Bloodlust [Chapter 1-6]

A Modern Day Vampire Tale
Chapter 1: Bloodless Corpses and Telephone Rings
(mf, vamp)

"Oooh yeah fuck me harder…" Lysette moaned as she continued to ride her
new lover.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this. An hour ago she had been nearing
the end of her waitressing shift, when he walked in to what had previously been
an empty diner.

Lysette hadn’t taken much notice of him at first, his clothes were
disheveled and his hair was mussed, as though he had just walked through a
hurricane. But he had these
striking blue eyes that she couldn’t get out of her
head. When she went over to take his order, she couldn’t help but stare at them,
it was like they pierced right into her brain.

"What can I get you?" she managed to stammer out.

"Are you on the menu?" he asked in a deep but low voice.

Normally an old line like that would have resulted in the customer getting
a glass of ice water poured onto his lap, but this time Lysette couldn’t bring
herself to do it. Instead she replied, "Yes, but only for you," and leaned in
and kissed him.

As their tongues began dancing slowly in each others mouth, the man’s hand
reached up her skirt and began playing with her pussy through her panties.
Lysette was soon dripping wet as his hand play continued.

She was amazed at her own actions. Here she was a beautiful 26 year old
with a great body, if she didn’t say so herself, and no shortage of men begging
to get under her skirt. And she was letting some stranger paw her pussy five
minutes after they had met.

It was those eyes she thought, as long as she saw those eyes, she couldn’t
say no to him. So when he said they should go back to her apartment, she quickly
agreed. It was as if all her pent up passions were released as they tore each
other’s clothes off, Lysette hadn’t realized how horny she’d been, but now she
knew she wanted her new lover to fuck her and fuck her hard.

And so there they were, fucking like wild animals. His eyes had been the
first thing that Lysette had noticed, but as she took in his naked body she
realized their were other good points about him too.

His body, which she hadn’t been able to gauge underneath all his baggy
clothes, was lean and muscular. He moved like a cat and for the past little
while he and Lysette had been engaging in positions she never would have dreamed
about. She couldn’t believe how she could not have noticed how good looking he
was before, but now as his powerful cock continued to thrust into her and drive
her to yet another orgasm, she came to the realization that all that mattered
was what was happening right now. She was having the best sex of her life, so
what the hell did it matter that she just met this guy and knew nothing about

"I’m gonna cum," he cried and quickly Lysette pulled off of him.

"Cum in my mouth, baby," she cried and quickly she took his rock hard cock
into her mouth. As she tasted her own juices on him she once again marveled at
what she was doing.

It was if he had come into her life and was fulfilling her deepest
fantasies about uninhibited sex with a stranger. She would do anything for

Lysette continued to suck his cock, as she fingered herself, and soon he
exploded into her mouth, causing her to cum yet again. Her brain was more or
less toasted from her multiple orgasms, so she collapsed onto her bed and held
her lover tightly.

"Oh baby, that was the best ever," Lysette sighed as her lover began
breathing heavily. "Hey…I don’t even know what to call you, what’s your name,

However, when her lover turned to answer her, Lysette was shocked to see
that his eyes had turned from blue to blood red and that fangs had emerged from
his mouth.

"You can call me Master," the vampire said as he buried his fangs into
Lysette’s neck, quieting her just as she was about to scream. Later he walked
out of her apartment, wiping his mouth on the sleeve of his coat. As he walked
out, a cat sitting in the hallway let out a sharp hiss in his direction. In
response the vampire kicked the cat down the hall.

"Damn cats," he chuckled, "always the first to know."

The phone began ringing in the headquarters of the Washington D.C.
Homicide Division.

"Don’t answer it…" Detective Chris Foster stated.

"We have to answer it," Detective Pete Foster replied.

"There’s no ‘have to’s’ here, we’ll just wait for someone else to answer

"I don’t see a line forming," Pete told his brother and partner as he
looked around at a squad room empty of fellow detectives. "We are the only ones
here, therefore when a call comes in, we have to answer it."

"Just wait for someone else to come in," Chris pleaded, "I’ve got a bad
feeling about this call."

"You always have bad feelings about the calls. Now one of us has to answer
this damn thing before they hang up."

"Fine, but I’ve really got a bad feeling about this one," Chris said as he
picked up the phone, "Homicide, Detective Foster speaking."

Twenty minutes later the Foster brothers were taking a look at the corpse
of Lysette Andrews, who lay silently on her sheets.

"Victims name is Lysette Andrews," Officer Julie Muldowski told the
detectives. "Works as a a waitress at a diner a few blocks down."

"Who found her?" Pete asked.

"Landlady, her name’s Marge Watterson," Muldowski answered, "she’s over
there if you want to talk to her."

"I’ll take her," Chris said as he walked over to the landlady who was
smoking a cigarette and holding a cat in the corner of the hall. "Ms. Watterson,
how did you come to find Ms. Andrews?"

"Well, this morning my Snookums here came in limping because someone
kicked her," Marge said as she held up her rather displeased cat. "And I don’t
know why someone would do that, because Snookums is such a good kitty, aren’t
you Snookums? Aren’t you the cutest little pussy cat in the entire free world?
Yes you are…yes you are."

"Um Ms. Watterson," Chris interrupted, "I’m sure your cat is adorable, but
can we get back to the matter at hand here?"

"Oh yes," Marge said as she stopped her ode to her kitty’s cuteness,
"Anyway the only one on this floor who could have done it is, I mean was, that
chickie over there."

"You mean the victim?" Chris asked.

"Yup, her, I saw the way she always looked at Snookums and I never trusted
her. So when my precious little kitty here came up lame this morning, I marched
right over here. When no one answered the door, I got my key and I saw this,"
she said as she pointed to the crime scene.

"Do you know if she has any friends or family we can contact around here?"
Chris asked.

"Nah she kept to herself around me. I don’t know anything about her family
or friends."

"Well did you see or hear anything last night?"

"No, but I heard her and her new boyfriend last night. Boy they were going
at it."

"So she was with someone, did you get a look at him?" Chris asked.

"No, as long as they don’t break the furniture, I don’t give a fuck what
they do in here. I can identify his moans if you want me too."

"I don’t think that will be necessary, maam," Chris said as he closed his
notebook, "We’ll let you know if we need anything else." With that he rejoined
his brother who was giving permission for the medical examiner to take Lysette’s
body away.

"Well what did the landlady have to say?" Pete asked.

"Well other than the fact that her cat Snookums is the most adorable
little kitty in the entire free world, not much," Chris replied. "Our victim
here did have someone over last night, but she never got a look at him. What’s
the story here."

"Well, the ME should have something for us by the end of the day, but
whoever did this did a pretty good job on her. Her whole throat was ripped out,"
Pete replied.

"Hmm that must have been a pleasant way to go," Chris said, "The landlady
doesn’t know any of her friends and family so we’re going to have to do some
real legwork on this one."

"Yeah we’d better head over to that diner she worked at," Pete said as he
looked over at the crime scene, "Hey Chris, her whole throat was ripped out,

"That’s what you just told me."

"Yeah, but if that’s the case, where’s all the blood?"

"Come again?" Chris replied.

"Well in a typical throat slashing you’re gonna have lots of blood because
the jugular has been cut. But there’s only a little bit of blood on the sheets.
Where did it go?" Pete asked.

"Well maybe the guy took it home as a souvenir," Chris answered.

"Maybe, but what kind of a person would do a thing like that?" Pete asked,
not expecting much of an answer.

"I don’t know Petey, I don’t know," the two stood in silent reflection for
a moment before Chris reached over and smacked his brother’s head with his
notebook. "Next time I say we shouldn’t answer the phone, let’s not answer the
phone, you schmuck."

Lieutenant Lawrence Smith surveyed the squad room, his squad room to be
exact. They were all milling around. Detectives Tom Avery, Carly Sanchez, Arnold
Nash, Steve Huston, and of course the Foster Brothers.

They weren’t the most disciplined of units, a constant source of
displeasure with the bosses upstairs, but they always got the job done. It was
good that they were all around, it means that the cases were all easy right now.
In a city decaying as fast as D.C. was, a slow day was a good day in the
homicide unit. Especially now he reasoned, a big Hollywood movie was filming in
D.C., and everyone from the Mayor on down was walking on pins and needles. A
smooth go round for the film and more could follow, and that meant more money
coming in. It really always got down to money.

Lieutenant Smith had a jolly demeanor, which was furthered by a slight
weight problem, but it masked an intense dedication to his job and the
responsibility it entailed. The job of a police lieutenant always involved
politics of some sort, but it was especially hard for Smith as an African-
American knowing there were still people in the department who didn’t want to
see him advance further in rank. However, he was always behind his detectives
100% and that earned him the respect and admiration of everyone in the squad.
Time to check on their progress…

"So gentleman," Smith said as he walked up to the Foster Brothers, "how’s
that new case of yours going?"

"Ooooh it’s a real gut check Lieutenant," Pete said, "A nice girl had her
throat torn out."

"Yeah but no blood left at the scene. It’s a real head scratcher," Chris
added, "We’ve just finished notifying the next of kin, which is always so much

"Got a suspect yet?" Smith asked.

"Well apparently our victim left her job at a diner with an unidentified
man last night," Pete answered, "The cook got a brief look at him but that’s
all. He did mention something about his eyes though. He said, and I quote, ‘They
were like blue lasers.’"

"So do we like the boyfriend for the murder?" Smith asked.

"He’s the top suspect right now," Chris replied. "I can’t wait to meet him
though. Probably got big jars of blood sitting on his coffee table. But I’m
afraid that this one might turn into a stone cold who done it, Lieutenant."

"Don’t worry I have absolute faith in your abilities as detectives to
close this case," Smith replied.

"I wouldn’t," Pete remarked.

"Now, now none of that attitude here," Smith said, "go out there and solve
it. This case is going to get closed, I have a gut feeling about this one."

The vampire was in his lair, if that’s what you could call it. While the
sunlight couldn’t kill him and he could walk around in it, he was considerably
weakened in it.

He smiled to himself as he thought of Lysette. She was great both as
someone to fuck and someone to snack upon. He was still hungry though, but that
could wait till tonight. Lysette was just the beginning. There was a lot more he
intended to do and a lot more lovely ladies he intended to do it to. It was all
going to be a lot of fun…this was just the beginning.


A Modern Day Vampire Tale
Chapter 2: Everyone Has a Past, Even the Undead

The vampire had been waiting for this for a long time. Before his
transformation, he’d been just another lowly mortal, named Daniel for those who
were curious. And in every day of that existence, the anger coursed through his
body. Anger at the world, anger at all the people he saw, anger at the position
his life was in. He reacted to every adversity by taking it as a personal slight
and he reacted through violence, leaving him isolated from everyone else.

The only thing that gave him pleasure were his dreams, dreams where he was
king and all who did not bend to his will were violently destroyed, dreams where
he had everything he wanted and slaves who catered to his every whim.

Those dreams were especially hard to make true, but he knew of a way to
make it all happen. His studies, as he liked to call them, of the black arts has
shown him the way to his paradise. He had searched for what he needed and
yesterday, when he finally found it, he saw that it was even close to home. He
thought he’d have to search all over the world, but what he needed was near
Washington. It would only take him an hour or two to get down to Maryland, and
then down near the Chesapeake River lay his prize. The vampire smiled as he
thought back this had only been his first night as a vampire, but it had been

It was just past nine when Daniel came upon the old man living in the cave
near the beach of the Chesapeake. He watched as the withered old thing caught a
rat, sliced its gut open, and drained its blood. When the old man finished up,
Daniel entered the cave.

"Having some supper old man?" Daniel asked.

"Get out of here…" the man said in a low but sharp voice, an obviously
European accent present in his speech.

"I can’t," Daniel replied, "Not until you give me what I want."

"And what might that be. I don’t have any money or possessions for you to
steal. There is nothing for you here."

"Oh I think you know what I want, old man, and I think you’re going to give
it to me."

The old man looked up at Daniel with a mixture of bemusedness and weariness
in his eyes.

"So someone has finally found me. You don’t want it…"

"Oh but I do," Daniel replied, "I want it very badly. You’ve squandered
your gift. Look at you, you could be a master of the universe but instead you
sit here eating rats for your supper. You’re a wrinkled disgrace."

"You think you know everything," the old man said, a trail of the rat’s
blood dribbling down his chin, "But you don’t want this. You should leave before
I lose patience with you and deprive you of that screwed up head of yours."

"You’re hardly in a position to dictate terms," Daniel said, his rage
growing. "Now I came here for something and I am going to get it from you! Why
are you even fighting with me, look at the way you live. This is pathetic. You-"
Daniel was quickly silenced by the old man who put a claw to his throat.

"You talk too much," the old man angrily hissed, "I live here as penance! I
have taken away so much life, I am now forced to spend the rest of mine in
isolation, depriving myself of the human blood I once feasted on. I have chosen
to punish myself and seek forgiveness from God for the evil I have done. I shall
not let some child like yourself interrupt me as I make peace with my God."

The old man then bared his ancient fangs and grasped Daniel by the neck.
"You cannot want this! I will not allow you to take my curse for yourself!"

"You know old man," Daniel said as he broke away from the old man’s grasp
and threw him to the ground, "You don’t have much choice. Your time is over,
mine is just about to begin."

With that Daniel slammed his fist into the old man’s chest and broke
through the thin skin. He grasped the old vampire’s heart and pulled it out . As
he did this, the man’s body began to shudder and after he gurgled words in a
language Daniel couldn’t understand, the man’s body dissolved to dust.

"I hope you made your peace old man," Daniel said as he held the still
beating heart in his hand, "You were too weak for this life anyway."

Daniel then proceeded to take the heart and, without any hesitation or
concern, shoved it into his mouth and ate it in its entirety. Almost as soon as
he finished, Daniel was hit by a series of violent spasms and he collapsed to
the ground.

He began to vomit a type of dark red goo that seemed to resemble a type of
gelatinous blood. Daniel’s eyes rolled back into his head and he began to scream
at the top of his lungs as every cell in his body was hit with an unimaginable
type of pain. Then just when it seemed as though the pain wouldn’t stop, Daniel
felt a type of explosion go off in his body and the pain roared through him for
one final time before he died.

But even as Daniel’s mortal life ended, his immortal one was beginning. His
body began to levitate in the air where it was soon covered in an unholy type of
glow. Anyone who happened to be standing on the beach that night would have
suddenly felt a huge gust of wind come roaring through as Daniel suddenly
regained consciousness and proceeded to let out a tremendous scream that seemed
to resonate for miles.

The gust of wind hit him and he fell to the ground having become more a
snarling beast than human. His fingers had twisted into huge claws, his fangs
were distended from his mouth like knives, and his eyes had become blood red.

At that moment a bum whose drunken sleep a few sand dunes over had been
interrupted by the noise, arrived to investigate. He was very pissed at the
source of that noise since it had awoken him from that dream he loved where The
Queen of The Nile had made him her personal attendant.

As he looked into the cave and saw the beast that stood within it, he
barely had enough time to begin his scream before Daniel pounced upon him and
ripped off his head with his claw. The severed head landed somewhere near the
corner of the cave, the man’s mouth frozen in an eternal scream.

As a gusher of blood poured out from the man’s neck the vampire began to
drink from it, feeling his strength return with every droplet he swallowed. Soon
the vampire had ripped open the man’s entire body and feasted on whatever he
could. When he was finished the vampire looked more human and as the blood
poured through his veins, Daniel’s face and body returned to their normal state.
His fangs disappeared into his mouth, the claws became fingers again, and the
red eyes returned to Daniel’s natural baby blues.

As Daniel sat in the cave he felt the effects of the blood and the
transformation and the pleasure they both brought him. He had been seeking this
change for so long and now that it had finally occurred, it did not disappoint.
Now he had attained the powers to make his wildest fantasies come true, it was
all within his reach now. There was nothing to be denied him now. Those who had
scorned him and ignored him in the past would get down on their hands and knees
to beg for him to let them worship him like a God.

He decided that it was time to test some more of those powers and as he
began to concentrate on the task of flight, his body began to levitate off the
ground until he has floating above the sand dunes.

"Enough of these baby steps," Daniel muttered and soon with a mighty rush
of air, he flew up into the night sky at a tremendous speed. The cold wind
whipped across his face as he flew, but Daniel didn’t feel any of its effect.

However, as he flew back to Washington he began to feel a guttural rumbling
in his stomach and soon his body was overtaken by a tremendous, driving thirst.
He reasoned that the change must have taken more out of him than he originally
thought because the dead man’s blood should have been enough to satisfy him.

As he neared his city, Daniel felt the thirst drive harder than ever. He
landed down with a sudden drop on a near empty city street. He looked around,
the thirst compelling him to find sustenance, and he spotted an all night diner.

His new super eye sight allowed him to see a beautiful waitress working
inside and Daniel quickly felt his fangs extend as he licked his lips. Perhaps
he could take care of two cravings at once he thought to himself as he felt his
cock begin to grow hard.

After all a master vampire would need a family of slave vampires, didn’t
he. Daniel walked toward the diner, almost giddy with anticipation. This was
going to be so sweet…

A Modern Day Vampire Tale
Chapter 3: The Plot Thickens
(mf, vamp)

Our story thus far: A young man named Daniel, unhappy with life’s turns has
soughtd out and found an ancient vampire. Daniel rips out that vampire’s heart
and eats it, which turns him into a vampire as well.. So now Daniel is embarking
on a little rampage, starting with Lysette, a waitress at a diner. Her murder
has attracted the attention of Homicide Detectives, specifically the Foster
brothers (Chris and Pete) and here we are.

BTW in case you are curious after this chapter, Death Game is a figment of
my imagination. Willis and Affleck are doing a movie with Michael Bay about
asteroids headed for Earth, but my plot seems more interesting.

If you had any type of reaction at all to this chapter or any previous ones
please send comments to I’d really appreciate it is you did
because comments are the only way authors know that people are bothering to read
their stuff.

As the day continued, the investigation into the murder of Lysette Andrews
seemed to hit one brick wall after another. No one could give the police any
clear description of the man who had left with Lysette and nobody they talked to
could provide any more leads.

"This is just great," Pete Foster said as he tossed a pile of witness
statements on his desk, "One guy says our mystery man was a tall Puerto Rican,
another says it was short black man, one says it was an average white guy, and
I’ve got a street person who says that Lysette walked away with a woman. I keep
waiting for someone to say she left with Elvis."

"Oh stop your whining," Chris Foster replied, "Remember I’m the primary
Detective on this one. It’s not going to be your name with the unsolved case
attached to it. If anyone should be whining about this its me."

"Both of you should stop whining," Detective Carly Sanchez said as she
walked up to the two brothers, "Do you think you two could focus on the victim
for a second. You two are still taking in oxygen, she’s not."

"Oh Carly, always the squad room’s conscience," Chris said, "Of course
you’re speaking with the perspective of someone who’s closed her last, what is
it? 32 cases in a row?"

"Hey I’m just good. You two could stand to watch me and learn a little.
Hell, I’ve been carrying him for years…" Carly replied as she gestured to her
partner Steve Huston, who at this moment was sitting down at his desk, feet
propped up, reading a copy of a newspaper called The Lone Gunman.

"Hey I’ve got an idea," Steve said as he looked up, "Leave me out of this
one, all right?"

"Where did you get a copy of that?" Carly asked as she referred to the

"Stole it out of Arnie’s desk," Steve quickly answered, "It’s all about
conspiracies and shit like that."

"What no Kennedy assassination material in there this week?" Pete asked.

"He said he took it home," Detective Tom Avery said as he crossed through
the conversation, "He was afraid the second shift of detectives were going
through his stuff and stealing his notes."

"Maybe he’s changing his views," Steve suggested, "It says in here that
Kennedy’s still alive and living in Palm Beach."

"Didn’t we promise that this was the year we were going to have him
committed," Carly asked.

"Do you have to have a disparaging comment for everyone here?" Steve
asked, his attention now fully diverted from the newspaper.

"Only for those I care about," as she playfully patted Steve on the head,
"You guys know I only kid because I love."

"I think you only love to kid, Carly," Pete said, "don’t all of you have
work to do?"

"Not us," Tom said as he leaned back in his chair, "All our cases are
closed. Looks like an easy afternoon for us."

"You know Tom, you can take those closed cases of yours and shove them
right up your–" Pete started to say before he was interrupted by the arrival of
Lieutenant Smith.

"Gentleman," Lieutenant Smith said, "And lady, I see that you’re all
sitting down and relaxing. That’s good, I like to see my detectives relax,
because it means the work is done. The work is done isn’t it? You have closed
the Lysette Andrews murder?"

"We were just heading down to the meat locker to see the medical examiner,
Lieutenant," Pete said as he tapped Chris on the shoulder as a sign to get his
proverbial rear in gear.

As Pete and Chris headed for the squad room door, Smith turned toward the

"And remember," he said, "This case will go get closed. My gut feelings
are never wrong."

Then turning his attention to Carly, Steve, and Tom he saw them still just
sitting around.

"Do something…" he said firmly and immediately the three began to busy
themselves with work. As Pete and Chris walked out the door, Detective Arnold
Nash walked back in.

"Hey is that my magazine on your desk, Steve?" they heard Arnie say as the
door shut in back of them.

As Pete and Chris rode down the elevator toward the affectionately named
meat locker that really was the medical examiners office, the conversation
turned to the goings on in life.

"So, how long are Megan and the kids going to be out of town?" Chris

"About as long as she can stand to be in Ft. Lauderdale and around her
mother," Pete answered, "So I figure she’ll be scooping up the little ones and
hopping a plane back here sometime within the next ten minutes. So is Amy
supposed to be coming here this week?"

"I don’t know, I think this is supposed to be my week, but the witch has
everything all screwed up with cancellations and vacations and rescheduling, I
can’t tell which week is which. Besides she and Amy are fighting again so who
knows, she could show up at my door any second now," Chris replied

"I don’t think it’s healthy to refer to your ex-wife as a witch, I believe
she does still have a name," Pete said.

"Peter, this is all part of my recovery process," Chris stated, "I am
blocking her, her alimony demands, and her stupid new Olympic skier boyfriend
out of my mind. And by not acknowledging her by name, I am becoming a stronger,
more stable person. You get what I’m saying?"

"Brother, you have deep, deep personality problems. You must know that by
now?" Pete replied.

"Yes, but I have embraced them and acknowledged that they’re part of what
makes me myself," Chris replied. "Hey did I tell you that someone finally moved
in across the hall?"

"Really?" Pete said as the elevator opened and they walked out, "They
finally sold the place?"

"Well after six months you would have thought they’d been able to clean
all the blood off the walls and find someone who wasn’t familiar with the D.C
Axe Murderer."

"Ahhh, so they sold it to a foreigner," Pete said.

"You bet, she’s from England," Chris replied.

"So have you met her yet?"

"No I was listening in to her conversation with the super and I heard her
voice. Accent like you wouldn’t believe. Hearing her talk drove me wild," Chris

"Whoa calm down there horn dog, have you even seen her yet?" Pete asked as
he pushed open the door to the morgue and the ME’s office.

"Yeah, I saw her walking out of her apartment this morning and I swear
Pete when our eyes locked, it was like love at first sight. I could hear angels
singing, birds chirping, harps playing, the whole shebang," Chris answered.

"Jesus Christ, Chris,’ Pete said impatiently, "You don’t even know this
woman’s name and you’re all set to declare your eternal love for her."

"Hey I’ll have her name by the end of the day, I’ll tell you that much,"
Chris said as the pair walked into the autopsy room.

A few seconds after they walked in the Chief Medical Examiner, a man the
Detectives always thought looked a little too much like Christopher Lee for
their tastes, walked out if his office. His surgical gown stained with what
looked like fresh blood.

"You working on something in there, Vincent?" Pete asked him.

"Oh no I was just having a little bit of lunch right now," Vincent replied
and Chris sent his brother an unmistakable signal that perhaps they should drop
the subject before they found out any more than they wanted to.

"So, what can I do for you gentleman today?" Vincent asked, "Which one of
these fine corpses belongs to you?"

"That would be Lysette Andrews…" Chris replied.

"Ahhh the blood drained young woman," Vincent said as he led them to the
autopsy slab she rested on, "I won’t get to a full autopsy until tonight, but I
have done some preliminary blood work on her. She’s very low. I’d say about
three or four quarts low."

"What’s that supposed to mean?" Chris asked.

"It means it looks like someone may have bled her to death, Detective.
Like they do to cattle."

"Yeah but we couldn’t find any of the blood at the scene, just a little
bit on the sheets," Pete stated.

"Well all I know she’s missing an awful lot of blood and these wounds
don’t appear to be stab wounds," Vincent stated. "Could be teeth or nail marks
or something like that."

"What like an animal?" Pete asked.

"That’s about the best way to put it, but’s not even the really curious
part. Look at this here," Vincent said as he led Pete and Chris over to a
microscope, "We took this sample from around her lips. It’s blood all right, but
not her blood. In fact I’ve never seen anything like it before."

"So what are you telling us here? Some guy rips out her throat with his
teeth and forces her to drink blood?" Chris asked in amazement.

"It wasn’t forced," Vincent said as he led the pair back to Lysette’s
body, "Look here, if he had forced her to drink blood against her will then
you’d figure there would be some kind of bruising around her chin or mouth. But
there’s nothing here. I’ll do a full search for any type of drugs in the body,
but she may very well have drank the blood willingly."

"Oh this is unbelievable," Pete said as he threw his arms up in
exasperation, "We’re dealing with a real nut job here. Blood cults, wasn’t there
something about that on Dateline last week?"

"Look gentleman, I only know what I can see from my preliminary
observations. I’ll have some more conclusive results later this evening if you’d
like to stop by."

"Oh yeah I’m sure the bosses upstairs are going to approve the overtime
for something like that," Chris replied, "We’ll see you first thing in the
morning Vincent."

"I shall look forward to it as though it were the greatest moment of my
life," Vincent replied as the Foster brothers walked out .

"I don’t believe this shit," Pete said as they got back into the elevator,
"Why couldn’t it have been a slam dunk murder. A nice drug shooting or
something, I beg for the sweet certainty that comes with a drug shooting. God
damn it, a fucking blood freak."

"So what do you think happened Pete," Chris asked, "Some kind of weirdo
sex thing."

"Probably, they’re into some freaky blood thing, I heard about kids doing
this somewhere in California or Pennsylvania or one of those long name states,"
Pete speculated, "Anyway the waitress and her boyfriend, they’re cutting each
other up and drinking their blood when the boyfriend gets too excited and goes a
little too far…"

"Then he panics after he kills her and runs right out the door," Chris
said finishing the scenario, "Makes sense to me."

"Yeah now all we got to do is find him."

"I’ll pay a visit upstairs to sex crimes and see what they’ve got on
anything like this," Chris offered.

"Good idea," Pete replied, "I’ll double back and reinterview her friends
and coworkers. Maybe if she was into some weird stuff they’d know about it."

"You don’t sound very confident."

"I just got a bad feeling about this one, it just doesn’t fit anything
we’ve ever seen before," Pete sighed.

"Well its almost the new millennium, maybe the murderers are just getting
more creative," Chris said as the elevator returned them to the homicide squad
room., "What’s the worst that could happen, there be one more unsolved murder in
Washington D.C?"

"Great attitude there, bro."

"Hey no one wants to solve this case more than I do," Chris retorted, "But
some cases just don’t get solved. I’m going to work this case as hard as I work
any case but right now we’re looking at some pretty fucking strange questions
and no answers in sight."

"I know, I know," Pete sighed, "I just got a bad feeling I can’t shake
about this one."

As the day turned to night the citizens of Washington D.C. went about
their normal business. For Chief Medical Examiner Vincent Chaney that meant he
was preparing to perform an autopsy on the body of Lysette Andrews. He laid out
all his instruments and as his assistant Charlie stood ready to proceed, he
turned on the audio tape for dictated notes.

"All right, subject is Lysette Andrews, female, age 26, apparent death as
a result of a severed jugular vein…" Vincent began, "I have previously noted
the body apparently being drained of blood and the presence of a second blood
sample on her lips and chin. It would appear that she was drinking the blood and
this was a consensual act. There are no signs of rape or any other type of
sexual assault, but she did have intercourse with a man and-"

Vincent was interrupted in mid sentence by the tape clicking off.

"Damn, I thought I had enough left…" he said, "Charlie, I left the spare
blank tapes in my car, keep a watch over things until I get back."

With that Vincent left for his car as Charlie sat down, tipped his chair
back, and began reading a magazine. Charlie always enjoyed how quiet it was down

However two minutes later, as the sun officially set and the night began,
that quiet ended when Lysette Andrews opened her eyes and hissed loudly as she
felt her fangs extend from her gums.

The noise caused Charlie to drop his magazine and look up. When he did, he
saw Lysette with blood red eyes and fangs bared. This site caused Charlie to
fall right off his chair and onto the floor.

"I’m hungry," Lysette hissed and as she got up and walked to the door
completely nude, Charlie began to scream.

A few minutes later Vincent returned to find Lysette’s body missing and
Charlie laying on the ground, white with fear.

"Charlie! What the hell happened here!" Vincent demanded. "What happened
to the body!"

Charlie then looked up at his boss and said, "She went for a walk," before
he began to giggle uncontrollably.

Michelle Ryan was tired. She was tired of doing other people’s work and
tired of being ordered around all day. But most of all she was tired of trying
to stay awake as director Michael Bay ranted on and on about the trajectories of
an explosion.

Michelle was only in her second week as Bay’s assistant but the tiring
work was already wearing her down, Making sure no one bothered him, making sure
his phone calls were returned, and making sure his Evian was chilled exactly
right were all contributing to her losing more and more sleep each night.

Michelle had always wanted to work on a big Hollywood production and
certainly Death Game was a big Hollywood production. By now the plot was no
secret to all the movie fans out there who got their daily scoops of movie news
from the Internet.

Bruce Willis starred as a Secret Service agent seeking to protect the
President from a vengeful assassin who was seeking to create chaos in government
as revenge for the death of her father at the hands of the CIA. Ben Affleck,
whose death in the film would certainly cause teenage girls across the U.S. to
weep into their popcorns, played his partner. Sarah Michelle Gellar, TV’s Buffy
The Vampire Slayer, played Bruce’s daughter. And Sandra Bullock, of all people,
was set to play the assassin.

Bay had already directed two big action hits, Bad Boys and The Rock, and
the studio was counting big on this being a hit for them. The budget had been
set at $150 million, but Michelle knew that they’d be lucky if they didn’t go
over $200 million. The movie was set to be released on July 4th, and today’s
date was May 6th. To say the pressure was on would be putting it mildly.

Everything about the production was big and loud and it was making
Michelle afraid of premature aging. She was young, 23 to be exact, but if
Hollywood was this aggravating already, she was wondering whether she made the
right choice after she graduated college. The other day she thought she saw the
first signs of gray in her hair, but it was just her imagination.

She desperately needed some relief from all this, so as Bay began to argue
with his cinematographer, Michelle took this as an opportunity to punch out for
the night. This was insane she thought to herself, she’d been on the set since
six in the morning and here it was almost fourteen hours later when she was
finally getting out.

As she drove home she realized that she didn’t care if Bay fired her when
she got back to the set in the morning, in fact she hoped he did. She looked at
herself in the rear view mirror, she was too smart and too pretty to be getting
some guy Evian while he and the producer screamed at everyone who happened to
get in their line of fire.

She needed some relaxation so badly, maybe she should just go pick up some
guy for meaningless, passionate sex. But as Michelle pulled into the parking lot
of her apartment complex she decided that a warm bath, and a night in front of
the TV with some Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream was probably healthier and considerably
less messy. But her plans changed the minute she reached the front door and
found her pathway blocked suddenly.

"Excuse me," she muttered as she fumbled for her keys.

"Aren’t you going to invite me up?" Daniel asked.

"What?" Michelle asked totally taken aback by the guys boldness. She
really didn’t need this shit right now.

"I mean its going to be awfully hard for me to fuck you if you don’t
invite me up to your apartment," he stated, "Unless you want to go over to that
alley over there and do it against one of the brick walls? But I think that
might be a little uncomfortable for both of us."

Michelle had had just about enough of this guy and was about to use her
patented move of simultaneously punching the guy in the face and kneeing him in
the balls before she made the mistake of looking him in the eyes. They were like
two glowing blue crystals and Michelle had never seen anything burn so bright.
She felt like they were reaching deep down into her soul and draining her will.

"C’mon Michelle…" Daniel whispered, "I can show you so many things…"

Some part of Michelle’s brain wondered how this guy knew her name, but her
rampaging libido quickly told that part of the brain to shut the fuck up. All
she knew was that her original plans for the night didn’t sound so bad anymore
and that she just wanted this guy to fuck her. She leaned in and kissed him
deeply. Somehow she managed to keep up the kiss with him until they were safely
in the elevator.

As the elevator rode up to Michelle’s floor, Daniel began pawing all over
her body, running his hands over her clothed breasts and over the crotch of her
jeans. It took all of Michele’s strength not to cum right then, she was so
filled with desire at that moment that all she could think of was how good this
stranger’s cock would feel when it was pounding into her pussy.

When the elevator opened up the pair spilled out into the hallway and
after Michelle opened up her door they wasted no time in tearing each other’s
clothes off as they made their way to her bedroom.

Before she was even fully nude, Michelle ripped Daniel’s pants off and
quickly took him in her mouth as she bathed his cock with her talented tongue.
Daniel moaned in approval and he after he lay her down on the bed, he returned
the favor by eagerly eating her pussy.

As soon as his tongue hit her clitoris, Michelle came violently, soaking
Daniel’s face with her juices. Few of her boyfriends ever went down on her and
here she had found some stranger who was eating her like there was no tomorrow.
She was loving every minute of this and by the time Daniel flipped her up on her
hands and knees and began fucking her pussy from behind she was beyond rational
thought and comprehensible English. She managed to moan and gurgle some words of
approval as he drove her to another orgasm.

The sex seemed to go on for hours but by then Michelle had lost all track
of time. Sex had never been as good for her before and soon she felt as if she’d
do anything for this amazing man who was making her reach new heights of orgasm.

"Don’t stop, don’t stop," Michelle gasped as Daniel pulled out of her.

"Do you love me Michelle?" he asked silently.

"Yes," Michelle sighed and she was amazed to realize she meant it too.

"Will you give yourself over to me?"

"Anything…anything at all…" she said as she squirmed under Daniel in
the hopes that he’d start fucking her again.

"Then come to me…" Daniel commanded as he held out his arms for her.

She pulled herself up and hugged him, but when she saw his face she saw it
had become like a demon’s, with blood red eyes and large fangs. But she did not
become frightened when she saw Daniel’s transformation, instead she knew that it
was what she had wanted all along. He would protect her, he would love her. And
when Daniel buried his fangs in Michelle’s neck…she welcomed the sweet pain.

Lysette walked the streets of Washington D.C. completely naked, so very
confused, and so very hungry. Her nude form was appreciated with whistles,
catcalls, and offers to come on over for some fun by every male she passed by
and she responded to each by hissing and baring her fangs at them. She had to
find her master, he would help her, he would satisfy her hunger…a hunger he
had put inside her. She continued to walk the streets until a figure slowly
dropped from the sky in front of her. She recognized Daniel immediately and ran
to him.

"Master…" she sighed as she snuggled up to him.

Daniel opened a vein on his arm and held it up to Lysette…she drank…

A Modern Day Vampire Tale
Chapter 4: A British Babe and a Daughter

Our story thus far: Daniel, Washington D.C.’s resident bloodsucker, claimed
a second victim. His first victim, Lysette, also managed to surprise an
assistant coroner when she got up and walked away in the middle of her autopsy.
Meanwhile a lack of leads is frustrating Chris, Pete and their fellow Detectives
as they continue to investigate the murders.

As usual comments are welcome. If you had any type of reaction at all to
this chapter or any previous ones please send comments to

Chris Foster sat alone in his apartment considering his day. It was his
experience that most homicides were solved on the basis of evidence collected
the first day of the investigation. So it was not a good sign that the first day
of the Lysette Andrews investigation had ended with no real evidence in sight.

The forensics sweep of the apartment had turned up nothing, sex crimes
didn’t have any promising leads about people with blood fetishes, the interviews
had gotten them nowhere, and the best they could get from the autopsy was a
better idea of how she had died and a blood sample to match to their unknown
killer. This case was going nowhere fast and if nothing turned up in the next 48
hours there was an excellent chance that the murder of Lysette Andrews was going
to be just another unsolved homicide in Washington D.C.

That meant that there would be no justice for Lysette’s friends or family,
no one to take responsibility for the snuffing out of another life. There was a
perception associated with homicide detectives, and it was one that Chris
embraced with a passion. Homicide detectives were supposed to speak for the
dead, to provide a voice for those who could speak no more. Every time the job
got too frustrating and it seemed that their investigations were being hamstrung
by too much red tape and political interference, he could always fall back on
that. Yes, it was corny, but it worked for him when he got down about his job.
And it looked like this case was going to bring him down for sure.

However, just as Chris was starting to really feel sorry for himself,
someone started knocking on the door. He then walked to the door and opened it
to reveal his new neighbor. She was a truly stunning vision in a sweatsuit, her
brown hair done up in a ponytail. As Chris looked at her he thought he once
again heard the sounds of the angels singing, harps playing, birds singing, the
whole shebang.

"Hi…" she stammered her British accent driving Chris wild with every
syllable, "I just moved in across the hall and I saw you this morning and I
thought that…you know it would be…what’s the word…neighborly to stop on
by…I apologize for the way I’m dressed, but I just unpacked and…well you
know. I really stopped by because I was making some tea and I realized that I
didn’t have any sugar and I was hoping that you might…" the woman then
interrupted her ramblings to look Chris straight in the eyes.

At that moment, Chris could see that whatever feelings of lust and passion
he had were shared by her. Their eyes remained locked for a short time as they
fed each others desire with this staring contest, before she broke the silence.

"Oh damn…" she softly muttered as she grabbed Chris, pulled him to her,
and kissed him passionately. Chris then yanked her in , slammed the door closed,
and began to move toward the bedroom all without breaking the most passionate
kiss of his life.

Right before they entered the bedroom, she broke the kiss and extended her

"I’m Carol," she gasped.

"Good to meet you, I’m Chris," he then proceeded to shake her outstretched
hand right before they began another kiss as they lurched into the bedroom and
fell on the bed.

"How long you been in town," Chris asked as he leapt up and began to
fumble with the seemingly simple process of getting one’s own pants off.

"Oh about six weeks, I’d been staying at a friends house," Carol replied
as she unzipped the top of her sweatsuit and unsnapped her bra letting her ample
breasts spill free.

The sight of this lovely, topless woman on his bed left Chris momentarily
stunned as he stared at her exposed chest.

"Nice tits.." was all he could think of to say as he pulled off the rest
of his clothes before leaning down and kissing her again.

"Thanks," Carol murmured as she kicked off her pants and slid off her
soaked panties. She didn’t want to say that this was love at first sight or
anything like that, hell she didn’t even know this guy’s name five minutes ago.
But there was something going on here. She’d always been a bit bold, but never
anything like this. Carol supposed you could call this lust at first sight and
as Chris slid his hand in to touch her throbbing clitoris she decided that was
certainly good enough for her at this moment.

Carol’s breasts swayed in the air as her nipples tightened until she
thought they might just explode. As Chris finger fucked her he used his other
hand to caress her breast until he broke away the kiss and began to suck on her

Carol ran her hands up and down Chris’ back until one came to rest on his
cock. She pushed him up slightly with her free hand and he took that as a signal
to rejoin her lips. He gave a final kiss to each of her rock hard nipples before
he resumed "swapping spit" with her, as he used to say way back when.

All of a sudden the phone in the bedroom began to ring and, in no mood to
be disturbed whatsoever, Chris silenced it by pulling the cord out of the wall.

The two then resumed their fun by continuing to kiss passionately as their
hands explored each other’s nude bodies. Reasonable thought for either of them
had ceased to exist the moment Chris had opened the door, but before they were
too far gone, Carol realized that something was still missing.

"You need…a…condom…" she breathlessly managed to gasp in between

"Oh yeah…" Chris replied as he attempted to reach into the nightable
drawer he kept them in without breaking away from Carol. After a some fumbling
and a lot of things being knocked to the ground, he produced the needed
contraceptive. He tore off the wrapper and as he was about to put it on, Carol
stopped him.

"Let me…" she purred and as she grasped his cock to slip the condom on,
Chris began to moan. Getting the wicked thought that Chris might need some kind
of lubrication before the condom went on she bent down and slowly traced her
tongue over every inch of his cock. When she finally got the condom on. Carol
began to run her hand over his throbbing erection, causing Chris to almost lose
it right there. Seeing that he was almost gone, Carol stopped her hand play.

"Oh baby, not yet.." she said as she pulled him on top of her. He entered
her dripping pussy and Carol began to moan loudly.

Chris could barely compose words right at this point but as he began to
fuck her, he decided something needed to be said.

"My God…you’re amazing…you’re so perfect, Carol…" he sighed.

"I know…" she answered with a smile as the pleasure Chris was bringing
her spread all around her body and she felt a familiar buzzing in her brain

"Oh yes..oh yes…fuck me Chris..Oh God…" Carol cried. She had never
been this turned in her life and after only after a short time, she felt her
orgasm swelling up.

"I’m gonna cum!" she shouted and then just let the pleasure rip through
every cell of her body. Her pleasure was so extreme that she had to use one of
Chris’ pillows to muzzle her screams of passion. Seeing Carol’s orgasm then sent
Chris over the edge as he came right after, her moans completely drowning out
his. For the next few seconds, they just lay their on the bed trying to catch
their breath.

"That was…," Chris finally said as he searched for the right word."

"Intense…" Carol suggested.

"Yeah, that’s right…" he said.

"Shouldn’t we be smoking or something right now or something?" Carol

"I don’t smoke…" Chris said.

"Neither do I," Carol replied before kissing Chris again. Since their
passions had cooled a bit, this kiss had more tenderness to it, but both Chris
and Carol felt that it was certainly as hot as before.

"I’ve never done anything like this before.." Carol sighed as she fell
back exhausted, "what about you?"

"Not since the ’80’s.." Chris gasped.

"I don’t know what came over me," Carol said, "I just saw you this morning
and I just knew that I had to have you."

"Me too," Chris replied, "I’ve been thinking about you all day. You’ve
been driving me wild since the first time I saw you."

"This isn’t love is it?" Carol asked as Chris stared at her beautiful

"It’s gotta be something…" Chris answered as he felt his blood start to
rush and his cock grow hard again.

"Must be…" Carol agreed as she the sight of Chris’ cock growing got her
juices flowing and she moved on top of her new lover and began to ride him. "I
think it’s time for round two…" she purred in her sexy voice.

Over the next hour or so, in between spurts of passionate sex, Chris and
Carol shared the highlights of their life stories.

Carol was a medical nurse who had lived in England all her life until she
tired of the constant rain and of seeing the same places every day. Wanting to
see more, she moved to America a year ago. She had live in New York for awhile
but her friend convinced her to move to D.C. where she got a job at General
Mercy Hospital. Part of a large family, she had a sister who live in
Philadelphia and a brother in Los Angeles.

Chris then managed to drone on about his job and how he and Pete had come
from a long family of cops that stretched back almost three generations now.
They had three cousins working as patrol officers, two in sex crimes, two in the
bomb squad, and another in robbery, an uncle who was a Lieutenant in the Arson
division and two more who served as Sergeants in precinct houses. Plus they also
had a sister in the District Attorney’s office.

"Whoa…that’s a long line of law and order types you come from," Carol
replied, "I could never do that, I was a real wild child growing up, British
punk scene and all that."

"Sometimes it seemed like we had no real alternatives," Chris said, "Our
father was a cop, his father was a cop…you know that sort of thing."

"Did your father retire?" Carol asked. "I noticed you didn’t mention him
in your little list there."

"He’s dead," Chris sighed, "he was murdered in the line of duty."

"Oh my God," Carol gasped, "I’m so sorry…I didn’t know, I shouldn’t even
have brought it up."

"It’s all right, it happened a long time ago and it’s a story for another
time and place altogether. Let’s just change the subject…"

"Mmmm good idea," Carol said as she snuggled up to Chris, "Where were we
just a little while ago?"

"I think you were right here," Chris said as he kissed.

"Oh yeah that’s right," she replied as she kissed back with ferocity.
However before they could get any further the front door of Chris’s apartment
began to shake a bit as if someone was trying to get in. The noise was noticed
immediately and Chris disengaged from Carol, pulled on his pants and shirt and
went to see who it was.

But before he got there, the door swung open and thirteen year old Amy
Foster walked in, suitcase in hand.

"Hi Dad, I know you said that I shouldn’t just show up without telling you
first that I was coming, but I just couldn’t stand Mother anymore. She’s all
just ‘do this’ ‘do that’ ‘don’t have any fun at all’ and I just couldn’t take it
anymore," Amy then paused to let her father respond, "How are you Daddy? she
asked as she kissed his cheek.

"I’m fine…" he said, "Does your mother know you’re here?"

"I don’t care," Amy simply declared.

"Well perhaps you should call her before she has me charged with
kidnapping or something."

"Do I have to?" Amy pouted.

"Yeah, you’d better-" Chris was then interrupted by Carol calling from the

"Is everything all right, Chris?" she asked.

"Yeah it’s fine," he said, "it’s just my daughter."

"Oh my God! You have company!" Amy exclaimed, "Who is she? Do I know her?
It’s not that Tonya woman is it?"

"No, it’s not that Jeanette woman," Chris answered as Carol came out after
getting back in her sweatsuit. "Carol this is my daughter Amy, Amy this is
Carol. She just moved in across the hall."

"Whoa talk about the welcome wagon," Amy said as she shook Carol’s hand.

"Hey, watch it…" Chris warned, "No one likes a smart aleck. Except for
me of course. Everyone likes me."

"Hmm I think I see the family resemblance," Carol observed.

"Hey back to me over here, is it ok if I stay here for awhile?" Amy asked.

"Yeah, of course it’s ok, I’m your father" Chris answered, "And while the
thought of you putting your mother through the pain of not knowing where you are
does hold an extremely perverse pleasure for me, it probably would be best for
you to call her now and tell her that you’re alive."

But before Amy could pick up the phone it began ringing.

"Hey that could be her now with some lovely profanity for me," Chris said
as he picked up the phone. However, when the other voice came on the line Chris
was surprised to hear that it was not his ex-wife at all, but Pete.

"Finally," Pete said in an exasperated tone, "Were you out? I’ve been
calling for the past hour."

Chris thought back and seemed to vaguely remember the phone in the kitchen
ringing repeatedly and not caring one bit about it.

"I was occupied," Chris contended, "What’s up?"

"I’ll tell you what’s up," Pete answered, "The body’s gone."

"What body?"

"How many bodies are we dealing with at this current time?" Pete queried,
"It’s Lysette Andrews, her body disappeared from the morgue a few hours ago.
You’d better get down here."

"I’ll be right there," Chris said as he hung up and faced Carol and Amy.
"OK, I’m not sure how to explain this in a way that doesn’t sound weird, but…
dead body missing…gotta go…see ya later," he said as he kissed Carol one
last time and dashed out the door, leaving Carol and Amy staring uncomfortably
at each other.

"Soooo…this is kind of awkward," Amy finally said.

"Yeah," Carol agreed, "I should probably go.."

"Don’t rush off, you’re the first one of my Dad’s girlfriends in a long
time who looks even remotely like a sane person. However, looks can be deceiving
and before I pronounce you fit to be a prospective step-mother, I have to put
you through a rigorous screening process. I just happen to have a questionare
here with me," Amy said cheerfully as she began rummaging through her suitcase
and came up with a packet of four or five sheets of paper and a pen. "Here take
your time, there’s no limit."

Seeing that the girl was indeed serious, Carol took the packet and pen and
sat down at the table. America sure was a strange place.

By the time Chris arrived at the morgue the hustle and bustle that had
been going on the last hour or so had died down. Though both Pete and uniformed
officers had tried to question him, Charlie was no use whatsoever and couldn’t
provide a clue as to what had gone on.

"Can he tell us anything?" Chris asked after his brother had filled him in
on what little they knew.

"Not a thing," Pete replied, "All he did is say ‘She went for a walk,’
over and over again. Of course that was in between all the giggling. He’s going
to spend a quiet night in the hospital, then we’ll see what’s what in the
morning. The doctor said whatever happened it gave Charlie quite a scare."

"I can imagine," Chris said, "So what do you think, she just got up from
the deepest sleep in recorded human history, stretched her muscles, and walked

"Makes sense to me…" Pete dryly replied, "I don’t know, maybe the killer
came back for her. Perhaps he wanted to use the body for some kind of ritual or
something that fits in with the blood fetish. Maybe someone heard about the
murder on the news and wanted a souvenir or something for a collection. I just
don’t know."

"Well we can’t do any more damage around here, maybe we should call it a

"Yeah, you’re right," Pete agreed before changing the subject, "Hey did
you meet up with that neighbor yet?"

"Yeah her name is Carol," Chris answered, "I know her quite well now…"

Catching on to Chris’ subtlety free remark, Pete looked at his brother in

"You slut…" Pete said as he shook his head, "You slept with her. You’ve
known her for what, less than a day, and you’re sleeping with her."

"I can only be me," Chris replied.

"And that must be a full time job," Pete sighed, "Just don’t fuck up
another relationship please, I can’t take you when you’re in your post-breakup

"I’ll try," Chris agreed.

"Thank you."

And with that The Foster brothers left to go back to their lives. For Pete
that meant going back to an empty house sans wife and kids and a chance to do
the things he never got a chance to do, which in this case meant watching the 2
am Sportscenter and eating pizza for breakfast. For Chris it meant going back to
the mess he had left his apartment in a little while ago.

Amy’s appearance could not have come at a worse time. Not that Chris
minded her showing, he of course heartily enjoyed it when she showed up after
another fight with her mother, he got to be the good guy riding to his little
girl’s defense again. Plus according to every TV show on the air, no daughters
got along well with their fathers, so the fact that they enjoyed a great
relationship was terrific.

But ever since he had seen Carol that morning, Chris couldn’t drive her
from his head and after what had just happened, he recognized that he was on the
verge of something great. He didn’t want to scare Carol off and he realized that
being a divorced guy with a teenage daughter could do just that.

When Chris arrived back home it was a little after eleven and when he
entered the apartment he saw that Carol had gone and that Amy was sleeping
soundly in her room. She hadn’t even bothered to unmake her bed, so Chris
reasoned that she was just plain tuckered out and he’d talk to her in the
morning. Sensing an opportunity to see how things stood with Carol, he went
across the hall and knocked on her door.

"Hi…" she simply said when she answered, still clad in her sweatsuit.

"Hi…" Chris said back, "Can I come in?"

"Sure, I’m not going to stop you."

Carol’s apartment looked similar to his except for the fact that the
majority of her belongings were still in boxes.

"I’m sorry to have left you in the lurch like that," Chris said. Since
Carol stood at the other side of the room from him, he could sense that she
wasn’t too happy about being left alone with the daughter of a man she had just

"Hey, when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go," Carol sighed, "That little
girl of yours is quite a handful."

"She didn’t make you fill out one of her surveys did she?"

"Oh you knew about those…"

"Well, I thought she’d stopped doing that when she was ten, but I guess I
was wrong."

"Yeah, I guess so," Carol said as she walked toward Chris, "Actually I
think I scored pretty well. At least that’s what I gathered when she didn’t try
and throw me out of the apartment."

As Carol walked toward him, Chris felt the heat and passion start to well
up inside him again.

"She can be a little too quirky at times…" Chris said, "She’s a little
too much like me for her own good. I can be a bit strange sometimes."

"Maybe that’s what I like about you…" Carol said as she stood in front
of Chris.

"Well before you get involved with me, I believe I have to issue a
standard disclaimer to you," Chris stated.

"Oh yeah, what’s that?" Carol asked.

"Well I am a slave to my job and when it says "jump" I say "through what

"Me too…" Carol said with a smile, "What else do you got for me? I think
I should hear the full warning."

"I have a weird sense of humor, I make wisecracks at hideously
inappropriate times, I hate movies where a bunch of British people, no offense,
sit around and repress their feelings, I watch sports on TV all the time, I’ve
been known to engage in body painting before attending Capitals playoff games, I
have a really poor diet that sometimes includes microwave nachos for breakfast
and-" Chris was suddenly interrupted when Carol kissed him, throwing her arms
around his neck and pulling him closer to her.

"Chris?" she said after breaking the kiss.


"Shut up and fuck me…"

"Okay," he replied.

And that’s exactly what he did.

As the sun made its first movements toward the dawn, Daniel was in a state
of ultimate satisfaction. His first transformation had gone extremely well,
Lysette was an eager and willing slave, and as soon as the sun set again he
would retrieve Michelle and claim another victim. Daniel reasoned that soon
police interference would be inevitable, but they wouldn’t be able to do
anything to stop him. They’d be so busy figuring out what had gone on that by
the time they finally got straightened out, he’d be long gone. He felt Michele’s
blood still coursing through him, and he knew he was getting stronger every time
he fed. Soon he’d be able to move on to bigger game. He felt his power surge and
as a result his cock got hard again, time to do something about that he

"Come here Lysette," he quietly commanded.

Lysette woke up from the sleep state Daniel had put her in and crawled
over to her master. She knew just what he desired and she wasted no time before
taking his cock in her mouth.

Oh yes, Daniel thought as he began to feel the pleasure Lysette’s tongue
was bringing him, this had been a very good day indeed.

A Modern Day Vampire Tale
Chapter 5: The Investigation Continues
(mf, vamp)

Our story thus far: A vampire named Daniel is rampaging throughout
Washington D.C. He has already claimed two victims and is ready for more. The
D.C. Homicide Detectives are investigating the murders, but so far are drawing
blanks. But Chris, the lead Detective, has managed to take time out of his
schedule to begin a relationship with his accross the hall neighbor.

As usual comments are welcome. If you had any type of reaction at all to
this chapter or any previous ones please send comments to

As Pete sat at his desk he was grumbling to himself. The day had not
gotten off to a great start. The early morning questioning of Charlie had turned
up nothing more and the psychiatrist examining him said that after a few dozen
sessions he might get him to stop giggling, but that’s about the best he could
do for now. Then Pete’s decision to have the last two slices of anchovy and
garlic pizza for breakfast was proving to be a poor one, and he reached for the
Maalox he kept in his drawer.

He knew that as soon as the body disappeared last night that his ulcer
would be flaring up again and it certainly was. Then as if to add to Pete’s
misery as he contemplated his pain, he saw his brother come in, practically
walking on air.

"I’m in love…." Chris sighed as he sat down at his desk.

"Oh Christ, I don’t need this now…" Pete said, "You and love are a
dangerous combination."

"Don’t you want me to happy, Pete?" Chris asked.

"Not really, you being happy inevitably ends with me being miserable,"
Pete answered, "I’m going to be afraid now that you’re going to accidentally
shoot me just because love turns your brain into mush."

At that moment Detective Carly Sanchez walked by and got a look at the
dreamy expression on Chris’ face.

"What’s with him?" she asked Pete.

"He’s in love."

"Oh Christ, this we don’t need," Carly replied, "We’re all going to have
to start wearing bullet proof vests again…"

Chris suddenly stood up and grasped Carly.

"I need to dance. Dance with me Carly," he said.

"No way, how do I know you’ve had all your shots?" she responded.

"C’mon someone dance with me…" Chris said to the squad room, eliciting a
series of immediate refusals.

"I’ll dance with you…" Detective Arnold Nash said.

"Works for me…" Chris replied as the two then began some weird mutant
version of a waltz.

"I think I saw this on Wild Kingdom once," Carly said as the detectives
just stared in silence, "I think we’re not supposed to interrupt them or else
they might maul us or something."

"This is really wrong," Pete said.

"Yet I cannot turn away," Detective Steve Huston added as Chris spun Arnie
around, "It’s like watching a slow motion car wreck."

"I wish I had a camera," Detective Tom Avery said, "This is something that
must be preserved for the ages."

Unfortunately before the waltz was through a phone call interrupted the

"Homicide, Detective Sanchez speaking." Carly said as she picked it up.

As Chris and Arnie returned to their normal, non dancing, ways Pete turned
to his brother and said, "Well you are either really in love or you have gone
completely insane. I haven’t decided which one yet."

"I tell you, Carol is amazing..not a thing wrong with her. I could marry
her now, she’s perfect."

"Well if she seems to really like you," Steve replied, "that could be a
sign of deep insanity or masochistic tendencies."

"He’s got a point there," Pete agreed.

"Hey Pete you and lover boy better come with us," Carly said after she
hung up the phone, "They just found a body, same m.o. as your victim yesterday."

Fifteen minutes later Pete, Chris, Carly, and Steve were standing in
Michelle Ryan’s apartment looking over the crime scene with chief medical
examiner Vincent Chaney.

"I’ll be able to tell you more after I get a better look at her," Vincent
said after he got a look at the body, "But it looks like the same cause of death
to me. Neck wounds resulting in death but no serious blood trail and I took a
sample of something around her lips. Looks like blood to me and I’d say it’s a
99.9% chance it will match what we got yesterday."

"So we’re dealing with a multiple killer now?" Pete asked.

"Either that or it’s one of the greatest coincidences in the history of
homicide," Vincent replied, "I’ll have more later this afternoon."

"Ok, we’ll check back with you then," Steve said, "You can take her away

"Oh, and Vincent," Carly added, "Try not to lose this one."

"No ones getting to this one," Vincent replied as the body was removed,
"I’ll make certain of that."

"So what’s the story here?" Carly asked the officers present.

"Victims name is Michelle Ryan," Officer Julie Muldowski said as she
looked over her notes and statements, "She didn’t show up for work today and her
boss sent someone to look for her. He got here, found the door was unlocked, and
found the body here."

"Where does she work? We know of any friends or family nearby to help us
here?" Chris asked.

"No family nearby she just moved in two weeks ago. She’s working down on
the set of the Bruce Willis movie. She’s the personal assistant to Michael Bay,"
Officer Muldowski answered.

"Who’s Michael Bay?" Pete asked.

"He directed The Rock," she answered, "He’s only one of the top action
directors in Hollywood, detective."

"You don’t know who Michael Bay is?" Chris asked in disbelief, "You’re
really out of touch."

"Oh pardon me," Pete replied, "Somehow I have let my subscription to the
Hollywood Reporter lapse, so I’m not aware of who’s who in Hollywood. Get some
more work done."

Julie then walked away toward Chris.

"Your brother’s in a snit this morning," she said.

"Yeah, we think it might be his time of the month," Chris agreed, "He’s
gets in these moods and boy does he get bloated, let me tell you that."

The young officer laughed at Chris joke.

"You know we’re a lot alike," she then said.

"How unfortunate for you," Chris replied.

"You know what I mean," Julie stated, "Would it freak you out if I told
you that you two are my heroes?"

"Never heard that one before," Chris said.

"I’m serious," Julie said, "I’ve only been on the job for a year now, but
you guys are teaching me a lot. I want to be just like you someday."

Julie then looked up and saw her partner signaling her.

"I’ll catch you later, Detective," she said before walking away.

"If she says she wants to be just like you, does that mean she wants to be
divorced and insane," Steve remarked as he walked over.

"Shut the fuck up, Steve," Chris shot back, "It’s only natural that there
be a little hero worship for the best Detectives in the unit."

"Okay," Steve said, "Can you excuse me a minute as I go and vomit."

"Your petty jealousy cannot be veiled with lame insults," Chris responded.

"Hey guys I hate to interrupt this circle jerk here but we do have a
murder to solve here," Carly said as she walked up to Chris and Steve.

"My God, you’re crude," Steve said, "Once again I ask, must you use
hostility in every remark to us?"

"Bite me blondie," Carly said as she turned her attention back to the
crime scene.

"Some partner you got there," Chris said.

"Yeah," Steve agreed, "And to think that I’m her favorite."

Two hours later in the squadroom Pete, Chris, Carly, and Steve were
looking over all the information they had on both Lysette Andrews and Michelle
Ryan when Arnie approached them.

"This could be a massive government conspiracy," Arnie Nash suggested.

"And how do you figure that Arnie?" Carly asked.

"Well it’s a fact that the government experiments on DNA combinations to
create new super soldiers for overseas wars," Arnie explained, "So my theory is
that they created a half human half beast combination that has escaped and is
rampaging through the district."

"Sounds good to me," Chris replied as Lieutenant Lawrence Smith descended
on his Detectives.

"And how is today’s chapter of the bloodsucking murderer going?" he asked.

"We have looked through everything," a frustrated Pete said, "And there is
still no connection here."

"Nothing at all?" Lawrence asked.

‘Not a thing, Lieutenant," Chris answered, "No common friends,
acquaintances, family, or neighbors. There’s no indication here that the either
one knew the other even existed."

"Well Andrews worked at a diner, maybe Ryan was a customer and there’s the
link?" Lawrence suggested.

"We don’t think so Lieutenant," Carly replied, "They both worked so far
away from each other and no one at the diner can remember seeing Michelle Ryan
there before. It looks like this guy is just picking his victims at random."

"We’re going to do some in person interviews down at the movie set," Pete
said, "See if anyone strange has been hanging around."

"All right," Lawrence said, "Carly you and Steve head down there and see
what you can dig up. Pete, you and Chris get anything on blood fetishes yet?"

"No Lieutenant, nothing yet," Pete said, "Sex crimes didn’t have any
matches and hadn’t heard about anything like it in the area."

"Well, take a whack at it anyway," Lawrence said, "See what you can find
out there, maybe our murderer frequents sex shops for the very kinky."

"Sounds like a wild goose chase to me, Lieutenant," Chris said.

"I know very well what it sounds like detective," Lawrence answered, "But
don’t give me any grief here. We have no leads here and when you have no leads
you go out and generate your own leads. I have the Captain coming down here any
minute now to chew my ass in half about why we don’t have any suspects and I
don’t need any more shit. Go out there! Solve the murders!"

"I think we should head out now," Pete suggested.

"Good idea," Chris agreed as the two headed for the door, "You know I’m
really starting to like that half human/half best theory of Arnie’s."

Before Carly and Steve could do the same, though Lawrence stopped them and
motioned for Steve to talk to him.

"What is is Lieutenant?" Steve asked.

"Well, I didn’t want to bring this up in front of the other detectives
but…" Lawrence said as he hesitated to get to the point, "…I don’t want to
seem insensitive, but do you think you could get Sandra Bullock’s autograph
while you’re on the set. It’s for my boy, not me. He’s just crazy about her, you
know kids…"

"Yeah, I got your drift," Steve answered, "I’ll see what I can do."

"What did he want?" Carly asked after Steve rejoined her.

"Oh, he just wanted me to take care of some paperwork for him. No big

As Carly and Steve then left the building, Tom Avery got up from his desk
and over to the squadroom’s administrative assistant, Stacy Campbell.

"So, Chris is in love…" Tom said as he leaned forward onto the desk.

"I’m really happy for him," Stacy replied.

"Me too," Tom added, "I think love is really what makes the world go

"Do you want anything Avery, or are you just going to lean on my desk and
make lame come on attempts?" Stacy had been the object of Tom’s affections ever
since she had taken the job six months ago. He easily became fixated on her
beautiful face, the light chestnut hair that came down to her shoulders, and her
body, which produced the type of longing stares that men are infamous for.

"Go to dinner with me," Tom replied, "That’s what I want."

"You know when I first got here," Stacy said as she smiled and shook her
head, "All anyone said to me was, ‘Watch out for Tom Avery,’."

"They didn’t really say that," Tom protested.

"Oh yes they did and for once I listened. From what I’ve heard you’re a
real ladies man who has had every pretty girl in this place."

"That’s not true at all," Tom replied, "It’s more like half of that."

Stacy didn’t laugh at the joke, leaving Tom with only his desperation to
go on.

"Come on!" he cried, "You gotta cut me some slack here. I’m going full
blast. I don’t do full court press for just every girl, only you."

"I am flattered beyond belief, Tom," Stacy replied, "Now go away."

"What do I have to do to get you to go out with me. You’re really
frustrating me here. If you don’t say yes in the next six to eight…months,
then I’m just going to give up."

That joke got at least got a smile and a giggle from Stacy who turned to
look Tom straight in the eye.

"Okay cowboy," she said, "If you’re a gentleman for the rest of the day,
then maybe I might let you walk me to my car tonight.’

"That’s it," Tom sighed, "I was thinking more along the lines of drinks,
dinner, a flight to Vegas, marriage…you know how it works."

"It’s a start," Stacy said firmly but gently, "And it’s a take it or leave
it offer, so I recommend you take it."

"All right,," Tom agreed, "Tonight I shall be your escort to your
automobile. Then we can talk about drinks, dinner, and Vegas."

"You’re making progress, Avery," Stacy said as he walked away back toward
his desk, "don’t fuck it up tonight."

As Tom got back to his desk, he found Arnie waiting for him.

"Something on your mind, partner?" Tom asked.

"When are you going to leave that poor girl alone?" Arnie asked.

"Hey I’m making progress here, I’m walking her to her car tonight."

"Hey that’s a real romantic gesture on your part. How unlike you," Arnie
said as he sat down.

Tom often thought that Arnie’s thick mustache, slightly growing gut, and
bald scalp made him look like the stereotypical cop, all he needed was a
doughnut. That and Arnie’s insistence on believing and spreading vast conspiracy
theories made him seem like a bit of a joke. But Tom and the others knew that he
was, in fact, one of the better detectives in the squad.

"Did it ever occur to you that I might really be ready for reform and see
this as a ticket to a real relationship and not some fleeting one night stand,
never return phone calls to type of girl?" Tom asked.

"Not for a second," Arnie said as he flipped through his copy of The World
Weekly News, "Hey it says here that Jesus appeared in a taco in Mexico."

"Soft or hard shell?" Tom asked relieved that the subject had changed.

"Soft," Arnie answered.

"Yeah that would make sense," Tom stated, "Jesus would probably be
uncomfortable in a hard shell."

As Lieutenant Lawrence Smith sat at his desk he heard a knocking on the
door and looked up to see his superior, Captain William Carter, standing in
front of him.

"Can I have a moment of your time, Lieutenant?" Carter asked.

"Of course sir," Lawrence said as he put down the file he was working on.

"Let’s go up to the roof then, we need some privacy."

The roof was often where the detectives went to be alone or express their
frustration and it was often empty and perfectly suitable for a private
conversation. The two men rode the elevator up in silence and when they got up
to the roof, Carter got right to the point.

"I’m not going to beat around the bush, Lawrence, we’re getting a little
nervous about these murders," Carter stated, "Two in two nights and your
detectives don’t have any leads yet."

"I’ve got four of my detectives on this case and they’re working it as
hard as they can," Lawrence replied as a light wind began to kick up seemingly
adding urgency to the words, "The leads will come and they will solve this

"There’s a lot of heat on this one," Carter added, "The Mayor’s up for
reelection this fall and he’s been working to reverse the perception that this
is an unsafe place to live and raise a family. The last thing he, and us, need
right now is a serial killer. I’ve got press from Maryland and Virginia calling
me for comment, and God forbid if there’s another victim tonight. If this thing
snowballs a lot of high up people could lose their jobs."

"Are you saying that I could get fired over this case?" Lawrence asked in

"Not in those words, Lieutenant," Carter stated, "You and your detectives
can draw your own conclusions. I’m just saying that it’s in everyone’s best
interest if this case gets solved before it becomes a media firestorm. If these
movie people get scared away then this city might not recover for years. We’re
reaching a crossroads in the idea people have of D.C. Things are getting better,
but we can’t afford one slip up now. Not one. This case is potential dynamite
and I will not have it blow up in my face!"

With that Captain William Carter l broke off the meeting and left, leaving
Lawrence staring down at the city in silence.

FROM?" Michael Bay screamed through his bullhorn at the special effects crew,
whose work had apparently not up to snuff.

tirade, one of the interns on the film tapped him on the shoulder.

"WHAT?" he screamed at the intern after forgetting to put the bullhorn
down, "Oh sorry, Jean, I didn’t mean to do that."

"It’s okay sir," Jean said as she shook her head in a futile effort to get
her ears to stop ringing, "These two people are detectives and they’re here to
talk to you about Michelle."

"Oh certainly, let me just give me a second," he said as he picked up the

With that he got up from his seat and walked toward Carly and Steve.

"How ya doing, I’m Michael Bay."

"My name is Detective Sanchez, Mr. Bay, and this is my partner, Detective
Huston. If you don’t mind we’d like to ask you a few questions about Michelle

"Certainly, an awful thing really, she was here one day and gone the next.
It really makes you think…" Michael then interrupted his own sentence and
picked up his bullhorn again, "HEY YOU!!! YEAH YOU LEANING AGAINST THE

Turning his attention back to the detectives, he tried to resume his

"Where was I?" he asked himself aloud, "Oh yes Michelle, as I was saying
this is an awful thing to happen. She was such a sweet girl. I can’t imagine who
could do such a thing."

"So you don’t know of her receiving any threats or anyone suspicious
lurking around the set?" Steve asked.

"Well I can’t say for sure," Michael said as he searched his memory, "I
mean people could be lurking about and I might not know about it, but we’ve got
a pretty good security team here and I think they would have caught anyone. As
for threats she never told me about anything."

"Well thank you Mr. Bay, if you can think of anything further, please call
us at this number, "Carly said as she handed Michael a card only to see his
attention dragged away again.

AGAIN!!!! YOU HEAR ME, RED SHOE DIARIES!!!!" He then put the bullhorn back down
and turned to address Carly and Steve.

"I just love this thing," he said as he gently caressed the bullhorn.

"Ooookay," Carly said as she and Steve began to slowly back away from
Michael, "Well, we’ll just let you get back to your work now…"

"Wait a second," Michael said excitedly as he ran up to Steve and stared
at his face, "You’ve got the perfect look for Dead Guy #3 in one of my scenes. I
must use you…"

"Well, I don’t know what to say…" Steve stammered, "I’ve never really
done any acting since high school, and I guess I was pretty good back then. You
know I played the Pirate King once in The Pirates of Penzan-"

"Sorry the answer is no," Carly said as she interrupted Steve, "We’ve got
to get back to work."

"But you’d be perfect, absolutely perfect," Michael wailed.

"You never let me have any fun," Steve sighed as Carly led him away from
the glamour and glitz of an acting career.

"Let’s just go Olivier," Carly said, "We’ll go talk to the head of
security but I get the feeling we’re just wasting our time here."

Unfortunately Carly was so intent on literally dragging Steve away and she
barreled directly into Sandra Bullock, knocking her to the ground.

"Oh my God Carly, you just killed Sandra Bullock!" Steve exclaimed as
Carly helped the actress up.

"Hey I survived Two If By Sea, so I think I can survive a little fall,"
Sandra said as she brushed herself off, "I should have been watching where I was

"I’m really sorry, Ms. Bullock," Carly said.

"No problem," Sandra said cheerfully, "No harm done at all."

"You could take some lessons in niceness from Ms. Bullock here," Steve

"I’ll just catch up with you later," Carly said as she left in search of
the chief of security.

After staring at the actress for a few seconds, Steve finally broke the

"Ummm, Ms. Bullock," Steve said nervously before thrusting a piece of
paper in her face, "Do you think you could sign this for my Lieutenant?"

"Sure," she said, "And please call me Sandra. Now what’s your Lieutenant’s

By now Steve was so caught up in Sandra’s star power that it took him a
little bit to respond.

"I don’t remember," he said.

Later when Carly and Steve met up again with Pete and Chris they found
themselves comparing zeros.

"Unbelievable," Carly stated, "There was no one making threats against
Michelle Ryan on the set, no one saw any weirdoes hanging around the set, it
seems like everybody liked her there. Oh by the way, no one there had heard of
Lysette Andrews either, so we struck out on that angle too. We’d better just
face it, this guy is picking his victims at random. We are never going to find
any connection between these two girls."

"Of course why should this be in any way easy…hey at least you weren’t
hanging around a bunch of sex freaks today," Pete replied.

"Oh come on Pete," Chris said, "That lady in the leather shop was nice.
She even offered you a 10% discount on any purchase of a whip."

"Something I will not be taking her up on," Pete quickly stated

"You guys didn’t come up with anything at all?" Steve asked.

"Well a couple of people had heard of blood fetishes," Pete answered, "But
they didn’t know anyone who’s into it and this guy who worked in The Dungeon of
Pleasure said, ‘and I hope I never do.’ Looks like there are somethings even too
far out there for these people."

"We checked everywhere and no could tell us anything," Chris sighed, "In
every weirdo sex joint we could think of and those places are just scary, let me
tell you that. I’m afraid I may never get an erection again."

"Let’s try and steer the subject away from that," Steve interjected, "We
are just not getting anywhere right now. What if this guy is getting ready to
strike again, we’re going to have another dead girl on our hands and we’ll be no
closer to getting this guy."

"Well what do you suggest we do now?" Pete asked.

"Let’s just hope he decides to stay in tonight and play Scrabble…" Chris
said aimlessly. In the background, the sun was just beginning its descent.

By the time Tom Avery saw that Stacy Campbell was getting ready to leave,
it was already night.

"Your escort, awaits, m’lady," Tom said as Stacy put on her coat.

"Why thank you sir," Stacy said as she took hooked his arm around hers,
"Who knows what trouble a girl could find out there tonight?"

As the two walked to the door, Arnold Nash walked by and saw them with
their arms linked.

"Great trick, Stacy," he said, "Now if you can train him to be
housebroken, I’ll really be impressed."

"Pay no attention to the Philistine," Tom said.

"Good night Detective," Stacy called out to Arnie.

"Just bring him back in one piece" Arnie replied, "I hate working by
myself, there’s too much for me to do then."

Soon with Stacy safely in the parking lot, she unhooked her arm from

"Hey I thought you wanted me to walk you to your car," he protested.

"Yeah, but this is far enough," Stacy replied, "I don’t want you getting
any wild ideas. Now go back inside and I’ll see you tomorrow."

Tom then walked back up the steps, shaking his head.

"I’ll win you over some day, Stacy Campbell," he said to her as he went

"I suspect you will," Stacy said softly after she was sure Tom was inside.

She then walked to her car and as she prepared to unlock the door a hand
came from out of nowhere and grabbed her. Stacy gasped and quickly turned to see
who it was.

"Hello Stacy," Daniel said.

"Who the hell are you?" Stacy asked, her voice quaking with fear.

"I’m nobody of importance," Daniel replied, "I’m just someone who’s been
watching you Stacy."

"Look just take my money and get out of here, please leave me alone."

"Oh I don’t want your money," Daniel stated, "I’m here for something

"Oh my God, please….no," Stacy pleaded, "There are policeman in that
building over there, all I have to do is scream and they’ll be here to help me."

"But you don’t want to scream, do you Stacy?" Daniel asked as Stacy stared
into his shining blue eyes.

"No," she whispered and she was even more frightened when she realized
that she wasn’t lying. As she continued to stare into his eyes she began to feel
her fear and resistance disappear, she felt her pussy moisten as he began to run
his hands over her body.

Daniel unzipped Stacy’s jacket and ran his hands up her shirt, cupping her
breasts under the lace of her bra. Stacy moaned in pleasure and she felt her
nipples tighten from his touch.

"Please don’t stop," she whispered, her only thoughts revolving about how
much she wanted this stranger to rip off her clothes and fuck her right on top
of her car. But she sensed there was something he needed right now more than
sex, and she wanted to give it to him very badly. With a moan she tilted her
neck so Daniel could have better access to it

"Good girl," Daniel hissed, there would be time for sex later, after Stacy
had joined his family. Right now he was so very hungry. He tilted his head back
and felt his fangs extend and he moved toward her jugular.

"Hey Stacy," Tom said as he popped out of the building yet again, "I
couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t know-"

All of a sudden Tom saw Stacy leaning against her car, her face contorted
in ecstasy and a guy hovering over her. Tom couldn’t see what was going on, but
something inside him told him that this was not right, not right at all.

"HEY!" Tom shouted as he ran for the car, unholstering his gun as he got
there , "GET OFF OF HER!!!!"

Daniel hissed loudly at this interruption and before Tom got close enough,
he took off into the night. With his influence over Stacy broken, she slumped to
the ground sobbing uncontrollably.

"His eyes, his eyes…" she wailed as Tom took her into his arms and tried
to comfort her.

"WE NEED SOME HELP OUT HERE!!!" Tom shouted toward the building causing
uniformed officers to rush out to the scene. "Call an ambulance!" Tom commanded
one of the officers, "He took off down there, go after him. He’s wearing a long
black coat."

"I couldn’t help myself…" she said as tears streamed down her face.

"It’s all right," Tom said gently, "He’s gone. He’s not going to hurt

"I just couldn’t help myself," Stacy softly repeated before she passed

As Daniel sat on a rooftop, rage gripped his body. The interruption by
that detective was not going to go unpunished. If only he’d stayed behind, a
quick slash and he could have decapitated that man before he even knew what had
hit him. He had fucked up, let an opportunity pass.

But that was a mistake that Daniel was not about to repeat ever again. He
would take Stacy’s body and soul soon and no one would stop him. But now there
were other matters that needed to be taken care of. He was still hungry and his
failure before made the bloodlust grip him even harder.

At that moment an answer seemed to present itself as a lone female walked
out of a nearby building. He looked into her mind and saw all that he needed to
know: Mary Lassiter, age 26, single, beautiful yet repressed. With glee, Daniel
saw that she was of all things a Catholic school teacher. Oh this was going to
be extra fun. He felt his cock grow hard underneath his clothes because of the
promise this selection held. Daniel leapt from the rooftop and landed a short
distance in front of her.

As Mary walked toward the parking garage she kept her car in, she
chastised herself for staying so late. She’s promised her parents that she’d be
at their apartment for dinner at 7:00, and here it was almost seven already.
There just had been so many papers to grade and she hated lugging papers home.
Plus she found if she brought things home she’d always find some reason to
procrastinate on her work.

She felt a little nervous walking the streets. Her friends had warned her
to take some kind of protection with her, but she certainly wasn’t going to hold
onto any kind of weapon. As a compromise, she carried a can of pepper spray, but
she had never used it and hoped that she never would. After all she’d been
working at the school for three years now and nothing remotely dangerous had
ever happened. She was almost at the garage when a man stepped out from the
shadows directly into her path.

"Tell me Mary, have you ever been fucked in an alleyway?" Daniel asked.

"What?" she squeaked, the man had appeared out of nowhere. He knew her
name, how did he know her name?

"You heard me," Daniel calmly repeated, "Have you ever been fucked in an

"Please leave me alone," Mary said, panic running into her voice as she
tried to walk around Daniel only to have him block her path.

"No, not until you answer my question."

With that, Mary reached into her purse, grabbed her pepper spray, and
sprayed Daniel with all the force she could. He flinched and Mary took the
opportunity to run. Unfortunately, Daniel was too quick for her and he pushed
her into an alley.

"Don’t do that!" he hissed.

"I’m sorry," Mary gasped, her entire body shaking with fear, "Don’t hurt

"Mary," Daniel sighed as he gently brushed her cheek, "I’m not here to
bring you any pain, only the sweetest pleasure imaginable."

Mary began to feel a little bit of calm start deep within her. Something
about his eyes told her that this man was to be trusted. But she still knew that
she was in terrible danger.

"I’ll give you anything you want," she pleaded, tears beginning to form,
"Just please don’t hurt me."

"I believe I asked you a question earlier," Daniel stated, "I’d like an

"No," Mary whispered as she began to stare into Daniel’s eyes, the calm
inside her growing with every second.

"Do you want to get fucked in an alley?" Daniel asked.

"No!" Mary cried, "Let me go!" Out of the corners of her eyes she saw
people walking past the alley but Daniel had pushed her so far in that they
didn’t see her and when she tried to scream she couldn’t.

"You want to scream, don’t you?" Mary could only shake her head yes.

"But I don’t want you to, it would make me very angry if you did. So you
don’t want to scream anymore, do you?"

Mary shook her head no as she kept staring into Daniel’s eyes. She no
longer wanted to scream, she was beginning to trust this man and she felt
longings begin to grip her… sexual longings.

Daniel began to caress Mary’s face and when his hand dropped to gently
stroke her breasts through her clothes she didn’t protest.

"You are so beautiful," Daniel said as he removed Mary’s beret and let her
blonde hair fall free, "And yet to repress yourself to please a man who got
himself nailed to a cross. Why do you do that?"

"Because he is good…" Mary softly cried, "And you are not. No matter
what you do to me, no matter what you make me feel, you can never shake my

"He won’t come to help you now, Mary" Daniel said as he moved his hand
between Mary legs, eliciting a moan from the young teacher, "He couldn’t even
save himself when it was time. Open your mind to me, Mary. I can show you such
wonderful things."

"Nooooo," she cried, but her will was weakening rapidly as Daniel
unbuttoned her coat and pulled up her dress to her waist, he moved his free hand
to her pussy and felt the dampness. He was making her feel so good, but she knew
he was evil, she knew she had to resist.

But as he pulled her panties down and began to slowly finger fuck her she
looked into his eyes again. As she felt them pierce her brain she knew her fight
was over. Mary’s will bent to his and she let the feelings of lust that had been
building up flow freely.

"Fuck me," she whispered, a wicked smile tugging at her lips as she spoke
words she had previously been embarrassed to even think about, "I need you
inside me. You’ve made my pussy so wet."

"Good girl," Daniel said a deep smile forming on his face. He loved it
when they put up a fight, it made it more fun to turn them. He stripped off his
pants and let his rock hard cock spring into the air. Almost immediately, Mary
got on her knees and took it into her mouth. As she sucked Daniel’s cock, the
taste of the proverbial forbidden fruit made the lust continue to light her body
on fire. She had never felt this good before and she never wanted it to stop.

Though he loved the tongue play of the inexperienced woman, Daniel
realized that he had to hurry before someone came into the alley. He pulled Mary
up, a look of disappointment crossing her face at the interruption of her first
blow job, but she began to smile again when Daniel ripped her blouse and bra
off, freeing her heavy tits. He sucked on her nipples, biting each of them and
sending a mix of slight pain and heavy pleasure to Mary.

"Mmmmm so fucking good," Mary sighed, "Make me cum, I need it so bad."

With that Daniel leaned Mary up against the wall, pulled down her panties,
spread her legs, and began fucking her hard. She was no virgin, a night in
college that Mary had been ashamed of for years had taken care of that, but she
had never been taken like this and she loved every second of it.

Her pussy was getting wetter with every thrust and she began to orgasm.
Knowing that discovery could be disastrous, she muffled her screams. Then when
the orgasm hit her she felt such pleasure that she was afraid her brain would
explode. Looking into her Master’s eyes she saw what he wanted and tilted her
neck for him.

"Take me Master," she moaned, "I am yours."

Daniel buried his fangs into Mary’s neck, drinking freely as he felt his
own orgasm arrive. He shot his seed into his willing victim as he drank his
fill. Soon he began to feel her life begin to slip away and he cut himself right
above his breast.

"Drink," he commanded and she did taking as much of her master’s blood as
she could before she fell to the ground dying.

"Help me, master," Mary gasped.

"Just relax Mary," Daniel said as he redressed himself, "Let your life go,
soon you will have the powers of a Goddess. I will return for you."

"I love you," Mary as her mortal life ended. She slumped over, a small
trail of Daniel’s blood dribbling from her chin.

The rest of the day had turned up nothing more and it was a frustrated and
exhausted Chris Foster that returned to his apartment. Inside he found a note
from Amy.

"Dear Dad," it read, "Out with friends, back before eleven. Luv Ya, Amy."

"Great, now who am I going to complain to?" Chris asked the empty
apartment. Amy could be trusted not to do anything to get herself hurt so Chris
knew when she said she’d be back by eleven, she meant it. Meanwhile, seeing an
opportunity, Chris left his apartment, walked across the hall, and knocked on
Carol’s door.

When Carol opened it she saw a very disheveled Chris staring back at her.
His hear was mussed, his clothes looked like they were just hanging on him, and
he looked like he just wanted to curl up and die.

"Well hello, stranger," she said.

"I have just had a really crappy day," Chris sighed.

"Well the important thing is that you look good," Carol joked, "Come on
inside, I think you need a shower."

Chris smiled and walked inside, kissing Carol deeply as she shut the door
behind him.

Man, Mary had been fun, Daniel thought to himself as he leapt from rooftop
to rooftop. He felt the strength her blood had given him, but he was still
hungry. The fight for Mary’s will had turned on his bloodlust more than usual
and apparently one feeding tonight was not going to satisfy it. He rested a
moment to think of the appropriate place to strike next when it all of a sudden
dawned on him that the best place to go was right nearby. He could sense the
whereabouts of his target and he took off after her. Throwing all caution to the
wind, he flew through the air toward his target.

He reached the area and when he spotted the building he didn’t waste any
time getting to it. This was something he’s been wanting to do for so long,
every night his dreams had seemed to follow this exact pattern. He shoved open
the door to the trailer he had arrived at and looked with ultimate satisfaction
at a very surprised Sandra Bullock.

"Who the hell are you?" she demanded.

"Hello Sandra," Daniel said as he walked toward her, licking his lips in

A Modern Day Vampire Tale
Chapter 6: Originality in Murderers is Never Fun For the Police
(mf, vamp, celeb, mc)

Our story thus far: Daniel continues to take a lovely female victim every
night. His attempts to get Stacy as his next victim were stymied. So instead,
Catholic school teacher Mary Lambert became the third victim of the vampire.
Meanwhile the cops are becoming increasingly frustrated by the fact that they
have no body to examine in the morgue and more importantly no leads on a
suspect. Of course things are about to get worse now that Daniel has set his
sights on Sandra Bullock, who is filming a movie in D.C.

It had been a very long day shooting Death Game, and Sandra Bullock was
exhausted. She really wasn’t cut out for these types of physical roles and she
ended up each day with a new set of bruises somewhere on her body.

Normally she wouldn’t even had considered doing a movie like this. But
Speed 2 had tanked at the box office and her star was in danger of losing some
serious wattage. This movie looked like a sure fire hit. The script wasn’t as
bad as others in the genre and actually contained a fair amount of wit. Plus,
playing a cold hearted assassin seemed like a good way to show Hollywood that
she could do more than play goody two shoes types of roles.

It was after 9:00 when they’d finally finished shooting for the day and
with her first scenes scheduled to be shot at 7:30 the next morning, Sandra just
threw herself down on the bed in her trailer. Being a big Hollywood star, her
trailer was better than most people’s houses, so after calculating how long it
would take her to get back to the hotel she was staying at and how there would
undoubtedly be a stack of messages telling her which phone calls she urgently
needed to return, she decided she’d be better off spending the night in her

So Sandra just lay herself down on her bed, fully dressed, and waited for
sleep to come. Soon she drifted off into a doze, but was awaken by a sound from
outside. She tried to ignore it and go back to sleep, but all of a sudden the
door to her trailer flew open and Daniel stepped inside.

"Who the hell are you?" Sandra demanded since she was in no mood for any
type of interruption.

"Hello Sandra," Daniel said as he walked toward her, licking his lips in

"Get out of here!" Sandra shouted, "I’ll have security on your ass in

"I’m not going anywhere," Daniel stated.

"Then I am, buddy," Sandra said as she got up and attempted to push past
Daniel, "and you can bet I’ll have someone with me when I get back!"

"Sit down Sandra," Daniel said as she grabbed Sandra and held her as she
squirmed to get away.

"What do you want?" she pleaded, fear gripping her.

"I just want to give you a gift, Sandra, a wonderful gift" Daniel
answered, "I can give you eternal life and beauty."

"I can get a fucking plastic surgeon to do that," Sandra said as she hit
and kicked Daniel to no avail, "Let me go!"

"I can do so many things for you Sandra," Daniel calmly stated, "All you
have to do is beg me."

At that moment a security guard who had heard noise coming from this part
of the lot, called out to her.

"Ms. Bullock? Are you all right?" he asked.

Sandra was about to scream her lungs off and tell him to get help when
Daniel covered her mouth and stared right into her eyes. As Sandra stared into
the serene calmness of the shimmering blue orbs she felt a total relaxation
engulf her.

"Tell him everything is all right, and you don’t need any help!" Daniel
softly commanded as he took his hand away from her mouth.

Sandra’s mind was in a fog as she kept looking into Daniel’s eyes. Every
cell in her body wanted her to scream for help, but when she tried to, she

"Yes, everything is all right," Sandra said in a slow, thick voice, "I
don’t need any help."

"Are you sure," the guard shouted, "I thought I heard something."

"Thank you for your concern," Sandra stated slowly as she kept her gaze
fixated on Daniel’s eyes, "But everything is all right. I don’t need any help."

"Good girl, now we just need a little more privacy," Daniel said as the
door seemed to magically close behind him.

He pulled Sandra back toward her bed and even though inside she tried to
resist she followed obediently.

"Strip," Daniel commanded.

"No," Sandra whispered as she struggled to regain control of her free

"Don’t disobey your Master," Daniel said, "Now, strip for me Sandra. I
want to see your beautiful body."

"I won’t," she gasped but deep inside she knew this was a losing battle.
She couldn’t resist this stranger and she felt a dampness growing between her
legs. He was turning her on and she couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Daniel then pulled Sandra closer to him and as she felt the power of his
eyes seize her brain, she gave in and surrendered herself to his power. As if to
seal the deal, Daniel kissed Sandra passionately and she offered no resistance
as their tongues explored each other’s mouths.

"I would never disobey you master," Sandra said as she pulled she pulled
her shirt off over her head and unsnapped her bra.

Daniel immediately began to kiss and suckle Sandra’s firm breasts. His
tongue caused her nipples to strain into hard little peaks as her arousal raged
like a current. In response she moaned deeply and implored Daniel to go on.

"Should I take off the rest of my clothes for you Master," Sandra asked
her free will totally destroyed. She only cared about pleasing Daniel now.

Daniel nodded his head yes and with a gratified smile on her face Sandra
stood up and pulled off her jeans. Her panties were soaked as she seductively
slid them down her legs, showing Daniel her neatly trimmed black bush.

"Do I please you?" Sandra asked as she lovingly ran her hands all over her
body. Her pussy was dripping as she felt Daniel’s eyes roam all over her nude
form and her juices began to run down her legs.

"Very much so," Daniel said as he pulled his clothes off, "Come to me."

Sandra embraced her now nude master and resumed kissing him as he ran his
hands over her body. Daniel lay Sandra down as she moaned in anticipation.

"May I suck your cock?" she asked with a grin.

Without a word, Daniel pushed Sandra down his body and she eagerly took
him into her mouth. Daniel groaned in pleasure as she ran her tongue over his
cock. Years of the casting couch in Hollywood had obviously forced her to become
talented at this. He felt his orgasm about to hit, so he pulled Sandra up and
spread her legs.

"Please fuck me Master," Sandra pleaded.

Daniel was getting immensely turned on by how much the Hollywood star was
enjoying her submissive role. Perhaps he had allowed some buried element in
Sandra to come alive. Daniel kissed every inch of Sandra’s body, enjoying his
chance to live out the fantasy of a great deal of the world’s male population.
Sandra moaned and cried as he kissed her, begging her Master to fuck her.

When Daniel finally entered her pussy she cried out loudly. She had never
felt this good, her entire body was overflowing with pleasurable sensations and
she was ready to do anything for her master. Her orgasm soon hit her, but just
when it seemed like the pleasurable quakes had stopped she felt another one
building up.

With the rising of the sun hours and hours away Daniel could afford to
take his time and lavish attention on Sandra. They were soon caught up in what
seemed to Sandra like an endless fuck and she hoped it would never end. After
she came more times than she thought she ever could they collapsed in her bed.

"Now Sandra," Daniel calmly said as he felt his fangs extend, "there’s
something I have to do now."

Sandra immediately knew what he wanted and she couldn’t wait for him to
take it.

"Oh please master," she mewed, "Take all you need. I love you." He leaned
down to her neck and Sandra screamed in pleasure when he pierced her flesh with
his fangs, her blood flowing freely into his mouth. He drank his fill and then
kissed Sandra again, letting her taste her own blood.

He then reopened the wound he had just made for Mary and let Sandra drink
the crimson liquid that came out. She drank deep and long before she began to
gasp, her life slipping away. As she lay dying, Daniel redressed himself and
leaned over her.

"Just let it happen," he said in a reassuring manner, "I will return for
you at sundown."

"Noooo…." Sandra weakly gasped, "I want to be with you now. Take me with
you master, please…"

Daniel was struck by that request and as Sandra began to draw her last
breaths he picked her up.

"Thank you master," Sandra murmured before she died in his arms.

As Daniel took off into the night sky, he pondered this development. He
had been able to dominate her so completely, more so than any of his other
victims and he reasoned that his powers were increasing, with every life he
took. Anyway this was a good thing, it might have been difficult to get Sandra’s
body back without drawing unnecessary attention to himself. Daniel entered his
home and congratulated himself on his two big successes, which had eased the
pain of his earlier failure. Oh well that was something he could take care of
tomorrow. The thoughts of the lovely Stacy Campbell joining his little family
made him smile evilly.

It was late into the night when the phone began to ring, waking up at
least one of the occupants of the apartment.

Amy Foster sleepily made her way into the kitchen to answer the phone, an
earthquake couldn’t wake her father.

"Hello," the groggy teenager murmured into the phone.

"Amy?" Lieutenant Lawrence Smith asked from the other end.

"Uh-huh," she replied.

"It’s Lieutenant Smith, please put your father on."

"Hold on," Amy said as she put the phone down and walked into her father’s
room only to fine him sleeping soundly.

"Dad, it’s for you," Amy said as she shook her father gently.

"What?" a disoriented Chris Foster said.

"The phone, Dad," Amy said, "it’s for you. It’s your Lieutenant."

That got Chris up in a hurry and he grabbed the phone next to the bed.

"Lieutenant, it’s three in the morning. What is it?"

"Chris I need you to get your brother and get down here. We’ve got another
victim, it’s real bad."

"Shit, give me the address," Chris said as he copied it down, "We’ll get
down there ASAP."

He then hung up the phone and turned to Amy.

"I’ve got to go sweetheart," he said as he got out of bed, "Make sure the
door is locked behind me."

"What is it?" Amy asked concern covering her face.

"Don’t worry, it’s nothing," Chris answered forcing bravado into his
voice, "Just be careful today."

Twenty minutes later Chris and Pete were standing in the alley where Mary
Lassiter’s body had been discovered earlier that night. A light drizzle had
begun to fall and combined with the darkness of the night and the flashing blue
and red of the police lights, it seemed as though the scene was captured in some
eerie glow.

"It’s not good," Carly said as she approached the Foster brothers.

"It never is," Pete replied.

"Mary Lassiter, age 26," Carly read aloud from her notes, "She was a
fucking Catholic school teacher, for Christ’s sake. The press is going to be all
over us about this one. Apparently this woman was known for being some kind of
latter day saint."

"Was it just like the others?" Chris asked.

"Well Vincent just arrived for the body and said he’d have something more
for us in a few hours, but it looked like it to me," Carly answered.

"A fucking serial killer," Chris said shaking his head.

"It doesn’t make sense," Pete replied.

"What do you mean?" Carly asked.

"If it is the same guy," Pete answered, "Then this new victim doesn’t
match the others. The only link we had between the first two was that they had
no nearby family or close ties to the community. They were killed in their
bedrooms after engaging in consensual sex. But here we’ve got someone who’s a
fixture in the area and is killed in the alley. Plus do you think a Catholic
School teacher is the type of person who just runs off into the alley to have
sex. It doesn’t fit."

"Well it’s pretty obvious he’s picking his victims at random," Chris
replied, "You think this might have been a rape?"

"It would make more sense if it was," Pete said. "This whole is just not
fitting anything we’ve ever seen. Three girls in their mid twenties who have to
our knowledge never exhibited any kinky or strange sexual behavior in the past,
just go off with some guy, have sex with him, and drink his blood? It just
doesn’t make sense at all. We have no leads still, it’s like we’re chasing a
fucking ghost here who comes out at night and disappears in the daytime!"

"Check it out," Steve said as he joined the other detectives and pointed
to the car pulling up, "I think we’re about to get some big time visitors."

The car stopped and when the doors opened, Captain William Carter, Police
Commissioner Brandon Doyle, and Washington D.C. Mayor Marion Barry came out.

"Holy shit," Carly remarked, "it’s a fucking red ball now."

The three other detectives nodded their beads in part of frustration and
part acceptance. Red ball was a term assigned to the high profile cases that
garnered intense media and public attention. When a case was termed a red ball
that meant all other investigations were more or less pushed to the side for the
next few days and all efforts of the police department were to be concentrated
on solving the case fast.

"Guess we’re going to have a lot of extra men on this one," Steve

"Reckon so," Chris agreed as the three recently arrived men met up with
Lieutenant Smith and walked up to the detectives.

"Detectives," Captain Carter began, as he bunched up his rain coat in
response to the increasing rain, "I believe we can dispense with the
introductions here and get right down to business. We’re going to make these
murders our highest priority starting now. We’re going to be working this one 24
hours a day if we have to."

"All overtime necessary will be approved," Mayor Barry stated, "The press
is going to be all over this one once word hits about the third victim so we
need to look as though the police are on top of things and are close to making
an arrest."

Turning to Lieutenant Smith, Mayor Barry continued, "Your men are on top
of this aren’t they?"

"Your Honor, all of my detectives will be on this case starting now,"
Lawrence answered, "We will get the man responsible."

"As well as Lieutenant Smith’s Detectives," Commissioner Doyle added,
"We’ll be assigning the second shift of detectives to the case and we’ll be
bringing in extra detectives from sex crimes to help with the investigation."

"All right," Mayor Barry said after taking the information in, "That’s
what I want to hear. I’m going to be addressing the media this morning. The
people of Washington D.C. need to know it’s safe to walk the streets at night.
Brandon, I’m going to want you and William to speak at the press conference."

"We’ll be ready," Captain Carter stated.

"Very good," the Mayor said as he walked back to the car.

"Don’t make us look like assholes on this one Lawrence," Captain Carter
stated firmly after he turned his attention back to the detectives, "The public
is going to want to know that we’re close to an arrest on this one."

"We’ll get the man," Lawrence assured his superiors before they walked
back to the car as well.

"Okay," Lawrence said after they had left, "I’m going to get every
available person off the street and into the squad room. I’m going to need you
four to brief everyone in a few hours. Pressure’s on here, you can and you will
do this." With that Lawrence left as well, leaving the four detectives standing
silently in the rain.

"We have to make sure Vincent does a full comparison on both bodies we
have," Chris finally said, "we should see if there are any differences between
the Michelle Ryan and Mary Lassiter. Maybe that can lead to something."

"I’ll call him," Steve said as he walked to a pay phone.

"What do you think Carly?" Pete asked.

"I’m totally out to sea here without a paddle," Carly answered, "We’ve got
nothing to go on and now the spotlight is shining right on us."

Over at the pay phone, Steve was apparently yelling into the receiver,
leading his fellow detectives to wonder what was wrong.

"Steve? What’s up?" Chris shouted over to him.

"The body’s gone!" Steve shouted back, "Michelle Ryan’s corpse has been
fucking stolen!"

"I thought we had a guy guarding everything tonight!" Carly contended.

"We did!" Steve shouted, "He blacked out or something and now the body is
fucking gone!!!!" Steve then began to slam the phone against the side of the
building in frustration.

Carly, Pete, and Chris just stood there in stunned silence for a few

"We are so fucked…" Pete finally stated.

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