Blackened Celeb. 1: SD Crosses The Thin Blue Line

Blackened Celebrity 1: Shannen Doherty Crosses The Thin Blue Line
by Dr. Blasphemy (

-Shit! Shit! Shit!- was the only thing that could come to the paniced
Shannen Doherty’s mind as the flash of the police car’s spinning overhead
lights strobed off her rearview mirror into her eyes. She knew she’d been
partying pretty hard that night drinking more than her fair share of alcohol
and was hoping to make it home safely without insident. The last thing she
needed right now was yet another news report to add to her bad reputation,
that she’d been working so had to clean


Shannen jumped as she heard the sudden rapping of the black officer’s
flashlight against her driver’s side window. As she rolled down her window
she knew she had to play it cool and hopefully get out of this.

"Hello, officier. What seems to bee the problem?" she said.

"You were stopped for weaving on the road. Please hand me your licence and
registration and get out of the car." the cop replied.

Shannen as best as she could clamly did what the officer requested giving
him the two slips of paper and getting out of her vehicle doing her best not
to look intoxicated.

"Ok, Miss Doherty, you’ll have to take the standard breath-a-lizer test
to prove that you’re under the legal limit for drunkeness of point-oh-eight."
he stated after looking over her materials and checking them with the police
car’s computer.

The cop held out the intrument in front of Shannen. She took a deep breath
and blew into the meter praying that she was below the range. As the device
took it’s final reading she looked at the policeman’s face for a good sign
that she had passed, but his face stayed neutral which made her worry all the

"I’m sorry, Miss Doherty, but you’re way over at a whopping point-one-six.
Double the legal amount. I’m going to have to arrest you." he stated.

"No you can’t!" Shannen pleaded as tears began to flow down her face,
"Couldn’t you just give me a warning. I promise I won’t do it again, please!
I’ll do anything!!! Just don’t take me to jail!"


"Yes, anything!!!"

"Just what could you do to change my mind?"

Shannen truely started to panic. What could she do to get out of this
situation and she blurted out the first thing that came to mind, "I… I’ll
suck your dick. I’ll give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had."

"Really???" peeking the officier’s interest with a raise of his brow.

"Yes!!! I’m the best cocksucker in all of Hollywood!"

"Ok, prove it to me."

Shannen grabbed the officer by the belt of his pants and guided him to
the passenger side of her SUV to block them from on-coming traffic seeing
them. She then got down on her knees and removed the cop’s utility belt
letting it drop to the ground. Next she undid his pants and was more than a
little shocked by what he was packing. He had a thick ten inches hanging
from inbetween his legs and it wasn’t even hard yet.

She’d never seen a cock that size before. Sure she’d seen her fair share
of pornos with well hung studs, but this was real life. Shannen cautiously
grabbed the huge member in her hand, guided the tip toward her mouth and
licked her tongue around the bulbous dark tip causing the peace officer to

As the cock came to full attention at a whopping thirteen inches, Shannen
wrapped her lips around it’s girth and bobbed her head up and down it’s
lenght. With ease she was able to get the first four inches to the back of
mouth sucking on his neckbone with an air-tight grip.

"That’s it, baby! Take all that big black dick!" he encouraged.

Shannon, who started to get more than a little wet from the idea, slamed
her head down on his love spike at a faster pace trying with all her might
to swallow it. The first few tries caused her to choke from it’s thickness,
but as her throat began to relax the dong slowly went deeper down her gullet
to a maximum of nine before she couldn’t take anymore.

"Come on, Shannen, I thought you said you were the ‘Queen of the
Cocksuckers.’ If you truely were you’d be balls deeps by now. I bet any other
hot celebrity starlet would gobble all of my wand in a snap." he taunted.

Now it became a matter of pride to Shannen. She was much better than any
of those other celebrity sluts and hated it when she was compared to them.
She grabbed the officer by the ass and forced the last few inches down her
throat. Shannen held still resting her chin against his balls as she milked
them with her neck muscles.

"Oh, shiittt!" the officer yelled as he couldn’t hold it in anymore and
shot his creamy load down her throat mixing with the liquor she drank
earlier that night.

As the hot seamen flowed down to her tummy, Shannen was disappointed that
she didn’t get a taste for all the hard work she’d done. She then slowly
released the saliva coated man-meat from her prison with one long nasty suck,
which ended with a loud "Slur-pop!"

But that wasn’t enough for Shannen, by this time her pussy was acheing to
get fucked and as she kissed down the shaft of officer’s dick she said with
a impish smile, "Fuck me with your big black cock."

"I’m here to ‘serve.’" he replied with a smirk.

While Shannen got to her feet she shimmied down her soaking wet panties
from under her skirt and tossed them off into the brush. She then propped
herself up against the side of the vehicle, hiking up her skirt to reveal
her freshly shaved cunt.

The cop with dick in hand moved in on the offender and pushed his schlong
into the hot celeb’s wet box burying it to the hilt with one swift stroke. As
he plowed away, Shannen yelped in pain from the massive intruder inside her.
Her pussy felt as though it was being ripped in half, but the sensation from
the officer’s thrusts quickly turned that into pleasure.

Totally in the moment Shannen then wrapped her legs around the cop’s waist
and squeeze him closer to her to help him penetrate more of his nightstick
deeper into her. As she did so, he craddled her by her firm white ass and
quickened his frantic pace causing Shannen’s juices to cream from the

"I’m cumming!!!" Shannen screamed at the top of her lungs as her body
began to buck from her powerful orgasms. The officer held on to her as best
he could while still pumping into her now flowing pussy, but he too was about
ready to pop once again from her slenching slot.

"Shannen, about to shoot!" the cop warned through clenched teeth.

"Cum in my mouth! I want to taste your hot sticky sperm." she demanded.

The officer then released her to get back down to her knees and true to
his word he shot his wad into Shannen’s open mouth. Stream upon stream of hot
jizz landed across her face and into oral cavity filling it to the brim. As
the flow finally ended Shannen closed her mouth and swallowed more of the
little swimmers with one big gulp to add the ones already waiting in her

Then as Shannen began to scoop the residual cum with her fingers from her
face to lick clean, the officer slaps one of the cuffs onto her wrist.

"What the hell do you think you are you doing!?!?" Shannen yells in skock,
"I thought you said if I got you off, you wouldn’t arrest me for DUI."

"I’m not. Now I’m arresting you for littering." The officer then forced
her arms behind her back clasping the second cuff around her other wrist and
placed her into the backseat of his police car with Shannen’s face still
covered in his seed.

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