Blockbuster Night

“So Sexy, what do you want to do tonight?” I asked Cheryl, pulling her down to lie beside me on the bed. Our bed was huge. A king size, it could hold at least four people in its depths or two people could sleep in it together without ever finding one another, but I always found her. Always!

She was wearing an oversized white see through button down shirt.

“I don’t know. We can just chill out here,” she said, laying her head on my chest.

I was fully dressed and wondering about the fastest way to remedy that.

My fingers ran through her hair.

“What do you want to do tonight? You
want to stay home?” I continued


“As in no club, no dinner, no movies. No nothing?” I asked sceptically, looking down at her.

She wasn’t a homebody at all, usually preferring to go out.

She turned so that she was still lying on my chest but we were face to face.

“Yes,” she replied, big brown eyes locked with mine. Her finger was making circular patterns across my arm. “Then, let’s make it a Blockbuster night.”

I laughed so hard we both nearly fell off the bed.

“What’s so funny?” she asked.

“Nothing. So what do you really want to do?”

“No, really Kimmie baby, I just want to chill here with you tonight. It’s all about us.”

I looked at her and mentally shrugged. “Okay well lets hit Blockbuster.”

“Just let me get dressed, ” she started jumping up.

I pulled her back down.

“I knew there was a downside to this.”

I kissed her softly, then watched with apt attention as she got dressed.

We left and were on our way to the nearest Blockbuster. Or at least I thought so until we drove pass it so fast I couldn’t even read the current release sign in the window.

“Uh baby we just passed…”

“I know let’s go to the Sex Shop.” She surprised me.

I turned to stare at her. God she was beautiful. Was that shirt supposed to fit her like that? I shook it off. I laughed and said okay.

We arrived at the Sex shop eventually, and entered.

The first things that I see are the books. We make a slight turn and the next section of the store seems to be devoted to lubes, oils, and edible creams.

Then there were mocking t-shirts, perverted mock toys, such as two bears doing one another, and little snapshot cameras with naked women on the viewfinder.

Next came the feathers of different shapes and sizes lining one wall that was also covered by blind folds and wrist ties. I turned away and followed behind her.

I was a little more than scared as I realized that she seemed to know exactly where she was going.

She stopped.

This section was filled with board games, costumes, videos, and every kind of contraption ever invented to get a woman off. Dildos. Vibrators. Butterflies. Anal screws. Scorpions. Two headed dildos, anal beads, nipple clips, clit clamps. You name it and it was there.

I was in awe and in major fear. I mentally saw her picking up one of each. Oh boy!

“Oh so you planning’ on buying’ something?” I asked, my voice way more controlled than I thought possible.

“Yeah,” she replied, smiling at me.

She then proceeded to pick up a double headed cream coloured dildo (did she really expect me to get on the other side of that thing?), a twin vibrating egg, a butterfly clip, and a boxed strap-on dildo that listed four attachments inside.

I watched with wonder as she then turned, grabbed a video she had apparently been eyeing, and walked right pass me.

I was in shock, as I watched her drop all that off at the counter grab a few bottles from the massage shelf, pick up two feathers and two blindfolds; then browse the books, pick two, and add them to the pile at the counter.

I finally found the ability to move my legs and walked to the counter. The girl working there was what my mother would call a “bull dyke.”

She was tall, built too much like a man, and her head was shaved. She was staring hard at my girl, who was dressed in a midriff shirt and semi fitted pants. My girl looked damn good, but the cashier was looking a little too hard for my taste.

“You buying all this?” I whispered in her ear as I stood behind her with my hands clasped possessively around her waist. She shook her head and pulled out a credit card.

“Nope, you are.”

I kissed her neck. “As long as you make it worth it.”

Bull started ringing us up and with each item the crooked grin on her face grew wider.

“Planning an orgy?’ she asked.

Apparently, this was funny, cos Cheryl was laughing hard.

“I mean if you are, I hope I’m invited.”

My body tensed as Cheryl handed her the card.

“Sorry we’re only into twosomes.”

“I could change that,” Bull offered.

My teeth gritted.

Cheryl laughed. “Thanks, but no thanks.”

She took the bag, turned in my arms and kissed me so hard and long that when we came up for air, I wasn’t sure what my name was.

We drove home in silence. There was this tension in the air that I had never felt before.

Sensing it, Cheryl asked me,

“You nervous?” she pulled on to our street.

I turned to her and smiled.

“Nervous about a Blockbuster night? Why ever would I be?”

She laughed and I swear I fell in love all over again.

She was in the shower and I took that time to peek in the bags, which she had casually tossed onto the couch. I bypassed the feathers and oils and all of the toys except one.

A tall box, interesting picture on the outside, four items inside, not including a leather harness.

I heard her singing as I opened the box and held it in my hand. Was I really about to…I mean did she really want me to use this?

I wanted to please her and I knew I would get much pleasure from that alone.

I heard the water stop. In that instant I decided that I was willing to give up all my reservations and I guess, in a sense, my control and detachment.

I grabbed the box and bag and headed for the bedroom. I threw the bag on the bed, took a deep breath, and dropped my pants.

When I reappeared in the kitchen, she was standing at the stove cooking something.

My senses were too keyed up and tuned into her to notice anything except the scent of her body spray. Ummm… she smelled good enough to eat. I strolled in as natural as possible.

“What you cooking?” I said, coming up beside her and leaning on the counter top beside the stove.

“Wait and see,” she stated with a smile and a wink.

“Tease, ”

I started walking up behind her and kissing her softly on the neck as I pulled her back against me.

She wore only a robe and my hands strayed beneath tracing light circles across her stomach and between her breasts, the backs of my hands accidentally brushing across her nipples every now and then.

Her head tilted back to lie on my shoulder and I kissed her lips softly.

One of her hands lay atop mine inside her robe, directing me at times, to where she wanted my touch.

The other ran through my hair holding my lips to hers in our kiss.

I could have stayed that way forever; touching her, teasing her, and hearing her moan in pleasure as my fingers slid between her legs. Not inside just gently across her slit to test her wetness. She was wet, but not wet enough.

I turned her in my arms picking her up so that her legs had no choice but to circle my waist; her arms no reason to do anything other than go around my neck; her lips no just cause to do anything but to kiss mine.

I moved until her back was braced against the counter top beside the stove. She moaned into my mouth and I thought that I had found a slice of heaven.

My hand slid between us to massage her thighs. I felt some of her wetness there.

Kissing her neck, I slid a finger between her lips just enough to get the tip of one finger wet.

She moaned again and arched her body closer towards me trying to make my finger enter her more.

I laughed low, as I started to kiss a path between her breasts. The smooth feeling of her fragrant skin under my fingers a contrast to the slight roughness of her robe against the backs of my arms.

“Be patient.”

My finger travelled a light path back up her slit to find her very hard and very sensitive clit.

The tip of my finger, drenched in her wetness, circled her clit slowly applying a teasing amount of pressure before travelling back down to dip inside again. This time deeper and longer.

In and out, I began a slow rhythm. I slid another finger inside just as the tip of my tongue slid teasingly around a nipple. My reward was her hands in my hair pulling me closer.

My thumb began to stroke over her clit, continuing the rhythm set by my tongue and fingers.

She was whimpering now, soft sweet murmurs of passion and excitement that turned my insides to mush. The sound of her so excited always sent my body into spasms of pleasure.

I was throbbing and wet and craving release — both hers and my own.

I increased the rhythm of my actions gradually until it was a fast past beat that had both of our hearts jumping out of our chests. I applied a point of pressure on her nipple as I sucked it sweetly into my mouth.

At the same moment applying just the right amount of the same to her clit with the pad of my thumb.


Everything was like a reflex from that second onward. She had a soft spot inside of her that, one glorious night long ago, I learned would make her explode in a second when hit just right.

With my two fingers curved slightly upward, I slid in deeper and faster sliding right across her trigger, causing her muscles to start tightening around my fingers like a glove as her cum gushed out of her sliding down my hand in floods.

Her pulse was racing and as I slid my fingers from inside of her I still felt her clenching me inside.

I sat her on the edge of the counter, her back braced against the cabinet.

Kneeling on my knees before her, I placed her legs, shaking slightly, on my shoulders. I traced butterfly kisses along her thighs – that sent a shiver through her.

The closer I got to her pussy, the more she shivered. She was actually trying to back away me from as my breath blew lightly over her wetness.

My tongue slid down her slit, taking my first taste of her into my system. Sweet as only she could be. She was still trying to back away from me, as I wrapped my arms around her legs to hold her waist and hold her in place.

My tongue slid inside of her and I began to tongue fuck her slowly. Building her back up to the peak she had just begun to come down from.

Her hands found my hair and held me to her. She was trying to push me deeper as her pussy squirmed on my tongue.

I held her waist tighter, keeping her in place as I went as deep and as fast as I could possibly go.

She smelled so good and tasted so damn sweet. My mind was a little fuzzy with her.

I kissed her lips pulling then gently into my mouth, moving up slowly to her throbbing clit.

My tongue traced the tip of the nub, before I pulled it slowly into my mouth. I pulled on her gently and slowly, with teasing flicks of my tongue here and there. Her legs locked around my head trapping me between her thighs.

I groaned almost over dosing on her scent and taste, trapped there with no choice but to absorb and explore all of her. She was close to exploding again.

I began a quick trip from her clit back inside, tasting her again. Then back again to continue my sweet assault on her clit. I continued this pattern until I felt her muscles gripping around my tongue.

When she came this time, it was immense and full-bodied. I was flooded with her juices.

I held her thighs as I lapped all of her up. I got every drop that I could, my face was covered in her sweet juice.

Her thighs unlocked from around my head freeing me from my blissful imprisonment as she began to slowly descend from the peak again.

Her body was covered in sweat the, robe sticking to her sides like a second skin. Her hair was wild from thrashing back and forth, as her second climax claimed her. Her pulse was racing and her eyes and her face held a look of pleasure and satisfaction.

I wasn’t through with her yet.

I stood up. Kissing her forehead and her eye lids. Tracing my tongue across her shoulders, as I slowly removed the robe.

Her breathing was becoming more even, but I knew there were still those last intense tingles going on inside her body.

“I have a surprise for you baby,” I stated into her ear as I nibbled gently on it.

“Mmm…” was her sweet reply.

“You have to keep your eyes closed and trust me though, okay?”

She licked her lips and nodded. I wasn’t sure if she was really aware of what I was saying, she was probably still delirious from the orgasms I had just given her.

I picked her up, carrying her to the island block in the centre of the kitchen. I then stepped out

of the sweats I had thrown on, and as I pulled her into a deep drugging kiss.

I used my finger to part her lips, sliding one inside I still felt the gentle contractions of her ebbing climax.

She groaned in my mouth her body over sensitive to touch.

I took her legs wrapping them around my waist then opening her once more I slid inside.

She gasped, and I opened my eyes to see her shocked desire filled ones staring back at me.

I began a slow rhythm pulling her towards me, as I rocked into her. She had this smile on her face that I will forever remember.

“Ummm… so good…umm……” she groaned

I kept going, turning her a little so that my entry would grant me lead way to go deeper.

My mind was on a whirlwind with thought of being inside of her. I couldn’t feel it technically, but all the sensations were there.

I remembered how wet she was and how it felt to have her clenching me inside. I remembered her softness and her slickness and the exact spot of her “trigger.”

I slid across it easily not wanting to set her off again just yet. It was like that for a few minutes, slow and sweet, with gentle kisses and teasing strokes then I had my fill. I guess I wanted to cum. Not only that, but I wanted her to cum with me.

I slid out of her, placing her fully on the counter. Then I climbed up there with her.

We were both kneeling, facing each other eye to eye. I kissed her gently, deepening it and making it a little rough. She groaned in my mouth, as I lay her down on the countertop, her right leg a little bent her left leg over my shoulder. I slid in quickly and deep, and the sound she made sent me over the edge.

I leaned into her, arching her left leg back some but not really. As I worked my hips stroking in deeper and deeper I began to kiss and lick and suck on her breasts, my left hand tracing weird patterns across her stomach, as a finger strayed to her clit. Faster and faster, then slow, then fast again. I was about to lose my mind.

“Ummm…Ohhh…god…I’m about to cum again….Mmmmm…shit..”

That was it. I know that I kept driving deeper and deeper, and I know I kept stroking her clit, but my mind went blank and all I could hear were her moans – or were they mine?

Eventually the pace slowed and I collapsed beside her. I closed my eyes, and I just knew my heart was about to jump out of my chest.

She snuggled next to me and we lay there until we could both breathe evenly once again

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