Blonde Bikini Bash (Parts 4-5)



I surveyed the room in my numb tired state. Charlize had curled up and gone
to sleep atop the mats. Pam was curled and draped around my body, more in a
coma that asleep. Renee, Jerri, Sarah, and Anna were
a knot of bodies that I
could only begin to figure out. It mostly looked like Sarah and Anna were
helping Renee and Jerri with each other.

“What have you been up to?” I heard. I looked up to see Heather in the
doorway, her arms crossed under her most excellent chest. I couldn’t tell if
she was amused or cross, and was too tired to care.

“Do me a favor. Help Pam get cleaned up, we took a lot of her.”

Heather nodded and left, only to return a moment or two later with the twins
and Andrea. The four of them lifted the comatose Pam off of the floor and me
and carried her out. I lay out on the floor and drifted off. I woke, or at
least came aware, sometime late when the women returned for Charlize, and
again later when they came back for the others. Finally Heather shook me
into full consciousness. “Come on let’s get you cleaned up too.” She said
as she helped me to my still unsteady feet.

“No wonder boxers aren’t allowed to have sex before a fight.” I quipped as I
unsteadily moved down the corridor with Heather guiding me.

“Well most boxers don’t take on a room full of horny women.” She sniggered.
From the living room I could see some of my guests out by the pool. The
twins were rubbing tanning lotion or something like it all over Jerri’s body.
Jerri was stretching out under their hands like a contented cat. Anna was
floating in the pool, her huge tits bursting out of the water. Renee was in
a lounge chair to the side sleeping, her body looking like the twins had
already taken the time to oil her down.
“How long as I asleep?” I asked.

“Oh about 45 minutes to an hour.” Heather informed me as she led me to the
master bedroom. In the enormous bed Pam, Sarah, and Charlize were all
asleep. Pam was still curled up and was actually sucking on her thumb, the
silk sheet wrapped around her form. Charlize was on her back, covered only
from her belly down by another sheet, luxuriating under the ceiling fan.
Sarah was laying on her belly totally uncovered, her sexy ass just laying
there taunting me. I wanted so much to go over and wake her up in a very
good (naughty) way. I just wasn’t sure I could make all the way to the bed
in my present shape.

Heather steered me into the bathroom. There was Andrea standing in the
middle of the sunken bathtub, nude except for the bubbles. She crooked her
finger beckoning me into the tub, like a horny siren calling me to my fate.
I groaned as I stepped into the hot water, but weather it was from the water
or my cock that had started to twitch again, I couldn’t tell.

Andrea looked incredible, the suds slowly rolling off her supple curves.
“Here.” She had me sit on a padded bench in the tub. “Dunk.” She instructed
me, as she leaned me back pushing me under the water. “There, now relax and
let us take care of you.” She said in my ear. Despite the noodle effect of
the hot water, and the strenuous course of sex I had already undertaken I
could feel my cock stir some more. Her voice is the voice of a woman you
just went down on, brought to paradise 3 or 4 times, and now she wants more.
Luckily she wasn’t pressing me perform right away. Instead she poured some
gel in my hair and began to shampoo me and massage my scalp. She sat behind
me and I leaned against her, her plush breasts cushioning my back.

I relaxed and let Andrea have her way. I opened my eyes when I felt
Heather get in the tub with us. She was carrying two glasses and handed
first one to me. “Rinse and spit.” She said. I took what I could now tell
was the mouthwash and did exactly that. It made my mouth feel a whole lot
better. Heather took the glass from me and gave me the other. It was ice
cold water, so cold it almost hurt. I emptied it and handed it back to her.
Heather waded to the edge of the tub and refilled the water glass. She
brought me the water and a handful of white grapes, which she fed me by hand
as Andrea dropped her massage to the back of my neck and shoulders. When the
grapes were gone the two women worked on my chest, arms, hands and even
fingers. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride. When they were done with my
hands Heather took my left and seductively sucked one finger into her smiling
mouth. My eyes snapped open when she did this, and I could see how much she
was enjoying the game in her eyes. Not to be outdone Andrea took my right
hand, and began to give head to 3 of my fingers at once! If my eyes snapped
open before now they were almost bulging out of their sockets!

“So you guys are pretty good at this.” My voice croaked. “You get much
ah, practice?”

“Well we gave Pam pretty much the same treatment.” Heather said.
“Except she was pretty out of it. You must have been very, very
naughty.” Andrea whispered in my ear.

“The other took a shower. Except for Sarah, she wanted to help us with
Pam.” Said Heather as she began working her hands down my chest to my abs.
“Yeah, she even wanted to help once we got Pam to bed.” Andrea whispered
as she nibbled on my ear lobe.

“She was very.” Heather knelt down between my legs, “very….what is the
word Andrea?” she asked as she took my cock in her soft hands.

“Frisky.” Andrea supplied the word just before driving her tongue into my
ear. Thereby effectively cutting off all circulation to my brain. My other
head I could feel twitch against Heather’s forearm as leaned up and began
running her tongue over my neck on the opposite side.

Heather continued to run her hands all over my cock under the water. She
even pulled on it until I sat on the very edge of the seat. Then she used
both hands to cup and rub my balls. “Hmmmm. I think he’s clean now. You
want to take a look Andrea?”

Andrea and I had been tongue wrestling when she broke the kiss to answer.
“You know it.”

Andrea grabbed a pitcher of warm water and rinsed off my head and upper
torso before instructing me to stand up and turn around. Heather kept a hold
on my cock until the last possible moment as I stood and turned. Andrea
slithered down into my now vacant seat; her boobs now just under the line of
water and suds. She looked me in the eye as she purred “Well let’s see if
Heather got you all cleaned up.” Then she lifted my cock out of the water
and stroked it.

I saw Heather’s bikini fly through the air and land at the side of the
tub. Then I felt her naked glory pressed up against my back, her nipples
poking into my skin. “Looks clean.” Rasped Andrea “but only a taste test
will really answer.” Then with a grin she began flicking her tongue over the
head of my dick. Heather continued to rub my back, sides and arms, with an
occasional squeeze to my ass while Andrea continued with her task.
After a few minutes of that I was ready and raring to go again. I grabbed
Andrea by her elbows and lifted her up. I pressed close to her and began an
assault on her neck with my mouth. My hands caressed and squeezed her warm
soft tits. I grabbed her ass and ground my hardness against her belly.
Andrea gasped with pleasure as she kept stroking me. She spun herself
around, pressing her ass up against me. Andrea then took my hands and placed
them on her ripe melons, her own arms and hands went back pulling my face to
her neck. “Take me deep and hard stud.” She rasped just before she went down
on all fours in front of me. Andrea had her knees on the lower padded bench
so her inviting ass was just below the water line. Andrea had her arms on
the higher bench lifting her torso just out of the water, her head resting on
one of the higher headrests.

I took my place behind Andrea while Heather sat next to her on the lower
bench. Heather reached through Andrea’s legs and guided my cock to the
entrance of Andrea’s tunnel. “It’s been a while since Andrea got any so go
slow OK.” She instructed me while she held me in place.
“How long has it been Andrea?” I asked.

She gave me a sultry look over her shoulder as she answered, “Weeks, months,
too fucking long! But I have never had anything as big as you Eric so go
slow OK.”

I stood still as Heather made little circles with the head of my cock against
Andrea’s pussy. Heather’s other hand was making lazy motions manipulating
Andrea’s clit. Andrea shook her ass every once in awhile. “Put it in.” She

“What?” I replied, playing dumb.

“Put it in!” She growled.

I leaned forward, most of my weight on her back, and took both of her heavy
tits in my hands cupping them out of the water. “What did you say baby?
What do you want?” I teased.

“Oh God Eric stop teasing! I’m so hot! You know what I want! Fuck me!” she

“Your wish.” I said and gave her nipples a gentle pinch before I stood back
up. Then I pressed against her opening. She wasn’t lying about being hot;
the bath water was definitely cooler in comparison. “Oh God it’s so
big! Fuck it’s huge!” She cried as put just the first couple of inches in.
“I told you it would be good didn’t I.” Said Heather as she continued to
lavish attention on Andrea’s pussy. I could feel her hands under the water
rubbing and pressing against Andrea’s love box making the newscaster even
hotter and wetter.

I played with just the first four inches for a while, letting her get used to
how thick I was. Then I added another couple of inches. “Uuuugh! Oh,
deeper. Go deeper!” Andrea grunted her arms now wrapped around the headrest
like it was a life preserver. I decided to tease her just a little bit more
first because I was pretty sure she was going to cum soon.

“Aaahhhhhhhhh.” I could tell I was right, Andrea was cumming. So then I
rammed forward in the middle of her orgasm! “Oh shit! Grahhhhhh!” she cried
out as I began to work my cock in and out of her really fast. “Shit fuck!
Oh my God! Oh my God! Heather, Heather it’s not stopping! Oh God he’s so
deep! Christ!” Andrea was breathing fast and heavy, straining to maintain
her balance on her elbows.

“Aaaaahhhhh!” Her cum voice was both high pitched and raspy. Andrea climaxed
again, and hard. Her arms shot straight out over her head, her fingers
splayed. Her weight shifted forward away from me but I grabbed her hips and
pulled her back on my pole. I continued to fuck her, but slower now, more
evenly. I felt the fever in me to just keep pounding, but I knew I better
pace myself or I would tire our before I got to cum again.

“Oh God it’s soooo deep. Oh Eric stop, stop, I need to rest!”

“No you don’t.” I said flatly and continued to give her even full strokes.
All the way out, and all way in. Andrea protested a little more but I just
ignored her. After about 5 minutes of this she was actively pressing back
against my cock. Heather ran her hands all over Andrea’s soapy body,
whispering encouragement in her ears every so often. In fact every so often
I would catch Heather looking at me and touching her own body instead. She
would wink, or seductively run her tongue around her lips, before smiling and
going back to attending Andrea.

Soon I could tell Andrea was ready to cum again. She was pressing back
harder and faster, grunts coming out louder and more often. The water around
us was churning with our slapping bodies. I had to readjust my footing a
couple of times so I didn’t slip and fall. “Are you going to cum again
Andrea? Huh, are you? Are you cumming for me again?” I asked, giving her
ass a playful little slap.

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Deeper! Harder! Fuck me harder Eric! God so deep!

Heather had both her hands on Andrea’s tits, tugging and pinching her
nipples. “You like that? You like how deep it goes? Is he fucking you
good?” she asked.

“Oh God yes! It’s so gooood! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Oh cum with me! Cum
with me Eric!”

I rammed her hard and fast!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Fuuuuuuuuck! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Andrea screamed out
her orgasm and then stopped moving. She slid sideways and I had to pull out.
Andrea gave a little whimper when I pulled out, as did I. Heather helped
her into a sitting position and I sat on the opposite side of her. Andrea
threw her arms around me and kissed me. “Thank you.” Kiss “Thank you.” Kiss
“Thank you.” She said as she dotted me with kisses, tears in her eyes. Then
she turned her thanks and kisses to Heather.

She broke it off with Heather and took my face in her hands and gave me a
deep probing kiss. “Thank you Eric. That was wonderful, really wonderful.”
She said afterwards, staring into my eyes. “I’m going to go rest now. You
kids have fun.” And with that she crawled out of the tub. I watched her
sway her way out of the bathroom, and caught the kiss she blew at me when she
went out the door.


Andrea left the room, a towel over her shoulder, her gorgeous ass, which
never got enough attention when she was NYPD Blue, swaying as she left. She
had no sooner vanished from sight than Heather swung herself around and
straddled my lap. She clasped her hands behind my head and pressed her
glorious hooters up against my chest. “Where do you think she is going find
a place to rest?” she asked me in an amused tone.

I was concentrating more on my dick floating up against her parted legs than
anything else, so I had her repeat the question. “Where do you thing she is
going to find a place to rest?” She said, “The bed looked pretty full. Do
you think she’s going to try and shoehorn herself in there?” Heather
squirmed a little in my lap, scooting her body closer to me before carrying
on, “Or do you think she’s going out by the pool and let the twins rub lotion
all over her body?”

I looked her dead on in the face. She had a broad grin, she knew she was
teasing me, she knew how bad I needed to just fuck her. “Right now. I don’t
care. I have more pressing matters to attend to.”
“Don’t tell me. Show me.” She taunted.

I plunged my arms into the water, under her fine ass, and stood up lifting
her with me. Heather squealed and giggled as I braced my legs, and readied
my shaft with one hand. She lifted herself up by pressing on my shoulders
while I got lined up. Then I entered her. She gripped me like a vise with
her inner muscles, like she was trying to slow her descent down my shaft.
She wrapped her arms around my neck with almost equal need. Her mouth
suckled on the base on my neck, giving me a hickey. I lowered as slowly as
my arms would allow. When she reached my base she sighed contentedly.
I began bouncing her. I would lift her as much as I could with my arms, and
pull by hips back, then slide home again. After a few minutes of that and
her devouring my neck with a starving abandon, I could feel her climax coming
on. “That’s it Heather! Here it comes! Cum for me girl, cum for me!” I
picked up the pace and force of my work slamming into her. Heather was
muffling her moans against my neck and chest, but then reared back and
screamed her orgasm! “Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrrrhhhhhh! God that’s
good! That’s so fucking good baby!” She finished off my stabbing my mouth
with her tongue, sucking at me like a vampire.

When we broke the kiss she was smiling, her eyes twinkling with delight.
“Maybe we had better get out of this tub before you slip and break something
important.” She suggested.

I nodded my agreement and began to climb out of the tub, without removing her
from her perch. Heather thought this was funny as well and giggled anytime I
needed to pause or adjust my balance. When we got to the bedroom door she
leaned in and began to whisper in my ear. “Shhhhh. We don’t want to wake up
the girls.” She paused. “I can feel you throbbing. You want to make love
to me some more? Do you want to make me cum again?” She teased. I growled,
but didn’t comment. “I don’t see Andrea. She must have gone out by the pool
with the twins. Do you think that is what we should do? The twins can work
their hands all over my body. Play with my big tits and my pussy, help you
get me off.”

We had just cleared the bedroom and I braced her back against the wall and
started to slam into her. I was pressed so hard against her I was flattening
her tits. “What makes you think I need any help getting you off?” I growled
in her ear, slamming my hips forward with every word. I could feel Heather
lock her ankles behind my back as I worked her ass with both of my hands;
squeeze, release, squeeze, release. Heather came again. She pressed her
palms against my shoulders, trying to get me to slow down, trying to get a
breath. I didn’t pay any attention, I just jackhammered myself into her,
pinning her against the wall. The hall shook with our passion and Heather
cried out “Oh God, oh god, oh God! Stop! Stop! I can’t take it! I can’t!
God you…..So deep…..Cumming again! Cumming again!” Her head slammed into
the wall more with power of her cumming than my thrusting, but I still didn’t
stop. I was lost in a fog of animal lust and I needed to cum! I pulled back
from the wall and clumsy with need dropped to my knees and placed her on the
floor of the hall. “Oh! Again! I’ve never…..too much…….God you’re hurting
me! Stop……..Oh, Oh, Oh!” I slid one under her neck and braced her by her
shoulders. With the other hand I grabbed up her tit and brought my mouth
down to her nipple. “Oh my God! Oh my God! Not again! Not again! They’re
coming too fast! I can’t see! Oh my God!” I sealed my mouth to her mound
and sucked as I plunged into her again and again, her cries echoing in the
tight confines of the hallway. Then it crashed in on me! I came in a tidal
wave. I sucked hard on the nipple and felt her cum again underneath me,
sounds trying to escape her throat, but unable to. I worked my self in and
out, sucking at her tit like I was going to suck all of her into myself. My
hips worked on automatic as the last spurts left me. Heather lay limp under
me, her body twitching with the power of our lust, her eyes closed.
I leaned forward and kissed her and she responded weakly. I stayed inside of
her until I shrunk, and only then did I pull the rest of the way out. I
rolled over with a groan, and nestled in next to Heather’s warm body.

“Wake up. Eric it’s time to get up.” Some one was trying to wake me up.
Whoever it was was also cleaning my cock with a warm wash cloth. I had to
fight my way awake, and when I did I found Sarah staring at my cock as she
cleaned my balls off with a warm cloth. She was kneeling next to me in the
hallway. One soft warm hand held my rigid cock up and out of way while the
other rubbed my balls clean.

“Now that is good way to wake up.” I said grinning up at her. “Why don’t

“We have to go now.” She said cutting me off.
“What?” I said a little hazy.

“We have to go now. I have to get home before Freddie does, Pam has to let
the baby-sitter go, Renee and Anna both have flights to catch, Jerri has to
be on the set early tomorrow morning…We have to go, and you have to come say
goodbye to everybody.”

Crap, how long did I sleep! I looked through the open door of the bedroom and
saw the long shadows. Awhile I guess, I thought. “But you and I…we didn’t
get to…” I protested.

“I know.” She said and gave me a cute pout. “It’s not fair.” Then she
bloomed into a smile “But that just means you’ll have to have me back over
some time.”

“You can bet on that! All right I’ll get up and see everybody to the door,
but Sarah, first you have to let go of my dick.” I chided gently
“Oh yeah, sorry.” She said sheepishly.

“Not as sorry as I am.” I groaned when she let go. Then I got up and threw
on a robe Sarah brought out to me, and went to say my farewells.

Heather was first. “Good thing for you my husband won’t be home for another
day or two!” She shot at me as she angrily poked me in the chest. “Hopefully
the bruises you gave me will have faded by then!”
“Oh baby I’m sorry. I didn’t mean..”

“Don’t be! Don’t be sorry.” She said before kissing me. “Don’t you dare be
sorry. It was worth it. Thank you.” Then she kissed me again, her soft lip
brushing mine, and she left.

Sarah was next. She came up to me and stood on tiptoes as she threw her arms
around my neck and whispered in my ear. “You remember to invite me next
time. We have some unfinished business to attend to mister.” Then she too

Jerri came up and started to make out with me, her hands going under my robe.
“You owe me another visit too mister and don’t you forget it!” she said on
her way out the door.

Andrea kissed me all over the face like she did in the hot tub. “Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.” And then she raced to her car.

Charlize leaned in and kissed me. She raised her leg from the floor, letting
it travel up my side. My hand slid down to the wet spot in the front of her
bikini. She gasped and forced herself away. I watched those sweet hips sway
on her way to her car.

Renee jumped into my arms, her legs locked around my waist. “And you.” I
said “You I will definitely be seeing again you sexy bitch.” She gave a
throaty lusty laugh and jumped down. It was sweet agony watching her firm
toned body dancing to her car.

Pam came up with the twins. She put her arms around me, under the robe,
pushing it open, and just hugged me tight. My cock was pressed against her
warm flesh, my nose buried in the bleached straw blonde hair. We stayed just
like that for a little while, then she stepped back. “You OK?” I asked.
She nodded yes. ” I may not be able to walk right for a day or two but I’m
OK. Thank you Eric.” She leaned in and kissed me and then went to her car.

The twins each took one of my arms, and one of them shut the door with her
foot. They then turned me around and walked me back into the living room.

“Don’t the two of you have to go to?” I asked.

“Nope.” Grinned one.

“We don’t have to leave till tomorrow afternoon,” said the other. They both
grinned at me like the cats who ate the canary.

“Tell you what then.” I croaked, feeling a little like a man in custody.
“Let me eat something and recharge a little bit. Then I’m all yours.”
“You bet your ass you are.” They replied in unison
It looked like it was going to a long, hard night. 🙂

I hope everyone enjoyed this ½ as much I enjoyed writing it.

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