Black Widow Roleplay

WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the persons, characters, franchises or places depicted within. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence.

Featuring: Scarlet Johansson

Black Widow Roleplay

A celebrity erotic story

by DaxG2001 (

*     *     *

May the first, 2015. In a luxurious hotel in New York City not too far from the world famous Central Park, a young, handsome and nicely built man was grinning from ear to ear as he applied his key card onto the elevator pad to summon the life. Michael had never been too lucky, only winning maybe a couple of bucks from the lottery once in a blue moon, but for the short dark haired man dressed in a fitting dress shirt and black pants with shoes, he definitely felt like the luckiest guy around. He’d just submitted one e-mail entry to that contest for the few days vacation in New York City with spending money, travel and accommodation (room service excluded naturally), but somehow, against all the odds he’d scored the winning entry. Much to the annoyance of his ex-girlfriend who had dumped him the day before over such a trivial issue that he didn’t even remember what it was now.

None of that was too important now as he was already enjoying the second day, having returned to the hotel after getting something to eat and intending to head back to his room to grab a jacket, get his camera, and do some sight seeing before evening. He might even catch a show or something along those lines. His luck however was about to take another unexpected turn for the better as he stepped in and pressed the button for his floor.

Looking up, he saw a sight he never ever thought he’d ever see in all his days. The gorgeous Hollywood actress Scarlet Johansson locking eyes with him as she approached the lift, giving a friendly smile as he returned it but his being more of surprise. Not just from seeing her, but from the outfit she had on. It looked like she had just stepped out of the set of an Avengers or Captain America film, her hair dyed bright red and her body clad in a form fitting Black Widow outfit of a black zipper top with sleeves that nicely showed off her sizable breasts, and super tight black pants that clung sexily to her stunning, thick ass. What didn’t exactly match however was the flower designed high heels, the pink-sweater with long sleeves that contrasted with her black finger-less gloves, and even her black handbag was off from the whole, still very sexy look.

Reacting naturally he held the button to keep the doors open for her, allowing her to step in before he released the hold and the doors became shut.

“Thanks!” Scarlet said with that stunning Hollywood smile as she turned to him. “I didn’t feel like spending too much time in the hall there dressed up like this.” She joked.

“They are doing the Civil War filming already?” Michael asked with a smile of his own.

“Oh no! This is for a Saturday Night Live sketch. A funny take on what a Black Widow movie would be like.” She explained, the lift moving as she remembers to push the button for her floor.

“Oh, OK. I uh, don’t really watch SNL, but I bet that you’ll do a great job with it.” He says as she glances at the lit up lights. She sure was on the A-list with how high her floor is compared to his.

“But let me guess, you’ll be sure to watch it now you know I’m hosting the show?” Johansson questions with a slightly raised eyebrow like she’s been through this sort of situation before with a guy who is a fan of hers.

“Honestly? Probably not. No like, offense to you because I love your films. You were great in that Lucy film!” He says, trying to change the topic, feeling the slight uncomfortable feeling from sensing she thought he was going to hit on her. A guy like him standing a chance with a woman like her? Like that would lead to anything.

“Really… Hmmmm… Well thank you. Not too many guys in this position would be as honest as you…” She says with a tone of approval, giving him a glance over. “Makes… A nice change actually.” She said with a sultry tone.

Scarlet clearly liked how he was treating her just moments after meeting, and considering her current clothing and look he could have easily tried his luck to get with her, or tried at least one comic book related pick up line. But he was actually being respectful towards her, not seemingly looking for any action. She liked that. In fact, as a smirk formed on her pretty face, she thought that she liked that, and him quite a lot. She was going to just go to her room and wash out the hair dye following the filming, but maybe… No, definitely… She could kill some time before that with this certainly easy on the eyes man.

“Well uh, thanks?” He chuckles nervously, running a hand through his hair. “Guess not too many guys are sharing an elevator with, you know… The actual Black Widow herself…”

Just then, the lift came to a stop, and glancing up at the floor display number to see he’s arrived at his floor. “Well, this is my stop. Have uh, have a nice day Scarlet!” He said, turning his head to see her with a sexy, sly smirk on her face as he gave her a friendly smile and a wave goodbye as he stepped out.

“Leaving so soon? We were just getting along…” Scarlet said as she stepped out onto the floor to follow him, causing him to turn around to face him as she wasn’t planning on letting this good natured guy get away from her that easily. “You haven’t actually told me your name yet either, even though you know who I am.” She teases as she smirks, giving the attractive and nicely built man another look over while the elevator doors close shut behind her.

“Of course I know who you are! You’re Scarlet Johansson! You’re…” He stops himself, clearing his throat as he controls himself to not embarrass himself further in front of the stunning Hollywood actress. “Sorry… My name, I mean… Michael. The name’s Michael.” He says, extending his hand for a friendly handshake.

“Natasha Romanoff. The Black Widow.” She says in the same thick accent of her “Black Widow” character she portrays in the Marvel movies, catching him completely off guard as she firmly shakes his hand. “And you are the new S.H.I.E.L.D. Rookie I’ve been hearing all about?” She asks, snapping into character as she stands up to attention and looks him dead in the eyes.

“Uh, I… Uh…” He stumbles, a glance around before back to her and seeing quite the serious look she’s giving him, he knows he’d better go along with this to see where it goes. “Ye-Yes! Yes Agent Romanoff! Re-reporting for duty!” He responds, thinking fast and performing a salute with his other hand.

“Duty? Seems to me you require some further training before you are ready for the field…” She informed him as “Natasha”, releasing his hand and using hers to bring the saluting arm down in a “knock it off” manner. “We must continue this conversation in private. We never know where Hydra spies may be hiding. Lead on Michael… I assume your quarters are near?” She asks in full character mode, showing off her top quality acting skills.

“Oh yeah! I mean, yes, yes Agent Romanoff. Just this way…” Michael points, still stunned by this whole unexpected situation as he turns and leads the way, with her following behind her as they go a thankfully short distance to his hotel room so he can swipe the card and open the door up, holding it open for her to enter.

“Hmmmm… Decent enough…” The “Black Widow” states with a glance around the room, moving in so she can place the handbag on the table in the room, turning to face him as he closes the door shut. “Lock it, secure it Agent Michael. Standard procedure.” She commands, and quickly doing so he turns and turns the lock, even applying the chain for good measure. “Michael, I am a woman known for not dancing around the truth. My honest opinion? I think you are not quite ready for being a true Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. just yet…” She states as she reaches down and takes off her high heels, setting them aside.

“I… Uh… I’m sorry?” He offers, clearly not used to any kind of roleplay situation, especially not when it’s with a stunning woman who is playing out a character that’s become famous in recent years from her movie portrayal of her.

“Sorry? That’s not good enough rookie!” She snaps in her thick accent as she steps forward. “I’ve faced a mass murdering God, dealt with a rage-fueled destruction monster, and have to keep a men like an ego-obsessed Playboy and an overly patriotic walking weapon in check. Sorry is not going to cut it!” She says with a narrowed eyed look as she’s face to face with the handsome man. “But… I know a way you can prove your devotion, and prove to me that you have what it takes to make it alongside myself…”

“Oh… OK…” Michael says, wisely going along with this all. “So… How exactly do I that, if I may ask Agent Black Widow?”

“You may… And allow me to show you…” She said with a nod, all too easily staying in character but knowing exactly what she was going, and where this was heading as she stepped around him towards the hotel room door, looking back and raising a seductive eyebrow at him. “You can kiss my ass.”

To his jaw-dropping shock she hooks the waistline of her tight pants, that were clinging to her thick and juicy ass that he’d only just gotten a good look at, but soon was getting the full view as she slowly, teasingly lowered them down her smooth, rounded cheeks to show off her tanned backside in all it’s desirable glory. Leaving them down underneath her booty, she shifted so she could lean forward against the door with both hands on it, sticking out that butt and eyeing his reaction, using her acting ability to stop herself from laughing at the as she expected almost drooling expression he had on.

“You… You serious??” He questioned as he blinked, staring down at that inviting and gorgeous backside.

“Very serious rookie.” She informed him as the “Black Widow”, still talking in that thick character accent to continue this roleplaying. “I’ve seen how you’ve been undressing me with your eyes… It’s not befitting of an Agent. We need to get it out of your system… So get over here, get down, and get to work on my ass. Impress me rookie… I want to see what you can do…” She challenges, but adds in just a hint of desire in her voice to show that she wants this, giving this hunky looking man the chance to get a piece of her.

“I… Oh wow… Fuck! Alright, fuck it! Let’s… Let’s do this!” He says as a smile comes across his face as he figures out that this is real and actually happening, coming in and dropping down to his knees behind her as he hesitates for a moment before placing both of his hands onto her exposed butt cheeks and giving her a testing squeeze.

“Watch your mouth rookie! You’re speaking to a superior agent!” Scarlet snaps in character, secret very happy that he’s taken the hint and is going along with this, hoping that this risk of hooking up for what she plans to be a “one nighter”, no strings attached fun will be worth her while.

“Sorry Agent! I’ll… I think I’ll just get to work, shall I?” He asked even though he knows the answer, looking forward right at that magnificent as of hers as he further squeezes her booty but now moves his head in closer towards her, a glance up just to check this isn’t a trick as he does as asked, planting his lips onto her ass for the first tentative kiss.

“Mmmmm… Yeah, like that…” Scarlet moaned as she felt his lips planting the first, then a second, followed eventually by a series of brief kisses across her ass cheeks, already loving the feeling of his hands roaming across her butt to squeeze and press together, the sensation of his tongue briefly flicking out against her skin making her sigh in delight at the slow and savouring treatment he was getting. “Yeah, take your time with it… Mmmmm… Work over my ass…” The “Black Widow” commanded as she kept her eyes locked back at the handsome face of the man she’s barely met but is letting worship her juicy backside, and from the moans she’s letting out she made a very good decision as he continues to kiss across her booty while he gropes and toys with those full cheeks. All of this is not just making her moan, but causing her pussy to start to get wet from the thrill of this act as well as the actual feeling as she stays up against the door, pushing her desirable backside out so he can smooch and feel up every inch of that booty.

“Mmmmm… Trust me Sc-Natasha…” Michael says, catching himself from saying her real name instead of the roleplay one as he gives her ass another firm squeeze with both hands. “I’ll give you one hell of a workout…” He vows, using his fingers to slightly dig in and spread those cheeks apart, revealing her asshole along with her snatch but his focus in on that upper hole, moving his mouth up higher so he can first plant a kiss right onto her. Hearing her groan and let out a deep hiss of desire was all the conformation he needed to proceed as he applied his lips right onto her asshole for a long moment to not just kiss but suck on her, skillfully using his hands to stimulate her booty with a couple of quick squeezes while he works over that super tight entrance.

“Ahhhhhh!! Ooooooooooh God!!” The gorgeous Avengers actress moaned with a gasp, while expecting him to take the invitation to really go to work on her backside, she didn’t expect it to feel this good, let alone him be this seemingly experienced at eating out some ass. She definitely appreciated it, looking back with seductive, narrow eyes down at the face pressed right up between her rounded ass cheeks as he kissed and sucked at her sensitive and tight rear entrance. “Mmmmm!! For a… Rookie agent… Mmmmmm… You certainly have some skills it seems…” Johansson stated in her thick “Natasha” accent to stay in full roleplay mode even as she moans out from the work being done to her shapely to say the least ass.

She’s further tested when he draws back his lips just an inch so he can push back in but this time with his tongue, causing her to grit her teeth and nod with approval at the move as he flicks his tongue out against that puckered hole, his own groans being heard to show how he’s getting off on licking the stunning backside of one of Hollywood’s hottest and most talented actresses. For now though all that’s cast aside as this ass worship continues between the still almost both fully clothed and horny duo as her tight pants are still just pulled down under her cheeks to allow access for his hungry tongue to dive into her asshole with a series of quick and firm licks against that entrance.

“Mmmmmm!! Deeper! Get… Ahhhhhh… That tongue right into me…” Scarlet orders as she licks her own lips while occasionally feeling his brushing against her asshole as he works his tongue around with licks and attempts to fulfill the request by pushing into her entrance to force his way into that tightness. “Ahhhhhh… Yesssssss…. Mmmmm… Just, just like that…” She sighs in both relief and approval at the feeling of that tongue slipping just into her back passage, more than enough to make her tilt her dyed red haired head back in joy as she pushes her backside towards the licking hunk kneeling behind her as he probes her booty with that far from inexperienced tongue.

“Oh!! Mmmmm… Ahhhhh yes… Mmmmm…” For a few moments all she could do was just moan end enjoying having her ass being eaten out and felt up by his groping hands as he licks away and twists his tongue inside of that tight hole, still groaning himself as he obviously is loving getting the opportunity to dine on this incredible and sexy ass. As the beauty receiving this top notch treatment also is moaning out, the feeling is definitely mutual as she slightly grinds her thick ass back towards his handsome face, working to keep that tongue right into her for a couple more moments before he has to pull back and take in some much needed air. “Your… Your work is far from over here Agent…” She impressively keeps up the “Black Widow” character and voice as she casts another smoldering but commanding look back at him with the kind of sexy smirk that alone would make a man cum in a heartbeat.

Taking that statement as an order to continue, he leans his face back in, first spitting down onto the top of her ass crack and watching his spit trickle down, the sensation making her groan and that cry only gets louder when he dives back in with his tongue when the saliva flows over her asshole, showing his skill again as he works his spit into her ass with the motion. He moans himself, rock hard in his pants as his fingers still continue to grip those full cheeks to keep them apart so he can have his face right up into that booty and keep on working his tongue as far into her as he can reach, delivering the ass worship of a lifetime and one that certainly neither will be forgetting for a long, long time to come.

As much as Scarlet was greatly loving this, and mentally congratulating herself for taking a risk that has already paid off big time, she wanted a whole lot more from this lucky hunk than just his tongue stuffed up into her butt. “Ahhhhhh… That… That will do for this part… Mmmmm… Of the evaluation rookie…” She said as Natasha Romanoff, all too easily staying in character as she used a hand to push his head away from her now slick with his saliva asshole, casting another confident and commanding gaze down at the man, with a particularly long gaze cast down at the sizable bulge in his pants.

“Up! Up on your feet!” She snaps the order, and has to use her superb acting skills to prevent herself from smirking at how quickly he scrambles up to his feet for her. Keeping the “poker face” on she eyes him up again, approving in her mind but not showing it to him even as he has a little smirk on his face, and no one could blame him for loving this even if it’s really all just gotten started.

“That outfit might be fine for slumming it in the streets rookie, but it’s not befitting of a true Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. that’s for sure…” Scarlet states in the thick, in-character accent as she folds her pink-sweater arms under her sizable chest. “Take it off. All of it.” She states, giving her a serious look to show she isn’t kidding, but slightly turns her head to sharpen the look with slight narrowing of her smoking hot eyes to make him freeze on the spot when he moves to reach down. “Slowly rookie… I want to see exactly… What I’m working with here…” She says, allowing a hint of a seductive tone in her voice as half of her want to continue this somewhat teasing act, while the other wants to pounce on him and get that dick stuffed into her.

Micheal picked up on what she was meaning. She wanted a show, and it’d be wrong to deny the excellent and beautiful actress of such a request. Reaching up to the top button, he started to slowly unbutton his shirt, seeing her eyes following his hands move down the vertical line as gradually more and more skin was revealed to her. By the time the last button was finished, he was able to slip the garment off from his shoulders, and the sight of his nicely defined and easy on the eyes to say the least upper body got an quite approving nod of the red haired head and a sly smirk from the analyzing eyes of “Black Widow”.

Tossing the shirt aside, he continued by reaching down to his belt, undoing the buckle to let it fall free, then following by the button and slowly pulling the zipper down, once again her eyes locked down to his crotch as she briefly and ever so slightly licked her lips just when the clear tent in his boxers was revealed as he pushed his pants downward to his ankles.

Once again to her pleasant surprise this handsome still basically a stranger to her was also packing something, that bulge looking too inviting to resist to the point of her stepping forward and placing her hand onto his package, making his moan and almost trip over backwards as he quickly steps out of his pants.

“Now now rookie, this kind of training can’t be rushed…” Johansson says as she smirks confidently at him, still cupping his shaft through his underwear and delivering a slight stroke that makes him moan. “Besides… To be a true agent you need to work on your endurance… I need to see if you can last…”

“I… Uh, yes! Yes ma’am!” Michael wisely agreed with a grin, but feeling her giving his cock a commanding squeeze made that smile fade slightly, a warning from her to not be too eager or happy with himself – “Black Widow” was still very much in control of the handsome and seemingly hung man here.

Looking him straight in the eyes she used her other hand to make him step backwards away from the short hallway into the main area of the hotel room, making a slight turn and giving him a shove down to make him sit on the edge of the bed. Standing in front of him, Scarlet giving another long look over before she did a little undressing of her own, pulling the sleeves of the pink top away from her arms so she can slip her arms free and toss it aside, showing off all of the tight, black Black Widow-like attire and her wonderful curves that the outfit sexily showed off.

“This part of the training is extremely hands on… Quite physical as well…” Were the warning words from “Natasha” as she slipped herself down to a kneeling position in front of him, spreading his legs apart and shifting forward as once again her eyes were locked onto that package straining now in his boxer shorts. Not for much longer however as using the fingers exposed by her finger-less gloves she hooked the waistband of his underwear, locking eyes and giving him a raised eyebrow and a small but seductive smirk before she hauled down his boxers to finally let that cock pop free to his groaning relief.

“Rookie… I’m pretty sure S.H.I.E.L.D. rules state you need a license for this kind of weapon…” She said with a wider, very approving smirk as she took a hold of his dick and even with him already being rock hard still delivered a couple of testing strokes to the shaft, making him moan from the feeling of the gloved hand running up and down his pole. She wasn’t just making a pun to make this sound more and more like one of those XXX Avengers parody porn flicks, because yet again her expectations were smashed in pleasurable fashion as he held this long and thick to match cock belonging to the attractive hunk seated in front of her. Scarlet couldn’t help but gaze over this meat again, almost licking her lips but stopping herself just as the tongue was about to push out, ensuring she remained in full roleplay mode as she gave Michael another firm stroke for good measure.

“The key to endurance is all about having the correct and proper… Technique…” The dyed red haired starlet says as she looks up to him while leaning her head in towards his member, letting him feel her hot breath against his cock for a moment as she strokes him. “Allow me to give you a demonstration…” She added in the thick accent as “Black Widow”, before she moves down, sliding her tongue out to swat against the crown and tip of his cock, making him moan and stare down as she now gets to show off her own skills with her tongue as she warms him up, working her tongue around the head with a steady and slow swirling motion.

“Ahhhhhh!! Mmmmm… Yeah… You… You can show me… Mmmmm… All the demonstration you fucking want to…” Michael says with clear awe in his voice, unable to believe the red hot sight in front of him as Johansson works over his rod with double teaming, her hand smoothly pumping up and down along the thick shaft while she flicks her tongue out against his bell end, sliding across the slit, all over the top, and brushing against and around the sides as she too displays an obvious experience in this particular sexual act. The fact that it’s being done by one of the world’s most gorgeous actresses while she is in full costume as one of the world’s most infamous comic book characters makes it all the more hotter as she slides her talented tongue all around the head one more time before letting her hand pump away at his length a couple of times.

“Watch your language when speaking to a superior Agent!” The “Black Widow” warns with another serious glare, making him silent even as the look is countered by her palm moving back and forth over his length. “Impress me rookie… Let me see if you can handle this…” She challenges, giving him another sexy smirk as she again leans her dyed red haired head downward but this time doesn’t lick, actually parting her lips in order to take that cock into her mouth and all the while staring up at him as first the fat head and then a couple of inches vanishes up into that oral hole. He was already moaning the moment he passed between her lips, and that carried on when she wrapped those full and lovely lips around his man meat, pausing for a moment so they could both enjoy the feeling of her handling his dick with her warm and soothingly damp mouth.

Scarlet wasn’t just going to leave the teased stud hanging though, her hand moving to grip him by the base and hold him in place for her as she started to sink her mouth down, causing him to groan in delight while she felt her snatch becoming further wet as she started to suck off this man she’d barely known for perhaps ten minutes or more. Yet here she was, dressed up as the Black Widow herself and dishing out some oral satisfaction to his big cock as she runs her mouth upward to the crown to keep it within her mouth before pushing back down with the perfect amount of force to make an erotic slurping sound be heard along with his moans. But as she repeated the motion smoothly to make her shoulder length red hair sway from the sucking she was doing, the fact she was groaning herself around his meaty tool and moving a free hand downward toward her exposed snatch it was clear he wasn’t the only one getting off from this blow job.

“MMMM!! Oh shit… Holy fuck Scar… Na… Natasha!! That’s… Oh wow!!” Perhaps naturally considering this situation that never in his wildest dreams could he have ever imagined coming true, Michael was at a loss for words as he experienced the pleasure of that hot oral hole sliding up and down on his length, applying just the right amount of her saliva onto his stiff rod. Add into that the occasion stroke of her finger-less glove covered hand onto the lower portion, it could certainly be said that he was already showing off how much he could “endure” as he was taking more of this blowjob than many a red blooded male, comic book or movie fan or otherwise, would have been able to take from this stunning beauty currently sucking him off.

“Mmmmm… Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmmphhh!! Mmmm…” The talented actress who has played the iconic Black Widow in several Iron Man and Avengers movies to date groans around the cock she’s blowing, her eyes switching from gazing up with an intense and lustful stare at the handsome man she’s making moan out, and occasionally glancing down toward his crotch to check how much of his size she’s taking up into her warm and wet mouth. “Mmmmmphhhh!! Mmmmm… Mmmm… Mmmmmphhh  hhhmmmmmm…” Her shoulder length dyed hair continues to sway in time with the swift but controlled bobbing rhythm her head is doing as she dishes out this blow job that’s starting to see her saliva seep past her pouty lips and all the way down his pole to his crotch and balls, her spit getting stroked into his shaft by the random pumps given out by her hand. Speaking of her hands, her free one is now keeping busy on herself, her fingers running back and forth over her own wet snatch to ensure she’s more than just stimulated as she sucks on a big cock at the same time.

“Oh shit!! Oh damn it… Mmmmmm… This is… Holy shit!! So… So fucking good!!” He moans out as he tilts his head back, his hands gripping the sheets of the bed he’s sitting on as it now looks like he really is getting tested to see if he can handle this kind of expertly delivered blowjob as her mouth starts to push down deeper onto his tool, impressively taking more of this fat inches into her talented oral hole. He’s got no complaints about that though as he watches the beautiful actress he’d only just met blowing him deeply and with a steady, commanding pace as even with his dick lodged in her mouth she’s able to stare up with intensity, confidence, and a bit of lust to remain fully in this roleplay character – even if it shows a side of the Black Widow that’s never quite been seen on a major movie picture screen before.

Johansson meanwhile was having to keep herself in check to not just smirk around this dick from the moans he was letting out, or just start face fucking herself onto this dick as she keeps her hand rubbing her snatch to make her groan around the dick she’s sucking as even looking dressed up for a part, she’s putting on a performance more expected of a seasoned porn starlet than a Hollywood actress. Keeping her pouty, perfectly full for sucking cock lips tightly wrapped around his manhood, she pushes herself right downward onto him, causing them both to groan out deeply as she takes nearly all of his inches up into her mouth and for the first time breaking character as her eyes go wide at the feeling of all that man meat stuffing into her oral hole and nearly down into her throat as well.

“Ahhhhhh… Oh… Oh shit!” Scarlet groans the moment she pulls her head up and off from his now coated with her saliva dick, leaning back in her kneeling position as she catches her breath and just stares at all that cock that’s already gotten her very wet just from sucking him off. If he feels this good in her mouth, then imagine how good he’s going to feel right in her ass. “You… You passed that test rookie…” She says, snapping back into “Black Widow” character as she lets go of his dick and stands up, giving his desirable body another lustful look over before she leans forward, using a finger to scoop up a bead of sweat from his forehead. “Although I question if you can really handle a true Agent… A real woman like me…” She challenges as she takes the sweat and wipes it out onto her extended tongue, swallowing it down and giving him another dominating smirk.

“I… I can damn well handle you… Maybe you should let me take the lead for once here and I’ll show you exactly what I can do?” Michael counters with a lusty grin as he stands up from the bed, his dick dripping a little from her saliva to show the result of that intense blow job that she’d given him as he also takes the chance to look over her stunning body that’s still mostly covered except for her pants being pulled down so her juicy ass and wet snatch are exposed.

“You? Handling me? Prove it.” She dares him, the smirk on her face widening as even staying in character for this roleplay sex she was loving the idea of him taking charge for a while especially if it leads to what she hopes it’s going to lead to. “Impress me rookie… You get one shot, one position… Make it count.”

“With fucking pleasure!” He grins, taking a hold of her by the waist and pulling her over to make her bend over onto the bed, her exposed, shapely ass sticking out and out of instinct she spread her legs wide willingly for him as he pulled her body up so she’s at the ninety degree angle with her arms placed down onto the hotel room bed she’s above. “Agent Romanoff? Do you have any…”

He started to ask, before she used an arm to point across to her handbag that she had placed on the table by the wall. “Inside pocket, small bottle.” She quickly said, not as her way of staying in character but knowing what he’s going to do she doesn’t want him to waste any more time than is needed. She needs her ass fucked, and she needs it now. “An agent… Is always prepared for anything…”

Thankfully for her, he doesn’t mess around as he heads over, opening up the handbag and reaching in to pull out a bottle of lubricant which alone makes him grin as he knows for sure now that Scarlet is no stranger to having her ass tapped, and he was about to happily oblige. Moving back across he flips the lid open and applies some lube onto a finger, before tilting the bottle to pour it down onto her already well worshiped booty. She let out a sigh feeling the liquid splashing down onto her cheeks before focused down into the crack of her juicy ass, the sensation remaining for a moment before he applied his finger onto her asshole to push it forcefully in, causing her to groan and tellingly rock her ass backward against the digit as he started to work it in and out of her backside.

“If I didn’t know better… I’d say you’ve done this kind of training before Natasha…” He said with a smile as the handsome man she’d just met a half hour ago was now finger fucking her ass as a way of readying her back passage for a pounding to come, easing in the lubricant right in with a series of stiff plunges in and out of her asshole.

“I’ve… Ahhhhhh! I’ve had worse ro-rookie!” The hissing words of “Natasha” come from gritted teeth as she still moves her ass back against that thrusting finger as she feels her getting nicely lubed up, but still obviously wanting something far more substantial inside her. “If this… Uhhhhh… Is the best you can do… You will never… Ahhhhh… Be a true Avenger!” She says in the thick and sexy accent, looking back over her shoulder as he pulls his finger out so he can now apply some lubricant onto his own cock for good measure, a sign to her that this guy has certainly fucked some ass before in his time, but all she cared about now was making sure that big cock she’d been sucking deep now goes right into her fine and juicy ass.

“Challenge accepted… Let’s get right to it…” He said, closing up the bottle and placing it down as he stepped forward, one hand gripping his dick by the base and the other spreading her ass cheeks so he can press the crown of his tool against that tight entrance, the sensation of his bell end rubbing against her asshole enough to make them moan. He doesn’t stop there though, not going to waste this opportunity to fuck the horny, roleplaying beauty up her thick and sexy backside, so with a firm push forward he forces the head in and past her asshole, both of them shamelessly moaning again as he begins to ease his cock in and out of Scarlet Johansson’s ass.

“Ahhhhh… Ahhhhhh fuck… Fuck!!” The “Black Widow” groans as her head hangs down for a moment, adjusting to the intense feeling of her back passage being invaded by his fat dick as even with all the lubricant applied it’s still a very tight fit, but a fit none the less that has her moaning as even thought it’s breaking the character she’s keeping up she has her hand right under her still clothed body in order to rub and toy with her wet pussy. “Uhhhhh… Yes… Yes Mi-Michael… Get it… Mmmmmm… Right in there…” She grunts the encouragement even though she knows it’s not needed as he uses one hand to still keep her butt cheeks far apart to allow him to push his cock forward into her backside, the other hand still holding the base to make sure his dick stays inside her plump rump as he looks to force that hole to widen and accept more of his man meat.

“Ahhhhhh… MMMM!! Oh fuck Scarlet!! Your ass is… MMMMM!!” The lucky stud moans out as she smoothly and steadily rocks his hips back and forth towards her ass, plunging his member into her tightness that clings all around the inches he’s managed to fit into that stunning, desirable ass of one of Hollywood’s leading actresses who even know is impressively playing one of the characters she’s become infamous as to perfection even while getting fucked up the ass. Feeling confident his cock is firmly into her booty now, he moves his other hand up to her hips, allowing him to focus now on tapping that stunning ass as he stares down at his own dick, watching the inches moving back and forth into that backside that’s being pushed back towards him by the beauty he’s banging from behind.

“Ahhhhhh!! N-Natasha!! Get… MMMM… Get it right ro-rookie!!” She snaps out the reminder about the roleplay element of this no strings attached fuck that’s seen him eat out her ass, take the blow job of a lifetime, and now gets him stuffed up into that same fantastic, rounded butt as his steady and nicely forceful thrusts make her rock back and forth to meet every incoming thrust, aiding to help work more of this thick inches further into her ass. “Ooooooooooooh MMMMM!! Fuck… Fuck my ass!! Fuck my… AHHHHH… Avenger ass!!” She lustfully demands, moaning not just from the feeling of his length sliding in and out of her snug asshole but due to her now pushing two fingers into her snatch so she can now finger fuck her own soaking wet snatch while taking a stiff and now starting to quicken anal pumping as this further looks like a scene from an X-rated parody of an Avengers film as the “Black Widow” takes it up the ass from behind.

“OH FUCK!! MMMMM… Oh Na… Natasha!! Your ass… AHHHH… So fucking tight!!” He marvels with a grunt, his hands clamped onto her stunning, rounded ass cheeks as he thrusts his dick deeply forward into her snug asshole with more than ample force to make her curvy, still clothed body rock in response to those stiff pups that sends more than half of his size into that juicy rump. He can’t help but moan out at the vice-like grip that’s all around his tool, loving the sight of those full rear cheeks jiggling as he pumps her from behind, her ass the only part of her body truly on show as her tight pants test under those sexy glutes, the exposure allowing her to finger bang her dripping wet snatch while she takes this ass pounding.

“OH GOD!! Michael!! AHHHHH… Keep… UHHHH!! FUCKING… Keep fucking my ass rookie!!” The stunning actress yells out as she looks back over her shoulder through her now getting messy dyed red hair, somehow managing to keep up the roleplay act even as she furiously fucks her own pussy with her now soaked fingers, and all the while taking it up the ass like a porno pro, groaning at the feeling of his big shaft sliding swiftly in and out of her rear entrance. “AHHHHH… Close… So… FUCKING… CLOSE!! MMMMM… Don’t you FUCKING dare stop!!” She snaps with an intense, lusty look back at the hung, handsome hunk she’s allowed to tap her desirable behind despite having met him less than an hour ago and now has him deep between her smooth and rounded butt cheeks, getting off on the dirty feeling of this steamy sex as she works her fingers in and out of her snatch again and again to make her moan without any hint of shame at all.

“OH FUCK!! AHHHHH… I’ll… I’m… AWWWWWW FUCK… I’ll fucking try Black Widow…” Michael grunts, similarly to her feeling that he’s reaching his limit if by the sweat coming from his face and nicely muscular body is any indication, but he’s putting in the performance of his life to make sure he continues to stiffly fuck that magnificent ass and give the Hollywood sex symbol the kind of pounding her stunning body deserves. “AHHHHHH SHIT!! Mmmmmm!! Pretty… UHHHHHH… Fucking close myself!! MMMMM…” He admits as he feels the first throb of his dick within that tight back passage, his fingers digging into her plump butt cheeks a little more and keeping them spread so he can keep on driving his member sharply and forcefully right into her backside to keep them both moaning our and loving every moment of this red hot anal sex.

“FUCK!! OH FUCK YES!! Yes!! YES YES OH MY FUCKING… FUCKING!! AHHHHH!!!” With another long and loud moan, Scarlet Johansson tilts her head back and stares in a daze as she brings herself to a powerful climax with great assistance provided by the hard ass fucking she’s taking from the stud behind her, driving her fingers into her own pussy to keep the pleasure flowing all through her covered up and curvaceous frame. “UHHHHH… MMMMM… Mmmmmm oh fuck… FUCK!! AHHHHH…” She gasps as her juices sloppily spill out from her snatch from the repeated finger fucking she gives herself, coating those digits, her hand, and even down her wrist and arm as the fluids trickle down as the “Black Widow” continues to ride out the pleasure of an anal sex induced orgasm that leaves her gasping for breath and just barely holding herself up from the bed with her free hand.

“OH FUCK!! AHHHHH… MMMMM… Gonna… OH SHIT!! Gonna fucking cum soon…” He groans as he gives her booty another firm squeeze and a deep thrust, somehow managing to not blow his load deep inside her as she came, her back passage somehow becoming even tighter around his sizable man meat as he kept the stiff pumps coming. Unable to take the pressure of her thick booty anymore and feeling his dick now throbbing wildly within her he was forced to pull out of her with a sigh of relief, seeing her asshole now gaping for a moment before sealing up as he took a hold of his tool by the base and started to stroke himself off.

“Face! Fuck… Blow it over my face!!” She quickly said, turning herself around and over to almost effortless squat down in front of the bed and in front of him, one hand still firmly on her snatch to rub herself to enjoy the afterglow of a sexual high to remember while her other goes up onto his cock, a seductive smirk on her sweat-covered face as she takes his hand away so she can take over the job of jerking off the dick that’s just come right out of her thick ass. “FUCK!! Oh yeah… Mmmmmm!! Fucking cover me Michael…” She lets herself grin as just with one single stroke he starts to fire his load, the first thick shot hitting her fight across the cheek and up to her forehead and into her dyed red hair, and she just in time managed to close her eye to avoid blinding her as she keeps her hand pumping away on his rod.

“OH FUCK!! Ahhhhh… MMMMM… AHHHHH MMMM…” Michael gasps and moans as he stares down, watching his thick and warm seed splashing down across the face of the “Black Widow” to cover her cheeks, forehead, full lips and chin with his load, quite a bit of it landing on her red hair that’s been sticking to her face from all the sweat but also due to the blind aiming being done as with closed eyes she’s jerking him off and taking all that spunk. The big smile on her face shows she’s loving the feeling of taking the money shot as the last drops seep out from his dick and get scooped up by her fingers as she gives his softening cock one last pump before letting it go, bringing her digits so she can lick them clean and swallow down that cum with an approving moan.

“Mmmmm… Ahhhh fuck… That… That was even better than I expected!” Scarlet said with a laugh, using her normal voice as she wipes away the jizz from her eyes so she can look up at him. “You’re a damn good fuck Michael!”

“Shit… You’re fucking out of this world Scarlet… I was lucky to keep up with you there!” Michael admits with a grin of his own as he looks down at that beautiful face that’s now covered with his load.

“Charmer… Bet you say that to all the girls you drown in your spunk…” Johansson says with a little lick of her lips, giving his cock a glance over before she pushes herself up in order to stand up. “…Want to go another round?” She offers with a seductively raised eyebrow.

“Se-seriously??” The stunned look on his face shows he was not expecting that question, but it’s one that’s making him grin broadly. “Hell yeah! I’m not going to turn down tapping that ass again.”

“Good, because this time… You’re in control…” She smirks as she reaches down, giving his cock a couple of strokes to help him get hard again. “I’m still Black Widow but you’re… You’re some evil, comic villain that’s captured me… And now you get to do whatever you want to me. Deal?” She asks, that look on her face showing she can guess the reply but wants to check as she jerks off that dick.

“Fucking deal and then some!” He replies. “So… Shall I start this? Restart it I guess…”

“Go for it… And this time? Really fucking make my ass hurt!” She grinned sinfully at him for a moment before stepping back, not even caring that her face is covered with his cum from the first “round” of their sexual encounter.

“…There’s no one who can save you now Black Widow!” Michael said in character, reaching forward and pulling her close towards his body with her full ass still exposed. “You’re all mine now… And I plan on having some fun with you…” He said with as menacing a tone as he could manage as he used a hand to pull the zipper of her black jacket-like top downward.

“You… You monster!” She said as she snapped back into roleplay mode herself, even with the cum all over her face, glaring at him as she spoke in that thick “Natasha” accent but did nothing to stop his actions, allowing him to fully unzip her as he started to slip the garment off her. “You will never get away with this injustice!” She added, gasping as her gorgeous, already sweat-covered upper body was revealed along with her rounded and ripe tits, topped off with rock hard nipples from the previous session of lustful fucking.

“Oh, but I can, I will, and I already have…” He said, tossing the jacket away and now dropping down to squat, gripping her waistband and finally pulling those tight black pants down her smooth legs, making her step out of the clothing to just leave her in her “Black Widow” gauntlets and finger-less gloves. “You’re all mine now… And I intend to have some fun with you…”

“I can withstand any kind of torture you can think of. I will never betray the Avengers!” She vowed in character, but did nothing to stop his actions as she allowed him to move her again as she fell backwards to lay on the bed, he arms around her pulling her down with him to make her groan as she felt his once again rock hard cock pressing against her juicy, already fell fucked ass.

“Oh, but this isn’t torture… When it gives me so much pleasure…” He grins as he shifts her up, and taking the hint she moves into a squatting position above him, looking down between her legs to see him scooping up the lube bottle and giving his shaft a decent lathering of the liquid for good measure.

“You bastard!! I swear I will make you pay for this!!” The threat from “Natasha” came as she put her acting skills to the test, forcing her to not lick her lips or just drop her butt down onto that big dick but thankfully for her lusty needs he was soon reaching up to bring that booty downward as he used a hand to line his cock up with her asshole.

“And I swear this will be worth your while…” He says before his cock once again gets pushed into her still tight back passage as he lowers her down onto his shaft, making them both groan out as he fills her juicy backside up again with his manhood, making her sink down to over the halfway mark before he shifts his grip, allowing him to once more grip those rounded cheeks. “MMMM… Oh yes… Deep in the ass of the Black Widow… Ahhhhhh!!” He moans in delight as he starts to thrust his cock up into her booty, using a sharp series of pumps to work his member in and out of her snug asshole and in turn make her groan out from the feeling of her ass getting fucked one more time as she grips her own thighs to maintain the squatting position to let him have a turn calling the shots.

“Ahhhhhh!! MMMMM!! You… You sick bastard!!” She says to keep up this roleplay fantasy fuck, but her moans show the true story of how much the stunning actress is loving having that fat cock back in her tight and thick backside, getting pumped from underneath in such a steady and stiff way that she can’t help but bounce herself lightly onto that pistoning shaft. “Oooooooooh FUCK!! A real man… AHHHHH… Wouldn’t force himself onto a woman… MMMMM!! Like this!!” She claims as “Natasha” even as she groans in delight from how filled up her booty is as he shows he’s no one hit wonder, establishing the focused and controlled thrusting pace to stuff her ass full with his dick even after having tapped that ass a few minutes before, the reason why her face is currently covered with cum as she once again takes a fucking in that gorgeous, rounded butt.

“AHHHHH… MMMMM SHIT!! Only a real man… AHHHHH… Could handle tapping this kind of ass!!” He grunts as he continues to grip her rear cheeks, watching the hypnotising sight of that rump raise and lower onto his dick as he sends it pumping stiffly up into that tight hole, her back passage remaining pleasurably tight all around his member despite all the previous fucking she’s taken and it’s not slowing him down either and he plunges up deeply to fill her ass up with as much of his inches as he can fit in. “MMMMM… Just give in Black Widow! AHHHHH… Submit to the pleasure… AHHHHH… Of your ass getting fucked…” He’s able to groan out, finding his thrusting motion being matched perfectly in a true porn veteran performance from the beautiful Hollywood actress mounted on his fat cock as she drops that juicy ass straight down onto his rod each time he firmly thrusts upward, ensuring they both shamelessly moan out in sinful joy as this hot and heavy anal sex kicks into another pleasurable gear.

“OOOOOOOOOOH FUCK!! Mmmmm!! Ne-never!! I’ll… MMMMM!! Never surrender!!” Johansson groans out in her thick and sexy “Black Widow” voice, impressing once again by being able to stay in character even as she rides the cock being rammed up into her tight ass, causing her gorgeous, rounded tits to bounce in time with the motion her tanned and sweat-covered body is doing onto him. “UHHHH!! I will… AHHHHH… Never give in to your… MMMMM… Big… Fucking… Cock deep in my ass!! MMMMM!!” She moans, deliberate with her choice of words to make this roleplay sex all the more hotter and dirtier, as if the fact she’s taking an ass fucking while her face is coated with the cum of the hunk she’s on top off as he thrusts away up into that same juicy booty she’s riding wasn’t already erotic enough to begin with. Neither of them mind that though, focused on getting the utmost pleasure from this as they can as the beauty with dyed red and cum-stained hair continues to briskly bounce her desirable backside sharply up and down onto the dick of the man she barely knows but is now once again getting her booty stuffed with his stiff prick and loving every moment of it.

“AHHHHH… MMMMM SHIT!! Resist all… AHHHHH… You want Natasha… You will be begging for me… UHHHHHH!! To fuck that awesome ass soon enough…” Michael states as he tries his best to keep up with the character in this fantasy, his attention quite rightly more on tapping that stunning ass as he continues to firmly grip her jiggling butt cheeks as he pistons his shaft right up in and out of her snug to say the least back passage that’s being dropped and lifted with force onto his manhood. “MMMM… Admit… UHHHHH… Admit it Black Widow!! You love… AHHHHH… Being a dirty… MMMM… Anal loving slut!!” He manages to say between moans as he again feels sweat trickling off of his handsome face but isn’t anywhere near close to stopping yet, enjoying the feeling of her juicy butt being all around his cock as he watches that curvy body bouncing away on his tool as he slams it up into her to keep them both moaning out from the sinful pleasure they both feel.

“Ne… Never!! MMMMM… I am… AHHHHH… I am not your slut!!” The “Black Widow” moans out, even if the swiftly and steadily bouncing motion she’s doing on the thrusting cock that’s driving deep into her ass seems to indicate otherwise as her dyed red hair bounces away and her breasts jiggle away as she keeps up this intense pace to ensure that shaft is stuffing up deep into her built to be pounded backside. “MMMMMM… AHHHHH!! It… It will take far more than this… UHHHHH… To break me, you… You hung bastard!!” She groans as she gazes back, casting a lust-filled look with her cum-covered face at the similarly groaning and sweating roleplayer as she stops her bounces, coming to a stop of his pumping tool so she can rock her shapely hips back and forth onto top of him, grinding her booty against his dick and crotch and this is more than enough to make them moan out as they sneak in a slight break so they can both catch their breathes.

“Is… MMMM… Is that so Black… UHHHHH… Black Widow??” Michael grunts, giving her ass a sharp spank to make her groan, pushing her forward to pull out of her backside but then taking a hold of her by her toned waist, putting her down onto her back on the bed and moving between her legs. “I think I know just what you need…” He states with a smirk as he lifts her hips up from the bed, gripping his dick and placing the head of his cock against her asshole.

“You… You don’t have the guts…” She responds as “Natasha” with a narrow eyed look, gritting her teeth as she reaches forward to already start to rub her own wet pussy, both of them groaning in delight as he once again invades her ass with a firm thrust. “MMMMM… You can’t… You can’t handle me… You won’t… AHHHHH… Even come close to making me cum!!” She says, but her tone and the slight smirk she flashes him shows that it wasn’t just a challenge being in character, she was daring him to really give it to her.

“Let’s… Ahhhhh… Fucking see about that…” He gives a grin back as he grips her legs and starts to rock his hips back and forth towards her, and once again the lewd and loud moaning fills the hotel room as he thrusts deeply into her backside, making her sexy, sweat coated body rock back against the bed to cause her breasts to bounce as he taps that ass with confident, firm pumps. “MMMMM!! Ahhhhhh… OH FUCK MMMM… AHHHHH…” He groans deeply, gazing down to watch his cock slide straight into her now not nearly as tight as when this all started asshole, but still clearly experiencing plenty of pleasure from the feeling of her back passage snug all around his member as he thrusts in and out of the moaning starlet who has been roleplaying as “Black Widow” all the time she’s been getting fucked.

“UHHHHH!! OH FUCK!! MMMMM… Deeper!! AHHHHH… Fucking fill me up!!” Scarlet gasps as she keeps her already stained from her previous orgasm finger-less gloved hand rubbing over her soaking wet snatch, her other hand reaching back to grab the backboard of the bed as she takes this forceful and stiff thrusting into her juicy ass. “AHHHHH… AHHHHH!! Oooooooooh MMMMM!! More!! Come… Come on motherfucker!! FUCK ME!!” She glares, keeping up the character she’s made famous in the Iron Man and Avengers movie franchises even with that gorgeous face plastered with the cum of the hunk currently driving sharply in and out of her ass with deep and hard pumps. She lets out another moan as her hand brushes back and forth over her dripping pussy, her lovely tits bouncing away in time with the rocking back motion the stiff pumps ramming straight into her being raised up backside to make the sight all the more hotter as she takes this anal pumping.

“MMMMM!! Oh yeah!! UHHHHH!! MMMMM… Fucking… FUCKING TAKE IT!! MMMMM!!” He grunts as sweat drips from his nicely muscular and desirable frame, his chest heaving as he gives it all he’s got to deliver the superb pumping that her and her thick and tight ass deserve, both of them shamelessly moaning out with every deep in and out thrust that he sends into her tightness as this roleplay fueled sex carries on. “UHHHHH… MMMMM AHHHHHH!! FUCK!! Ahhhhhh… MMMM…” The stud who is making the most of a sexual opportunity of a lifetime hisses in pleasure through clenched teeth as he keeps a firm hold on her smooth and long legs, keeping her rear raised off the now getting ruined with sweat bed sheets so he can swiftly and stiffly slam his shaft straight forward into her backside as he plunges in deep over and over again.

“AWWWWWW SHIT!! MMMMM!! Break… Break me!! MMMMM!! Make me… AHHHHH!! Beg for that fucking cock!!” Another sinful challenge is made by “Natasha” as she glares with desire across at the hunk who is making her feverishly rub her pussy to keep her moaning as she takes this wild and steamy anal pumping as he stuffs her tight back passage fuller than she could have ever dreamed possible with his long and fat man meat. “MMMMM!! OH SHIT!! AHHHHH… MMMMM FUCK MY ASS MICHAEL!! AHHHHH!! Fuck… FUCK ME!!” She yells out in delight as she falls back onto the sheets, her head tilting back as she lets out the kind of moan more suited for the horniest and filthiest porn around, further showing her lust as she pushes two fingers in deep to the knuckles into her dripping pussy in order to yet again finger bang herself in a clear sign another orgasm is fast approaching.

“AHHHHHH… Yeah!! FUCKING… MMMMM… Fucking… TAKE IT!! UHHHHH…” He gasps and rams his member repeatedly and swiftly into her juicy backside, his gaze switching from down at his own member to watch himself deeply fucking that gorgeous rump, to her shapely tits that bounce away in time with the rocking back and forth motion her body is doing as she takes it up the ass. Add in her pretty facial features and her dyed red hair of the “Black Widow” that’s stained with his earlier load, and it’s little surprise all of this and the fantastic feeling along of his cock ramming rapidly into her back passage is making him moan out load as the familiar feeling of his member throbbing starts to occur.

“MMMM!! YES!! FUCK IT!! UHHHHH… CUMMING!! GONNA… GONNA!! MMMMMM AHHHHHHH!!!” Scarlet Johansson moans out loud and long as for the second time during this no strings attached, roleplay sex she brings herself to a powerful, intense orgasm with her own pumping fingers while having her ass fucked at the same time, this time her eyes looking like they are rolling back into her dyed red haired head from the sinful pleasure gripping her sweat soaked body. “AHHHHH UHHHHH!! MMMMM… MMMMM!! Oooooooooh MMMM…” The “Black Widow” gasped and groaned as her body continued to rock sharply back as she took this hammering into her booty, panting for air to make her bouncing chest heave as she keeps on plunging her digits in and out of her overflowing with her juices twat to make an erotic squelching sound mix with their combined moans as she cums hard from this anal sex.

“AHHHHH… MMMMMM FUCK… Ready… AWWWWWW SHIT!! Ready for another load?? UHHHHH…” He gasped out, managing to deliver one final deep thrust into that more than just well fucked ass before he has to once again reluctantly pull out of her back passage, his dick throbbing wildly just like before. This time however he doesn’t even get a chance to take a hold of himself as despite having experienced yet another powerful sexual high she’s shifting herself forward to sit on the edge of the bed, grabbing his cock with the same finger-less gloved hand she’d used to get herself off with, stroking her own pussy juices all over his fat length as she gazed up at him with her already cum-covered face and a sexy, satisfied smirk.

It only took a couple of pumps of the hand before for the second time “Natasha” was taking a creamy, thick load all over her already coated facial features, making her groan as the seed splashed down onto her forehead, cheeks, across her nose, and onto her pouty, smirking lips as she closed her eyes to take another facial, stroking that big dick that’s been ramming her ass deep. Yet again some of his shots landed in her dyed red hair to further stain it and make the sight of the stunning Hollywood actress taking more spunk onto her face even hotter as she doesn’t stop pumping him until he’s completely spent and going limp in her hand.

“Mmmmm… Oh fuck… Holy fuck!!” Scarlet laughed with a grin, reaching up to wipe away spunk from her eyes and eyebrows. “Fuck! I’m totally fucking covered!” She stated with a hint of pride in her normal voice, staying seated but leaning back a little on the bed.

“Too right you are! Guess I didn’t know I had that much in me… Not the just the cum either…” Michael says, grinning back as he slumps down onto the bed at her side, his chest heaving for air to show how spent but very satisfied his from two rounds of hot anal sex with one of the hottest actresses on the planet. “You… You want to hit the shower first? You’ve totally got more to, you know, clean off than me…” He offers between gasps for air as he looks over to her.

“You always this nice to the women you’ve fucked? Or am I just a special case?” Johansson teases as she pats him on his sweaty stomach. “Yeah, I’ll take that shower… You should put in a call to room service in the meantime. I’ll need a bathrobe so I can get back up to my room… And we’ll need to change these damn bed sheets, unless sleeping in your own sweat is your style?”

“No, not if I can help it…” He smiles tiredly back as he takes a moment before he sits up next to her. “I think I’ll order some water as well… With plenty of ice, since I definitely not going to be heading out now…”

“Fuck it, order some food with it as well. My treat. I’ll pay for the lot.” Scarlet says with a smile and a nod, making her cum-stained, dyed red hair sway. “After some awesome sex like that? Least I can do for ruining your bed…” She says as she stands up, turning and heading towards the bathroom of the hotel room before she pauses and looks back. “And I mean awesome Michael. You need to work on keeping up your roleplay skills, but otherwise? You’re a real fine fuck!” She says with a wink and a smile before she enters the bathroom, switching on the light.

For a moment, Michael just shakes his head with a grin as he hears the sound of water starting to run. He’d just fucked the Black Widow herself Scarlet Johansson up the ass a couple times, and dumped as many facials onto her stunning face. As he picked up the phone and dialed up room service, he couldn’t wipe the smile off his handsome face.

Days later, Michael’s friends would mock him when he told them he wasted a day of his vacation after getting so drunk one evening he woke up in the late afternoon and decided to slum it inside all day. “What a waste!” they told him, and would rib him for days. Well, who would have believed him if he’d told them he had hooked up with Scarlet Johansson and fucked her fine ass? They would have believed him even less if he’d talked about when she invited him up to her room to spend the evening. And the night…

*     *     *

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