Blackout In Beijing

Title: Blackout In Beijing
Author: CanisLupus
Codes: f/stranger, mast, first, reluc, anal
Celebs: Shawn Johnson


1) This story is a product of my imagination and nothing else. This means that a) it’s not (!) true and b) all rights on the story belong to me – and me alone! It (or parts of it) must not be copied or published elsewhere without my consent.

2) This story is meant to entertain adults! So, if you are still a minor – hush – back to the Teletubbies… 😉

3) If there ever was a Santa Clause, he’s long dead!

4) Real is always
better than fake – no matter if paintings, money or boobies

5) Life sucks when the girlfriend doesn’t blow…

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Blackout in Beijing

When Shawn entered the locker room, she was all by herself. Most of the team had already left for their quarters and only she and Nastia had stayed behind to make sure every move would be perfect for the competition the next day. Nastia still wasn’t satisfied, but Shawn didn’t want to tire herself out. She went to her locker and took off her leotard and underwear. She grabbed what she needed from the locker and headed for the shower.
At first she just stood there, enjoying the feeling of warm water on her naked skin. A big smile came to her face, as her muscles began to relax. She was having the best time of her life. And not only because she knew that she had a good chance to win gold at least once, but because of just being here in the first place. She hadn’t had the time yet, to do any sightseeing, so all she had seen so far was the Olympic Village and the gymnasium. But in both places she constantly met new people from all kind of countries. There was that gymnast from Uzbekistan, who was competing for Germany theses days. She was easily twice her own age and still had to be considered as serious competition – at least in the vault and floor competitions. Then there where those Chinese girls of course, some of which looked so much younger than they where supposed to be. And all of them where very good at what they did. Then again, this where the Olympic Games after all, so she would have to take them all serious…
Even more fascinating where the athletes she met in the Olympic Village. This morning she had met Paula Radcliffe from Britain, one of the favorites for the women’s marathon. She had been quite nice and after a short chat about their sports, she had wished Shawn good luck. In those last few days she had met rowers and swimmers, arches and judoka and all kind of other athletes from pretty much everywhere. And to her astonishment, most of those athletes, no matter how experienced they where, had seemed just as nervous and excited as herself.

The thought of the Olympic Village reminded her of another kind of excitement she experienced there every day. Each night, she could hear sex noises all around her. She had heard rumors before, that for each Games the IOC supplied the Olympic Village with thousands of condoms. She had had her doubts about that, but all that nightly moaning and screaming had convinced her that it had to be true after all.

While she took the shower gel and began to soap her body, she tried to get her mind back to the competition. But it was no use. She kept thinking about how those noises turned herself on and how she was unable to do anything about it. She could have gotten herself off, to release the tension, but she never was alone long enough. That was the most annoying thing around here. She was getting hornier and hornier every night and would probably get no chance to get some relief, until she got back home.
Without even realizing it at first, Shawn had begun to soap her body in a way, that didn’t have anything to do with getting clean. When she finally did realize, she held her breath and looked around. She let out a sigh of relief, when she saw that she was still alone. She looked down at her small teenage breasts and saw that her nipples where standing out. She carefully touched them with her fingertips and found out that they where rock hard – and that touching them in that condition sent a jolt of pleasure through her body. This was a new experience to her. She had masturbated before (what sixteen year old hadn’t?), but that had always been in her bed, under covers and basically reduced to rubbing her clit until she came.Now she could, for the first time, actually see her body react to her touch and she realized that there where other parts of her body she could touch for pleasure. It was like a whole new world that all of a sudden opened up for her and in that moment she threw all caution in the wind. She had to continue this new experience, no matter what…

She grabbed her breasts with both hands and began kneading them, softly at first, but soon enough the pressure increased. Her breathing got heavier and she returned her attention to her erect rosy nipples. She took each one between two fingers, stroking them at first, then twisting and pinching. She could feel the heat building up in her loins and her blood rushing through her veins. Her heavy breathing turned into soft moaning and then, to her own surprise, she climaxed. Still fondling her breasts she dwelled on the new insight that she actually could make herself cum, without touching her crotch. With a moan of pleasure, she let her hands wander from her breasts down over her stomach to her thighs and then to her firm little ass cheeks. She kept stroking her butt, while she enjoyed the warm water running down her front. Soon enough her breathing got heavy again and she felt her pussy screaming for attention.
She kept one hand on her butt and put the other between her thighs. She spread her legs a little, just enough to get better access, and began running her hand up and down her pussy lips. She could feel them swelling with blood and by the time her pussy opened, Shawn was moaning with lust. She put her finger between the lips and stroked the rim of her opening. She thought about shoving her fingers inside the hole, breaking her own hymen. But despite her arousal she decided against it, since she wanted her flower to be taken by a real cock. Maybe when she was back home, she would find the right guy to do it. But for now, she would remain a virgin. With that thought, Shawn moved her fingers to her clit and began rubbing it with passion. Soon she had to bite her lips to prevent herself from becoming too loud. Then her legs began to shake and she had to lean forward and put her other hand on the wall for support.Her moans became faster and louder and soon she felt a intense orgasm approaching. Then, all of a sudden, everything got dark…

Shawn didn’t move a muscle when the lights suddenly went out. She was still leaning against the wall, her hand between her legs, unable to decide what to do now. Since she was alone in the locker room, it must have been a blackout. But should she try to feel her way through the room and to her clothes, before looking for someone with a torch or something? Or should she just stay where she was, finish what she started and hope for the lights to come back on in the meantime? Her heavy breathing and the heat between her legs told her to stay. But she couldn’t shake off the image of herself in the spot of a torch, when someone did come looking for her and found her with her eyes closed and her hand between her legs…
Before she could make up her mind, she suddenly felt something – or rather someone – touching her butt. At first she thought that her mind was playing tricks on her, that she was hallucinating. But there was definitely a hand, strong and firm, gently stroking her right cheek. She inhaled deeply, but didn’t say anything, even when a second hand began touching her other cheek. Her mind was in total chaos. She knew, she should try to fend off the stranger or try to get away from him. The least she should do was scream bloody murder.
But the caressing of her butt sent shivers up her spine and down her legs. No one had ever touched her like this before and the truth was that she liked it. So, instead of doing the right thing, she put one hand against the wall and instead of screaming she let out a soft moan of pleasure. She almost yelled out in surprise, when a finger wandered to the upper end of her butt crack, only to slowly start sliding down the line between her cheeks. The finger lingered for a short moment on her anus – making her shiver with excitement – before it continued it’s journey further down towards her crotch.
The probing finger touched her pussy and gently forced it’s way between her lips. A second finger joined in and together they roamed around her cunt while pushing the lips apart. The movement was so slow and gentle that it was more an act of seduction than of rape. That gave Shawn the feeling that she might actually be able to put an end to it, if only she said something. She was, however, enjoying this much more than she would ever have been willing to admit. And then there was the distinct possibility that she was wrong after all and that she was only treated gently as long as she played along. Thinking about it (as much as her hormone flooded brain would allow), she decided that she was rather seduced than raped.

So when those probing fingers finally reached her clitoris, she arched her back, purring like a kitten. The pressure of the fingers increased slightly as they began stroking up and down the whole length of her clit. For the very first time in her young life, the fingers fondling her pussy where not her own – and the sensation was close to shortcutting her brain. Although she basically knew the feeling, the intensity was so much more than anything she had ever done to herself. Inevitably her moans became louder and she almost involuntarily pushed back to increase the friction.
The fingers began to move faster and Shawn had to bite her lip to keep herself from crying out loud. Then she felt the hand shifting and something (the thumb probably) was pushed inside her virgin hole. With the stroking of her clit still going on, she felt the thumb push deeper and deeper until it hit her hymen. She braced herself for the pain that was supposed to be involved with losing your virginity, but before that happened the thumb was pulled back again. She felt the finger moving in and out of her tight pussy without ever entering any further, but in perfect rhythm with the stroking of her clitoris. Waves of heat and electricity where rushing through her whole body.
While this treatment of her pussy went on, Sawn could feel the stranger’s other hand move over her butt cheek. Once more a finger entered her crack and slowly followed it until it reached her anus. Not once in her young life had it even entered Shawn’s mind that it could actually be stimulating to be touched ‘back there’. But it was and the feeling of her clit being stroked, of her one hole being thumbfucked and her other being massaged with slow, circular motions, made her finally loose the final shred of decent thinking. It was like she was drowning in a sea of pure lust and she was loving it.

“Mmmhhh… yeah… ooohh… yeah… yeah… oh, yeah…”, she moaned and moved her hips in unison with the stranger’s hands. Louder and louder she got, until she could feel the powerful pressure of an upcoming orgasm…

The moment she came, Shawn could feel the thumb in her pussy being replaced by something else – something larger and thicker. Before she realized what was happening, the stranger pushed his cock through her hymen and all the way into her formerly virgin pussy in one swift, powerful action. She had always expected this to be a painful experience, but all the endorphins accompanying her climax blocked most of it out. She rather felt pure ecstasy and lust when that long, hard thing in her cunt began slowly moving in and out. With her being taken for the very first time, she wasn’t really able to calm down after her earlier orgasm. Instead she could feel she was about to cum again very soon and began to undulate her hips, causing the cock to rub on every piece of her love channel.

“Oh… wow… this feels sooo good…”, she moaned. “Oh yes… fuck me…”, she continued, hardly able to believe such words were actually coming over her lips. Soon, the stranger began to ram his cock faster and harder into her cunt. Her mind was totally focused on the bliss of being fucked for the first time. So she hardly noticed the increasing pressure on her anus, until finally a finger was pushed past her rim. There was more pain involved with the penetration this time, but just like before, she hardly noticed it. Neither she nor the stranger broke their rhythm while the finger in her ass was first joined by a second, then finally a third one. She could feel her anus being stretched like never before, but that only served to spur her on.

“Oh…, oh…, oh…, oh…, oh…”, she kept moaning as she felt another orgasm coming. Wave after wave of pleasure rushed through her body in ever shorter intervals. “Oh…, yes…, yes…, I’m cumming again…, yes…, yes…, don’t stop…, don’t stop…, yes…, yes…, Aaaaaaaaaaaah!”

Shawn came with such force that she felt like she would pass out. She knew that her screams had been loud enough to be heard outside the locker room, but she didn’t care.

As soon as she had calmed down a little again, Shawn could feel the still hard cock being withdrawn, as well as the fingers in her butt. But before she could react in one way or the other, she felt a hand firmly grabbing her ass cheek and soon enough the cock was back – only this time it was slowly pushed into her ass. “Aahhh”, she screamed in protest, since this time she could feel the pain more clearly. But the stranger wouldn’t stop and once the cock was buried deeply within her dark place, she felt a weird mixture of pain and pleasure. The feeling got more intense, when the cock began to move in and out of her ass. If someone had told her before, that was even possible to be fucked in the ass, she would have called him a liar. But here she was, actually having it done to her and she couldn’t deny that it felt awesome.

Soon enough the cock began, just like before, to move faster and faster, while the stranger was holding her cheeks in a firm grip and before she knew it, she was rocking back and forth in rhythm with him. Once more she began to moan and groan in pleasure.

“Yes”, she moaned, “ohh, yes…, sooo good…, yes…, fuck my virgin ass…”

Shawn couldn’t believe how good it felt to be pounded in the ass like that. The stranger kept hammering his dick into her ass and Shawn kept spurring him on. Then she felt the stranger lean forward and reach around her torso to grab both her breasts. He began to fondle her titties with firm hands, pinching and twisting her nipples, without ever slowing down his fucking. This made Shawn finally loose it completely and her moans got even louder than before. By the time she felt the next climax approaching, she was screaming from the top of her lungs…

“Ah…, Ah…, Ah…, Ah…, Ah…, yes…, yes…, yes…, Oh my gawd…, Oh my gawd…, I’m gonna cum again…, OH…, OH…, AAAAAAAHHH…”

After she came, Shawn was utterly exhausted. She couldn’t keep her balance any longer and slowly sank down to her knees, letting the cock slide out of her ass. Still breathing heavily, she let her face sink down into her hands and tried to get her mind around what just had happened. She knew she should have been ashamed of herself and angry at the stranger who had basically raped her. But the truth was, that she had enjoyed every second and relished the fact that she was no longer a virgin.

She was so deep in her thoughts that she didn’t even realize that the stranger was no longer behind her. Who knows how long she would have knelt there like that, if the lights hadn’t suddenly come back on.
Shawn looked up, after her eyes had readjusted to the sudden brightness. When she could finally make out her surroundings again, she suddenly froze in shock, with her mouth open and wide-eyed. She couldn’t believe what she saw. There she was – Nastia Liukin – butt-naked, with an artificial penis still somehow fastened around her waist and a huge grin on her face.

“Well”, Nastia said, “that was fun…”

The End

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