Blown Away

Blown Away

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Author: Blackjack

Celebrity: Carrie Underwood

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal

Carrie Underwood leant back in the plush leather seats of the rented limo and peeked out of the tinted windows to look at the large centre that was hosting ‘The X-Factor’ on Fox. She smiled at the sight of how many people had turned up for the show. It was long past the audition period and tonight, Carrie was here as a special guest performer. She did have the liberty of performing a duet with anyone who wanted to approach her but as she tucked some blonde strands of hair behind her ear, she was currently just waiting to play a few of her songs as a medley in the last part of the show.

As the car pulled around to the side to a hidden area where Carrie would be smuggled into the arena, her phone beeped to life with a text message. The signature tone meant it came from her husband and current Nashville Predators centre right player, Mike Fisher. Smiling already, she fished her phone out of her handbag and read the text message.

‘Hey beautiful, how’s the ride?’

Licking her peach coloured lips, she thought on an answer before jabbing at the screen of her phone.

‘Boring so far. Just turned up at the arena. Looking forward to seeing Simon again! xxx’

The little text bubble under her message changed from ‘sent’ to ‘read’ and then Mike started to tap up a response.

‘Looking forward to seeing Simon Cowell? I thought you were crazy when you married me, now I know it’s true! :P’

That made the Oklahoma native laugh out loud, she was about to tap out a response when the limo pulled to a stop. Removing what she had typed and changing it, Carrie sent the text away with a smile.

‘lol! I’m at the show now, call you tonight?’

‘Sounds good, love you hun.’

‘Love you too baby xxx.’ Carrie then locked the screen and dumped the phone into her handbag as the door was opened for her. Lifting herself out of the limo, Carrie smiled at her driver and thanked him, subtly slipping him a ten dollar tip. Waiting by the double doors was Simon Cowell and Nicola, a woman Carrie recognised instantly as his personal assistant. Gone was the typical tight black sweatshirt and jeans the general public was used to seeing Simon in, now he was dressed in a suit while missing the tie with the top couple of buttons undone revealing a pretty impressive bush of chest hair.

“There’s my favourite star!” Simon said, oozing his typical charisma as he stepped forward to greet her.

“Simon!” Carrie smiled enthusiastically as she moved forward quickly and embraced him in a passionate hug. She could smell his expensive, intoxicating aftershave and if she was in any other sort of mood she may have even found it arousing but having just texted her husband that thought never even entered her mind.

“All ready for tonight?” Simon asked, releasing her from the hug as Nicola opened the door to the inside of the venue and held it open for the two of them. They both thanked the petite woman as they made idle chit chat making their way inside towards the main stage portion of the arena. Her pretty eyes flicked over the stage and it all looked tremendously familiar from her last couple of tours. The sound of metal hitting metal as the stage was assembled, the steady ‘One, two. One, two.’ of a roadie tapping against the microphone and then the lights flashing on and off to ensure that the live show would look professional and also be ready to launch for the televised show tonight.

What was new in Carrie’s eyes at least, was the handful of nervous collection of people loitering near the front of the stage. The smile remained on her face as she observed the four groups of contestants: teens, young adults, groups and the over twenty fives. Carrie smiled fondly on that last group, if she had been performing tonight then she would be over there with them. She didn’t mean to persecute, but her eyes seemed to focus on that group, there was a small dumpy African American woman with the most impossibly long hair and a flowing red dress chatting to a handsome enough tall blonde man with deep, piercing green eyes that were temporarily hidden by a set of stylish eye glasses.

“Those the contestants?” She asked, her right hand coming up and gesturing to the collection of people who were chatting near the judges table, the over twenty fives Carrie had taken an interest in. Simon followed her hand and nodded his head.

“Yes, the groups.” He pointed them out. “Teens.” His hand glided over them. “Young adults and then the over twenty fives.” He turned to face her and studied her, him putting on his best poker face as he studied the beautiful young woman. “You rooting for any of them?”

“Me? Oh no, I’m just interested in who’s performing tonight.” Her eyes caught Simon’s stare and shrugged her shoulders. “I’m not! I just want to see who’ll work well with me tonight.”

“Well, I know the over twenty fives are a little light on numbers. Maybe one of them would be interested in getting to know you?” A slight smirk appeared on the side of the older British man. “Well, I’ve got things to do. Nicola will be around if you need anything. Break a leg beautiful.” He said with a smile, planting a soft kiss of the side of Carrie’s cheek which she happily reciprocated and returned.

With that, Simon moved away and disappeared to a selection of staff and various other people asking him a thousand questions at once. Carrie smiled and shook her head, she always wondered if she had never applied for American Idol maybe she would have been one of those people asking him those questions. The black haired man disappeared into the arena and the blonde haired singer superstar was left to her own devices. Smiling to herself, she spun on her flat shoes and looked at the selection of people. She wasn’t sure if it was the fact that there was so many people with the groups section or the fact that she would have next to nothing in common with the younger selection of people but Carrie felt herself drawn to the over twenty fives.

Suddenly, all of the grace Carrie had possessed earlier had fallen away from her as if talking to Simon had made her the same awkward person she was when she was first auditioning for American Idol. As she approached the group of over twenty fives, the conversation they were having fell away to a stunned silence as they spotted Carrie walking over to them.

Smiling from ear to ear, Carrie waved and extended her hand for them to shake.

“Well hi! I’m Carrie!”

“Hi, I’m Janice.” The small woman said, her lips parting into a wide smile to shake her hand. Carrie shook her hand eagerly and nodded her head, committing the woman’s name to memory.

She then turned to face the only guy in the immediate area. It was now Carrie had a good chance to admire him. He was fairly well built, it looked like he had been hitting the gym a lot recently and had the look of a tennis player with strong forearms. His blonde hair was trimmed fairly short, just above the top of his spine and he had a darkened goatee that looked a lot like Robert Downey Junior’s in the recent spat of Marvel movies.

“Hi, I’m Hugh.”

“Hugh? Nice to meet you! How are we feeling today? Nervous?” She asked, a trademark smile still plastered on her face as she looked at the older group of contestants.

“Naw not really. It’s just like singing in front of the judges at their houses. We’ll be fine right Hugh?” Janice said confidently, playfully punching Hugh on his shoulder. The man didn’t seem so sure but smiled, and nodded his head. Carrie crooked a perfectly styled eyebrow but nodded her head and said her goodbyes, moving on to meet the other contestants. However, as she met everyone who were all so eager to chat to her, her eyes kept flitting over to Hugh who would occasionally catch her eyes, blush adorably and then avert his gaze.

Carrie really liked him and as she was whisked away to make up and hair, the singer and star of the show had her iPhone in her hands and was instantly on Youtube looking for videos of him performing during the show to see his performing style. He had some gravel to his voice and Carrie liked that, if he had just enough of a growl it could drop an octave or two and send shivers up and down a woman’s spine and with Carrie it was no different. If it wasn’t for the ring on her right ring finger, the blonde singer may well have started writhing on the spot.

There was the usual small talk from the make-up people that Carrie wasn’t exactly put off by but she had heard the usual pitter patter of conversation a million times before from all of the usual make up people in the business, she smiled and responded with the usual responses while studying her reflection in the mirror. Thankfully, Carrie was naturally smart as she was naturally beautiful and could respond to the chatting while her mind scrolled through an imaginary jukebox to see what would work with the gravel in Hugh’s voice.

Her lips curled into a smile when she thought about ‘Leather and Lace’ from Fleetwood Mac. Deciding she would go and find one of the stage managers and ask if she could duet with Hugh, he was the only one who really grabbed her attention and she thought that the two of them could look pretty great on the stage.

“And Hugh is super cute isn’t he?” One of the make up girls said as she applied a light shade of blush to Carrie’s cheek. Her eyes met Carrie’s and the singing superstar was forced into an answer.

“He is pretty cute!” Carrie said with a wide grin as she answered the girl. However, the second she said that it was as if she felt a burning on her ring finger where her wedding ring resided. Did she really find him that attractive? Her eyes moved down to the impressive jewel and instantly she felt ashamed. Being from Oklahoma, and despite being nowhere near the Bible belt of America, Carrie’s parents had been incredibly religious and they were in church for every Sunday. Carrie had always been taught to be a God fearing child and while her church attendance had started to drop down, the ten commandments were hammered into her mind and she still lived to a very Christian principality. Naturally, that meant being adulterous never even approached her mind but with someone as attractive as Hugh it certainly did start to creep up into her mind…

No! She couldn’t think like that and she certainly wouldn’t as she was hours away from going live on the Fox network when her husband would be watching as well! She smiled and nodded her head as one last blast of hair spray landed on a strand of hair keeping it in a fashionable curl at the front of her face. Thanking the cosmetics team, Carrie climbed out of the chair and found herself walking in the middle of a near empty corridor. A small woman in a black staff uniform was walking up the hall with a clipboard in her hands checking it off as she walked. Her eyes flicked up and spotted Carrie and the poor girl damn near jumped out of her skin.

“Miss Underwood! Is everything okay with you?” She asked, obviously having been briefed as to look after the VIP. The blonde woman smiled and nodded her head, before looking around.

“It’s fine thanks,” Her eyes then looked at the girls name badge. “Sophie. Can you tell me where Hugh is?”

Sophie thought for it a moment, before studying Carrie’s face again.

“Hugh? Hugh Irving who’s performing tonight?” The nod from Carrie confirmed it and pushed Sophie’s nose down and into the clipboard only this time, her left index finger came up and jabbed against it. Nodding her head, she looked up and smiled at Carrie.

“He’s down the hall and is the second door on the left.” Sophie said, gesturing towards just where Hugh was going to be. Carrie thanked her and shook her hand before walking down towards where Hugh was. As her heels clicked against the floor and she got closer to where Hugh was, there was almost a feel of butterflies in her stomach as it felt like she was nervous to approach him. It couldn’t have been about the arousing thoughts she had had for him earlier could it?

Shaking her head in dismissal, she reached his door and could hear him warming up. Smiling, she moved forward and pressed her right ear against the door, listening to him working his vocal chords. Moving back, she could almost feel her cheeks blushing as she started to wonder if she was crushing on him. Her right hand came up and her manicured fingers made a fist to rap against his dressing room door.

“Just a minute!”

Gosh! If she had to wait even longer, Carrie may have started to entertain something a little more sordid than what she would have normally thought on. Thankfully, she didn’t have to think on it for too long as the door to Hugh’s dressing room opened and Carrie was greeted with a shirtless Hugh with a thin film of sweat over his body. Her right thumb instantly went to the wedding ring and started to almost massage it as she tried to push the enticing image in front of her out of her mind.

“Carrie? Hey! Uh… Come in?” He said, almost asking that last part as he stepped aside and extended his arm to guide her in.

Carrie smiled and walked past her, murmuring a ‘Thank you’ as she tried to hide the blush in her cheeks. Stepping inside, Carrie looked around and all the memories of being where Hugh was seemed to rush back to her. The nostalgia almost knocked her clean off of her feet as she spun around on her feet and looked at the inside of the small locker room.

To say the room was appealing would be a lie in the weakest sense of the word. There were the inside of bricks exposed and the walls were painted in a ghastly yellow that would have represented the colours of the basketball team that used to claim the arena as their home arena. Mercifully, there was a window. However, a spider had claimed one of the corners of the window as a home and a big, thick and wide cobweb was painted in the corner. She must have been projecting the disgust as Hugh picked up on it and laughed lightly.

“Not what you’re used to?”

Carrie smiled at him and did her best not to wrinkle her nose any more.

“Not exactly. It all looks familiar though. I guess they haven’t got around to hiding the cracks with green screen yet?” She asked, pointing a hand towards the corner.

“I guess? To be honest, all of this is brand new to me. I used to work in a paediatrician’s office back home in Toledo…” He then looked down and must have realised he was shirtless. “… You didn’t come to see me shirtless. Let me put on a shirt.”

“No!” She almost sounded desperate for him to keep his shirt off and a part of her actually was eager to see more of his torso but she quickly recovered and shook her head. “No, it’s fine don’t worry.” She chewed on her bottom lip and quickly stopped nibbling on it to make sure that her make up wasn’t ruined. There was a lingering silence in the room as the two looked at each other awkwardly. Carrie did feel awful about letting it be so quiet since she was still trying to sneak a glance at his torso.

“So I’m guessing you didn’t come to just stand around and talk to a shirtless guy?” Hugh said, his hands stuffing themselves into the pockets of his jeans.

“No, no I didn’t. I’ve been a big fan of your stuff on the show and I wanted to ask you something. Do you want to do a duet tonight?” She asked, her fingers being occupied by twisting a strand of her blonde hair. If she could see herself, she would have rolled her eyes at the sight. She looked like she was back in high school! Still, she had asked now and there was no way she could take it back. However, much to Carrie’s pleasure Hugh had a wide grin on his face as he nodded his head enthusiastically.

“You like that idea?” Carrie said, a big grin on her face as she almost awkwardly reverted back to her old high school form.

“I love it! You really want to duet with me?”

“For sure! I think we’d work well together! You should totally introduce me too!” Carrie said with a grin, stepping forward and pressing her hand against Hugh’s toned forearm. She held it there for a little longer than should have been acceptable before she caught herself and removed her hand. She kept the smile on her face but managed to chew her bottom lip slowly.

“So what should we do?” He asked, looking at her and not admitting just how much he enjoyed the contact of Carrie’s skin against his.

“Well, I thought we could do some Fleetwood Mac? Have you heard the song Leather and Lace?” She asked, chewing on her lip while looking at him, hoping he had. She knew the last thing he would need before a live show was to have to panic and learn a brand new song, hours before the show.

“I love Fleetwood Mac!” All of her fears were taken away as she sighed and let her shoulders drop. That action surprised her, she didn’t realise she had been so tense just waiting for his response. When he said he wanted to do the song, Carrie could have practically exploded with glee.

“That’s great! Do you know the song?”

“Word for word!”

“Great! I’ll set it up!” Taking a risk, she moved forward and planted a kiss on the side of his cheek. She made her way over to the door and turned to face him, casting a wink in his direction she smiled and blew him a kiss. “Catch you later Hugh!”

Walking down the corridor, Carrie was almost skipping as she slipped into her own little world of how happy she was. She walked down the corridor before finding a set of double doors, pushing them open with her hands pressing against the silver handles making the doors swing inwards. As she stepped up a set of stairs, Carrie found a production assistant who reacted in a similar fashion as to how dear Sophie had done earlier on in the day.

“Miss Underwood!”

“Is my mother.” Carrie said with a smile before carrying on with the conversation herself. “Can I change a booking tonight?”

The guy looked at him and then nodded his head. “Uh, sure. I don’t see why Mister Cowell would mind too much!”

“Great! I’m doing a duet with Hugh Irving tonight. We’re going to sing Fleetwood Mac’s Leather and Lace.”

The man scribbled down a note and nodded his head. “Got it. I’ll let production know. Can I help you with anything else?” He asked, peering up from his clipboard and looking at her.

“Where’s my dressing room?”

“Just down the hall there Miss Underwood.”

“Thanks!” With that Carrie Underwood skipped down the hall, opting to ignore the second time she was called ‘Miss Underwood’ as was one of her personal grievances. Walking up to the door with the large, golden star on it, Carrie stepped inside and walked up to her large on-site closet. Sliding the door open, Carrie pressed her hands to her hips, the denim of her jeans being pressed into her long legs as she studied the inside of the wardrobe.

What was she going to wear!?


The first performance was from the groups, a three man band known simply as ‘Three Man Band’ had done a Michael Jackson song and got most of the audience into a decent enough state ready to be have more songs sung for them. Carrie had settled on a glittery teal dress with a silver choker and some black heels that elevated her a couple of inches off of the ground. She had her own large oak acoustic six string in her hand as she walked up to the side curtain where she could see the presenter, Mario Lopez. Mario… He would always be A.C Slater from Saved By The Bell to her, he looked a lot better than Ryan Seacrest though! She thought to herself with a smile on her face. She saw Hugh by the side of the stage, rubbing his hands together and looking awfully nervous.

Smiling, Carrie walked up and tapped him on the shoulder with one of her manicured nails. Hugh turned and when he saw her, his tense shoulders deflated and sunk into themselves.

“Carrie? Hey! Wow! You look great!”

She was certain he could see her blush as she nodded her head and then shrugged.

“Eh, it wasn’t me. There’s a very talented set of women and gay guys back stage.”

“So that explains how you’re in great shape too?”

That made Carrie laugh out loud, a deep laugh coming from her stomach as she covered her mouth with the back of her hand. She then lightly slapped his shoulder and shook her head.

“You are awful! Are you ready to go?”

“Just about… I think with you being here will help me out a hell of a lot.”

Carrie’s heart beat a little quicker as she was positioned a little higher in his books. At the present time, the Oklahoma native had no idea just how high she was. The young man would be eternally grateful to her for a long, long time and the man wasn’t going to forget her simple act of kindness until he was old and grey.

“Stop it! I’m sure you’ll do great!”

Hugh was about to respond when Mario spoke up.

“And welcome back to The X-Factor right here on the Fox network! Next up, we’ve got Demi’s first act with a special guest star! Demi?”

As the cameras cut to show Demi Lovato, the personal judge of the Over twenty fives filled the screen, a stage hand took a hold of Hugh and almost shoved him on to the stage. Hugh was given a small mic and he stared into the vast expanse of the audience before turning to look at Carrie who stuck her thumb up. She smiled and nodded her head.

Show time!

Hugh gripped a hold of the mic and stared deep into the camera as he opened his mouth to start singing.

“Is love so fragile…” He was off to a strong start, his voice was even and he managed to sing over the polite patter of applause. “And the heart so hollow? Shatter with words… Impossible to follow.” His voice started to waver with that last bit and it was almost Carrie’s cue to come on. “You’re saying I’m fragile…I try not to be I search only…for something I can’t see.”

He looked to his side when Carrie got the nod and came on.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Carrie Underwood!”

Carrie put on the widest smile and stepped onto the stage, walking through a soft, drifting fog that lingered around the stage. There was a mic stand complete with a working mic to the immediate right of Hugh. She stepped up to the mic and used her best tone.

“I have my own life…and I am stronger than you know.” A blush came to her cheeks as there was a louder applause for her, but she carried on to ensure that Hugh looked fantastic. “But I carry this feeling… When you walked into my house that you won’t be walking out the door. Still I carry this feeling, when you walked into my house… That you won’t be walking out the door.”

Her eyes cast over to Hugh who nodded his head so that they could do a call and return for the chorus. Hugh would start the chorus and Carrie would do the next line.”

“Lovers forever…face to face…”

“My city or mountains…”

“Stay with me stay.”

“I need you to love me!”

“I need you today!”

“Give to me your leather…”

“Take from me…my lace…”


The song had gone over nicely, but Hugh’s voice had cracked a few times and had stumbled over a line or two. Naturally, Carrie had covered it to the best of her abilities but she had caught one or two audience members cringing as he missed his lines. After their song, Hugh and Carrie were by one of the many catering tables watching the show with Three Man Band who were reclining in one of the large plush leather sofas boasting at how well they had done.

Carrie stole the occasional glance at him and knew how beaten up he must be feeling. Her hand touched the small of his back and offered him a soft smile, trying to make him feel better.

“You did great! Don’t worry about it!”

He simply shook his head, Carrie was going to add more when her own P.A as gifted to her by Simon walked over to her and simply tapped her watch to let her know that she was up next.

“I’ve got to go and get ready for the show… You going to be okay?”

“I… Yeah. Yeah, I’ll be okay.”

“Okay… You did great tonight Hugh. Really you did!”

There was little else Carrie could do then. She stepped away from the green room and started to make her way up to the side of the stage. She already knew the songs and her band were already there to high five her and share hugs to make sure that this show would go over great. Stepping from side to side, she watched Mario introduce her and her band while plugging her latest tour. The spotlights came onto her as she walked on stage for the second time tonight.


A thin sheen of sweat was running down the brow of the first superstar to grace the live show of The X-Factor. She waved to the general audience and bent at the waist before walking off stage, high fiving her bass player as the band left the stage. As soon as she left the stage a pure white bath robe was wrapped around her to keep her cool. She was guided straight back to her dressing room, giving her exactly no chance to talk to Hugh after the performance.

Stepping through the door, Carrie shrugged off the robe and hung it up on one of the immediate hooks to her left. Sticking her thumb under the dress, she started to roll it down her shoulder when she got a knock on the door. Sighing and letting out a short curse, Carrie slipped the strap of the dress back up to her shoulder before turning to answer the knock. Outside, Hugh was there with slightly red eyes and sniffling. He didn’t need to say anything and Carrie knew exactly what the problem was.

“Oh Hugh!”


Carrie moved forward and wrapped an arm around him, tugging him into a half hug to try and look after him.

“I’m sorry sweetie. I thought you were the best here.” She whispered, trying to sooth the pain that must have been coursing through his heart.

“Yeah, I guess the rest of America doesn’t agree. Haven’t really had chance to check twitter or facebook yet…”

“Well don’t! I’m going to be in town for a couple more days for some tour launching stuff. Why don’t you come back to my hotel and we can talk about it?”

“You want me back at your hotel?”

“Sure! We can order some junk food from room service, watch some pay per view stuff and make sure you forget all about tonight!” Carrie offered with a smile, doing what she thought was best to try and keep him in high spirits. He sniffed again and nodded his head.

“Sure… Sure okay.”

“Great!” Carrie beamed from ear to ear. “Do you have your phone?” He passed the phone to her and she took it. Unlocking it and jabbing at the notes button, Carrie tapped in her information and then passed it back to her. “See you at midnight?” It was ten pm now so he had a good couple of hours to say his goodbyes and chat to his friends before coming to see her. It would give her some time to shower, change and call Mike for a little bit as well.

Hugh smiled and nodded his head before getting another hug from Carrie and making his way from the star’s dressing room. Carrie smiled softly, she knew he would be better eventually but for the time being, she just wanted to relax and shake off the stress from the show. Her thumb went back to the shoulder strap of the dress and started to peel it away from her body. Her breasts were the first part to become fully bare, the design of the dress was so that she had one shoulder bare on a near constant basis. She had gone bra-less purely because it felt a lot easier that wearing a strapless one.

Catching her reflection in one of the few vanity mirrors, she cupped the underside of her left breast and looked at it in the mirror. Hugh hadn’t lied, she did look great. Her nipples hardened due to the cool air in the room and Carrie bit down on her bottom lip thinking about the last time Mike had gotten his hands on them.

Oh shit! Mike! She was supposed to have called him straight after her performance! Rushing over to her handbag, she pulled out her phone and the fact that she was panicking over the missed phone call was temporarily delayed by the fact that she had some text messages from her parents waiting for her telling her how proud they were of the performance. Still smiling, she opted to ignore the messages for the mean time before finding Mike’s number and dialling his number.

It rang for a couple of times before he answered. He sounded out of breath. He must’ve been exercising.


“Hey baby!” Carrie replied, sounding a lot chirpier than her spouse.

“Oh hey! How did the performance go?”

“It went great! Did you see?”

“Yeah, yeah I saw it. You looked great.”

“Are you okay? You sound like you’re out of breath.”

“Yeah, I’m good. I was… I was just exercising that’s all.”

“Hey Mister big dick? There wasn’t any ice cream. I got some cookies though will that be okay?”

“… Shit…” Mike whispered, almost inaudibly to Carrie who was red in the face.

“Is that who the fuck I think it is?” Carrie snarled into the phone. Over the recent couple of weeks, a red headed teenager had moved in next door to the married couple. The girl had put damn near constant moves on Mike who had constantly batted them away whenever Carrie was in earshot.

“No, it’s the TV.”

“Mike? I’m not going to let you fuck my ass if you don’t answer me!” Olive, the harlot, called out again.


“It’s not what you think!” Mike pleaded with her into the phone as Carrie was practically foaming at the mouth with just how pissed she was.

“Fuck. You.” She hung up and nearly threw the phone against the wall as she cursed up a storm inside of the dressing room. Looking at the vanity mirror, her eyes drifted over to the complimentary television that Simon had provided for her and Hugh’s picture was on the screen of the local entertainment news. Carrie’s mouth that had been twisted into rage, soon softened into a devilish smile. Her tongue peeked out and licked at her lips. Hugh was going to be coming over tonight. If that bastard husband of hers was going to cheat, she certainly could too and why shouldn’t she cheat with someone who clearly worships the ground she walks on and was fucking cute and in shape too!

Looking at the vanity mirror, Carrie cupped her bare breast again. Squeezing the flesh before nodding her head. Yeah, she was going to fuck Hugh tonight and make sure he’d never forget the night. She knew this area of Los Angeles pretty well and she knew there was a Victoria’s Secret just one block down from the arena that she could easily slip into and get something unnoticed. She even had Mike’s credit card in her purse, that would be even sweeter revenge.

Fuelled by rage, Carrie dressed herself with her jeans, a shirt and a beige jacket to hide her from the extremities of the cool L.A air. Before she gripped the handle to walk into the corridor, she knew there would be people who wanted photos and autographs and if she gave the press the slightest impression that her marriage was in trouble both she and Mike would have more problems than they did right now.

She took a deep breath, pushed a fake smile onto her face and opened the door to the flash of a few cameras.

“Hi guys, how’s it going?” She waved, smiling and making as much small talk as she could while making her way down to the back entrance where her car was waiting. Towards the end of the corridor was Simon who was clapping his hands, presumably as thanks for her performance earlier. She shared a hug with him as the cameras caught it.

“Carrie my darling! An excellent show tonight! We have an after party at the Hilton tonight. Are you coming?”

Now that was a tempting offer but she already had a better one. She was going to go back to her hotel, shower, shave and then dress herself like a proud model for the singer who was eliminated first from The X-Factor and then she was going to ride him until he begged her to stop.

“I’m sorry, I really need to go back to my own hotel and relax. Rain check on the finalé though?”

Simon nodded his head, he knew full well what it was like for stars like Carrie, but of course he had no real idea just as to what she was going to do. Making her apologies, she dodged one of the paparazzi cameras and managed to get herself into the limo with few stolen photos. Relaxing, the driver rolled down the window partition to talk to Carrie.

“Back to the hotel Miss Underwood?” He asked, turning to face her. She shook her head.

“Not yet Mister Pennyworth. Can we swing by the mall first?”

“The mall Miss? Yes, yes of course we can.”

“Thank you.”

The trip over to the mall, was brief and uneventful but Carrie’s mind was already drifting to what she was going to wear. The driver stopped just outside of the main entrance and waited for her while she slipped out of the car and made her way in. The store had a stylish lighting system with soft r and b playing over the store’s music system. It had a very welcoming atmosphere but Carrie didn’t have time to browse, no she wanted to get something, get in and get out and get home. She was sure that Hugh wouldn’t wait for too longer  so she needed to get something.

Finding a black and white bra, panties and stocking set, Carrie threw them over her arm and made her way over to the cash desk. She laid the items down on the cashiers desk and flashed an award winning smile as the woman behind the desk rang up the purchase. Carrie fished into her purse out of her handbag and found Mike’s credit card. She almost scowled at the sight but kept her face firm as she passed it over to the cashier.

The transaction went through and the items were pushed inside of a large black bag with the logo of Victoria’s Secret embossed along the side of it. Thanking the assistant, Carrie pulled the bag up over her shoulder and made her way back to the limo.

“The hotel now Mister Pennyworth.”

“Of course Miss Underwood.”

The partition rolled up again and Carrie was left to her own devices and the warmth that was starting to grow between her legs. The trip up to her hotel room had very little things in terms of excitement but she could not have cared less. She was ready to cheat on her husband and break her wedding vows and for tonight she didn’t care. Her key card went into the door lock and her hotel room opened up. Stepping through the door, there was a small LED clock on the bedside table that flashed the time as eleven thirty five in the evening. She only had twenty five minutes to get ready before Hugh was going to be here. Throwing the bag on the bed, Carrie slipped the items out of the bag and laid them down on the bed.

Grinning, she wriggled herself out of her jeans and normal clothes, swapping over to the lacy items that were just recently purchased. Gone were the usual pink and black panties and they were swapped over with the lacy black panties with a white trim around the waistline. The bra was on next, she reached behind her and clipped the item together. It was a similar item to the panties, mainly black with a white lacy trim over the top of the cup. Finally, a pair of stockings were slipped on over her long legs and while they didn’t have a belt for them, they matched the lingerie and were all black but with a white trim at the top of the stockings. Pushing herself up off of the bed from her sitting position at the end of the bed, she walked into the en suite bathroom, she unhooked her own personal dressing gown and slipped it on. Admiring her reflection, Carrie nodded her head and knew just how hot she looked.

Pulling out a blood red shade of lipstick and expertly applied it to her pursed lips. A shade of black eye shadow was applied to her face to complete the look. She looked like an absolute temptress and that was exactly what she wanted. As she admired herself, there was a knock at the door and while a part of her felt the tension starting to build in her stomach, the other part of her was still pissed at Mike and she was far too eager to have Hugh come in and push him to the bed and fuck him until the bed broke. Crossing out from the en suite and towards the front door, licking her lips and checking her eye shadow, she gripped the golden handle and pulled the door open.

If life was a cartoon, Hugh’s eyes would have burst out of his head and extended at the sight of how Carrie was dressed. Carrie grinned and licked her lips before pushing the door open and inviting him in. As he walked past her, her eyes drifted over him and he could already see he was getting hard. She shut the door behind him, and slipped the bolt lock along the door. Hugh stepped into the room and walked towards the inside, the room had a large double bed with one luxurious sofa bed that was right next to the large double doors that led out onto the balcony. He let out a whistle that seemed to trail of at the end, he was obviously distracted. That made Carrie smile.

“Nervous Hugh?”

“I… Ah… Kinda.”

“Why? It’s just me.” She said, walking into the room. Her left arm came out and touched the back of his shirt, pressing her hand in to touch his skin. She watched him jump and had to suppress a laugh. Walking over to the bed, she moved onto it. Almost falling forward to press her hands against the bed and crawling up to it, walking on all fours and making sure to wave her ass at him as she spun around and lay on her back. Her arms extended and were laying along the pillows. Her eyes ran over Hugh’s body, making sure he knew she was checking him out.

“So I…”

“Hugh. You were super stressed today. Especially after the show.” She climbed onto all fours and crawled towards the foot of the bed. Beckoning him with a finger, she summoned him towards the bed. “Ready for me to help you relieve it?”

Hugh was within her grasp and she didn’t even wait for his response. Instead, she reached forward and put her hand against his hard length. Rubbing her hand up and down against his hard shaft, Carrie reached over and tugged down his zipper. She had felt a good length inside his pants and she seriously couldn’t wait to get back on her husband. Her hand dipped inside of his boxers and pulled out his erection, her eyes lit up and looked over his long cock. Her mouth was practically watering as she wrapped her hand around his base and opened her mouth to swallow his cock.

Carrie almost cried at how good the cock tasted inside of her mouth. Her tongue pressed against the underside of his cock and slid along his entire length as she sucked down on it. Her eyes flicked up at Hugh who let his head fall back and let out a low moan. Smiling around his length, Carrie focused at his stomach and started to push more of his cock inside her mouth. She could feel his cock pressing against her mouth and she wanted nothing more than to feel him blow deep in her throat. She moaned around his cock, sending shivers down his length making him let out a short moan.

Carrie took her hand off of her hand and pressed it against his thigh to steady herself as she pushed her lips down deeper along his length. Letting out a moan around his meaty length, Carrie took the other hand up off of the bed and started to fondle his balls that she had pulled out of his boxer shorts. Her hand cupped them and started to softly roll them around in her hand as her tongue flicked along the underside of his cock. Her tongue pressed against the bottom of his cock while she continued to roll his balls around. Spit started to roll out of the side of her mouth as she pushed more of his cock inside. The fat head of his cock pressed against the back of her mouth and she almost gagged but used every single inch of self control to not cough on his length. After all, there was nothing less attractive then listening to a woman cough up over your cock.

Bathing it in her saliva, Carrie pulled her lips up off of his cock and then gave the head a kiss, her tongue coming out to lick up a revealing bead of pre-cum. She wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and pushed the length upwards, her tongue snuck out and licked along the bottom of his cock. Her mouth closed around the head and she started to bathe the head of his cock in her spit. Her hand started to pump up and down along his cock, making sure she stroked every inch of his cock as she started to bob her head up and down faster. She made sure that every single part of his cock was lubricated with spit as Hugh moaned with each touch of her mouth and her tongue.

“Oh God Carrie… That feels so good…”

Carrie blushed and would have smiled but the obstruction in her mouth didn’t exactly give her that leisure. Pushing her lips down around his cock, she wrapped her lips around him and started to suck harder and faster listening to his moans. He wasn’t being especially vocal but that was okay. Carrie knew he was enjoying himself and that was perfect for her. His hand came down from around his hips and rested on top of her still perfectly styled hair. She knew his orgasm was coming so she redoubled her effort to work harder and faster on his cock.

“Carrie! So fucking close…”

Hugh moaned as Carrie started to work harder and faster, almost throwing herself face first on his large cock. She was determined to milk the most powerful orgasm out of him and she would swallow it all. She had never done that with her cheating bastard of a husband and she would relish every drop of it.

“Cah… Carrie!”

Hugh exploded as Carrie pulled her mouth up to swallow just the head. His cum erupted from his dick’s head and shot out in fierce strands of hot, sticky sperm. It landed on her broad tongue as Carrie pulled back her mouth and opened it so that he could see the cum exploded inside her. When he finished cumming, Carrie sucked the head of his cock, making sure all of the cum was sucked from his cock. The thick pearls of cum were still on her tongue as she poked it out so he could see his load resting on her tongue. She curled her lips into a big smile before pulling her tongue back in and sucking it clean.

She giggled when his eyes went as equally wide when she swallowed his load. Carrie made a pleased noise and rubbed her tummy in an overly theatrical move. She moved back onto her knees and then unfastened the sash of the robe. Slipping one arm out one by one, she unceremoniously dumped it off of the side of the bed and cast a look up at him with a smile. He was completely in awe of how she looked and Carrie truly felt like a Goddess with him looking over her.

“Feel better?” She said with a soft giggle, looking up at him.

“Much better. I think you look a little stressed though.”

“I do?” She asked in a very genuine fashion. Mike HATED going down on her and she couldn’t even remember the last time he did. The fact that Hugh wanted to, only put her conscience at ease. She bit down on her bottom lip and chewed it as she nodded her head and scooted back to the top of the bed, spreading her legs elegantly. Hugh moved down at the foot of the bed and started to slowly crawl up towards her. Carrie’s breathing started to accelerate as he bent down between her legs and his breath started to become hot against the inside of her leg.

Hugh reached the tip of the stocking on her right leg, he shot his eyes up and her and cast a big smile when his teeth dug into the lacy white fabric atop of the black stocking. Carrie’s eyes were locked purely on his green eyes as he slid the stocking down centimetre by agonizing centimetre as the lacy piece of clothing was finally stripped from her body.

Taking her foot in his hand, Hugh dipped in and planted a kiss against the side of the ball of her foot. Pressing his lips towards the top of her ankle, his tongue slipped out and poked against her skin before he lifted his mouth off of her ankle and pressed his lips against her calf. Pressing his lips up, he soon reached the side of her knee and he made sure to press his kisses all over her knee. His right hand ran up and down her bare leg, worshipping how soft, long and wonderful they were as he tasted the inside of her leg.

Reaching the inside of her thigh, Hugh pressed his tongue at the bottom of her thigh and started to teasingly lick his way up to her warm core at the top of her legs. He was inches away from her soaking wet black and white lingerie panties and he could not only feel her arousal but he could smell it too. He lifted his head up and bit down into the waistband of the lingerie, Carrie lifted her ass up off of the bed giving Hugh ample room to slide her panties down her long legs exposing herself to him. His eyes swapped from looking at her bare vagina before looking up at Carrie who was chewing into her bottom lip so hard it looked like she was ready to rip it clean off.

Hugh planted one soft teasing kiss at the gap between her leg and her bare vagina before he moved a little bit closer and placed a kiss against her wet lips. The simple kiss was enough to make Carrie whimper and push her pussy up against his face. Hugh was in charge this time though, Carrie knew that when he wrapped his arms around her legs and held her still. His tongue came forward and pressed it against her pussy’s lips, slipping it inside of her.

Carrie’s hands came down to Hugh’s head, her fingers threading through his short blond hair and holding it in place as Hugh started to push his tongue in and out of her. Simply tasting her for a little while, he moved forward and pressed his mouth right up against her similar to how Winnie The Pooh would get his snout stuck in the honey pot, Hugh was intent on getting every part of his mouth inside her wetness. Pressing his tongue inside her, his hands slipped down from around her legs and moved up her body. His hands moved up her body, his fingers tracing along every part of her body as he reached up to find her large lacy bra encased breasts.

Carrie let out a moan as his hands found her chest and squeezed them softly as he tilted his head to the side and pressed his tongue inside of her. He flicked his tongue up and down and then to the left and to the right making sure to taste every part of her sweet love tunnel. The one stocking clad leg lifted itself up off of the bed and curled itself around his head. Her voice was getting higher as Hugh licked at her insides, his right hand came down from her breast and moved down to her lower lips. His thumb brushed against her clit and that made the singing superstar’s eyes shoot open and her mouth drop in pleasure.

“Oh God! Hugh! That feels so fucking good!” Carrie almost screamed out, her leg tightening around the back of Hugh’s head as she was doubly stimulated by both his tongue and his fingers. His finger and thumb started to rub in small circles harder and faster while his tongue dipped inside of her. Hugh ignored the feel of her pussy pushing against his face as he ate her and stimulated her towards an intense orgasm.

Carrie’s hand grabbed at her breasts and roughly yanked the expensive piece of lingerie down. Her bare breasts exposed, her hands came up to her ample chest and started to squeeze them softly. Her fingers trailing up to her nipples, pinching and pulling at her hard nubs as her eyes screwed shut tight and her orgasm was washing over her. Her back arched up almost at a near perfect curve as her hands left her chest and desperately tried to grab a hold of something to stabilise herself and ride it out through the massive orgasm she was riding on.

Hugh, to his credit kept licking and working on her, his thumbs and fingers manipulating her clit while his tongue pushed itself in and out of her, fucking her with his tongue. His eyes flicked up at her and he watched as her mouth was hung open and long, low, sex filled moans filled the bedroom as she was eaten out.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck meeeeee!” Carrie screamed out, her hips rocking up and pushing herself back against his face. As she came, she had no idea just how hard she had cum, she felt like she must have lost at least most of the natural juices in her body from just how hard she had cum. Sucking in deep guts full of air, Carrie’s hands left the bed sheets and her long leg uncurled around his head. It fell from his body and hit the bed’s duvet with a heavy thud. Sucking in air, Carrie’s only sounds were soft whimpers of sheer pleasure and deep, shallow breathing. Her eyes opened when she felt the light coming from the bulb on top of her getting shadowed out by someone. Her eyes opened, the tears of bliss from her orgasm running out of the corner of her eyes.

She smiled and blew him a half hearted kiss, still exhausted from such a hard orgasm.

“You enjoyed that?”

“Hell… Yes…” Carrie breathed, her arms linking around the back of his neck to tug him down into their first kiss. Their lips collided and their noses rubbed against each other, Hugh was so perfect sitting on top of her, their was only the faintest feel of his denim jeans pressing against the inside of her thighs. She would need to remedy that soon. Her lips broke away from his and she brushed the side of his face gently before biting her lip and looking down at the erection between his legs pushing at her thigh.

“Need a hand with that thing?”

Hugh laughed and lifted his shirt off of his body, blindly throwing it behind him. His hands wrestled with his belt as he bent down and kissed her lips softly before whispering to her.

“I’d rather you not use your hand if I’m honest.”

Carrie giggled girlishly as they both stripped him of his jeans. Carrie’s hands reached down and held his cock, slowly sliding them both up and down as it felt so hard in her hand. Both she and Hugh guided his dick down between her legs and pushing it between her pussy’s lips. Carrie bit down on her bottom lip and stared deep into Hugh’s eyes as he entered her. Hugh’s hands moved to the side of her head as his cock’s head slipped inside her snug pussy.

Carrie stopped biting down on her lip and let out a gasp, her eyes flashing open from when they were half open. She had fully recovered from her series of orgasms and as soon as Hugh pushed his cock inside her, it was almost like she was shocked back to life with the penetration. His green eyes stared deep into her chocolatey brown eyes and seemed to move past the barrier and bore deep into her soul.

Her hands couldn’t stay still, starting off by being draped over his shoulders and crossed at the wrists, they soon parted and slid up his body. Finding a soft spot curled around the top of his shoulders, Carrie started to moan softly as he rocked inside her. Her head was pressed down against the crevice of the four plush pillows as he slid deep inside her and started to build up a steady rate of penetration. The way he was entering her was making her moan nearly constantly, her nails wrapped over his shoulder with the points of her nails dug into his skin.

Hugh let out a soft gasp when her nails dug into him, almost instantly making her regret the decision. She looked at him and waited to see how he’d react, thankfully he looked back at her and simply nodded his head. She hadn’t hurt him which only made the blonde woman smile and nod her head. She arched her back up off of the bed to kiss the man she was cheating on her husband with. Her mind did drift back to Mike but she didn’t care. Tonight, she was going to get fucked nice and hard and she was going to cum so hard she’ll think she’s going to pass out. Her legs came up off of the bed, they crossed over the back of his waist and she relished in the feel of the stocking rubbing against her bare skin. She would have to force herself to remember to take that other one off at some point. Unless Hugh liked that of course. If he did, then it would stay on for as long as he wanted. Her head moved upwards so she could moan directly in his ear so she could know exactly how well he was fucking her.

“Oh God… You’re so deep in me…” Carrie moaned, her tongue sneaking out to flick at the side of his ear as he shoved himself deep inside her. Her legs tightened around his back and her nails released the grip on his shoulders as she lifted her lips up and pressed them against his, kissing him as the sounds of his balls slapping against her filled the room.

Stealing occasional kisses, both Hugh and Carrie were both at the height of their pleasure as they both looked at each other and were so quite clearly attracted to just how attractive each other looked at the height of their arousal. Sweat ran down the side of Hugh’s temples and the blonde hair that sat on top of his head was starting to become almost matted to his skull.

Staring into her face, Hugh smiled and moved his head down, his mouth parting and finding her left nipple too pleasing of a target. Wrapping his lips around the hard nub, he started to suck on it as the other breast was attacked by his hand. Carrie looked to his side and saw his right arm was still extended and perfectly rigid to keep him above her. Moving a hand from his body, she ran her hand up and down his arm, showing him some affection in the most PG way she could despite being balls deep inside her.

His mouth left her breast and swapped over, both of them were tipped with his saliva as her other breast was squeezed by his hand. Her breath got hotter and faster as she was rocked back and forth against the bed by the power of his thrusting. Her breasts were left alone by the mouth of the young man she was cheating on her husband with and he was soon up face to face with her. Relishing the fact that she was now facing him, her arms linked around his neck and pulled him down into a passionate kiss.

His tongue pressed against the front of her mouth and she opened her lips so that she could find his tongue. They intertwined and started to share the sucking duties, she would suck his before he took over and he sucked hers back. His head twisted to the left and Carrie would have squealed at how delightful it felt. Making love with Mike never felt this good, she had never writhed and moaned and panted as she was when her husband was on top of her and she never wanted it to end.

Carrie lips fell from his and their tongues moved back to their respective mouths as Carrie stared deep into his eyes as they were both rocked back and forth on the bed. The duvet covers were still on the bed and the top of the duvet were rubbing into Carrie’s bare shoulders but the Oklahoma native didn’t care. She was already on her way to another orgasm. Hugh’s dick had angled itself perfectly to stroke the most delicious part of her inside and to compliment his thrusting, her warm, wet pussy was squeezing back against him. Their private parts had seemed to get into some sort of carnal game of chicken to see who would blink first.

It was Carrie.

One perfect stroke from Hugh pushed himself so perfectly deep inside her and hit the one spot Mike had very nearly never hit. Her eyes screwed shut tight and her mouth exploded with a long string of obscenities as she exploded over his cock. Her pussy’s fluids shot from her and pooled around his length and as he pulled out and pushed himself back in, they started to sink onto the duvet.

“Oh fuck!” Carrie groaned as Hugh kept going, her nails had dug into his skin and her legs tightened as tightly as they could without diminishing his thrusts. Hugh smiled and moved down to kiss at her neck, while shoving himself inside her. When her orgasm stopped, Hugh’s thrusting started to slow as he kept himself buried inside her.

“Did you just cum again?” He asked, his breath felt so hot against her lips as she slowly opened her eyes and ignored the first tear of sheer excitement that had left her eye.

“Mhm.” Carrie smiled, her bottom lip being bitten by her top row of teeth.

“Do you want to stop?” He asked, a very obvious concern on his face. She laughed and shook her head.

“Oh God no! You haven’t cum yet have you? What’s your favourite position?” She asked, her hand coming from his shoulder and stroking the side of his face with the palm of her right hand.

Laughing, Hugh gripped a hold of her ass and rolled over so she was on top. Smirking, Carrie was about to start riding him but she was equally surprised when his hands moved from her thighs and then down onto her ass. She was then lifted off of the bed and carried to the middle of the room, her legs curled around his waist and her arms were linked over his shoulders.

Hugh walked them to the middle of the room, so they were between the bed and the sofa. Carrie could see the shirt Hugh had stripped himself of and there was the stocking that Hugh had stripped her of. She grinned and stared at his face as he nudged his cock between her legs trying to find the hole. Giggling, she tilted her head to the side and then peppered his jawline with a series of soft kisses.

“Need a hand there?” She asked between kisses her own hand leaving his shoulder and reaching down between them. She gripped his length and moved it towards her wet folds, the tip moving between her folds, Carrie licked her lips and nodded her head as the young man lifted his feet up off of the floor and slipped inside her. Carrie’s long blonde hair fell back and she let out a long, unadulterated moan. She had soon sunk to the bottom of his shaft and she moved her head forward so she could press her lips against his, kissing him as he lifted her up and dropped her down.

His hands dug into her ass cheeks softly, but kept her elevated as their mouths collided and started to get deeper in the kiss. Both of their heads were tilted to the side and their mouths opened so that they could rub their tongues together and sucking on them as she was bounced up and down on his cock.

Her hands slipped up from his body and were lacing through his hair, her nails almost ripping at his scalp as she was bounced up and down. Her hands couldn’t stay still as she was fucked in a standing cowgirl position. Their mouths separated and their breath was hot and muddling together while she got rocked with his cock.


“Ngh… Yes Hugh?”

“Do you trust me?”

Carrie’s eyes opened and she looked at him, their eyes making a special connection. She bit down on her bottom lip and nodded her head. She did trust him. It was then that Hugh let go of her and she was lifted to the absolute tip of his cock and then she was dropped straight down onto every inch of his cock. It was Carrie’s turn to feel like her eyes were going to pop out of her head, her mouth dropped open and she let out a loud piercing scream. Every single inch of his cock was forced inside her and bumped against her g-spot.

Her arousal was running down her legs and with every drop onto his shaft her wet pussy forced more of the slick juices out of her. She knew the one stocking she was wearing would probably be ruined by them but the singing superstar didn’t care. She was already on the road to another orgasm but Carrie had no idea just how hard this orgasm was going to be.

Her snug pussy was milking him hard and fast as she was dropped up and down. Her breath started to accelerate and her eyes closed as her pussy exploded again, her body trembling in his hands as Hugh stopped the full drops and changed to just thrusting inside her as Carrie suffered in the most pleasurable way through a tiny orgasm.

“Did you just have a tiny orgasm?” Hugh asked, kissing her cheek softly.

“Uh huh. You don’t get them?”

“Not really. Do you want to swap positions?”

Carrie’s head rolled to the side and looked at the couch. She nodded at it and Hugh got the picture. Walking over to the couch, he lay her down and was about to spread her legs when she shook her head. Climbing off of the couch, she moved so her ass swayed from side to side before positioning herself bent over at the arm of the couch. She looked over her shoulder and ran her hand through her long blonde hair.

“Give it to me from behind”

Hugh moved behind her and took a grip at the base of his shaft and positioned it at her lips. The tip of the head slipped inside her folds and his hands left his, they rested at the top of Carrie’s soft thighs, just above the stocking on the one still dressed leg. He took a hold of them and then pulled her back as he pushed himself forward.

Both Hugh and Carrie let out a long but low groan as his dick slid inside her wet folds. Hugh bent his body over hers and he started to pepper kisses along her shoulder blades and up to her neck. Carrie’s arms were pressed down against the leather of the couch and her mouth was open as she moaned out his name.

Hugh’s hands were running up and down her legs, touching her bare skin and then slipping a finger inside of the one stocking on her leg as he rocked in and out of her. He relished in the feel of her warm, tanned skin against his hands and started to run his hands up and down her legs. Carrie looked over her shoulder at him and nodded her head.

“I take extra good care of my legs. You like them?”

“Uh huh.” Hugh grunted between kisses, Carrie giggled and shook her head.

“I think they would be nice and hot covered with your hot cum. I mean you did kiss all over them earlier I want more of you on them!”

Listening to her say that, Hugh started to shove himself in her harder and faster, standing up nearly straight, the slightest curve in his spine as he started to hammer in and out of her. Carrie’s nails dug into the couch as the young man behind her started to hammer inside her harder much to Carrie’s delight. Her head fell forward, her spine no longer being able to provide the energy to keep her head up.

The force of Hugh’s driving inside her was making the very expensive couch start to shake like it was in a horror movie. Carrie’s hands reached over the cushions, trying to find something to grab a hold of to stabilise herself. Her hands curled over the arm rest and held onto them for dear life as she was fucked hard and fast by the first contestant to be voted off of The X-Factor’s live shows.

Hugh’s face was dripping with sweat as he looked down at the back of Carrie as he fucked her with all of his strength. His hands were running up and down her legs as well as she was rocked back and forth. With one strong thrust, Hugh had forced Carrie forward and she was pushed onto her chest and onto the first seat of the couch. Groaning, Carrie pulled herself forward, so that she was kneeling on the arm rest with the rest of her body pointing down and pushing against the seat cushion. Carrie’s rock hard nipples rubbed against the fabric, the leather contrasting with her skin and making the blonde woman moan in a voice slick with arousal.

With his dick shoving itself inside her so hard and so fast, Carrie’s voice was at a near constant scream. Her g-spot was being hammered nearly constantly and with the fabric of the leather and the seat cushion contrasting with her bare skin sent the blonde woman into an orgasmic frenzy. Hugh’s cock was forcing itself deep inside her and her voice reached a fever pitch as she opened her mouth and bit into the couch cushion as she exploded over his cock.

Her orgasm soaked his length and still she was hammered hard and fast behind her. Her eyes were rolling into the back of her head and she was screaming so loud it sounded like someone was being murdered in the room. Her head turned to the side slightly, her blonde hair sticking to the leather of the couch as Hugh climbed onto the couch as well, keeping her in a submissive position while being taken from behind. Whimpering and shivering, Carrie blindly reached behind her to try and get a hold of him.

“Hugh…” She whispered in a soft tone. He didn’t answer and Carrie cursed her weak voice as she was hammered from behind. “Hugh… Please… Please Hugh… Please stop…”

Tears of bliss dropped from her eyes as Hugh carried on thrusting, her right hand came up from the couch and waved in a weak fashion to try and get his attention. Hugh saw her and looked down at her, his thrusting slowed until he was only shoving himself inside her at a minimal pace.

“Too much Hugh… Too much…”

“Did I hurt you?” He asked, pulling himself out of her and rushing around to see if she was in any sort of pain. Carrie laughed and managed to force herself to roll onto her back, her legs just managing to close as she closed her eyes and caught her breath back.

“No… You were fucking me too hard. I came way too much.” She said with a smile, laughter escaping her lips. Her right arm came up and grabbed a hold of the top of the couch, using the last bit of strength inside her she pulled herself up to a sitting position. Smiling and wiping away some of the sweat on her forehead, she patted a spot next to her for him to take a seat.

“Can we take a break?” She offered, an award winning smile on her face. Hugh laughed and nodded his head, taking a seat next to her. Giggling, Carrie lifted her leg up and threw it over him, forcing herself to land on top of him. Her arms wrapped around his neck and pulled him into a soft kiss. His hands ran over her body before moving down to her legs, touching both the bare skin and the stocking covered leg in equal fashion. Giggling, Carrie took her lips off of his and kissed him once more before whispering to him.

“You really like them huh?”

“They’re so nice. If you’d have let me, I could have spent all night on them. They look so sexy in stockings or bare.”

“Thank you,” Carrie answered honestly, her hands coming up and threading through his hair as he pulled her down into a hug. Her bare breasts pressed against him and the feel of his chest hair made her tickle. “I like to keep myself in shape for Mike.” Oh shit! She realised she had just mentioned her husband and she had no idea if Hugh knew she was married or not.


The bastard cheated on you Carrie, why should you feel guilty? Lie to him, it’s not like Hugh’s going to care! Both side of Carrie’s conscience seemed to agree that this wasn’t the wrong thing to do. She decided she would lie to him and deal with the repercussions if they came.

“My fitness trainer. He wants to make sure I look great when I go on tour.”

“Remind me to send him a thank you present.” He said with a smile, pulling her upper frame down so he could kiss along her neck. Carrie laughed and nodded her head as she peered out into the skyline of Los Angeles.

“After tonight, I’m sure he would appreciate it…” She trailed off as she felt energy come back to her extremities and strength coming back to her. Her brown eyes were focused on the long metal balcony guarding that ran around the entire balcony. Rubbing her lower lips against Hugh’s cock, she looked down at him and smiled. Kissing him, she then hopped off of the couch and managed to walk over to the doors without passing out. Her hands found the door handles and she opened them, stepping out into the cold air of Los Angeles at close to one o’clock in the morning.

Hugh had followed her and Carrie grinned at his attention. She could feel her arousal running down her legs and there was a compliment of Hugh’s pre cum mixing with it as she gripped a hold of the slim metal barricade and wrapped a hand around the top. When Hugh got the picture and pushed his head against her pussy, her head looked up and looked over at him.

“The other one.” She said simply, referring to her ass. Her eyes watched Hugh’s go wide and she grinned at him. “Just be gentle. It’s been a while…” She added, her ass swaying temptingly. That last part wasn’t strictly true. It hadn’t been a while, it had been forever up until that point. She had always refused when Mike had offered it, but that bastard had cheated with the slut down the road. He didn’t deserve her anal virginity.

When she felt her ass cheeks get parted, she instantly tensed up. This was completely foreign to her and she had no idea as to what to expect. Thankfully, Hugh seemed a little more experienced than she. The head of his cock pressed against her ass hole and slowly it pressed forward. His lips pressed against her shoulder and he kissed his way up to her ear before he whispered in her ear.

“Just relax. It’ll be over soon, I promise.”

The sight of a helicopter flying over the Hollywood sign was enough for Carrie to look up and look at it to distract her. He saw her lift her head up to look at the helicopter and Hugh took that as his cue. He rocked forward and his dick slowly spread her ass cheeks apart and slipped himself deep inside her.

Carrie gasped and whimpered as her ass hole was ripped apart by his cock. To Hugh’s credit, he took it slowly and had found the spot where it was too tight to carry on with. He then started to pull back and push himself back inside her, already the sound of his grunting started to fill the balcony. The fact that he was grunting so soon gave Carrie something of a boost for her psyche, she was already so tight that he was ready to cum. The sound of her ass cheeks being hit by his waist started to join his grunting as Carrie’s hands left the railing and started to play with her erect nipples.

Hugh’s hands ran up and down her legs as he started to push inside her ass which was still so unbelievably tight. He couldn’t believe how tight she was and already his orgasm was starting to build. He started to pick up the pace, forcing more of his cock inside her as she was rocked back and forth. Her left hand left the railing and curled itself around the back of his head, pulling him into a kiss.

Between kisses, Carrie whispered to him one simple request.

“Don’t cum in my ass. Cum wherever you want.”

Grunting his acknowledgement, Hugh started to work harder and quicker shoving himself inside her. The sounds of Carrie moaning mixing with Hugh and the sound of his skin hitting hers only made him want to work harder. Thrusting himself in one more time, he knew the next push inside would be enough to set him off, making him cum inside her. So, he pulled out and gripped his base, jerking off to explode over her. An arcing rope of cum shot from his head and landed on her ass cheek, another rope sprayed from his length and hit the underside of her bare thigh tagging her hot skin as more and more of the cum was painted against her skin.

Carrie giggled and nodded her head when she felt the sperm hit her bare skin. She must have looked like such a whore having the cock that was just in her ass spray the thick cum over her leg. She wanted nothing more than to rub it into her skin like it was lotion but she saw how hot it made Hugh. Cum had stopped dribbling from his head with one big bead of cum left at the hole at the tip. She reached behind her and beckoned for his cock, she scooped up the last bead of cum and brought it up to her face to inspect it.

Standing up right, she took the cum and rubbed it into her stomach just under her breast as she sighed and recovered from the fucking. It was to be expected what with them being in Los Angeles but she felt filthy and needed a wash.

“Can you run us a bath?” She asked, making sure to include the both of them in the request. She wanted some more time with Hugh so some cuddling and making out in the tub made a lot of sense to her. Hugh was happy to do so, turning to walk back into the room he wiped away some sweat and made his way towards the en suite. Carrie followed him into the room when she heard her cell phone beeping with a familiar tone.


Her good mood was ruined by the fact that her cheating husband was calling her. She found her phone and answered it.

“Yes?” She replied coldly as her husband’s voice filled the phone line.

“Carrie!? Where the hell have you been!?”

“I’ve been busy.”

“Busy? BUSY!? I’ve been pulling my hair out over here waiting for you!”

“Shame you couldn’t wait for me to come home huh?” Carrie snapped back just as harshly. The way he was carrying on talking to her made her want to hang up the phone and carry on fucking Hugh.

“Carrie… I…”

“What do you want Mike? You cheated on me!” She whispered bitterly into the phone’s mic. She had no intention of letting him explain but she was giving him all the time to.

“Carrie. I’m sorry I snapped. I just can’t believe I fucked this up.” His voice cracked and she could hear the emotion in his voice… Did he really mean it? Carrie couldn’t be sure but she decided to keep on with an offensive.

“Mike, she was a cheap slut who’s running around with a fucking sugar daddy!”

“Carrie… Baby, I’m so sorry. I strayed just once and I’ve been drinking… It let my inhibitions down. Can… Can we try again?” Tears welled in Carrie’s eyes as she nodded her head silently to Mike. She did still love him and she wanted to try again with him. “Carrie?”

“Yeah… Yeah okay.”

“I love you baby…”

“I’m still mad at you.”

Carrie hung up and dumped the phone to the desk, rubbing at her eyes softly when Hugh came out.

“Carrie? The bath’s ready… Are you okay?” He said, panicking at the sight of a crying Carrie Underwood in her hotel room.

“Hugh… Sweetie… I’ve got something to tell you.” She bit down on her bottom lip and carried on talking. “Hugh, I’m married. My husband cheated on me and I wanted some revenge on him. I thought you were cute and I wanted to get back at him with you. Hugh, I feel really terrible and… And I just hope you’re not mad at me.”

Much to Carrie’s sheer disappointment, she could see his heart breaking. His hands came up and ran his hands through his hair before walking around the room and turning to face her.

“So I was just some cheap fuck?”

“No Hugh! No! At the first yeah, but… You were so much more. I really like you Hugh and wish we could do more together.”

Hugh stopped walking and studied her silently.

“Carrie… I don’t want to be the guy that’s the reason a marriage broke up.”

“Hugh… Honey. He cheated first. But we want to work on our relationship are we going to be okay?”

“Well, your bath is ready. I guess I can forget this ever happened.”

Shaking her head, Carrie stepped forward and put her hand on his chest. “Hugh, I want to keep in contact with you. I think you’ve got some great talent… Will you please stay with me tonight?”

Hugh’s hands moved to her thighs and sighed. He looked up and studied her face before nodding his head.

“Yeah… Yeah, I will.”

Carrie let out an exhausted laugh before hugging him. Her head rested against his skin before lifting her head and kissing him on the lips. Stroking the side of his face, she looked over at the en suite and smiled. Her hand took his and she pulled him towards the bathroom. The water was at an acceptable level and she let Hugh slip into the warm water first while she removed the last stocking. Carrie smiled as Hugh seemed happy with the temperature so she could move in after him. Sitting in front of him, she let out a relaxed sigh at the feel of the warm water, she leant back and pressed her back against his chest softly. Hugh gripped a sponge and dipped it in the warm water as Carrie extended her leg out of the water so he could wash it.

Her arm curled around the back of his head as he tilted his head forward to pay attention to wash away the dried cum on her skin. Her nails lightly scratched the back of his hair as she watched him work over her. She lifted her head and kissed the side of his face before letting the leg fall back into the water. They stopped kissing and stared at each other before he spoke.

“So, I’ll stay until the sun comes up and then that’s it?”

“I… Do you want to come on tour as support for me?”


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