Blackmailing Of The Stars

Story title: Blackmailing Of The Stars

By sharkboy

Celebrities in story: Cheryl Burke and Samantha Harris

Codes: MF, FF, Rape, Bond. Reluc, MC, vio, and oral

The story you are about to read is not true and likely never happened. I am not saying that Samantha Harris is a bad person, or that she would do anything in this story that she does. This story is pure fiction and please remember that. This story happens to take place shortly after Cheryl Burke encounters The Legman. If anyone has any suggestions for who The Legman should take next send them to

By sharkboy

Cheryl Burke, one of the many beautiful dancers from Dancing with the Stars sits inside of a small room where the stars and the dancers from ABC’s Dancing with the Stars go to rest and perpare. She cries so hard, as she fights every dirty urges that her sexuality gives her. Her vagina is so wet, as she fingers it some, and she closes her eyes. She thinks of her handsome partner from that 90210 TV show, and tears come down her cheeks. She wants to fuck Ian so bad, but she can’t do it. If she and he were to fuck and get caught they would be exspelled from the competition.

“You only have to make it one more day beautiful.” Cheryl says to herself, as she tries to last one more day. Today is nearly over and she only has to wait for nearly every male to leave the building. Last night she nearly screwed the janitor before she left. If he had any idea what her signals that she wanted some were he would have nailed her so hard.

She then hears a knock on the door, and she wipes away some tears. “Please, go away…” She begs of the person who wants into the room.

“Cheryl, its Samantha Harris, can I come into the room?” Samantha tries to open the door with brute force, but she lacks the size to do that. “I need to speak to you.” The door happens to be wedged from the inside.

“Can we do this tomorrow?” Cheryl asks, so freaking horny and so afraid. She shakes, as her body screams at her for some sexual excitement.

“If we do not talk tonight you and Ian shall be leaving the competition tomorrow.” Samantha lectures her some, and her eyes widen do to great fear.

She quickly walks across the room, and she takes the wedge out of the door. Cheryl then opens it up. “You guys can’t do that.”

“Actually, we can.” Samantha walks into the room with Cheryl. “Are you and Ian having a sexual relationship?”

Her eyes blink, as she looks at Samantha totally stunned with her mouth opened. “Are we what?” Cheryl looks at her in total shock. Yes on the second season of the show some rumors were afloat that she and her partner Drew Lachey had a sexual relationship. The problem is that they never did anything even close to having sex. “Are you saying that the judges think that I and Ian are screwing?”

“You have been looking at him like a homeless guy looks at a hot lunch. Care to explain?” Samantha looks at Cheryl hoping for a good explaination for what she has been doing with her partner lately.

“Are you asking me this, because no one wants me to be a three time winner, or have you people suddenly given a shit about the rules?” Cheryl looks at Samantha with such anger in her eyes. “I have heard people after the show fucking.”

“Yes, and when you have no shot at winning we do not care if you fuck like monkeys or not. Any of them have a shot at winning?” Samantha looks her right in the eye. She does not care if Cheryl gets mad or not.

“Not really, and Drew and I were so tempted to get naughty… Samantha, last night I fell onto my knees and I begged Ian to fuck my lights out of my head.”

Samantha looks at Cheryl and her eyes pop open due to shock, and she shakes her head some. “Why did you tell me that?” Samantha looks at Cheryl, and she wonders what happens to be wrong with her head. She has not been acting like her normal self the last few weeks.

“Because you asked, and Ian did not screw me. Happy?” Cheryl looks at a very surprised Samantha Harris, and she shakes her head so hard. “He wanted me, but he’s too damn into the competition to blow it.”

“So, you got damn lucky then? Thank god that you were given him and not the guy who skies.” Samantha shakes her head, as she looks at Cheryl. “Any reason why you did something so stupid?”

“Samantha, have you ever been with someone who set your vagina and fire, and after he screwed your brains out you wanted more and more?” Cheryl crosses her long and sexy legs, as she looks at Samantha Harris.

“I have heard of such men that exist but I have never… you didn’t… did you?” Samantha blinks at Cheryl, because if she cheated on her boyfriend it would be a big surprise to her. She has met a man who has done that to her too, but it is none of Cheryl’s bussiness.

“This guy had such amazing hands that he could have made me do anything that he wished me to do. I did things that would shocked even Madonna.” Samantha looks at Cheryl Burke with a look of shock on her face.

“Were you with… oh my God he exists!” Samantha becomes stunned at how Cheryl describes The Legman. “You were really with that guy?”

“He was so large that I still cannot believe that he was, and it was all real too.” Cheryl then stands up, and Samantha can see that Cheryl Burke happens to be soak and wet.

“You don’t want to go out there right now.” Samantha comments, as she looks at her body.

“Someone happens to be waiting for me outside, I bet?” Cheryl knows who happens to be outside waiting for her, and if she talks to the handsome man once more she’ll become putty in his hands.

“Yeah, he must smell blood in the water. Let me talk to him, okay?” Samantha Harris leaves Cheryl Burke in the room alone and she smiles, as she hears Cheryl block the door with the wedge once more.

She then walks to the door, and she grins at the handsome man who still is in the competition. He stands and he bows to her. “Can we speak alone please?” She says to the handsome man.

“Of course we can.” He walks with her out of the main lobby of the building, and his eyes go over her body.

Samantha looks at him in the eyes, and he gets so close to her. “If you screw Cheryl Burke you will not win this competition.”

“Why do you say that?” He looks into her eyes, as he pleads ingnorance.

“Right now I think you can smell blood in the water, and you are hoping to take advantage of it.” Samantha looks at him right in the eyes and he smiles at her.

“I am only trying to be a friend to someone who happens to be in some pain. Perhaps her partner or her boyfriend cannot give her what she wants.” His hand then begins to move through her hair, and Samantha becomes instantly wet. “I am only trying to be her friend.”

His hands then go high up her thighs, and Samantha Harris closes her eyes and she shudders so hard. Then his hand creeps up, and one grips her soak and wet panties while she closes her eyes and she shudders so hard. “You are so wet Sam.”

“My name is not Sam. Call me… Oh God… Samantha!” Her eyes rolls, as he begins to pull down her panties. She tries so hard to fight him by pushing his hands away, but they soon end up around her knees.

“Oh God Samantha, you are so beautiful and very sexy.” His hands begin to move over her vagina, and her body shakes so hard as it happens. Her legs grow weak under the sexual assault.

Her eyes then widen, as she works her panties past her knees and off of her legs. She sits them down beside of her on the table beside of her and the handsome star. Then Samantha begins to pull down his pants, and she climbs onto his penis.

She begins to pump herself onto his penis over and over, as she looks into his eyes with great fire and passion. His penis is not huge, but the man has a sexual power to him and she loves it. Samantha uses her very nice legs to slam herself onto his dick over and over until both of them orgasm so hard.

“AHHHHHH!” Samantha screams, as she orgasms all over his penis and he cums inside of her. She pumps his penis so he blows his load inside of her. She closes her eyes, as she empties him inside of her. “Oh God. Never do that to anyone else but me and you’ll be fine.” He smiles, as he holds her in his arms. He was hunting Cheryl Burke, but instead of bagging her he got the beautiful host from Dancing with the Stars. Tomorrow he shall nail Cheryl Burke.

The next day, Cheryl Burke comes into the studio where they film Dancing with the Stars. She smiles at the handsome doorman, as he holds the door open for her. “Good morning Cheryl.” He smiles his handsome smile at her, and she grins at the man. He loves working here, because people like Cheryl Burke talk to him sometimes.

“Good afternoon James. Are you aware what time it happens to be?” She looks up at the tall and very handsome James.

“I am sorry. When you work evenings you tend to get a mind set. Are you mad?” James smiles down at her.

“Very true. At least you say something. Some of the doormen tend to be kind of cold.” Cheryl gives the handsome James her sexiest smile.

“Yeah, talk to Cheryl Burke and so many beautiful women for a living. Life can truly suck you know.” James gives Cheryl a very nice smile too. “Next year it would be complete hell if I had to open the door for Jessica Simpson too.”

Cheryl laughs hard at that statement, and she shakes her head no. “I doubt that she would ever be a dancer on our show until her career goes for a tailspin. She might sing though.”

“Jessica Simpson sings?” James exclaims in mock surprise.

“Yes, she sings. What do you think that she is famous for?” By the look on his face she can tell what he thinks that Jessica Simpson is famous for, and she gasps so hard. “I am surrounded by perverts aren’t I?”

“Pretty much, yeah.” He gives her a smile, and Cheryl returns it. “By the way you have someone in the media room who wishes to speak to you. He has a video tape.”

“OH? He does, huh? Thank you James. I think I know who it is.” Cheryl grins, as she walks away from the sexy James, and he looks up her skirt while she climbs the stairs.

“Yeah, I would go down on her too.” Cheryl looks back at him making sure that he’s looking up her skirt and she grins so wide. Yeah, Cheryl Burke is surrounded by perverts and she would have it no other way. The only reason she never used James to help her sick urges happens to be that he happens to be happily married.

Cheryl makes it up to the media room, and she grins as she walks into the room. She looks at the handsome security guard that works inside of that fancy hotel that she and The Legman made love inside. She walks to him, and she hugs him so close to her. “How are you?”

“I am great. How are you beautiful?” Tony smiles down at the very sexy Cheryl Burke, and she grins up at him.

“I am pretty good. About what I asked you to do. The guy added himself to my cellphone.” She shows him her cellphone names list and one of them says Lman on it. “It took me a few days to figure out who that happens to be. “How much do I owe you for the work that you did?”

“I would sit down and watch this video tape before you write a check.” Tony slides the video tape into the VCR, and Cheryl sits down to watch it.

Her eyes then widen, as she sees her and The Legman inside of the elevator going to the room that she rented for them. His hands move all over her legs, and Cheryl shivers so hard. As she watches him begin to fuck her so hard on the video, Cheryl closes her eyes and she begins to lick her lips so hard. Her hand then moves under her short skirt, and she begins to finger herself. She has forgotten that Tony happens to be there.

As the tape ends and she nearly orgasms, she opens her eyes and she looks at Tony. “Let me guess blackmail?”

“If you wish to call this blackmail you may wish to do so.” Tony smiles down at her with his beautiful brown eyes.

“How much do you want?” Cheryl then takes out her checkbook, and she writes a check that shall drain her bank account. “I don’t have much money, but you can…” She looks up at Tony, as he shuts her checkbook and he looks down into her eyes.

“I do not want any money from you Cheryl.” Tony says to her with a purr in his voice.

“What do you want from me then?” She looks into his eyes, and she gasps so hard. “Oh my God! I can’t!”

“Why not? Because of that boyfriend that you claim to have? I do not buy that. Besides if you did that tape proves that you do not truly care for him.” Tony smiles down at a now weeping Cheryl Burke.

“I do have a boyfriend!” Cheryl weeps so hard, as Tony rewinds the tape once more and he plays it again for her. “Please don’t make me cheat on him again?” Cheryl begs the handsome Tony to not make her cheat on her boyfriend again. The time that she screwed The Legman so hard she was not totally in her right mind. She truly loves her boyfriend and she does not want to do that again.

“So you had mad animal like sex in an elevator with another man then? Wow, glad you do not love me.” Tony comments to her. “And that nun must have been so shocked to see him inside of you too?”

“His hands were so incredible and they made me… become something that I am not.” She shakes so hard, as the tape plays for a third time. She is so freakin’ wet, as she watches her and her master fuck for so long and so hard. Her hand does move inside her skirt, and she begins to play with her vagina. “Uhhh…” She cannot take her beautiful eyes off of the screen, as she plays with herself.

Tony watches Cheryl Burke, as she plays with her vagina with such lust. Her eyes stay glued to the television, as her fingers move inside of her vagina with such want and desire. “Oh God!” She screams, as she cums all over her fingers. Her orgasm was small, but she finally had one. Cheryl spent the last few weeks trying to make herself orgasm.

She then opens her eyes, and she looks up at Tony. He is not a bad looking man who happens to be over six foot tall with dark hair and eyes. His features are something that you expect to see in any security guard. Cheryl does not think that Tony happens to be a bad man to look at, but she can’t screw him. “Why do you wish to screw me? I saw so many beautiful and extremely sexy women coming in and out of that hotel you work at. You have no shot with any of them?”

“I have screwed the occasional woman who walks inside of the hotel that I work, but none of them have looked anything like you.” Tony smiles at the very sexy Cheryl Burke, as he leans down and his hands moves over her legs.

She instantly becomes very weak, as his hands move over her toned and sexy legs. Cheryl while watching that damn tape made herself horny once more. Her legs kick some, as she tries to escape from his grip, but her body is still too damn vulnerable to anyone’s touch. “Oh God…” Cheryl moans softly, as she tries to escape.

Cheryl then falls onto the floor, and Tony picks up her leg. He begins to kiss it with such fire and want. Her huge chest heaves, as she shudders so hard. His hands feel so wonderful over her sexy legs, as his hands move farther and farther up her legs.

“Oh Jesus Christ!” Her eyes roll, as his hands move up her short skirt. His hands move over her panties, and she sighs so hard due to desire. Her eyes flutter, as his hands move over her panties. Her wet spot becomes bigger and bigger, as his hands move over it too.

She looks up at his hands, as he slides her panties down her fabulous legs. She looks up at Tony in shock and awe. His hands feel so great all over her legs. His lips turn her on so much.

Tony then pulls Cheryl Burke up into his arms, and they kiss with fire and lust. His hands continue to move all over her sexy legs. Her chest heaves, as Cheryl and Tony kiss so long and hard.

They then break the kiss, and he looks into her eyes with such want and desire. His hands still moves over her legs, and her chest heaves so hard. His hand moves up to her top and he begins to lower it. “Oh my God, great tits!”

His hands begin to move over the outstanding tits that belong to Cheryl Burke, and her chest heaves so hard. His hands move over the outside of them, as his hands press into her nipples. She shudders so hard, as she arches back so hard. Tony’s hands move over her chest with such want and lust. “Oh for the love of God!” Cheryl yells out loud.

Then Tony pulls down his pants, and he takes out his penis. He inserts it inside of her and her eyes widen so much. Her chest heaves as she purrs so hard. His penis happens to be a good sized one, but not anywhere near what The Legman has. Cheryl loves how it feels inside of her nonetheless. His penis slams right into her g-spot, as he fucks her so hard.

“Oh God, oh shit yeah!” Cheryl closes her eyes, as Tony fucks her so long and so hard. Her head goes back once more, and he kisses all over her ample chest. “Uhhhh!” Cheryl moans so loud, as Tony fucks her so long and hard.

Cheryl then cums all over his penis, and she shakes so hard. Her legs tighten around him, as she pulls him farther inside of her. She presses her tits against Tony making him orgasm with such force. She holds his dick deep inside of her, as Tony cums inside of her.

Her head goes back, and her body arches, as Cheryl milks his cum out of his penis. She keeps her eyes close as it happens and her chest heaves so hard. “Oh Christ! That was outstanding!” Tony leans down, and he kisses her chest with such fury.

While this happens both Cheryl and Tony breathe so ragged. He kisses all over her chest, as Cheryl breathes so hard. Then something occurs to her. They are not alone! Cheryl moves up, and she looks over Tony’s shoulder and she looks into the eyes of Samantha Harris. “Hello Samantha.” She can tell that she has been masturing over what she and the handsome Tony just done.

“Hello Cheryl, Tony…” Samantha licks her lips, as she looks at the beautiful Cheryl Burke and the Tony. Cum flows down her wrist, as she looks at them with such lust.

“How are you beautiful. It has been a long time, no?” His eyes scan her body, as he looks at Samantha.

“It has been a really long time. Cheryl, you got to get to make-up and costume, because people are begining to freak out that you might not show up.” Samantha then walks to her cell phone and she picks it up. “Its me Samantha, Cheryl fell asleep in the media room and she did not hear her phone. She is on her way now.” She gives Cheryl a look suggesting that she needs to get dressed and go now.

As Cheryl climbs off of Tony, and she begins to dress he leans down and he whispers into her ear. “Meet me at the Motel 6 on maple and bring Samantha Harris. If you do not that tape shall be sent to every major network and websites.”

When she looks up into the eyes of the handsome Tony one thing she knows for sure. He will do it if she doesn’t. She then looks at the beautiful Samantha Harris and she wonders if she will do it. She sure hopes so, because ABC might not be happy with what’s on that tape.

Way after the show, both Cheryl and Samantha ride towards the motel that Tony told her to go to after the show. She looks at someone who she knows, but she does not consider her a great friend. Until now, but then why she is coming with her to screw the handsome Tony. She knows that she and Tony know each other, but how well?

“Samantha, why are you coming with me? Do you understand what you need to do?” Cheryl looks at Samantha not sure why she happens to be here.

“I am here because Tony demanded that he fucks both you and me at the same time, or that video of you fucking that legguy shows up online or whatever.” Samantha looks at Cheryl. “Do you have any idea how I know Tony?”

Cheryl looks at Samantha. “How do you know Tony?”

“Tony and I met when he was working an auto show as a security guard in San Diego. I was there alone and we met and we hit it off really good. After the show was over he and I spent over a week alone inside of a really nice hotel getting to know each other better.” Samantha smiles at the very shocked Cheryl Burke. “Problem?”

“I just never… figured you for a person who went for one night stands. Its not like we hardly even know each other out of work, so I must appologise to you for that.” Cheryl bites her lip, as the motel comes into view. She must truly be crazy for doing this.

“Not necassary. I can live with such a weekend. It happened before I got married and I had no boyfriend so no worries.” Samantha smiles wide, as Cheryl pulls into the parking lot of the Motel 6. Once she parks the car Samantha opens the door, and she looks at Cheryl. “Come on kid. We don’t want to keep the blackmailer waiting.”

As Samantha walks towards the handsome Tony, as he stands outside of the room that he rented Cheryl can only think one thing. As much as she does not want to come here and do this, her pal Samantha Harris happens to feel the exact opposite. She wonders what is going on.

Once both Samantha and Cheryl get inside of the motel room it does not take the handsome Tony long to get completely naked. Cheryl has to admire his handsome and very toned body, as he and Samantha kiss with such passion. His hands move all over her tits, and Samantha grins wide as it happens. Then Cheryl figures something out the fact that Samantha wants to be here.

He slowly removes her clothes, as Tony kisses all over Samantha’s body. Soon she happens to be her her white panties, which are soak and wet. He removes them and he lies her on the bed. As he inserts himself inside of her, Cheryl begins to look through his stuff for the video tape. Tony might have been dumb enough to bring it, and Samantha seems more than happy to keep him busy.

His hands move over her legs, and Samantha closes her eyes to enjoy what he happens to be doing to her body. His hands move over her legs and tits, as he fucks her so hard. His penis is so huge compared to any other man that she has had before in her life. The week that she and he spent fucking drives her sexually. Every time that she lies with her husband she fucks Tony in her mind.

Samantha then orgasms all over his penis, and her body bucks as she cums so hard. Her chest heaves, as he kisses it with such passion and lust. His hands move over her sexy legs and her eyes roll hard. Then both of them hear the sound of a snapping sound. Cheryl Burke happens to be destroying the video tape used to blackmail her, and she grins as it happens.

“I’ll be in the car. I might still be out there when you and Tony are done fucking.” She even takes the spool of tape out of the tape, so it cannot be rescued, and she put it back in her coat pocket so she takes the actual tape with her. “Ta ta!”

Samantha sits up, and she looks at Cheryl before she can turn to leave. “That cannot be the only copy of that tape to exist.” She then turns to Tony. “I told you to make some copies.”

“With what? My good looks? Our video equiptment has something to monitor if tapes are made from our original tapes. People have been fired for doing that.” Tony tells her the truth, and she slaps his head so hard. This plot was not made by Tony but by Samantha. When he called ABC with the blackmail threat she told them that she would take care of it, and she has. Only Cheryl Burke shall pay for her deeds not the network.

“Then you should have given me the tape you moron. I do work for ABC for the love of God.” She slams her head against the back of the bed.

“You going to let her talk to you like that? I would beat her ass. Later folks.” Cheryl turns to leave, and Samantha bolts out of bed. She slams her shoulder into her back so hard. Both she and Cheryl fall onto a table and it collapses. “UHHHHHH!” Cheryl screams, as she hurts her back some.

Samantha then forces her arms behind her back, but she can hardly control Cheryl Burke. She fights like a rabid wolverine in a cage, and Samantha looks back at the standing Tony. “Care to help me, or you going to stand there like a moron?”

Tony walks to them and he picks up Cheryl Burke, and he looks at Samantha. “Set her on the bed and hold her down!” She orders Tony. Tony takes her to the bed, and he sets her down.

Before Cheryl can bolt out of bed for her freedom, Tony sits on her chest. Cheryl can barely breathe, as she looks up at Tony. She tries to fight both Tony and Samantha, as they tape her hands and feet to the bed posts. She lacks both the strength and the oxygen to do it and win.

Once she is secure, Tony gets off of her chest and he looks at her body. To call the beautiful and very exoit Cheryl Burke a total goddess would not be an understatement at all. She chest heaves, as she tries to escape her body. “OH GOD, SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE! RAPE!” Cheryl pleads with anyone who can hear her scream, as she jerks at her bonds so hard.

Samantha shakes her head, as she walks to a boom box that Tony brought to drown out any screaming incase this happens. She turns it on and the room becomes filled with the sound of Pantra. “You had to bring heavy metal? Dear God no.”

“It drowns out her screams don’t it? Besides I love heavy metal.” Tony looks at her body, and he sighs so hard. “If we do this we’ll get prison time.”

“You dumbshit! You have already got prison time!” She looks down at Cheryl, as she beings to undress her. “Blackmail is a federal offense.”

Samantha slowly begins to undress a screaming and crying Cheryl Burke. The dress has to be torn off of her body, and she does it. She looks at the really freaked out and exhausted Cheryl Burke, as she cries for mercy and to be let go. “I’d shut the hell up you little bitch if I were you!”

She then walks away from Cheryl and she looks at her soak and wet panties. “How can she claim rape with those fucking panties on?”

“I got tackled and tapped to the fucking bed! How can I not? OH GOD SOMEONE HELP ME!”

“Yeah, like you can out yell this garbage. What is this crap again Tony?” Samantha looks at the CD player and then to Tony.

“Do not ever call Pantra crap.” Tony says sternly, as he walks towards Cheryl. He then tears off her panties, and Cheryl begins to cry due to fear. He then leans down and he whispers into her ear. “I won’t hurt you.”

Then Tony moves between her legs, and he leans down to kiss her with such passion and lust. Cheryl cannot help but kiss the very handsome Tony back, and it does not help that he happens to be a great kisser too. His hands move over her large chest, as they kiss with such passion and lust.

Tony kisses her neck down to her large chest, and Cheryl moans so loud. His hands move over her hips, as he kisses her chest with such lust and passion. Her skin begins to break out into goosebumps, as his hands move farther down her legs.

He then looks into her eyes and he asks. “Cheryl may I fuck you now?” For some reason Cheryl nods her head yes. She happens to be as wet as a trout and she needs to be screwed so bad. That fucking video tape restarted the fire that she has been fighting for the last few weeks.

Cheryl looks up at the handsome Tony in want, as he begins to slide himself inside of her. Shivers run up her spine, and her body breaks out into goosebumps while his penis works inside of her. “Oh God!” Cheryl cries out, as he works inside of her.

Then Tony begins to move inside of her with great passion and power. Cheryl would fuck him back with the same lust and thrust, but her arms and legs are tapped and she cannot move. Her hips slam into them with great power, because even though she cannot use her arms or legs she can still use her hips and pussy.

Something about his penis drives her totally wild, and she shakes and she shivers so hard. His hands move over her tits and body, as he fucks her so hard. His penis slams into her g-spot over and over, and Cheryl tightens down on him so hard when she looses complete control.

“Oh my God! I am going to cum, beautiful!” Both Tony and Cheryl scream so hard, as they orgasm so hard. His seamen shoots inside of her with good power, and she cums all over his penis. Cheryl smiles, because she lost control at the same exact time that Tony did. If this did not come with violence it would be a night of perfect sex.

“I am so sorry that this happened to you,” Cheryl smiles, because he sounds so regretful over what happened. He leans down and he hugs her so tight.

“You were not the bad part. Can I go home…” Cheryl looks at her left, and her throat closes up. Samantha Harris is waiting her turn. “…oh my god, no…”

“Get off of her now Tony, so I can fuck her.” Tony does get off of Cheryl, and she begins to fight with her bonds so hard. Her chest heaves, as she pulls her bonds so hard.

Samantha gets between her parted legs, and she smiles as she looks into the beautiful brown eyes that belong to Cheryl Burke. Her hands move over her tits, as she comments to her. “You have any idea how long I have wanted to do this to you?”

“NO!NO!NO!” Cheryl screams, as Pantra continues to blare so loud. “I am not a dike!”

She then begins to rub her clit against the clit that belongs to Cheryl Burke. A shiver runs down her body, as Samantha rubs her clit against her. Her chest heaves, as she tries to block out the sensation that Samantha does to her. Her fingernails move over her tits, as she rubs her clit against Cheryl’s so hard. She has neve done anything like this before, and right now nearly anything can turn Cheryl Burke on.

“OHGOD!OHGOD!” Cheryl orgasms hard all over her clit, and Samantha cums too. Both of them shake, as the orgasm so hard. Cheryl then begins to cry out of regret and grief. She was just raped by a woman!

As she cries to the beat of Cowboys from Hell, Samantha smiles at Cheryl. Then she takes out a huge dildo. She smiles, as she looks down at Cheryl and she holds the dildo in her face. “Remember this? I bought it online. Jennifer Aniston happens to have these for sale on a website.”

Then Cheryl begins to truly freak out, as Samantha slides a finger up her asshole. She now plans to assfuck her with a dildo made from The Legman’s penis! Cheryl pulls on the duct tape so hard, as she bucks like a bronco out of pure fear. “That will only make things worse.” She lines the dildo up with her anus, as Samantha tries so hard to stay on her body.

Before she can move the dildo into Cheryl’s anus Tony leans in and he kisses her with a fire and passion. Samantha cannot help, but to kiss the handsome Tony back and she drops the dildo. He then picks her up and he takes her to the easy chair by the window. He drops to his knees, and he begins to eat her pussy with such passion.

“Oh God! NO! I’ll pass out! Damn it no!” Samantha cannot control her body, as the master pussy eater licks her out with such lust and passion. His hands move all over her thighs, as his tongue moves over her clit. “UHHHHHH!” Samantha then cums all over his face before she passes out with such passion.

He then walks over to Cheryl and he takes out his knife. He begins to cut the duct tape that holds her. She then jumps into his arms, as she thanks him over and over. Rape charges were never filed, and she never sees Tony again after he takes her home.

At the time that the forth season of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars begins, both Cheryl and Samantha end up outside of the Motel 6 that the last time that either lady talked to each other off camera. “So, back to where we made love. Why?” Samantha’s eyes go over the place, as she looks around. She does not totally trust Cheryl Burke, and she has good reason not too. Tony took Cheryl home after Samantha Harris passed out, and she had to take Cheryl’s car to get her own car. The rest of that season of Dancing with the Stars were not pleasant for either of them.

She smiles at Samantha Harris, as she walks behind her. “You did give me an offer to come back here any time that I wished to come back. Besides you and I do have to work together too.”

The co-host from the show turns and she looks at Cheryl with a smile on her face. “You have someone here to hurt me, because I will sue you back to the stone age if you do.”

Then her eyes widen, as an exceptional pair of hands move slowly up the back of her long and sexy legs. Her body shivers, as lust comes into her loin. Her chest heaves, as she closes her eyes in want. “Oh God. NO!” Samantha knows who happens to be touching her, and she shakes so hard as it happens. She really wishes that she had the will to fight him right now, but she does not.

Cheryl smiles, as Samantha Harris surcumbs the the best pair of hands that she has ever had touch her body. It does not take her foe long to give in to what he wants. “Come with me now. Anyway you can ass fuck her?”

As Cheryl looks at him, as he picks up the now sobbing Samantha Harris she can’t help but grin, as she walks to their room and she opens it up. It just happens to be the same one that Samantha had her inside. The punishment that Samantha Harris shall get is not an ass fuck, but the lust urges that come with sex from… “By the way Samantha Harris meet The Legman.”

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