Blondes Don’t Have All The Fun


Blondes don’t have all the fun by Mr. Writer

Blondes don’t have all the fun.


You should not read this if you are under 18, 21, or whatever the local

legal age is.  You also shouldn’t read it if you are some sort of weirdo

who’s gonna go out and try this sort of thing for real; it is just a story. 

This is a work of fiction, and probably bears no relation to actual


This is also my first story, so feedback of all kinds is welcome at



Starring Christina Ricci, Katie Holmes and Jennifer Connelly.


The backstage area at the award show was supposed to be off limits, so

no-one was around to hear the raised voices, as hot young actresses

Christina Ricci and Katie Holmes stood arguing in a corridor.  Neither had

had chance to change into their glamorous outfits, and were dressed simply

in blue jeans and white t-shirts.

"That room is for me, you stupid little TV star", shouted Christina angrily.

"Look, fatty, I really don’t have time for this.  You got a problem, go see

the show director, but get out of my way.  I’ve got to get changed."

"I’m not fat", yelled Christina.  "Besides, I’m presenting before
you, and I

need the bathroom, and I need to get changed too."

Katie smirked.  "You need a bathroom then find your own.  You’re not


"Ah, get lost!", said Christina, as she tried to shove past the slender

actress, but Katie grabbed her arm and pushed her up against the wall.

"Oh no you don’t, fatty", she laughed, pinning her.

The curvier girl began to struggle, but Katie had her firmly.  Christina

hadn’t been lying about needing the bathroom, and began to try to break free

more desperately.

"Just let go of me", she cried.  "You can have the dressing room,
but let me

go or I’ll pee my pants."

"So?" cackled Katie.  "That should be good for a laugh."
  She had Chris in a

good grip, and watched excitedly as she began to lose control.  The ‘Sleepy

Hollow’ star began to sob as she wet herself.  A dark stain spread out from

her crotch, as the hot piss ran down both her legs, and ran into her shoes,

leaving a wet puddle on the floor.  As soon as she had stopped peeing Katie

let go of her, and fell back against a door, laughing until her ribs ached. 

Christina just stood, her shoulder length black hair hanging over her

beautiful face, as she looked down at herself.  Both her legs were soaked,

as was her crotch, and the wet patch had spread up to her round bottom.  It

would be obvious to anyone who saw her that she had wet herself like a

little girl.

"Look what you made me do, you bitch!" she screamed, and jumped at Katie.

They fell, wrestling with each other, against the door Katie had been

leaning on, which promptly opened, sending the two of them crashing to the

floor in the room.  "I’ll kill you, you little slut", Christina

as they thrashed about.  As they struggled, Katie kicked the door shut, and

Christina ended up laying on top of the ‘Dawson’s Creek’ beauty, face to

face, Chris’s awesome 36C boobs crushed against Katie’s 34Cs through their

clothes.  As they stared at each others faces, they began to struggle less. 

Instead of pulling Christina’s hair, Katie began to run her hands over her

wet ass, and in turn Chris was rubbing and squeezing Katie’s firm breasts,

feeling the nipples harden even through a bra and t-shirt.  As the two

gorgeous, dark-haired actresses began to sigh with pleasure, their lips met,

and locked in a deep kiss, tongues wrestling as heatedly as they themselves

had been doing moments earlier.

Katie broke the clinch.  "I’ve wanted to kiss you since we made ‘The Ice

Storm’ together", she whispered, trailing her soft lips over Christina’s

cheek.  "I didn’t mean to call you fat, either.  I think that you are

beautiful.  Especially your tits."  As she said this, she put her hands

under Christina’s top, and cupped the full boobs, feeling their weight,

caressing the soft flesh.

"I know", said Christina.  "I want you too.  I’ve dreamt of
this on a night,

masturbating in bed."  They began to kiss again, as they peeled off their

t-shirts and bras, revealing to each other the breasts men everywhere

fantasised about.  Christina’s were bigger, but Katie’s were just as nice. 

Their hands and tongues were all over, stroking, sqeezing, licking and

sucking.  With her lips fastened around one of Katie’s nipples, Christina

began to pull down Katie’s jeans and panties, the crotch of which were

soaked with pussy juice.  Christina began to go down on her new lover,

licking the glistening folds of Katie’s cunt and running her tongue over her

lovebud.  Katie’s head fell back as she moaned in pleasure.  As she carried

on licking out Katie, Christina pushed a hand into her own panties, still

wet with her pee, and began to finger herself.  This was the scene that

greeted Jennifer Connelly as she opened the door to her dressing room.



"What the hell is going on here?  Aren’t you Katie Holmes?" said
Jennifer as

she looked at the two girls on the floor of her dressing room.  She

recognised Katie, who was laying naked on her back, propped up on her

elbows, whilst another girl, whose face she couldn’t see, was knelt between

her legs clearly licking her pussy.  This other girl was only wearing jeans,

and these looked like they had been pissed in.  At the sound of Jen’s voice

the other girl looked up, and she recognised Christina, who sat in a pair of

pee stained jeans, her hand in her own panties and her face covered with

Katie’s juices.  Both girls were too shocked to speak, and stared dumbly up

at Jennifer, whose slinky black dress showed off her own exquisite 34D

breasts and slim legs.  Her long, black hair hung simply around her pretty

face.  Discreetly locking the door behind her, Jennifer walked to the centre

of the room.  "Well, it sure looks like you two are enjoying yourself.

didn’t know you were lesbians", she added.

"I’m not…I…", mumbled Katie, as Christina just looked on.

"Shut up", said Jennifer, quite sternly.  "You broke into my
dressing room,

and I don’t know what I should do with you.  I don’t suppose you want this

in the news?"  She took the look of horror on both faces as answer enough.

"Katie, go sit in the corner.  I’ll deal with Christina first.  Now,

Ricci, what happened to your jeans?"

Christina blushed deeply.  She had crossed her arms over her chest to cover

her nakedness, and she stared at the floor.  "I, er, I had an accident",


"You mean you wet your pants like a baby, then broke in here to have sex

like a couple of sluts?" Jen demanded.

"No, it wasn’t my fault, we…"

"Shut up!" interrupted Jennifer.  "First of all, I think that you

reminding that grown ups don’t go to the bathroom in their panties, then

we’ll deal with what you two were up to when I came in.  Stand up."

Christina complied quietly.  Jennifer sat down on a small stool.  "Take

those wet jeans", she instructed.  Christina did as she was told.

come here."  As soon as she was within arms length, Jennifer grabbed

Christina’s arm and pulled her over her knee.  Chris’s plump bottom stuck up

in the air, and Jennifer held her arm twisted across her back so that she

couldn’t get free.  "Only naughty little girls wet their knickers,

Christina, and naughty little girls get spanked!"

"No, you can’t!" yelled the younger girl.

"Who is going to stop me?  If you say anything, I’ll just tell people what I

saw.  Katie, come here and pull down your naughty friends panties.  She

should be spanked on the bare, I think."  Christina struggled, but Jennifer

held her fast, and Katie apologetically pulled her friends skimpy, wet

knickers down around her chubby thighs, exposing her rounded cheeks to both

Jen and Katie’s appreciative eyes.  Without further warning Jennifer began

to harshly spank the creamy orbs.  With each resounding smack, the colour of

Christina’s bottom began to change, from white, to pink, to burning red. 

Jennifer also began to deliver hard spanks to the sensitive area where

Chris’s thighs met her glowing bottom.  Christina was soon in tears, begging

to no avail for the punishment to end.  However, she also felt a familiar

heat between her thighs, almost as hot as her molten cheeks.  After what

seemed to Christina an eternity, Jennifer stopped the spanking, and allowed

the voluptuous girl to stand up.  Chris began to rub her stinging nates, as

tears rolled down her stunning face.  Her erect and throbbing nipples, and

wet pussy betrayed the fact that the spanking hadn’t been all pain, however.

"Look at her nipples, Jenny", noticed Katie.  "I think she enjoyed

"Don’t be cocky, or you’ll get the same", warned Jennifer, who began to

strip off her own clothes, so that all three of the Hollywood babes were

standing naked.  "Now, onto what you were doing when I walked in…"

Katie’s face in her hands, Jennifer began to kiss her passionately, pressing

her own curvy body against the younger girls.  Katie responded straight

away, answering Jennifer’s desire with passion of her own.  Christina joined

them, kissing and licking at Jen’s full breasts, trailing her tongue across

them, and then onto Katie’s smaller pair.  The three collapsed to the floor,

a writhing mass of nubile flesh, lips on lips, fingers in pussies, breasts

crushed against breasts.  All that could be heard in the room was a

collection of sighs, moans and groans, as Jennifer, Katie and Christina made

love.  They could have happily stayed there all night, but were startled by

a knock on the door.

"Ms Connelly?  You’re on in five minutes.  Hello?"

To be continued.

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