Blonde Bikini Bash (Part 3)


Blonde Bikini Bash part 3

Charlize looked up at me and smiled. She always looked so damned classy,
even playing a psychotic white trash bitch like in Reindeer Games; she
carried something inside her. “Charlize.” I called her name
and held my
hand out to her. She rose up from the crouch she was in and strode over to
me. Her soft lips moved over my neck and chin, as her delicate hands swam
over my shoulders and back. She undid the string on her bikini bottom on her

“Go to the mats.” She whispered in my ear.

Not being an idiot I complied. The mats were stacked about knee high and I
laid down upon them and watched Charlize come to me. Her small pert breasts
looked like they belonged on a woman ½ her age. Her torso was lean and firm,
with her long, long legs tapering up to her pelvis and the soft golden amber
of her pussy. She climbed up next to and then on top of me. Her pussy was
hot and wet, and it almost scalded me when she pressed it against my thigh.
She leaned down and kissed me, her hands on my chest to brace herself. Her
hips slowly rocked up and down my thigh, and then she brought herself up onto
my cock. She made a few practice runs rubbing herself up and down the shaft,
coating me with juices. I kept busy running my hands all over her body, her
back, her tits, her angelic face. She finally positioned herself to slide me
in. I willed my hips to stay flat, I wanted her to do this at her own pace,
but it was killing me.

Charlize lay down flat on my chest and slowly worked her way back, snuggling
my cock up inside of her. She moaned into my chest and neck and she covered
me with quick kisses and love bites. Then she pushed herself off of my chest
and rocked back, breaking my composure forcing me to thrust up and deep into
her. Charlize then rocked forward, throwing herself down and catching her
weight on her hands. She shook and vibrated above me, her mouth open and
panting, her eyes closed. I forced my hips to be still again. Charlize
shifted her legs and feet until she was kneeling. She opened her eyes and
smiled at me, just before she pushed herself back again, burying me to the
hilt in her heat! She bowed her back so that I lost sight of her face. Her
small tits stuck out and heaving as she braced one hand on the wall next to
her. She kept the pose for what felt like forever. Then she slowly began to
slide up and down my cock. Slowly she would bring her body up high. Then
even slower she would lower herself down my shaft, gently gyrating her hips
and torso until her but rested on my thighs. Over and over again, slowly, so
damned slowly.

I reached up and traced her long torso till I reached her breasts. Then I
used my thumbs to push at her nipples, up and down, dragging the pads of my
thumbs over her sensitive nubs.

I heard Anna encouraging Sarah with loud “Yeah, that’s it baby! That’s it!
Don’t stop, don’t stop!”

I heard Jerri turn the vibrating part of the dildo on, the soft hum barely
audible under the sound of Jerri’s body smacking into Pam’s. Pam had been
pleading with Jerri “Please stop, I can’t take anymore. Oh please stop,
please stop.” But now, with the vibrating function on Pam had become
incoherent, especially whenever the clit stimulator hit its mark.

Charlize was losing her cool as well. She kept up the amazingly slow pace,
but now she was biting her lower lip, and her head was beginning to toss from
side to side. I watched her intensely. She picked up the pace a little,
little moans escaping from her lips. Then she froze and shuddered. In the
midst of this orgasm I clasped my hands on her hips and began rocking her up
and down the length of my cock. She tried to keep one hand on the wall to
stabilize herself, but couldn’t. I jerked her back and forth harder and
faster, my hips grinding up into her, lifting her on my legs. Charlize began
to really moan now, her hands fluttering around uselessly. She put her hands
on my chest and began to rock with me. “Yes! Yes! Yes! Again! Yesssss!” she
cried out, hissing the last part. I shot inside of her over and over. She
collapsed onto my chest still shuddering, her body ringing with our combined
orgasm. I continued to move my hips, sliding in and out of her hot wet
pussy, for awhile.

I stroked and petted Charlize until she was almost asleep. Then I rolled her
softly off of me and sat up on the mats watching the action. Sarah had been
going down on Anna, and now they had just changed positions. Anna’s head was
bobbing and weaving so fast it was almost a blur, and petite little Sarah was
writhing under the attention.

Over on the bench Jerri had picked up the pace and was jabbing her hips back
and forth, bringing Pam to another orgasm. Renee was standing to Jerri’s
side and was applying pressure to Pam’s labia and mound, and every so often
she would give the sensitive flesh a little pat or slap bringing whimpers
from Pam. Renee was also keeping a running commentary going as well, “You
like that don’t you, you little slut! Don’t you!” smack! “Look at you take
it like a little bitch in heat!” You like that? Huh?” smacks on the
sensitive flesh again making Pam jump.

I got up on unsteady legs, and made my way over to bag of goodies and toys I
had Jerri bring in. I dug out a bottle of lubricant and a little silver
pocket rocket. Then I went over to the bench. I came up behind Jerri and
ran my free hand around to her swaying tits. I cupped and squeezed her heavy
globes as I nibbled on her long swan like neck. She groaned her pleasure at
me. Then I placed the items I had brought on the ground and went over to
Renee. I pulled her head back by her hair, my other hand traveling up the
back of her leg to her soaked slit. “You’re a naughty little bitch aren’t
you?” I growled in her ear.

“Oooo yeah.” She cooed back to me, a naughty grin on her face.
“Use that naughty bitch tongue on her clit then for me baby.” I said as I
gave her head a push down to Pam’s mound.

Renee bent over the bench as she dove for the honey. She had leaned her body
on top of and down the length of Pam’s torso as she did this. Meanwhile I
positioned Renee my getting her to spread her legs and put more of her weight
forward. Renee ended up with her legs spread and back from the table, almost
up on tiptoes. Her ass was arched up, and the wonderful musculature of her
legs and ass was well defined.

I took a few moments to run my hands all over the prize in front of me. I
spent extra time working 2 fingers in and out of her and watching her juices
almost pour down her leg as she rocked herself on them. Then I took some
lube and poured it on the silver pocket rocket and stood up. With my free
hand I took my dick, now rock hard again, and began slapping in up against
her cunt. Renee grunted, and began talking again. “Look at that big hard
cock go in and out of her Jerri. She must love it.”

“Of course she loves it. She has stayed wet the entire time, the slut is
little cum whore! Aren’t you Pam? You’re a little cum whore aren’t you, you
little slut!” When Pam didn’t respond Jerri just leaned in and pressed the
clit stimulator against her hard. Pam’s body jumped like she was being

“Yes, yes, yes! I’m a little whore! I’m you’re little slut!” Pam cried
out. “Stop, please stop now! Jerri pleeeeaaase!” She cried.
Jerri was obviously pretty close to have an orgasm herself and
sandwiching the stimulator between the two of them was bringing it on. Her
breathing was quick and I could watch her legs waver like a boxer who’s just
taken an uppercut. “You aren’t paying attention you little bitch! I said
you are a little cum whore aren’t you! Not you’re a little slut. I guess
you need some more of this before you will pay attention!” Jerri said with a
grin, and then she began jogging and bouncing the clit stimulator up against

Pam was going nuts underneath Renee. “Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m a cum whore! I’m a
cum whore! I’m a cum whore! Jerri! Jerri! Oooooohhhhh yeah baby, yeah!”
And she just kept going like that. At the same time Jerri had let one of
Pam’s legs go and was playing with her own nipples, her head hung back, her
shoulders were quivering, and coarse grunts were coming out of her open

I took that time to lean forward and tell Renee to stick a finger in Pam’s
ass. Then I slid my cock up and began to press into Renee’s hot box.
Getting the head in took a little bit, and I was so hyped up from the charged
atmosphere I was fumbling. Once in though she was so wet and hot and she
took all of me within the first 3 strokes. The term velvet vice came to
mind. I could feel Renee squeeze my cock with her muscles. It was too much;
I just wanted to start ramming into her! Pam had switched to moaning and
pleading with Renee instead of Jerri. Jerri was taking a moment to regain
her composure, and was just standing between Pam’s legs with only the head of
the dildo still inside.

I took the pocket rocket I had been clutching and began pressing it into
Renee’s tight little back door. “Uuuugh! Ooooohhhhh! Eric, Eric, Eric!”
She groaned as it slid in. I couldn’t believe how hot she got as the tip
worked it’s way inside of her.

This seemed to resonate with everybody in the room. I could hear Sarah cum
again, slapping her hands on the floor with the power of it. Pam started
pleading with Renee ” Put another finger in my ass Renee. Please, put
another finger in my ass. Oh yeah! Work it in nice and slow. Ohhhhhh
Renee! Jerri! Do it, do it, do it baby!” Jerri had to be pretty tired
pumping that big phallus in and out of Pam’s snatch for so long, but she kept
it up. Now she pulled the whole thing out and slapped it against Pam’s mound
before feeding it all the way back in! Renee had her free hand between her
own legs frigging her clit. I had worked about 3 of the 6 inches of the
rocket into her and then I turned it on. I could feel Renee’s legs buckle as
she groaned into Pam’s mound. I let the rocket go and held onto Renee’s hips
with both hands, and just started ramming her! Pound! Pound! Pound! Pound!
Pound! Her ass was pushing the vibrating rocket out, but every time I
slammed home I pushed it back, and a little further in. I could feel the
vibrations deep inside her pussy. Soon the whole thing but the on/off dial
was crammed into her ass and Renee was coming like a screaming banshee! “Oh
God! Oh God! Fuck me! Your cock, oh God your cock! My ass, oh fuck me my
asshole! Oh fuck, fuck fuck! Arrrrghhh!” Renee’s whole body went taunt,
and then she turned to water. I had to grab her around the waist and lift
her up.

Renee stood up; her back up against my chest, my cock and the rocket still
buried in her. She twisted her head so she could kiss me, her tongue
licking the side of my mouth and neck. “Next time I’m going do you like we
did Pam.” I said. Her eyes lit up like it was some kind of crazy challenge
but she shuddered at the same time. ” Go play with Jerri. I think Pam is
just about done here.”

I extricated myself from her, and then shut off and removed the pocket rocket
from her ass. Renee leaned against me for another moment or two to catch her
breath and steady her legs. Then Renee stepped behind Jerri and slid one
hand down the front of the strap on to play with Jerri’s clit; the other hand
went at her gash from behind. Jerri ground down and up against Renee’s hands
as she slowly removed the dildo from Pam. One of them turned the thing off,
and they both backed up a bit and began to slip it off of Jerri.

I turned my attention to Pam, who was just starting to loosen up and relax.
I stepped up to Jerri’s position and slapped my cock on her mound. “No Eric,
not there, please baby? I’m too sore. How about later Eric, please? I’ll
make it good, I promise.” She pleaded. I shook my head no in response and
slapped my meat against her again. “I’ll suck you then! Come up here and
let me taste your cum. Please, Eric, pretty please? I promise you can cum
all over my face. Come on baby fuck my mouth! You know I can take all of it!
Please baby?” She whined. I took my time running my hands over her firm
enhanced tits, the soft skin running under my fingertips. Her hard nipples
scrapping under my palms. Then I smiled at her and gave her my hands so I
could pull her up into a sitting position. Pam smiled and licked her lips
seductively. I could tell she was exhausted when she sat up. I put my arms
around her and pressed my hard cock against her skin as I nuzzled her neck
and kissed her cheek. Then I pulled her up hard into a standing position and
spun her around, slamming her back onto the bench, but face down this time!
Pam gasped and floundered, unable to make sense of what was going on. I
pulled back hard on her hips so her ass was just clear of the bench and under

Then I grabbed a fistful of her fine bleached hair and pulled her head back
as I leaned forward, and then I whispered in her ear. “I’m going to fuck you
in the ass Pam! And if you don’t want me to let Renee and Jerri ram your ass
out with that dildo, you better make it good!”

Pam wailed. I reached down and got the lube and the pocket rocket. I spared
a moment to look over at Charlize. Charlize was sitting upright on the mats,
her unbelievable legs spread out wide as she played with her pussy. One hand
was slowly feeding fingers into her pussy; the other was rubbing her clit in
slow circles.

I turned the pocket rocket on full and easily slid it up and into Pam’s
pussy. Pam moaned again in disbelief. I poured the lube down the crack of
her ass, which was already slick with her juices. Then I spread her cheeks
with one hand and placed the tip of my cock against her anus with the other.
“Oh God! I can’t believe this is happening! Please don’t Eric, please
don’t! I don’t think I can take anymore! Oh stop, please stop!” She moaned
into the bench. I began to press against the slick opening, forcing myself
slowly forward. “Oh please. Oh please.” I felt her give way just a little
and the head was in! “OH GOD! It’s so big! Stop it! Please!” I gave her a
moment and felt her shudder, another orgasm was coming. I reached forward
and plunged my hand into her mane of hair again.

I pulled back on her tresses and made her bow her back. “Do you want me to
get Jerri over here?” I hissed.

“No, no, please don’t.”

“Then what do you want me to do Pam? Tell me what you want me to do.” I
commanded. I reached up with the other hand and grabbed at her swaying tit,
pulling back hard on the nipple.

“Ow! Fuck me, fuck me in the ass.”

” What was that Pam?” I slapped her ass and grabbed a cheek in my hand hard
” What do you want me to do?”

“Oh God! Fuck me in the ass! RAM that big cock in my asshole! Please,
please just do it!” So I did. I let go of her hair and slapped her ass with
both hands. Then I squeezed her ass cheeks hard and pressed inch after inch
of my cock up her ass. Pam gripped the bench in a deathgrip and cried out
“Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Make me come again! Oh God your cock is so fat! It
feels so good! Fuck me you monster, fuck me!”

I had almost all of my cock in her ass when I felt I just shouldn’t go any
further. That I just started ramming it back and forth in her tight ass.
Something about Pam just made it fun treating her like a total slut whore,
and she responded to it pretty well. “Are you cumming again you little
bitch? Are you?”

“Yes! Yes! Fuck my ass! Fuck it! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”
I felt Pam shake with the power of her release. She moaned, groaned, and
mumbled incoherently as I continued to pound her ass. I heard Jerri moan as
Renee worked on her. I twisted my head trying to see what they were up to
but the angle was bad. All I could tell was that Sarah and Anna had joined
them, and that Jerri was having a very good time. I was getting close to
letting go when Charlize started slapping the mats. I looked over to see her
flat on her back, both hands working her pussy. She was bucking up and down
against her hands, slapping her body against the mats with loud noises.
I reached the end of my endurance. The sex fest around me and the incredible
tightness of Pam’s ass finally drove me over the edge! With an animal cry I
dumped my seed in Pam’s ass! Pam loudly cried out again like I was splitting
her in two! The first two spurts were in her, the last two all over her
tanned tight cheeks as I withdrew. My knees felt like jello and I had to
brace myself on the bench to avoid falling.

When I caught my breath I came up on Pam’s side. Her hands were opening and
clenching the edge of the bench. Tears, sweat, and drool were all over her
face. She was saying something, but her voice was so hoarse I had to lean
in to hear her. “Take it out. Take it out please.” She implored me. I
remembered the vibrator still buried in her and went to remove it. When I
did her juices flowed all over my hands, and the rocket made a suction sound
as it finally came all the way out.

Pam slid off the bench in slow motion, and I helped ease her to the floor.
She was still talking to me in a whisper as she drifted off to sleep in a
fetal position. Weary and worn I sat on the floor next to her, stroking the
side of her face and her shoulders.

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