s fingers were massaging firmly at herself through her underwear as she watched them get it on, their hunger and passion evident. It didn’t make her jealous though, she wasn’t in competition with Avril for him. Right now he was just using her as a fuck toy, and she was literally weak at the knees at finally getting screwed by him again. He was speeding up though, and she knew it was only a matter of time before he blew with Avril’s snug, silky vagina squeezing around his cock, especially after two weeks without sex. She started to clamp down more deliberately, combining it with pushing back into him and rolling her hips to get him as deep as possible, stretching her at new depths, feeling intense on his head as it expanded her, making him growl in primal lust as he drove in with renewed power, making Avril arch slowly, powerfully, on command.

His handful of Avril’s hair made her give the most lustful, erotic gasping grunt of pleasure and submission, his fingers twisting through her soft locks as he hauled himself into her hard, making her body only beg for more, able to tell him she wanted it harder, faster, however he wanted to give it to her. It spurred him to smack her ass with his spare hand before he returned it to her waist, hauling back on her hips as she arched her back, her legs spread and strong for him to pillage her, both of them lost in the ecstasy of it. Beth was impressed he’d lasted so well, but she could tell he wasn’t far off, and if he didn’t stop soon Avril was going to end up with that big, thick load in her pussy. Beth knew full well she’d be fine with that, hell was probably waiting for it, but it’d mean she’d gone without a good fuck for a fortnight for no reason.

“Babe, slow down, you don’t want to waste it,” she said, stepping over to him, breaking his concentration on Avril, who continued to push back even as he slowed a bit.

“She’ll look so much better with it over her face,” she grinned as he looked into her eyes, before breaking into his own smile.
”Yeah she will,” he agreed, focusing on Avril again to finish off with a hard yank of her hair, sending a rush of arousal through her as he thumped himself against her arse hard several times to bury his twitching cock inside her, before a long hold, feeling her squeeze at him a few times before sliding slowly back out, her lips hugging at every contour of his cock as he and Beth watched, popping out and springing up, leaving her pussy gaping just a little bit, her soft pink lips opened for him. She gasped and reached up to push her dirty blonde hair back from her pretty face, turning to look up at him with a smile, breathing hard. She took a moment before standing and turning towards him, Beth helping her up with a hand, and then urging her down onto her knees as they stepped away from the dresser.

“Suck it,” she whispered into Avril’s ear as she sank down before him, his rock hard cock standing straight up in front of her face. She needed no second invitation, eyeing his impressive manhood hungrily, glistening with her thick juices before her as she took it in for a moment before opening wide, rocking up on her knees and taking half of him straight into her mouth and sucking firmly. He gasped loudly, his knees going a little weak as the Canadian star immediately got to work, energetically bobbing her head as he dainty hands took hold of his hips, pushing herself quickly deeper on his length, giving a slight choke in her haste to take him into her throat. She persisted though, and with a few more strokes was taking him comfortably into her throat, though not balls deep yet.

His hands slid instinctively into her soft hair, just guiding her authoritatively as she worked, feeling how hard she was sucking, enjoying tasting her pussy on his cock as she devoured him, feeling him throb and twitch in her mouth as she worked at him, thrusting her tongue back and forth flatly on the underside of his head in an alternating rhythm to the dips of her head, giving him a wonderfully complete experience. He groaned in pleasure as she worked, having missed Avril’s impressive oral skills, and having gone a while without anything, or her, it was feeling particularly good. Beth watched with a smile as his fingers began to twist in the singers hair, able to tell how good it was feeling for him, waiting for Avril to bring him to his big finish.

Avril’s eyes were calmly closed as she sucked, just doing her thing and quite happy about it evidently, starting to push a bit more again now. She slowed for several long, deep strokes, letting him pull right out of her mouth, entertaining the tip of his cock with her soft lips momentarily before she glided easily back down. Doing this several times frustrated and teased him, but he let her do her thing, being rewarded handsomely when she pushed back down again till he touched her throat, and then opened her mouth and powered down the last inch or so of his cock till her nose pressed against him, closing to suck firmly again now she’d achieved perfection.

“Oh fuck Avril,” he breathed, feeling her work masterfully at his cock, looking down to watch her slowly and powerfully withdraw. She seemed to know, rolling her head back, her gorgeous eyes just popping open to look up at him, meeting his gaze as she slowly slid back up the length of his thick cock, her lips wrapped tightly around him. She let him slide right out, pushing up under as she kissed under his head, making his cock jump and land down on her lips again, making her smile. She repeated it before she let herself practically fall back down his shaft, holding his gaze as long as possible before she closed her eyes and took his entire length again, his balls pressing to her chin, letting him linger a moment before slowly sliding back again to repeat it. She knew he was close, and wanted him to enjoy it, and to give herself time to enjoy it as well, as there was a lot worse things for her than sucking on his hard, thick cock as his gorgeous girlfriend watched on.

Beth didn’t say anything, just watching, her hand was now under her skirt however rubbing slowly at the front of her panties. She’d also gone without proper sex for a couple of weeks now, the one session in the middle excluded, and she was raring to go, her pussy distinctly wet and clit begging for the attention she was now teasing it with. They were far too busy to notice, which she was fine with, wanting him to enjoy Avril’s fantastic blowjob. She knew he had a soft spot for Avril beyond just sex, but didn’t bring it up as she was no realistic threat and she was confident of his love for her. Avril started to build pace now, her strokes becoming much shorter and faster in a rapid acceleration, and in just a few moments her head was working up and down like it was spring loaded, keeping him shallow now to let the tip of her tongue and soft, squeezing lips do the work on his head, deliberately stimulating the most sensitive area of him to induce the most powerful orgasm possible.

She was sucking hard, his cock being drawn into her mouth in sudden jerks and then pulled from that hard vacuum by her motion, making him thrust to meet her, both of them working together again now as his fingers pushed through her hair again and took hold of her head. Avril was giving little encouraging murmurs and noises now, turning him on even more as he groaned in pleasure, ready to burst, feeling his balls tighten in preparation. She reached up with perfect timing as she felt him stiffen a bit and squeezed his balls firmly, working to delay him just a bit more to build the pressure, fondling him expertly as she continued her intense assault on him. It held him back for a few more seconds, but then he felt the onset of his big, desperately-needed climax, his cock hardening to terminal pressure, which made Avril immediately find another gear, taking more of him in a flurry of deep, hard sucks, her tongue attacking him in the final couple of seconds before he blew, impressing Beth at her eagerness for a facial.

He used his hand to fairly wrench Avril off him, yanking her down onto her heels and her head back as she gave a loud gasp, opening her mouth wide and squeezing her eyes shut in a mix of preparation and pre-orgasmic pleasure, her pussy absolutely dripping wet, so much so she was sure she’d have dripped onto the floor by now. Her hand slipped away from his balls as he grabbed his cock and worked it hard, holding for the last agonising milliseconds as he took aim. With her eyes shut, she didn’t see Beth holding her phone up, videoing the moment her boyfriend covered Avril’s pretty face in HD.

He gave a growl, then with a deep, throaty groan of release he exploded, his balls clenching hard as a thick spurt of his huge load erupted across Avril’s face, making her gasp sharply as the hot, sticky burst hit her skin, going perfectly across her top lip, nose and forehead, some of it into her mouth, letting her taste him from the outset as he exhaled hard with every shot. He held her hair tightly as he let go about a dozen more jets of come across the Canadian star, the second one going across her left eye and into her dark hair. The relief and pleasure of his huge orgasm after a torturous teasing fortnight without one was incredible, making him shudder and shake as he unloaded onto her, half his bursts being big, thick ones that helped to coat her face, getting her other eye and one right across and into her open mouth.

Breathing hard, he directed the weakening surges onto her cheeks, lips and chin, before giving a final squeeze and rocking back on his heels with an incredible chemical peak overwhelming his system. Avril felt like she was bursting at the seams, and couldn’t resist letting her hand just drift below her skirt, taking hold of her polished titanium ring and giving it a twist, pressing and circling it on her clit to make her surge in pleasure for a few moments before letting it go, not wanting to make herself come, wanting him to do it for her.

“Oh fuck that was incredible,” he mumbled, looking back down at the singer before him, releasing her hair as she closed her mouth to swallow before breathing hard again herself, face absolutely covered by what had been a massive load, starting to run down a bit as she leaned forward from her presented position. Unable to open her eyes, she simply leaned up and sought out his cock, finding and sucking him into her mouth to draw the last from him, figuring she may as well go the whole way and act like his personal porn star, making him shake as her skilful mouth worked intently round his head and then sucked him deep, her vacuum like suction pulling the last dregs of his load from his balls as his hand pushed instinctively on the back of her head until she was done, letting him slip from her mouth. Beth was just staring at the massive result. He gave a glance to her, then back to Avril, and knew the tough time without sex had been worth it for this. Avril herself wasn’t quite sure what to do however, but Beth swiftly went to her aid.

“Take this,” she said, holding her phone out to him. He gave a smile as he took it from her, seeing it was recording and knowing this would be another little video treat of Avril to enjoy later. Beth stepped to Avril, which would’ve offered her a good look up her skirt if she’d been able to open her eyes, and then knelt down with her, pushing her hair back. She then did the same to Avril, who shivered a little, knowing it was Beth touching her, the excitement of getting with another girl again hitting her fast, heart pumping harder as the gorgeous brunette pushed her hair out the way and then took a hold on her head, tipping it back just a little and then leaning down to kiss her softly, sensually, letting her tongue just pour into her mouth, making Avril melt beneath her and return her kiss, letting Beth extend her whole pierced tongue in before she bit firmly at it, taking hold and then nibbling lustfully at it as Beth enjoyed, letting her do it as their lips pressed together.

He kept the phone steady to take it all in as they kissed, Beth collecting his come from Avril’s lips as they did, before she broke away with a long suck of Avril’s tongue, right off it out of her mouth before she turned and sexily gave a long lick up the left side of her face, over her cheek, eye and forehead as Avril shivered, gathering his load and rolling her tongue back into her mouth, swallowing hungrily with a little shiver of his own. She did like to swallow, and having been without him for well over a week had made her miss it, so she took this moment for herself to enjoy it. After a pause, she seized Avril’s head a little more firmly and proceeded to lick the rest of his load from her soft skin, the Canadian just quietly enjoying the surreal and sexual sensations of another girl licking his sperm from her face. Beth collected it up with long, slow licks, gathering it into her mouth but not swallowing it, noting just how much there was as she cleaned her up, all but what had gone into her hair.

On completing her cleaning of Avril, she moved down and again pressed her lips to Avril’s coaxing her mouth open with her tongue before she used it to push his load in, the Canadian’s tongue already up and waiting to receive it, licking smoothly at Beth’s as she accepted his thick come into her mouth, kissing wetly with the brunette before sucking deeply at her tongue to get it all. They proceeded to kiss deeply and passionately for a few seconds, giving him a show before Avril swallowed clearly, gulping down her mouthful, before kissing Beth some more, the premise of cleaning her up now well over, just clearly enjoying one another. Despite the huge climax, he was already starting to feel himself stiffening a little again at the sight of them snogging, before Beth broke away from her, Avril finally opening her eyes to take in her gorgeous, experimental lover.

“Enjoy that?” Beth asked, giving a smile.

“Yeah, did you?” Avril countered with a grin, not shy right now at having enjoyed a guy shooting a load on her face. It was only her second time, he’d given her the first previously, and she’d liked both occasions.
”Very much so, it was worth putting our sex life on hold for that,” Beth said, then stood firmly on her stiletto heels and pushed herself up. Avril stayed kneeling, and took a good look at Beth’s legs, and crucially up under her dress, taking in her sexy fishnet hold-up stockings, and getting an answer to her own question as she took in Beth’s sexy hot pink thong covering the sexy curve of her pussy. In the back of her mind, she hoped she’d get the chance to pull it down with her teeth, and then felt a little surprised at her sudden lesbian urge. Beth just gave a smile as she saw Avril’s eyes flick up to peek under her skirt, then turned and stepped away from her, giving a glimpse of her arse as she did. Avril finally pulled herself up, her legs stiff but she didn’t mind, pushing her skirt down a little bit, before she lifted her foot and tugged her damp lace panties off over her boot.

Without a word, she looked to him and held them out. It was as much for her as it was for him, and he didn’t say anything as he took them, stuffing them in his pocket and leaving her commando. He mused that this was without doubt the best gig he’d ever been to as Beth came back to him, sliding her arm around his waist and resting her head on his shoulder. He handed her the phone back as Avril also stepped over to him, reaching up to give him a kiss of her own.

”That was really hot,” she said, smiling across to Beth.

“Yeah, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the VIP tickets by the way,” he said with a slight laugh.

“No problem, though I’ve never had a fan in here to meet me before that did that!” she giggled.

“I bet, so what now? You coming back to my place?” he said, since none of them had any doubts about what was on the cards.

“Well, I’ve got some things to sort out here before I go, and if I leave with a couple of fans right now that might look a bit weird,” she said, glancing down and considering how she had no panties on, that one little flick of her skirt in such a situation would give a lot of people something to look at.

“Ok sure, so you’ll come over later on?” he confirmed.
”Sure, I’ll come as soon as I can,” she purred, giving a sultry grin. Beth giggled and took his hand, eyeing Avril’s sexy bare legs casually.

“Ok then,” he grinned, “we’ll see you soon,” he said, and they shared another kiss. It was a lingering one with just a hint of tongue, before she moved onto Beth, sharing another, deeper kiss with her.

“You know, I’m not a porn star, don’t have to film everything of me,” she said with a sly smile, indicating Beth’s phone.

“I’ve got a few videos of you that beg to differ,” he said with a smile. Avril just gave him a wink and then turned back to her dresser for a moment.

“See you later,” he said, and reached out to give a firm spank to her tight bum through her skirt, making her half glance over her shoulder as they headed for the door, Beth leading the way. They looked back to Avril, who walked to the door as she peeled her top off over her head, revealing her full, firm breasts settled nicely in a matching black lace bra, which was more sheer than lace, giving them a little tease as she closed the door to send them on their way.

“Feel better now?” Beth said with a playful smile after they’d walked a few steps down the corridor from her dressing room, towards the security waiting to escort them from the end of it to the exit, having no idea what they’d just done to Avril Lavigne.

“Much,” he said, glancing down to take in the view down the top of her dress.

“And you got to fuck her as well,” she said, thinking of the raw passion they’d displayed as they had.

“Yeah, though not to the finish,” he mused.

“How did it feel? Her pussy,” Beth said, just wanting every possible detail to stoke her own fires, very turned on but untouched right now.

“Fantastic, she was so wet, and tight. I’ve missed it, but then I’ve been missing you as well,” he said, pulling her in close and kissing her on the side of the head.

“I know, I’ve missed you too. But you’ll get both of us later,” she said, leaning up to kiss him on the cheek, just before they reached security and were escorted to the proper exit. After a brief wander, they were back outside in the cool air, a few last fans hanging around, mostly towards the back exit of the arena in a hope of meeting Avril somehow. He wasn’t sure that was likely now as they looked around for a taxi to take them home. With most people having cleared now there were some, which was handy as it was too far to walk home now, lined up at the rank. They walked over to them, Beth quickly getting into the first one, giving directions even as he got in and closed the door. As the taxi pulled away from the arena, they both took a moment to think of what had just transpired with Avril.

The ride through the darkened streets was a relieving quiet from the volume of the gig, and intensity of what’d followed. Beth however was still horny, which he could tell, though he playfully feigned tiredness and ignorance to it, gazing out the window at the passing city. It was only when she’d lost herself in her thoughts, gazing up at the sky by leaning her head back over the seat and staring up at the starry night sky, that he made a move to tease her. Without even looking back from his own musings out the window, his hand slipped smoothly over her knee and straight up under her skirt, making her jump slightly, then control herself to prevent suspicion, looking down past her nose to see that the driver hadn’t noticed a thing.

Breathing out slowly, she opened her legs a little as his hand slipped up her thigh, gliding over her sexy stockings and up to the sweet bulge of her pussy, his fingertips just delicately grazing the front of her hot pink underwear, feeling the silky material under his touch. Beth pushed her hips forward just a little to feel them, but he yielded at the movement, just wanting to keep the touch light and in his control. She’d have to let him do things it seemed, and it was frustratingly arousing as he just gently teased at her underwear, taking a fingertip hold on the sexy little black bow on the front of them, pulling it a little and letting it go.

He continued to tease at her thong, letting his fingertips slip to the edge of it, tracing down the edge seam, before he carefully pulled it aside a little to stroke up the blissfully smooth skin between her vulva and thigh, shaved perfectly smooth by him earlier in the evening. The driver still didn’t notice anything, and he continued to feign casual nonchalance despite his intent concentration as he curled his fingers to hook them over the front of her thong, feeling her resisting her urges to shove herself up onto his fingers, knowing her place in this little dance. He let the backs of his fingers take in her delectable smoothness, before he rolled his hand to let his skilled fingertips seek out her clit, feeling the curved barbell in her vertical hood piercing.

It meant that it pulled the thong tightly up her bum as he pushed the front of it down, but that only served to turn her on a bit more right now as his seeking, stimulating fingertips easily found her clit, making her arch from the seat at the first touch, biting her lip to prevent herself emitting a primal noise as her piercing was pressed into her. He was steady now though, not even attempting to bring her to an orgasm, just working to slowly circle at her clit with a light pressure, undulating his three fingers to give differing sensations to her as he teased, rolling the barbell around expertly, wanting to just keep her boiling over as they headed for home to await Avril’s arrival.

For Beth the taxi ride was all too short, as it soon drew up outside his apartment, the driver turning the light on in the car just moments after he withdrew his fingers from her underwear, leaving her to squeeze her legs shut and make sure her skirt was down as he paid for their ride. As he got his change Beth turned and slipped out onto the pavement beside the car, feeling and breathing in the chilled air, heels clicking on the slabs as she contemplated various things. He hopped out of the car and joined her, taking her hand to lead her indoors as the taxi pulled away, leading her to the building, in the door and to the stairs, where he playfully pushed her ahead of him. She just gave a knowing smile and roll of her eyes, then started up the stairs.

“Typical,” she commented, walking slowly up the stairs and flicking her hips to make her loose skirt flick up and give him a good view of her toned, rounded arse, her hot pink underwear flashing between her strong thighs as followed her up, taking in the view with a smile. They reached the door, where he quickly found his keys to let them in, stepping into the darkness of his place, closing the door and shutting out the light and sound of the world outside. Beth immediately kissed him, hard, shoving him back against the door, pressing her slender body to his, lifting her thigh up past his hip as she pushed herself up onto her toes to reach him. His arm naturally slid round her waist, before she grabbed his other hand and pulled it down between them, under her skirt and straight onto her treasures, pressing his hand to the silky underwear and grinding against it.

”Finish me,” she breathed, moving to kiss his neck as she rocked her hips against his hand.

“Right now?” he asked, a little stupidly, his other hand sliding down to grab a good handful of her arse.
”Yeah, I need it,” she breathed, brushing her teeth over the skin of his neck and collarbone, something she knew he liked.

“Don’t you want to wait for Avril?” he murmured, letting his hand open to cup her femininity.

“No!” she snapped, “you, me, right here, now.”

From that it was quite clear what she wanted, a little natural jealousy bubbling through her calm, accommodating persona. Seeing him with Avril had stirred up more than arousal, in a way she wished it didn’t. But she loved him, so it was natural to be jealous, and right now she wanted to make it clear it was them against the world or something.

“You got it,” he said after a pause, and with that he spun her round and slammed her against the door, making her grunt loudly, taken aback by it somewhat, but rapidly brought back to reality as his hand disposed of her knickers and got to work on her smooth pussy, rubbing the heel of his hand over her as he curled his fingers to bury them up inside her, making her give a strained gasp as he immediately buried three fingers inside her. She was very wet and her body took them, but the stretch caught her off guard, as did the sudden pace he achieved, thrusting his fingers in and out quickly, letting his hand pressure her pierced clit as he did, making her groan in pleasure as it washed over her, his other hand still holding her arse tightly, groping at it through her skirt.

“Ohh fuck…” she groaned, pushing down into his hand as he fingered her, slipping his fingers back out and assaulting her clit directly again now, starting to rub firmly in fast circles, making her shudder powerfully as the ball on the end under her hood circled her clit intently, so hard and stimulating. She was already close, so it wasn’t going to take him long, especially as his other hand now pulled under her skirt to her bare arse, squeezing and pulling it apart, his fingers finding their way to her tight back hole. She gasped as he pressed at it, then pushed back instinctively as he pushed a finger in; she loved anal, and right now getting fingered front and back seemed like the best thing in the world. He buried his finger into her squeezing ass as she drove back onto it with a roll of her hips, and renewed his powerful attack on her delicate button, grabbing the barbell and twisting it in her soft pussy.

“Don’t stop, make me come!” she gasped, biting at his neck harder than she intended. He yanked away from her, then darted down and sunk his teeth into her neck in retribution, hard, making her cry out at the sharp pain, which immediately mixed with the pleasure of his finger working in and out of her arse as two other fingers seized her barbell and rubbed it rapidly round her hard clit, slipping and sliding with her abundant juices. With just a few seconds work she came, her first orgasm since their incomplete fuck the best part of a week prior, her body bucking and quaking under his touch, the immense, overwhelming pleasure boiling from his touch through her whole body as she screamed in ecstasy, a noise that neighbours would definitely hear. A burst of her juices covered his hand as she shook, inspiring him to bury two fingers into her quickly, feeling her pulsing, rippling clenches as she came, his thumb taking over to work at her clit, adding a new dimension to it right when it had most effect, making Beth almost double over at the sensation.

As she calmed down, he released her bit-by-bit, pulling away from her neck, slipping his hands from under her dress in turn and then letting her away from the door. Beth looked a right state; her hair all over the place, totally out of touch at that moment, her pussy soaked with her sexy little panties somewhere around her thighs, and a big love bite visible on her neck.

“Better?” he said with a smile, looking to her as she reached down to slide her underwear back up, taking a deep breath and pushing her hair back from her face.

“Holy fuck, I needed that,” she murmured, stepping away from the door with slightly shaky legs, walking towards the front room as he stepped into the kitchen to get a drink. She flopped down on the sofa in the darkness, taking a couple of minutes to close her eyes and enjoy the warm aftermath of her orgasm. He followed shortly after, lifting her up to sit on the sofa, resting her head back down on his lap. Beth murmured in pleasure and lie back to enjoy the relaxing position as his fingers pushed through her long raven hair. They both silently pondered Avril’s arrival, and quite what they might get up to. Beth was certainly thinking of having the Canadian star lick her pussy again; she’d done a sterling job at her first time and Beth was sure she would do again, especially now she was perfectly smoothed by his straight razor.

Around an hour later there was a knock at his door, sending a rush of excitement through both of them. Beth quickly smoothed her dress and checked her stockings, before quickly pulling her sexy hot pink thong up just a little tighter to give Avril more to look at. As she was doing that, he got to the door and swiftly opened it, swinging it back to reveal the gorgeous Canadian star standing there with her bag, wearing a snug top under her leather biker jacket, blonde hair loosely swept over her shoulders, with tight jeans that fed down into leather knee high boots. He took just a moment to take her in, making her smile before she pulled herself in the door of his apartment by pushing her arms around him and drawing them together for a long, deep kiss, one that was far more than mere lust, accentuated by the careful caress of her tongue.

He hoped none of his neighbours had noticed her as they stepped back inside and pushed the door shut, releasing Avril to lock it as Beth appeared in the hallway, smiling at Avril, who smiled back and immediately let his foxy girlfriend pull her into a lesbian lip lock, though it wasn’t quite as intimate as the one she’d just shared with him. Breaking apart, Beth took Avril’s hand and headed straight for the bedroom, the Canadian cutie giggling as she was towed directly into a threesome that was sure to rattle her cage.

“Not even a hello first?” she teased, since Beth hadn’t even bothered to speak to her, just opting to take control of the situation and get it started.

“Nope, there’s other things to do with our tongues besides speak,” she said with a sly smile as she flicked on the lights in the bedroom. He followed behind, already pulling his shirt off. Avril shrugged her jacket off and threw it aside on the floor, before quickly reaching down to pull off her soft brown leather boots, standing down with her dainty feet several inches shorter. Beth just smiled and turned her back to him, where he immediately pulled her in for another kiss, Avril feeling a rush of exhilaration at being shared like this, feeling so desired and horny at the same time. His hands took hold of her tight ass and gave a firm squeeze, lifting her onto the balls of her feet as he did. As their tongues danced, Avril felt Beth’s slender hands on her sides, pulling her fitted top up, rolling it up her body towards her firm, pushed-up breasts.

As he let her down onto her feet from their kiss, his hands sliding back up caught the top from Beth and drew it up, smoothly over her chest and then head, engulfing her in her hair for a moment as he pulled it off. It was all happening at once though, as Beth’s hands had slid sensually down over the soft skin of her waist and to her tight jeans, reaching round to deftly pop the button and draw the short zipper down, exposing Avril’s sexy black underwear. Her top was pulled free over her head, where she flicked her hair back, pushing it out the way and arching her back to show off her firm, perky rack, pushed up tightly in another sexy balconette bra, sheer black trimmed with red satin, which she’d done up as tight as it’d go.

She looked up at him saucily from under her perfectly shaped eyebrows with a coquettish bite of her lip as Beth tugged on her jeans, finding out just how tight they were. Keeping her eyes fixed on his as his hands moved onto her slim waist, she wiggled her hips to help Beth pull down the snug denim, freeing them from her hips and arse and pulling her legs together as Beth crouched down to pull them all the way off. Avril stepped dutifully out of them as they were pooled at her feet, revealing her sexy black underwear, which was a sheer crotchless lace thong, with a wide, low-slung waistband which dipped enticingly at the front and had a sexy little bit of matching red satin corset lacing at the back of it, just above where it showed off her tight, toned bum.

“I can keep my panties on this time,” she teased, giving a little twitch of her perfectly shaped eyebrows, before she slowly turned and arched her back to give him a good look at her ass, since Beth had already got a look at it on the way down. Both he and Beth took in her lovely body, slender and toned, and dressed in gorgeous lingerie. Beth took the turn as an invitation to kiss her, which surprised Avril a bit but she quickly melted into, tonguing Beth hesitantly at first, the sensation of getting it on with another girl still new and unknown ground for her, but Beth’s steady manner made her feel secure in it as his hand slid onto her ass to give it a squeeze, before pulling off to deliver a spank, making her gasp in a breakaway from his girlfriend.

Beth helped put her into a turn back towards him, where his hand slid round her hips to the small of her back, making her murmur in pleasure with a small shiver as they kissed again, passionately, their tongues attacking one another’s as she pulled her leg up his, her hand going to undo his jeans, releasing them with fantastic agility only found in the heat of the moment before he pulled Avril into his arms, her feet swaying over the floor as he stamped his jeans down to the floor, shoving them off as he stepped past Beth and threw the petite singer onto the bed with primal lust. Beth felt a wave of both jealousy and arousal as she watched on, ignored momentarily by them, seeing their passions burning, the look in Avril’s eyes as he took her, something that was strangely sexy.

He kissed her passionately as she pushed up from the bed towards him, feeling how hard he was through his shorts as he pushed against her thin, inconsequential panties, grinding himself against her labia as they kissed hungrily, Beth standing beside the bed and watching on. Their hands were all over each other, his hand pulling in her long highlighted hair as he attacked her neck, his other hand on her chest. Avril suddenly took charge, pushing with surprising strength to roll him over and get on top, pinning him down. Grinding down with a shudder of pleasure, her body throbbing in need now, she kissed him hard again as his hands slipped round her, easily finding the clasp of her bra and unhooking it in a swift pinch, letting her bra fall loose and free her firm boobs.

Leaning up, she gave another grind down as she pulled her bra off and threw it aside, letting him get a good view at her chest, Avril glancing to Beth as she watched on intently, her hand under the skirt of her dress. Turning her attentions back to him, Avril leaned on his chest, then lightly raked her nails down him, making him grit his teeth and exhale slowly, pushing up into her at the same time. Avril rode him expertly, and then lifted herself and slid down his body to breathe hotly over his cock through his shorts, brushing her nose and lips on his manhood, feeling him twitch and surge beneath the fabric. She grabbed the waistband in her teeth, lifting it up and over his bulging head, tugging it down aggressively past him as he raised up slightly to help her, watching intently as the Canadian hotty hungrily yanked his shorts down with her teeth. He glanced to Beth, who was staring on lustfully and undoing the lacing on her pinstripe corset dress, quickly undoing it and then pulling it down from her lovely boobs, letting her firm, full C-cups out and shoving it down past the flare of her hips to the floor, leaving her in just her fishnet hold-up stockings and hot pink thong.

Avril threw his shorts off the bed and returned to his throbbing erection, eyeing it as if she’d not seen it before even though she’d sucked it a couple of hours earlier. She extended her tongue and licked the full length, from balls to tip, making it jump and him grunt in pleasure, before she sucked lightly at the head, making him push up towards her before she slipped off it and then took to giving light bites down his shaft, making him surge in pleasure, desperate for her to suck him properly. He watched Avril suck carefully at his balls, running her tongue over them, and realised just how sweet life was at that moment as the singer worked to pleasure him. In one smooth motion, Avril licked firmly back up his shaft and sunk him into her mouth, making him groan throatily as she sucked him properly this time, applying a firm vacuum to his manhood as she pushed down half his length, her tongue joining the party to make him tingle.

As she started bobbing her head, he slid his hand into her long, highlighted hair, feeling her diligent motion for a few moments before she reached up to push it away, pulling up onto all fours from her laid down position, leaning over him and turning herself on the bed. She kept sucking him as she shuffled round, then carefully lifted her knee over his head to get into the classic 69 position and exposing herself, with her neat but thick patch of dark pubic hair through her sexy sheer crotchless panties, which were just waiting for him to explore. As Avril settled into position, she leaned on her elbows and worked to suck him steadily, not too fast, and arched her back with a further spread of her legs to bring her closer to him and easier to access. His hands slid up onto her sides, feeling her shiver at his touch as he stroked around her sides and pulled himself up to her, burying his lips into the Canadian, making her slow and give a defined suck as his tongue found her clit, murmuring in pleasure as he quickly got her panties open and ran his tongue up her opening.

Tasting her delicious body, he lapped up her already abundant juices as his tongue glided easily along her delicious labia, bumping up under her pierced clit hood with the tip of his tongue, pushing into her titanium ring a little and using it to pull her hood a bit, before his return stroke gently split her open to just feel her tightness. Sucking at her, he nibbled and pulled carefully at her inner labia, drawing her most delicate lips from her vulva, protruding ever so slightly through the split in her underwear. Pushing up into her mouth a little got his cock a little deeper, Avril letting him help as she sucked strongly, her tongue caressing him expertly as he now delved his tongue inside her, making her groan through his cock as his tongue slid as deep inside her as he could get it, feeling her muscles yield and then squeeze at him, her body anticipating his cock already as he started to dart his tongue quickly in and out of her, feeling her tremble and suck a bit harder, volunteering to take him a touch deeper into her throat now as he started to eat at her pussy, circling his tongue inside her.

Beth watched on somewhat casually as him and Avril got down to business, knowing her time would come with both of them shortly. Nonchalantly she picked up Avril’s sexy balconette bra, looking at the size. It was a touch small for her, but she liked it, and took her eyes from them for a moment to put it on, reaching behind to pull it tight and clasp it, followed by settling it on her chest. Being the style it was, and tight on her, it pushed her firm C-cups up magnificently, her boobs spilling out of it, barely contained by the sexy lingerie. Looking down at herself with a smile, she looked up to see Avril, whose eyes flicked up quickly, then up again for a more concentrated look, pausing on the tip of his cock.

She smiled round it as she saw Beth in her bra, looking fantastic at that, and then resumed her sucking as he thrust up to push himself impatiently back into her mouth, Avril letting him slide himself into her mouth before sucking again, working on his head as she ogled Beth a little more, before she returned to her rhythm, going up and down the length of his thick cock lovingly as he continued to devour her, working at her clit now in flat circles of his tongue on top of her hood, working the captive ball of her jewellery round and round her most sensitive nub, sending waves of intense, satisfying pleasure through her body, tingling from her centre and radiating into her.

“You know, you always shave me, but I think you need one,” Avril said, pulling off his cock and replacing it with a slow, squeezing hand. He couldn’t help but push up into it, slowing his ministrations on her.

“What? Why?” he said, since he kept things tidy.

“I think you should know what it’s like the other way round,” she purred, looking up to Beth with a grin. She just smiled and then turned to walk out, headed for the bathroom.

“I don’t know, you don’t…” he tried, but was cut off by Avril sinking his cock back into her throat, deep, sucking hard before with an intense burst of suction she pushed right down on him, forcing down impressively to press her nose to his balls, taking his entire length down her throat, making him shudder and then resume his attack on her pussy, making her gasp in return as he swiftly sucked at her clit, before driving his tongue deep inside her hot, squeezing pussy again. He pulled a thick string of her slippery juices into his mouth as he moved back to her clit, attacking it busily with his tongue, making her groan as she kept sucking, then grasping her ring in his teeth, giving a pull and twist at it, making her gasp before he pushed it into her button, making her give a strained, growling grunt as Beth came back into the room, brandishing his straight razor and a can of shaving foam.

Avril glimpsed her, and gave a slow pull off his cock, accentuating it with a quick nip at the end, making him jump as she leaned up on her knees so she was still over his face, pushing her hair back out the way. To get her back for the bite though he pulled on her ring, stretching her hood down and making her give a yelp before he released her to allow it to spring back. Reaching down she lightly rubbed at it a moment as Beth, clad in her stockings, thong and Avril’s tight bra still, joined them on the bed. She handed the razor to Avril, who opened it and eyed the razor sharp blade eagerly, and somewhat hungrily, thinking of the time he’d used it on her, how horny it got her. She imagined it gliding across her soft pussy as Beth just shook the can of foam, letting Avril have a little moment with the blade. At hearing the can being shaken he tried to protest, pushing up and trying to speak, but without a word Avril just let her legs slide apart and she sat down on his face, pressing her juicy pussy into his mouth.

She grinned at Beth, who reciprocated as she squirted plenty of shaving foam into her hand, the white cream swelling in her hand before she rubbed it onto him, thoroughly through his trimmed pubic hair, adding some more and spreading it around the base of his cock and over his balls as he shuffled a little unsurely underneath her hand even as he continued to lick at Avril.

“Do you know how to use that?” Beth asked as Avril took a better hold on the razor.

“I’ve done a bit of practice, but I’m not expert,” she confessed, making him a little worried.

“Well be careful,” Beth said, pausing to grab a towel from the radiator for them.

“I will,” she said, and then leaned down to get comfortable and start concentrating. His work on her pussy diminished to nothing, wanting her to focus on her task, just giving gentle licks. Avril spent a few moments getting her hold on the razor correct, then carefully put it to his body, lifting his hard cock up out the way and carefully pressing it into his hair, just gently so as not to cut him, letting the blade do the work as she gave the first focused stroke, pulling back up against the hair, easiest from her position, sweeping away a swathe of it easily, the fantastically sharp edge gliding over his skin. She gave a breath and relaxed, realising how tight her muscles were as she’d worked to get it perfect, taking a moment to just calm herself properly before she continued, feeling more confident in it now. He relaxed a bit since she seemed to have the right technique for now, and felt her take another slow, careful sweep next to her first one, smoothing him back.

“Good work,” Beth said, reaching to take hold of his cock instead, feeling him throb a little even as Avril took another stroke, doing the easy area around his cock. He was relieved that she seemed to know what she was doing, and felt the cool air on his skin as she shaved him, wiping the razor off on the towel between strokes. He held still as she moved up onto his cock, Beth holding him still as he held his breath, Avril going down and back onto his body with a tricky twist, which she managed without cutting him. He felt her give a tense breath onto his legs, then moved round the side slightly to continue.

“This is tough, I dunno how you managed to shave me so perfectly without a cut somewhere,” she said, pushing her dyed hair back out the way as she leaned to work on him, being so careful not to catch him.

“He’s never cut me, ever,” Beth breathed, watching Avril working.

“Really, never?” she asked, impressed even a little nick had never happened.

“Nope never, he gets me perfect every time,” she said, smiling with pride at his skills.

“I’d like to see that,” Avril murmured, wiping the razor again.
”You’ll do more than see it,” Beth grinned, breaking the intense mood for a moment, making Avril smile. She helped the Canadian singer by moving him and pulling skin tighter for a smooth glide of the razor. Avril had to lean up and over to get at his balls, which were a difficult proposition. Both he and Avril were tense as she started working on those, which began with an awkward push over of the razor, making her freeze in panic that she’d cut him, with him wincing at the potential of it. They were both relieved to find out she hadn’t, luckily getting away with it, and she continued carefully.

She didn’t manage as good a job as she had on his other areas, but for the first time she’d ever done it she’d managed a good job. He’d never had his balls shaved before, and as she gave a last tricky stroke of it and then declared herself done, he relaxed and enjoyed the sensation of the foam being wiped away with the towel, his skin fresh and sensitive. Beth put the razor aside and marvelled at the neat job Avril had done, finding it a little odd and different to see her man totally shaved, but she didn’t mind it. Avril meanwhile gave a grind down to make it clear what she wanted, and after a moment getting his mind right he obliged her, sliding his tongue into her pussy again. She gave a grateful sigh and leaned down to lick over his newly smoothed body, making him mumble at the surreal sensations of her hot tongue sliding over his skin immediately after shaving.

His cock bobbed at the stimulation and she slipped back onto it, sucking more softly and teasingly now, motioning to Beth to get involved. Beth just gave a mischievous smile and slipped forward to join the saucy singer, who was now sucking slowly and skilfully at her boyfriends cock. Extending her tongue, Beth licked over his smooth balls, loving the new sensation of it, as did he, giving a shiver at their combined ministrations. Having his gorgeous Beth and Avril Lavigne suck him together was just nirvana, and he felt himself somehow swell a little harder. Avril looked deeply into Beth’s eyes as she bobbed gently up and down on his thick head, gazing into Beth as the foxy brunette licked and sucked at his balls. Avril noticed he was just enjoying their work however, and not licking her pussy, so with a quick grind downwards again onto him he was reminded of where he was. She murmured through his cock as he started to lick at her pussy once more, and gave a deep throat of him as he thrust his tongue right inside her body.

Slipping back off, she wrapped her slender hand round the base of his thick cock and pushed him up, offering him to Beth. She happily took the chance, her lips gliding over his bulging head and down his shaft, something she’d missed in their self-induced dry spell. Beth slid up and down a few times, feeling him throbbing in her mouth, her pussy so wet under her thong as she did, Avril watching her work, and looking down her own bra at Beth’s fantastic rack. Pulling off with a groan of pleasure, Beth pushed her long hair back as Avril went down on him again, taking several deep, firm sucks of his manhood, before letting Beth taste it again. Avril closed her eyes and relaxed into the lovely sensations of his tongue gliding over and around her clit as Beth sucked him, grinding down on his mouth before she took another turn to suck him. This time she rewarded him by pushing deep, her position offering her a comfortable platform to slide down, then give a sustained effort that squeezed him into her throat. She held him for a few seconds, feeling him thrust up into her mouth before she pulled off, coughing and with eyes water, quickly jerking his cock with her hand before Beth took him in.

She worked to match Avril’s impressive deepthroat, taking him down comfortably as Avril wiped her eyes, rocking her hips to encourage him to bury his tongue entirely into her pussy again. After a further flick over her piercing, pushing it so the ball stimulated her efficiently, he plunged his tongue back into her juicy vagina, feeling her shiver and clench at it as he did so. Beth was now sucking energetically at him, ignoring Avril since she was clearly enjoying herself, loving the feel of her man in her mouth, thrusting into her throat as she drove down to bring him pleasure. Avril did however barge back in on her business, quite boldly sliding her hands into Beth’s hair to pull her off him as she slid up.

It was the first time Avril had taken the lead at all with Beth, and she was finding it exhilarating, her fingers feeling electrified as they slipped through the soft hair, Beth locking eyes with her in a way that, coupled with a lustful, near-growling sigh, sent tingles through her. Taking a hold on the advancement of her exploration in her sexuality, Avril leaned down to his cock while still holding Beth with one hand. She used her lips to push him up from where his stiff cock was nearly pressed to his abs, and then opened her lips softly to use them in slipping up and down him wetly. With a pull of her hand she drew Beth back into the action, where with a smile she mirrored the Canadian and essentially kissed her around his shaft, their lips just touching around his rock hard shaft. He was treated to the exquisite sensation of the two of them moving in unison up and down his shaft slowly, their hot, wet mouths sucking and tonguing softly at him and each other, right down to his smooth balls and up to engulf his head completely, making him shudder with pleasure and forget all about Avril’s wants.

“You know, I think you need to ride him,” Avril said, breaking away and letting Beth continue to suck at him for a moment. Beth looked up into Avril’s eyes as she let her lips roll over his bulbous head, giving a slight nod, which made the Canadian smile. Leaning down, she gave a last lick up the top of his cock, making him twitch before she sat up on her knees over him as Beth pulled herself up the bed.

“Those need to come off,” Avril said, indicating Beth’s sexy pink thong.

“I guess they do,” Beth said with a smile, which got wider as Avril reached out to help her. It might not be with her teeth like she’d idly hoped, but it was still hot. Hooking her fingers into the front, her heart pounded as she felt the superb smoothness of Beth beneath, who tingled at Avril’s touch, pulling her legs closer together so the singer could slip them down her thighs. She let Avril get them to her knees, then dropped onto her ass to pull them off herself, playfully throwing them to Avril as she knelt back up.

“Better,” Avril grinned, watching Beth and taking in her perfectly formed curves as she moved close to him, swiftly throwing her knee over and pressing herself down to grind up his hard shaft. She lifted up, to be greeted by Avril pushing him up straight for her, making Beth smile as she let her legs lazily slide apart on the bed and slip herself straight down onto his smooth, bare cock, making him gasp at the sudden succulent sensation. Avril kept her hand in place, just letting it brush the smoothness of Beth’s thighs before she nervously drew it back, feeling the rush through her body. Sensing Avril’s trepidation, Beth quickly but softly took her hand, slowly drawing it back to her and touching her fingers to her own pierced clit as she felt the blissful stretch of her pussy on his hard cock.

Avril gave a shiver and then carefully started to rotate her fingers on Beth’s button, working the piercing much as she did her own to circle and stimulate her clit intensely as she pulled up to give a first, slow thrust on her boyfriends cock for the first time in almost a fortnight. God she’d missed it, and just the sheer sensation of him inside her made her wetter, encouraging her to let her weight drive her down to full depth on his waiting manhood. She shivered as Avril fingered her purposefully, and leaned forward to grab Avril’s shoulders and pull her into a soft, lingering kiss, just coaxing the singers tongue into her mouth before biting carefully at it around the thrusts of her own tongue in return. With her body almost trembling at the luscious kiss of her brunette lover and her soft femininity yielding beneath her fingers, Avril pushed herself back down onto him again, but pulled her knees forward more to roll her hips, making it clear what she wanted. Her mumble into Beth’s mouth indicated she’d got her wish, as his tongue split her crotchless panties and dragged over her tight arsehole, making her tingle.

As his tongue started to circle and gently probe at Avril’s backdoor her hand slipped away from the lovely brunette beneath it, dropping onto his body, where her hands slid into a gently, steadying hold on him to control herself as she shivered in the sensations tingling through her body and across her skin. Beth just smiled as she watched Avril melting, knowing how skilful his tongue was and what it could induce, and the Canadian was evidently getting the best of it. Giving a squeeze of her pussy to just make him hesitate momentarily, she started to ride him rhythmically, pushing down against his hips fully with her firm, rounded ass as she did so to take him all the way into her juicy pussy. Slipping up him, she felt every ridge and contour of his cock gliding over the soft walls of her vagina, stimulating and stroking nerve endings, leaving her with a deep sense of pleasure and satisfaction as she rocked her hips on the way down again.

Avril had opened her eyes again now and watched Beth’s practiced technique with interest, seeing how she was squeezing and clenching her muscles on him, using the rock and roll of her hips to bring him different sensations every time she took him into her body. It was evidently working, as she could feel him surging and straining underneath her, and was able to see how hard his cock was as Beth lifted up to almost let him slip out, making her labia bulge, before driving herself back down onto him. Avril let her one of her hands stray to her own pussy, slipping her fingers down the front of the sheer black panties to get at her clit, stroking her pubic hair as she sought out her pierced hood, giving a deep groan and biting her lip as they found it, her nail hooking into it unexpectedly and giving it a tug, making her feel an immediate rush of juices to her pussy. She’d never even wanted her clit hood nibbled before getting it pierced, and now having it twisted and tugged with its jewellery got her right off.

Beth watched as Avril fingered herself over her riding her boyfriend, and then leaned forward to kiss the singer passionately, delving her tongue powerfully into her mouth, letting Avril feel her tongue stud as he did, before she broke away as quickly as she’d lunged. Leaning back, she arched her back and put her hands on the bed behind her, bringing the head of his cock to pressure her G spot as she thrust down onto him, making her quiver with deep, primal pleasure as it spread through her. As her eyes squeezed shut, Beth started grinding harder onto his erection, jamming her booty down into him as she did, pumping him across the front wall of her vagina and her enigmatic G-spot, her overflowing tits bouncing magnificently in the balconette bra. His hands automatically reached up to hold Beth’s thighs, just above her knees to stabilise her, a motion practiced by the many times they’d fucked in this very position. Avril watched intently, still playing with herself slowly, as Beth rode, ground and circled her hips on him, giving her a great view of her vertical piercing, before with a lift slightly too far he suddenly popped out, sliding up over her clit and making both of them gasp.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Beth lifted up again and pushed him back in with a flick of her fingers, sinking down once more to both their pleasure. His hands slipped up to her hips and helped her to give a series of fast, hard thrusts on him, both of them clearly loving it, Avril surplus to requirements at that moment despite the fact she was sat on his face. Pulling herself back up to kneel over him, Beth locked lips with Avril again, more sensually this time, reaching up to let her fingers slide through her hair as the musician reciprocated, groping at Beth’s firm C-cups in the stolen bra she was still wearing as their tongues twirled and twisted. His hands cheekily reached round Avril’s thighs to give her chest a good squeeze, feeling her perky boobs and their stiff nipples as he focussed more on licking her asshole again.

“Trade,” Beth mumbled as they made out, getting quite caught up in each other.

“Deal,” Avril managed, eager to get back on his cock despite the good job he was doing on her with his tongue. After a few more delicious moments making out, which he couldn’t see past the slender singer sat on his face, they got moving, with Beth slowly lifting off as she squeezed hard to make him shake with the intensity before he popped out of her delicious pussy, which he was soon to taste. Climbing off him, she got out the way so Avril could hop forwards, and without turning round she held herself up on one foot for a moment to lift his cock, and then slipped herself straight down to the base, making him push up into her as she did, dropping onto her knees fully to sit on his hips and give a powerful squeeze of her pussy to announce her arrival.

“That pussy feel good babe?” Beth said, looking at him with a smile as she slid into place on the bed, leaning down to give him a lingering kiss, tasting Avril on his lips.

“Very,” he said, relaxing into the delightful sensation of Avril’s tight pussy sliding slowly up and down his cock as she leaned forward onto her hands and started to modulate her hips. Beth glanced down him to see her labia wrapped round his shaft through the token underwear, then back to him with a smile.

“Well I’ve got one that tastes good,” she whispered with a sly smile, and then slung her knee over his head as he smiled back at her, reaching up to grab her thighs, leaving Avril to quietly ride his cock by herself as he drew Beth down onto her face, his beautiful girlfriend spreading her legs to sink her smooth, juicy haven onto his waiting tongue, which slid inexorably up into her, delving into her precious body and making her sigh at the recapture of a paradise briefly lost. She squeezed her muscles on his invading tongue, feeling him only work harder in response, wanting to get every millimetre of his skilful tongue into her as she pressed down on his face. He worked his tongue around in circles, and then in and out of her quickly, making her tingle delightfully as she reached down to push her hands through his hair, something she knew he loved.

His tongue pulled back and lapped up her perfectly smooth lips, admiring his own handiwork as he did so, letting his tongue pull flatly up her pussy, just hooking the tip slightly to split her labia as he did, catching her hood piercing and pulling the delicate flesh up to expose her to the direct touch of him, making her inhale sharply. Taking a moment, he licked and explored every area of her shaved pussy, with both the top and bottom of his tongue, making her wiggle and murmur at his attentive caress. Avril meanwhile was pleasing herself on his hard cock, loving the sensations of him embedded deep inside her again, leaning both forward and back to stimulate herself, and also a little jealously she was trying to get his attention away from his girlfriend. He paid her attention with his hips though, working them with her movements and matching her strokes, seeming to sense when she wanted to come down hard on him and alternatively when she wanted to glide smoothly down onto his cock. Holding his knees, Avril started to grind hard on him, fucking powerfully down in rolling, thrusting motions of her hips, whilst also squeezing her pussy tightly for him.

It was enough to make him hesitate momentarily, causing Beth to glance back over her shoulder with a slight smile at seeing Avril working so hard, facing away in her own little world. The Canadian’s short, gasping grunts suggested she was quite enjoying herself, making Beth pause to watch her a moment, and allow him to enjoy the sensations fully. Focusing on Beth’s needs were keeping his mind of Avril’s delicious pussy squeezing up and down the length of his cock, and now he paused he could take in just how incredible it felt. She had a great body, a tight pussy and was a great fuck, as she was demonstrating now. Beth smiled as she looked back to him, then rocked forward to push her pussy back down onto is mouth, where he immediately split her outer labia with his tongue to let it glide up her soft inner lips and find her barbell, quickly flicking at it to stimulate her rapidly.

Neither of the girls spoke as they enjoyed his body in their own way, with Avril putting his cock to good use on herself, starting to play and twist her clit ring gently, as Beth just stroked his hair as he licked at her clit, having pushed her hood out the way to access her sensitive button and was now in the middle of spelling the alphabet on it, subjecting her to a wonderful range of sensations as his tongue worked her from every possible angle with a range of speed and pressure by him, like a pianist working the keys of their instrument to tiny margins for the optimum, evocative sound. Leaning back, Beth flicked her luxurious hair away from her face and slid her hands up her thighs, gasping quite deliberately, but she was genuinely loving it. Avril glanced backwards from her position leant over his legs, pushing herself down onto his cock in slow, powerful strokes that let him feel every moment of penetration of her velvet tunnel, and saw Beth leaning back, giving her an idea.

Pulling up, she rocked onto her heels, and then leaned back towards Beth, making her jump a little as she felt Avril’s smooth shoulders brush against her own past the bra strap, before they leaned back against one another with a little giggle. Rocking with the motion of what they were doing, they enjoyed the unusual sensation briefly before Beth noticed how he was looking up at her bra from underneath, well her boobs in Avril’s bra.

“You know what, Avril? I’m keeping this bra,” she said after a moments pause.

“Seriously? You’re stealing my bra?” Avril said after a pause, looking back to Beth.
”Yep,” Beth said matter of factly, her face breaking into a smile as she looked at Avril over her shoulder.

“So I have to leave here with no underwear at all?” Avril said with a playfully incredulous eyebrow.

“That’s right, and without something else too,” Beth said suggestively, giving a flick of her eyebrow as she reached down to stop him licking at her.
”Oh yeah?” Avril asked, twisting round more to work out what she meant as Beth lifted herself off him, making the star wait as she leaned down to give him a kiss, sliding her tongue into his mouth to taste herself and reward his good work.

“Yeah, there’s no way you’re leaving without feeling the steel,” Beth said, sliding from the bed to pick up the straight razor from the unit beside the bed, turning back to Avril with a wicked smile.

“Oh…I figured that I’d be leaving with that anyway to be honest…and hoping…” she trailed off, a little embarrassed at her fetish for shaving.

“Well you’ll be getting your wish,” Beth said, shaking the shaving foam and approaching the bed. He smiled as his hands stroked at Avril’s hips, over her thin panties, taking in the sexy red corset lacing on the back of her thong, and enjoying her giving a few final squeezes before she lifted herself slowly off his stiff cock. It sprung back against his stomach, slick with her juices, and before she even had time to get off him his hands were in her panties, just the waistband however, pulling them down off her hips. She let him do it with a smile, dropping forward on her front, arms tucked underneath her to let him draw them away down her smooth, sexy legs and throw them aside to the floor. With a slight giggle she rolled over on the bed, squeezing her thighs together slightly nervously as she revealed her neat but thick dark patch of pubic hair.

“This will be particularly effective I think,” Beth said with a smile, sliding onto the bed on her knees.

“Wait, isn’t he doing it?” Avril asked, a little disappointed and nervous at the prospect of Beth’s unknown skill.

“Nope, it’s my turn now,” Beth said with a smile, shaking the can again as she laid the razor down on the sheets beside them.

“Do you know what you’re doing with that thing though?” Avril asked nervously, glancing down to the beautiful razor beside her, that she herself had bought, soon to be applied to her delicious body.

“I’ve been practising yes, don’t worry I’ll be careful,” she said, squeezing the foam into her hand with a rush of propellant. Avril just gave a little flinch and then nervy giggle as Beth pushed her hand onto her, spreading the thick foam through her neat, dark patch of pubic hair, working her fingers to get it completely into it. Avril just watched as the foxy brunette, still wearing her bra, circled and stroked with her fingers to massage the thick shaving cream into her soft hair, leaving her ready to be stripped of it by the blade. Kneeling beside her with his cock still pretty hard, he brushed his fingers through her hair as she lay on the bed, making her look to him with a smile as Beth picked up the deadly razor. Glancing down to his hardon, Avril reached out and gave it a squeeze, then stroked him firmly up and down, feeling the slickness of her own juices on his shaft as she did. Her focus was crystallised by Beth pressing the straight razor gently to her body, making her look down to watch as it was slowly drawn down into her thick patch of hair.

Shaving foam and her soft hair piled up on the wide, sharp blade as Beth fairly confidently pulled it down over the Canadian, just letting the razor follow her feminine contours as she sought to strip her of her hair. It wasn’t going to take long, as Avril had kept everything except this neat patch well shaven, so she was smooth elsewhere already. All Beth had to do was focus on one area with her burgeoning skills, and she was doing it well, as with a few short, effective strokes she got much of the task completed, shaving off the thick hair that’d taken weeks for Avril to grow. Wiping the razor off on the towel she’d retrieved from earlier, she once again applied the razor to Avril’s toned body, totally focused on her illicit task as she held her hand steady to pull the razor down as the singer spread her legs wider, making sure Beth had plenty of room to do what she was doing.

Despite her nerves she was intensely aroused, feeling the wetness of her pussy and the tingling desire for Beth to touch her intimately as she watched the feisty brunette shaving her pussy. Unable to stop her hips from lifting a little, there was a heart stopping moment where it caused Beth to roll the razor over, making Avril flinch as she felt the sharp edge press at her pussy, both of them freezing. She got away without a cut though, and Beth put a steadying hand on her hips to push them down to the bed as she continued, finishing her downward strokes to leave Avril bare before her. The singer looked down with an unstoppable smile as she saw Beth’s work, just loving the fact she was now on her way to being smooth again. Beth now worked the razor carefully sideways across Avril, going over the stubble in a second pass, which she found a little easier as she worked down between her legs.

“That feel good?” Beth asked, not looking up, as she noticed how Avril was trying not to squeeze her thighs, her ass lifting from the bed a little as Beth pulled the razor carefully across her skin.

“Yeah,” Avril answered a little shyly, biting her lip cutely and looking up to him, then bashfully away with a quick acceleration of her hand to jerk him off more completely as she watched the brunette work between her legs on the sideways strokes. Wiping the razor on the towel, Beth paused, twiddling the razor thoughtfully.

“I can’t do it against the hair yet,” she said, giving a helpless look to Avril, then looking to him.

“Fine, I’ll do it, since you’re gonna do a half job,” he said, playfully complaining at it as he leant forward to take the razor from his hot girlfriend. Beth giggled and then got a bit more foam from the can, spreading it onto Avril’s nearly smooth pussy, noticing how the singer pushed up eagerly under her touch whilst looking up at her boyfriend, who was wiping the razor on the towel without paying Avril any attention. The Canadian was very hot at the idea of him finishing her off, and watched him intently as he leaned over her body with the dangerous blade poised in hand, giving a calming touch to her hip that immediately made her still, wanting to be perfect for him. She tried not to shiver as the blade touched her skin, just above her captive ball clit ring before being drawn up towards her tummy, easily destroying the low stubble it encountered as it slide under his perfect control over her delicate curves.

Avril gave a sigh as he completed a stroke, feeling like she was fit to leak onto the bed as he went back for more, giving several more careful strokes against the grain, lifting and shaving off every last bit of her carefully grown pubic hair, gone so quickly after so much time to grow it. Giving her a wipe off with the towel, he pronounced her shaved, prompting her to push up on her elbows for a look, gazing at the smooth, pale skin now prominent above her titanium piercing. Reaching down, she gave a gentle touch to it, dragging her fingers over the smooth skin, feeling it both through her digits and her body, the wonderfully silky sensation. Her hand was greeted by Beth’s, who slid up from her thigh and over, just brushing her piercing as she did so, sending an erotic tingle through Avril. Without a further thought, Beth pushed her hair back and buried her mouth in the Canadian’s freshly shaven vulva, being greeted by her thick, abundant juices as she dragged her tongue between her delightfully soft lips and up to her clit, just letting the tip snag at the titanium hood ring.

“Oh fuck,” Avril groaned, dropping her head to the bed as she had her pussy licked just moments after it’d been shaved smooth. He just smiled as he watched his luscious girlfriend go down on the singer, feeling his cock harden more as he took in every detail of how the lithe, toned star writhed immediately under the ministrations. Avril felt it in her grasp, and stroked him faster again, jerking him off quite vigorously as she watched Beth licking at her pussy, devouring her lips and pulling at her piercing, sending little bolts of stimulation through her as she tugged and twisted at the titanium in her softest, most delicate area. Pushing her hips up towards Beth, she enjoyed her wealth of pussy eating skills, feeling her tongue stud being put to use to glide into her folds and work with her captive ball against her clit as she drew it up underneath her hood. With one pull on her ring using her teeth, Beth stopped with a grin, flicking her tongue at Avril teasingly.

“My turn,” she said, kissing Avril’s tummy as she slid up the bed. Flopping down onto the bed beside her, she rolled onto her back as the Canadian singer released her grasp on his hard cock and pushed over onto her hands and knees, biting her lip shyly as she smiled. Beth reached down for her hot pink panties, hooking her thumbs into the contrasting black waistband and pushing them down with a sexy lift of her ass, pulling her knees up to get them off and throw them aside, laying back out to await Avril’s cunning efforts. Looking deep into Beth’s eyes, she slid down the bed, letting her blonde hair slide softly over the hot body below her as she did, her heart pounding in her chest at the thought of eating pussy properly again. He watched as Avril swept her hair back and lowered herself, pausing before giving a slow lick all the way up Beth’s smooth pussy, making her visibly shudder.

Letting her hands slide down Beth’s tapered waist, Avril took in her soft skin and warmth as she applied her tongue to the task at hand, still not really knowing what she was doing but going for it anyway.  She easily splitting Beth’s puffy labia with her tongue as she pulled it bottom to top, lapping up her delicious juices as she pulled the tip of her tongue over the curved barbell in her vertical hood piercing, loving the feel of hard steel under her tongue as she slipped over it. It made her realise it must be what it was like for guys licking her pussy now…or girls, not that she’d had any aside from Beth, though she was sure that was going to change in the future. She was certainly open to it that’s for sure, idly considering it as she focused to work with the flat of her tongue on Beth’s clit, making the delicious brunette squirm delightfully. She found she enjoyed the taste more now, encouraging her to lick harder and faster, trying to do things she’d like to have done to her.

Avril concentrated on working her tongue just right, trying to stimulate Beth as intensely as possible, which wasn’t too difficult given she was really turned on as she watched the singer eating her pussy. Avril reached in to pinch the curved barbell and give it a tug, making Beth shiver in pleasure, loving when her clit hood was treated roughly. The singer gave it a twist and pulled it out the way, exposing Beth’s clit as she pushed up with her hips, shuddering as Avril applied her tongue to her most delicate nub, starting to circle over and around it, much as she enjoyed herself. It seemed to be working as Beth reached down to push her hands into her lesbian lovers long hair, pulling her into her as she squeezed her thighs around her face somewhat.

“Oh fuck, we should get your tongue pierced as well,” Beth breathed, her eyes closed as she arched up from the bed, impressed at how good a job Avril was doing on her. Avril was surprised to be having such an effect, since she admittedly didn’t really know what she was doing apart from knowing where to work. She carried on, buoyed by her initial success as she ignored the building ache in her jaw from working her tongue, pressing her lips into Beth’s hood, feeling the steel of her barbell resisting as everything else around it yielded softly. Avril was suddenly distracted however by his hands sliding onto her hips, like a bolt of lightning it struck her, pulling her back out of the focused, intense moment as she ate pussy for the second time in her life. She knew she was completely exposed to him, knelt on all fours between Beth’s legs, her slick pussy an easy target which he readily exploited, pushing his now very hard cock down and into her with one smooth motion, accelerating after his head slipped in to deliver a much harder, deeper initial thrust than she’d been expecting.

She gave a grunting gasp, pushing up on her arms a bit instinctively in reaction to being penetrated roughly from behind, giving a few hard breaths as he started to thrust deeply and powerfully into her, pressing his balls to her with the third stroke as his hands slid up her body. He reached up to her hair and pushed down on the back of her head firmly, looking down to watch as Avril sunk back down, her luscious, tramp-stamped profile and smooth back sinking between his stunning girlfriends outstretched, fishnet-clad legs. Avril’s mind whirled at how suddenly she found herself between the two of them, struggling to concentrate as he took her doggy style, driving his thick cock deep inside of her in her favourite position, right where she wanted it. It was what she wanted to focus on, but Beth needed her attention, and Avril steeled herself and started working her tongue once more, licking over Beth’s smooth, straight razor shaven lips. She enjoyed the smooth texture beneath her tongue, slipping over them and taking in their feminine contours, the delicate inner lips protruding juicily underneath the naughty piercing above.

The magnitude of the situation wasn’t lost on him as he easily plunged himself into Avril Lavigne while she licked at his girlfriend, knowing this was about as good as life got, especially as she reacted so positively as her hot pussy enveloped his rock hard cock, pushing back onto him as he started to drive it inside her, distracting her as she now attempted to multi-task. Gazing down on her stunning body in the doggy position below him, he loved how she bounced and rocked at his thrusts, all of them bouncing from their movements on the mattress as he took a few moments to study the tattoo he’d given her months earlier, the Celtic style design looking perfect on her lower back. He picked up the pace a little more and got a drawn out groan from Avril as her perky tits started to shake energetically beneath her slender frame. Beth could see how much he was enjoying Avril’s tight pussy wrapped round his cock, and she couldn’t blame him after going two weeks without sex, and it was Avril Lavigne after all, who she knew owned a little place in his heart.

Avril was earning a little place in her own however as she licked quite effectively at her clit now, using the flat of her tongue to grind the ball of her barbell into and around her nub, sending deep, building waves of pleasure through her and working her quite swiftly towards an orgasm. The singer might not know some of the little tricks that she’d felt from other people in her time, but she was doing a good job and sticking at it even as her jaw and tongue ached from the effort. Her eyes met his as he pumped into the Canadian, smiling to each other as she brought them pleasure in their own ways, Beth closing her eyes as a little tingle of it flowed up her spine. But it didn’t ebb away now, Avril working decidedly faster after having found her balance to resist the thrusts of his hard cock into her from behind, locking her legs so her ass took every shove of his hips and helped him attain maximum depth in her vagina.

“Oh fuck don’t stop, don’t stop,” Beth beggingly gasped, in a tone of voice he knew, quite well actually. It made his cock stiffen a little more inside Avril, which helped to signify to her that she had Beth close now. Avril tried to ignore the pleasure of his big, thick cock pumping rhythmically into her and fought through the throbbing in her tongue to work hard on Beth, wanting to please her by giving her a good orgasm, both to ratify her new oral skills and as part of something of a thank you for letting Beth’s boyfriend do what he was doing to her right then. The sexy brunette gave several rolling grinds of her hips up into Avril’s working lips and tongue as her breathing became short and hard, fingers digging into the sheets of the bed as her orgasm consumed her, the concentrated sensations spreading out from deep in her body to wrack it in a deep shudder that made her breath chatter. With a long, growling groan of pure release she shook and contorted as the sudden, intense pleasure erupted from her soul, making her legs strain out dead straight beside Avril as the singer continued to lick enthusiastically, feeling a rush of pride and arousal at getting Beth off.

Watching Avril lick Beth to climax had stiffened his cock to the maximum, and he was now plunging it into Avril’s sweet body harder and faster, driving firmly against her tight ass with every stroke as he relished the sensation of her sweet pussy on him. Avril was now free to focus fully on the nice cock gliding in and out of her vigorously, shaking her body as she lifted her head to look at Beth, her face glistening with her juices. After a second holding one another’s gaze, Avril gave a slow grin and then ran her tongue over her lips to taste all of Beth that she could, making a temporarily tired Beth smile, then feel a surge of excitement and jealousy as Avril pushed back with a grunt onto his cock, signalling to him she could take more punishment.

It was exactly what she got as he delivered a suitable spank to her ass with a resounding slap and gave her a very hard thrust that rocked her forward despite her braced position, pushing a cry from her as he hit deep, his hands grabbing tightly around her thin waist to pull back on her hips. Starting to pound her with hard, deep thrusts that filled her fully, his hips slapped into her toned booty as she gasped beneath him, pushing her hands down into the bed with her head down, surrounded by her hair. He gave a hard drive into her, rocking his hips against her ass so she could enjoy it deep inside her as he reached forward to gather up her long, straight hair, pulling it back into a good handful behind her head and lifting it from the bed. Beth slipped out from under Avril as he started to thrust again, just twisting his handful a little to intensify things as he started to push down over her G-spot, using his other hand to push down into her back a bit and arch her tightly.

Beth slid out carefully, pausing to release the tight bra she’d stolen from Avril, casting it off the bed and kneeling up beside them as he screwed the gorgeous musician, just letting her hand slide over Avril’s ribs and under to cup her firm breast, giving a good squeeze as she looked up quite intently into his eyes. Without even a smile, she turned away and put her hands down onto the bed, pivoting on her knees to swing herself parallel to the singer and lean down onto her elbows, spreading her legs and pushing her arse out, making it very clear what it was she wanted. He looked over at Beth as she silkily got into place beside the slender Avril, who also turned her head as much as she could to see the beautiful brunette pose along side her. Focusing on Avril, he pulled back on her hair a bit harder, gripping her hip and thumping himself into her in a blitz of fast, deep thrusts that made Avril quiver momentarily with a surging groan before he stopped just as swiftly with one full length thrust, releasing her hair.

Sliding himself back out of the petite Canadian, he pushed her ass so he could watch his manhood glide from her slick lips, seeing her soft labia bulge as his head popped back out of her, his shaft covered with her juices as he shuffled over behind his Beth, feeling her tremble as his hands took hold of her hips, moving into a well practiced position as he reached down to push his erection down to the back of her bulging vulva. He slipped easily inside her, feeling her give way to him at first and then squeeze down on him once he was inside her, a sigh of familiar pleasure escaping her lips as he pushed into her deeply, slipping in at first and then distinctly pushing to get full depth, something he did to her often that she loved, happy to please him as he enjoyed the feel of her clenching muscles. But right now she was just happy to have him back inside her; she’d missed him for the two weeks, even though they’d had sex once in between, but it hadn’t been the same, and the feel of his rock hard cock inside her completed her now.

He tightened his grip on her perfectly curved hips and immediately started to pump quickly into her, her pussy completely ready after having been devoured by Avril, who was now casually leaning on her elbows and watching them as he stepped up the pace right away. Beth groaned in pleasure as he thrust his cock inside her, feeling her snug walls stretch and envelop every ridge and contour of him, the power behind it all, his hips pressing into her ass as he pulled her back by the hips. The position could seem somewhat impersonal to some, but it was theirs, and she just felt connected to him as he plunged in and out of her, stroking himself down over her G-spot as he buried himself to find his own pleasure. Beth could feel how hard he was and the restrained urgency to his thrusts, belaying his impending climax. After all watching the girls go at it and then spending plenty of it fucking Avril Lavigne was bound to have that reaction, and she knew he would explode soon. She also knew he’d want to give it to Avril, since she was here, which was fine with her as once all this was over, he’d fuck her every single day, like normal.

They screwed briskly for another minute or so, and then Beth could feel the telltale signs of him getting close, hardening up a bit inside her, and so after one last good squeeze down on him she rocked forward as he pulled back so he slipped out of her. Dropping down onto the bed, she rolled over and looked to him with a smile, nodding towards Avril, a hint he got very easily and quickly got straight back into place with the singer, who giggled at his haste and then let out a satisfied gasp as he slid his rock hard cock back inside her. Her tight pussy was fantastic on him and now he was after his peak, not worrying about anything else as he grabbed Avril’s hips and started to fuck her hard, making her groan delightfully in pleasure as he did. She squeezed with her muscles to make herself as tight as possible for him to thrust into, immediately intensifying his pleasure and making him groan himself, his fingernails digging into her soft skin as he held her as tight as possible, fairly wrenching her back by her hips as he slammed himself against her booty.

“Fuck, Avril…” he managed to growl, though it was a token warning; he had absolutely no intention of pulling out of the beautiful, diminutive musician at that moment, and she didn’t expect or want him to either. After several more hard, deep thrusts in a blur, he jammed himself against her with a final throw of his hips, almost knocking her flat on the bed as he drove himself as deep as physically possible into her vagina and exploded, his balls clenching hard as he burst into orgasm. Avril dutifully clamped and squeezed with her pussy the second he did, aiming to prolong his climax and get every last bit of his load inside her as his erection surged and bucked within her, ejaculating his hot, thick sperm deep into her body as he gasped for breath in the height of his climax. He held her back tight to him as his cock gave its last few weaker spurts, squeezing himself to make sure he gave his all before he finished with a shudder, releasing Avril and letting his hands slip back on her ass as he leaned back, feeling the toll of the exertion in the wake of such a peak.

Rocking back on his heels, he half pushed Avril and half pulled himself to slip his softening cock from the juicy bulge of her pussy, shivering as the ring of muscles at her entrance squeezed the highly sensitive ridge of his head on the withdrawal. Beth had watched with excited intensity at the sight of her boyfriend smashing the perky singer, and then blinked with a breath, breaking her own focused mood and reaching back to get into the bed, tired from the exhilarating show. On shaky legs, he shuffled across the bed to where Beth had already pulled the rumpled covers back, sitting on the edge to quickly remove her fishnet stockings as he slid over and into bed, Avril following him tiredly, exhausted from the hard fucking he’d just given her. He slipped under the covers as the Canadian crawled over the top of them, wriggling down beneath them, pointedly taking her position beside him and swiftly snuggling up to him, resting her head on his chest as she pushed under his arm.

Beth took it in for a moment, noting Avril’s clear desire to be his focus of attention and get between them, but then she gave a smile as she turned her legs back into the bed and snuggled down beside the singer, slipping her hand over Avril’s smooth hip and pulling herself up close behind her, absorbing the soft, illicit warmth of the girl between her and her boyfriend, breathing in the gentle smell of her long hair. Avril tingled at the touch of her female lover behind her, unable to stop herself from pushing her bum back into her a little to feel the delicate, silky sensation of skin-on-skin. He reached over from Avril to Beth, pulling his strong arm around her shoulders and drawing them all close together, Avril clearly accepted into their bed as they snuggled together. Beth hooked her leg over the petite singer to his, locking her in between them and making it clear she was happy to have Avril there.

Leaning over, he gave Beth a sweet, lingering kiss, their tongues just softly touching before they broke. Avril looked up to him and he gave her the same, an equally soft, tender kiss, before he settled back into the pillows. Closing his eyes, he gave a deep, satisfied sigh and let the tiredness take hold. He rarely fell asleep easily, but right now he did, and in just a few moments Beth recognised his deeper, slower breathing of sleep. Beth snuggled Avril a little closer, feeling her respond by wiggling back against her more, encouraging her to slip her fingers onto the singers toned stomach, making Avril shiver a little at where they might go. Beth didn’t explore though, simply letting her fingertips stroke temptingly close to Avril’s smoothly shaven pussy for a couple of minutes before she also fell asleep.

It left Avril awake alone to contemplate things; she’d never slept with two other people before, so this was a new experience for her, with her lover ahead of her and her only lesbian lover behind. But it was a lovely place to be, and she felt wanted, and satisfied, having just minutes before felt the passion of his intense climax as he spent himself deep inside her. Her mind ticked over for a little while longer, wondering what might await her in the morning, but soon decided that she was sure she’d enjoy it and slipped into her own sexually sated slumber.


To Be Concluded.

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