TITLE: “Blackmailed!”




DISCLAIMER: This is entirely a work of fan fiction, not authorized by Lucy Pinder or any other celebrity. Any resemblance between the events of this story and actual events is purely coincidental.

“I’ve Got You Now, Bitch!”

It was plastered all over her gorgeous nude body for all the world to see, five words written in blood red: “I’ve Got You Now, Bitch.”

Lucy Pinder jumped up from her computer, hands covering her mouth to keep from screaming. The
woman who had made a career of not showing off her 32G-26-34 (86-66-86 metric) form, was plastered across her digital screen, with her goodies exposed for all the world to see. She knew, when she’d blacked out after that party in the States that she was lucky not to have been violated. Only now it looked like she’d been violated in an even worse way. Lucy Pinder was about to be exposed, unless she did something about it.

“Rrrring…! Rrrring…!”

Lucy turned at the sound of the ringing phone, knowing that the blackmail was about to begin. She stared at it for long moments, trying to strategize. Should she pick it up? And if she picked it up, should she let on that she’d received the email? Or should she ask as though she didn’t care? She knew that the sensible thing to do was to call Nelson, her lawyer. But the way Nelson lewdly looked at her whenever they were together… she wasn’t 100% sure it wasn’t Nelson who’d sent the email.


“Hello?” She couldn’t resist. As scared as Lucy was of the voice on the other end, or of what she might do if she didn’t handle it properly, she was more afraid of having the world see everything against her will. And “the world” was exactly who she met, because unlike the other silky, busty brunettes, Lucy Pinder was a truly international figure. The Winchester wonder had made a name for herself through the British tabloid “Daily Star,” but her star shone brightly once the Internet and _Maxim_ magazine had gotten a hold of her pics. And through it all, she’d remained suggestively yet ever so slightly covered, never giving the boys the full frontal they seemed to beg for on a regular basis. No, the full Monty was for Lucy’s lover, of which, lately, there had been too few.

“Hello, love,” said a voice doing a very bad Tim Roth impression. Lucy Pinder suddenly got chills. While she’d always been a fan of crime mysteries, but she never thought she’d be in one. But the sound of that evil voice, and the realization of her situation were beginning to get to Lucy. Her nipples hardened, but was it from fear… or excitement?

“What do you want from me?” Lucy asked, skipping past the formalities. It wasn’t what she’d planned, but it was exactly what she felt at that moment. She knew she wouldn’t like the answer… or would she?

“I’d like to watch,” the voice said. And with that, Lucy froze. She had carefully crafted the image of the biggest tease in the history of sex, it seemed like. A woman so voluptuous and desirable, any straight man would slit his wrist just for the chance to inhale the scent of her luxurious brown hair. Lucy was petite, 5’ 5”, busty, and gorgeous. And now she was going to be on display.

“I’d like to watch you strut around naked. I’d like to watch you bend over. Play with yourself. Masturbate. Have sex with a man, and then a woman. All while I sit here and stare at you from this window.”

Lucy spun around to look out. She saw nothing but a row of openings from the building across the way. Any one of them could possess her mysterious stranger… and she wouldn’t know it.

“Don’t try to see me,” continued the voice. “I just like to watch.”

Now Lucy’s heart was pounding. Who was this strange man to make these demands of her? He must have been one of the party-goers that night, but she couldn’t figure out who it could possibly be. Was it Eric? But Eric was too handsome to be sick – she’d’ve given him a freebie anyway. Or Tom? Tom was as drunk as she was. How about Dwight?

“Stop stalling.” Lucy obviously couldn’t think about it much longer, and frankly, she didn’t care. All she knew was that sweat poured down her brow, and by extension, her beautiful bosoms, as she thought about keeping her rep intact. She knew he had to play his game, and hope to find a way to play a hand of her own.

“First, I want you to dress sexy,” the stranger heaved, “High, red stiletto heels. A red cocktail dress that hugs your every delicious curve. And then wear your hair down.”

“But I don’t have—“ Lucy couldn’t finish, because just then her doorbell rang. She froze. It rang again.

“Answer it,” said the voice on the other end, and Lucy did as she was told.

Out in the hallway was a garment box. Lucy looked left, then looked right, but couldn’t see who might have left it. She then leaned down, her huge hooters hanging as she heaved up the box. Once back in her apartment, she opened it to find the costume the stranger on the phone had just described.

“You’ve thought of everything,” Lucy cooed. “I like that in a man.”

“Nice try, bitch,” snapped the voice on the other end. “But I only like to watch. Not play. That’s for you to do.”

It was a good try, but for once, seduction was not going to be on Lucy’s side. So she continued to play along.

“What now?”

“Put it on.”

And at his command, lifted up her blouse to reveal her pink bra underneath. But the dress wasn’t made for bras, so she removed her left strap, then her right one, letting her big breasts bounce free. She heard a grunting on the phone.

“Are you watching me?” She asked, feeling her arousal returning.

“Of course.”

And at the sound of this, Lucy walked over to the window as she pulled down her pants, and then her panties, revealing her wide hips and bushy pussy. As she played with her pubes, she had an idea.

“Whoops,” she said into the phone, “can’t go out like this!”

And with that, she put the receiver down and disappeared to the bathroom. She heard yelling from the discarded phone, but ignored it for now, returning with a small leather bag. When she picked up the phone again, the stranger yelled.

“What the Hell do you think you’re doing?!” He demanded, “I tell you where and when to put down the phone.”

“Sorry, sweetie,” she responded, not breaking a sweat. “I just had to get something from the loo.”

“What’s that?” The stranger asked, now intrigued by what she could possibly risk her life for.

“This.” Lucy then opened the back to reveal shaving foam and a razor. As the man continued to listen, breathing heavily, she walked over to a stool by her kitchen, and pulled it into the living room, so that she was facing the window. Then, the nude model spread her sexy legs, and began lathering up her nether parts. As she lifted the phone up again, she heard more groaning from the other.

“I have to be clean if I’m going to do this right.” And as she said this, she began shaving her pussy, which was getting wet more from Lucy’s own arousal than the foam. She imagined the leering man across the way, binoculars in one hand, dick in the other, as he stroked himself while thinking about licking Lucy’s soon to be smooth snatch. And she thought about it too, for as her sensitivity increased with each shave, she also knew how very sensitive she really would be, the slightest touch sending her legs atremble, her juices flowing more and more at the thought of being lapped up by this mysterious other.

“Ooh,” she cooed, into the phone, and then got even more turned on as she heard the man respond in kind. He was enjoying her show almost as much as she was giving it. And enjoying was an understatement, for after Lucy shaved, she wiped up, and as she wiped up, she completely forgot herself, and began rubbing. And then sliding her fingers into her snatch. And then licking her own juices as they came out.

But first she caught herself and stopped, only to be scolded by the stranger.

“You’re not done yet, bitch,” he responded. “Finish.”

“With pleasure,” Lucy thought, but did not verbalize. At his command, she went back to rubbing her quimmy, and slowly felt waves of pleasure beginning to build down below.

“Oh my,” she said, “but that feels delicious! Oh, I hope you’re getting all of this, dearie.” The stranger could not respond, but was breathing so heavily, Lucy knew he was stroking himself. That idea alone got her even more turned on, and she pulled and stroked at herself with more abandon, until she started to feel the pleasure pulling up from her pussy.

“Oh yes,” she said, starting to fuck herself faster, “Ooh, I wish you were here right now. I wish I had a man in me right now!”

And as she upped the tempo, she heard her blackmailer do the same, to the point that their breathing matched, as though they were fucking from across the way. Lucy stroked faster and faster at the thought of that, until finally, waves of ecstasy shot through her. Her muscles tightened up around her fingers, trapping them in her puss, and she cried out as her body vibrated with an orgasm.

“Augh!” She heard the stranger grunt as well. Lucy pulled at her pussy to ride it as long as she possibly could, and once her body stopped trembling, finally settled onto her stool, a big horny grin on her face.

“Get dressed,” the man said in the silence. “You’re going out.”


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