Bloodlust [Chapter 7-12]

A Modern Day Vampire Tale
Chapter 7: A Mystery Man Appears

Our story thus far: The body count is now up to four as Daniel set his
sights high and snagged Sandra Bullock as his latest victim. Meanwhile the
police are getting a tad pissed off about the tendency of the bodies
disappearing on them. All in all, Daniel is living it up while his pursuers are
trapped under a mountain of confusion and frustration. Not a good time to be a
good guy, I suppose.

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By the time the dawn of the new day had come and gone, the police force
had been mobilized. But so had the media and any police officer attempting to
enter the station house was mobbed by reporters and their questions about the
murders. This was what happened to Tom Avery as he tried to escort Stacy
Campbell to her job.

"You know you don’t have to do this," Tom said after they had fought their
way into the building.

"I do have to, this is my job," Stacy replied.

"Well at least you don’t have to be here this early," Tom offered.

"What am I going to do, go home and come in again three hours later?"
Stacy asked. "Besides you guys all have to be here, then at least I can
contribute somehow."

"Yeah but none of us were attacked last night."

"Look Tom," Stacy said as they walked up the stairs toward the homicide
squad room, "You really helped me out last night and I can never thank you
enough. And I really appreciate the way you’re looking out for me, but I’m fine.
The guy last night just tried to cop a feel or something. I’m going to be okay."

"All right," Tom said, "But I’m worried about you."

"But you don’t have to be. The guy didn’t hurt me and it’s better for me
to get back into the swing of things right away instead of staying home and
getting all pissed off over nothing."

"Well, you know you can talk to me, if you need to," Tom offered.

"I will," Stacy said, "Now lets just get to work."

The two entered the squad room and Tom saw that the briefing off the
officers was about to begin so he went to get a seat. A display of all the
information that was relevant had been set up and Chris spoke first.

"All right," he began, "Here’s what we know and it isn’t much. We’ve had
three victims so far: Lysette Andrews, Michelle Ryan, and Mary Lassiter."

As Chris mentioned each of the names, he pointed to a picture of them on
the board set up. He then continued his brief.

"All three engaged in what appears to be consensual sex with their killer
before they died from blood loss resulting from wounds to their jugular veins.
The veins appear to be severed and the blood drained somehow. The big mystery
surrounding this cause of death is that there was little blood found at the
scene. This leads us to believe that the killer is, shall we say, collecting the
blood and taking it with him."

Pete then took over the discussion, "On each of the three victims we have
recovered blood samples that do not match the victims. All three samples come
from the same person, so it is reasonable to assume that the blood belongs to
the killer and that, because of a lack of bruising around the face and chin,
this was a consensual act done before the killing. No other injuries were on the
victims aside from the death wounds, so we have reached the conclusion that
these women were not raped or beaten in any way."

"There are two big problems here," Pete continued, "The first is that
there are no leads anywhere. Chris and I have been working with Detective Carly
Sanchez and Detective Steve Huston on this one and we haven’t turned up
anything. The killer appears to be picking his victims at random as the only
thing that they seem to have in common is that they’re females in their mid-
20’s and they are all attractive."

This brought a smattering of smiles from the crowd and an eye roll from
Pete. "Hey, what’s the second problem," Detective Michael Steinberg from the
second shift of homicide asked.

"You want to field this one Carly?" Pete asked.

"Oh I’d love to," Carly said as she got up and took over, "The second
problem is that the bodies of our first two victims have disappeared."

"What do you mean disappeared?" Detective Jane Douglas asked amid the
murmurs that Carly’s statement produced.

"I mean, here today, gone tomorrow," Carly answered, "Lysette Andrews body
disappeared the night it was discovered and the only witness was a morgue
attendant who is now receiving constant psychiatric care and last night when
Michelle Ryan’s body slipped away, the officer reported falling asleep at one
point and when he woke up, she was gone."

"What did they just walk away?" Arnie Nash piped up from his desk.

"I seriously doubt that," Steve answered, " But there is no evidence to
support any theory at this point. The best we can do is assume that the killer
or an accomplice came in and stole them. All we know is that they were dead when
we left them there."

A chorus of laughs briefly sounded out.

"Let’s get serious here people," Lieutenant Lawrence Smith said as he
entered the discussion, "I want every available detective on this one. The heat
is on here and we have to respond fast. Here’s how we’re going to do it.
Detectives Crawford, Steinberg, and Williams you are going to work with
Detectives Sanchez and Huston. While the Foster brothers will work with
Detectives Avery, Nash, White, and Petagine. Now we have with us Detectives
Marcy Robinson and Tony Davenport from sex crimes and they will be working
independently on any sex crime connections but will be reporting back to me. Any

There was silence in response.

"Good," Lieutenant Smith replied, "Let’s get this son of a bitch before he
kills someone else."

But before Smith could return to his office, Stacy called out to him.

"Lieutenant Smith, there’s a telephone call for you. It’s Captain Carter."

"I’ll take it in my office," Lawrence said as he went inside and closed
the door as the squad room seemed to immediately turn into a hive of activity
with officers and detectives rushing to and fro.

Steve sat at his desk staring at the pictures of Mary Lassiter.

"What’s up partner?" Carly said as she walked up behind him.

"She was a wonderful person, you know that?" Steve stated.

"And the other two girls weren’t?" Carly asked.

"You know what I mean," Steve replied, "This was a woman who dedicated her
life to helping others and living according to the Bible. And some scumbag come
out of nowhere and uses her for his plaything before killing her. It’s not

"Well of course it’s not right," Carly stated plainly, "It’s a homicide."

But Carly could see that this death had obviously disturbed her partner a
great deal. Steve was raised a good Catholic and tried to combine his life in
the church and his life as a cop. It was not always an easy thing to do.

"Hey we’re going to get this guy," Carly reassured her partner. "He’s not
going to get away with it, all right?"

"Yeah, you’re right," Steve said as he put the pictures down.

"Let’s get some work done now," Carly stated, but before she could get to
do anything Lieutenant Smith opened his office door and gestured for her and
Steve to come and talk to him.

"What is it Lieutenant?" Carly asked.

"Sandra Bullock has disappeared," Lawrence stated, "Now there’s reason to
believe that she stayed the night in her trailer. But she was gone this

"Was there a body anywhere?" Steve asked.

"No," Lawrence answered, "For all we know. She could have bumped her head
and is walking around in a daze, or maybe she just decided to disappear for the
night. But this could also be connected with Michelle Ryan’s death somehow. Just
go and check it out please."

"I don’t believe this shit," Carly replied, "We’re homicide. Can’t missing
persons handle it?"

"Look, the Captain has specifically asked that we look into it for any
connections," Lawrence replied, "So just do it and get back here as soon as you

With that the two detectives resigned themselves to their task, grabbed
their coats, and headed for the door. However, on the way Carly nearly walked
into a man entering the squadroom. The man seemingly zipped out of the way like
a jumping bean just before Carly bumped into him.

"Sorry," Carly mumbled.

"Quite all right," the man said in a low, tired voice with a heavy British

"You know maybe you should reapply for your walking license," Steve
remarked to Carly as they walked down the stairs, "That’s two days in a row

"Oh shut the fuck up," Carly shot back, but by now the man could only hear
their voices in the distance as he continued his walk into the squadroom.

"Excuse me," he said as he walked up to Stacy’s desk.

"What?" Stacy said as she was snapped out of her daydream. All day she’d
felt far away from her surroundings and she’d been daydreaming constantly,
something she never normally did.

"I’m looking for the detective in charge of the murder case," the man
said, "I believe I have some information."

"Which case sir?" Stacy asked as she gave the man the once over. He looked
as if he’d slept in his clothes for days, he needed a shave, and his short
blonde hair was wild and unkempt.

"Which case do you think?" the man asked, exasperated, "The murdered

"Ahh, well that would be Detective Foster over there," Stacy said as she
pointed toward Chris’ desk.

"I must speak with him immediately," the man said as he headed toward

"Whoa, hold it right there sir," Stacy said as she got up quickly and
blocked his way, "You don’t go back there, I’ll have Detective Foster come up

Stacy then picked up her phone and dialed Chris up on his intercom.

"Detective Foster," Stacy said when he picked up, "There’s a man up here
and he says he has information on the case."

"Well that’s a refreshing change," Chris replied, "I’ll be right there."

"One thing though Detective," Stacy whispered into the phone as she looked
over at the man and observed his nervous fidgeting and how every time someone
came near him he seemed to jump slightly, "He doesn’t look too…stable, if you
know what I mean."

"I got you," Chris said, "I’ll be right there."

Chris then walked over to Stacy’s desk where he introduced himself to the

"Hi, I’m Detective Foster. And you are?," Chris asked.

"My name isn’t important," the man answered, "What I have to tell you is."

"Okay," Chris sighed, Stacy was right this guy seemed like a nut job, "Why
don’t we go over to my desk and discuss it."

"That’s where I wanted to go in the first place," the man said as he
glared at Stacy while being escorted to Chris’ desk.

"Now what was it you wanted to tell me, Mr…..what did you say your name
was?" Chris asked after they had both sat down.

"I told you my name isn’t important," the man repeated, "I just need you
to listen to me. Do you have any leads yet Detective?"

"Well, we have angles we’re following right now and we’re confident that
we’ll be able to get something new soon," Chris said warily. What was this guy
getting at, he wondered.

"I’ll take that as a ‘no,’" the man said, "Maybe you’re just looking in
the wrong places for your information?"

"What do you mean?" Chris asked.

"I mean that you’re looking for a natural cause for these crimes, when
they have a supernatural cause."

"What?" Chris asked in astonishment. What the hell was this guy telling

"You heard me," the man stated, "You’re not looking for a human being
killer here, you’re dealing with a vampire."

"I think I’ve heard just about enough," Chris said as he got up suddenly,
"If you don’t have any real information then I’d advise you to stop wasting my

"This is real information," the man said strongly, "And I am completely

"Sir, we are conducting a murder investigation and we don’t have time to
bother with impossibilities," Chris said as he tried to escort the man to the

"I am trying to help you here!" the man said sharply as he pulled away
from Chris, "You know what I’m telling you is right. Look at the victims,
drained of blood, the marks on the neck… For God’s sake Detective, we have to
act fast!"

"I don’t have time for this," Chris said as he walked away.

"Did the bodies disappear the next day, Detective?" the man shouted,
causing Chris to turn around.

"How do you know that?" Chris demanded, "We haven’t released that
information to the public."

"I know what we’re dealing with here, Detective," the man said, "And I
think deep down you do too. You’re just afraid to admit it. We are dealing with
a vampire here."

"What!" Pete exclaimed as he walked over just in time to hear the last
part of the conversation.

"A vampire, Detective," the man repeated, "I know that your murderer is a

"Get the hell out of here," Pete said, "We have serious work to do here."

"I’ll be back," the man said as he started to leave, "You’ll need my

With that the man left and Chris and Pete sat back down at their desks.

"He must be nuts, right?" Chris asked tentatively.

"Well, obviously," Pete answered, "I mean vampires? C’mon."

"Well that’s what I thought too," Chris replied, "It’s ridiculous. It’s
just stupid."

"Oh crap," Pete sighed, "You don’t think he’s right do you?"

"No, of course not," Chris said, "It’s just that we’ve got nothing and I’m
just about ready to consider any possibility, no matter how silly it is."

"Well, let’s not consider this one," Pete stated, "Vampires do not exist.
I don’t believe we’re even discussing this possibility. We are homicide
detectives, we deal in facts and evidence. We don’t go chasing after ghosts and

"You’re right, you’re right, you’re right," Chris said as he threw up his
hands in surrender, "I’m sorry I brought the whole thing up."

"Well let’s just drop it," Pete said, "What did you get from Mary
Lassiter’s coworkers?"

"Zip," Chris sighed, "No one was stalking her, following her, or making a
nuisance of themselves. She didn’t have a boyfriend and is most certainly not
the type to go off and have sex with some stranger in an alley."

"You know," Pete said as he mulled all his information over, "It’s almost
like this guy is able to get some kind of a hold on his victims. None of these
girls have been described as promiscuous and yet here each of them are being
killed by a strange man they just had sex with. It’s like he’s irresistible to
them or something."

As Pete saw Chris looking at him with arched eyebrows, he immediately
moved to cut off what he was sure his brother was going to say next.

"Don’t even bring up the word vampire," Pete said firmly.

"I wasn’t even thinking along that line," Chris contended, "What about
you? Did you get anything?"

"Less than zip," Pete answered, "I sent Tom and Arnie to check in with
Vincent on the autopsy and they should be back in a few minutes. But I checked
the records for D.C., Virginia, and Maryland, and there’d never been any crime
like this. If our guy has struck before, he’s hasn’t done it locally."

"Well it definitely wasn’t rape," Tom said as he and Arnie returned from
the autopsy.

"Not surprised," Pete sighed.

"Vincent says it’s the same as the others," Arnie reported, "Neck wound
was the cause of death. She drank our mystery man’s blood. And she consented to
the sex."

"Hey," Chris said as a thought popped into his head, "How could we have
missed this before. The attacks do seem like vampire attacks."

"Oh please don’t start this," Pete begged.

"No wait, just listen for a second," Chris replied, "Maybe the guy just
thinks he’s a vampire and that’s why he’s killing like that. There’s some kind
of mental disorder like that."

"I’m listening," Pete said with growing interest.

"That’s right," Tom interjected, "I heard about that thing. It’s a real

"Yeah," Arnie agreed, "There was that George Romero movie about it. What
was it called? Melvin? Marvin?"

"It was called Martin," Pete answered, "And you may have something here.
We should look into this right away."

"All right," Lieutenant Smith said as he came upon the Detectives, "Which
one of you wants to stand lookout over the body tonight?"

"Arnie," Chris immediately said.

"Arnie," Pete said right after.

"Arnie," Tom agreed.

"I guess I win the popular vote in this election," Arnie sighed.

"Oh come on," Tom replied, "You would have volunteered for it anyway. You
love this part of the job."

"I will not dignify that comment with a response," Arnie contended, though
a wide grin had broken on his face revealing that Tom was indeed accurate in his

"All right Arnie," Lawrence said, "You watch over the body tonight until
someone comes to relieve you later. If anyone even looks funny, shoot them."

The phone ringing on Pete’s desk distracted the detective from the
conversation and he went to pick it up.

"Have anything new?" Lawrence asked.

"Yeah we may have something, Lieutenant," Chris said, "These attacks all
are similar to vampires in moves and stuff. So we’re thinking that maybe the guy
has a mental disorder and thinks he’s a vampire."

Smith mulled this over for a second.

"Seems promising," he said, "But it still doesn’t give us a suspect. Check
all the local hospitals and see what you can come up with."

"I’m on it," Chris said as he picked up his pulled out a phone directory
from his desk. But before he could dial out, he saw Pete slam his phone down.

"What now?" Chris asked.

"That was Carly," Pete said, "I think we can move Sandra Bullock off the
missing list and put her on the presumed dead list. The bed in her trailer had
blood on the sheets just like our other victims. She’s getting samples of
everything and I bet anything the blood matches our guy."

"Just what we need," Tom remarked, "There’ll be national attention now."

Lieutenant Smith and his Detectives just sat there in silence as Pete
leaned back in his chair and sighed.

"What’cha thinking?" Chris asked his brother.

"How nice early retirement would be…" Pete answered.

"Detective Foster?" Stacy said as she tapped Chris on the back.

"What now?" Chris asked as he whirled around, but he got his answer as
soon as he saw who was standing there behind Stacy.

A man and a woman, they looked to be in their mid fifties stood there.
From one look at their grief stricken faces Chris knew that he was looking
straight at Mary Lambert’s parents.

"You’re going to catch the man who killed our baby, aren’t you?" Mary’s
father asked.

Inside Chris’ head he was screaming. Not this shit, not today! Not now!
Why did this have to be added on top of everything else. He looked back at his
fellow Detectives for support and he saw the same anguish covering their faces
as well. By then time had run out for an answer and Chris gave the only one he

"Yes," he emphatically declared, "Yes we are!"

A Modern Day Vampire Tale
Chapter 8: Night Moves That Bob Seger Would Never Sing About
(mf, ff, vamp, mc)

Our story thus far: The pressure is on the police as the body count mounts
and the press begins to focus on the killer striking at Washington D.C. As the
police go on full alert a mystery man shows up at the station and tells our
heroes that it is a vampire killing the women. Of course the police scoff at
this preposterous idea, when obviously we know its true. (Don’t you just love
being more knowledgable than the characters).

As usual, comments, comments, comments. You know I love ’em, so please
send any comments you have to

Daniel sat and watched through the window as the sun began its descent
from the sky. In all the fun he had had last night, he had almost forgotten to
retrieve Michelle from the morgue. But he had remembered and, once they returned
to his lair, she rewarded her master by putting on a little lesbian love show
with Lysette. Then when Sandra began her vampiric existence later that night,
she was more than happy to please her master by joining in the orgy with her new
sister vampires.

Soon Daniel would be able to retrieve Mary, and he’d be able to have even
more fun thinking of ways for them to please him. But right now, with daylight
still around, his three little vampires slept, well hidden from the dangerous
effects of the sun.

Sandra’s change over to vampirism had come about much quicker than it had
for his previous victims and Daniel reasoned that it was yet another way in
which his powers were increasing. Soon perhaps the change would be almost
instantaneous, and eventually he would have more power than he had thought of in
his wildest dreams.

Daniel grinned at this thought, it was finally all happening for him. His
every wish and every desire could be fulfilled, it was all out their for the
taking. He could be denied nothing.

In the distance the sun continued to set. Soon it would be night and he
would be strong enough to go out. There was still something he had left to take
care of, and Daniel intended to finish that piece of work right away.

"Hey Stacy," Tom said as he shook her gently.

"Huh?" was her reply as she was waken from another daydream.

"Are you all right?" Tom asked, "I was calling you and you didn’t notice."

"I’m sorry Tom," Stacy replied, "I’m just out of it today."

"Well I know the cure for that," Tom said confidently.

"And what might that be?" Stacy asked.

"Dinner with me," was the answer.

"Is that your cure for everything?"

"C’mon," Tom urged, "I’ll take you to a great place. Good food, good wine,
great company."

"Does that mean you won’t be coming then?" Stacy asked with a smile.

"Funny…" Tom replied, "C’mon say yes. I know you want to. This is
guaranteed to chase away the blues."

"Okay," Stacy said, "You have officially worn down my resistance. When can
you get out of here?"

"Now is probably as good a time as any," Tom answered. "For the most part
all us day shift guys have been told to go home, get some rest, and keep near a
phone in case anything breaks. I guess the city is only prepared to pay a little
overtime and not a lot."

"Well let’s go then," Stacy said as she grabbed her coat, "I could use
some company. It will help me keep my mind off of last night. I just can’t seem
to get it out of my head."

"Well that’s normal," Tom remarked as they headed for the door, "I
guarantee by the end of the night, your worries will be long gone."

Arnie Nash sat in silence and stared at the very dead people surrounding

"Are you sure you don’t want more men down here?" Vincent asked.

"No, I’ll be fine," Arnie said, "Just me and the corpses. I have a full
bottle of No-Doze here and standing orders to shoot anyone who even looks at me

"Well then I guess, I’ll just go hide in my office so I don’t provoke your
itchy trigger finger," Vincent said as he walked away, "Give me a shout if you
need me."

"Will do," Arnie said as he sat down and began flipping through his copy
of True Monster Tales Magazine. It might be a bit creepy down here, but at least
it was a break from the firestorm that was raging upstairs.

There was complete silence in the morgue as the bodies lay at rest. Mary
Lassiter lay inside a freezer and Arnie was going to make sure that was where
she stayed. The minutes ticked away on the clock, and just as Arnie was getting
involved in his reading he heard a crash.

"What was that?" Vincent said as he popped out from his office.

"Stay inside," Arnie said as he drew his gun, "Let me handle this."

Arnie walked toward where he heard the sound and when he did he saw a
figure trying to sneak back into the shadows. Arnie was a big man, but he did
move fast and he quickly ran in front of the figure.

"Freeze!" Arnie commanded as he pointed his gun at the shadows as the
figure ceased movement.

"All right, now move forward slowly and put your hands where I can see
them!" Arnie continued as he tried to control the fear he felt at that moment.

The figure walked forward slowly into the light, revealing a man with
unkempt blonde hair who appeared to be holding a wooden stake in his hands.
Arnie could also see that the man had a rather large knife attached to his side.

"Put the stuff down!" Arnie said as he kept his gun fixed on the man. When
he complied Arnie walked over and confiscated the knife.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Arnie demanded.

"I’m here to take care of your problem," the man said firmly with a heavy
British accent.

"How do I know that you’re not the guy stealing the bodies?" Arnie asked.

"Because I’m not," the man answered, "You could check on my alibi for the
last two nights and I assure you that you will find it to be quite airtight. But
that would be wasting time, time that we don’t have."

Something about this man demeanor told Arnie’s gut instinct to believe him
and he lowered his gun.

"Then why are you here?" he asked.

"You’re guarding the body?" the man said as he walked toward the morgue,
"Good then I’ll join you."

"You haven’t answered my question," Arnie pointed out.

"You know I talked to two of your fellow detectives today and they just
wouldn’t listen to me. I don’t think they believed me," the man continued as he
ignored the question again.

"What didn’t they believe?" Arnie asked.

"That we’re dealing with the supernatural here," the man said with urgency
in his voice, "Haven’t you noticed the bodies, the way they’ve been drained of
blood with puncture marks on their necks?"

"We noticed that," Arnie said as he mulled the man’s words, "We think it
may be some guy with a mental disorder that makes him think he’s a vampire."

"You Americans and your disorders," the man said as he shook his head in
frustration, "We have a real vampire at work here and you’ve all gotten so
afraid to look beyond that you can’t even notice it."

"Vampires aren’t real…" Arnie said in disbelief.

"What’s going on out here? Is everything all right?" Vincent said as he
popped out again.

"It’s fine, Vincent," Arnie replied as Vincent went back inside, "It’s

"He could be here at any time for his victim," the man stated.

"Who?" Arnie asked.

"The vampire," the man hissed, "When she hears his call she’ll wake up and
nothing will stop him from getting her."

"You’re not making any sense," Arnie said, "I’m going to call down some
officers to escort you out."

"God damn it Detective!" the man shouted, "How many victims is it going to
take before you people realize you are not dealing with a mortal killer here! He
will take another victim tonight, then another tomorrow, then another, then
another! But we can stop him here, tonight. If you just believe me, we can kill
him when he comes for the girl!"

Arnie stepped away from the phone he had been about to pickup and the man

"If he doesn’t come for her and she doesn’t wake up then we’ll know that
I’m wrong and I will leave this city," the man claimed, "But if what I believe
is true then we have a chance tonight that we may not have again! His power is
getting stronger with each victim and soon we may not be able to stop him! I am
just asking you to believe me for one night!"

Every instinct that Arnie had told him to call for help to escort this guy
out of here, but something deep inside of him told him that this man could be
believed. Arnie had always thought that there was the slimmest of possibilities
that supernatural creatures could be real and maybe this man was right! There
were no explanations for what had been going on in this case and a phrase from a
movie or something popped into Arnie’s head: If you exhaust the possible, then
the impossible must be true. you thought about it this was the only explanation
that made sense. It was out there Arnie admitted but what was the worst that
could happen. If the man was wrong then they’d have a quiet night, but if he was
right then….well Arnie told himself that he didn’t want to think about what
would happen if the man was right.

"All right," Arnie said as he holstered his gun, "I don’t believe you, but
it couldn’t hurt to test your little theory. But I’m warning you, I’m going to
be watching you."

As the two men reentered the morgue to keep watch over Mary Lassiter’s
body the sun was just officially setting and the night began.

Emily Patterson was stretched out on the couch as she mindlessly flipped
through the channels on her TV. Seeing that there was absolutely nothing on, she
sighed, clicked the OFF button, and tried to come up with something to do break
the boredom.

She was tired of her boring old job, there was nothing to do here, and her
roommate/best friend Stacy was off on a date with some cop she’d been drooling
over ever since she started work at the police station.

Emily got up off the couch and walked over to the full length mirror she
had in her room. Why don’t I have a boyfriend, she thought to herself as she
studied her body. 26 years old, a burning head of shoulder length red hair, a
good, if not great body, she should have men beating down her door.

"Maybe I’m just too choosy…" Emily said aloud to no one who could
respond since the apartment was empty except for Emily and Brownie. But Brownie
was just Emily and Stacy’s cat.

She had been more selective with men lately, after a series of bad
relationships but she was in the middle of a serious dry spell, four weeks and
no sex. It could almost drive a woman insane, Emily thought to herself.

She ran her hands over her body and feeling her senses come alive at her
own touch she decided that maybe it was lucky she was alone tonight. She could
draw a hot bath, relax, and maybe even see if her own fingers could get her
closer to orgasm then her last boyfriend could.

Emily lifted her shirt over her head and began to fondle her breasts
through her bra. She studied herself intently in the mirror and she giggled in
delight when she saw her nipples stiffen at her own touch.

"I am just too hot to be alone," she said as her cat walked into the room,
"Right Brownie?"

Brownie just responded by walking up to Emily and purring as she rubbed
her head against Emily’s leg.

"You know Brownie, I hope you’re doing that because you like me and not
because you’ve got some gunk on your face," Emily said as she leaned down to
scratch her cat’s chin.

However, in the middle of the chin scratching Emily heard a knock on the

"Shit," Emily said as she put her shirt back on and walked to the door.

"Who is it?" she asked when she got there.

"Is Stacy there," a man’s voice asked.

"No she’s out on a date," Emily answered.

"Who are you?" the voice asked.

"I’m Emily, Stacy’s roommate.

"Well then, Emily you’ll just have to do for now," Daniel said as he
pushed open the door, shattering the locks. "I came for Stacy, but it looks like
I’ll have to wait."

Emily started to scream but Daniel covered her mouth, muffling her cries
for help.

"It’s so much easier for you when you don’t fight me," Daniel sighed as he
closed the door behind him and pinned Emily to the wall, "But it makes things
more fun for me!"

Emily struggled to get away from Daniel’s grip, but she wasn’t strong
enough and he continued to hold her down.

"Look at me," he commanded and out of fear she complied. She looked at his
face and when she came to his eyes she began to feel her will to resist weaken.
In his eyes she saw nothing but peace and love, a type of paradise. The utter
stillness of Daniel’s seemingly glowing blue orbs calmed her fears and she
stopped struggling.

Daniel then relaxed his grip on her and uncovered her mouth.

"Now you’re not going to do anything foolish like scream, are you?" Daniel
asked gently.

"No…" Emily whispered. She tried to force herself to scream. She so
desperately wanted to run and call the police, or somehow get to the gun she and
Stacy kept for protection, but she couldn’t.

Tears began to run down Emily’s cheeks as she tried in vain to regain
control of her actions. At that point Brownie came in to investigate what the
commotion was. Sensing Daniel, the fur on Brownie’s back stood straight up and
she hissed loudly at him.

"Quiet Brownie!" Emily commanded in a harsh voice before kicking her
beloved cat away. Brownie then cried out and ran away.

Oh God, what was he doing to her, Emily thought as she began to cry
heavily. Sobs wracking her body, she realized that it was his eyes. She had to
stop staring into them, but she just couldn’t. She buried her face in her hands
and tried to get him out of her brain.

"Now Emily, don’t hide your pretty face from me," Daniel said as he lifted
her face from her hands, "I want to help you. I know that men have mistreated
you in the past, but I’m here to make you mine, and I will never mistreat you."

Tears still ran down Emily’s face, but as she resumed looking into
Daniel’s eyes, she felt the feelings of peace and serenity calm her fears.

"Please don’t hurt me…" Emily pleaded.

"I’m not going to hurt you," Daniel calmly said as he began to gently
stroke Emily’s face, "I only want to bring you pleasure."

Emily began to feel a deep burning desire for this man and, as he
continued to touch her, she felt her pussy begin to react to this desire.

She took his hand away from her face and she began to kiss it gently, not
knowing why she was doing this, taking her time to suck on his fingers.

"That’s a good girl," Daniel said, "Take me to your bedroom."

The lust she was feeling was now in total control of her actions and Emily
obediently led Daniel into her bedroom. He sat down on her bed as Emily remained

"Take off your clothes, Emily," Daniel commanded.

Emily then pulled her shirt off and unbuttoned her jeans, before pushing
them off her body. Daniel could see her nipples straining against the fabric of
her bra and how her panties were becoming soaked with desire. Emily reached back
to unfasten her bra, but she stopped before she could, a look of hesitation
crossing her face.

"Don’t stop Emily, I want to see you nude," Daniel said as he sought to
quash the last bit of resistance in the girl.

"Don’t you want me?" he asked softly and that did the trick as Emily then
unsnapped her bra and all but tore off her panties so she could show her nude
body off. Daniel smiled, as he noticed that Emily was indeed a natural redhead.
He began to take off his own clothes as he looked over his willing slave.
Emily’s will was broken and she was now his to command.

Emily looked with desire at Daniel as he stripped nude, his cock springing
out after being freed from its prison of clothes. Her pussy was dripping and her
juices began to run down her leg. Nothing else mattered but acting on the desire
that spread throughout her body. She had never wanted to fuck anyone as much as
she wanted to fuck Daniel at that point. She was so turned on that the moment
Daniel brought her lips to his in a kiss, she came.

But instead of cooling her desire, Emily’s orgasm only made her want
Daniel more. She joined him on the bed and after they explored each other’s body
with hands and tongues, she took his cock in her mouth. Emily had always prided
herself on being an expert with blow jobs, and now she used every trick she knew
to please her master.

Daniel groaned in pleasure as Emily went over every inch of his cock with
her tongue. He felt a familiar tensing and then with a load moan he came in
Emily’s mouth.

After making sure she had swallowed as much as she could, Emily leapt on
top of Daniel, riding his still hard cock. She’d had some good experiences in
bed, but this was mind blowing and she never wanted it to end. Anything Daniel
wanted of her, she would give. Their sweaty bodies seemed to move as one as
Daniel thrust into Emily and she began screaming in pleasure from the intense
feeling of the orgasms he was bringing her to.

And just when it seemed as though Emily couldn’t take anymore, Daniel
brought her up close to him. His eyes had turned to blood red and fangs extended
from his mouth, but Emily was not frightened. She wanted this, she had always
wanted this.

"Drink from me Master," she sighed.

And when Daniel buried his fangs in her neck, she flinched at first at the
pain, but then began to feel the sweetest, purest pleasure she had ever felt in
her life.

Emily lowered her head to her master’s chest and she lapped away at the
open wound he had created for her. His blood tasted odd at first, but then the
hunger began to grip her and she couldn’t get enough of it. Soon Emily collapsed
onto the bed where she began her metamorphosis.

Daniel looked at Emily with a feeling of contentment on his face, this had
turned out better than he had expected.

"That’s right Emily, rest now," he said as he ran his hand over her face,
"Soon Stacy will be home and you can help me give her a welcome that she will
never forget."

"MOTHERFUCKER!!!" Pete Foster screamed after he had taken a mighty swing
at a pitch and missed. Pete was all alone in the batting cages and that was the
way he liked it. Whenever he got too frustrated with anything, he went down to
the cages, picked up his bat and worked out his aggression by pounding baseballs
over and over again. The pitching machine loaded another ball and shot it out at
Pete, who then took another big cut and missed again.

"COCKSUCKER!!!" he screamed in frustration. The case had gone nowhere fast
again that day and now he had people telling him that he should go home and
rest. He didn’t need rest, he needed this case to be solved. Just because people
downtown wanted to save on overtime, it meant he couldn’t be exploring every
possibility in this case. He wanted it solved and he wanted it solved now.

Chris’ idea about the guy thinking he was a vampire was a good one, but it
hadn’t led to anything. No one anywhere near D.C. was a diagnosed sufferer of
the disease, so they were no closer to nailing the guy then when they gotten up
that morning. Nothing was breaking right on the case and Pete’s bad luck here
against the pitching machine wasn’t helping, it was just getting him angrier.

The machine loaded up again, and once again Pete hit nothing but air.

"GOD DAMN IT!!!" He shouted as he began smashing his bat against the side
of the cage in frustration.

"Now that’s real mature," Chris said as he came upon his brother.

"How did you know I was here?’ Pete asked as he tried to catch his breath.

"You’re always here," Chris said as Pete noticed that he had a woman with
him, "I didn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to find you."

"Going to introduce your friend to me?’ Pete said as he calmed down.

"Oh of course," Chris replied, "Where are my manners? Pete this is Carol,
Carol this is Pete."

"How do you do?" Pete said from inside the cage.

"I’m fine," Carol answered, "You on the other hand look as though you
could really use a drink. I’ll buy."

"Hey I like her already," Pete said as he leaned against the side of the
cage, "But I’d better not drink, we could be called back in at any time."

He then turned his attention to his brother.

"So I hope that you haven’t been doing any drinking tonight either," he
said to Chris.

"Hey, I’m as sober as a Mormon," Chris replied.

"So do you regularly attempt to cause property damage, or is this just a
special occasion?" Carol asked Pete.

"It’s a special occasion," Pete answered, "The world is against me and
this stupid pitching machine is going like Randy Johnson."

"Actually I think the real problem is that you just suck," Chris remarked.

"I’d like to see you get in here and hit a few," Pete shot back.

"I’d love to but I strained my back this morning and, you know," Chris

"Why don’t I have a crack at it," Carol suggested.

"Be my guest," Pete said as he handed her his helmet and went to set the
machine up again, "You’ll have as much trouble as I did."

"Well, we’ll see…" Carol said as Pete ducked out of the cage. Then as
the balls began to shoot out of the machine, Carol proceeded to hit each one
with solid contact. Each ball shot out at her was sent screaming back to the
other side of the cage.

"Oh my God!" Pete exclaimed, "I do suck!"

"Well the first step is admitting it," Chris said as Carol continued to
hammer each pitch. "Isn’t she great!" he exclaimed.

"My world is shit," Pete sighed as he sank down to the ground.

"Oh don’t feel bad," Carol said as she took off the helmet and left the
cage, "Don’t tell me you get all weird if you’re beaten by a girl."

"No he’s married, he’s used to it," Chris cracked.

"Hardee har har," Pete said.

"Don’t mind him," Chris said, "We’re just having job troubles right now."

"Oh honey! You never tell me about your job," Carol exclaimed to Chris in
mock fascination, "Tell me all about the disgusting corpses you found today."

"We’re just stuck on this case right now," Pete sighed, "No leads, no
nothing. All we’ve got is bodies, a fresh one every morning when we wake up."

"Real doozy of a case too," Chris added, "The victims are all drained of
blood and the corpses keep disappearing. We even had some weird guy come in
today and claim it was a vampire doing the murders.

Carol perked up at the mention of the man.

"This man what was he like?" she asked.

"I don’t know," Chris said, "He was real nervous type, real jittery."

"He was British," Pete added, "He had this messed up blonde hair and his
clothes looked all messed up on him."

"Oh my God!" Carol exclaimed, "I think I know him!"

"From where?" Chris asked.

"From when I worked as a nurse in a mental institution," she answered, "He
was a patient. He murdered his sister by putting a stake through her heart. I
remember he said he had to do it because she was a vampire."

Meanwhile Arnie sat with this man in the morgue.

Arnie, still not quite sure, whether this man could be believed or was
just a psycho, kept an uncomfortable silence between them.

All of a sudden the man seemed to tense up as if he had sensed something.

"It won’t be long now…" he said.

Stacy exited the elevator and walked toward her apartment. She had to
admit it, the date with Tom had gone well. He’d been a perfect gentleman and
hadn’t even tried to weasel his way up to her apartment and into her bed. Not
that she would have minded especially if he had, but it made a future for the
two of them seem brighter. For all the resistance she put up to him, she really
liked Tom. His reputation had made her a bit wary of him, but every day he was
winning her over just a little bit more.

As Stacy got to her door, she fumbled around for her key but when she
inserted it in the lock, she found that the door was already open. It wasn’t
like Emily to leave the door open and it concerned Stacy a great deal.

She walked into the apartment and when she saw that all the locks had been
broken, her concern turned to fear.

"Emily!" she called out, "Are you okay?"

At that point Stacy saw Brownie curled up in the kitchen, obviously having
had a great scare.

"Hey girl, what happened here?’ Stacy said, not really expecting an
answer, as she picked the cat up.

Stacy then went off to look in Emily’s room, but as she neared, Brownie
tensed up in her arms and began to hiss loudly.

"What’s wrong with you?" Stacy cried as she dropped the cat to the floor,
allowing it to run back to the safety of the kitchen.

"Hello Stacy," Daniel said as he seemingly came out of nowhere.

"You…" Stacy said, instantly recognizing her attacker from the night

"I’ve been waiting for you, Stacy," Daniel said as he walked toward her.

"What have you done with Emily?" Stacy asked, her voice quaking with fear.

"Emily’s fine," Daniel replied, "In fact, I’d say she’s better than ever."

Almost as if on cue, Emily then walked out of her bedroom. Stacy stared at
her friend in amazement, Emily was totally nude as she walked sensuously toward
toward Daniel. She moved like a snake and Stacy noticed two not quite healed
marks on her neck. Emily went up to Daniel and kissed him deeply.

"What did you do to her?" Stacy cried.

"Nothing she didn’t want," Daniel answered, "You can have it too."

"Leave me alone," Stacy begged.

"Don’t resist, Stacy," Emily said, "It’s so wonderful. Just let him kiss
you with his special kiss."

"C’mon Stacy," Daniel said, "Remember how it felt when I first touched
you. Remember how I made you feel."

Stacy looked into his eyes and all the feelings of pleasure he had brought
her came flooding back strong. He had made her feel so good and she wanted to
feel that way again. She stared deeply into his eyes and felt herself
surrendering to the pleasure they promised.

As Stacy stared into Daniel’s eyes, Emily came up to her roommate and
pressed her lips against Stacy’s. Stacy did not resist Emily’s advances and soon
they were passionately kissing.

"Can I undress her, Master?" Emily asked.

Daniel nodded his head yes and Emily began to slowly strip Stacy’s clothes
off. She took off Stacy’s jacket and stripped off her blouse, as they continued
to kiss each other deeply. Stacy felt herself drowning in the sensations Emily
was giving her and as her roommate began to caress her breasts, she moaned and
felt her nipples strain against her bra.

"Don’t stop," Stacy sighed as Emily pushed her down on the couch and eased
off her pants.

"I won’t," Emily assured her entranced roommate as she eased her hand into
Stacy’s panties and began to gently stroke her clit.

Stacy inhaled sharply when Emily’s hand first made contact with her pussy,
some part of her still knew she was in terrible danger, but her brain was too
much awash in peace and pleasure to care anymore. Stacy began to massage her
breasts through her bra until she couldn’t stand it anymore and tore the garment
off. She then pushed Emily’s face toward her soaked pussy.

Emily gleefully complied with Stacy’s urgings and paused only to pull down
Stacy’s panties before burying her face in her roomate’s pussy.

"Oh yes, lick my pussy," Stacy moaned as she opened her eyes to look at
Daniel. She wanted to please him so much, and he knew he liked watching this
little show. "Why don’t you join us?" she asked.

"Soon," Daniel said. His cock was rock hard at the site of these two women
performing lustful acts they never would have before, but he wanted to watch the
show for just a little longer.

Emily slid a finger into Stacy’s pussy to go along with her tongue and
when she saw how well her friend reacted to it, she slid another in.

Stacy could barely contain herself, it felt so good. She’d never felt this
good before and she knew that when Daniel joined in it would only get better.
The lust continued to drive her and when she looked at Daniel again she knew
what he wanted her to do to please him.

"Keep licking my pussy, slut," Stacy commanded Emily, "Our Master wants
you to." She’d never been dominant with anyone in bed, but she knew that it
turned Daniel on to see her act this way.

"You’re such a good little pussy licker Emily," Stacy continued, "I should
have had you eating my cunt since the day you first moved in!"

Stacy’s words turned Emily on more and she felt her own juices running
down her leg as she continued to lick her roomate’s pussy. Soon she felt Stacy’s
body start to tense up and soon she was rewarded with a flow of her friends
juices. She tried to lick them up, but soon gave up and kissed Stacy deeply
again, making sure she got a chance to taste her own cum.

The two girls continued to make out until Emily moved down to Stacy’s
breasts. She began to suckle them and at one point Stacy felt a sharp prick and
noticed that Emily had bitten her right breast, a small stream of blood came
out, but Stacy didn’t care. She only wanted to please Daniel and she knew she
could by going down on Emily and making her feels as good as she had just felt.

The two girls traded places and Stacy wasted no time by going straight for
Emily’s pussy. She had never tasted another woman before, but she loved it
immediately. As Emily screamed in pleasure, Stacy began to get turned on again
and those feelings intensified when she felt Daniel enter her pussy.

Daniel began to fuck Stacy as she licked Emily and soon the three were
lost in what seemed to be an endless series of orgasms. They tried every
position they could and soon Stacy knew it was time for her Master to get what
he needed. Daniel’s fangs extended and when Stacy turned to Emily she saw her
roommate had undergone the same change, Stacy squirmed in pleasure when she
realized that she would soon change too, she wanted it so bad.

As Daniel fed on Stacy through her neck, Emily feasted on her roomate’s
breasts again, loving the taste of the blood that came out. The pain quickly
ceased and Stacy soon felt such intense pleasure that she came again, but just
before the point of no return came Daniel stopped and hissed loudly.

He’d taken too long here, he thought. Mary was waking up and he had to get
her. He could sense that people were waiting for her, this was not good. He had
to take care of this immediately.

"Please don’t stop, Master," Stacy begged.

"I’ll be back for you tomorrow," Daniel reassured her, "You won’t remember
any of this but you will know that I’m coming for you. There are things that
need to be taken care of first."

"I’ll be with you, Stacy," Emily said, "And I love you so much."

"I love you to, I always have," Stacy replied as the two kissed again.

"Take care of her," Daniel commanded as the girls slipped into a 69
position. He then went to the window and leapt out. There could be no
interference now. He was having too much fun and if anyone was standing in his
way, then he’d just have to kill them.

Arnie and the man continued to stand watch in the morgue.

"He’s coming," the man suddenly said.

"You said that a half hour ago," Arnie sighed but he felt a chill run
through his spine and he thought he heard a faint sound coming from the freezer
where Mary Lassiter lay. It almost sounded like scratching, like someone was
trying to get out.

A Modern Day Vampire Tale
Chapter 9: Horror at the Hotel
(mf, ff, vamp, celeb, mc)

Our story thus far: The second time proved to be the charm for Daniel as
he got to Stacy on his second try. After vampirizing her roommate, Emily, Daniel
began, but couldn’t finish the job on Stacy. Daniel was in a rush because he had
to retrieve the awakening Mary who is being guarded by Arnie and our mystery
man. Meanwhile Pete unsuccessfully tried to relieve his stress at the batting
cage while the pressure mounts on the police to make an arrest, and make an
arrest fast.

Arnie tried to put the sounds out of his mind, it couldn’t be what he
thought it was. There couldn’t be scratching sounds from the freezer, it had to
be his imagination! But the sounds grew louder and Arnie’s nerves became more

"Did you here anything?" he asked his companion.

"Just ignore it…" the man said.

"What do you mean?" Arnie asked.

All of a sudden the scratching sound stopped abruptly, but just before
Arnie started to relax, he heard something more nerve racking.

"Help me…" a weak voice pleaded from inside the freezer.

"Oh my God!" Arnie exclaimed, "She’s alive in there!"

"Detective, do not open that freezer!" the man warned.

"But I heard her," Arnie protested, "She’s alive! Somehow she’s alive!"

"She’s not alive Detective," the man contended as he blocked Arnie’s way,
"She’s a vampire now. Do not let her out!"

"Please help me!" the voice pleaded again, "I don’t know what’s going on,
I’m so scared!"

"I’ve got to do something!" Arnie said as he tried to get to the door of
the freezer.

"I can’t let you do that Detective!" the man said as he tried to restrain
Arnie. The two men began to scuffle, but then a cold, stiff wind blew through
and the door of the morgue flew open. Daniel calmly stepped in and surveyed the

"He’s here!" the man gasped as he pushed Arnie away.

"Don’t try to stop me," Daniel crisply commanded as the scratching on the
door turned to pounding.

At that point Vincent swung open the door to his office again.

"I heard something," he said, "What’s going-"

Before he could finish the question Daniel grabbed the coroner and threw
him clear across the room. Vincent hit the wall with a deep thud and slumped to
the ground.

"Vincent!" Arnie cried as he drew his gun and pointed it at Daniel, "Hold
it right there!"

"I don’t think so," Daniel said as he walked toward Arnie.

"Move one more step and I will shoot you," Arnie warned but that only drew
mocking laughter from Daniel.

"Go ahead fat boy," Daniel said, "Shoot to your heart’s content."

But before Arnie could shoot Daniel rushed upon him and grasped the
Detectives right wrist.

"Drop that gun," Daniel said as he began to squeeze.

Arnie tried to hold on but soon he heard a sickening snapping sound from
his wrist. Arnie could hold the gun no longer as paralyzing pain began to shoot
up his arm.

Daniel pushed Arnie against the wall causing him to slam his head against
the concrete. Arnie fell the the ground in a daze from the contact and the pain
of his shattered arm. He managed to grab his walkie talkie and whispered a
simple word,

"Help…" he said before dropping the device.

The man then rushed up to Daniel holding a cross in his hand. Daniel
hissed loudly and averted his eyes, when he saw the cross.

"Step back," the man commanded.

"Damn fool," Daniel, "You can’t stop me with cheap talismans." Gathering
up all his strength he rammed into the man. With a gasp the man dropped the
cross giving Daniel an open opportunity. He then grabbed the man and held him up
by his neck as he began to squeeze.

"You’ve never seen anyone as powerful as me before old man," Daniel said
as the man gasped for breath before slumping over. Daniel dropped the man to the
ground and walked over to the freezer.

He opened the door and pulled out the slab where Mary Lassiter’s body lay.
As Arnie watched in a disbelief, Mary got up, her eyes now a deep shade of
crimson and fangs extended from her mouth.

"I knew you’d come for me Master," she hissed before Daniel gave her a
passionate kiss. "I’m so hungry," Mary sighed.

"Well then we’ll just have to get you someone to eat then," Daniel said
before he kissed her again. The two then walked toward the door as Arnie passed
out from the pain.

The next thing he remembered was being shook out unconsciousness by Carly.

"Arnie! Arnie! C’mon buddy, wake up!" she pleaded.

He didn’t know how long he’d been out, he was in such a daze that it could
have been thirty seconds or thirty days and he wouldn’t have know the

"He took the body," Arnie murmured.

"We know," Carly said reassuringly, "Don’t talk, the ambulance is here.
You’re going to be all right."

Arnie saw Steve talking animatedly to the mystery man as paramedics rushed
to take care of Vincent.

"He was dead," Arnie moaned as he pointed to the man while being helped
into the ambulance.

"I was playing dead," the man replied, "Our vampire is not as smart as he
thinks he is."

"What are you talking about? Vampires?" Steve asked in a bewildered tone.

"Yes," the man replied, "And now he knows we’re onto him. We have to find
him tonight. We need to search the entire city."

"What are you even doing here?" Steve demanded, "This is police business."

"Look I don’t have time to explain everything to you!" the man said, anger
rising in his voice. "There is a vampire on the loose in this city and we have
to stop him before he kills again! Don’t you see all the signs!"

"Calm down sir," Steve said, "What happened here?"

"My God you people are all morons!" the man screamed, "All the signs are
right in front of you and you still don’t see! What has to happen for you all to
see…" The man trailed off as he was injected with a sedative by a paramedic.

"Must have gotten a big blow to the head," Carly said as the man was taken
in the ambulance. "What the hell happened here, Steve?"

"I wish I knew for sure," Steve sighed as the ambulances pulled away, "Our
guy just must have come in here and overpowered Arnie, Vincent, and the mystery
man. The guy must be friggin Hercules or something."

"Maybe he was on speed or something?" Carly suggested, "It can get your
adrenaline pumping and give you extra strength."

"For once I hope that’s the answer," Steve said, "I sure can’t think about
what else it could be."

As the sound of the ambulance sirens disappeared into the distance, the
two Detective stood there in silence, wondering what was going on in their city.

Sarah Michelle Gellar tried to sleep but she couldn’t. Here she was in the
Willard Hotel, the best hotel in the whole city, laying in one of the most
comfortable beds she’d ever been in and she couldn’t sleep a wink. She blearily
looked over at her alarm clock. It’s glowing red numbers showed that it was
almost 1:30 in the morning. She desperately needed sleep, since she was supposed
to be ready to shoot her scenes at 8:00, of course that was provided Sandra
decided to show up.

The mysterious disappearance of Sandra Bullock had forced the cancellation
of shooting for the day as the police looked into the matter. The police and the
studio had managed to keep the press from finding out, but they could only hold
them off for so long.

But Sarah considered it to really be much ado over nothing. She was sure
Sandra was going to show up tomorrow with some lame story excusing her absence.
It wasn’t that Sarah didn’t like Sandra, in fact she liked her a great deal and
considered her a role model, but all of this just seemed like more typical
Hollywood bullshit.

Sarah was, of course, famous for her role on TV’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer
and she was attempting to break into movies. Sure she’d been in I Know What You
Did Last Summer and Scream 2, but she wanted to try something different,
something where she managed to live through the whole movie. Horror was great,
and it had made her quite a bit of money for someone who was only just past age
21, but it was time to branch out.

Death Game seemed like a good idea at the time, but Sarah was becoming
increasingly frustrated with making an action movie. Her role as Bruce Willis’
daughter wasn’t that great, and it seemed like for the most part her character
just stood around and waited for her inevitable kidnapping by the villain. Sarah
didn’t consider herself a great actress or anything like that yet, but she just
wanted a chance to prove that she could in fact act and could do more than stake
vampires for a living.

On the other hand the movie was sure to be a hit and that could only get
her more opportunities to see better scripts. She was getting a chance to work
with mega stars like Bruce and Sandra. Plus she had to admit that the kissing
scenes with Ben Affleck were a big bonus.

She smiled at that last thought, but soon it turned to a frown and she
sighed. If only he didn’t have a girlfriend already, then may be she’d try to
make a move for him. But he appeared to be quite happy and Sarah wasn’t the type
to go for someone else’s boyfriend.

Maybe if I was, I wouldn’t be so damn lonely, Sarah thought to herself.
Most people saw her face on TV and on magazine covers and assumed that she had a
boyfriend, when in fact she was as single as she could be. Perhaps her celebrity
status intimidated people and they were too afraid to ask her out. Or maybe they
just thought that if you’re famous then you automatically had a lover. Whatever
the reason was, the fact remained that Sarah Michelle Gellar was sans boyfriend.

As sleep still refused to come, Sarah pounded her mattress in frustration.
She couldn’t show up on the set tomorrow running on no sleep, she’d keep
flubbing her lines and before she knew it there’d be rumors that she was on
drugs or something. That’s how all these tabloid stories got started, she’d been
warned once, one missed night of sleep and all of a sudden The Star prints that
you’re addicted to heroin.

At least Sarah knew that she wasn’t the only one here who couldn’t sleep.
Three floors of the hotel were taken up by cast and crew of Death Game and she
was on the "actors floor."

Her next door neighbor was Bruce Willis and for the last little while
she’d been hearing heavy moaning coming from his room. Since Bruce’s wife, Demi
Moore, had come for a visit that day, there could be no mistakening what was
going on in there.

Listening to the sounds of the couple’s lovemaking was beginning to turn
Sarah on and she started to feel a familiar dampness between her legs. The
thought then occurred to her that there might be something else she could do
besides just lay there and not sleep.

But just as Sarah was beginning to kick this idea around in her head, she
heard a scratching on her window, like someone was trying to get in.

"What the hell?" she said as she got up with a start. She then grabbed her
robe and went to see what was making the noise. It was probably a bird or
something, Sarah assumed.

But when Sarah pulled away the curtains by her window, she saw something
she never would have expected. Standing on the balcony outside her room was
Sandra Bullock!

Understandably shocked, Sarah froze for a minute, not sure how to react.

"Let me in Sarah," Sandra pleaded.

"How did you get on my balcony?" Sarah asked as she remembered that she
was ten stories up.

"Please let me in Sarah," Sandra repeated, "It’s cold out here."

Though she was still totally perplexed about how this turn of events was
possible, Sarah reached over and opened the glass door to the balcony.

"Thank you," Sandra said as she rushed in. To Sarah’s eyes something
seemed different about her co star. She moved more sensuously, like a cat on the
prowl for its next meal. Her eyes were different, they seemed to radiate a type
of hungry emptiness in Sandra. A chill spread up Sarah’s spine as Sandra walked
across the room.

"Mind if my friends come in too?" Sandra asked and before Sarah had a
chance, Lysette and Michelle pushed in.

Sarah recognized Michelle from the set, but she had never seen the other
girl before. But their movements seemed to mimic Sandra’s and they also had that
hungry look in their eyes. All three of them were wearing these odd nightgown
type dresses that looked like something out of an old horror movie.

"What the hell’s going on here?" Sarah demanded, her obvious fear creeping
into her voice. "Where were you today, Sandra?"

"Oh I don’t think I’ll be going out in the daylight anymore," Sandra said
as she looked around Sarah’s room, "Nice room you’ve got here."

"Everyone thinks your missing," Sarah said her feelings of confusion and
fear fighting for dominance, "Why are you here?"

"Well my friends and I were just sitting around and wondering what to do
with our night so we decided to pay you a little visit," Sandra said as she sat
down on Sarah’s bed and beckoned for Lysette and Michelle to join her.

"Comfy bed you’ve got here," Sandra noted as Lysette and Michelle sat down
beside her, "Anyway, we’ve all been given a very special gift and we wanted you
to have a chance to have it to. You see we’re so hungry…"

"Yeah, hungry for love," Michelle said as she grabbed Sandra and kissed
her passionately.

Sarah gasped when she saw Sandra return the kiss and she soon became even
more shocked when she saw Sandra cup Michelle’s breast through her gown. She had
no idea that Sandra was into girls.

"Oh look poor Lysette is lonely," Sandra said as she broke off the kiss,
"Why don’t you come over here and keep her company?"

In response Lysette blew Sarah a kiss, causing the young actress to step

"Are you on drugs?" Sarah demanded, "Why are you doing this?"

"Don’t be shy," Lysette offered, "Come here and we can have so much fun
with each other."

"C’mon Sarah," Michelle said right before she resumed kissing Sandra,
"Don’t we turn you on?"

Sarah now knew that there was something very wrong here and she began to
run to the door.

"Don’t!" Sandra sharply commanded causing Sarah stopped dead in her tracks
just as she’d started to open the door, "Come to me!"

Sarah tried to run away again but she found that she couldn’t. The eyes of
all three of the girls seemed to be beckoning her, offering her love and
comfort. She could feel them burning into her brain and though she tried to stop
herself, Sarah found herself obeying the command and she slowly began to walk
toward the bed, leaving the door slightly open.

"That’s right, come to us," Sandra cooed, "You can’t resist us. You know
that you want to be here."

"What are you doing to me?" Sarah asked softly, her fears easing with
every second.

"Nothing at all sweetheart," Sandra said as she ran her hand through
Sarah’s blonde hair and kissed her lightly on the lips, "Just give in to the

Sandra untied the sash of Sarah’s robe and eased it off the young
actresses shoulders.

Sarah had never been attracted to women in the past, but as she looked at
Sandra, Lysette, and Michelle as they kissed and pawed at each other she found
herself getting turned like she never had before. Sarah just stared as the three
beauties removed each other’s gowns until they were all completely nude. The
trio then began kissing and licking all over each other’s bodies.

They looked so happy, like they were in a state of total bliss. The more
Sarah thought about it, the more she wanted to be in that state too. Her fears
were soon completely pushed away and she allowed Michelle to pull her onto the

"Oh yes…" Sarah sighed as she felt three pairs of hands roam all over
her body. Sandra lifted Sarah’s nightgown off, leaving the young actress clad
only in a pair of rapidly dampening panties.

"Touch me…" Sarah begged in a soft voice and her three companions
eagerly complied. Michelle and Lysette both kissed Sarah deeply before each
attached themselves to one of her breasts as the ran their hands all over her

Sandra meanwhile, moved herself down the bed and she began to slowly strip
off Sarah’s panties, revealing the light brown tuft underneath. After the
garment had been discarded, Sandra took a moment to bask in how wet she and her
sisters had made Sarah.

"I’ve wanted to do this since the first day I met you," Sandra said as she
spread Sarah’s legs apart and quickly plunged her tongue into the young woman’s

The efforts of Lysette and Michelle had already put Sarah in a state of
ecstasy that she’d never been in before, but the moment Sandra’s tongue hit her
wet pussy Sarah knew she was in heaven. Her experiences with sex for the most
part had been good, but these feelings were off the charts. She writhed and
moaned as she felt every cell in her body soak itself in the pleasurable
sensations she was being hit with.

As Sandra continued to lick her clit for all it was worth, Sarah felt her
juices spilling out of her pussy. Her hands shot out and she found herself
massaging Lysette’s breasts. She was surprised when she found her own excitement
increasing as she felt the woman’s nipples tighten under her hands, but by then
she was too far gone to care about what was turning her on. Sarah could feel her
orgasm nearing and when she came she felt as though her brain was going to be
fried from the overload of sensations she was feeling.

When the aftereffects of her orgasm had subsided, Sarah looked up to see
Lysette and Michelle pleasuring themselves in a 69 position and a very satisfied
Sandra Bullock smiling at her, her face shiny with Sarah’s pussy juices. Sarah
picked herself up and joined Sandra in a deep kiss. Sarah could taste her own
cum on Sandra’s lips and, loving it, she tried to taste all she could.

"I want you so bad," Sarah whispered to her new lover.

"Then take me," Sandra sighed as she lay down on the bed and spread her

Sarah was completely new to lesbian sex, but she reasoned that what had
made her feel good, would feel good to Sandra as well. Licking her lips at the
nude treat before her, Sarah began by kissing and massaging Sandra’s firm

"That’s it baby," Sandra moaned as Sarah continued her breast play. Sarah
tried to do exactly what had been done to her, but she soon realized that she
couldn’t contain herself anymore.

Without wasting any more time, she lowered herself down Sandra’s body and
buried her face in her pussy. She attacked Sandra’s clit with her tongue,
desperately wanting to make her new lover come. At first Sarah was unsure if she
was doing a good job, but Sandra’s moans and the flow of juice that she was
rewarded with, told her that she was doing it right.

"Lick my pussy Sarah," Sandra moaned, "You’re doing it so good! Keep

This only made Sarah lick Sandra’s pussy harder and she silently cursed
herself for not trying lesbianism earlier. There had always been opportunities,
but she’d been too afraid to act on them. Now she struggled to make up for lost
time as she tried to please Sandra.

But just as she felt Sandra about to orgasm, Sarah felt a new sensation
hit her. She momentarily stopped her action on Sandra to see what it was. When
she saw that Lysette had begun licking her pussy from behind, she grinned and
went back to work on Sandra, who was now licking Michelle’s pussy. Soon Sandra
came, her juices spilling onto Sarah’s face, but the young actress didn’t want
to stop and instead continued licking, driving Sandra toward another orgasm.

Soon all four of the girls were lost in each others bodies, each driving
another to multiple orgasms. Eventually Sarah could take no more and fell back
on the bed, gasping in delirious pleasure.

"That was amazing," she gasped.

"Now there’s something else we need from you," Sandra hissed and Sarah saw
that fangs had extended from her mouth. Lysette and Michelle had undergone
similar changes and all three looked at Sarah with the grins of predators who
had trapped their prey.

Fear overtook Sarah again and she struggled to get away. But one more look
in Sandra’s eyes convinced her that this was right. By giving herself over to
them, Sarah could experience the pleasure she just did all the time. Lysette
tenderly kissed Sarah again to calm her and it seemed to do the trick as she
relaxed immediately.

"It only hurts for a second," Michelle hissed, "Then it’s nothing but

Sandra, Lysette, and Michelle all fell upon Sarah and the young actress
felt several sharp pains as they began to drink from her breasts, arms, and
legs. But then the sweet pleasure began and Sarah only wanted to lose herself in
it. She craned her neck and tried to coax Sandra to drink from it.

"No, we’re saving that for our Master," Sandra replied, her lips covered
in Sarah’s blood.

At that moment, Daniel flew in through the balcony door that had been left
open for him, creating such a gust of wind that ripped through the room. And as
soon as Sarah saw him, it all made sense. She felt her body burn with
anticipation for him to drink from her and make her a creature of the night as
he was.

"Master," Michelle hissed, "She is ready for you…"

Daniel grinned in approval as he escorted in his newest vampire.

"Girls, this is Mary," Daniel stated, "I think she’s going to want a taste
as well."

Mary then slowly walked forward, a bit unsure of what to do. But when she
saw the writhing Sarah laying on the bed, the hunger began to drive her. She
felt her fangs extend again. Suddenly she knew what to do and she began to lick
at a pool of blood that had formed on Sarah’s arm.

When she had drank enough, Daniel pushed her away to stand with the other
girls. Sarah weakly smiled when she saw Daniel standing above her, she knew it
was her time to give herself to her Master. Daniel’s fangs extended and when he
broke into her jugular, Sarah screamed in immense pleasure.

"Oh yeah, fuck me big man! C’mon do it baby! Make me cum!" Demi Moore
screamed as she felt her husband thrust into her. She hadn’t seen Bruce in over
two weeks and they’d been getting reacquainted with each other all night.

It was amazing Demi, thought as stabs of pleasure zapped through her
brain, they’d been married for over ten years now and they still fucked like
rabbits every time they had a chance. She often wondered how this was possible
but then she’d remember what her grandmother would always say, "If it aint
broke, don’t fix it." So Demi would always deciding to stop thinking about it
and just enjoy the ride.

And she’d been doing a lot of riding with Bruce that night. Almost as soon
as they had made sure their three kids were safe in bed in their rooms, they had
torn each others clothes off and engaged in every position they could think of.

Demi had always been an extremely vocal lover and tonight her lungs were
getting a workout. She had worried about the noise level at first, but Bruce
pointed out that at worst it would put a kibosh on the pesky tabloid rumors
about breakup and divorce.

Bruce continued to thrust into his wife, causing her to scream yet again
as her orgasm hit her. He began to moan too and soon he came as well, shooting
into his wife. They then collapsed on the bed, finally ready to close a night.

"I guess you missed me…" Bruce gasped as he tried to regain his breath.

"Well I thought you could use a pick me up," Demi joked as she tenderly
kissed Bruce.

"You’re the best type of pick me up," Bruce replied.

"You’re only saying that because I always let you go all the way with me,"
Demi said.

The two then lay their in silence for a moment before they heard Sarah’s
scream from next door.

"Hey, guess I’m not the only girl here getting lucky tonight," Demi said
with a smile.

"That didn’t sound right," Bruce muttered, a look of concern crossing his

"Chill honey," Demi replied, "The girl’s just having a little fun."

"Maybe I should make sure she’s ok?" Bruce said as he got up and slipped
on pajama pants as Demi put on her robe.

"Not a good idea," Demi contended, "I tell you she’s just in there with
some guy and if you bother her now after we’ve probably kept her up with our
noise tonight, you’re going to have one pissed off little co star tomorrow,
buddy. Now get your ass back in here and cuddle with me, damn it!"

"You’re right," Bruce sighed as he got back into bed and back into his
wife’s arms.

"I’m always right," Demi said as she kissed Bruce again, "She’s just a kid
having fun with a boyfriend or something."

Scout Willis had awaken with a start. She’d had a nightmare and though she
couldn’t remember it now, it was bad enough to cause the little girl to be
sweating profusely.

She was only six years old and she still got a bit scared every time she
had to sleep some place new, and this was her first night in this hotel. She
wanted to go home, but she knew they’d be staying here for a while longer. If
only her Daddy had come home instead of them having to come here.

Scout saw that her sisters were still sleeping soundly. Three year old
Tallulah was right near her and her older sister Rumer was across the room.
Deciding to seek the infinite wisdom of a nine year old, Scout got out of bed
and went to wake up her sister.

"Rumer! Rumer!" she said as she shook her sister.

"Huh?" was Rumer’s response.

"I had a bad dream!" Scout cried.

"Go talk to Mommy…" Rumer replied as she tried to get back to sleep.

"Go with me!" Scout pleaded, "I’m scared!"

"Noooo," Rumer said, "I didn’t have the dream. Leave me alone."

"C’mon!" Scout insisted, "I don’t know the way!’

"All right! All right!" Rumer said, exasperated with her sister, "But
after this you can never ask me to do anything again."

"Okay," Scout said with a smile.

Leaving Tallulah still asleep, the two children crept down the hall to
their parents’ room. They arrived at it quickly, but before they knocked on the
door, Rumer noticed that the door in the next room was slightly ajar.

"Hey!" she whispered, "Want to look inside?"

"No!" Scout immediately replied.

"C’mon," Rumer coaxed her voice filled with childish curiosity, "You got
me up for nothing, so let me peek inside! "

"Oh all right," Scout relented and the two nudged open the door to take a

The two little girls then took their peek and what they saw sent waves of
fright through them. Sarah was drinking from Daniel’s chest, while Sandra,
Lysette, Mary, and Michelle continued to nip at her body, blood covering their
mouths. The entire bed seemed to have been painted crimson and the room had the
sense of death and fear throughout it.

Rumer and Scout responded to this site by screaming at the top of their
lungs, causing Daniel to jerk up from the bed and charge toward the girls. Rumer
and Scout then ran to their parents room and began pounding on the door and
crying for help.

At the sound of the screams, Bruce and Demi both shot out of bed, because
for them there was no mistakening who they could be coming from.

"Daddy!" Rumer screamed as Bruce and Demi bolted out of their room to see
what was going on. They got to the hall just as Daniel did and the couple froze
in shock when they saw the enraged vampire.

Sarah’s blood covered Daniel’s face and a small stream of it dribbled down
his chin. His face was contorted in rage and he roared in anger. Rumer and Scout
tried to hide behind their parents, but Daniel, with the speed of an animal,
managed to grab Scout. Daniel’s face was more beast than human as he held the
screaming girl.


"Let her go!" Demi begged as Rumer tightly held onto her leg.

"Stay back everyone or she will die before your eyes," Daniel snarled as
he held up a claw to Scout’s throat, "Are you prepared to watch your child

"Nooooo, please don’t!" Demi cried as Bruce restrained her from rushing at

By now a crowd had gathered in the hallway and when they saw what was
going on they all froze and stared with open mouths.

"Someone call the police!" Bruce shouted and people quickly ran off to get
security up to the floor.

"The police won’t save your little girl, movie star man," Daniel hissed.
Scout cried for her parents to save her as she struggled in a futile attempt to
break Daniel’s grip.

"Please don’t hurt her!" Demi cried, "We’ll do anything you say!"

"Anything at all," Bruce agreed, "Just let her go!"

At that Daniel smiled evilly and his face returned to normal.

"Come to me…" he commanded Demi.

"Promise you’ll let her go…" Demi replied, her voice quaking with fear.

"Of course," Daniel said, "Don’t you trust me…"

"Don’t," Bruce pleaded as he held his wife’s hand, "He’ll kill you both!"

"I have to," Demi replied.

Demi then handed Rumer to Bruce and, trembling as she did, she began to
walk over to Daniel.

"Give her to me," Demi ordered when she got close to him.

"Sorry, change in plans," Daniel said as Michelle and Mary grabbed Demi
and dragged her into the room.

"Tough luck Bruno, but no one fucks with me," Daniel stated before ducked
back into the room, still holding Scout, and slammed the door shut behind him.

"No!!! Demi! Scout!" Bruce screamed as he futilely pounded on the door.
Rumer began sobbing in terror as Bruce stood there, impotent with fear and
completely powerless. His wife and little girl had been taken and as he tried in
vain to open the door, fear gripped him because he might not be able to do
anything about it.

"You said you’d let her go!" Demi screamed at Daniel.

"I lied," Daniel hissed as he approached the movie star.

Demi was frozen with terror as he came toward her, Her eyes roamed to the
bed where she saw Sarah’s lifeless body, her mouth frozen in an rapturous smile.
Lysette held onto Scout tightly, gently running a claw up and down the child’s
cheek as she squirmed in fear. Sandra, Mary, and Michelle also drew closer to
the child and when Demi saw the hungry look in Lysette’s eyes, she knew that
whatever they were, they certainly weren’t human.

"Don’t touch her!" Demi screamed at Lysette who responded with a mocking

"We won’t hurt her," Daniel said in a cool, reassuring tone. "Give
yourself to me Demi."

Demi then looked up and saw the burning heat of Daniel’s eyes. She found
herself being drawn to the shimmering orbs and she felt her fear begin to
subside. Of course he wasn’t going to hurt her, he would never hurt her. He only
wanted to love her, and there wasn’t anything wrong with that. Was there?

Part of her screamed for her to resist and she tried as best she could.
But she then saw Lysette bring her claw closer to Scout she knew that if she
didn’t relent, her daughter would be killed. One more look into Daniel’s eyes
convinced her that this was best and she relented.

Daniel grinned as he saw Demi begin to surrender. He untied the sash of
her robe and opened it, revealing her body to him. Daniel took a moment to take
in the nudity of the entranced star before kissing her.

Demi responded to the kiss with equal passion as she ran her hand down to
Daniel’s crotch, where she could feel his cock growing hard beneath his clothes.
Scout began to cry out, but Demi was oblivious to her daughter’s cries. All that
mattered was pleasing Daniel.

Bruce continued to pound on the door, but all it was doing was bloodying
his knuckles. He had to do something, but his mind was running too fast for him
to focus.

Just then the hotel security guards began arriving on the floor. But
before they could do anything, Bruce decided that there was only one thing that
he could do. He then summoned up every ounce of adrenaline he had and smashed
into the door The hotel’s supposedly sophisticated locks were broken easily by
the strength of the body blow and the door swung open.

The shocked guards rushed in with him and they only had a split second to
survey the scene. Sarah’s body was lying on her bed , which was surrounded by
the female vampires guarding Scout. Daniel, his fangs fully extended, was about
to plunge into Demi’s neck as she looked blankly into space, a look of bliss on
her face.

None of them had ever seen anything like this before and they froze in
shock And before any of the guards had a chance to react, the vampires charged
at them.

"I TOLD YOU NOT TO FUCK WITH ME!!!" Daniel screamed as he attacked.

Meanwhile, blissfully unaware that the murderer they sought was right
nearby, Chris Foster was in the process of driving the lovely Carol Caldwell
home. Pete was with them as well, but exhausted from the last 24 hours he was
curled up in the backseat, sleeping like a newborn babe.

"Oh look, he’s all tuckered out," Carol remarked.

"Yeah, he’s adorable isn’t he?" Chris replied, "We’ve been up for about 24
hours straight now, so I guess sleep finally caught up with him," Chris replied.

"Should you even be driving right now," Carol asked, "Or are you going to
fall asleep and send the car into a tree."

"Hey, I’m as steady as a rock," Chris answered, "I need no sleep, I can
live on pure energy for days. I’m like a camel."

"Camels can live without water, not sleep," Carol pointed out.

"I said like a camel," Chris said before changing the subject, "So tell me
about this guy again."

"Well like I said, he was a patient at the mental institution. He killed
his sister, but they found that he was insane because since he thought she was a
vampire he didn’t know right from wrong," Carol related. "He was a really nice
guy, from what I saw, in fact he was my favorite patient. He was just very
strange, I guess he thought he was some kind of vampire killer or something. He
once told me that he’d killed so many of them that they took his sister as
revenge. He couldn’t be released for years from now, so I have no idea how he
got out. Of course it might not be him."

"It sure sounds like him," Chris replied, "We’re just going to keep an eye
out for this guy, but hopefully he took the hint and got out of here. You don’t
think he could be our killer, do you?"

"No," Carol answered, "He thought he was a vampire killer, not a vampire."

"That doesn’t sound any saner," Chris remarked, "What was this guy’s

"It was…Sumner, Gordon Sumner," Carol answered.

Before the conversation could go on, the police band radio in the car came
alive with activity.

"All units in the vicinity of the Willard Hotel hotel please respond to a
possible situation," the voice over the radio stated.

"This is Detective Chris Foster, badge number 63758," Chris said as he
picked up the receiver. Looking out of the windshield he could see the Willard
Hotel right in front of him. "I’m right in the vicinity. What is the nature of
the emergency?"

"We’re not sure," the dispatcher answered, "The caller was all panicked.
Something about Demi Moore and some monsters or something."

"Sounds interesting," Chris said, "We’re en route."

"Wake Pete up," Chris then told Carol.

Carol quickly shook Pete awake and the detective got up with a start.

"What’s going on?" Pete said as he shook the sleep off of himself.

"We got a call about an incident at the Willard Hotel, someone talking
about monsters," Chris answered.

"Think there could be a connection?" Pete groggily asked.

"I don’t know,." Chris answered, "Probably not, but it couldn’t hurt to

"Then let’s go!" Pete said.

"I’m going!" Chris said back as he pulled over to the side and stopped the
car right outside the hotel. Two police squad cars were arriving at the same
time, lights flashing and sirens blaring.

Chris jumped out of his car seat and tried to think of something to say to

"Uhhhhh wait here!" was all he could think of before he and Pete ran into
the hotel. They quickly got the pertinent information from the manager and then
the two detectives headed up to the eleventh floor with four officers in tow.

Daniel quickly pounced on two of the guards before they had a chance to
get away and he made quick work of them, using his claws to tear their jugulars.
Another guard just stood and stared at his murdered friends, allowing Daniel to
get a jump on him to. The vampire slashed him with such viscous force that the
guard’s head was messily severed.

As the blood of the guards splashed all over, Bruce sought some to get to
his wife before Daniel did. Daniel had momentarily forgotten about the actress
as he and his female companions took care of other invaders. With his attention
diverted, Scout managed to get away.

The interruption had also allowed Demi to shake herself put of her trance
and she rushed to her daughter.

"Mommy!" Scout cried as she sought protection.

Seeing that Scout and Demi had managed to break free of their captors,
Bruce moved toward them, but by then Daniel had finished with the guards and
blocked the actor’s way.

"You son of a bitch!" Bruce shouted as he charged at Daniel and began
struggling with the creature that had attacked his family. The movie star seemed
to overpower the vampire at first, but Daniel quickly regained his poise and
ripped into Bruce’s chest with a claw.

"No!" Demi screamed as Bruce fell to the floor, bleeding heavily

Daniel grinned at Demi as she held her daughter tight. He began walking
toward the women, thoughts of feasting on their blood running through his mind.
Bruce tried to stop him, but he was overcome by his wounds and he collapsed,

"Bruce!" Demi cried, "Oh no! Please no!"

The guards all dead, Daniel continued his advance. His female vampires
were right behind him, there faces were smeared with the blood of the dead
guards and they were hungry for more.

But just as Daniel was about to attack Demi and Scout, a man rushed into
the room and pressed a cross against Daniel’s face. The object seared into
Daniel’s flesh and the vampire screamed in pain, the female vampires all ran for
cover in response.

"I killed you," Daniel screamed.

"You’re not as smart as you think," the man said, "Ever heard the term
playing possum. This time I’m ready for you."

"I won’t make the same mistake twice!" Daniel yelled, but the man
continued to hold him in place with the cross. The man then splashed holy water
at Daniel, injuring the vampire again.

"I bless this room!" the man shouted. "You are forbidden to enter!"

At that moment Chris, Pete, and the officers arrived, their guns drawn.

"Freeze!’ Chris commanded, but he was quickly shaken by the activities in
the blood drenched room. He and Daniel locked eyes and Chris knew that this was
the man responsible for the murders. The realization sent a chill up his spine.

"Holy shit!’ was Pete’s reaction when he saw Daniel’s face in full
vampiric form.

Daniel took advantage of the momentary distraction by grabbing Sarah’s
body from the bed and jumping through the glass window as he took off into the
night sky. The vampiress soon followed and even though the police opened fire,
their bullets seemed to all miss the targets.

Chris then rushed to the window.

"Where’d they go?" Pete shouted.

"They’re gone!" Chris answered.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean they pulled a fucking Harry Houdini!" Chris shouted, "They jumped
and now they’re gone!"

Pete ran over to see for himself and saw that Chris was right, there was
no sign of Daniel or any of his companions.

"That is not possible!" Pete shouted, "Where did they go?"

Chris had no answer and just shook his head in disbelief.

Demi remained on the floor, holding Scout tight as they both sobbed. When
she saw it was safe to do so, the actress then ran over to her fallen husband.

"We need some help here!" she screamed as she tried to get Bruce up,
"C’mon baby, you’re going to be okay!"

Bruce momentarily regained consciousness and smiled at his wife.

"Is she okay?" he asked weakly.

"She’s fine, baby. Just rest, we’re going to get you to a hospital," Demi
said as she stroked his forehead.

As paramedics came in and began helping Bruce onto a stretcher, Rumer came
into the room and she screamed when she saw her injured father. She ran to him
but Demi stopped her and held her and Scout tightly.

"He’s going to be fine! Daddy’s going to be okay," she said soothingly.
"Let’s go get your sister and we’ll go see the doctors make him better." Demi,
picked up her robe and then took her daughters and left, her head spinning with
fear and anguish over what had unfolded in only a few minutes.

Pete then turned his head and saw the man standing there in silence.

"What the hell are you doing here?" he shouted. "Are you a part of this?"

"I am trying to stop this," the man replied sharply.

It was then that Carly and Steve got to the scene.

"We just got here," Carly said as she tried to catch her breath, but the
horror of the room stopped her in mid breath. "What the fuck happened here? It’s
a god damn blood bath!"

Amid the chaos of the room, Steve immediately noticed the presence of the

"Hey, what the hell are you doing here?" Steve shouted, "We left you in
the hospital."

"How do you know him?" Chris demanded.

"He was at the scene of our latest body theft," Carly answered.

"Another one!" Pete exclaimed. "Wait a minute, what happened to Arnie."

"The thief put him in the hospital," Steve answered, "His arm was
shattered from the wrist on up."

"Oh shit," Chris said, "Is he okay."

"He’s fine. He’s just going to be able to use his right arm for awhile,"
Steve replied as he turned his attention to the man, "But this guy here was
talking crazy so they took him too."

"Yeah I’ll say he’s crazy," Chris said, "This guy used to be in a mental

As that revelation hit the air, the man broke into a sprint as he tried to
dash out the door.

"Stay right there!" Chris commanded, "We’ve got some questions for you!"

The man continued his escape attempt, but Pete managed to stop him.

"When we stay stop, you stop!" Pete said as he threw the man down on a
chair in the hallway, "You’re not going anywhere, until we clear things up! Now
who are you?"

"Looks like you already know," the man bitterly answered as the other
detectives left the blood soaked room, "You don’t need me to say anything."

"Oh this guy’s a gas," Carly sighed, "Why don’t you just fill in those who
don’t know all the details."

"My name is Gordon Sumner," the man stated plainly, "I kill vampires."

"What?" was Steve’s bemused response.

"Are your ears clogged up," Gordon said, "I kill vampires and I was going
to kill this one until you and the rest of your cowboy friends showed."

"This guy’s not making any sense," Carly said in anger, "He was talking
like this when we saw him earlier."

"This guy seems to think our city is being overrun by vampires," Chris

"Yeah and werewolves are responsible for the drug murders in this city,"
Steve said, "Give me a break."

"This is no joking matter!" Gordon exclaimed, "We are running out of time!
Each time he takes a life he gets stronger! By the end of tomorrow night it may
be too late, he may be too strong to kill!"

Pete hung up the phone he had been using.

"Well it seems there is a warrant in London for the return of our friend
Mr. Sumner here," he said as he motioned for some officers to come in.

"Well it looks like you’ll be a guest in one of our fine jails tonight,"
Carly said as he was handcuffed.

"Gordon Sumner, you are under arrest for escaping imprisonment," Pete
stated as Gordon struggled against the cuffs, "You have the right to remain
silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You
have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford one the court will provide
one for you. Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you?"

"Don’t you see!" Gordon screamed as he was taken away, "I’m the only one
who can stop him! You’re sealing your own dooms here! Look at this room! Look at
what he did! We have to stop him! LISTEN TO ME!!!!!"

Soon Gordon’s voice faded away as he was taken away. The chaos had begun
to settle back to normalcy and within a half hour a full forensics team was
going over every inch of the room.

Meanwhile Chris had taken the opportunity to call Amy and tell her that he
wasn’t coming home that night.

"No, no I definitely won’t be back," he said into the phone, "It’s pretty
messed up around here. What? No, I will not try and get Ben Affleck’s autograph.
Because I’ve got corpses here. Okay, okay, okay I’ll see what I can do. Luv ya."

Chris then hung up the phone and once again looked around at the blood
soaked room and taking in the horror of what had happened. He could not stop
focusing on the torn corpses all over the room and the blood soaked sheets where
Sarah once slept.

"My God, look at this place Pete," he said.

"I know," Pete replied, "You think it was him?"

"Yeah I think it was him," Chris answered.

"Me too," Pete added, as he looked over he saw an idea forming in his
brother’s head. "Oh no, don’t tell me you’re buying this crap again!"

"How’s they get away Pete?" Chris demanded, "They just jumped out the
window and disappeared? Explain that!"

"Look I don’t know how they got away!" Pete replied, "I don’t know the
hows or the whys here. What I do know is that vampires aren’t real. They are
fucking fairy tales for Halloween!"

"Did you see his face?" Chris asked, "Did that look human?"

"Maybe it was a mask," Pete sighed.

"Don’t tell me you didn’t notice that those girls he had with him just
happened to look exactly like our murder victims?"

"All right, enough!" Pete said firmly, "You can throw these suggestions
out all you want, but I refuse to believe them! I refuse to believe that there
are vampires at work here! I refuse to believe it!"

Pete then stormed away leaving Chris staring into the room as the corpses
were taken away.

"What’s going on here" Carly asked as she approached Chris.

"More and more, I just don’t want to know…" Chris sighed.

Daniel cursed loudly as he reviewed the night’s events. He’d been sloppy
with that man, he should have made sure he was dead. Now he could tell the
police everything and they’d know what was happening. Daniel had enjoyed
watching those silly little cops run around in circles, but the fun would stop
if they knew the truth.

On the other hand, Daniel thought, what were the chances of that
happening? They’d probably lock that guy up if he started talking about
vampires, they’d think he was crazy. There was no real danger there.

But still the police had seen his face, and Daniel began thinking that it
might be time to send the Washington D.C. police force a message. A message that
would teach them that they were way over their heads here. A message that they
would not soon forget.

A Modern Day Vampire Tale
Chapter 10: Interrogation With the Vampire

Our story thus far: Daniel struck again, this time using his vampire
mistresses to get Sarah Michelle Gellar into his little flock. But Daniel got
too greedy and after some ugliness involving Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, he
ended up coming face to face with Chris and Pete. However Daniel escaped by
jumping out a window, once again amazing his persuers. Meanwhile, the mystery
man was revealed to be Gordon Sumner an escaped mental patient who had
previously been a vampire hunter.

By the way, this chapter is dedicated to all of the writers who have put
together Homicide: Life on the Street for so many years. Without them I’d have
no style to rip off. Thanks fellas.

No sex here, I’ve been warning you, so no need for a legal warning. The
three chapter drought of sex is going to be tough for ya’ all, but I know you
can handle it.

And if by chance you can’t handle it, let me know. As I’ve said before,
and will continue to say, all comments are welcomed at

By dawn the word had already hit the streets and soon a full media frenzy
was in swing. The word out was a suspected murderer had gone berserk last night
and held hostages in the Willard Hotel. Six security guards were dead. Bruce
Willis was in the hospital in critical, but stable condition, but doctors were
confident he would survive. Meanwhile, Sandra Bullock and Sarah Michelle Gellar
were missing and presumed dead at the hands of the maniac, who had somehow
managed to escape police even though he had been surrounded.

A flood of reporters crashed through the doors of the Police Station , the
likes of which Lieutenant Lawrence Smith had never seen in his life. Lawrence
watched from his vantage point on top of the stairs and took a sip of his
coffee. He looked at his watch. Shit, it wasn’t even seven in the morning and
they were circling like sharks. His detectives were running on no sleep, they
had a face for their suspect, but no name, and now this. Media from all over the
world was downstairs and they were all waiting for even the smallest morsel of

Sighing loudly, Lawrence began walking down the stairs to face the
screaming throng. He guessed it didn’t really matter if a bunch of average
citizens got killed, but if a couple of celebrities got killed then all of a
sudden he was trying to answer questions from the Japanese media.

"All right," he declared when he near the throng, "I am Lieutenant
Lawrence Smith of the Homicide Department. There will be an official press
conference in two hours, but I will be happy to answer any questions you have
right now."

Lawrence was then hit with such a flurry of questions that he had to
literally take a step back. He felt the beginnings of a migraine coming on.

"This is too weird," Carly remarked as she and her fellow detectives
stared into a jail cell.

"I agree," Steve said, "There must be something seriously wrong with her
brain. What do you think Pete?"

"I am at a loss for words," Pete answered.

"I’d say its the aftereffects of my painkillers, but how would that
explain how the rest of you can see it," Arnie said.

"Hey what’s everyone looking at?" Tom asked as he joined the group.

"Only the strangest thing you’ll ever see," Pete said as he gestured
toward the jail cell.

Tom looked inside and saw Chris and Carol sleeping soundly on the
mattress. They were curled up with each other and they both looked quite

"Oh that is not right at all," Tom remarked, "You don’t think they did
anything in there, do you?"

"Ewwwww, I hope not," Pete answered, "Think of all the wonderful and fun
diseases currently residing in that mattress."

"I guess he really is in love," Carly observed, "Makes you just want to
puke, doesn’t it?"

"Spoken like a truly bitter person," Tom replied.

"Oh yeah, like you even know what love is," Carly shot back.

"No, no Carly," Arnie pointed out, "Our Tommy Boy here painted the town
red last night with Stacy while his loyal partner was getting the crap beaten
out of him."

"Look I’m sorry," Tom said, "But when it comes down to you and a beautiful
girl, you lose Arnie."

"Hey I think I’m beautiful," Arnie sighed.

"Avery, please don’t be the cause of another girl transferring out of
here," Carly sighed, "Your relationships have the unfortunate tendency of
causing me inconvenience."

"Hey I thought we were speculating about Chris’ relationship," Tom
protested, "Leave me out of this."

"Well while this conversation is truly fascinating," Steve remarked,
"Shouldn’t we wake them up or something? I mean we do have work."

"But watching them sleep is so interesting," Pete stated, "It’s like
watching footage of a village after a volcano eruption."

Before the debate on whether or not to wake the couple went any further,
Carol put the issue to rest by waking herself up. She reacted in surprise when
she saw the people staring at them and she quickly shook Chris awake. With a
grunt he awoke and saw his fellow detectives.

"Go away," he mumbled sharply, "Next show’s in an hour."

"Wakey-wakey," Pete said in a sing song voice.

"Don’t you people have your own lives?" Chris moaned.

"It’s much more fun to interfere in yours," Arnie remarked.

"Aren’t you supposed to be in the hospital?" Chris asked Arnie, whose
entire right arm was covered in a cast.

"And miss all the fun of being here? I wouldn’t dream of it," Arnie

"What time is it?" Carol asked as she shook off the remaining effects of

"A little after seven," Pete answered.

"I’ve got to get going anyway," she replied as she got off the mattress,
"Thanks for the tour of an American jail cell, Chris."

"Anytime," Chris said. Carol leaned in for kiss, but Chris all of a sudden
remembered that they had an audience.

"Shouldn’t you all be working on something?" Chris asked.

"Oh don’t mind us," Carly replied.

"Yes, continue smooching," Tom added.

When Carol and Chris did just that, the others began to hoot and holler
like sixth graders.

"With that, I think I’ll leave," Carol said as she walked out the door,
"It was lovely meeting you all."

"She seems nice," Tom said after Carol had walked away.

"If you even look at her funny Avery, I’m going to shoot you," Chris said
as he walked out of the cell.

"Wow a jail cell," Carly remarked as the detectives headed back to the
squad room, "You sure know how to romance a girl."

"Oh shut up all of you," Chris replied, "We just needed to crash for the

"Well on a more important subject, we’ve got a sketch of our guy all
ready," Steve said as they reached the squad room. Blood analysis last night had
confirmed what they all knew, that the man from the hotel was definitely the

"Good," Pete said as he looked it over, "I want this run in every paper
and on every TV show. Anyplace you can put it up, you put it up."

"As usual, I’m two steps ahead of you," Carly said, "It’s already done."

"All right," Pete said, genuine hope filling his voice for the first time
in days, "If this guy’s still out there, we’re going to get him."

The sun creeping into her bedroom woke Stacy up with a start. She looked
over at the clock and she saw that she was running late. It was close to eight
already and she wasn’t even up yet.

But as soon as she leapt up, she fell back down again onto the bed, her
strength seemingly gone. Stacy’s head began to throb and she noticed two things,
first she hadn’t even bothered to unmake her bed the last night and second she
was stark naked.

"What did I do last night?" she asked herself aloud. She searched her
memories, but she soon found that the night had been a blur. She remembered
going out with Tom and that he dropped her off at her apartment, but after that
there was nothing. Gathering up her strength, Stacy got up and managed to get
dressed for work. As she staggered into the hallway she knocked on Emily’s door.

"Em, you in there?" Stacy asked, but she received no answer. This was
really strange, Emily usually didn’t leave until later. But then again and she
didn’t usually black out, Stacy reasoned. She’d have Emily fill her in on the
details later, somehow Stacy knew that Emily would be able to tell her exactly
what had gone on that night.

As Stacy began to walk out the door, a deep hunger gripped her. It was
unlike anything she’d ever felt in her life, but she managed to quell the
feelings. She was late, she told herself she’d just have to feed later. That
choice of words struck her as odd Why the word feed, she’d never used it before.

However, Stacy then shook off those doubts because she just didn’t have
time to do a self examination of her subconscious. She closed the door and
headed for work.

By 9:00 the sketch artists’ rendering of Daniel was out on the streets and
a full search had begun.

Meanwhile, as the press conference was being set up downstairs, Stacy
finally lurched into work. The sun seemed to be especially bright today and she
wore her sunglasses.

"Looks you had a fun night, Stacy" Officer Julie Muldowski remarked as she
passed her by.

"I don’t even know what the hell happened last night," Stacy sighed, "All
I know is that I am so tired. Every cell in my body is begging for sleep. Plus I
am absolutely starving and I can’t tell for what."

"Oooh sucks for you," Julie said as Stacy began the long walk up the

"Your sympathy is noted for the record," Stacy said as she tried to walk
away. But before she did a reporter jumped in her way.

"Hi I’m Milo Bloom, Reporter for the Bloom Beacon," the man said, "Do you
have any information on the case? No one’s talking."

"Go away," Stacy said in an annoyed tone as she pushed Milo back and
continued on her way up the stairs.

The press had seemingly been staking out the station since the middle of
the night and the quickie Q&A session with Lieutenant Smith had done nothing to
stop out their zealous quest for information.

So when Police Commissioner Brandon Doyle stepped up to the microphone, a
buzz went up in the crowd. The majority of the media present had no idea who
Commissioner Doyle was or how he was part of the dying breed of tough Irish
cops, but by his uniform and demeanor, they could tell he was a man of

"I am Commissioner Brandon Doyle," he said as he began, "I have a brief
statement to read and then I will answer some questions. A suspect in the
murders of four women and six men has been identified by District of Columbia
homicide detectives. The suspect was seen last night in the Willard Hotel hotel
where he killed the six men, all security employees of the hotel, and one woman,
Ms. Sarah Michelle Gellar. He escaped the police pursuit and we are now
currently searching the entire district for the man fitting the description you
are currently being given on the papers passed around. Our suspect is a white
male, age in the mid to late 20’s, 6 feet tall, 180 pounds, dark brown hair. If
anyone knows a man fitting this description they are urged to call the police
immediately and not take any action themselves. The Mayor has expressed his full
confidence that this suspect will be found and arrested."

Putting down the prepared statement, Brandon looked into the seemingly
endless sea of reporters.

"Does anyone have questions?" he asked only to be answered by a flurry of
words and hand signals.

"How did the suspect escape the police last night?" one reporter shouted.

"That is being explored right now…" Brandon slowly answered as he
searched for the right words to explain how Daniel was able to jump through the
window and survive.

"What does that mean?" several reporters inquired.

"I have no further comment on that matter," Brandon replied.

"Is Sandra Bullock counted among the dead?" was another question.

"Ms. Bullock is still considered missing at the moment," was the answer as
Brandon pointed to another reporter.

"Hi, I’m Tabitha Soren from MTV News where you hear it first. Is the Spice
Girls concert at RFK Stadium still scheduled to go off as planned tonight?"

At this question, Brandon leaned over to his right to Captain William

"Bill, who the hell are the Spice Girls?" Brandon whispered.

"They’re a singing group performing at RFK tonight. They’re very popular,
I think they’ve been on every single magazine cover in America," Captain Carter
answered. "It’s going to go on as scheduled"

"I’ve got to get out more," Brandon sighed before returning to the
microphone. "Yes the concert will go on as planned."

"When do you foresee an arrest," another reporter asked.

Relieved to have a question he could answer, Brandon responded quickly.

"We believe we’ll have our suspect in custody within the next 24 hours,"
he said, setting off a murmur of surprise through the crowd, which by now
included the Foster brothers.

"24 hours that’s pretty bold," Chris whispered to his brother, "Do you
think we can pull it off."

"Not a chance," Pete sighed, "But the least we could do is go down

After soaking in the press conference for a few moments more, Chris turned
to his brother again.

"I feel like waffles, you want some waffles?" he asked.

"Yeah, I could go for waffles," Pete answered as they headed for the door,
leaving the bold predictions in their wake.

Later, having finished his waffles, Chris walked toward the jail cells
until he found the one he was looking for.

"I see you’re up," Chris observed, but Gordon Sumner just sat in silence.

"I brought you some coffee," Chris said as he slipped the cup through the

"Thank you," Gordon muttered.

"You know I’ve been thinking about what you said," Chris said, causing
Gordon to perk up.

"Are you ready to believe me now?" Gordon asked.

"Hey, I just said I was thinking about what you said, that’s all," Chris

"Detective what more proof do you need?" Gordon pled, "You saw what
happened last night. What mortal man could make an escape like that. It doesn’t
make sense any other way."

Chris sighed in response.

"I know what you’re going through," Gordon said, "I went through it once
myself. You don’t want to accept what it is that you’ve seen, but you have to.
Time is running out, but we can still beat him."

"I just can’t believe that this is possible," Chris protested.

"You have to," Gordon insisted, "Open your mind and let me out of here.
He’s weak during the day and we will have an easier time of killing him."

"I cannot let you out. You’re a fugitive," Chris pointed out.

"We don’t have time for this!" Gordon shouted, "These next hours are

"We’re close to bringing him in," Chris said.

"Arresting him won’t stop him," Gordon sighed, "Anyway you’ll never catch
him if you don’t know where to start looking!"

All of a sudden, Pete began shouting for his brother.

"Chris! Get up here!" Pete shouted. "We’ve got him! We’ve got a name!"

Abruptly ending his conversation with Gordon, Chris then ran toward the
squad room to see what had happened.

Left alone again, Gordon sighed.

"You’ll only make things worse," he said quietly.

When Chris reached the squad room he saw Pete, Carly, and Steve clustered
around a woman who could only be described as Amazonian. Even sitting down, it
was clear that she was over six feet tall with legs that seemed endless. She was
dressed in a tight leather outfit and her huge breasts seemed to be on the verge
of splitting right out of the deep cleavage in her ultra tight top. She was like
a living character from a late night movie on Cinemax.

"Whoa," was the only response Chris could come up with when he saw her.

"My sentiments exactly," Arnie said as he walked up to join the group.

"All right," Pete said, "Chris this is…What was your name again?"

"My name is Mistress Jasmine," she sighed.

"Is that your real name, Ms.?" Steve asked.

"It is now," Jasmine said, "And address me as Mistress."

"I think not," Steve said as he went back to writing the report.

"Anyway, tell him what you told me," Pete requested.

"Okay, this guy who murdered the women, I’ve seen him. His name is Daniel
Rooker," Jasmine said.

"How do you know him?" Pete asked.

"He’s been a customer of mine at my sex shop, The Pink Pleasure Palace,"
Jasmine answered.

"Sounds like a great place for the whole family there Jasmine," Steve

"I said call me Mistress!" Jasmine commanded, causing Steve to take a step
back from her.

"What does like getting beat up," Carly asked.

"No he was into being the dominant one," Jasmine answered, "He bought some
supplies from me and once I hooked him up with this girl I knew who liked being
dominated. He was too kinky for her though, she said he tried to drink her
blood, he scared the shit out of her."

"When was this?" Chris demanded.

"A week ago, that’s why I remember it so well," Jasmine replied.

"Check the computer Tom!" Pete shouted.

"I’m on it!" Tom replied, "We got him, Daniel Rooker, he’s been a local
boy for two years now! Hey, he was arrested in New York for sexual assault
charges right before he relocated!"

"What happened?" Carly asked as Arnie ran off to get Lieutenant Smith.

"Charges dropped," Tom answered, "Don’t know why though."

"Are you sure this is the man you saw," Pete said as he held up the sketch
of Daniel.

"Positive," Mistress Jasmine said, "I’ll testify to that, that fucking
pervert. I hope you put him away forever."

"That’s exactly what we’re going to do," Pete said as he got up. "Hot
damn!" he exclaimed, "We’re going to nail this son of a bitch!"

"All right," Lieutenant Lawrence Smith said as he joined the group, "We
need a warrant first before we go any further. This is kind of a stretch here."

"Lieutenant, we’ve got probable cause here," Chris contended, "We’ll call
up Beth, she’ll get us a friendly judge fast. This guy could be bolting town as
we speak."

"All right get the warrant and get down there," Lawrence said as he took
it all in, "I want everything by the book, no cutesy shit here, no slip ups

"Not a one," Chris said as he picked up the phone and dialed the number
for Assistant District Attorney Elizabeth Foster.

"It’s me sis," Chris said after she picked up, "We need a fast warrant

As Chris talked to Beth, Mistress Jasmine got set to leave.

"I just want to thank you for coming in today to help us," Steve said.

"It was my pleasure," Jasmine replied, "Here’s some coupons for my new
line of leatherware and if you ever get in the mood, I’d love to beat the crap
out of you. I’ll make you feel such pleasurable pain, you’re going to think you

"I’ll keep that in mind," Steve quickly said as he took two steps back
before running away from Mistress Jasmine as fast as he could.

So as the clock moved slightly past 11 in the morning a stream of police
were arriving at the apartment of Daniel Rooker. The Foster Brothers, warrant in
hand, led the charge, with Carly, Steve, Tom, and fourteen uniformed officers
behind them.

"Okay," Chris said as he overviewed the situation, "I want five officers
guarding the back way, two on each side of the building to make sure he doesn’t
go out a fire escape, another five by the front door, and the last three going
up with us. Tom you stay up front, Carly and Steve you’re with us."

"What if he’s not here?" Pete asked.

"Then we’ll have ended up making a lot of noise for nothing," Chris
answered, "But we’ll at least have had a chance to bother the neighbors."

"Now this guy hasn’t used a gun on anyone yet," Carly announced to the
officers, "But we can’t be sure he is unarmed. I want everyone in vests. This
guy’s not going to go willingly."

"Let’s not try and tip this guy off so go we’re gonna go in quietly as we
can," Steve chimed in.

"All right let’s do this," Chris said and with that they crossed the
street toward the apartment. The officers all took their positions and after
posting someone at the base of the stairs. Chris, Pete, Carly, Steve, and the
remaining officers rode up the elevator to the sixth floor.

"Okay, we’re looking for apartment 4G," Pete whispered.

"Over here," Steve said as he stood in front of the door.

Everyone took up position as Chris banged loudly on the door.

"POLICE! OPEN UP! WE HAVE A WARRANT" he shouted. There was no reply from
inside the apartment, nor was there when Chris tried again.

Chris motioned at his brother and they then proceeded to knock the door
down. The police poured into the apartment but they soon found that it was empty
of human life.

"Damn!" Pete exclaimed, "He’s long gone!"

"Maybe he just stepped out?" Steve suggested.

"No, this apartment has been empty for days," Carly said as she took
notice of the light layer of dust on the objects inside..

"Okay, we’re going to take this place apart!" Chris ordered the officers,
"Take anything even remotely useful!"

"Jesus, will you take a look at this place," Carly said in amazement and
for the first time Chris began to look around at Daniel’s apartment. The entire
place seemed to be a shrine to vampirism and the black arts. His bedroom was
filled with books in the occult and his walls were completely covered with
newspaper and magazine articles about vampire type killings.

"Look here," Pete said as he stood before a desk cluttered with notes and
open books, "Looks like our boy was doing some kind of research before he left."

"Yeah but research into what," Carly remarked as she flipped through a
book, "What language is this?"

"I don’t know," Pete answered as he glanced at the book, "Looks like
something from Western Europe. Kinda looks like Hungarian or Rumanian."

"How can you tell," Carly asked as she put the book back down.

"Our family’s from there, we had a great aunt who still spoke it when we
were little," Pete answered.

Steve went over to a shelf and began examining the vials that had been
placed there. He opened one and peered at the contents before flinching.

"This better not be what I think it is," he said as he handed a vial to
Chris. Chris examined it and reached the same conclusion.

"If you’re thinking that that’s human blood in there, then you are correct
sir," Chris replied.

"This is not a well person we are dealing with here," Steve observed.

"You’re just realizing that now?" Chris asked as he looked again at his
surroundings. It seemed that every book, every movie, every anything about
vampires was there. "The real question is," Chris then asked, "Where is he now?"

Though Chris meant the question to be rethorical, he soon got an answer
when his walkie-talkie squawked to life.

"Hey I’ve got someone out here," Tom shouted, "He’s heading this way,
looks just like our guy."

"Holy shit!" Chris exclaimed, "Let’s go!"

With that Chris, Pete, Carly, and Steve tore down the steps to reach the
outside where they did see a guy fitting Daniel’s description slowly heading
toward the apartment. He was in a long black coat and sunglasses, but it looked
just like the man Chris and Pete had seen the night before in the hotel.

"It’s him!" Pete declared.

Tom also took a good look at the man approaching and suddenly realized
that this was the guy he’d chased off of Stacy the other night. Why hadn’t he
realized it before? The murderer and Stacy’s attacker were one and the same!

"Should we grab him?" Tom excitedly asked.

"No wait!" Pete ordered, "Let him come to us."

"Just a few steps more you son of a bitch," Chris softly coaxed as the man
continued to walk slowly toward the building. But just when he was close enough
to make definite eye contact, the man pulled off his sunglasses, revealing his
full face. Daniel smiled fiendishly at his pursuers and winked at them. He then
took off at full speed down the opposite direction.

"Oh fuck me!!" Chris exclaimed before he, his fellow detectives, and the
officers stationed out front tore off after Daniel.

None of the police were in the shape Daniel was, but since he was weakened
by the sun he could not run as fast as he would have been able to at night.

Pete pulled out in front of the other police and as his heart pounded and
his head ached he pulled closer to Daniel as they raced down the streets of the
city. Other police cars had been called to the scene and were cutting off any
escape routes possible. The sounds of sirens blared throughout as Pete huffed
and puffed as he drove himself to keep up with Daniel. Suddenly he pulled even
and with all the force he could manage, Pete tackled Daniel and knocked him to
the ground. A second later the rest of the police on foot caught up.

"DANIEL ROOKER?" Pete shouted as he drew his gun.

"That’s me," Daniel hissed.

"YOU ARE UNDER ARREST FOR MURDER!" Pete continued as he slipped a pair of
handcuffs on Daniel’s wrists. He then motioned for someone else to continue as
he collapsed to the ground in exhaustion. Chris immediately ran to his brother’s
side as Carly began reading Daniel his rights.

"Are you okay?" Chris asked.

"And to think….my doctor recommended….more…exercise," Pete gasped as
a wide smile crept across his face.

"You are the man, Pete," Chris said as he helped his brother up.

"…if you cannot afford an attorney one will be provided for you by the
District," Carly continued, "Daniel Rooker, do you understand each and every one
of these rights as I have read them to you?"

"You mortals are such fools," was all Daniel said as he was led away by
the police.

"I’ll take that as a yes," Carly replied, "Take him away boys."

The detectives then watched as Daniel was taken away by police car to the
homicide division.

"So who gets the fun task of interrogation?" Steve asked as the siren of
the car faded into the distance.

Soon after Daniel sat alone inside the interrogation room, staring at the
ceiling and giving off the attitude that he didn’t particularly care about what
was going to happen next. Arnie, Tom, Carly, and Steve watched him from the
other side of the two way mirror located on the room’s left side.

"Look at him," Carly observed, "Cool as ice."

"They say the guilty man is the one who relaxes," Arnie replied, "The
innocent ones get all nervous and fidgety, but the guilty guys just lay back
because they know they’re caught."

"I don’t know, he makes me nervous," Steve said, "He looks like he just
doesn’t give a fuck about anything. People like that are always dangerous."

"He hasn’t asked for a lawyer or anything," Carly stated, "He just sits
there and waits."

"He’s not that great looking a guy," Tom said, "How did he get those girls
to go willingly?"

"Maybe he drugged them?" Arnie suggested.

"I don’t know," Carly replied, "He’s not bad looking. In fact he’s kind of
handsome, I mean for a murdering psychopath."

"I try never to consider whether another male is physically attractive,"
Steve added, "So I’ll stay out of this one."

"Maybe he has a great personality?" Arnie suggested.

"Maybe he’s just got a huge dick?" Tom added before being punched in the
arm by Carly.

"Pig!" she said, "You think that’s all women go for?"

"I’m not saying that," Tom protested, "I’m just trying to figure out why
these stunningly attractive women are going and letting themselves be ravished
by a guy who’s no superhunk."

"Maybe he’s got that kind of animal magnetism?" Arnie chimed in, "He’s a
good looking guy, I can see why women would go for him."

"Why are we even discussing this?" Steve asked.

"I want to know," Tom answered.

"Why you want his pick up tips?" Steve asked.

"Bite me," was Tom’s simple reply.

"Where are Pete and Chris?" Carly asked, "They’re supposed to be
interrogating this guy."

"I think they’re getting themselves worked up," Steve replied.

In fact that was exactly what Pete and Chris were doing. The detectives
stood in front of the mirrors in the men’s room getting prepped for the

"Breathe in," Chris said before he and his brother took a sharp intake of

"Breathe out," he then said as they exhaled.

"Breathe in, breathe out….Breathe in, breathe out…"

"Why are we so nervous?" Pete asked, "We’ve done so many interrogations of
suspects that I’ve lost count. This guy shouldn’t be any different yet I’m a
nervous wreck."

"Well that’s because this is the case of our career, we should be
nervous," Chris replied before continuing the breathing exercises, "Now breathe
in, breathe out…Breathe in, breathe out."

The brothers completed those steps a few more times before they deemed
themselves ready.

"All right!" Chris declared, "Who are the toughest sons of bitches on the

"The Foster brothers," Pete replied.

"Who is go in there and not leave until we have a signed confession?"
Chris asked.

"The Foster brothers," Pete said with more feeling.

"Who is going to go in there and have this asshole begging for mercy in
minutes?" Chris shouted.

"The Foster Brothers!"

"Who are the baddest white boys on the planet?"


"THEN LET’S GO!!!!!" Chris shouted and the then proceeded to bump chests
three times with his brother as they shouted in triumph.

"That hurts…" Pete said after they finished.

"Yeah," Chris agreed, "We’d better just get going."

So with that, the Foster brothers flung open the door to the Men’s Room
and stormed out toward the interrogation room where Daniel sat. They wore their
game faces of steely frowns and as they marched toward in grim determination one
could almost hear the Rocky theme in the background. They reached the door to
the room and they paused for a moment outside it.

"It’s go time…" Pete declared and they proceeded to enter.

Daniel perked up as the Foster brothers entered.

"Ahhh Detectives," he said, "Come to let me go?"

"Save it," Pete declared, "We’ve got you cold on these murders, so don’t
try and bullshit your way out, because you can’t."

"However," Chris added, "Because we’re nice guys we figured that maybe
you’d like a chance to tell us right now about why you did it, because a
confession would save the District the cost of a lengthy trial that you’d be
sure to lose. Maybe if you’re a good boy and confess we won’t put you in a cell
with the rapists, sodomites, and child molesters tonight."

"That a good offer," Pete added, "Because you’re big news right now my
friend and I bet that those guys down in the jail would love to get your hands
on your pretty little ass. But maybe it won’t be so bad down there, maybe you’ll
find a big guy named Roscoe, or something, who’ll protect you from you those
big, bad rapists in exchange for being his bitch and giving him a good morning
blow job every day."

"So, we’ve got all day and all night to listen to you," Chris said as he
sat down and leaned back in his chair, "Tell us your story Daniel Rooker."

"I doubt either of you know how much danger you’re in right now," Daniel
calmly replied as he flicked a piece of lint off his arm.

"Why don’t you educate us then," Chris suggested.

"I am more powerful than anything you have ever seen in your lives,"
Daniel said as he stared directly at the Chris and Pete, "You think you’ve seen
horror? You think you’ve seen evil? You think you’ve experienced fear? Well
that’s nothing compared to me."

"You know something, Chris?" Pete asked.

"What Pete?"

"This guy is a real character," Pete said, "Remember that’s what Grandpa
used to say about people who were just plain nuts, ‘He’s a character.’ And
that’s what you are Daniel, you are a real character. Why don’t you tell us
about the murders."

"I didn’t murder anyone," Daniel contended, "I brought them to a better

"Is that why you stole the bodies, Daniel?" Chris asked, "To bring them to
this better life?"

"I didn’t steal any bodies either," Daniel responded, "I merely reunited
them with the Master they lovingly serve."

"And who might that be?" Pete asked.

"Me," Daniel simply declared.

"And how does that work?" Pete inquired.

"I wouldn’t think a man of your limited intelligence and vision would know
what I’m talking about," Daniel stated, "I am their Master, because I freed them
from the shackles of their humanity and opened them up to the pleasures that
only I can provide them. They love me and serve me as I command, because I
created them."

After a few seconds of silence, Chris loudly slammed his hand against the

"Oh yeah!" he shouted, "How could we have forgotten Pete? This guy thinks
he’s a vampire going around and biting pretty girls on the neck! You know we got
a pretty good look at your collection in your apartment, it’s good to see you’ve
got a hobby going. Should I even be calling you Daniel, or is Dracula more

"Do not mock me," Daniel stated firmly.

"Or what are you going to do," Chris asked, "Bite me in the neck?"

"This is what you do isn’t it Detective," Daniel inquired, "Every time you
feel frightened or threatened you make some lame little joke to cover yourself?"

"You don’t frighten me," Chris said his demeanor turning serious as he
leaned toward Daniel.

"I should…" Daniel whispered.

"So what’s the deal here Daniel?" Pete asked as he sought to revert the
power back to his side, "You kill these girls so you can free them? I still
don’t get how?"

"Of course you don’t," Daniel said in an exasperated tone, "I haven’t
spelled it out for you in big capital letters. I am a vampire, not some pretend
one, but a real bloodsucking vampire. I have powers that you can only dream of."

"It’s the middle of the day you know," Chris pointed out, "How come you
haven’t melted or anything?"

"Just because the movies tell you something happens, doesn’t mean its part
of the way things really are," Daniel responded.

"What the hell does that mean?" Chris asked.

"It means that I am not a slave vampire, I am a master vampire and as such
I have the power to withstand the sun," Daniel answered.

"Well I am just impressed beyond belief at the scope of your power," Pete
said as he placed a pen and paper on the table, "Now why don’t you be a good
master vampire and write out how you killed those girls."

"I told you I didn’t kill them," Daniel contended, "I freed them!"

"Listen to me you son of a bitch," Pete shot back, "I’ve had enough of
your chicken shit vampire games! You are nothing but a sick psycho who kills
women for sexual pleasure! Now I want you to write how you dragged those women
off, raped them, and killed them."

Daniel laughed in response, "I didn’t rape anyone, those girls gave
themselves over to me. I showed them what real pleasure and peace was and they
loved every second of it. I have powers to make any woman desire me and beg to
fuck them until they scream in pleasure and beg me once again. But this time
they beg me to make them like me, so they can experience the pleasure I have
given them all the time. I am a God to them! Don’t you ever forget that!"

Meanwhile the other Detectives continued to wordlessly watch from the
other side of the mirror, a small crowd of others had also begun to form and
soon Lieutenant Smith joined them.

"I’m sorry I couldn’t get here sooner," he said, "How’s it going?"

"Either really well or really badly," Steve answered.

"What does that mean?" Lieutenant Smith asked.

"It means I’m not sure," Steve replied, "We’ve got all the evidence and he
doesn’t even say he didn’t do it. They’ve got him in a corner in there and
there’s no chance for him to escape."

"Then what’s the bad part?" a confused Lieutenant Smith then asked.

"He claims he’s a real honest to God vampire," Carly said as she shook her
head in disbelief, "He says he hasn’t killed anyone, he says he freed them."

"What!" Lieutenant Smith exclaimed, "Is this guy totally nuts?"

"He seems to think he’s quite sane," Tom observed.

"All right," Smith declared, "We’d better get a shrink from upstairs to
take a look at the interrogation. We’ll get to the bottom of this."

"So explain these powers you have," Chris said.

"Very simple really," Daniel said as he leaned back and put his feet on
top of the table, "I can look into any woman and see deep inside to the part
that they try to hide. The part where they secretly want a man to grab them from
behind, drag them into an alleyway and fuck their brains out. The part deep down
where they want to surrender all control and be ravished. I make their darkest
fantasies come true."

"Is that what you did with Mary Lassiter?" Pete asked, his rage barely
kept under control, "Did you drag that defenseless Catholic school teacher into
an alley and make her fantasies come true?"

"Ahhh Mary," Daniel said as he smiled deeply, "She was so much fun. She
even ended putting up a real fight and all. But she gave in, they all do in the
end. I loved fucking her and she was begging for it by the time I was through
with her. All those years of Catholic School repression went right out the
window the minute she got a taste of my cock in her mouth."

"Get your fucking feet off my table," Pete spat out.

Daniel complied, but smirked as he did.

"Where were your powers that night in New York, Danny Boy?" Chris asked,
"We know about your little sexual assault arrest, how come you didn’t use your
powers back then to have that woman begging for it?"

"Well obviously I didn’t have my powers back then," Daniel sighed, "I am a
recent convert to vampirism and I have to tell you I’m having the time of my

"We’ll take your word for it," Chris replied.

"There is no one I can’t reach Detective," Daniel said, "Why even here in
your cozy little station I’ve got one of my girls."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Chris asked.

"Why I’m referring to your little phone girl, Stacy," Daniel said, "I
don’t mean to brag about my accomplishments, but I had a little threesome with
Stacy and that pretty roommate of hers last night. I had Stacy’s face buried in
her roomate’s pussy like she’d been doing it all her life, I had her doing
everything I desired. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to finish with her,
but soon I’ll complete the job."

At the mention of Stacy’s name, Tom tensed up and by the time Daniel was
finished talking about her he had to be restrained from running into the
interrogation room.

"Let me go!" Tom shouted.

"Calm down, Tom!" Lieutenant Smith ordered, "He’s just trying to get to
Pete and Chris, he’s trying to push their buttons."

"Who does that son of a bitch think he is?" Tom asked.

"Just calm down," Smith said again, "He’s making this shit up as he goes

"How does he know Stacy’s name?" Steve then asked, but no one had an

"You’re full of shit, you know that?" Pete said to Daniel as the
interrogation continued to go on.

"Am I?" Daniel shot back.

"There is no such thing as vampires," Pete contended. "You’re just another
run of the mill psycho. We’ve seen your type before, full of bluster and
bravado, but by the end of that first night in jail your type is always crying
like a baby."

"You know I’m not lying," Daniel said as he turned toward Chris, "You know
that I am a vampire and I am scaring the shit out of you."

"Why don’t you give that mouth a rest for just a second," Chris suggested.

"I can see it in your eyes," Daniel continued, "You don’t want to believe
it, but you do. I am a genuine vampire and I frighten and fascinate you all at

"Let’s get back to those murders," Pete said.

"No we’re going to talk about this," Daniel replied, "You can see what
powers I have and you want them too. I was once like you two, weak and powerless
humans who let others decide their fate, but now I’m a God with the power to
bend others to my will. Tell me you don’t dream of having that power."

"I’ve had just about enough of you," Chris said as he got up and began
pacing around the room.

"Anything I desire I can have," Daniel contended his voice rising with
every word, "And there are never any consequences for me. Women who would
previously have ignored me are now my willing slaves. I am the master of my
destiny and I can live forever feasting off the blood of those too stupid to do
what I did and seek out to change their lives! You two want what I have, you’re
jealous of me! That’s what all this is about, I can do anything while you are
all bound by the rules you force upon yourselves and you hate me for that!"

"ENOUGH!!!!" Pete shouted as he slammed his fist down on the table, "If
you’re so god damned powerful then how were we able to catch you?"

"Know this," Daniel spat at the Detectives, "The only reason I am here
right now is because I allowed you to catch me. Don’t congratulate yourselves
for work you aren’t responsible for."

"Fuck you," Chris shot back.

"You think I don’t know all about you two? You think I don’t know what
thoughts are running through your heads" Daniel shouted, "I know you Chris
Foster and you Pete Foster and I know the rest of your cohorts behind that
mirror! Carly Sanchez, Steve Huston, Tom Avery, Arnold Nash, your minds are all
like open books to me and I can see inside to your darkest fears and forbidden
fantasies! I know your family Pete, your wife, your children! You know I think
after this is all over I’ll go see Lynn, that lovely teenage daughter of yours!
And after I’m through with her I’ll take little 6 year old Susan, I wouldn’t
want to play with her yet, but I could use her as a daily snack until she’s ripe
enough for me!"

His face crimson with rage Pete then charged out of his seat and slammed
Daniel against the wall. His hands closed tightly around the vampire’s neck
before he has pulled off by Chris as Lieutenant Smith rushed into the room to
break it up.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!" Pete screamed.

"CALM DOWN!!!!" Chris yelled at his brother as he and the Lieutenant
dragged him out the room.

"Hey Chris!" Daniel shouted as the detectives left, "I know little Amy is
in town so I’ll have to go see her first."

"Shut the fuck up!" Chris commanded Daniel as he slammed the door behind

"GOD DAMN IT!!!!" Pete shouted as he punched the wall in an effort to cool
down, "I let him get to me!!!!"

"He got to all of us," Lieutenant Smith as he reached for a folder and
handed it to Pete, "But we’ve got him. The preliminary lab work says that
Daniel’s blood matches what we got from the victims. There’s no way he can get
away with it now!"

Pete flipped through the contents of the report and smiled. "We do have
him," he said.

"Think we can get an arraignment tonight?" Chris asked, "I just want to
get this guy out of here."

"I’ll call the D.A.’s office," Lieutenant Smith offered, "I’ll get him
squeezed in tonight. In the meantime let’s take Mr. Rooker stew in there for a
little bit more before we take him back to his lovely cage here."

Alone inside the interrogation room, Daniel smiled and leaned back. Soon
the sun would be setting and then those who thought they had caught him would
learn that he was not one to be trifled with.

Dimitri Archive – BloodlustBloodlust
A Modern Day Vampire Tale
Chapter 11: Things Get a Little Bloody

Our story thus far: Daniel has been arrested, though he more or less let
the police catch him, and after an intense interrogation he is set to be
arraigned for the murders of Lysette, Michelle, and Mary. But Daniel has a trick
up his sleeve that he is just about ready to reveal. Meamehile the police
continue to ignore the warnings of former vampire hunter Gordon.

After some time had passed, Daniel was led back to his cell.

"Don’t get too comfy," Carly said as the front of the cell was closed,
"You’ve got a 7:00 arraignment tonight."

"Well, that’s just perfect timing for me," Daniel said as he grinned.

"You’re not going to be smiling much longer," Carly replied, "Your ass
belongs to us now. You’re never going to be a free man again."

"On the contrary Detective," Daniel stated, "I think things are still
going my way. At the end of the night, we’ll see who’s smiling."

A disgusted Carly then stalked away and Daniel turned his attention to his
neighbor a few cells down.

"They got you locked up in here too old man?" he asked, "Guess they didn’t
believe your story."

"You won’t live to see tomorrow night," Gordon sharply replied.

"You can’t stop me old man," Daniel said, "Anyone who opposes me will end
up drowning in their own blood. You think these policemen can hold me?"

"No," was Gordon’s terse answer, "But I do know how to stop you and I
will. Your kind will never rule again."

"I’m sorry old man, I don’t keep up much on my history books, so your
lessons make no difference to me," Daniel said, "I think I’m going to get some
rest now, I have a big night ahead of me and I’m going to need my strength. But
here’s a word of advice, things are going to get ugly in a few hours and it
would be best for you to just sit back and drink your Metamucil when it happens.
If you get involved, this time I’ll make damn sure you die!"

Meanwhile feelings of euphoria filled the members of the Washington D.C.
Police Department. The murderer was caught and now everyone could go back to
their lives, or whatever they had that resembled a life.

Even though they hadn’t been able to get a confession from Daniel,
Assistant District Attorney Beth Foster assured her brothers that they physical
evidence was more than enough to put Daniel Rooker away for the rest of his

"I wish we’d been able to recover those bodies though," Beth said, "That
would have been the final nail in the coffin."

"This guy’s got to have some place where he’s been staying," Pete
speculated, "That apartment hadn’t been occupied for a while. Wherever he’s been
living, that’s where the bodies are. They’ll turn up before he goes to trial,
I’m sure of that."

"You’re going to have fun with this guy Sis," Chris added, "I bet he’s
going to be a hoot if he ends up testifying."

"I just hope he doesn’t end up claiming insanity," Beth sighed, "I want
this guy in jail, not in a hospital."

"The Department Shrink says this guy’s got one of those narcissistic
personalities," Pete reported, "She says it would kill this guy to admit he’s

"Either way looks like we may have this month’s version of the Trial of
the Century right here," Chris observed.

"Hey! What’s everyone sitting around for," Steve said, "This is a
celebration! Pepsi for everyone!"

Soon everyone in the squad room had their Styrofoam cup of Pepsi and were
ready for a victory toast.

"Wait! Wait! Wait!" Lieutenant Smith said, "Before we do this, I see
Pete’s out there dying to say a few words, so let’s get him up here and give him
a chance to steal the credit away from the people who did the real work here!"

Laughter cascaded as Pete stood up.

"Well I don’t have to steal credit from anyone because I actually am the
only one who did any real work here," Pete began, "Seriously each and every one
of you gave us your blood, sweat, and in Arnie’s case a lot of tears to this
case and Chris and I want to thank you. Tons of hard work went into this thing,
but if we’re going to toast, we should toast the one factor that always seems to
get us through the tough ones. So everyone raise your cups and let’s give a big
shout out…to luck."

"TO LUCK!" everyone then shouted.

"Now we can all get back to normal," Pete declared as he sat down.

"When’s the big press conference Sis," Chris asked Beth.

"It will be at 5:30, just in time for the evening news," Beth answered,
"I’m guessing it might be a bit of a zoo."

"Well at least it will all be over soon," Pete said as he slumped down in
his chair, "It’s a good thing too, I need the rest."

"I agree," Chris stated, "You should just veg out in front of the TV
tonight. Hey I think there’s a good vampire film on Channel 8."

"You know, you think you’re funny Chris but you’re not," Pete sighed as he
saw Beth giggle, "Don’t encourage him, Beth, you’ll only make him worse."

Pete then examined his wristwatch only to find that it had stopped cold.

"Damn it, I think I busted my watch when I threw that bastard against the
wall," Pete declared, "What time is it?"

"Whoa it’s a little after five already," Chris said after he had checked
his watch, "Time sure does fly when you’re having fun."

"Oh yeah," Pete agreed, "This job’s been a barrel of laughs lately."

Soon the press conference was in full swing in the lobby of the building,
and that meant that most of the personnel from the homicide squad were
downstairs getting ego boosts from the Mayor and having questions thrown at them
by a sea of press.

However, Stacy stayed upstairs. She’d been sick all day and she just
wanted to go home. Her head had been aching, she’d been tired, and she’d been
hungry all that day. Ravenous was more like it, but the worst part was she’d
tried to eat but she hadn’t been able to keep any food down.

Tom had kept pestering her all day to see if she was all right and finally
she just had to tell him to go away. She was sick of people asking her how she
was, that’s all they’d done since her attack. She just wanted them to leave her
alone so she could go home and crawl into bed for the rest of the century. She’d
tried on multiple times that day to just get up and go, but every time she tried
she felt her strength sapped away causing her to sit back down, it was almost as
if some kind of force was keeping her there.

Her strength at a low again, Stacy decided that she couldn’t fight her
body so she’d have to get some sleep right here at her desk. She didn’t consider
for a second how this would look, but even if she had she probably wouldn’t have
cared. Stacy rested her head down on her folded arms, but as she tried to doze
off she began to hear a voice calling to her.

Stacy snapped her head up, but she saw that no one was calling her.
Cursing her overactive imagination, Stacy tried once again to sleep but when she
did she heard the voice calling her again. This time it was louder and clearer,
but again when she looked around she still couldn’t see who it belonged to.

But just as she was about to try and sleep one more time, Stacy heard the
voice again and this time she recognized it, it belonged to her Master!
Everything that had happened the night before came rushing back to Stacy: Daniel
biting her, Daniel letting her taste his blood, how she and Emily had made love,
how Daniel had made love to her. All the pleasure she had felt before came back
in an explosion of sensations that hit her body. Stacy closed her eyes and
silently came as these feelings soared throughout her.

When the convulsions finished, Stacy reopened her eyes and anyone who’d
been looking at her would have been shocked at the change. Gone were the bright
green eyes of the sunny woman that people loved being around, and in their place
were the cold, evil orbs of a predator.

Stacy got up from her seat and moved toward the cells, her Master was
imprisoned and she was the only one who could save him. Daniel’s voice continued
to run through her head and urge her on.

Stacy stopped over to Carly’s desk, where she knew the detective always
hid an emergency key for the jail cells. Breaking the lock on the drawer, the
entranced woman retrieved the key and continued toward Daniel’s cell. Stacy knew
that if she was able to help her Master then he would kiss her again and she
would be able to be like him and bask in his love forever. When she got to the
cells, he was there waiting for her and Stacy rushed to him.

"Master," she sighed, "What have they done to you?"

"Nothing you can’t fix," Daniel hissed, "The sun is setting Stacy, let me
free so I can take you in my arms again and bring you over."

Giddy with anticipation, Stacy fumbled with the key briefly before
successfully using it to open the cell. Daniel stepped out and took Stacy into
his arms.

"Good girl," he said before kissing her passionately.

"You see old man," Daniel shouted, "There is no one that can hold me."

"Oh my God!" Gordon exclaimed. "Detectives!!!! Detectives!!!! He’s
escaping!!!! Stop him!!!!"

But no one was there to here Gordon’s warnings.

"They’re all gone old man," Daniel said as his fangs extended. It was time
to finally finish what he had started. Stacy writhed in his arms as she tilted
her neck to give Daniel the access he needed. After a grin, Daniel buried his
fangs in Stacy’s jugular and drank heartily, his strength returning with every
drop he swallowed.

As the press conference dragged on, Pete shifted uncomfortably.

"What’s wrong Pete?" Chris asked.

"I don’t know," Pete answered, "I mean we’re all down here, so who’s
minding the store?"

"Stacy’s up there," Chris answered.

"Only Stacy?" Pete asked, his concern growing.

"She can handle things for a few minutes," Chris contended, "And if
anything happens, she knows where we are. Now come on, bask in the glory with
me, this is a once in a lifetime thing we’re in here. When are we going to get
praised like this again?"

"I suppose you’re right," Pete conceded, "But that reminds me, we should
get the star of the show ready for his arraignment."

"Yeah I guess so," Chris sighed, "But send some officers for him. We’ll be
done here in a minute."

"Okay," Pete said and he motioned for Officers Julie Muldowski and Chuck
Bauer to come over.

"I want you two to go get Rooker for his trip to the courthouse," Pete
instructed the officers. "Bring him down the backway, I want to do this while
the press is occupied over here. We’ll join you in a couple of minutes."

The two officers nodded their understanding and began to walk up away,
until Pete stopped them.

"Be careful," he warned, "This guy’s a real psycho."

The two officers then began walking up the stairs toward the jail cells.

"Can’t wait to tell my kids tonight that I got to see the famous murderer
in the flesh," Chuck stated.

"You tell your kids about the stuff you see," Julie said as she shook her
head in disbelief, "Oh man, when I have kids I’m going to lie about my job.
You’ll give them nightmares if you tell them about this guy."

"Naw they love this stuff," Chuck contended, "They tell all the other kids
at school the next day, they’re real popular as a result."

"I hate to think of the bills you’re going to have to pay for shrinks some
day, Chuck," Julie said as they reached to squadroom.

Before Chuck could respond they heard Gordon’s cried for help and the
officers paused.

"Should we get help?" Julie asked.

"It’s probably nothing," Chuck said with confidence, "One of the prisoners
just wants some attention."

"But better safe than sorry," Chuck added before he unholstered his gun.
He and Julie walked slowly toward the cells. When they finally got there though,
what they saw made the officers white with fear. Stacy was standing up, against
the cell door and swaying slightly. Blood streamed down from her neck wound and
also slowly trickled from her lips as a result of her tasting Daniel’s blood
once again. Her face was contorted in pleasure as her mortal life was ending.

Sensing danger for the terrified officers, Gordon changed his pleas.

"GET OUT OF HERE!!!" Gordon screamed, "RUN!!!"

But Chuck and Julie were too frightened to move and Daniel smiled evilly
at them.

"Hello officers," he said right before he pounced on them.

Meanwhile the press conference was just ending as the Mayor had answered
what was hopefully the last in a seemingly endless series of questions and was
finishing up his official statement.

"…Once again," Mayor Barry said, "This man could not have been caught
without the hard work and dedication of our Homicide Division. They worked
around the clock for two days straight and as a result tonight the streets of
Washington D.C. are safe again."

"Yeah unless you happen to run into one of our fine local drug dealers,"
Steve whispered to Carly.

"Now I would like to introduce the men in charge of the investigation so
they can answer your questions, Detectives Peter and Christopher Foster," Mayor
Barry said as Pete and Chris approached the microphone.

But before either could speak a blood curdling scream from upstairs shot
through the room. The scream was then followed by a sickening series of squishy
thuds as something was rolled down the stairs.

"Everyone stay calm!" Tom ordered as he went over to see what it was.

"JESUS CHRIST!!!!" Tom then screamed when he saw that the object was in
fact the severed head of Officer Chuck Bauer.

Throngs of the media began screaming and running out of the building,
while others stood and snapped pictures of the head. Immediately grasping that
something had gone terribly wrong, the Detectives ran up the stairs, guns drawn.

When they got there they saw Chuck’s headless corpse laying in the middle
of the squad room as Daniel held a claw up to Julie’s throat.

"Move one step closer and she dies," Daniel hissed as Julie struggled in a
futile effort at escape.

"You lay one hand on her and you die," Chris shot back as every police
officer present pointed their gun at Daniel, "I think you’re a little
outnumbered, Daniel."

Downstairs there was still a frenzy going on and Sergeant Drew Sullivan
was attempting to recreate some order. He was the commander for all the officers
stationed in the building and he and the officers tried to get the media members
out without anyone being trampled. Unfortunately he was so caught up in
restoring order that he did not see the six figures that seemingly approached
out of nowhere come up behind him.

When he did turn around he saw the dead, burning crimson eyes of Lysette,
Michelle, Mary, Emily, Sandra, and Sarah. Drew immediately recognized Sandra and
Sarah since they were celebrities that had recently been presumed dead.

"What the hell?" Drew asked a look of astonishment covering his face.

"You will take us to Daniel," Sarah commanded in a low voice.

"You can’t just walk in here and…" Drew began, but he was never to
finish his statement as Sarah slashed across the Sergeant’s stomach with her
claw. Drew collapsed to the floor a bloody mess and he was dead before his head
hit the linoleum.

"You’re learning so well," Sandra said to her young vampire sister as
Sarah licked Drew’s blood of her claw, which then morphed back into a human

"SARGE!!!!" Officer Greg Prescott screamed when he saw Drew collapse.

"Protect the Mayor!" Commissioner Doyle commanded as officers quickly
rushed Mayor Barry to safety.

"What the hell is going on here?" Captain Carter exclaimed as officers
charged at the vampires only to have many of them meet the same fate as Drew.

Meanwhile the standoff continued upstairs as Daniel held Julie tightly to

"Help me," the young officer cried.

"Let her go Daniel!" Pete commanded as noise from the commotion downstairs
reached the ears of the Detectives, "You’ve got no way out of here! You take one
more step and your head is going to be blown off!"

"So sweet," Daniel sighed as he caressed Julie’s face, apparently paying
Pete’s warning no heed, "You’re so beautiful. I’d love to make you mine, but
unfortunately there’s no time now."

So as Julie screamed in terror Daniel quickly slashed her throat with his
claw, Julie’s corpse dropped to the floor, the officer’s face frozen in an
expression of pure terror.

"NO!" Chris screamed before all the police opened fire on Daniel. However
the vampire moved with the speed of a cat and dove behind Steve’s desk. Bullets
continued to fly as holes were ripped through the desk.

"Cease fire!" Lieutenant Smith commanded and for the moment an eerie
stillness hung over the squadroom. All movement had stopped as papers and debris
that had been shot off the desk floated back to the ground.

Detective Michael Steinberg slowly moved forward to investigate.

"There’s no movement back there," Michael said as he crept closer, the
others warily followed him with everyone still on full alert.

But before anyone got any closer Daniel leapt up on top of the desk in
full vampire form.

"Oh my God!" Steve gasped at the sight of Daniel’s bestial face.

"It is true!" Chris exclaimed.

Michael tried to flee the vicinity of the desk, but Daniel caught him
easily and turned toward Chris and Pete.

"I told you two I wasn’t lying," Daniel said as he snapped Michael’s neck,
killing the Detective instantly.

"DIE YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!" Pete screamed before unloaded a full clip of
bullets into Daniel. Each bullet hit its mark and ripped through Daniel, but
they had no effect and the vampire just stood there grinning.

A look of pure shock covered Pete’s face as his brain processed what had
just happened and Daniel took the opportunity to leap off the desk, pick up Pete
and hurl him across the room.

"PETE!!!" Chris screamed as he ran to attend to his fallen brother.

As he did, the female vampires, having broken away from their pursuers,
arrived upstairs to take their Master to safety.

Immediately sensing an opportunity to feed, Mary grasped Detective Tim
Crawford and buried her fangs in his neck, drinking heartily. Mary’s sisters
quickly followed suit, each grabbing whomever had the unfortunate luck to be
near them at the moment.

Any officer or detective who dared take on a vampire was quickly and
bloodily dispatched. Seeing this caused the others to go for cover.

"Where’s Stacy?" Tom shouted, taking refuge on the ground behind his desk.

"I have no idea!" Carly replied as she tried to find a way out.

"I’m right here Tom," a soft, tempting voice said from behind.

Tom whirled around and saw Stacy or, to be exact, what Stacy had become.
Stacy’s eyes were deadly cold, but a burning hunger was also visible in them.
Her fangs were extended and the light seemed to gleam off their pure ivory

"Oh no," Tom said as if he tried to disbelieve what he was seeing.

"Oh yes…" Stacy hissed. "Goodbye Tom," she then added before ramming the
Detective’s head hard against the cold metal that made up his desk. As Tom
slumped to the ground, Emily came up to Stacy.

"Sister…" Emily hissed before joining Stacy in a passionate kiss. The
two vampires then broke off the kiss and, with a hungry look in their eyes, they
began to slowly move toward Carly.

Pete remained unconscious as the horror raged. The police had all but
given up trying to stop the vampires and were now just trying to stay alive.

Chris continued to try and revive his brother, when a thought occurred to
him. Of course, he was so stupid, Gordon would know how to help them! He had to
let him out!

Looking around, Chris saw Arnie pinned in the corner and, after making
sure that Pete was safe for the moment, went to pull the Detective out.

"We’ve got to let Sumner out!" Chris said. "He’ll know what to do!"

"Anything’s got to be better than just sitting here and waiting to die!"
Arnie agreed.

"Get to evidence somehow!" Chris ordered, "He’ll need all that stuff of

Arnie nodded in compliance as Chris ran in a mad dash toward the cells.
When he got there he heard Gordon screaming and hollering to get out. Chris
pulled out the key and opened the cell.

"Do something!" the Detective urged.

"Where’s my bag?" Gordon asked.

"We’re getting it!" Chris replied.

The two then ran back to the squad room where things had not gotten much
better. Police were desperately trying to fend off their vampiric attackers as
the strewn corpses of their colleagues. Chris noticed through it all that Carly
was trying desperately to escape Stacy and Emily.

"What the hell!" Chris exclaimed, "Stacy?"

"She’s one of them!" Gordon shouted.

All of a sudden, Arnie burst back into the squadroom with Gordon’s bag,
but there was too much going on in between the two detectives for Arnie to
safely get the bag to Chris and Gordon.

"Oh shit, we’re fucked," Arnie spat out.

"What now?’ Steve asked as he managed to get to Arnie.

"I’ve got to get this bag to Chris and he’s at the other end!" Arnie

"Let me," Steve said as he grabbed the bag and proceeded to hurl it across
the room and into Chris’ waiting and very surprised arms. "I was a quarterback
in high school," Steve said with a smile before he and Arnie both ducked back

Gordon quickly reclaimed his bag and headed for Daniel.

"No!" Chris shouted as he pulled Gordon toward Carly, who was rapidly
running out of room to avoid the very hungry pair of Emily and Stacy. "Help her

So, right before the vampires could get to Carly, a splash of water landed
in front of them . Emily and Stacy hissed loudly as they backed away from the
growing pool of holy water. Gordon then pounced in front of them with a cross in
hand, causing the vampires to run away in search of their Master. He took off
after them, hoping to get another shot at Daniel.

"Carly! Are you all right?" Chris asked as he helped her up.

"Oh I’m just peachy," Carly answered, "Where is everyone?"

"Scattered, dead, dismembered," Chris angrily replied, "I don’t even know
any more."

Meanwhile the remaining police that had been downstairs were finally able
to make their way up to the squad room where the vampires eagerly returned their
attention to them.

The officers with him were soon scattered, but Captain William Carter
stood his ground and began firing his gun into the pack of vampires. He managed
to get several shots off, and Carter stared in amazement as a bullet passed
right through Lysette’s heart only to have no effect whatsoever. The Captain was
able to let out one loud scream before Lysette fell upon him.

Pete was just returning to consciousness as this was going on. His eyes
were blurry but as he remembered what was going on he snapped up and sought to
find his brother. There had to be a way out of here! He had to get to Chris!

Meanwhile, Carly and Chris had managed to make it over to the other end of
the room and reunite with Arnie and Steve.

"Where’s Tom?" Arnie asked, fear apparent in his voice.

Carly shook her head sadly, "Stacy got him," she sighed right before she
got the surprise of her life.

"Nobody gets me," a groggy Tom moaned as he managed to get to his fellow
detectives. His head was bleeding heavily and it was obvious the blow had
weakened him.

"Get down! Get down!" Arnie said to his partner.

"Where’s Pete?" Steve asked, "And the Lieutenant?"

"I don’t know where Smith is," Chris answered, "I left Pete on the other
side, he’s out cold. I think he’s safe!"

"Not that safe," Carly said as she saw Pete attempting to get to the other
side of the room by fighting though the vampires.

"What the fuck is he doing?" Steve asked in shock.

"He’s going to get himself killed!" Chris shouted as he got up and ran to
aid his brother. He then paused in horror when saw Michelle pull Pete down and
dive for his jugular.

"NO!!!" Chris screamed as he tore off the leg of a wooden chair laying on
the ground. With more speed then he thought was possible, Chris ran toward his
brother and pulled Michelle off him.

Michelle, enraged that she had been interrupted before she could even
break the skin, then lunged at Chris. But before she could get on top of him,
Chris rammed the chair leg right into the vampire’s heart.

Michelle screamed out in a piercingly agonizing scream of pain as blood
began to gush out of her wound and spray all over Chris and Pete. The vampire
attempted to pull the leg out, but she didn’t have the strength. Michelle
collapsed to the ground as her body was hit with a series of violent
convulsions, soon she died again, this time forever.

When Daniel realized what had happened to his lover, he let out a primal
scream of his own. He and his other vampires ceased every other attack and bore
down on Chris and Pete.

"We’re fucked!" Pete thought aloud, but seemingly right before the attack
began, Daniel and his followers froze.

Chris and Pete looked up and saw Gordon on top of a desk, reading from a
Bible and shouting in Latin. He then splashed holy water all around him.

"I bless this building!" Gordon commanded, "You are forbidden to enter
holy ground!" Gordon then splashed holy water on Daniel’s face, causing the
flesh to melt. Daniel screamed in pain as he collapsed to the ground.

"MASTER!" the vampiresses shouted and they sought to help him escape.

Gordon withdrew a long dagger from his bag and ran toward Daniel.

But before Gordon could arrive, Daniel gathered up all his strength and
managed to get up. Gordon was then brought down by a blow from Sandra. The
vampire hunter crumpled to the ground and could only watch as Daniel made his

"THIS IS NOT OVER!!!!!" Daniel screamed before he and his followers blew
past everyone to make their escape.

A few seconds ticked by before the survivors finally realized it was over.

"We’re alive, we’re alive, we’re alive…" Chris repeated as he hugged

"Just barely…" Pete added.

Calm was restored as soon as possible, but the survivors still walked
around in a daze. Everyone was in shock over what had happened in the space of a
few minutes.

Commissioner Brandon Doyle watched in horror as a sheet was placed over
the corpse of Captain William Carter. By the time a count was finished, there
would be 20 dead, including five Detectives and two members of the media.

"What do we do now?" Pete demanded of Gordon.

"He’s wounded," Gordon sighed, "But he’ll emerge again tonight. We must be
ready, he’ll need to feed again soon to restore his strength. If either of you
have family, I’d suggest getting them in a safe place. He’ll want revenge.

"Oh my God!" Chris shouted as a sudden realization hit him, "Amy!"

Chris then ran out of the squad room and to his car as fast as he could.

"Where’s he going?’ Gordon asked.

"I know where he’s going," Pete replied, panic in his voice, as he pulled
Gordon toward the exit. "And we’re going too!"

Amy Foster sat alone in the apartment, worried. She hadn’t heard from her
Father all day and as the minutes ticked away on the clock, her fears grew.
She’d tried calling the police station but no one had picked up.

Seeking to calm herself, the teenager got a glass of water and flipped on
the television where she was treated to a preliminary news report about the
horror at the station. Amy dropped her glass in fear, but an even greater
problem presented itself when the door to the apartment was blown off its

Amy rushed to see the cause and was greeted by Daniel stepping into the

"Pretty little Amy Foster," he said as his fangs grew. Amy screamed as
Daniel moved toward her, licking his lips as he did.

A Modern Day Vampire Tale
Chapter 12: Some Girl Power is Thrown in the Mix

Our story thus far: As the title suggested, things got a little bloody in
the last chapter. Daniel escaped police custody and ended up slaughtering quite
a few innocent people in the process. Then he set his sights on Chris’ daughter,
Amy, and was about to attack right when we broke off.

Amy tried to run, but Daniel quickly threw himself in front of her.

"Your father hurt me today," Daniel hissed, scars covering his face as a
result of the holy water burns, "He killed one of my girls and it was like he
killed a little bit of me. I kind of figure he owes me."

Daniel pinned Amy against the wall and his fangs extended as he stared at
his thirteen year old prisoner.

"What the hell are you?" Amy cried.

"You’ll soon know," Daniel sighed, "Give yourself to me, Amy!"

Amy responded to this request by screaming at the top of her lungs, before
Daniel muffled her cries for help.

"Don’t do that!" he commanded, "Look at me, Amy!"

Daniel stared at her intently as he waited for his eyes to do their magic.
When he sensed her body relax, he took his hand away from her mouth and leaned
in for a taste.

However, Amy wasn’t about to let herself go easily, and when Daniel leaned
in the teenager kneed him in the balls as hard as she could. As the vampire
doubled over in pain, Amy took the opportunity to run for the door as she again
screamed for help.

But Daniel quickly recovered and grabbed Amy before she could get out of
the door.

"YOU BITCH!!!" Daniel screamed, "YOU’RE GOING TO PAY FOR THAT!!!!" Daniel
then tossed Amy as if she were as light as a nerf ball. She was propelled into
the kitchen where she smashed into a cabinet and knocked down a bunch of dishes.
They shattered all around her, but Amy was too woozy from shock and pain to

"I was going to make it nice for you, bitch," Daniel spat at Amy as he
approached her, "But now it’s going to hurt you!"

All of a sudden Eddie O’Bannon, another resident on the floor came rushing
into the apartment. He’d been walking out when he heard Amy’s screams and he’d
immediately rushed to investigate.

"What the hell is…" he began to ask when he looked inside the apartment,
but that was all he got out before Daniel balled up his fist and crushed it
right through the man’s skull. Daniel hit with such brute force that his fist
went completely through Eddie’s head and out the other side.

"Mind your own business, next time," Daniel said as he pulled his fist out
and let Eddie’s corpse hit the ground. Daniel licked the blood, brains, and
skull residue that was on his hand and then turned his attention back to the
dazed and immobile Amy.

"Now back to you," he said as his eyes flared a deep shade of crimson.

At the sound of Amy’s first scream, Carol was pulled from her sleep. She’d
just completed a ten hour shift on her feet and she was exhausted. After she’d
gotten back from the hospital she just threw herself down on her bed, not even
bothering to undo one button of her clothes. She’d immediately drifted off to
sleep, but she awoke with a start when she heard the scream.

At first she thought it must have been her imagination, and when silence
prevailed for the next few seconds, she decided to go back to sleep.

But Amy’s second scream then pierced through her apartment walls and when
it was followed by a tremendous crashing sound, Carol knew that something was
very wrong.

Carol ran out of her apartment to investigate the noise and when she saw
that, as she had feared, it was indeed coming from Chris’ apartment. She got
across the hall as quickly as she could. When she looked inside she saw a man’s
corpse on the floor and an unmoving Amy Foster laying against a cabinet in the
kitchen as another man approached.

"Get away from her!!!!" Carol shouted as she ran toward Amy and pulled her
attacker away. Carol almost fainted when Daniel turned around and faced her. His
face was like that of a wild demon, his eyes burned red, and Carol could
immediately tell that he had murder on his mind.

"Oh my God!" she gasped as Daniel’s faced morphed back to normal. She
suddenly remembered all those endless warnings Gordon would say to her about
vampires all those years ago. She knew what Daniel was and she was terrified.

"Ahhh, the girlfriend," Daniel said, "This is getting better and better."
He considered his options for a few minutes before walking toward Carol.

"Please don’t hurt her," Carol begged, "Take me instead."

"I have a better idea in mind," Daniel said as his fangs extended once
again, "I think I’ll have both of you."

Carol reasoned that if she was able to occupy the vampire’s attention,
then maybe Amy would have a chance to escape. As Daniel approached her, Carol
began to mentally run through every prayer she had ever learned, as she assumed
her death was inevitable.

"God help me," Carol sighed in sadness as Daniel grasped her.

"There’s no need to bring him into it," Daniel said as he began stroking
Carol’s hair, "I just had this discussion the other day."

"Just do it," Carol said as she tilted her neck for Daniel. She struggled
to hold back any tears she might have, she was not going to go out begging and
crying. Of all the ways she’d imagined dying, this had never occurred to her.
Carol watched as Amy began to stir from her position in the kitchen. Carol
mouthed the word, "Run," to the teenager but just as Amy was about to get up and
run toward the window with the fire escape, she stopped and pointed at

However, Carol was too distracted by Daniel’s fangs growing closer to her
neck to notice.

"A direct woman, I like that," Daniel said as he opened his mouth and
prepared to feast on Carol. But before he could, the vampire felt a force
pushing him away and knocking him to the ground. He looked up and saw that it
was Chris.

"RUN!" Chris screamed at Carol and Amy as Daniel got up, slammed Chris
against the wall, grasped the Detective by his neck and began to squeeze.

"I WON’T LEAVE YOU!!!" Amy screamed to her father as she rushed toward

"Go…" Chris croaked as Daniel continued to cut off oxygen.

Carol ran and grabbed the teenager before she got to the vampire and
pulled her to safety.

"Let him go!" Carol pleaded as she held Amy tightly.

"You’ve fucked with me for the last time!" Daniel said as he choked the
life out of Chris. "I’m going to make you die slow!"

Chris’ world began to spin as he started to black out.

"Get out of here…" the Detective said softly to Carol and Amy.

But once again Daniel was to be rudely interrupted, this time by Pete and
Gordon. Before anyone could speak, Gordon threw an entire vial of holy water at
the wall where Daniel had Chris pinned. The glass shattered and the holy water
splashed across the vampire, causing him to scream out in pure pain. Flames
licked at his face as he staggered across the room.

Gordon withdrew his dagger again and attacked Daniel. The vampire’s face
was now covered in burns and he was visibly weakened. Pete ran to his brother
who was gasping for breath as Gordon and Daniel struggled. Gordon managed to
stab Daniel, but he missed his mark, instead hitting the vampire in his stomach.

Daniel screamed again, but he still had enough strength to knock Gordon
down to the ground as he ran for the door. Pete tried to stop him, but he too
was unsuccessful and Daniel eluded his grasp easily.

Gordon quickly picked himself up and ran after Daniel, but by then the
vampire had gotten outside and had taken flight , disappearing into the night

"Are you okay?" Chris gasped to Amy as he struggled to catch his breath.

"I’m fine," the teenager said as she hugged her father tightly, "Just a
few cuts. I was so scared Daddy!"

"It’s okay…" Chris replied as he kissed her head.

"He just burst in here and I thought he was going to…." Amy said before
her voice trailed off, "Carol saved me."

"Thank you," Chris said to Carol, "I can never thank you enough."

"You can owe me," Carol replied.

"What was he?" Amy asked.

"You don’t want to know," Pete answered.

"What now?" Chris asked as he got up.

"He has to feed soon," Gordon answered, "He’s wounded now, but fresh blood
will reenergize him. This is our best chance. We have to find him!"

"That’s impossible," Pete said, "He could be anywhere in the city! He
could just pick some girl off the street!"

"No not our boy," Gordon replied, "He’s after big game and he’s not going
to let this setback affect his plan!"

"But what is his plan?" Chris asked.

"He seems to like celebrities," Pete offered.

"Female celebrities," Gordon added.

"Attractive female celebrities," Chris chimed in.

The three men then looked at each other before all coming to the same

"The Spice Girls concert…’" they all said at once.

"What?" Carol and Amy asked.

"Don’t ask," Pete said as he ran for the phone, "You really don’t want to

Chris then went over to Amy who was still shaking from her ordeal.

"I have to go now, sweetheart," he said as he hugged Amy.

"Don’t go, don’t go," the teenager plead, "Please don’t go!"

"I have to," Chris replied, "None of us are going to be safe until he’s
gone! Carol will take care of you, okay?"

"No," Amy protested as she began to cry, "He’ll kill you! Don’t go!"

"I don’t have a choice," Chris gently said as he hugged Amy as tight as he
ever had before, "I’ll be back here soon, I promise."

"No you won’t," Amy wailed.

"I will," Chris reassured his daughter, "I don’t feel like dying tonight."

"Let’s go!" Pete said as he hung up the phone, "They’re going to meet us
at RFK!"

"I’ve got to go now," Chris said as he pulled away from his daughter.

"Don’t worry about him," Pete assured Amy, "I’ve been protecting him all
his life and I haven’t screwed up yet. So I’ll make sure we both get back."

Amy responded to this by running to her room and slamming her door.

"Teenagers, what’cha gonna do?" Chris asked with a nervous smile.

"I’ll make sure she’s all right," Carol said as she came up to Chris, "But
you make sure you’re careful, Amy’s not the only one who doesn’t want to lose

"I love you," Chris said as he leaned in for a kiss.

"I bet you say that to all the girls who save your kid’s life," Carol
replied after breaking the kiss off.

"C’mon," Pete said as he pulled Chris to the door, "There will be time for
lovey dovey stuff later."

"I love you too," Carol said to Chris just as the door was about to close
behind him.

"They want to meet us where?" Carly asked, disbelief filling her voice.

"At the Spice Girls concert," Arnie repeated, "They say that’s where he’s

"And how do they know that?" Carly asked.

"I don’t know," Arnie replied, "They just do. Maybe their psychic friends
told them. All I know is that I just got off the phone with Pete and he says we
have to meet him at the Spice Girls concert."

"But I hate the Spice Girls," Carly protested.

"What’s wrong with the Spice Girls?" Steve asked.

"You probably love them don’t you," Carly said to her partner.

"They are not without their good points," Steve contended, "They happen to
be very entertaining."

"Is it possible I’m losing even more respect for you?" Carly asked.

"Well it’s common knowledge that all Spice Girl bashers are jealous,"
Steve shot back.

"Excuse me?" Carly replied.

"Most people who bash the Spice Girls are women who secretly want to be
Spice Girls and since they can’t , they mask their jealousy under a thick veil
of hatred," Steve explained.

"I want a new partner," Carly announced, "My old one’s broken."

"Look people can we focus here," Lieutenant Smith interjected, "We are in
the aftermath of one of the biggest law enforcement disasters in history and we
have to catch this guy. Now if Pete has reason to believe that this guy is
headed to this concert then that’s where you’re going to go. It fits in with his
m.o. to go after these women and this is the best lead we have right now. I’m
going to have backup teams ready to go on a moments notice, so if anyone spots
him let us know."

Smith paused for a moment to look at his gathered Detectives, "Now we all
lost friends today, so I know what you’re going through. But this has to be
handled by the book, I want an arrest not a revenge killing. Daniel Rooker is to
be brought in alive! Do I make myself clear!"

Steve, Carly, and Arnie nodded their acceptance, but Tom, who had been
sitting in silence, spoke up.

"I don’t promise anything," he said.

"What the hell does that mean, Tom?" Smith asked.

"You know what it means," Tom replied, "I’m not sure what this guy is, but
he’s going to pay for what he did to Stacy."

"I don’t want to hear this from you, Tom," Smith stated, "We’re law
enforcement officials, not vigilantes. I can’t let you out in the street with a
weapon if I believe you’re just going to kill him."

"Lieutenant, this guy is not a human being!" Tom shouted, "Was I the only
one paying attention when he was ripping people’s heads off?"

"Maybe you should stay behind Tom," Smith suggested.

"I’m going," Tom flatly replied.

"If you’re going, then you go as a police officer," Smith explained, "You
don’t go as an avenging boyfriend. Now I can’t explain what the hell happened
here tonight, but I know that he have to catch this guy. We have to play it by
the book. I know what you’re going through Tom, but you can’t ignore the code
that comes with this job."

"All right," Tom said, "But if he attacks and puts our lives at risk, then
so help me God, I’ll kill him with my bare hands."

"Just be careful," Smith said as his Detectives walked out the door.

"So who is this Daniel guy?" Pete asked as he drove toward RFK.

"I don’t know," Gordon answered.

"What do you mean you don’t know?" Chris asked, "I thought you were the
world’s foremost expert on vampires."

"I mean I don’t know where he came from," Gordon replied, "He has the
powers of a master vampire, but I have never seen him or heard of him before."

"What’s a master vampire?" Pete asked.

"A master vampire is like a king or a tribal chief," Gordon answered,
"There are only a few left out there. They are stronger than slave vampires,
their minds are stronger, and they can withstand a limited amount of daylight.
You can only get master vampire powers through two ways. They can be granted to
a slave vampire by their Master or you can kill a master vampire and eat their

"Ewwww," Chris replied.

"Our boy strikes me as the type to use the second method," Gordon stated,
"There was one close to this area, a man named Telemasco, and I’ll bet Daniel
stole his powers."

"How do you know so much about this?" Pete asked.

"I’ve hunted them almost all my life," Gordon said, "Don’t fool
yourselves, there are vampires out there. They’ve just gotten good at hiding
themselves. Daniel could just be the first shot in a war against humanity. There
are so many questions here that I just don’t have the answer to."

"What are you saying?" Chris asked, "That Daniel is part of some great
vampire conspiracy?"

"I don’t know," Gordon answered as he began to think out loud, "Maybe he
is. I’ll have to talk to Eli, he’d know."

"Okay, hold up for a second," Pete said, "Who the hell is Eli?"

"I can’t get into it now," Gordon replied, "There are some things that you
shouldn’t know Detective. You’d be better off that way."

"Well I think we’ve earned the right to the whole story," Chris pointed

"Detective, if I were to tell you the whole story, then you’d be too
afraid to get out of bed the next day," Gordon stated, "Now we must focus, we
can’t get bogged down in all this other stuff, Daniel is our chief concern here.
We have to kill him."

"No!" Pete said as he slammed on the brakes of the car, "I want to know
god damn it! What the hell is going on here!"

"Detective! We don’t have time for this!" Gordon shouted, "All information
will be given out if and when you need to know it. The only important thing is
killing Daniel!"

"Let’s go Pete," Chris urged and Pete then continued the journey toward
the stadium.

"How come all the people who got bit today didn’t turn into vampires?"
Chris then asked.

"To turn into a vampire," Gordon answered, "You must drink their blood.
Otherwise you’re just dead."

"That would make sense," Chris replied before burying his head in his
hands in disbelief of what he was discussing.

"Now as for killing vampires, there’s nothing wrong with the old stake
through the heart routine," Gordon said, "Holy water, crosses, and light all can
kill slave vampires. Decapitations work and so do removing their hearts. Fire
can wound them and in some cases kill, but for master vampires this is the key

With that Gordon withdrew his dagger from his bag, "This dagger can kill
any vampire. Some master vampires are too strong for conventional methods, but
this baby never fails. If I can get it right through Daniel’s heart then he’ll
be finished."

"As much as I’m enjoying Vampires 101, can I just say that we don’t have
any of these weapons," Chris pointed out.

"Don’t worry Detective," Gordon said as he dumped out his bag. Stakes,
vials of water, and crosses fell out, "I brought enough for everyone to play."

"We’re here," Pete pointed out as he pulled into the parking lot of RFK
Stadium. A few minutes later Carly, Steve, Arnie, and Tom arrived, with three
units of officers behind them. After having Gordon brief them on the proper
methods for killing vampires, Pete presented the plan.

"All right, I want an officer at every exit, Carly and Steve you monitor
efforts out here," Pete instructed, "The rest of us are going in and if Daniel’s
here then we’re going to find him. Any questions?"

There were none.

"All right let’s do this. If anyone spots him, get on the radio," Pete

"We never had to learn this in the academy," Arnie remarked.

Pete, Chris, Arnie, Tom, and Gordon easily made their way past the guards,
even though it was thought best by all involved that the guards not know the
whole story about what they were looking for. The stadium, usually filled with
throngs of insane football fans screaming for the Redskins, was now filled
mostly with teenage girls. The occasional parent or horny teenage boy was
spotted, but for the most part the usual Spice Girl fan base was there screaming
in joy as the British quintet ran through "Spice Up Your Life" onstage.

"Okay, we’ve got a lot of places to look," Chris said over the noise of
the crowd, "I suggest we split up we can cover more ground that way. We’ll meet
back here in an hour if we still haven’t found anything."

The four others agreed and split up, with Tom and Arnie taking the left,
Chris and Pete going down center, and Gordon taking the right. Before he left,
Pete handed a radio to Gordon.

"Call us if you see him," Pete ordered before turning to his brother.

"He could be anywhere," Pete remarked, "We might never find him."

But Pete received no answer as Chris appeared to be distracted. Pete
leaned in closer to his brother and thought he could hear him muttering

"Are you singing along?" Pete demanded.

"Absolutely not," Chris immediately answered.

"Yes you were," Pete contended, "You were singing along to a Spice Girls

"Oh fuck you," Chris replied, "I like them. They’re good."

"Great after this maybe you can join the group," Pete suggested, "They can
call you Retard Spice. C’mon we gotta work."

Meanwhile, Arnie and Tom were working their way through the crowd as they
searched for any sign of Daniel.

"How’s your arm?" Tom asked.

"It’s still there," Arnie replied, "I can see just as well with one useful
arm as I can with two. Say, did you mean what you said earlier?"

"I’m not sure," Tom answered.

"What does that mean?"

"It means I’m not sure what I’m going to do when I see him again," Tom
replied, "I just can’t believe this is happening, that he’s real, that what he
did to Stacy was real. I just don’t know, Arnie."

"What are you going to do if you see her again, I mean now that
she’s…changed into one of those things?" Arnie asked his partner.

"I’m just going to hope that that doesn’t happen," Tom replied before he
resumed his search through the audience.

"We’re not going to be able to arrest this guy if he is what we all think
he is," Arnie sighed.

"I know," Tom stated, "We are going to have to kill him if we see him."

"I just hope we get him before he gets us," Arnie thought aloud.

Gordon walked over through the audience. There was no sign of Daniel
anywhere. Gordon silently cursed himself for saying anything at all to Chris and
Pete in the car. He should have just instructed them in how to kill the vampires
and not gotten into all that stuff that they didn’t need to know.

He’d messed up again, but hopefully the damage could be repaired this
time. Not like what had happened fifteen years ago. He’d never be able to
forgive himself for not being there that night. He was supposed to have been
there, but the search for the vampire who had gotten his sister was consuming
him and as a result his friends were tapped and captured.

The police and the papers had called it a terrorist bombing. The Orange
County Bombing was what it was referred to. It had all been a set up from day
one and maybe Gordon would have been able to spot the trap. Eli had always been
too trusting, but Gordon wasn’t there that night and innocent people had been
killed. He could never right that wrong, but maybe by making a stand here and
stopping Daniel before it was too late, then maybe he could pay part of his

These were dangerous waters he was leading these Detectives into, but
Gordon couldn’t act alone anymore and there wasn’t time to appeal for help from
the West Coast. Daniel had to be stopped and he had to be stopped here, before
others decided to follow his example.

Gordon stopped for a second, he had to calm down he told himself. All
around him people were cheering and yelling, but for Gordon the tension inside
the stadium was so thick he was practically choking on it. He could sense that
Daniel was indeed here, laying in wait for the chance to snatch his prey.

Blissfully unaware of the search that was currently underway amid the
audience, the Spice Girls continued to perform with their trademark high energy

Each of the girls reveled in the fact that unless a person had been living
in a cave for the past year, they knew who the Spice Girls were. They were
completely overexposed and they were loving every minute of it. Their names,
personalities, and choice of outfits was forever burned into the brains of every
person who had ever heard "Wannabe."

Geri Halliwell (aka Ginger Spice), Melanie Brown (Scary Spice), Melanie
Chisholm, Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), and Victoria Aadams (Posh Spice) were better
known than most world leaders, and certainly better liked. Of course the
backlash against them was still present and it was more viscous than ever
before. But none of that mattered when they were onstage. All petty fights
between the girls and all the mean press predicting their imminent demise as a
group were forgotten and they became one unit with the sole purpose to

Some people liked being on stage, but the Spice Girls loved it. They were
currently in the middle of their world tour and after playing here again
tomorrow night, they would be zipping down to Miami for a show there. It was
exhausting to be a Spice Girl, but not one of the five would trade in their
lives at that moment, not for all the money in the world.

The audience was living it up, and everyone seemed to be having a good
time. Except for this one man who caught Geri’s eye. He was just wandering
around the audience, close to the stage as if he were looking for someone.

"Look at that bloke there," Geri whispered to Mel C. when they were in
between songs as she pointed at Gordon, "He doesn’t look like he’s having fun.
What do ya suppose he’s doing here?"

"Maybe he lost his kid," Mel C. suggested.

"I guess," Geri replied, "He just seems out of place."

"Maybe he’s a dirty ol’ man who likes looking at your cleavage, Geri," Mel
B. chimed into the discussion.

"That seems more likely," Victoria cracked.

"C’mon!" Emma shouted to them, "We gotta get going on the next song! What
are ya just standing around for!"

They did just that, but even as Geri sang, she couldn’t shake the feeling
she first got when she noticed Gordon, there was something wrong.

Pete and Chris had managed to make their way backstage. Their search down
the center of the audience had been fruitless and had only turned up a teenager
sneaking in a six pack of beer. Chris and Pete had of course confiscated the
material and planned to turn it into evidence control at the end of the night.

"I still think we should drink it now," Pete suggested.

"What and spoil the pain of being a loser while sober," Chris replied, "I
think not. It will work much better at the end of the night after we’ve
officially not found him. He’s not here. He’s hiding, who’d be dumb enough to go
to a public place after killing over a dozen cops? Besides he knows we’re on to

"Patience, little brother," Pete said, "We still have places to check back
here. This is the best spot for him to hide out at."

Guards tried to block entrance to the brothers, but one quick flash of
their badges removed all obstacles.

"What if we can’t find him, Pete?" Chris asked.

"We will," Pete replied, not wanting to consider the alternative, "That
son of a bitch is here, I know it."

Pete and Chris proceeded to comb every inch of the backstage. They checked
every person and even shone a light up into the rafters to check for an aerial
assault, but their search produced nothing.

"God damn it!" Pete said, "I know he’s here somewhere!"

"Let’s stay back here for a bit," Chris suggested, "We can get a pretty
good view of the audience right up front and if he wants to grab one of the
girls then that’s where he has to be."

"Good idea," Pete said, "There’s only one way to get to them and that’s by
going onstage."

"Should we warn the girls?" Chris asked.

"No, we’ll just keep an eye on them from here," Pete answered, "If he’s
here, I certainly don’t want to tip him off. If we pull the plug on the show,
then he’ll know for sure. We can’t blow this chance."

Arnie and Tom also continued their search as they weaved in from the back
of the stadium to the front.

"Any movement out there, Carly?" Tom asked into his radio.

"Negative, Tom," Carly answered, "Every position checks in clear. If he’s
gotten in while we’ve been here, he would have to have dropped in from the sky.
You would have noticed if a man had come flying into the stadium, wouldn’t you
have, Tom?"

"Yes, we would have noticed that," Tom testily replied.

"Still nothing," Arnie said as he finished scanning the people around him.

"He could be anywhere in here," Tom sighed, "It’s a needle in a haystack."

"He’s a little easier to notice than a needle," Arnie replied as he
continued to look. He jumped on top of a piece of sound equipment, to get a
better vantage point and he craned his neck to see as much as he could. He moved
slowly from person to person, finding only teenage girls.

But then he froze and turned back, something had caught the corner of his
eye! Arnie stared intently into the ground until he noticed it again, the
burning red eyes!

"TOM! I SEE HIM!!!" Arnie shouted, and when Tom whirled around again he
did too.

Daniel was indeed there and only a mere twenty feet away. By the looks of
his eyes and the fangs that were extending from his mouth he looked ready to
feed. The vampire then broke into a sprint toward the stage.

"CHRIS! PETE! WE SPOTTED HIM!" Tom shouted into his radio, "HE’S HEADED

into her microphone.

The audience responded as instructed.


The audience again responded enthusiastically, bringing a smile to the
redhead’s face. But then she saw coming from the left, two men running toward
them, waving their arms and screaming for them to get off the stage.

At that moment Daniel also leapt on the stage, in full vampire form
bringing out gasps and screams from the girls. His face was burned terribly,
taking away the attractiveness he once had.

Immediately sensing that this was not supposed to be part of the show, the
audience began to panic and move about frantically.

"Get out of the way!" Pete shouted at the girls as he and Chris rushed
toward Daniel. They both had stakes in their hands, and even though they both
felt kind of silly, they had Daniel’s heart as their target.

"YOU WON’T STOP ME NOW!!!" Daniel screamed as soon as he noticed the
detectives. The vampire then leapt up high into the sky and brought down a row
of lights. The structure crashed down onto the stage, glass and sparks flying
everywhere. Mini explosions began taking out the rest of the lights as a chain
reaction had been set off.

By now the crowds of people were all rushing toward whichever exit they
could find. Daniel seized the opportunity this moment of confusion had set off
to grab the first Spice Girl he could find. It happened to be Emma, and Daniel
snatched the young blonde.

"EMMA!" Mel B. screamed as the girl struggled against Daniel’s grip. It
was no use and the vampire held her tight.

Tom and Arnie had managed to get on the stage and Gordon was right behind
them, but it was too late and Daniel grinned deeply.

"Gotta fly," he said through a smirk as he took off into the night sky
with Emma still in his arms.

"NO!!!" Victoria screamed before turning to the Detectives, "DO

"Carly!" Pete shouted into his radio, "He’s getting away through the top,
do you see him?"

"Yeah, we got him!" Carly shouted, "Holy shit! He’s flying!"

"Follow him! God damn it! Follow him!" Pete ordered, "Go after him and let
us know the location and we’ll meet you there!"

"Who the hell was that? What’s he done with Emma?" Mel C. demanded as she
grabbed Chris’ shirt.

"There’s no time to explain," Chris stated, "We’ve got to go after him."

"Fuck explaining," Mel B. spat out, "We’re going with you!"

"The hell you are!" Pete said, "This is a police matter!"

"She’s our mate!" Mel B. protested.

"Take us with you!" Geri demanded. "We can’t just abandon her!"

‘We’re the police, let us handle this!" Tom ordered.

"We don’t have time for this!" Gordon cried out, "He’s getting away!"

"Who the fuck are you?" Mel C. demanded.

"I kill vampires," Gordon replied.

"What are you saying?" Victoria asked, "That that guy was a…"

"Vampire," Gordon said, finishing her thought, "Yes he is."

"They aren’t real," Victoria protested.

"Time’s a wasting!" Arnie pointed out.

"Let’s go!" Geri shouted, ‘We’ve got to save Em!"

"You are not going!" Pete declared.

Chris, Pete, Arnie, Tom, and Gordon then ran off, leaving the four
remaining Spice Girls behind.

"What are we going to do?" Victoria cried.

"We follow them!" Geri declared.

"They said we couldn’t," Victoria contended.

"Fuck them," Geri said, "Those morons couldn’t save Emma when that guy
grabbed her, what makes you think they could do it now? Now lets go, before they
get too far off!"

"We don’t have a car," Mel C. pointed out.

"We’ll have to find one fast," Mel. B replied.

"We’re not going to be able to save her, are we?" Chris sighed as Pete
drove on, following the directions Carly gave him.

"Probably not," Pete replied, "Daniel’s got a big head start on us."

"We might be able to," Gordon suddenly said, causing the detectives to
jerk their heads back.

"How?" Arnie asked, "We haven’t been able to save any of the other girls

"Well there is a possibility we can do it here," Gordon speculated,
"There’s a slim chance that if the change is a quick one, which they’ve been
lately, then the victim can change back."

This perked up Tom’s attention.

"What do you mean?" Tom demanded.

"Usually there is an incubation period before a change to vampirism is
complete," Gordon explained, "But Daniel is so strong that this incubation is
being skipped. So theoretically, if we kill him to break the mental hold on a
new convert and then transfuse his blood out of the person’s system then they
might be able to become human again. Of course this is all theory."

"We can save Stacy!" Tom exclaimed, hope popping into his thoughts for the
first time in hours.

"Don’t get your hopes up partner," Arnie said.

"Your friend is right," Gordon said, "You’re going to have to prepare
yourself to kill this woman if necessary."

"I can’t," Tom contended.

"You must be able to!" Gordon stated strongly, "She will kill you if she
has the chance. Now if we go in I need one hundred percent commitment from each
of you! There can never be any hesitation when trying to kill a vampire. One
split second could give them the opportunity to attack. Remember Daniel and
those girls are not human anymore, they’re predators and their senses are all
razor sharp."

The ride continued in silence, until the radio squawked back to life.

"Pete, he’s stopping!" Carly said excitedly, "He’s going into an old
factory or something. We can’t quite see yet. Oh God, he’s carrying someone."

"We know all about that," Pete sighed, "What’s your location, Carly?"

The location was given and Pete turned the car around to head in that

"Okay now stay outside for us. Do not go in without us!" Pete ordered.

"This is a trap, isn’t it?" Chris asked. "He’s leading us right into a

"Perhaps," Gordon admitted, "But if we want to stop him, then it’s one we
have to walk into."

Meanwhile, they Detectives were unaware that as they followed Daniel, they
were being followed themselves.

"Go faster!" Mel B. urged.

"I can’t go any faster!" Geri said as she drove the car they borrowed from
a roadie, "If I go any faster I’ll ram right into them and then they’ll know
we’re here. This is the only way we can get to Emma!"

"That man’s going to kill her, isn’t he?" Victoria asked.

"Don’t say that!" Mel B. angrily shouted, "Don’t you ever say that!"

"What if what that man said was right?" Victoria asked.

"About vampires? That’s bullshit," Mel C. answered, "There’s no such

"He just flew off with her," Mel B. pointed out.

"Look I don’t care what he is!" Geri said as she brought an end to the
discussion by slamming her fist on the steering wheel. "We have to save Emma and
I don’t care what we have to do to make that happen!"

Ten minutes later, Pete reached their destination and stopped the car.

"He’s inside," Steve said as he and Carly rejoined their colleagues. "He
went inside and we haven’t heard one peep since."

"Let’s do this," Gordon said as he began handing out weapons to Carly and

"I can’t believe we’re doing this," Carly said in an voice that slightly
rose above a whisper.

"Anyone who wants to back out, can back out now!" Gordon declared. He was
met with silence and he nodded his head in approval, "Let’s go!"

But before, the group could head to the door, another car came screaming
into the front of the factory and The Spice Girls piled out.

"Oh I do not believe this shit!" Pete sighed.

"What’s going on?" Carly asked.

"Oh my God! It’s the Spice Girls!" Steve exclaimed.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," Pete cried as the girls drew near, "What the hell are
you doing here? You girls are not going in with us!"

"The hell we’re not!" Geri said, "We’ve got to rescue her!"

"I’m not going to let unarmed civilians in to what could be a death trap!"
Pete said.

"You’re letting him in," Mel B. said as she pointed to Gordon.

"He’s the only one who knows how to kill these fucking things," Chris

"Look, Detective," Geri declared, "We are going in and getting Emma out,
whether you say we can or not! So step aside!"

"We could use the extra help," Gordon pointed out.

"No!" Pete declared.

"What the hell are they doing here?" Carly demanded.

"They want to go in with us," Chris reported.

"What on Earth for?" Carly demanded.

"Emma’s inside!" Mel C. declared.

"Who?" Carly asked.

"Daniel grabbed the blonde one," Tom said.

"I will not let you get involved in this!" Pete stated.

"Tough luck," Mel B. said defiantly, "We are involved already!"

"Yeah and it stops here!" Pete replied as he headed toward Arnie.

"Arnie," Pete said as he approached the injured cop, "I need you to stay
out here and watch them.. Make sure they don’t go in. Give us an hour in there
and if we don’t get out, call the Lieutenant and have the place destroyed or
whatever. Just stay out here and watch them."

"Why me," Arnie protested. "I’m not just going to stand out here and
babysit, while you guys are in danger."

"Arnie, your arm is fucked up to hell," Chris pointed out as he joined the
discussion, "You’d be a sitting duck in there!"

Arnie’s face showed that he knew this too.

"I’m just not going to sit out here," he repeated.

"You’ve got to," Chris said, "There could be a bloodbath in there and I
don’t want any more casualties then there have to be. You keep them and any
other people from going in. Let us handle it and we’ll take it from there."

"We’d better go now," Pete declared before he turned to face the Spice
Girls. "You stay out here with Detective Nash, here. If you go in with us, so
help me God, I will arrest you or shoot you or whatever it takes to stop you
from adding your names to the body count."

"She’s our friend!" Geri cried.

"Then be her friend and let us do our job," Chris stated "If we’re in
there covering your asses then we can’t save her!"

This reply caused defeat to cross the faces of the girls and they gave up
their efforts to enter the building.

"We better go, little brother," Pete said as he put his hand on Chris’

"Yeah," Chris sighed.

"Be careful in there," Arnie said as he kept sight on the girls.

The detectives and their civilian companion stared at the abandoned
factory before they entered.

"Ominous looking fucker, isn’t it," Steve remarked.

"Are we going to die?" Carly asked.

"Probably," Tom answered.

"Oh well, guess I won’t have to worry about making my car payments
anymore," Carly nervously joked.

"We’re not going to die," Gordon declared, "He is."

"Let’s quit stalling," Tom said impatiently, "Who knows what he’s doing to
Stacy in there?"

"Time to go, Chris," Pete said.

"Pete?" Chris queried.

"Yeah Chris."

"Next time I say not to answer the phone," Chris stated, "Don’t make me
answer the phone."

With that they all walked toward the building entrance.

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