Blonde Bikini Bash (Part 2)


Blonde Bikini Bash Part 2

Out by the pool I saw that the rest of the guests had arrived. Sarah
Michelle Geller, Jerri Ryan, Heather Locklear, and Andrea Thompson had all
joined the other women by the pool. It was truly an amazing
I began making my round of greetings. First Sarah, wearing a yellow bikini
with a floral pattern on it. She had to stand up on tiptoe to kiss me,
pressing herself against me. I took the opportunity to give her ass a quick
squeeze. Her eyes and her smile made her truly radiant. I had her turn
around for me so I could get a good look at all of her, her perfect tanned
ass, and her tattoos because I hadn’t seen before. Then I took a moment or
two to ask her about the show and ask some pointed questions about her
co-workers. I also took the time to chastise her on her taste in movie
rolls, I mean come on she had to do better!

Jerri Ryan had come up behind me while I was talking to Sarah, her hand on my
shoulder, staking claim to my attentions next. When I turned around it took
me a moment to realize why Jerri was taller than I was. She was the only one
at the party wearing really high heels. They had to be 4 or 5-inch fuck me
pumps at least! She was also wearing a light gray bikini, the material so
thin she could have saved herself the trouble. She kissed me, aggressive and
hot, and long. In fact we stood there and she pawed and kissed me until she
had to break for air. She gave me a look that said she was ready to do a lot
more, right now, right here. I was tempted, and if the twins hadn’t taken
the edge off for me I would have, but instead I slipped over to the next

Andrea Thompson was sitting at one of the tables sipping on a wine cooler.
She was the only one in attendance wearing a one-piece suit. But the dark
blue color looked good on her, and the high cut in the thigh and low cut in
the front showed off enough to make it look better. I leaned in to kiss her;
one of my hands gave her breast a gentle cop. She smiled at me as I pulled
away. ” I thought you were going to end up doing Jerri right here on the
table in front of me.” She said smiling.

“I would have asked to join in too.” I said, taking her hand and kissing it.
“Promises, promises.” She said taking my hand in return and flicking her
tongue over my fingertips. Her voice was so husky so damned bedroom sexy; I
almost let her run her tongue over something else.

I came up behind the delicious Heather, her white bikini exposing some of the
best looking behind. I wrapped my arms around her waist, my hands sliding
over her flat smooth belly. I began to munch on her neck and she squealed in
delight/surprise. Heather reached up and behind her, encircling my neck.
This managed to lift up and thrust out her chest, which was damn impressive
anyway. “Having a good time?” I asked.
She ground her ass against me “Getting there.”
I groaned into her neck and she giggled.

Pamela came up to us and we stopped. “Eric, could you rub some sun tan
lotion on my back?” She pouted.

“Sure in a minute Pam. But first I wanted to talk to you about something.
Could you meet me in the weight room? I’ll be there in just a minute.”
“Sure thing. Just don’t keep me waiting too long.” She said,
I watched her enter the house and turned back to Heather. I gave her a deep
kiss. “Hold that thought. I’ll be back later.” I told her. Then I went
and spoke to some of the other guests, giving them their directions.

I found Pamela looking around the workout room. One wall was mirrored and
had a bar running ½ the length of it, waist high, like in a dance studio.
There was a heavy bag, several exercise mats in a corner, and about 6 pieces
of exercise equipment, including a special bench I had delivered. I patted
the bench and Pam came over and sat on it. It was a thin work out bench,
boosted high off the floor, and you could tilt the whole thing with a crank
on the side. Two sets of handles came out of the sides (one about even with
your head, the other about even with your waist) so the person on the bench
could grab them and hold on if the tilt of the table was enough to cause them
to slide off.

“So, Pam, curious as to why I called you in here?” I asked.
“Uh-huh” she nodded.

“Its simple.” I said, leaning into her, whispering into her ear. “I intend
to make sure you cum so many times you break down and cry.” I could see her
shiver. Pam licked her lips and reached one hand out to stroke my hard on
through my shorts.

“Nice.” She said. Well I didn’t expect a lot more than that. At just under
9 inches I usually get a better reaction, but I still wasn’t hung like that
drugged out pissant Tommy Lee.

“Take off your top Pam.” She did, her breasts still looked great, as if the
reduction had really taken nothing away. “Now the bottom Pam.” She smiled
up at me as she did just that, letting the bikini hit the floor. “Now lean
back and relax.” Pam lowered her back down on the bench as I lowered my face
to her pussy. I was right, she still kept herself totally shaved and smooth.
Her mound was swollen with desire, and when I touched her for the first time
with my tongue she gave a little jump.

I worked my tongue into her, tracing a long oval path over her mound, and
into her slit. I took my time and in a few minutes Pam was getting close to
her first orgasm. I felt a touch on my shoulder and looked up (without
losing tongue to pussy contact) to see the other women I had invited had
arrived. Anna, Sarah, Charlize, Renee, and Jerri had all filed into the
room, quiet as church mice. Jerri carried the small bag of goodies I told
her to get from the master bedroom. I paused in my duties and spread Pam’s
legs a little further, and began to rub her clit with my thumb. Anna, as per
my instructions, got in beside me and took my place servicing Pam. I stood
up behind Anna and took the time to lean over and fondle her tits. My
fingertips drifted all over them. I then pulled the fabric to the side and
pinched her nipples, as I watched her bring Pam over the edge. “Oh. Ohhhhhh.
Oh Baby! Oh baby! Yes, yes please.” She moaned one hand now on the back on
Anna’s head. Pam had not noticed the change yet so I had to act fast before
she did.

I motioned Sarah to take my place behind Anna. Sarah’s eyes were wide and
shiny, and she paid rapt attention to Anna’s work. Renee and Charlize took
their places on either side of Pam as I walked around to the head of the
bench. I motioned Renee and Charlize in and watched them both begin stroking
and sucking on Pam’s tits. Pam’s eyes flew open when this happened, and Anna
took that as the time to begin inserting fingers into Pam’s slit. From the
look on Pam’s face I think she wanted to protest, but all that came out of
her mouth was an unintelligible moan. “Just lay back and enjoy the ride Pam.
” I said looking at her. Then I took my cock out and placed it in her mouth.
I kept one hand on the back of her neck and slowly fed my cock to her,
rocking back and forth while Pam sucked and slurped around my cock.

I watched Renee and Charlize lavish attention to Pam’s boobs. Charlize was
slow and teasing, trailing her fingers around and under and all over Pam’s
tits, barely ever touching her nipples. Renee on the other hand was firmer,
squeezing Pam’s breast into a mound and then stroking the peak almost like
she was jacking off an impossibly thick cock.

Anna and Sarah were crouched between Pam’s legs whispering to each other.
Anna was instructing Sarah on how to touch Pam. Anna kept those slutty
looking lips whispering in Sarah’s ear, encouraging her to eat Pam out. Pam
moaned around my cock as the attention was bringing her to orgasm again. I
picked up the pace and began hitting the back of Pam’s throat. Pam writhed
and twisted her body all over the bench as her second orgasm hit. I slowed
my pace and let Pam get a breather. I withdrew my cock and watched her gasp
for air. She was sweating and I wiped her brow off.

I did it mostly to distract her from Jerri who was coming up on the other
side of her head, wearing a strap on I had told her to use. The strap on
strapped on around the waist, and two loops around the top on her thighs.
The tool itself was 12 inches long and very thick, with an adjustable cock
ring that vibrated and acted as a clitoral stimulator. The length of the
fake cock was dotted with small knobs, rings, and bumps to drive the ‘victim’
crazy, and the inside pad pressed against Jerri’s pussy was also a
stimulator. To top it off a pair of huge balls, each one a little bigger
than a golf ball, hung by a nylon sack and swung freely with every movement
and sway of Jerri’s hips.

“Please.” It took me a moment to realize Pam had been talking to me.


“Please. Let me take a break. It’s too much.” She whispered. I looked
down and saw her entire body was vibrating and shaking. Anna was back at her
pussy, sucking Pam’s mound with loud slurping gusto.

“No Pam.” I smiled down at her. “Remember what I said, not till you are in
tears.” Pam’s eyes went wide at that. Before she could say anything else
though Jerri reached her side and bent over, pulled Pam’s face to her, and
kissed her full on the lips.

I took the time to move back to the foot of the bench and stood behind Sarah,
who was standing behind the crouching Anna, stroking her shoulders as Anna
continued to dine on Pam’s mound. I undid the clasp on Sarah’s top and let
it fall to the ground. I ran the palms of my hand up and down her back,
tracing the outline of her tattoo before I ran them over her shoulders and
then around to her soft small breasts.
Sarah let out a small coo “That’s nice.” And leaned back into me.

Jerri was peppering Pam’s face with small gentle kisses. Then she stood
upright and waited for Pam to open her eyes to the monstrous phallus Jerri
was holding at eye level for her. When Pam did open her eyes the look on her
face was priceless. It was stunned, hungry, and wary all at the same time.
“Now service me Bitch!” Jerri commanded in her usual 7 of 9 tone. She
accentuated her command by whacking Pam on the side of the face with dildo
before forcing it past her lips.

I took that moment to slide my hand down the front of Sarah’s bottoms. I
began stroking her wet silky slit up and down. She ground her sweet ass back
at me as she gave out a contented “Aaaahhhhhhhh”.

Jerri pulled Renee off of Pam’s tit by the hair and began kissing her. Their
tongues danced in the open air, fluttering over one another. Pam was
slurping and gulping air as she took at least 6 inches of that serious salami
strap on almost all the way to the back of her throat. I noticed Jerri
whispering instructions in Renee’s ear as she eased Renee’s top off, exposing
her gorgeous tits.

Sarah’s sighs were coming faster, and at a higher pitch, almost like a
teakettle getting ready to go off.

Jerri pulled out of Pam’s mouth. “That should be wet enough.” She said, and
she turned and stalked her way to the base of the bench where Anna, Sarah,
and I were. I pulled Sarah back and out of Jerri’s way. Pam was weakly
protesting, “No. That’s too big Jerri, it’s even thicker than Tommy. Please
don’t.” Renee was kissing and petting Pam, smothering her protests. Anna
stood up and gave Jerri’s ‘cock’ a couple of strokes before she turned and
came to where Sarah was leaning up against me.

Anna knelt down in front of Sarah and pulled Sarah’s bottom off. Then I felt
Anna take my cock, which was between Sarah’s legs, right at the juncture of
her thighs, and give the head a wet soft kiss. I growled low and in the back
of my throat. Anna nudged my hand out of the way and began applying her
slutty mouth and lips to Sarah’s mound. At the same time Anna took my cock
in one hand and pressed it up against Sarah’s hot wet cunt. Sarah went nuts.
I now had both my hands cupping and squeezing her tits, my cock was between
her legs and she was sliding back and forth the length of it, coating it with
her juices, and Anna had a suction lock on her clit. “Aaaaahhhhh!
Aaaaahhhhh! Aaaaahhhhh! Aaaaahhhhh!” Sarah came and came, her whole body
tensed, and then she went limp in my arms.

At that point I was going to just let Sarah slide to the floor, prop her up
on all fours, and start ramming the hell out of her. Anna however had other
ideas. Anna rose from the floor, straight up. Her huge knockers rubbing
against Sarah’s body the whole way. Once she stood up my hands were
sandwiched between her tits, and Sarah’s, my brain froze for a little while.
They started kissing, moaning into each other’s mouth. Me, I started
growling with need. The two of them melted to the floor and ended up in a 69
before I could register what had happened.

So there I was, Sarah and Anna laying at my feet in a 69, Charlize and Renee
ravishing Pam’s tits, and Jerri slowly thrusting her way into Pam’s wet
snatch. I stood there savoring the moment before moving back to the trio of
women on the bench. I figured Sarah and Anna would be busy for a while, but
Renee and Charlize hadn’t had a whole lot of attention paid to them yet.
I ran my fingers down Jerri’s back as I slid around her. She sighed at my
touch but did not return it as she was using both her hands holding Pam’s
legs up and apart. Jerri was slowly thrusting the massive strap on in and
out, ‘feeling’ her way inside Pam. Renee had taken position up by Pam’s head
and was reaching down and pinching both of Pam’s nipples. Charlize stayed in
her position and continued gently stroking her hands all over Pam’s torso,
and sometimes lightly over her mound as well. Pam’s body was covered in a
fine sheen of sweat; her back arched up as she submitted to their attentions,
animal grunts and groans coming from her at regular intervals.

Charlize looked up at me and smiled. She always looked so damned classy,
even playing a psychotic white trash bitch like in Reindeer Games; she
carried something inside her. “Charlize.” I called her name and held my
hand out to her. She rose up from the crouch she was in and strode over to
me. Her soft lips moved over my neck and chin, as her delicate hands swam
over my shoulders and back. She undid the string on her bikini bottom on her
“Go to the mats.” She whispered in my ear.

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