Blackmailing of Katie Price

The Blackmailing of Katie Price

By: Toxic

Celeb: Katie ‘Jordan’ Price

Codes: MF | reluc | oral | viol |

Disclaimer: This story is obviously 100% fake and never, nor will it, ever happen in real life, if you can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction then your a dumb dumb so don’t bother reading, oh and don’t read if your under 18 either! you have been warned!

No actual celebs were hurt in the making of this story either! got it? good!

If you have any feedback or requests then feel free to drop me a line at my email adress below, i will consider
all requests, no matter what celeb it is or how wierd or sick, but i cannot guarrentue that i will do every or any request!

Katie Price was pacing up and down in her kitchen, her hand clutched to a mobile phone as she waited for the call back from the mysterious man she talked to earlier, biting her nails she was thinking back to how stupid she had been that one night.

It was about 5 weeks ago, right after Katie had split up with her husband Peter Andre, and she had gone out with a few friends to a local bar, it was mainly a blur but she remembered being chatted up by a nice young man and spending a very long night with him getting over her ex husband, she just didn’t realise how young he was until five hours ago when she had gotten the dreaded call, now she was waiting for her instructions from the mysterious man on the phone.

Katie Price jumped as her phone suddenly lit up and started ringing, looking at the screen she saw the same thing she did earlier ‘Private number’, swallowing hard she flipped opened her phone and answered softly,

“Hello?” Katie says softly, dreading for the mans voice on the other end of the phone.

“Wow, you answered real quickly, good to see you’re eager” the man says in a sarcastic voice as he doesn’t give Katie a chance to answer, “I want you to go to the Hilton hotel, room number 143. I’ll be waiting” the man says as he hangs up right away.

Katie sighs softly as she flips her phone back down and places it in her jeans pocket, she takes a deep breath in and grabs her bag from the kitchen table, walking out of her front door and locking it behind her, clicking her remote key for her lush car as she gets into it and drives away heading for the local Hilton hotel.

Katie Price pulls up to the front entrance of the hilton, opening her door she steps out of her car and hands her keys to the valet, walking inside the hotel lobby, drawing some attention as she was wearing a pretty tight tank top that showed of all her main assets, luckily for her though, no one knew who she was as she was wearing dark sunglasses.

She reaches the hotel lobby desk and asks for a room key for 143, she grabs it as soon as the man at the desk hands it to her, walking towards the lift she sighs again as she prepares herself for the meeting with man on the end of the phone.

The elevator dings as it reaches the 9th floor, Katie steps out of the elevator and heads down the hallway checking the room numbers as she goes, her knee high boots making a sound on the floor as she walks, she finally comes to room 143 and sighs deeply before she knocks, not wanting to just walk in.

After hearing no answer Katie slides her key card in the lock and the door clicks open as she pushes the door open and walks inside, clicking the door behind her.

“Hello?” she calls out inside the empty room, seeing and hearing no one inside, she strolls over to the couch in the room and see’s a note stuck on the arm of it, picking it up she reads it softly aloud, “Your clothes are in the bedroom”, she scrunches the note up and throws it in the bin as she walks towards the bedroom, opening the door and seeing some sexy lingerie spread out over the big double bed.

A few minutes later and Katie Price is all dressed up in the lingerie that was left for her, walking over to the mirror she checks herself out, liking the lingerie to much then she should do, which is a all red lacy bra and french knickers with added black stockings and matching high heels, suddenly Katie hears the hotel room door open and close.

The mysterious enters the room and walks towards the couch, sitting himself down as he smells the air, smelling Katies sweet perfume he smiles, knowing that she must be in the bedroom he calls out to her.

“You can come out now” he says as he waits for the hot model Katie Price.

Katie price hears his command and opens the bedroom door slowly, she strolls out of the bedroom and looks down at the man sitting on the couch, giving him a evil look as she finally see’s the voice on the end of the phone.

“Wow, you look even more of a whore then usual” he says smirking at her as he looks over her hot body.

Katie just rolls her eyes as she stands there as he leers over her body, “So, i think i know what you want, but i want those pictures first” she says softly, knowing that this man has pictures of her special night with the young man.

The man shakes his head, “You know better then that, you don’t get them untill i have gotten what i want” he says smugly, still leering over her hot body, mainly her massive breasts.

Katie looks at him in disgust as she folds her arms around her large breasts, “Look, i want those pictures or this isn’t going ot happen” she says feeling confident.

The man laughs at Katie as he stands up and walks over to her, “Either you get down on yours knee’s right now or those pictures will be delivered to every single newspaper in the country, so, get down on those skanky knee’s and suck me off” he says spitefully as he starts to raise his voice.

Katie takes a step back, a bit shocked at the man standing infront of her as she does as he’s says right away, a bit scared of him as she gets down on her knee’s infront of the man, kneeling infront of him she starts to unzip the mans jeans, pulling them down as she does, aswell as his boxers, revealing his semi hard cock.

The man smirks down at her as she reveals his semi, “See, you can’t even make me hard just by looking at you, so it looks like your going to have use those fake lips to get me hard whore” he says looking down at her as he strokes her dark hair away from her face.

Katie takes the insult with out batting an eye lash as she swallows hard and takes his semi in her hand and starts stroking his cock slowly, sticking her tongue and swirling it around the tip of his cock, instantly getting a reaction from him as the man moans deeply.

“Mmmm, damn, thats it, not your first cock?” he says sarcastically as she continues to swirl her tongue around the tip of his cock while slowly stroking it.

Katie continues to use the same technique until the man is fully hard, as she removes her tongue from his tip aswell as her hand as she prepares to suck him off, opening her mouth she takes his 7 inch cock into her mouth, managing to take it just halfway as she begins to bob her head on his hard cock, getting a slight moan from the man.

“Ugh damn, that feels good” he says as he leans his head back as he continues to get pleasure from the mouth of Katie Price, loving every second of it, and loving it even more knowing that he can do what ever he wants to her and she will just go along with it as long as she gets her pictures.

Katie continues to bob her head on the mysterious mans cock as she gives him pleasure with her big fake lips and her wet soft tongue, making him moan more and more as she bobs her head faster and faster.

The man leans his head forward and looks down at Katie, smirking he grabs the back of her head by her hair and pulls her off of him, “Follow” he says commandingly as he strolls over to the couch, dragging her along by her hair as he does so, sitting himself down on the couch and drags Katie in between his legs so she can continue sucking his cock.

Katie Price groans loudly as she is dragged along the floor by her hair, she gives the man a spitefull look as he sets her up between his legs once more, all she gets back is a smirk as Katie starts to stroke his wet cock once again and starts to get back to work on giving him a blowjob by bobbing her head up and down on his cock again.

“Fuck, that does feel good, but i think i wanna take over from here” he says commandingly as he grabs her hair once again and forces her head down onto his cock, sending it shooting back into her throat making her gag almost instantly as he holds her head there moaning deeply “Ahhhhh fuck that feels good bitch” he says as he pushes hard agaisnt her head as Katie trys to push back and get herself up but fails as he over powers her, making her take his cock down her small throat for a little while longer before letting her go as she gasps for air instantly, looking up at the man almost in shock.

“What the fu……” Katie goes to say but is cut off as the man forces her back down on his cock, sending it straight back down her throat as she starts to gag more deeply, feeling his cock violate her small throat as some tears start forming in her eyes, making her slutty eye make up run a bit as the man just keeps her down on his cock.

“Ahhh thats it whore, take it deep bitch” he says as he holds her head down as hard as he can, loving the feeling of her throat gagging and stretching around his cock, as he moves his hand to her nose and pinches it, stopping her breathing completelty as he enjoys her squirm and wiggle under his touch as he forces his cock even deeper down her throat as Katie Price begins to cough on his cock, sending saliva all over his cock.

The man finally lets go of her head and nose as she rushes up from his cock and gasps for air as her face looks like a mess already, her eyes watering and her mouth and chin is covered in her own saliva, she looks up at the man for an answer and all she gets is a laugh as he looks down at her pathetic state, “You bastard” she says as she goes to get up but the man grabs her head once again and stands up himself, dragging her into the bedroom with pure force.

“Your not going anywhere yet whore” he says as he throws her on the bed, taking his top of revealing his pretty fit body to her as he walks towards the bed where she is and grabs her again, turning her on her back and dragging her to the end of the bed as he prepares her for a face fuck.

“You best have tho……” Katie goes to speak but is cut off once again as the man just shoves his cock deep into her mouth once again as he is in a much easier position to fuck her throat then he was before as he sticks his cock deep into her mouth as he begins to thrust into her small throat, sending his cock right down her throat again and then back but then back in again as he starts to fuck her face as hard as his thrusts will allow him, his balls slapping against her forehead.

Katie can’t help but gag and cough up even more saliva as her head is violently thrashed backwards and forwards from the hard face fuck the mysterious man is giving her as she trys her best to fight through it and just make it to the end to get those precious pictures of her and the young man.

The man continues to fuck her dirty mouth as his cock goes even deeper and ever faster, loving the way he’s treating the 31 year old whore, as he looks down at her giant fake tits bouncing around from the brutal thrusts he’s doing to her throat, suddenly the man pulls out of Katie’s mouth and looks down at the mess that is spread all over her face, “Fuck me, you look like the skank you are now” he says humilating her even more as her face is covered in her own saliva, the man then leans down and basically goes face to face with the gasping model, smirking he suddently spits right in her face, making her cover her face up as the man just laughs, dangling his balls in her face as he forces her to open her mouth so she can take his balls.

Katie Price trys her best to wipe the saliva and other muck off her face but is stopped when the man pushes his balls into her mouth and she has no option but to suck on them as he pushes them into her mouth some more, she hears the man moan deeply and she just closes her eyes, wishing for this to be over.

The man laughs at the state Katie Price is in and pulls his balls back out of her mouth as he leans over her and basically rips her bra right off of her, revealing her huge fake tits, the man laughs once again, “Damn, every part of you really is fake aint it?” he says with a retorical question as he rubs over her nipples softly before pinching them quite hard, smiling at Katie’s reaction as she maons loudly, he pulls away from her nippls and climbs on the bed, pulling her knickers down as quickly as he can, revealing her surprisingly damp pussy, “Wow, you slut, you really enjoyed all that didn’t you?” he says smirking as he rubs her clit softly.

Katie can’t help herself but to moan as the man starts to slowly rub her clit, sending waves of pleasure through her body as she feels him enter a finger into her wet pussy.

The man smirks as he hears the pleasure coming out of Katie’s mouth as he slowly and softly fingers her cunt, preparing her for the fucking he’s about to give her, he soon adds another finger into her wet cunt as he starts fingering her faster and faster, noticing that Katie is writhing with pleasure under his touch, “You want me to make you cum whore?” he asks looking up at the mess of a woman called Katie Price.

Katie lifts her head and nods down at the man, just wanting to have a orgasm, not really caring who gives it to her as she gets fingered hard and fast, “Please” is the only words that escape from her mouth as the man continues to finger fuck her.

“Fuck, your not that tight you know” he says as he adds yet another finger into her now dripping pussy, fingering her as fast as his fingers will allow as he hears her moans increase, he figures that she must be near orgasm so pushes himself to go faster as his 3 fingers slide in and out of her wet cunt.

“Ahhhhh fuck thats good” Katie Price says loudly as she nears orgasm from the finger fucking she’s recieving from this mysterious man who seems an expert at working her pussy to orgasm.

“You seem real close slut” he says to Katie, still verbally abusing her as he pleasures her to no end, as soon as he hears Katie answer him in moans he instantly stops fingering her and smirks up at her, waiting for a reaction.

Katie Price feels the waves of pleasure stop and looks down at the man, “What the fuck? why did you stop?” she says looking for an answer on his face but just finding that smug smile of his.

The man gets up on his knees and positions himself in front of Katie Price, ready to fuck her now soaking pussy, “I’m not here to please you whore, I’m bored of fingering your cunt, so I’m going to fuck you” he says still smirking as he strokes his cock back to life.

Katie sighs softly as she continues to looks down at him, “Wait, you can’t fuck me without a condom” she says still looking down at him as he strokes his cock to full hardness.

The man just shakes his head as he grabs her small waist, pinning her down as he aims his cock into her wet cunt, opening her up right away and sending it in hard and fast as he begins to fuck her, wanting to get him self off on this dirty whore.

“Ah fuck!” she says loudly as she feels his cock enter her wet pussy with out a condom, “Please, just use one” she says in between moans as she starts to enjoy his hard solid fucking, sending his cock right into Katie’s pussy.

The man shakes his head once again as he moans in pleasure, still thrusting his cock into her pussy, his hips smashing against hers as he goes faster and faster, loving the way he is pistoning his cock right into her cunt, making her squirm underneath him, loving the thought that Katie is hating being pleasured by this mysterious man who is forcing her to do this.

Katie can’t help but moan loudly as the man thrashes his cock deep inside her already pleasured pussy as she nears orgasm from this mans cock that moments ago was punishing her small throat to no end.

The mysterious mans cock continues to thrust inside the glamour models wet pussy as he feels her pussy tighten around his cock, knowing that she is near orgasm the man slows down and thrusts deeply and slowly into her pussy, making her scream loudly as her orgasm takes hold.

Katie Price nearly screams the hotel room down as her orgasm rattles her entire body in pleasure, she grips onto the bed sheets hard as she squirms from the pure pleasure of her orgams as her legs grip around the mans waist and she screams in pure ecstasy as her eyes roll back in her head as the pleasure just pulses through her body as the man still continues to pump slowly and hard into her pussy.

The man laughs as he see’s Katie Price orgasm from his fucking, “Well well, looks like you did enjoy all of this after all” he says letting go of her waist as he continues to fuck her slowly untill he see’s her eyes roll back round and her legs loosen the grip as she breaths heavily from the pleasure.

“Oh my god, that was amazing” she says as she breathes heavily still, almost panting from exhaustion.

“I’m not done yet whore” the man says as he continues to fuck her at the fast pace he was going at earlier as his cock thrusts in and out of her pussy hard and fast, his cock throbbing as he feels himself near orgasm, “You ready for this slag?” he says as he looks at Katie Price with a smarmy smirk.

Katie Price just looks down at the man as she is still recovering from her amazing orgasm, “Not in there……please” she manages to say to him as she can feel his cock about to explode in her pussy.

“Shut up whore” he says as he thrusts as hard and as fast as he can feeling his cock throb inside her pussy, he moans loudly, nearly even louder then Katie as he shoots load after load deep inside her pussy, as Katie just moans in disgust.

The man keeps on thrusting into her pussy, getting slower with each thrust as he continues to moan as he collapses down on the bed next to Katie Price, cum dripping from her pussy after his explosion inside of her, “Wow” is the only word that escapes from his mouth.

“I asked you not to cum inside of me” Katie says as she sits up on the bed, her make up still all over the place and bits of saliva still dripping from her face as she looks to the man lying down on the bed.

“I don’t give a shit what you said, just get your pictures and fuck off out of here” the man says as he points towards the drawer in the bedroom that has the pictures inside of it.

Katie Price instantly stands up and goes to the drawer, opening it she see’s a yellow folder with the pictures of her night with the young lad inside, she sighs a sigh of relief as she takes the photos.

The man smirks as he gets up off the bed and suddenly grabs Katie Prices hair, yanking her out of the bedroom he drags her into the living room of the hotel suite and then towards the door, opening the door he literally chucks her out of it, “Thanks for the fuck whore bag” is all he says as he slams the door shut on the naked Katie Price, laughing as he does so.

The End.

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