Blind Date

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Blind Date

By voodoojoe

Travis Larkin sat at the bar wondering how he’d ever been talked into his situation. He’d allowed himself to be set up on a blind date by a friend of a friend. Actually it was the girlfriend of a friend, but that didn’t change the fact that at the moment he wanted to be just about anywhere other than where he currently was.

He’d been watching the Chargers game at his friend, Stephen’s, when Stephen’s girlfriend Samantha had started in on how she had a friend that would be perfect for him. Travis had tried to shoot her down before she got very far, but she kept right on telling him how cute and smart her friend was. When telling her he wasn’t interested in being set up hadn’t worked he’d moved on to just plain ignoring her. But after having the game interrupted a few dozen times he would’ve agreed to go out with Donald Rumsfeld if it meant shutting her up.

Thus it was that he found himself sitting in a restaurant bar waiting for a woman he was sure wasn’t going to live up to the hype Samantha had built. In his experience blind dates that were billed as attractive, funny, and intelligent generally turned out to be one of the three if he was lucky. Most of the time they were none of the above and he spent an hour wanting to escape out the bathroom window before making an excuse and escaping out the front door.

Glancing up from his beer his breath caught in his throat as he saw a vision of loveliness talking to the hostess. She was wearing a blue dress that came down to about her knees and worked well with her pale skin. Her dark hair was curled and framed her face perfectly. On her feet was a pair of blue wedge sandals that looked comfortable while still accentuating her legs.

“That can’t be her,” Travis mumbled to himself as the hostess pointed her in his direction.

“Travis?” the woman asked when she reached him.

“Jena, I assume?” he returned, getting up to shake her hand.

“I don’t normally do this,” Jena Malone admitted as she took the seat next to Travis.

“What, blind dates?”

“Yeah,” Jena said, “but Samantha kept pestering me until I gave in.”

“That’s one thing we have in common at least,” Travis said, chuckling. “They could use her on the detainees down at Guantanamo. Put her in a room with a terrorist suspect and they’ll be giving up their entire cell in a few minutes.”

“No kidding. She should get a job with the police interrogating murder suspects,” Jena added.

“She means well though. I think she just wants another couple she and Stephen can go out with,” Travis said. “Anyway, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m an actress,” Jena answered.

“Commercials?” Travis asked.

“Well, I’ve done a couple of them but nowadays I mostly do movies,” Jena said, smiling.

“Really? Anything I’ve seen?”

“The first thing I did that people saw was Contact,” Jena replied.

As she said it, the gears in Travis’s head started turning and clicking into place. “Wait, that was you? The younger version of Jodie Foster?”

“Guilty,” Jena said.

“You were also in Saved weren’t you?”

“Guilty again,” Jena said.

“‘I crashed my van into Jesus,'” Travis said, delivering the line like Mandy Moore had in the movie. “Sorry for that. Sometimes my brain lags behind my mouth.”

“It’s okay,” Jena assured him. “I’m just glad you liked the movie.”

“I loved it, but I’ll try to control my fan boy tendencies a bit better,” Travis promised.

“It’s fine,” Jena reiterated. “We all have them. You should have seen me when I met Jodie Foster. Freaky Friday was one of my favorite movies.”

“Speaking of Disney movies remade with Lindsay Lohan, I always liked Herbie the Love Bug,” Travis said, one-upping her. “And there I go with the geekiness again.”

“I kinda like geeks,” Jena said quietly, but not quietly enough for Travis to miss. “So, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m actually in a transition period at the moment,” Travis responded. “I started an auction website that was bought by eBay so now I’m in the weird position of wanting to work but being able to sit back and wait for the right opportunity.”

“That’s cool,” Jena said. “Not many people get to say that.”

“Yeah. Right now I’m volunteering at an animal shelter to keep me busy. Though I’m not sure getting to play with the animals is really work,” Travis said.

“Aww,” Jena said, her tensions melting even further with the revelation.

“Are you hungry?” Travis asked her out of the blue.

“Getting there,” Jena said.

“Want to get something to eat?”

“Sure,” Jena answered. “Did you reserve a table here?”

“Yeah, but we could go somewhere else if you wanted,” Travis offered. “This kind of place really isn’t for me.”

“Me either,” Jena agreed.

“Then lets get out of here and find something a little more out speed,” Travis said, hopping out of his chair.

“Sounds good,” Jena said as Travis paid the bill.

“Do you like barbecue?”

“Love it,” Jena responded.

“Good, because I know a great place,” Travis said, opening the door and stepping out of the way so she could step through. “It’s really just a stand, but we can get take out and eat somewhere else.”

+ * + * +

“I hope we aren’t going far,” Jena said as Travis turned off the road into the middle of some trees.

“Not far at all,” Travis said as the trees thinned out and he parked the car on a bluff.

Opening his car door Travis grabbed the bag with their dinner in it and got out of the car. Switching the food to his left hand he extended his right hand to help Jena slide out.

“I figured we could eat on the hood and have a nice view to look at while we eat,” Travis said, motioning with his hand toward the lake illuminated below by the moon and stars above.

“Wow, it’s beautiful,” Jena said as he helped her up onto the hood of the car. “Ooh, the hood is nice and warm.”

“I like to come out here sometimes to sit and think,” Travis said as he got up onto the hood next to her. Pulling the styrofoam containers out of the bag he opened and arranged them so they could both get at them. “It’s nice and peaceful with nothing to get in the way of the view.”

“This is really good,” Jena said, covering her mouth to disguise the fact she had a mouthful of barbecued rib.

“Try it with the sauce,” Travis said, opening a couple plastic containers of barbecue sauce. “This one is sweet and the other is spicy.”

“Hope you don’t mind me double dipping,” Jena said as she dipped her rib in the spicy sauce.

“We’re eating barbecue on the hood of my car, your germs are the last thing I should be worrying about,” Travis said, smirking as he grabbed a rib of his own and dipped it into the spicy sauce.

“Got any napkins?” Jena asked when she’d finished her first rib. “Wouldn’t be very ladylike to wipe my hands on my dress.”

“Samantha said you play guitar?” Travis asked as he passed her a couple napkins.

“A little,” Jena replied, wiping her hands before going for another rib. “I can play some stuff, but I’m still learning. Why, do you play?”

“No, I wish,” Travis responded. “I always wanted to but my mom made me take piano lessons instead.”

“Are you any good?”

“Depends on your definition of good,” Travis answered. “I can play Chopin, Bach, pretty much anything you put in front of me. I won’t be playing Carnegie Hall anytime soon, but I guess I could get a job playing in a piano bar if I wanted.”

“I’d consider that to be pretty good,” Jena said. “Certainly better than I am with the guitar.”

“You teach me to play the guitar and I’ll teach you piano,” Travis offered.

“I’m not very good, remember?”

“As the saying goes, you only to be one lesson ahead and I’m guessing you’ve had more than one lesson,” Travis pointed out.

“I think I’m full,” Jena said, tossing the rib bone into the lid of one of the styrofoam cartons and picking up a napkin to wipe off her hands.

“Truth be told I passed full with the last rib,” Travis said as he closed up the cartons and put them back into the bag. “Why’d you let me eat so much?”

“Sorry, didn’t know I was supposed to be monitoring your food intake,” Jena said, grinning as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“Are you cold?” Travis asked her, noticing that she was rubbing her upper arms.

“A little,” Jena answered.

“I don’t have a jacket,” Travis, pausing to think, “but I think I have something that should work.”

Grabbing the bag with the leftover food in it he hopped off the hood. Moving around to the back of the car he popped the trunk. Putting the leftover food inside he grabbed a blanket he kept in there for emergencies before closing the trunk again.

“You really come prepared,” Jena observed, seeing the blanket in his hand.

“My dad always said to keep a blanket in the car because you never know if your car is going to break down in the middle of nowhere when it’s cold. That way you don’t freeze while waiting for a tow truck.” Travis replied, draping the blanket over her shoulders.

“Thanks, I’ll have to remember that,” Jena said, pulling the blanket tighter around her shoulders. “There’s enough blanket here for both of us if you want some.”

“Don’t mind if I do,” Travis said as Jena repositioned the blanket to lay it over both of them.

“Much better,” Jena said as she scooted closer to Travis.

“I hate to say it but I think this blind date has worked out better than I thought it would,” Travis mused.

“Why do you say that?” Jena asked him.

“Because it means that Samantha is going to be smug as hell,” Travis responded. “I guess it’s worth it to spend an evening with a cute, interesting girl.”

“Where?” Jena asked, smiling as she playfully turned her head every which way. “Have you been juggling two dates or something?”

“And she’s funny too, Samantha’s really going to make me pay,” Travis said, chuckling.

“Sounds like a personal problem to me. I’m going to tell her that I didn’t like you at all to avoid that kind of thing,” Jena said, nudging him with her elbow to show she was joking.

“If you want to be like that, then fine,” Travis said, faking a pout. “I was going to see if you wanted to go see the Foo Fighters when they’re in town, but now I guess I’ll have to find someone else to go.”

“It wouldn’t work anyway,” Jena said, lifting her head to look at the stars. “Samantha and Stephen are going to be there and I couldn’t go with you after I tell her I don’t like you.”

As she said the last bit she turned her head to look at him. When their eyes locked a spark passed between them. The hair on Travis’s arm stood on end as the electricity gathered and he could see in Jena’s eyes that he wasn’t the only one feeling it.

Taking a chance Travis leaned in and kissed her. When she returned the kiss he twisted his body so he was lying on his side. Putting his left hand on her right side he leaned her back against the windshield and pressed his upper body against hers.

As the urgency and passion in their kiss increased he began moving his hand up her body. When his hand stopped to rest on her right breast Jena put a hand on his chest and broke the kiss.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to. Well, I did mean to, but I didn’t mean…” Travis said before Jena cut him off.

“Not here,” she said. “Maybe somewhere else?”

“My place okay?” Travis asked, jumping down from the hood before she could change her mind.

“Sounds good,” Jena replied. She wasn’t sure exactly what had gotten into her. She wasn’t the type of girl that jumped into bed with guys she’d only known for a matter of hours, but felt right and she’s always been one to trust her instincts.

+ * + * +

The moment they were through the door she was all over him. Grabbing the front of his shirt Jena pulled him to her. Travis barely had the time to slap at the door, hearing it slam shut as he was pulled into a searing kiss.

“Nice place you have here,” Jena said when the kiss broke.

“Thanks,” Travis managed to get out before Jena headed for the stairs, still holding onto his shirt and dragging him with her.

“I assume your bedroom is up here?” Jena asked as they walked up the steps. Now that she’d decided to go through with it she was determined to take a more active role.

“Yeah, to the right at the end of the hall,” Travis said when they reached the top.

When they were in his room Jena’s hands instantly began unbuttoning his shirt. As the last button came undone she slid her hand inside his shirt to caress his chest.

Taking the opportunity Travis wrapped his arms around her. Resting his left hand on the small of her back his right grabbed the zipper to her dress. When he had the zipper down he dragged the tips of his fingers from both hands up her spine until they encountered the clasp of her strapless bra. Deftly unhooking it his hands continued their journey up to her shoulders.

Pulling back slightly he hooked his fingers in the straps of her dress and pushed them off her shoulders. Letting his fingers follow the path the straps had taken he dragged them down her upper arms, taking the straps with them. When her breasts came into view he smiled and noted that each was topped by a delightfully pink, puffy nipple. He hesitated for a moment, wanting to take one of her nipples into his mouth, but continued on, vowing to return and give them the attention they deserved.

When her dress was around her waist Jena put a hand on his chest and took a step back. Pushing on her dress she shimmied her hips until the dress slipped over her hips and fell to floor and she could step out of it.

After taking a moment to admire her as she stood there in only her sandals and light blue panties, Travis put his hands on her hips and slowly started to step forward, pushing her backward as he went. When the backs of her legs butted up against the edge of the bed she took the hint and sat down. Kicking off her sandals she slid back until she was lying in the middle of the bed.

As Jena propped herself up on her elbows Travis kicked off his shoes and unzipped his pants. Letting them drop around his ankles he stepped out of them, kicking them to the side with his foot. Getting onto the bed Travis crawled up it on his hands and knees until he was hovering above Jena. Leaning down he gave her a quick kiss before reversing course.

Reaching Jena’s chest Travis couldn’t resist. Leaning his head down he took one of her nipples into his mouth. Suckling on it he flicked it with his tongue until he was sure it was as hard as it was going to get, and then sucked on it a little bit longer. Letting the nipple slip from between his lips he moved over and repeated the process on the other one.

With a sigh of regret Travis left her breasts behind and continued on down her body. When he neared her waist he planted a kiss on top of her belly button while hooking his fingers in her panties and tugging them down over her hips to reveal a patch a patch of brown pubic hair.

As he tossed her panties to the floor Travis was torn. On the couple occasions he’d gotten lucky on the first date he’d refrained from performing oral sex because he didn’t want to waste the time on someone he likely wasn’t going to see again. But with Jena, he really did want to see her again. Finally he decided to do it, but not to do it to the extreme that always earned him the gratitude of his girlfriends.

“Ooh,” Jena gasped as Travis’s tongue lapped at her pussy. It had been so long since she’d had her pussy eaten that her already damp pussy practically gushed. Her ex had never liked doing it, so he only did it when he was either in trouble or wanted something big, or both. As a result, the fact that he was doing it at all, without even being asked, earned him major points with her.

Noticing the copious amount of fluid Jena was putting out Travis figured it wouldn’t take very long to get her off. That helped ease his mind because then he didn’t have to feel bad about only giving her a half-hearted tongue lashing if it still got her where she needed to be in a short amount of time.

Deciding to see just how fast he could get her rocks off, Travis focused his attack on her clit. Wrapping his lips around it he gave it a nice, hard suck, causing her hips to buck against his face in response. Seeing how she was reacting, Travis upped the ante once more by slipping two fingers inside of her.

“Uhh,” Jena grunted, pressing her crotch against his fingers. She was so unused to having her pussy eaten that it was like her orgasm was being strapped to a rocket and sent into orbit express.

Pulling his mouth off her clit to let his jaw rest a moment, Travis instead curled the two fingers that were in her pussy slightly so he could reach her clit with his thumb. Between the two methods of attack, they were more than enough to keep her climbing toward her peak as he conserved a little energy.

“Fuck, gonna come,” Jena announced, feeling her stomach muscles start to tighten up.

Slipping his fingers out of her he instead moved them up to concentrate on her clit. In the meantime he let his tongue work on her labia. As her body stiffened at the onset of her climax, he drilled his tongue into her hole and pushed her the rest of the way over the edge. Sliding his tongue out he greedily lapped up the cream that her orgasmic spasms were pushing out.

“Samantha’s definitely going to make me pay after that,” Jena said as she took a moment to let her body recover.

“I thought you were going to tell you didn’t like me,” Travis pointed out as he moved up the bed to lie down next to her.

“She’ll see right through me,” Jena said, grinning as she rolled over on top of him. “Now, should I pay you back or move on to nobler things?”

“I think we should move on to the main event,” Travis said, feeling her pussy pressed against the shaft of his cock as she straddled him. “This way I can hold it over you until you make us even.”

“And fucking me wouldn’t make us even?” Jena asked, moving her hips in such a way that it slid her moist pussy along his rock hard cock. “Got a condom?”

“Top drawer,” Travis said, pointing at the table next to the bed.

Opening the drawer, Jena grabbed a condom out. With one hand busy closing the drawer she ripped the package open with her teeth. Sliding down his body she gave his cock a quick stroke with her hand before sheathing it with the condom.

Moving back up to straddle his waist Jena put her left hand on the bed to support herself as she lifted her hips. Reaching between them she grabbed his cock and ran the head along her slit before pushing her back and taking the tip into her pussy.

“Say this will make us even,” Jena said, holding still with just the head of his cock seated inside her.

“If we both come, then I’ll still be one up on you,” Travis said, lifting his hips to push more of his cock into her.

“Say it,” Jena said, pulling forward and letting his cock slip out completely before realigning his cock and taking the head back into her.

“No,” Travis said, trying not to go out of his mind as she teased him.

“Say it,” Jena repeated, pushing back to take a bit more of his cock into her vice-like pussy before pulling forward until just the head was inside again.

“Fine, it’ll make us even,” Travis said, giving in.

“Good boy,” Jena said, immediately dropping her hips and impaling herself fully on his rod.

As she was filled with his cock Jena let out a moan and her eyes fluttered shut for a moment. Letting go of his cock she put both hands on his chest and lifted up halfway before sinking back down.

“Fuck my cock,” Travis said, grabbing hold of her hips to help lift her off his dick.

“Mmm, yeah,” Jena moaned as she set a slow pace.

As Jena fucked herself with his cock, Travis marvelled at how hot and tight her pussy was. Even the condom wasn’t dulling the sensations her cunt was creating around his cock. But it was her breasts, hanging down from her chest so seductively that really caught his attention.

Moving a hand from Jena’s hips, he slid it up her back until it was between her shoulder blades. When he pressed firmly on her back she bent her elbow and lowered her upper body low enough that he could reach her chest without craning his neck too far.

“Ohh,” Jena moaned, arching her back and pressing her chest against his face as he caught one of her bouncing nipples in his mouth.

Moving her hands off his chest, Jena lowered her chest further. Putting one hand on the bed, she used the other to hold the back of his head as he toyed with her nipple. That way his head stayed in place as she increased the length of her strokes until she had almost all of his cock sliding in and out of her snatch.

Letting go of the nipple in his mouth Travis cupped her other breast in his hand so he could switch nipples. He’d always loved women’s nipples. Not necessarily the whole breast, he was just enamored with the nipple. He didn’t know why, really never even questioned it, they just enthralled him and sex was never the same if he didn’t get to worship a nipple or two.

As Jena sped up her pace, Travis started to feel his orgasm on the horizon much sooner than he would’ve liked. He tried to hold it off but it kept coming and before he could pass the point of no return, he let Jena’s nipple slip from his mouth as she grabbed her hips. Using all his strength he pulled her hips down until he was fully seated inside her and then held her as still as he could until he felt the feeling start to pass.

“Please,” Jena pleaded, wiggling her hips as she tried to resume fucking him. She’d been getting close and wanted to keep right on going until the glorious conclusion.

As he felt his body calm down, Travis took note of the desperation and need in Jena’s voice. Figuring he’d bought himself a little extra time, he pulled her down to him and gave her a quick kiss before rolling them both over so he was on top.

Jena let out a squeal of surprise at the sudden move, but it soon turned to a moan as Travis extended his arms and drove his cock back inside her. Knowing that neither of them needed, or wanted, a slow pace, he immediately started picking up speed. He just hoped that his little break had bought him enough time to get her over first.

“Yeah, fuck me,” Jena said, biting her lower lip as she wrapped her legs around his waist. “Yeah, just like that.”

With each thrust Travis made into Jena raised her hips to meet it with just as much force as he was applying. As plowed onward he could feel his orgasm start to creep back up on him with each lunge. The only thing saving him was the condom that blunted the influence her pussy would otherwise have had on his cock.

“Oh God, oh yeah,” Jena grunted, her climax within reach if she could just grab hold of it. “So close.”

Realizing that she was on the brink, or at least very close to it, Travis stopped worrying about whether she’d get there first. He figured she was close enough that if he started to come it would push her over the precipice as well. Armed with that knowledge, he cut off his restraint and went full bore.

“Fuck me,” Jena moaned, her eyes fluttering as she teetered on the edge of the cliff. One more thrust from Travis and she was falling over into the sweet abyss of pleasure. With a wail of ecstasy she arched her back and her hands grabbed his shoulders as she shuddered through her orgasm.

Feeling and seeing Jena get her cookies beneath him was more than Travis could take. Making one last, sweet lunge into her pussy he drove his cock as far into her as he could. Every muscle in his body tightened up and his eyes rolled back as his penis throbbed and he filled the condom.

Sweat dripped down his face as he withdrew his cock and flopped onto the bed next to her. Letting out a sigh of utter satisfaction he pulled the spent condom off his softening erection and set it on the end table for lack of a better place to put it.

“I really hate to do this, but I have to go,” Jena said after glancing at the clock. Giving him a quick kiss she reluctantly got up off the bed.

“So soon?” Travis asked as she gathered up her clothes.

“I have to fly to LA tomorrow and I still have to pack,” Jena responded as she started getting dressed.

“You didn’t pack earlier?”

“This is going to sound bad, but I really thought I’d have time after our date,” Jena said. “I didn’t expect to have a good time at all, let alone this good a time.”

“Do you want me to take you home?” Travis asked.

“That’s okay,” she said. “I have to get my car anyway, so I think I’ll just call a cab.”

“You sure?” Travis asked. “You could take my car if you wanted. It’d give me an excuse to see you again if I had to get my keys back.”

“You don’t need a reason,” Jena assured him, leaning down to kiss him tenderly. “I’ll call you tomorrow before I leave and I should be back in a couple days so we can get together then.”

“I’m going to hold you to that,” Travis said, feeling a little relieved that she wasn’t just making excuses to leave.

“You better,” Jena said, smiling warmly before she left the room.

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