Bloodlust [Chapter 13a-b]

A Modern Day Vampire Tale
Chapter 13: Last One Out Gets the Lights
(ff, vamp, mc)

Our story thus far: after his attempts to get Amy were rudely interrupted,
Daniel stopped by the Spice Girls concert for a snack. And since time forced him
to go for take out, he grabbed Emma (aka Baby Spice) and flew off into the
night. Fortunately, our heroes were in hot pursuit and, with the remaining Spice
Girls secretly following them, they reached Daniel’s lair in an abandoned
factory. Now, our heroes are about to enter the factory and face off against

Daniel in a final battle.

We have reached the end of our journey and I want to take the time to
thank everyone who has sent me encouragement throughout the two weeks I’ve been
doing this. Your words kept me from getting discouraged when I began to get
inevitable doubts about whether this thing was any good. I thank you once again.

I also want to give a special thanks to He is the author
of Roadside, an excellent vampire story I highly recommend you go off and find
at the Mind Control Archive. He helped me through
this writing process as he gave me excellent feedback on every chapter and kept
my plot focused and sharp. I couldn’t have finished this without his help and I
can’t thank him enough.

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As the group marched toward the entrance of the abandoned factory, they
wore masks of bravado when in fact they were as frightened as small children.
One look inside the factory saw that it had been not been used for industry for
quite awhile. A thick layer of dust covered everything as cobwebs connected the
machines and equipment that had been left behind by the previous occupants.
Boxes were stacked high and clutter lay everywhere.

But there was also something else about this factory, there was a chill in
the air. A sense of doom and death had taken up residence in the building and
had invaded every corner of it. The building was vast and dark with seemingly
endless places to search. A long row of stairs extended to the top floor of the
structure where the now empty offices stood.

"This is a really bad place," Steve remarked in a low voice.

"They are violating so many different fire codes here," Chris added as he
studied the terrain.

"Well remind me in the morning and we’ll have someone come in and take a
look," Pete replied.

"How big do you think this place is?" Tom asked.

"Pretty fucking big," Chris answered..

"That’s helpful," Tom replied.

"Where is he?" Carly asked, "I was expecting an attack the minute we
stepped through the door."

"Maybe he’s not here," Steve hopefully suggested.

"Oh he’s here," Gordon stated, "He’s here and he’s waiting."

When Arnie had woken up that morning he never could have imagined the way
the day would turn out. He had foolishly assumed that a man coming into a morgue
and breaking his arm would be the weirdest event of his life, but he was way
off, way way off.

So here he was at the end of the day, babysitting four members of an
insanely popular pop rock group while his fellow detectives went about hunting a
vampire. This case was definitely one for the autobiography, Arnie decided.

Sighing, he turned and saw that the girls were all huddled together in

"What’s going on over there?" Arnie asked.

"Nothing officer," Mel C. answered.

"We were just saying what a wonderful job your friends were doing," Mel B.

"I’m sure you were," Arnie replied, a fair degree of skepticism creeping
into his voice. "Look why don’t you just go back to your hotel or wherever
you’re staying, we can handle this."

"Why are you so mean to us?" Geri asked as the girls walked toward Arnie.

"We’re not being mean," Arnie explained, "We just don’t want you girls to
get hurt. This guy’s a madman. My friends are pros, they’ll get Emma out nice
and safe."

"See, I knew you were the nice one," Geri said, "Those other Detectives
are the mean ones. You’ll talk to us straight."

"Maybe we can help your friends," Mel B. offered.

"We’re very helpful girls," Mel C. chimed in.

"C’mon, pleaseeeee!" Geri begged as Mel B. stroked Arnie’s cheek.

"I don’t think that’s such a good idea," Arnie contended as he stepped
back from the girls. "You see we can’t just let civilians go in and-"

But that was all Arnie got to say before Victoria smacked him on the head
with a beer bottle they had found in the car. He yelped in surprise before he
hit the ground, unconscious.

"Oh my God I killed him!" Victoria exclaimed, "I knew I’d hit him too

"Chill Victoria," Geri said as she leaned down to check on Arnie, "He’s
fine, he’ll just have a bump on his noggin and a splitting headache when he
wakes up."

"Besides that was our only of getting inside," Mel B. contended, "Now
let’s go rescue Emma, before those bloody cops shoot her full of holes."

With that Mel B., Mel C., and Geri headed for the entrance. Victoria
paused to lay down the bottle on the ground and lean in close to Arnie.

"Sorry," she said to the unconscious Detective before joining the others.

"What do we do when we get inside?" Victoria asked her friends when she
caught up with them.

"We’ll split up," Geri said, "And whoever finds Emma will shout for the

Meanwhile, the Detectives had already split up, with everyone getting into
pairs and each searching a section of the building. Tom and Gordon searched the
left side, Carly and Steve the right, while Chris and Pete climbed up toward a
row of offices on top.

Chris and Pete climbed up the stairs as they headed for the top floor.

"Hey Chris," Pete said, "Next time we go off to hunt a vampire, let’s pick
one with a one floor hideout."

"Or at least one with an elevator that works," Chris gasped, "You’d think
that one big flight of stairs wouldn’t be so much for us."

"We should have exercised more," Pete offered.

"Who knew," Chris replied. "You think Daniel’s up here?"

"Top floor makes sense," Pete reasoned.

"With our luck there’s another set of stairs after this one," Chris

The search continued as each team scoured their floor. The Spice Girls had
separated by then and were attempting both to search for Emma and stay out of
the way of the Detectives.

Victoria crept up to the top floor with much more ease than Chris and Pete
did. Keeping herself as silent as she could, Victoria followed a few steps
behind inside the dark as Chris and Pete checked each office door. Victoria
reasoned that all she had to do was stay behind them as they searched for Emma
and if they found her, she’d just run up to help and make sure she wasn’t hurt.

Chris and Pete were mid way down the left hand side of the floor as they
found empty office after empty office.

Chris tried to open the door to one, but found it was locked.

"Oh great," he sighed, "Now what? I don’t suppose anyone left a key laying

"Hold on a second," Pete said, "I brought a master key." With that Pete
withdrew his gun and shot off the lock to the door.

"Pretty useful key you got there," Chris remarked as they entered the

"It does the trick for me," Pete replied.

The two were stopped cold as they picked up the scent that was all over
the room.

"I think someone left the milk out too long," Pete gasped.

"Whoa!" Chris added, "What the hell is that?"

"I have no idea," Pete said, "But if I had to guess, this might very well
be the scent of death."

"Well whatever it is, that’s a stench I’m going to remember," Chris

"He’s got to be in here somewhere," Pete said as he began to shine a
flashlight around the room.

But a search through the room turned up nothing more than the bad scent.

"Maybe he’s in the next one over," Chris suggested.

"Maybe," Pete agreed as they walked out, the walkway surrounding the
offices creaking as they did.

"These floors are none too sturdy," Pete remarked, "Good thing I’m not

After Chris and Pete had looked into the next office, Victoria continued
to silently move behind them. But as she passed the office the pair had just
been in, Victoria thought she heard something.

The singer stopped in her tracks and a second later she heard the voice

"Victoria…" it whispered and Victoria recognized it immediately as

"Help me…" Emma softly cried and Victoria rushed into the office. Her
eyes took a second to adjust to the darkness but when she did, she saw Emma
sprawled out on the old desk that lay there. Her clothes were tattered and
Victoria immediately noticed blood stains on them. The scent of the room then
hit her, causing her to stagger a bit, but she quickly recovered and rushed to
her friend’s aid.

"Oh thank God! Emma, are you all right?" Victoria cried.

"I’m okay," Emma sighed as she hugged her friend, "He did such horrible
things to me, Victoria."

"You’re safe, now Em," Victoria assured the girl, "Let’s go find the
others and get you out of here."

"No!" Emma cried as she pulled Victoria down to the desk with her, "Stay
with me, I’m so scared!"

"It’s all right, Emma it’s all right," Victoria said as she ran her hands
through Emma’s hair, "He won’t hurt you now!"

"He’s out there!" Emma cried as she hugged Victoria, "You have to help

"I will," Victoria said, "We’ll get you out of here."

"Thank you," Emma sighed, "I love you so much Victoria."

Emma then leaned up and kissed Victoria’s cheek lightly. The girls had
kissed each other lots of times, but this time Victoria felt a chill run up her
body. The singer couldn’t decide whether the chill was from fear or from
something else, but before she could mull it over any more, Emma kissed Victoria
on the lips.

Another chill ran up her, but this time Victoria knew that it certainly
wasn’t from fear, Emma was turning her on!

"Did you like that?" Emma asked.

"Yes," Victoria whispered.

"Then you’ll love this," Emma promised as she kissed her friend again full
on the lips. Emma’s tongue snaked into Victoria’s mouth, where it was happily
accepted, and soon the pair were kissing passionately. But just as suddenly as
it had begun, it ended when Victoria pushed Emma away.

"What are we doing?" she gasped as she sought to catch her breath.

"I think it’s perfectly obvious what we’re doing," Emma replied with a

"But we have to get out of here," Victoria said, "We’re in danger."

"Why don’t you just forget about that for a little bit and kiss me again,"
Emma sighed.

"What’s wrong with you?" Victoria cried. They had to get out of here, and
instead of running they were kissing.

"Nothing is wrong, Victoria," Emma claimed as she began to gently stroke
Victoria’s cheek, "Just relax and let this happen."

"He’ll kill us," Victoria protested, but by now she was fighting off her
own raging desires as well. She found it harder and harder to resist as she
stared into Emma’s shimmering blue eyes. The look of those eyes was driving
Victoria wild and all thoughts of danger and death were pushed aside as she felt
her pussy begin to moisten. Tiny fires seemed to flicker in Emma’s eyes and
Victoria found herself unable, or perhaps unwilling to look away.

"We can’t…" Victoria softly said, but she didn’t believe her own words.

"Yes we can," Emma replied and as if to emphasize her point she began to
kiss Victoria again.

This time there was no resistance whatsoever as the pair began dueling
tongues. They lay down on the old desk together as Emma began running her hands
over her bandmate’s body, eliciting moans from Victoria. Emma reached underneath
Victoria’s dress and slowly removed her panties. She then bunched the dress up
at Victoria’s waist and admired her friend’s pussy.

"This is going to feel so good," Emma promised before sliding a finger
into Victoria’s pussy. The sensations began to hit Victoria immediately and she
inhaled sharply.

"Oh God that’s amazing," Victoria moaned as Emma continued to finger fuck
her, "Please don’t stop."

"I knew you just needed to relax a bit," Emma said as she leaned in to
kiss Victoria again. The blonde girl then removed her fingers from Victoria’s
dripping pussy and, moving down her body quickly, she replaced them with her

Any concerns over maniacs were long gone and rational thought had long
since ceased for the Spice they called Posh. Emma’s finger play had made her
feel as good as she ever felt, and when she felt the blonde girl’s tongue begin
to lap at her pussy, Victoria screamed in ecstasy

"Lick me Emma!" Victoria cried, "Lick my wet pussy! Please make me cum!"

The cries drove Emma on and she increased her speed. Soon enough her
efforts brought forth a reward as Victoria came onto her face. Emma lapped up as
much of her juices as she could before moving back up and kissing Victoria

"Oh my God Em!" Victoria sighed as she and Emma embraced, "That was
incredible. I want to make you feel good too. Let me please you!"

"There’s no time right now," Emma said sadly, "There are people here who
wish to destroy us."

"What?" Victoria asked as her quenched desire gave way again to the
feelings of fear and confusion.. She looked and saw that Emma’s eyes had turned
blood red and fangs had extended from her gums. Victoria suddenly realized that
the man had been right, there were vampires, and she struggled to get away.

"Don’t struggle," Emma hissed, "It only hurts for a second. Then we’ll be
together forever. Give yourself over to our me and then we can join our Master.
We’ll go and find the rest of our mates.

Victoria tried to resist but she knew that she couldn’t. The more Emma
said the more it made sense. Victoria’s desires began to rage again as she
thought about the bliss that would await her, her and the other girls. They
could be sisters and lovers rolled into one. And their Master would protect
them, Victoria couldn’t wait to meet him. He would be strong and beautiful, she
just knew it.

"You know it’s what you want," Emma urged and as soon as she saw Victoria
relent, she buried her fangs in her neck. Victoria’s blood flowed freely into
Emma’s mouth and she drank as much as she could.

Emma then heard a chuckling sound behind her and she saw that Daniel had
joined them. Daniel had been fortunate early on to find the secret room that had
been connected to this office. Who knows what the previous occupant had used it
for, drinking scotch in the morning? Fucking his secretary? Smoking crack? It
didn’t matter, all that mattered was that it made a good hiding place for Daniel
and his brides.

"Did I do well, Master?" Emma asked as Victoria’s blood ran from her lips
and down her chin.

"You did just fine, Emma," Daniel said as he took off his shirt and cut
open the wound on his chest, "But she must feed so she can cross over."

"Master?" Victoria hoarsely asked.

"Yes, Victoria, I am your Master. You must drink now," Daniel commanded
and Victoria eagerly complied. The scars on his face were long gone, thanks to
the boost he had gotten from Emma’s blood.

"You promise you won’t hurt my mates," Emma asked as Victoria greedily
drank from Daniel.

"I won’t hurt them," Daniel moaned, "I will bring them over and they will
never feel pain again."

"Well that’s every office on the floor," Chris sighed as their search

"There’s got to be something up here," Pete insisted.

"All evidence to the contrary," Chris replied, "Let’s check in."

"Good idea," Pete said as he reached for his radio. "This is Pete, we
can’t find him up here."

"Nothing down here either," Carly replied.

"I can’t find a soul," Tom added.

"Let’s regroup down here," Steve suggested, "I don’t like being split up."

"Let’s do that," Pete agreed, "He’s here somewhere, I know it."

Chris and Pete then walked down the stairs and found everyone else
gathered in a group.

"Where the hell can he be?" Carly asked.

"Maybe he had some kind of back exit or something," Pete offered, "I can’t
find any trace of him. Nothing up there but some weird smelling office."

"What do you mean?" Gordon demanded.

"I mean it smelled like a dead animal or something," Pete replied.

"Oh my God!" Gordon, "That’s where he’s been hiding during the day! You’ve
got to take me there!"

"Yeah it’s right upstairs," Chris began, but before he could go on he was
interrupted by boxes being knocked over.

"It’s him!" Tom declared as he and Steve crept toward the source of the
noise, but when they got there they saw that it wasn’t Daniel at all, it was
merely Mel B.

"Oh great," Carly sighed, "What the hell are you doing in here?"

"Where’s Arnie?" Tom demanded.

"He’s fine," Mel B. replied defiantly, "He’s just taking a little nap."

"What the hell did you do to him?" Tom asked.

"We hit him over the head with a bottle," Geri said as she and Mel C. came
out of the shadows, "We didn’t want to, but we had to."

"I ought to arrest you right now for assaulting an officer!" Pete stated,
"We better check if he’s okay."

"Wait a minute," Mel C. interjected, "Where’s Victoria?"

"Yeah, she was following you two," Geri said as she pointed toward Chris
and Pete.

"We didn’t see her," Chris declared.

"She was right behind you," Mel C. insisted.

"Nevertheless, we didn’t see her," Pete said in annoyance, "Tom go check
on Arnie, make sure he’s still breathing."

But before Tom could get toward the door, a deep mocking laugh began.
Everyone jerked their heads up immediately to see Daniel standing on the walkway
around the offices. As everyone stared, Daniel was joined by Sandra, Sarah,
Lysette, Mary, Emily, Stacy, and Emma.

"Oh my God, it’s Emma!" Mel B. cried out.

Emma responded by smiling and baring her new fangs for her friends.

"The gang is all here," Daniel said, "And it looks like you’ve brought
some friends with you."

"What did you do to her!" Geri screamed.

"You’ll find out soon enough," Daniel said as he grinned.

"Oh God, we’re so dead," Steve stated in a panicked tone.

"Hold it together, Stevie," Carly insisted.

"This feels like the end of The Wild Bunch," Chris stated.

"Aren’t they all dead at the end of The Wild Bunch?" Pete asked.

"Yup," was Chris’ simple reply.

"So this is how it ends," Gordon declared as he and the Detectives formed
a semi-circle to repel the attack.

"This is how it ends for you old man," Daniel replied, "I am going to
enjoy this!"

There was silence for the next bit, as the seconds ticked by as though
they were hours. Each side seemed to be waiting for the other to make the first

"Enough," Pete declared,. "Let’s kick some ass!"

So with that he hurled a vial of holy water up toward the walkway. It
missed it’s target, but it did the job of breaking the tension. The eerie calm
had ended and now it was time for action.

"YOU’RE GOING TO DIE!!!" Daniel screamed as he jumped from the walkway and
lunged toward the humans on the ground. His brides quickly followed him and soon
they landed and attacked.

Carly was quickly knocked to the ground by Lysette and dragged off into a

"CARLY!" Steve screamed but his attentions were soon occupied by Sandra,
who smacked the Detective hard across the face.

"You knocked me down before asshole," she hissed as her fangs extended,
"I’m going to make you pay for that!"

"RUN!!!" Mel B. screamed at her bandmates as they scattered to all corners
of the building.

Daniel meanwhile had found Chris as his target.

"You killed Michelle," the vampire spat out, "You’ll pay." Daniel then
lunged for Chris only to be stopped by Gordon.

"I’m the one you want Daniel!" Gordon shouted as he withdrew his dagger.
"Why don’t I show you what an old man can do?"

A Modern Day Vampire Tale
Chapter 13b: Last One Out Gets the Lights

The chaos continued as vampires battled humans. "I can’t believe Stacy ever
liked you," Emily hissed as she pursued a fleeing Tom. "Where is she?" he
demanded. "Oh I think you’ll run into her very soon," Emily said as she began to
laugh, "She really wants to see you and finish what she started in the station."

With Daniel’s attention grabbed by Gordon, Chris took the opportunity and tried
to get away. But he couldn’t get very far before Mary leapt upon him and pinned
him to the ground. "Oh shit! Out of the frying pan…" Chris sighed as he
struggled to get away. "And right into the fire…" Mary replied as she lunged
toward Chris’ neck. But before she could get to it, Mary screamed out in pain as
Pete ran up from behind and drove a stake right into her. Blood poured out from
the wound as Mary lurched up and tried to pull the stake out. "What the hell us
going on?" A blood soaked Chris asked after he’d gotten up. "I think I missed
the heart," Pete speculated as Mary continued struggle with the wooden shaft
stuck in her chest. "Guess we should try again," Chris decided as he withdrew a
stake. He took a long look at the snarling creature before him,. She was so far
gone from the sweet girl who had been viscously murdered and whose soul had been
corrupted. As Chris grasped the stake, he flashed back to his meeting with
Mary’s parents and the anguish and grief that had seemed to flow from them. It
was time to give their baby the peace she needed. So without any further
hesitation Chris thrust the stake into Mary’s heart. An unearthly scream emitted
from the vampire before she fell to the ground, her face showing that peace had
once again returned to Mary’s soul.

Carly was struggling with Lysette and the vampire seemed to have the upper hand.
The Detective reached for her cross, but before she could, Lysette grasped her
hand and began to squeeze. The vampire squeezed so hard that Carly began to hear
the sickening crunch of bones breaking and blood began to leak from her hand.
Carly dropped her cross and Lysette took the opportunity to knock her to the
ground. Lysette then pounced on the fallen Detective, digging a claw into
Carly’s side. Carly screamed as the pain coursed through her body, blood was
flowing freely from her side as she made a last ditch effort to survive. The
Detective frantically reached into her pocket until she grasped what she had
been searching for, her cigarette lighter. As she began to feel Lysette’s hot
breath grow closer to her neck, Carly flicked the lighter and set the sleeve of
Lysette’s gown on fire. "What the fuck?" Lysette asked as flames began to crawl
up her arm. Momentarily forgetting about Carly she began to wave her arm around
in an effort to stop the flame, but the added oxygen only made the fire worse
and soon Lysette’s gown was completely on fire. The flames began to burn into
the vampire’s flesh and Carly then knocked the vampire away and into a group of
boxes and rags that quickly became part of the fire. Lysette’s screams echoed
through the factory as the fire burned away at her. The vampire leapt out of the
fire, but the flames kept coursing over her body until it seemed as if she were
a walking torch. But still Lysette attempted to attack Carly, only to be finally
stopped when the Detective casually took out the machete Gordon had given her
and sliced off Lysette’s head. Blood continued to pour down Carly’s side as she
limped away to find Steve. Her right hand was completely useless and her wound
slowed her down considerably, but she continued to search for her partner.

But at that moment Steve was in a precarious situation. Sandra had him pinned to
the ground as she licked her lips in anticipation. "I think I’ll make you my
personal slave," Sandra hissed, "You will do my every bidding." Steve continued
to try and struggle, but as Sandra stared at him he felt his will to fight
decreasing. The pure weirdness of the situation overwhelmed him. A few days ago
he’d been living a normal life, but now he was on the verge of being killed by,
of all people, Sandra Bullock. Being killed by a movie star turned vampire was
not how he had envisioned dying, but as he saw the fires in her eyes flicker it
seemed a more appealing prospect. He momentarily relaxed, and Sandra took her
chance and buried her fangs in Steve’s neck. Steve gasped in pleasure/pain as
Sandra’s fangs pierced his flesh. She drank freely of him, her attention
occupied by the man she sought to do her first vampirization of. But the
attention she paid to Steve allowed Carly to get the drop on her. "NO!" Carly
screamed, and as fast as she could she ran toward her fallen partner. Carly, who
was operating on pure adrenaline at this point, pushed Sandra off of Steve and
before the vampire could respond the Detective drove a stake right into her
heart. "God damn it! I think I’m getting good at this!" was all Carly could
think of to say. But then she saw that she hadn’t jammed in the stake far enough
and even though blood poured from the wound, Sandra was still alive. Carly just
watched as the demon died and the human soul regained control of Sandra. Her
face softened as she grimaced in great pain. "Please…" Sandra whispered as she
gestured to the stake. Wordlessly, Carly did what she knew she had to do as she
jammed in the stake further, ending Sandra’s torment. Steve was floating back
and forth from unconsciousness and Carly stood in a panic as she saw her partner
dying in front of her. A thousand thoughts at once swirled around her head and
all of a sudden she seized upon an idea, it was silly, but then again this whole
situation was bizarre. Carly remembered a late night movie she’d seen years ago.
It was called Brides of Dracula or something and she remembered a scene where
Peter Cushing got bit by a vampire. He’d used a cross to close the wounds and
since no other ideas came to Carly’s mind she reasoned that this was better than
nothing. She quickly used her one good hand to grab her cross and she held it up
against the flowing wound on Steve’s neck. To her amazement, the cross began to
burn into Steve’s flesh, cauterizing the wound. Smoke began to wisp up and Carly
began to gag from the smell of burning flesh, but she held steady with the
cross. Soon the wound had closed and Carly struggled to move her unconscious
partner to safety. "You owe me so big," Carly grunted as she moved Steve away
from the fire, which was beginning to burn with greater speed.

Gordon’s stab with his dagger, cut right into Daniel’s flesh, but missed the
target of the vampire’s heart. Gordon tried again but this time Daniel caught
the vampire hunter’s hand before he could strike. The fire was raging and was
slowly, but surely spreading around the factory as the pair struggled. Both were
using all their strength to wrest control of the dagger from the other. "If I
don’t kill you, someone else will," Gordon grunted. "You have no idea of the
forces at play here old man," Daniel replied, through clenched teeth. "Your kind
will never rule again," Gordon said. "The war is starting here," Daniel stated
as he drew the extra strength he needed to grab control of the dagger and plunge
it into Gordon’s chest. Gordon fell back immediately, blood flowing freely from
his chest. "If you can’t stop me, who will?" Daniel asked with a grin. He came
up to the fallen hunter and pushed the dagger in deeper. "You will not win,"
Gordon haltingly said as he drew in short, ragged breaths. Then with a gasp, he
fell to the ground.

As soon as the battle had started, the remaining Spice Girls had run with two
goals in mind. First to find Emma and Victoria and get out of there as soon as
they could. The three had split up to search for their lost friends and as Mel
C. ducked the carnage, she saw Victoria through the smoke. Mel C. ran to her
friend, but she immediately stopped when she saw the wound on Victoria’s neck
and the hungry look in her eyes. "Oh no!" Mel cried as Victoria crept closer to
her. She wasn’t sure what the hell was going on here, but she knew that whatever
had happened to Emma had happened to Victoria. "Melanie," Victoria sighed, her
voice soft and full of love. "What did he do to you?" Mel cried in fear and
pain. "It’s so wonderful Melanie," Victoria said as she came up to her friend.
"I resisted too at first but Emma showed me how beautiful the change is. I can
show you such wonderful things." "Oh please Victoria no," Mel sighed as her will
to run began to disappear. "Don’t do this!" "Kiss me," Victoria sighed as she
embraced Mel, "Then we can join Emma and our Master forever." Every lesson Mel
had learned from the horror movies she had seen told her to pick up the piece of
wood lying on the ground near them and plunge it into Victoria’s heart, but she
couldn’t. She couldn’t kill her friend. And anyway as she looked deeply in
Victoria’s eyes, it began to become clear to her. This was the path to eternal
love and pleasure. Mel then offered no resistance when Victoria pressed her lips
up against hers and began to kiss her passionately/ Soon their tongues were
intertwined and as chaos reigned around them, the two continued to kiss. Mel’s
arousal was at such a high point by then that she all of a sudden came in the
middle of the kiss. As the pleasurable sensations of her orgasm shook Mel’s
body, Victoria’s fangs extended and she buried them in Mel’s neck. Victoria
drank deeply, loving the taste of Mel’s blood. Breaking away from her feast,
Victoria then slipped down the top of her dress to expose her breasts. She then
made a small cut on the top of her right breast and gently pushed the entranced
Mel toward it. "Drink," Victoria commanded, and Mel complied as quickly as she
could. Blood trickled out of the wound and Mel lapped it up, feeling the effects
almost immediately. But before they could go any further, the pair was rudely
interrupted by Pete who thrust a cross in Victoria’s face. Victoria hissed in
pain when she saw the cross. Mel slipped away from her body and collapsed on the
floor. Pete then withdrew a stake and began walking closer to the frozen
Victoria. "Sorry," Pete muttered as he rose the stake, but before he could his
arm was grabbed from behind. The Detective quickly turned his head to see who it
was. He was expecting a ravenous vampire, but he instead saw Geri. "What the
hell are you doing?" Geri demanded of Pete. "I’ve got to kill her!" Pete shouted
as he violently pulled his arm away from Geri’s grasp. "Oh no you won’t!" Geri
shouted back, "I won’t let you!" "For God’s sake she’s a vampire!" Pete said as
he continued to hold Victoria at bay with the cross, "Look what she just did to
your friend!" "We can help her!" Geri insisted, "I won’t let you kill my
friends!" "Fuck you!" Pete spat at Geri and once again lunged at Victoria. But,
acting as quick as she could, Geri reached into Pete’s holster and pulled out
his gun. She clicked off the safety and pointed it straight at Pete’s head. The
Detective froze instantly. "Put that gun down you stupid bitch," Pete said, his
fear masked by bravado again, "I’ve seen what these things can do! I have to
kill them!" "Let Victoria go!" Geri insisted as she kept the gun aimed at Pete’s

Meanwhile Tom had managed to corner Emily, and as she searched for a way out, he
withdrew his stake. "This is for Stacy," he said as he moved forward, but as he
did Stacy leapt out from the shadows and tackled Tom, knocking the stake right
out of his hand. They rolled around for a bit before she pinned him. "What’s the
matter, Tom?" Stacy hissed her fangs extended and her eyes blood red, "Don’t you
want me anymore?" "Stacy you’ve got to fight this," Tom pleaded, "Gordon says
that we can save you! But you’ve got to fight his influence!" Stacy laughed
mockingly in response. "Why would I want to fight this?" Stacy asked, "This is
the best thing that’s ever happened to me!" "Let’s just kill him, he talks too
much," Emily suggested. "No," Stacy responded, "Let’s make him our slave! We can
have this stud wannabee here licking our pussies every night!" "That does sound
good," Emily agreed before she caught Chris in her line of sight, "I think I see
my next meal in front of me, make sure and leave me some of Tommy Boy here."
"You know I will," Stacy said as she kissed Emily. Emily then darted off in
pursuit of Chris. "You’re going to love being a slave," Stacy said to Tom before
she lunged at his neck.

It was at this point that Rasheed Williams had finished up his night of work at
Burger King. The teenager went out to his bike and saw that it had been stolen
once again. "Great fucking city here," he sighed as he began his walk home. As
he walked the streets, being careful not to make the wrong type of eye contact
with some of the colorful drug dealers on the street who considered shooting you
in the chest a sort of hello, he began drawing in the air around him. At least
it was a nice night for a walk, he told himself. Soon he’d get a car and
wouldn’t have to put up with this bike shit anymore. But in this city, that car
would probably be jacked the first night he had it. But all of a sudden,
Rasheed’s thoughts were interrupted by an unmistakable smell, smoke. Curiosity
getting the better of him, he ran to investigate and there he saw that that old
factory was on fire. It had been closed for years, what had they made there?
Rasheed began to search his memory, but all of a sudden he reminded himself that
he shouldn’t be just standing there. He ran for a phone and immediately placed a
call to the fire department. After hanging up, he saw something else. There was
a dead guy in the parking lot! Rushing over to try and find out what the hell
was going on, Rasheed saw that the guy wasn’t dead at all, he was just knocked
out. "Wake up, buddy! C’mon mister get up!" Rasheed said as he pulled Arnie out
of his state of unconsciousness. "Deja vu all over again," Arnie remarked as he
shook off the fuzziness, his hand immediately went to the bump on the back of
his head, which was swelling up very nicely. It was then that Arnie saw that the
building he had watched his friends go into was ablaze. "What the hell
happened?" Arnie demanded. "How the fuck am I supposed to know?" Rasheed shot
back, "You were here first. All I did was call the fire department." "You did
what?" Arnie said as images of firefighters running into a massacre played
through his mind." "What am I talking too fast here? I called the fire
department," Rasheed slowly repeated, "You know like you’re supposed to do when
there’s a fire." "Oh God they must be dead in there!" Arnie declared. "You mean
there’s people in there!" Rasheed exclaimed. "Hopefully," Arnie replied as he
tried to consider his next move.

"Oh my God, Gordon!" Chris declared when he saw the vampire hunter’s body. He
rushed over just as Gordon was drawing his last breaths. "Tell Eli…I’m
sorry…" the vampire hunter croaked with his final breaths. He then coughed
once and died "Oh shit!" Chris said, this was not going well at all. The fire
was spreading quickly and if the vampires didn’t get them, then the smoke and
flames soon would. Chris knelt over the corpse and closed Gordon’s eyes. Chris’
gaze wandered down once again to the dagger and he remembered what Gordon had
told him earlier about what it could do to a vampire. Chris then pulled the
dagger out and after wiping off the blood he grasped it tightly. They could
still get out of this alive! But where was everybody? Where was Pete? But before
Chris could answer those questions, Emily leapt out of the shadows and toward
him. Chris was knocked down, and when he saw the very hungry look in Emily’s
eyes he raised the dagger in defense. However, as the vampire neared him,
another figure came out of the shadows and pushed Emily away. Chris looked up in
surprise and saw that it was Mel B. "Looked like you could have used some help,"
the singer remarked as Emily recovered and lunged at her attacker. But once
again the singer was able to fend off the vampire as she used a high kick and a
punch to knock Emily to the ground. "Self defense class," Mel B. said as she
took her little gold cross off her neck to hold Emily at bay. "I’ll have to try
a couple of those," Chris replied, genuinely surprised at the turn of events.
"Care to do the honors?" "My pleasure," Mel B. said with a smile as she took a
stake from Chris. The singer then grasped the wooden object and slammed it into
Emily’s chest. A small geyser of blood accompanied the vampire’s scream as she
died. "Gross," Mel B. remarked as she futilely tried to wipe the blood off. "You
really are scary, you know that?" Chris said as he began to look again for Pete.
"Nobody hurts my mates," Mel B. emphatically declared. It was then that Carly
emerged from the smoke, an unconscious Steve slumped over her shoulder. "Take
him," the wounded Detective said as she began to cough violently, "He’s heavier
than he looks." "What happened?" Chris asked. "He got bit," Carly answered as
she leaned against a wall and continued coughing from the smoke. "Is he okay?"
Mel B. asked. "He better be," Carly said, ‘We’ve got to get out of here, Chris.
We’re going to just burn up in a few minutes." "Agreed," Chris said as he lay
Steve down next to Carly, "Sumner’s dead." "Oh shit," Carly said, "What do we do
know?" "I don’t have a clue," Chris began before he a bit of smoke cleared away
and he saw Geri holding a gun to Pete’s head. "What the fuck?" Chris declared as
he ran toward his brother. As he ran, and was quickly followed by Mel B., the
smoke overcame Carly and she slumped over.

Stacy’s fangs pierced through Tom’s flesh and quickly she was happily drinking
his blood. Tom futilely tried to push her off, as he felt his strength being
drained. But as Emily’s death scream hit Stacy she stopped and she began to
convulse a bit as feelings of pain wracked through her. Tom took this
opportunity to push Stacy off of himself. He tried to close the wound in his
neck by placing his hand over it, he saw that humanity had returned to Stacy’s
face. "Help me," she gasped, before the demon seized control again and her
vampire face returned. "Disregard that last message," Stacy then hissed as she
lunged at Tom again.

"Don’t you get it!" Pete shouted, "If we don’t kill them, they’ll kill us!" "I
don’t want to hear from you anymore!" Geri cried, her actions steeped deeply in
denial. "I’d never hurt you Geri," Victoria contended, "Blow his head off and we
can be together." "Shut up!" Pete ordered Victoria, "One more word and I will
ram this stake into you so quickly you won’t even have time to scream!" "Don’t
let him hurt me Geri!" Victoria cried, "Kill him now, before he kills you! He’s
crazy!" "Yes kill him Geri," Emma said as she floated down from the upper level,
"We love you." "Oh shit," Pete said as he saw his situation worsening by the
second. "Who do you trust?" Emma asked sweetly, "We’re your mates and this guy’s
a stranger who’s been awful to you. Do what we say!" Geri felt her will
weakening, they were her friends and they wouldn’t lie to her. Geri stared at
Emma and Victoria’s eyes as they flickered through the smoky air. She felt the
eyes drawing her in. She had to do this, then she could be with her friends. He
was going to kill them all if she didn’t stop him. Geri slowly moved the gun
closer to Pete’s head as she prepared to fire, but before she could she found a
gun directly to her head. "Don’t even think about it!" Chris commanded. "Took
you long enough," Pete commented. "I had a little situation back there," Chris
replied. "Oh and what the hell do I have here, a fucking tea party?" Pete shot
back as he continued to hold Emma and Victoria at bay with the cross as Geri
still held the gun to his head as Chris did the same to her. "I hate standoffs,"
Chris remarked, "Someone always ends up the loser." "Yes and you’re the loser!"
Mel C. said as she suddenly awoke from her metamorphism and leapt at Chris.
Chris jumped back immediately and in the process dropped a vial of holy water
that had been in his pocket. The vial shattered on the ground, spilling its
contents everywhere. Mel C. continued toward him but when she reached the
spilled water she stopped immediately and hissed loudly. "We may have just
lucked into something," Chris said as he quickly took out another vial and
spilled it so Mel C. was trapped in a circle. He then tossed another vial to
Pete who quickly trapped Emma and Victoria with it. Pete then grabbed his gun
away from Geri. "Give me that," he said, "Little girls shouldn’t play with
dangerous objects." Geri then responded by slapping Pete hard across the face.
"FUCK YOU!!!" she screamed, "You’re not going to kill my friends you bastard, I
don’t care what’s happened to them!" "Let’s just calm down here," Chris said,
"We have a fire going and a master vampire who seems to have disappeared. We
can’t waste time arguing with each other!" "Oh my God!" Mel B. said as she came
upon everyone and took in the scene. Emma, Victoria, and Mel C. were all in full
vampiric form as Geri and the Detectives fought. "Help us Mel," Emma hissed.
"He’s trying to kill us!" Seeing her friends in the state they were in
overwhelmed Mel B. with an agonizing heart ache. "What do we do?" she asked
Geri. "We can’t let them kill them!" Geri declared. "They’re not human anymore
Geri," Mel B. sighed, her heart as heavy as it had ever been. "Whose side are
you on?" Geri demanded. "I’m on yours, but I don’t know! I don’t know what to
do!" Mel B. cried. "Let us kiss you," Mel C. hissed. "It’s so wonderful,"
Victoria added. "The guy we were with said that if we kill Daniel then there’s a
chance they could be okay," Chris offered. "A chance?" Geri demanded, "How much
of a chance?" "We don’t know," Pete answered. "If there’s a chance then lets get
this Daniel bastard!" Mel B. cried. "Where is he anyway?" Chris asked. "I don’t
know," Pete said, "But I do know that we have to do something quick, the heat’s
making that holy water evaporate fast."

"I know there’s still a part of you that’s human," Tom cried as he backed away
from Stacy’s advances. "Not for long," Stacy spat back, "The wimpy old Stacy is
gone for good!" "God damn it, you’ve got to fight this!" Tom contended. "I don’t
want to," Stacy said harshly as she pinned Tom down again and prepared to finish
the job. "That’s right Stacy. Finish him off," Daniel said as he emerged from
the smoke, "Kill him." "With pleasure, Master," Stacy said as her fangs
extended. She lunged at Tom’s open neck wound and began to drink again, until
she heard him whisper. "Please," Tom softly said, his eyes begging her to stop.
"Do it Stacy!" Daniel demanded. Stacy paused as she struggled on the inside. Tom
had been right there was still a part of her that was human and it was
struggling all it could with the demon Daniel had put into her body. Stacy began
to softly cry out as her internal conflict raged. She was trying desperately to
hold onto the facet of who she once was, but it was being overwhelmed by a
desire to follow her Master’s commands. Tears ran down Stacy’s face as she
struggled mightily to control her demon. "DO IT!!!" Daniel screamed. "Fight,"
Tom croaked, his body and voice weak. Stacy gazed at Daniel, looking for the
guidance from her Master, but instead of love she saw his cold, cruel eyes and
his face contorted with rage. "NOOOOO!!!!" Stacy screamed at the top of her
lungs as he human side regained control. She grabbed a stake from Tom’s pouch
and slammed it into Daniel’s stomach, missing the heart. The vampire screamed in
rage and pain as he pulled the stake out of his bloody chest. He slapped Stacy
hard, sending her to the ground and he returned her betrayal by pounding the
stake right into her flesh. He then began to yell ferociously as he stormed away
from his former bride. "NO!!!" Tom screamed as he struggled to get up and run to
Stacy’s aid. His strength was almost gone and he had to resort to crawling. He
got to her just as her life’s blood began to slowly ebb from her lips. "Oh God,
I couldn’t fight him!" she gasped. "You did fight him, Stacy. You saved my
life!" Tom replied as he struggled to hold back tears, "Just hold on, we’re
going to get you help!" "My parents…" Stacy weakly said, "Don’t tell
them…what he did to me…What he made me do." Then Stacy stopped moving as her
eyes closed and her head slumped to the side.

The fire sirens wailed as the trucks pulled up to the factory. Arnie was in a
panic, not knowing what to do. He couldn’t stand by and let this fireman head in
to die, but he had to give everyone in their a chance to survive the fire.
Vampires may have had a little tolerance to it, but humans certainly didn’t. "Is
there anyone in there?" A fireman shouted at Arnie. "Yes!" Arnie replied after a
split second of thought, "You can’t send your men in though!" "Why the hell
not!" the fireman demanded. "I can’t explain," Arnie replied. "You’re crazy,"
the fireman responded, "If there’s people in there, we have to get them out!"
"I’m a Homicide Detective," Arnie said as he reached for his badge, "Detectives
are in there now pursuing a serial killer, give them two more minutes before you
go in! Your men could be at risk!" "I don’t take orders from you!!!!" the
fireman shouted. "Do it or I’ll blow your head off," Arnie said, changing
tactics as he reached for his gun. "One minute," the fireman said as he relented
and went off to fight the blaze from the outside.

The commotion between Stacy and Daniel had attracted the attention of Chris and
Pete and they ran over to where it came from. Daniel roared in rage when he saw
them and he charged toward them. But instead of attacking, he merely knocked
them to the ground as he sought an escape. "There’s no way out!!!" Pete
screamed. "You’re ours!!!!" "MASTER! THIS WAY!!!" Sarah screamed from the upper
level. Daniel ran that way, with Chris and Pete right behind him. But before he
could, Daniel’s lust got the better of him and he paused to grab Geri. "One for
the road!" he shouted as he bounded up the stairs. It was then that the holy
water evaporated enough for the imprisoned Spice Girls to break free. Emma and
Victoria double teamed Mel B. and knocked her to the ground. Mel C., seeing that
her Master was in danger, instead lunged at his pursuers. Her attack hit Pete
first and she pinned the Detective rather easily. Chris immediately changed
directions and went to aid his brother. "FORGET ME!!! GET HIM!!!!" Pete screamed
at Chris and as he struggled to get Mel C. off of him. Chris ran toward the
stairs and began climbing them two at a time. He reached the top and as he
continued to pursue Daniel, Sarah leapt in front of him. She attacked, but Chris
was running on pure adrenaline at this point and he merely paused to pick up the
young vampire and toss her over the railing. Sarah screamed as she fell quickly
and right into the raging fire. "YOU WON’T STOP ME!!!!!" Daniel roared as he
prepared to plunge his fangs into Geri. "I’m through watching people die today!"
Chris shouted as he rushed toward Daniel. He pushed Geri away from the vampire
and she fell to the ground, still slightly entranced. But she had enough of her
sense to immediately run to other set of stairs that would take her back to help
Mel B. "YOU’RE GOING TO DIE!!!" Daniel roared as he squeezed Chris body with his
brutal strength. But at that moment an idea popped into Chris’ head and before
he could reconsider he used all his strength to propel both himself and Daniel
forward. Rational thought had ceased for the Detective long ago, he only knew
what he had to do. Daniel crashed through the railing and, with Chris holding
onto him, the vampire was impaled on a metal hook dangling from a ceiling crane.
The hook ripped through Daniel’s body as the two dangled in mid air. "You’re bad
at this, Chrissy. This can’t kill me!" Daniel laughed mockingly. "But this
will!" Chris said as he withdrew Gordon’s dagger and plunged it right into
Daniel’s chest. The vampire had only a second to react before searing pain
ripped through his body. This couldn’t be happening! Not to him! His body began
to spasm as blood poured out of his open mouth. Mel C. screamed when she saw
what had happened to Daniel and she pulled away from Pete. She then began crying
in pain and she collapsed to the ground. Moments later, and just as Emma’s fangs
were about to meet their target, the same effect hit Emma and Victoria. Soon all
three vampires were writhing on the floor as their Master died. Sharp cries of
pain and violent convulsions followed as their remaining human sides fought for
dominance again. By now Daniel was screaming an unearthly scream, high and
sharp. His flesh was literally melting off his body as the vampire seemingly
began to liquefy. Before long he had slipped off the hook that had suspended him
in the air. As he continued to scream Daniel shot straight to the ground, taking
Chris along with him. "This is going to hurt!" Chris shouted as he fell through
the air. "CHRIS!!!" Pete screamed when the pair crashed into a bunch of empty
boxes stacked on the ground. Pete immediately ran over to the boxes and when he
pulled the mess away he saw Chris laying silently and covered by an enormous
amount of sticky goo. "Oh my God!" Pete exclaimed, "No! Chris! Don’t die on me!"
"Stop crying and help me up," Chris gasped, "This is even more disgusting than
it looks!" Pete then helped his brother up and, forgetting about the remnants of
Daniel’s flesh, immediately hugged him tightly. "Oh that’s gross!" Pete said as
he pushed Chris away. "Didn’t I warn you?" Chris replied. "Now let’s get the
fuck out of here." But before they could move, Daniel’s last move against them
occurred. His coat fell from the hook and hit Pete in the head. "Let’s keep it
as a souvenir," Pete suggested after knocking the garment off of himself. "Maybe
not," he then said as he changed his mind and flung the coat to the ground.

Right then the fire department crashed through the doors of the factory. They
were taken aback slightly when they saw a glimpse of the chaos, but they quickly
pressed on. The unconscious pair of Steve and Carly were quickly removed from
the building and the firemen began to shout for everyone else to head for the
door. "Are they all right?" Geri asked Mel B. as they stared at Emma, Victoria,
and Mel C. as they lay on the ground, unmoving. "I don’t know," Mel B. said
softly as tears began to form in her eyes, "I hope so!" Firemen then grabbed
hold of Geri and Mel B. as they rushed them outside. "We can’t leave them!" Mel
B. shouted. "Don’t worry we’re going to get them out!!" a fireman said as he and
two others in his unit picked up the unconscious girls.

"Tom! We gotta get out of here!" Chris screamed as the fire began to cause the
upper structure to collapse. "I’m not leaving without her," Tom said as he
stared at the unmoving Stacy. Pete immediately picked up the Stacy’s body as
Chris helped Tom up. "Is he gone?" Tom weakly asked. "He’s gone," Chris said,
limping heavily, as they headed to the door of the factory. "Tom are you all
right?" Arnie shouted as the trio arrived on the outside. "I’ll be fine," Tom
sighed as Pete lay Stacy’s body on the ground. They were then swarmed by
paramedics. Before they even had a chance to breathe fresh oxygen, the three
were being rushed onto gurneys. "We beat him, Pete!" Chris shouted to his
brother as he was loaded into an ambulance. "We beat him, Chris." Pete agreed as
the door to his ambulance closed. They then tore off for the hospital, their
sirens piercing into the night.

No one was quite in the mood to relate exactly what had happened to them, so
everyone was extremely gratified when they were treated, no questions asked.
Pete and Geri checked out just fine, save for a few nasty bruises and a sprained
ankle for Pete. Mel B. had dislocated her shoulder and Arnie needed several
stitches for the wound on his head. And in a testament to the ability of
adrenaline to save off pain, Chris was informed that he had helped Tom out of
the building on a broken leg. The others required a touch more care as Carly,
also suffering from smoke inhalation, immediately went into surgery to close the
nasty gashes on her side and repair her severely broken hand. Steve, Tom,
Victoria, Mel C., and Emma all had to have immediate blood transfusions because
as a very surprised paramedic remarked, "They all seemed a quart or two short."
Reporters soon were swarming the lobby of the hospital, wanting immediate
information about the fire, the killer, and, most importantly, the damage total
to the celebrities involved. Lieutenant Lawrence Smith pushed through the sea of
media members and soon found Pete as he attempted to fill out forms in
triplicate. "Do I want to know what happened?" he inquired. Pete then looked up
and looked his Lieutenant squarely in the face as he mused his answer. "No," he
replied as he went back to the paperwork. "Hey Lieutenant! Look I’m in a cast!"
Chris excitedly shouted as he was wheeled past on a bed. "It’s really cool!"
"He’s on pain medication," Pete explained. "I see," Lawrence replied. "Make sure
you come by and sign it!" Chris shouted as he was wheeled back to his room. "You
did good, Pete. I told you that you’d solve this one. My gut feelings are never
wrong." Lawrence said as he patted his friend on the back, "But how the hell are
we going to write up a report on this?"

Geri sat inside a hospital suite and watched as Emma, Victoria, and Mel C.
slept. IV’s were hooked up to them and they had all just received emergency
transfusions. "Are they all right?" Mel B. asked as she came in, her right arm
in a sling. "I don’t know," Geri softly said, it was obvious she’d been crying.
"They haven’t moved an inch since they got here and the doctors don’t know
anything." "They’ll pull through," Mel B. said, "I know they will." "This is all
my fault," Geri declared. "Now how do you figure that?" Mel asked. "I was the
one who didn’t want all the extra security hanging around the stage," Geri
replied, "I was the one who was all gung ho about going in to the building. It’s
my fault they’re like this." "Well you’re just being stupid," Mel shot back, "No
one could have foreseen this and we all wanted to go after Emma. Now stop
feeling sorry for yourself. They’re going to be fine. I refuse to consider any
other possibility." "But what if," Geri began, but she stopped when she saw Emma
stirring in her bed. Geri and Mel rushed over to her just as she woke up.
"Geri?" Emma asked, her voice weak and filled with confusion, "Where are we?
What happened?" "Oh thank God!" Geri cried as her malaise lifted
instantaneously. She and Mel then tightly hugged their very confused bandmate.

"How you holding up partner?" Arnie asked. "I’ve been better," Tom replied from
his bed. "How’s your head?" "Thick as ever," Arnie answered before veering to
the real reason he came, "I wish I could say something here, but I don’t know
what." "I just wish I could have saved her," Tom sighed , "If I’d just been
seconds quicker I could have gotten to him." "She’s at peace, Tom," Arnie
offered. "Yeah, you’re right," Tom agreed, "I just wish…" "I know," Arnie
said, "I know." "How are Steve and Carly?" Tom asked. "They’re going to be just
fine," Arnie answered, "Steve will be whining and Carly will be ragging on us
again before you know it." "Can’t wait for that," Tom replied, "I’m gonna try
and get some sleep, man. I’ll see you tomorrow." "I’ll be here," Arnie said as
he left, his attention immediately captivated by who he saw in the hallway. Tom
then lay there in silence. A tear began to run down his cheek, but he quickly
brushed it away.

"YOU!" Arnie shouted, only to be immediately sshhhhhed by an army of nurses. "I
have ten stitches in my head, ten stitches!" Arnie said in a harsh whisper, "And
it’s all because of you!" "I don’t suppose it would help to say we’re sorry,"
Mel B. offered. "We didn’t want to hurt you," Geri added, "It was the only way.
We’re very sorry." "Very sorry," Mel B. said, "Can we kiss it and make it
better?" "Well…I…uh…don’t know if that would help…and anyway," Arnie
stammered out. But that didn’t stop Mel and Geri from leaning up to Arnie’s bald
scalp and kissing his wound lightly. The detective then turned all shades of
embarrassment as he seemingly began to blush everywhere. "Garsh…" he then said
with a silly smile, "You’re forgiven."

"How long were those pills supposed to last?" Carol asked. "Not that long," Pete
answered. "But he’s okay right?" Amy demanded. "As close to okay as he ever
was," Pete said, "Now he’s just a nut with a broken leg." "Does he always snore
like that?" Carol asked. "Yes," Amy and Pete simultaneously answered. Chris then
began to stir and as his eyes came into focus he saw Carol and Amy at his
bedside. "And you two thought I was going to die," Chris said, "Silly people."

As the night continued to drift into the next day, Pete sat alone on a chair in
the waiting room, staring out the window as he ran over the night’s events in
his mind. It was close to 3 in the morning and visiting hours were long over.
But no one really cared about that right now. Pete needed this silence. He just
needed to sit here, look out the window, and think. It had been an absolute
miracle. They were all going to be okay. He didn’t know how they did it, but
they did it. The silence was then interrupted when Pete heard a throat clearing.
He turned around and saw that it was Geri standing there. "I’m sorry," she said,
almost whispering, "I don’t know what came over me in there tonight. I just
couldn’t let you hurt them." "Are they going to be okay?" Pete asked. "Yeah,
they’re going to be fine," Geri answered as a wide grin came over her face. "No
supernatural force can stop Girl Power," she then joked, causing a quick smile
to hit Pete. "What you did in there," Pete sighed, "I understand why you did it.
I would have done the same if it had been my brother on the ground. I should
have seen it from your eyes. I’m the one who should be sorry. Everything about
tonight was just fucked up Fucked up from the word Go." "Maybe someday you’ll
explain all this to me," Geri sighed as she slumped down in a chair next to
Pete. "Maybe someday," Pete agreed. The two then sat in silence, staring at the
Washington D.C. night. From where they could see, it looked very quiet. It was
almost peaceful.


She was confused, horribly confused. A coat hood was pulled over her so that no
one could see what had become of her. Her skin was burned and most of her hair
singed off. She had no idea how she’d survived it all. She just remembered the
fire lapping away at her flesh, but somehow she was able to get out of it.
Instinct told her to get out and somehow no one noticed when she did. He was
dead now and she didn’t know what to do. But she felt herself being summoned,
summoned home. Not that she really could even remember what home was, but she
knew she had to follow the beckoning she could feel deeply within. All of a
sudden she found herself taking money from some man she knocked over and she
began walking toward the airport. There wasn’t much time and she had to act now.
She walked up to the ticket counter and faced the woman behind it. "I need a
ticket to Los Angeles," Sarah said softly, but firmly.


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