Blackmailing Ms. Gomez

Title: Blackmailing Ms. Gomez

Author: TheBigLove126 & LazyNinjas

Celebs: Selena Gomez

Codes: MF, nc, rape, oral, blackmail, exh, ws

Summary: Selena Gomez is put in a difficult spot

Disclaimer: The following is a non-consensual story involving a celebrity. Any similarities to reality are purely coincidental.

I started this story and handed it off to LazyNinjas, who wrote everything after the pissing scene.

If you have any questions, comments, story requests or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at –

It was a cool spring day in Grand Prairie, Texas. In a small neighborhood sat a two-story house owned by superstar pop artist Selena Gomez. This was the house she grew up in before moving to Hollywood to make it big. She bought her parents a brand new house in north Florida and kept her childhood home for herself. She spends a great deal of time in her Texas home whenever she wants to just get away from the Hollywood scene.

Selena woke up late on this morning alone in her large bed. She had spent the night before with her boyfriend Justin Bieber, having a lot of “fun” before he left for a tour of Europe. He had left while his beautiful girlfriend slept away after their intense night of lovemaking.

The young girl sprung out of bed and gathered her clothes off of the floor after having tossed them in a heap last evening. She pulled her blue and pink sweatpants up and zipped up a black hoodie to cover her body. She walked downstairs, stretching and yawning, and looked at the clock. She was shocked to see that she had slept up to noon.

Selena grabbed a banana off of the kitchen counter and slowly ate it as she turned the television on in her living room. She switched the channel to the local news and watched as the weather report came on.

“Cool, another nice day.” She said.

Selena stood up as she heard the mail truck drive by her house. She slowly sauntered outside to the mailbox and retrieved her mail. As she started walking back, her new neighbor Ted called out.

“Excuse me, Ms. Gomez?” He yelled out in his thick southern accent. Selena looked over and smiled as the tall man wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of jeans started walking towards her. “Hi, I’m Ted. I just moved in last week.” They shook hands. “I got a package addressed to you.” He handed over a small brown package to her. “I just have to say, you look really beautiful today.”

“Thank you Ted. You don’t look too bad yourself.” She responded in an innocently flirtatious manner. “I guess I’ll see you around.”

“I’ll enjoy that.”

Both people headed back to their respective houses. Selena looked at the package and read the label: “To: Selena Gomez. Urgent! Please open ASAP!”

When Selena sat back down in her living room, she opened the package and out fell a DVD. She picked it up and saw that the label said “Play ASAP!”

“What the hell is this?” She said to herself while walking towards the DVD player.

Selena sat back down and grabbed the remote. The screen went red and a message came across.

“Hello Selena. Enjoy this film, I think it’s your best acting yet!” She was confused.

The screen went black and then a shot of the outside of a house appeared. Suddenly, the shot changed and it showed Selena sitting on her bed wearing a black hoodie and a pair of blue and pink sweatpants. She looked down and noticed that it matched what she was wearing.

“What the?” Selena became increasingly concerned.

She continued watching as her boyfriend walked into the room.

“Oh no!” She yelled out as she realized what was happening.

In the movie, Selena started tugging at her boyfriend’s pants until they fell down. She watched as her filmed-self started giving the young man a quick and sloppy blowjob. She instantly grabbed the remote and skipped ahead. She saw a glimpse of him giving her oral pleasure, slamming his short dick into her pussy and cumming all over her chest. The young girl could not believe what she was seeing. The final scene of the movie was another red screen with text scrolling.

“I hope you enjoyed that Selena. You can probably guess that this is NOT the only copy of this film. Go to the front door and open it. If you do not comply, then I will send this video to every gossip site that exists.”

Selena, still in shock, slowly rose from the chair and placed the remote down. She shuffled towards the front door and slowly opened it. Standing in front of her was the man she had just met, Ted.

“Hello Selena.” He said with a smirk.

“What the fuck was that?” She said quietly.

“Next time, close your curtains if you’re gonna fuck your boyfriend.” He placed his hands on her waist and slowly pushed her back, allowing himself to enter the house.

“What do you want anyway? Money?” Selena asked, trying to hold her anger back.

“I have plenty of money.”

“Fame? You want me to help you get to Hollywood?”

“Hell no, I don’t want to be around those California douchebags.”

“Well, what do you want!?” She yelled.

Ted reached forward and grasped the zipper on her hoodie, ripping down and exposing her bare torso.

“You.” He went to kiss her but she pushed him away and started to zip the hoodie back up. “Stop what you’re doing.” She froze as he yelled. “Do you not remember the message on the TV? If you don’t do what I say, the whole world will see just how good of a little cocksucker you are.” They stared at each other. “Now take that damn hoodie off and let me see those cute little tits of yours.”

Selena remained frozen in place. Ted reached forward and tore the zipper off the hoodie and tore it off her body. He slammed the clothing down to the ground and got in her face. He smiled at her as his hand started groping her bare breasts.

“Nice and soft, just like I imagined.” Ted said as he took Selena’s nipples in his fingers and twisted hard. He chuckled and tried to kiss her cheek. She started to turn away but saw the message still on the television and was forced to turn back and allow him to kiss her. She shuddered at the touch of his warm mouth.

Ted slid his hands down and grasped the waistband of her sweatpants and slowly slid them down her legs. She tried to cover her thick bush from him but he was one step ahead of him and grabbed her arms. Selena’s eyes remained locked, angrily, on the man abusing her.

“How about you take your cute little ass to the kitchen and make me a sandwich like a good bitch?” He tapped her on the backside and followed her.

Ted sat down at the kitchen table and watched as the nude young woman slowly made him sandwich while fighting back tears.

“Don’t get any tears in it!” He shouted. She looked back at him with a pained face. He laughed at her.

“What’s the matter honey? Do you not like making your man a meal?”

“You aren’t my man…you aren’t even a man.” She sniped in response.

Ted stood up and approached her. Selena tensed up as he got to her. He stared at the girl for several seconds before stepping back and spitting a large loogie directly in her eyes before slapping her across the face.

“I dare you to say that again!” He screamed in her face.

Selena stood there, shaking in fear, as she felt the skin in her cheek tingle. A tear started rolling from her eye as she turned around and continued fixing the sandwich.

“That’s what I thought.” He said while walking back to the table.

After a minute, Selena walked the sandwich over to him. She dropped it on the table on stared at him. Ted picked up the sandwich and looked at it.

“Ham? Really?” He slammed the sandwich onto the ground. “Pick it up and try again!”

Selena got on her knees and picked up the remains of the food from the floor. Ted reached out and slapped her across the back. She looked up at him and sighed before standing up. To the fridge she went to retrieve a different meat for the sandwich.

“Turkey or roast beef?” She quietly asked.

“Use your head Selena.” She started to pull the turkey out when he cleared his throat. “Use your head.”

She finished fixing the new sandwich quickly and gave it to him. He pulled the bread off and inspected it.

“A little too much mayo, but it’s good enough.” He ran his finger across the cheese, collecting the mayo. He flicked the white glob onto the girl’s heaving chest. “Get used to creamy white stuff on your tits. Go clean yourself up.” She started to head out of the kitchen. “In here! I don’t want you running away or calling the cops. You are not to leave my eyesight, you dumb bitch.”

Selena grabbed a wet washcloth and wiped the mayo from her body while Ted ate. When she finished, she sat down at the table across from him.

“Why are you doing this?” She asked.

“For the same reason that you’re famous: right place, right time.” He laughed and finished the sandwich. “Where’s the bathroom, I need to take a piss.”

“Upstairs, first door on the right.” Ted stared at her for several seconds. “What?”

“What part of ‘you are not to leave my eyesight’ do you not get? Show me where it is unless you want me pissing in the sink.” He reached out and parted her lips with his tongue. “Or maybe somewhere else a little more fun.”

Selena shot to her feet and led him upstairs while he pinched at her ass. When they got to the bathroom, he walked in as she stood outside.

“Well?” He asked.


He stepped back into the hallway and grabbed a handful of her shiny black hair. “How fucking stupid are you?”

Ted dragged her into the bathroom with him and slammed the door. He pulled her down to her knees near the toilet and started unzipping his jeans. Selena’s eyes opened wide when she saw his hard eight-inch member shoot out.

“You like?” He asked her as he grabbed onto it and aimed it towards the toilet bowl.

Selena sat and watched as the long, golden stream fell into the bowl. She could not help but keep her eyes locked on his large cock. She was only used to seeing her boyfriend’s member in person and it was nowhere near as long or as thick as Ted’s.

When his piss stopped flowing, Ted pointed his cock to Selena and started drying himself off with her soft hair. She closed her eyes and gagged as the intense smell of urine hit her. He finished and pulled her to her feet, gently pushing her towards the door.

“Now hurry up and get some clothes on toots. We’re going somewhere,” Ted said as he had Selena lead him to her room.

“Where are we going?” Selena demanded.

“That’s none of your fucking business. Now hurry up and get dressed or else everyone will see you for the slut you are,” Ted screamed back. Selena then unzipped her hoodie and stepped out of her sweatpants, revealing her naked body to Ted. Selena was about to put on a bra and a pair of panties before Ted grabbed them from her.

“Who told you to put on underwear? I said put on some clothes.” Ted yelled.

Selena didn’t want to argue, so she just grabbed a shirt and a short skirt and put it on. She had on a yellow shirt. It was easy to see her nipples poking out through the shirt. The skirt she put on white and it barely covered her. You could see a little bit of her butt cheeks at the bottom. Selena finally put on a pair of 2 inch black high heels.

“Aw, doesn’t my slut look beautiful? Now let’s get going,” Ted said as he grabbed Selena’s hand and took her to his car.

Ted and Selena got in the car and Ted drove her to his favorite sex shop. Selena was disgusted by the appearance of the place. It looked run down and there was vandalism all over the place. Selena was mortified as she entered the place. All over the walls were various dildos, sex toys, and different kinds of lingerie on the walls. Ted went up to the walls and grabbed different types of lingerie.

“Here. Let’s go try these on.” He said as he handed Selena the various costumes. Selena went into the dressing room and Ted quickly followed in behind her.

“What are you doing?” Selena asked.

“I said you were going to try those on,” Ted said back to Selena.

“I don’t want you in here while I’m changing,” Selena said.

“Too damn bad toots, now strip”

Selena then took off her shoes, shirt, and skirt. Ted pointed to the first costume and Selena grabbed it. It was a black and red corset. Selena then put on the corset. It was a little snug on her but it really made her features pop.

“Now show it off sweetie!” Ted said as he demanded Selena to dance. Selena starts to tear up as she dances provocatively in the corset. She can see Ted’s cock start to get hard in his pants. Ted gets up and starts to unzip his fly, revealing his full 8 inch cock. Ted grabs Selena’s hair and pulls her down until she is at cock level.

“Look at what you did. You made me hard. I can’t go out there like this. You got to fix it,” Ted whispered as he shoved Selena’s mouth onto his cock. Selena started to gag on Ted’s cock, but she was soon able to breathe again. Ted moved his cock in and out of Selena’s mouth until he came. His jizz shot all over Selena’s mouth and chest.

“Why don’t you lick up the mess you made before you’re little video goes viral.” Ted said.

Selena then looked down and gathered all of the jizz that was sprayed onto her body. She scooped it up with her finger and put the jizz in her mouth. She wanted to vomit but she swallowed it all. She hated how salty it tasted. Before Selena could even react, Ted’s dick had gotten hard again.

Ted then grabbed her and undid the front zipper of the corset, leaving her completely naked. Without any warning, Ted slammed his cock into Selena’s pussy.

“Are you serious? We’re in public,” Selena whispered angrily.

“Just shut up and take it bitch,” Ted whispered back as he slammed harder and harder into the young girl’s snatch.

Selena didn’t want to admit this to herself, but she loved having sex in public. There was something about that was turning her on, which she hated. She also didn’t want to admit that sex with Ted was a lot more satisfying with Ted then it was with Justin. Selena could barely feel it when Justin entered her, but she definitely feel when Ted entered.

Selena tried to hold back, but her body was betraying her. Ted could start to feel her inner walls contracting. Selena was about to have an orgasm. She was about to scream out when Ted quickly covered her mouth. Selena’s pussy then released all of its fluids onto Todd’s cock. Ted continued to slam away at Selena’s great pussy until he said he was about to cum. Selena begged for him to cum on her tits or face instead of her pussy, but Ted unloaded all of his little swimmers into Selena’s tightening cunt.

After his climax, he grabbed Selena’s hair again and made her slurp up their combined fluids. Ted then spoke to Selena.

“Hurry up, grab the corset, and get dressed. We got a lot to do today.”

Ted and Selena went to the counter and bought the corset. Selena started to cry as she thought about what else Ted had in store for her.

To Be Continued…

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