Blown Away 2

Title: Blown Away 2

Celebrity: Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift

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Hugh was nervous.

He was busily fidgeting with the water bottle in his hand, peeling off and then reapplying the wrap around sticker on the bottle as he peered through the door at the murmuring noise of a busy set of reporters. He chewed on his bottom lip and looked around, his eyes flicking between whatever caught his eye. There was a louder sound of people to his left, turning his head he saw the main acts of the tour he was currently supporting.

Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood.

Carrie’s smile instantly formed into a grin when she saw him. She waved and pulled the man into an enormous hug, squeezing him tight as he hugged her back. She was dressed in a fluffy black skirt with a black and white blouse, she also had on a pair of knee high grey boots. Her natural blonde hair was loose around her shoulders and the curls in them drifted down towards her chest.

Taylor on the other hand looked a lot more formal. Her tight figure was maintained in a straight white shirt that contrasted with the jet black mini skirt that was wrapped around the bottom of her thighs. Despite being a short girl, she was almost the same height as Hugh with her heels on. Both of the famous country singers looked positively ravishing and if he was in any sort of sane mind he would voice just what he thought as complimentary as he could do.

Carrie released him from her tight grip and pecked his cheek warmly. She moved back and beamed from ear to ear as she looked at him.

“I’m so glad you turned up! You’re going to make this tour something special!” She sounded excited and that gave Hugh something of a confidence boost. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders moving back to his usual modest self.

“Well, I don’t know…”

“You totally will do. I saw you on TV and Carrie was really impressed with your performance!” Taylor piped in, her hand curling around the back of Hugh’s arm reassuringly. Carrie almost snickered and that made Hugh wonder if Taylor didn’t know what had happened at the end of Hugh’s appearance on The X-Factor.

“Well, I suppose I only have forty five minutes. Not like I can screw much up there is it?” Hugh asked as his hands almost crushed the plastic bottle in his grip.

“You won’t screw it up Hugh. We’ve all got this!” Carrie said with a smile, her body still close to Hugh so that the perfume she was wearing started to invade his nostrils. He was about to respond when the door behind them opened and the tour manager came up to the group.

“Guys, we’re ready to go. Seating is Carrie, Hugh then Taylor on the right. So Hugh, you’re in the middle. Got it?” Stephen asked. Stephen was a trendy type. He had a lithe body and his midnight black hair was gelled into a faux hawk that matched his funky glasses that hung off of his nose. That meant he had to tilt his head back every so often to look at who he was talking to but that didn’t really bother Hugh too much, he liked Stephen and he was pretty sure Stephen liked him too.

“Got it Stephen.”

“Good. Let’s go then. It’s the usual set of questions girls, Hugh, it’s nothing too crazy. You’ll have no problems with it.” Stephen spoke in a friendly but knowledgeable tone so that set Hugh’s nerves to rest ever so slightly. The tour manager led the three stars of the ‘Red Away’ tour into the press room. The flashes of the cameras distracted Hugh but keeping his eyes on Carrie’s back made sure that he knew where he was going and he wasn’t going to trip or make a fool of himself. Taking a seat between both gorgeous blondes, Hugh saw that there was a small glass of water at the front of the table. He gingerly sipped at the glass as Stephen introduced the tour. Hugh kept a smile on his face as he looked at the flash of the cameras that were focused on him, Carrie and Taylor.

“So, good morning everyone and welcome to the first press conference of this brand new tour. Obviously, the first thing is the name. It’s a combination of the Blown Away tour from Carrie Underwood and the Red tour from Taylor Swift. We built the idea for the tour based on the fact that both of the stars of the tour had built such popular singular tours. When Taylor and Carrie spoke, they discovered their natural chemistry so we thought that the tour was a natural place to start. Of course, the addition of Hugh as support was only natural as well due to his and Carrie’s stunning duet on the X-factor it was almost a demand of Miss Underwood that we have him on tour. So, now I’ll hand the mics over to the stars of the tour to take your questions. Please keep them to one at a time and I will invite you to speak. Thank you.”

Hugh’s right knee was bouncing up and down almost as if it was powered by a spring. The top of his knee was a feather away from bumping against the table and spilling everyone’s water and making him look like quite the fool. He half listened to what Stephen was saying as he peered into the empty gaze of the cameras who were busy snapping pictures of them. He was about to fidget and cross his legs when he felt a hand move onto his leg. He looked down and saw Carrie’s expertly manicured hand resting softly on his thigh. She gave it a gentle squeeze to make sure he was okay and remarkably, it did do the trick.

Taylor leant forward and spoke into the mic, answering one of the questions that had been poised to the trio. Not that Hugh had heard it though, he was too busy trying to stop the rock hard erection that was starting to swell in his pants.

“Oh, I’m totally excited! I mean, Carrie is such a huge star! I must have every single one of her albums so being on tour with her is such a massive honour! I just wish we could start tonight!” Taylor beamed, her fingers folded together and leaning forward, tucking some loose strands of her luscious blonde hair behind her ear and smiled at the answer of the question.

“Miss Underwood? You were one of the few people to publicly support Hugh Irving. It doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes too. Is there something going on there?” A giggle left the pixie-esque girl who asked the question for a Danish music channel. Carrie laughed and covered her mouth with the back of her hand. She shook her head in a very animated manner.

“Oh no! Don’t get me wrong, Hugh’s a great guy but I am still very happily married!”

A pang of guilt washed through Hugh’s heart. He could still recall in very graphic detail just what happened the last time the two of them had been left alone. Despite that being nearly four months ago and Hugh having had a couple more sexual partners since then, nothing came close to matching his time with Carrie.

“Well, that makes me feel appreciated.” Hugh said with a soft laugh, speaking into the mic for the first time and making his presence known. Both Taylor and Carrie made soft ‘awww’ noises with big grins on their faces as they looked at him.

Stephen kept the questions going, a third question was asked to the panel and this time it was directed at Hugh. All the bravado from the previous quip had gone now and his nerves had started to kick in again. His right knee resumed its pattern of bouncing up and down while his left hand started to fidget on the table. Much to his surprise, Taylor’s hand moved onto his shaking hand and moved to his and held it still. He almost missed the question.

“Mister Irving, after dropping out of the first broadcast of the X-Factor do you feel like you deserve to be on this tour?”

There was a general murmur of discontent behind the stage, the team who had assembled the tour obviously annoyed by that particular question. Hugh took a sip of water and decided that he had a fairly decent answer to give.

“Well, I am only here as a support act but Carrie-”

“I loved him on X-Factor. I think he deserved more of a chance. Besides, this is half my tour. I get some pull right Taylor?” Carrie interrupted, a warm squeeze on his thigh making Hugh smile fondly.

“Totally! Besides, look at this line up. It’s only fair boys get a turn on the tour too right?” Taylor added with a smile, squeezing his hand.

The questions continued to roll and the press conference rolled on as Hugh started to glide back into the grace of either hiding at the back of the table or doing his best to answer the questions as best as he could do. The girls would occasionally touch him in the ways they had done so far, but that got few and far between as the two professionals took over the press conference. Hugh was perfectly happy with that, he still was struggling to adjust to the fact that he would be away from his house for weeks on end. Eventually, the press conference rolled around to a finish and while the press filed out, the three acts of the Red Away tour were guided away from the stage and towards the back. Stephen was the first to greet them with a shake of his head. He didn’t look too impressed, Hugh noted as he heard the door shut behind him.

“That wasn’t fair on you Hugh. We should have kept you back until you had got a couple of shows under your belt. If I’m being honest, they kind of ran circles around you.”

“That’s hardly fair. You’re the tour manager you should have prepared him better!” Carrie argued, he started to feel ever so slightly like she was constantly sticking up for him as if he was on the school playground or something.

“No, it’s not fair. But, it is true. Both you and Taylor have been doing press conferences before Hugh even considered entering X-Factor. We’ll keep you off of the press tour until we’ve coached you a little more okay? Carrie, Simon wanted to see you so Taylor, Hugh the day is yours.”

Stephen then guided Carrie away from the group of performers and towards the back of the stage where Simon Cowell was waiting for her. Hugh nodded his head at Simon who barely acknowledged him, the male performer on the tour then turned on his heel and turned to face Taylor. It was a little after five pm so they had the whole night to themselves. He offered her a smile and tilt of his head before Taylor smiled back at him.

“So, want to go hang out somewhere? I’ve heard that some of the clubs in the city are pretty awesome. We could go there and get you shot by the paparazzi! That’s always fun!” Taylor grinned, hooking her arm in his and guiding him towards the back near where the main car was waiting for them.

The driver, Mister Pennyworth, was the same man who had driven Carrie around when she first appeared on The X-Factor and he was always happy to drive other people around. Like the professional he was, the older man was already waiting by the back door, eager to open the door for the two performers. As they stepped down the concrete stairs towards the back of the small venue near to where items were already loaded on, the door to the car was opened and the two slipped inside.

The sound of seatbelts being clicked and locked into place filled the car as the driver shut the door behind them and walked around to the front of the car. As he turned on the engine and clipped himself in, he looked up at the rear view mirror to acquire a destination.

“And where are we going today?”

“The hotel please. We’re going to go out tonight so we’d like to freshen up first please Mister Pennyworth.” Taylor lead the conversation, nodding towards the mirror.

“Very good Miss Swift.”

The car started to come to life and they slowly pulled out to join the traffic of Los Angeles as Taylor turned to face Hugh.

“So, enjoying yourself so far?” Taylor asked, her hand reaching over to touch Hugh’s hand softly.

“Well, I didn’t get much questions and after Stephen decided I’m not good enough to go on any more… I guess I could say I’m looking forward to getting wasted. Of course, being in the middle of two beautiful women like you and Carrie… It’s not like I can be in too bad of a mood right?”

Taylor blushed softly and turned away coyly before turning to face him again.

“You think I’m beautiful?”

It was Hugh’s turn to become bashful when he realised what he had said. This was one of the problems Hugh suffered from. He was awfully nervous around women but only if he was thinking about it, if he wasn’t, he oozed charisma and confidence and would say something like what he had just said.

“Well, I…”

“Relax Hugh. I’m teasing… Unless you do want to confess to me?” Taylor turned to face him, a large smile on her face. When he couldn’t quite find an answer, she laughed and leaned over the vacant middle seat and pressed her lips against the man’s cheek. Her hand squeezed his and then she moved back to her side of the car. The trip to the hotel was fairly uneventful but Hugh could feel Taylor’s eyes stealing the occasional glance at him. He didn’t mind it though. If anything, he found it a compliment to have a woman like Taylor steal glances at him. His fingers idly drummed along the window as he looked at the smog of Los Angeles.

The drive had been an uneventful one, but Hugh didn’t mind so much. He could feel Taylor’s eyes stealing the occasional glance at him and that he certainly didn’t mind. Being in such an enclosed space with the younger female on the tour was definitely a boost to his confidence and after the press conference debacle. Soon, his view had been obstructed from the dying sunlight of Los Angeles as night took hold and they were being directed to the front of the hotel. Mister Pennyworth opened the door for them and the two left. A couple of young girls called towards Taylor who happily walked over to them and signed some things, she chatted with the collection of teenagers before taking a selfie with the fan’s phone. Finishing up, Taylor turned and moved back to Hugh. Grabbing hold of his hand, the two walked into the main reception of the hotel and walking towards the elevator.

“C’mon, let’s go get changed and washed up. We’ll meet down here at seven and go try some of the clubs?”

“Sure. That works for me.” Hugh said with a smile, watching the illuminated numbers move downwards towards where they were waiting. The gold plated doors in front of them opened with a ding and the two of them could step into the small room. Taylor’s hand jabbed at their floor when the door was stopped by a slightly overweight man. The man pressed against Taylor who moved back and put herself against Hugh’s body. His lack of knowing what to do with his hands was sorted by him putting his hands in his jean pockets and almost pressing against Taylor’s ass. However, he caught himself and took his hands from his pockets just in time for when the man readjusted his standing and as a result pushed Taylor back against him. As her soft body collided with his, her small, round ass pressed against his front. Hugh didn’t want it to happen but it did and now he had a boner pressing against Taylor’s ass cheek.

She made a soft gasp noise and turned her head to look at Hugh, a smile formed on her face and she bit at her bottom lip before she reached back and started to push her ass back even more so he could feel the full curve of her ass. His hand came from behind his back and taking a chance, he put it on her left ass cheek. To his surprise, she didn’t quite slap it away but she did take it away from her. She looked over her shoulder and shook her head while still continuing to grind her ass against him ever so slowly.

Their other guest in the elevator cart didn’t notice however, his eyes were focused up at the number of floors that was swinging by at a rapid rate. Doing his best to keep the attention from the grinding woman in front of him, Hugh’s looked at the bead of sweat rolling down the back of the man’s neck and as it tucked into the collar of his shirt, Taylor pushed her ass away from him and folded her arms. She glanced over her shoulder and flashed a wicked grin at him before the elevator stopped and the sweaty, overweight man stepped out of the cart.

Stepping into the gap where the man had been, Hugh stole a glance at Taylor who was now beaming from ear to ear with a wicked smile. A few more floors passed and then the doors dinged open for them to leave and step onto their floor. The entire fourteen rooms of the large hotel had been booked by Simon Cowell for ease of liaising with the tour management and the represented managements of the tour and while Hugh was currently without a manager he was staying on the side of Carrie’s management, temporarily residing under Simon Cowell’s umbrella. He was letting him stay there as a pure favour for Carrie, the blonde Oklahoma native had made Simon a lot of money, so she had some pull with the music mogul and she had chosen to take him on tour, so effectively Hugh was part of Simon’s brand. Or so Carrie had argued and the tall, midnight haired man had struggled to argue against.

Taylor moved across the hall and slipped her key card into the lock before looking over her shoulder at the support act for the tour.

“See you at seven babe.” She said with a wink before disappearing into her room. Hugh watched the door close and the man struggled to keep his composure as he tried to open the door and the lock refused, not once, not twice but three times. Sighing, the man looked up and realised he was trying to get into the wrong room. James Bond had nothing on him. He sighed to himself and walked from the wrong door and to his own room. The keycard slipped in and the little red light flicked from red to green in a manner of seconds and the door was opened.

Stepping into his room, he shut the door with the back of his foot, kicking it closed slowly. He shrugged off his jacket and unceremoniously dumped it on the dresser in front of the large full scale mirror. Kicking his shoes off and undoing the belt of his jeans, Hugh started to strip down slowly as he moved over to the large travel case that still lay on one of the two single beds, undid the lock and unzipped it. His hands rested on his hips as he tried to pick out an outfit for the night, sifting through what his sister, a fashion guru in one of the more trendy areas of Los Angeles, had picked out for him. It was a royal blue jacket and matching smart trousers with a plain white button up undershirt and a set of some of his midnight black chelsea boots.

Laying the outfit out on the bed, Hugh walked into the en-suite shower and set it going while he picked up his toiletries. He had something of a good nose for good fragrances and every female coworker in his life had complimented him on his scents so he was pretty sure both Taylor and Carrie would enjoy them too. Lying out the bottle of aftershave and deodorant on the counter of the bathroom, he stuck his right hand into the cubicle and felt that the water was at a warm enough temperature for him to bathe in. Stripping off his shirt, Hugh pulled the door to the shower open and he stepped in to let the water wash over him. He had intended to go to a Wallgreens to get some more toiletries but he hadn’t found the time and so he needed to use the tiny bar of soap supplied by the hotel. It was a fumbly piece of a green bar that had a long piece of golden string that wrapped around it. Releasing it, he grabbed the soap and started to wash himself clean, making sure to get the usual spots that could hold dirt and grime.

Moments passed and as he stood under the warm jets of water that were spraying at his neck he started to daydream about the events of the short elevator ride. He could still almost feel Taylor’s soft ass pressing against his lap and as his thoughts dwelled on that, he wrapped his hand around the base of his shaft and started to slowly pump his hand up and down. Stroking himself to the thoughts of Taylor’s ass, he started to work a bit faster as he imagined that soft skin now being completely bare as it pressed against his cock and she continued to tease his hard shaft with her soft ass.

His stroking started to increase in speed as he thought about the soft curves of her ass. For such a skinny girl, Taylor had a great ass and he wondered if she had had anal sex before. She gave off the image of being such a good girl he wondered if she had ever tried anal or more than one partner in the bed. The prospect of hooking up with both Taylor and possibly Carrie only made him stroke harder. His erection was now rock hard and pointing upwards towards the ceiling of the small shower cubicle.

A stifled moan escaped his lungs as he teased his own length. The thought of going inside Taylor’s ass and parting the most forbidden hole was all too much for Hugh as he started to quickly fist his dick. His head fell backwards, the warm water splashing against his forehead as he started to moan Taylor’s name. A jet of water caught him directly in the right eye and it quickly took him back to where he was.

There was no way in hell someone like Taylor would want to hook up with him.

His pumping hand slowly came to a standstill, giving his member a farewell squeeze, he let go of his cock and put it to the wall. The tap of the wall was quickly changed from the warmest temperature to the coldest one. The icy chill of the water assaulted his skin and the desired effect started to happen. What had been a raging, throbbing hard on turned to a new, flaccid penis that was now devoid of anything that could remotely look like it was aroused.

Hugh finished the shower and stepped out of the cubicle. Quickly grabbing one of the cream coloured towels, Hugh dried himself off and grabbed a hold of the small bottle of after shave and applied a liberal amount to his neck. Grabbing the tiny pot of hair gel that was by the side of the bathroom’s sink. Twisting the top off, Hugh dunked his comb into the pot and quickly styled his hair just how he liked it. His blonde hair had been a little longer since the first time he had hooked up with Carrie and now he whipped the blonde streaks over the top and along his head’s length. He was clean shaven and after brushing his teeth, he looked dashingly handsome.

Stepping out of the en-suite, Hugh got himself dressed up and quickly put his phone into his jacket’s pocket. He still had some time to go but he didn’t want to be late for Taylor. So, having a quick check of the room, he spun on his heel and walked cleanly out of his room. Locking the door behind him, he made his way towards the elevator when he was met by Carrie who had a surprised look on her face.

“Wow Hugh! You look great!” She grinned, looking him up and down. She stepped around him and looked over him, making soft purrs of approval. Hugh almost thought he could see a look of regret in her big eyes. “Date tonight?” She asked again, her eyes flicking up from his waist to look him in the face.

“Not quite.” He laughed, stuffing his hands into his jacket pockets. “Me and Taylor are going to hit one of the clubs up tonight.”

“Blech, clubs.” Carrie said with a grin, sticking her tongue out.

“Not your scene?” Hugh asked, an eyebrow arching as he smiled back at her.

“Not really. I’d rather stay curled up indoors with good company.”

“Good company?”

“You know exactly what I mean Hugh!” She said with a grin, her right hand playfully slapping his shoulder. “It’s good that you’re hanging out with Taylor though. She’s great fun, a little wild too.”

“I need to blow off some steam. A little wild is just what I need.”

The elevator behind him dinged open and a collection of people left the small cart. Carrie watched as the stream of people moved around them and walked towards their respective rooms. She turned back to Hugh and smiled, nodding her head she looked at the cart and nodded softly.

“Well, you’d better get going. That club might go somewhere.” She added with a soft smile.

“Carrie? You’re not mad are you?”

“Why would I be mad?” Carrie asked, chewing on her bottom lip as she stared at Hugh’s face.

“I don’t know. You just seem a little… I don’t know. Off?”

“Well, I’m good. Honestly Hugh, you go have a good time.”

Hugh opened his mouth to say something but found that it wasn’t the best thing to do. So, he moved away to walk into the now open and empty elevator cart. Hitting the button for the lobby, Hugh smiled at Carrie but couldn’t quite shake the feeling that Carrie wasn’t too impressed with him. The doors closed and the icy gaze he was getting from Carrie was cut off. The elevator ride down was a short one and when the doors opened he stepped out into the lobby and could hear a collection of girls talking about him. He smiled and looked at their direction before there was another ding of an elevator.

Taylor’s golden curly hair was hanging onto her shoulder blades, she had on a golden, sparkling mini dress that was snug in all the right places. It was a cotton dress that had different squares of different, glittering materials that drew attention to all of her curves. She had on a set of matching golden earrings that framed her attractive face, she had a set of dark, dramatic eye shadow on that accentuated her deep eyes.

She looked like a woman built to seduce and as her long legs moved her towards Hugh, he could feel both his and several other men in the lobby’s will to comply with her start to form. She got a big grin on her face and wrapped her arms around Hugh’s neck, giving him a huge hug, not that the male minded too much. Her sickly sweet perfume wafted up his nose and gave him a teasing suggestion as to what she would smell like on the average night out.

“You look so hot Hugh!” She said with a grin, releasing him from her hold and admiring him. She made no way of hiding the fact that she was checking him out. In fact, she almost seemed pleased at the fact that she was being so forward. Her eyes flicked up to look him in the face and she bit down on her bottom lip before looking at the front where the driver had just turned up.

“Let’s go handsome.”

Her arm took a hold of his and started to guide him towards the front. Both Hugh and Taylor could see the gazes of the men in the lobby and while Taylor didn’t seem to mind so much, Hugh did feel rather exposed by having so many people look at them. As they got into the car, they both clipped themselves into the car and while the driver took them out of the hotel’s parking lot, Taylor turned to face Hugh.

“I saw Carrie on the way down. Everything okay with you two?”

Had Taylor picked up on something between the two of them? He kept his best poker face on and shook his head.

“No? We’re still pretty solid after the press conference. Why? Did she say something to you?”

“She didn’t say anything. I just thought she was a bit frosty to me that’s all. Anyway, my tour manager called ahead for us. We’ll get taken in the back and get to go straight to the VIP area.” Her hand met his again and she squeezed it softly before nodding her head, that big wide smile still painted firmly on her face. “I think we’ll have a lot of fun burning the stress off together tonight Hugh.”

“We haven’t got any stress yet Taylor.” Hugh teased, flipping his hand over so they were almost holding hands in the back of the car.

“Well… Maybe we could get some stress going tonight?” Taylor teased right back, her legs slowly crossing and then uncrossing as if to turn Hugh on. Taylor’s eyes flicked from his face and then over his body, trying to see if she was doing anything to him. Little did she know, it was having the desired effect and Hugh’s pants were starting to get a little bit tighter.

“We’ll only have to unwind tomorrow then too.” Hugh countered, readjusting his pants to try and compensate for just what the petite blonde was doing to him.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” Taylor squeezed his hand and then let it go, she bit down on her lip and grinned widely before turning to look outside of the car. Hugh smiled and looked away, this was getting to be a familiar game with the two of them but Hugh didn’t mind playing it. In fact, he was quite curious as to how this game would end. Soon, the lights of the more expensive and trendy part of Los Angeles started to fill the outside of their windows. The car pulled up to the VIP parking and as Mister Pennyworth left the car to go and open the door, Taylor spotted the familiar sight of a set of paparrazi moving towards them. She sighed softly before turning to look at Hugh.

“Brace yourself hon.” She said softly, as the doors were opened and the camera flashes started to go off. “Don’t answer any questions, just get inside the club.” Taylor whispered to him as they left the car. Making their way towards the club, Hugh could hear various questions getting shouted at both him and Taylor.

“Should you be drinking before a tour?” “Are you two dating?” “Taylor, any plans for Harry Styles?” “Hugh, do you want to give up your position on the tour?”

All of the questions seemed overly invasive to Hugh but Taylor seemed to just take it in her stride. He wondered if that would be something he would learn to manage. The door to the VIP area opened up and they were welcomed in from the chilly night air of Los Angeles. Taylor turned to face Hugh and grinned, she patted him on the shoulder and then linked their arms again.

“You did really well. Now come on, let’s go get a drink.”

That sounded like an excellent idea to Hugh. The two singers made their way over to the exclusive bar, his eyes looked over the bar and tried to see if there was anything there he wanted. Taylor however, knew exactly what she wanted and had ordered herself a pink drink with a funny umbrella in it. Seeing a selection of beer, Hugh ordered one of the Chinese beers. Getting their drinks, Taylor guided them towards one of the booths so that they could have some privacy.

Taylor nursed her drink for a brief moment before taking a sip and sounding like she approved of it. Hugh had never got the appeal of something pink like that but then again, he didn’t know too many girls who approved of his usual beer drinking. He lifted his beer to his lips and sipped on it as Taylor studied the room. The music was at a comfortable enough level where two of the stars from the Red Away tour could converse without having to yell too much. Taylor shot him a glass over the rim of her glass and smiled before putting it down on the table.

“So… Serious question. You and Carrie? You fucked right?”

Hugh nearly choked on his beer as she asked the question. Unceremoniously, he wiped at his mouth with the back of his hand and shook his head in the negative.

“Never! No, no. Not at all!” Hugh bluffed as Taylor studied him. She tilted her head to the left and then to the right. Her teeth nibbled at her bottom lip before she leant in over the table to whisper in a conspiratorial manner.

“Seriously. You can tell me, I won’t say anything.”

Hugh’s face had an expression as if to try and tell if Taylor did know something or not. He had already planned out his answer. He remembered every instruction Carrie had laid out to him after they had had their marathon sex session and started to wind down from it.

Carrie washed away the stains of cum on her legs and relished the feel of Hugh’s scandalous touch to her body. Even as she relaxed in the tub, she was still betraying her marital vows. With each touch to her body, Carrie could practically feel the disapproving stares and mumbles of shock from her Christian family. After he had accepted the tour proposal, they had made polite conversation until Carrie started to think on what would happen to her career if this extra-marital liaison ever broke to the press.

“Hugh… You’re a great, good hearted guy so I need to make sure you understand this. If anyone asks about this, it never happened. Even if someone says ‘Seriously, you can tell me’. Simon, Paula, even your family, you just say no okay?”

What had been a jovial expression turned sour on the reject of The X-Factor’s first elimination. He nodded his head.

“Got it. I’m your dirty little secret.”

Carrie could feel the hurt in his words but there wasn’t anything she could say to make it better. She turned around so that she could slink back into his arms and wash away the fatigue from their marathon sex session.

Remembering those words, Hugh offered Taylor a shrug and a shake of his head.

“Nope, not at all. Sorry.” He could see Taylor didn’t buy it and wondered if his poker face was worse than he expected it was. Quickly changing the subject, he nodded towards the glass. “What’s that anyway?”

“Creamy berry. Got a taste for it back in London. Have some!” She offered, a big smile on her face as she passed the glass to him. Taking it, Hugh sipped at the drink and the regret of that decision wiped across his face prompting the ’22’ star to laugh and take it back from him.

“I’ll stick to beer thanks.”

“You’re no fun.” Taylor teased, sticking out the tip of her tongue before sipping on the drink again.

“Hey! I’m plenty fun! Just you wait and see!”

“Oh… I’m counting on it handsome.” Taylor flirted with him, her deep, dramatic eyes burrowing deep into his soul as Hugh struggled to find a response to her words.

Taking a chance, Hugh let his right hand slide under the table and reach over to her bare right knee. His skin touched hers and he watched as she quickly suppressed a gasp. Her eyes moved down from the table and up to his face, drinking in the look of desire he had on her face.

If Carrie didn’t want him… He was pretty sure Taylor did so why shouldn’t he indulge in some de-stressing activities?

“Go big or go home Swifty.” Hugh shot back, each word accentuated with a squeeze of her knee, an extra long one going along with her last name. Taylor’s mouth dropped into a near permanent open status, it was as if she hadn’t expected him to take this sort of approach to her. So, to tip the scales in his favour, he added with a wicked smile. “But if you’re not big enough for it…”

As soon as he started that sentence, Taylor grabbed a hold of his shirt and pulled him into a deep kiss by the collar of his shirt. Her arms soon locked around his neck and her mouth opened so that she could deepen the kiss and slide her tongue into his mouth. That was something Hugh was only willing to share with her, his tongue moved out to meet hers and eagerly wrapped it around hers. Sucking on it softly, he loved how the singer of ‘I knew you were trouble’ moaned for his touch. Her hands ran over his body and her nails started to scrape at his neck. Soon, both of them needed to breathe and the kiss was broken. Taylor’s deep eyes looked into Hugh’s and she nodded her head.

“Let’s get back to the hotel. I want to ride you until we’re both so fucking sore.”

That was enough for Hugh. Almost kicking his chair out, he stood up and followed Taylor as she desperately dragged him towards the back near where the drivers of the car were waiting for them. The security in the venue had already set up a block for the VIP’s in the club so the two singers had no problem in needing to take their hands off of each other as they already had plenty of privacy. Taylor’s hands grabbed at his face and pulled him into another deep kiss as they stumbled down the stairs and miraculously managed to get themselves into the back seat of their car.

Taylor clipped herself in first and Hugh got himself strapped into the middle seat as they kissed each other passionately. Their tongues flicked and sucked against each others as Taylor wriggled in place and spread her legs a little bit. Hugh’s hand felt the shift in her weight and his hand was instantly on the inside of her legs and started to slowly glide his way up her silky smooth skin. Her hands were busy too though, her hands moved down to his lap and while one hand moved to his pants pocket, the other laid itself flat on his groin and she slowly cupped his length making him moan out loud into her mouth. He was already getting hard and Taylor moaned her approval.

Her lips left his and her head fell back, letting a low guttural moan fell from her throat as he moved in to kiss and lick at her neck. Her hand came up from his pant pockets and started to thread her fingers through his styled blonde hair.

“Fuck. Such a fucking massive cock…” Taylor moaned, still squeezing his length as his fingers got closer and closer to her now increasingly damp pussy. Hugh’s middle finger probed at her panties. Wriggling back and forth, Taylor gasped in pleasure as he started to feel her arousal. His middle finger slipped inside her folds and Taylor let out a low, horny moan as the finger slipped all the way inside up to the knuckle.

Hugh’s teeth constantly nipped and worked at Taylor’s neck as he started to slowly pump his finger in and out of her pussy, keeping the fabric of the panties she was wearing working almost as a condom for his finger while he slipped inside her.

Taylor’s fingers started to claw at the car seat’s leather as his finger slipped inside her. Hugh watched as she reacted so powerfully and he wondered just how long she had been from without sex. He wondered but he was going to be perfectly willing to alleviate some of her tension as he withdrew his finger and slipped it back under her soaking panties to slide straight back into her wet folds. His mouth left her skin and came up to her face, kissing against her lips hotly as the sound of her nails scraping against the leather started to fill his ears.

Taylor’s legs couldn’t spread any wider but if they could, she would have done. Her moans were leaving her mouth in a fast and frequent fashion making Hugh only feel more confident in what he was doing. Taylor’s right hand fisted through Hugh’s hair as he added a second finger to his probing digits. Her left hand however, left the chair and came down to reach under her skirt as well so that she could rub against her now, rock hard clit.

Hugh’s free hand came up to her small chest and he roughly groped the nearest breast to him as he started to saw his fingers in and out of her now dripping wet pussy. Taylor moaned her approval and lifted her left leg up to curl it around Hugh’s body, keeping him close to her as he took her in the back of their rented car. As he finger fucked and groped Taylor in the back of the car, he had no idea what the driver made of it. The car did come with a divider should the celebrities need some privacy, but Hugh had no idea if it had gone up or not.

Taylor tugged at the top of the dress and pushed the shoulder strap off of her bare skin so Hugh could get a hold of her bra less chest. Her nipples were rock hard and like bullets just begging to be sucked as Hugh stimulated her. Her voice was a constant source of moaning as every touch he delivered made her want to explode with passion.

Hugh twisted his index and middle finger to the right so that the pads of his fingers were facing upwards, towards the inside of the car, he then started to curl the fingers stroking against Taylor’s more sensitive areas making the beautiful singer’s eyes shoot open as she started to pant and moan his name out loud. Hearing her moan, Hugh continued to do what he knew she liked, only faster.

Taylor’s hands gripped at his shirt and pulled him into a desperate kiss as more of her arousal leaked onto the leather seats. Her moans became high pitched squeals as his fingers started to tweak and tug at her nipples as well while he rammed and then curled his fingers inside of her, hitting her g-spot each and every time. Her ass wriggled on the spot as she struggled to keep her breathing even while her pussy was so close to exploding.

Hugh’s teeth came down and nipped against Taylor’s tongue as he moaned into her mouth, then he felt her body go rigid and explode. Her orgasm ripped through her and as he released the grip on her tongue, she let out a shrill scream and her back arched while she orgasmed. As she rode the waves of the orgasm, Hugh continued to prod and probe at her dripping wet folds.

As her hands left his body, she gasped for air and her head fell back sucking in as much as she possibly could do. Her hand pulled her dress up as she watched Hugh move back with a big smile on both of their faces. Her grey eyes looked over Hugh and saw the large bulge in the front of his pants, she was starting to salivate at the prospect of having that massive member inside of her. With her dress now fixed, her panties ruined though, she moved over to grab a hold of his length when she saw the lights of the hotel come up. She sighed and shook her head.

“Sorry babe. We’ll have to get upstairs first.” She promised with a wink. They each unclipped their belts and made their way out of the car, ignoring the look on the face of the driver as they held each other’s hands and rushed into the lobby of the hotel.

As they walked through the lobby’s doors, Taylor’s cheeks flushed with red as one of the older women walked towards her. A hushed whisper was directed at Hugh from her lips as Taylor broke away from his grip.

“My tour manager.”

“There a problem?” He asked as Taylor walked towards her.

“Don’t know… Amy?”

“Taylor. We’ve had some double booking issues. We need you to do a Skype interview for the BBC in the UK.”

Taylor was then rushed away by her entourage, leaving Hugh by himself in the lobby. He looked around and could almost feel his balls turning blue as he made his way towards one of the other elevators. His thumb hit the ‘call’ button and he stuffed his hands into his pockets as he waited for the small box to come down. As he watched the numbers roll down, he was joined by a well built, athletic man who had a big bouquet of various, multi coloured flowers.

He acknowledged Hugh with a nod as the elevator doors opened up. Both of the men stepped in and as Hugh hit the button for his floor. The man chuckled and put his hands back into his pockets.

“We’re going to the same floor.” He mused to himself as Hugh shot him a look. As the elevator cart slid up to their floor, Hugh started to wonder who he was and why he was bringing flowers. Maybe he was one of the tour managers boyfriend? The majority of the staff on tour were female so it did lend credence to the theory that he was going to see one of them. The cart soon stopped and the doors rolled open. As the doors parted, both Hugh and the man were greeted by the sight of Carrie Underwood whose jaw dropped at the sight of the man.

“Oh my God Mike!?” An excited squeal left her mouth as she moved forward and threw her arms around his neck. There was something in Hugh’s gut that felt a lot like defeat as he realised he had been sharing an elevator ride with her husband and the person she had used him to cheat on. As she guided him away from the elevator, Hugh quickly made his way towards his room, hoping Carrie wouldn’t make conversation with him.

“Who’s that guy?” ‘Mike’ asked as Hugh opened his door up.

“Hugh Irving. He’s one of the guys on tour with me and Taylor.” He heard Carrie offer up as the door was locked and Hugh instantly flopped down on the bed. His mind was still flying with the fact that he had finger fucked Taylor Swift in the back of their rented car. It was then he thought of the poor driver who must have been forced to watch or listen to them in the throes of passion. He wondered if there was a way for him to make it up for the driver. Maybe give him an extra large tip the next time he saw him? He couldn’t think any more, his mind was mush after the most recent events in his sex life and while he wanted to jerk off, he was stuck with a rapidly approaching sleep schedule and as he closed his eyes he fell asleep with a very confused look on his face.


Hugh awoke with a groan and slowly swung his legs out so he could stand up. At some point in the night, he had stripped himself of his night clothes and was now only clad in a pair of boxer shorts with just the faintest tease of morning wood. There was an irritating beam of light that had sawed its way through the curtains and had decided to settle on burning at Hugh’s forehead.

Walking over to the curtains, Hugh tugged the curtains closed once more and decided that he wasn’t actually sleepy any more. Walking over to the full scale mirror, Hugh rubbed at his eyes and then touched at his styled hair. The first concert was tonight so he had no real rush to style it himself. Quickly throwing on an outfit, Hugh’s stomach rumbled to let him know he was hungry. The blonde haired man stuffed his key into his jeans pocket and walked to the door, opening it up, he saw that there was a selection of flower petals that were littered along the floor. He turned his head and saw the main bouquet smashed against the wall of the hotel.

The arena was bustling with life, roadies and stage techs swarmed around the large floor, shouting different things to each other as they readied the venue for the first show of the tour. Hugh, however continued to busy himself for the first night of the tour, he had started to hear mixed messages about what had happened the night he had gone out with Taylor Swift and rode an elevator with Carrie’s husband.

One of the girls who worked merchandise had the room next to Carrie and what had started off as a quiet night had quickly escalated into something that could well have come from the set of Doctor Phil. There had been a series of muffled voices that quickly became a mix of two much louder voices, the feminine one being the loudest, a door had been slammed and the shouting had continued in to the hall. The merch girl had peered through the eyeglass on the door and seen Carrie throw the bouquet of flowers Mike had brought with him and trashed the hall with them as they continued to argue. Mike had left the hotel shortly after the argument and Carrie had gone back to her room with very red eyes and an almost hoarse voice.

There had been all sort of gossip floating around the tour that cast both parties of the argument in favourable and unfavourable light. Some say that Carrie had asked for a divorce while others say that Carrie had cheated on Mike and he was pissed. When Hugh heard that last one, he had to do his best not to blush since it wasn’t likely that that was the case, but it had happened and with Hugh himself. Hugh kept himself busy with tuning his guitar and triple checking that he knew the lyrics to all of the songs that he would be performing tonight. He had five of his original songs and a couple of covers to finish off that would hopefully get the crowd warmed up enough for Taylor who was going to be the first act of the main attraction pair.

With a satisfied smile, Hugh dropped the tuning fork and picked up one of the near sharpies, he scribbled down his plan for the set. Between a couple of songs he would speak to the audience to make sure that they were happy to interact with both him and the head liners. As he wrote down his plan, he didn’t hear the sound of heels clicking against concrete. There was a tap on his shoulder and he turned around to find Carrie there with a smile on her face.

“Hey handsome.”

“Morning Carrie, how’s it going?”

“I… Didn’t exactly have a great night. I guess you heard?”

“There have been some things going around. I’ve tried not to pay attention though, best not to pay attention to idle gossip or so I’ve heard anyway.” Hugh said with a smile, offering her his support.

“Thanks, Hugh. I appreciate it. How was your night out last night?”

A flush of red hit Hugh’s cheeks as he thought back to his wonderful night with Taylor and just how well she had reacted to his company. He had hoped that he would have seen Taylor before Carrie to clear the air but that was obviously not to be. He licked at his bottom lip when he realised he hadn’t answered the blonde singer in front of him.

“Fine. It was… It was fine. We didn’t really stay out for long. I think we were back for one?”

Carrie snorted at that and nodded her head.

“One? That’s pretty late for me! Especially on a tour night. Somehow, I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with both of you!”

Hugh grinned and shook her head.

“Well, I know you can keep up with me. I’m sure Taylor would be up for the challenge too.”

Carrie grinned and playfully batted at his shoulder before looking down at his paper and raising an eyebrow.

“Is that your set? Can I have a look?”

Hugh happily passed the paper to her who looked it over, making affirmative noises as she read it. Her eyes reached the end before passing it back to Hugh with a smile on her face.

“That looks great. Should be a great opener!” She said with a smile, she looked around before speaking again. “I think we might have something of a little party tonight in my room. You up for it?”

As she offered that, he had no real reason to deny it and he certainly wouldn’t mind sharing some time with his fellow tour mates. He nodded his head with a smile.

“Sure, I’d love that!”

“Great! See you tonight then!” Carrie reached up and planted a kiss on his cheek. She was then dragged off by one of her many assistants. As he went back to his work, Hugh was then politely guided off stage by one of the workers who needed to use where he was writing. Taking that as his cue, the only male on the set list for the tour made his way out to the back to get ready for the first date on this brand new tour.


There was a sheen of sweat on Hugh’s frame after he had performed. While he had been contending with first time nerves, he needn’t have worried as everyone out there were more than willing to comply with him and had joined in after his first cover. As he had gone down after the first set, Taylor Swift had been waiting for him and asked him to wait for her after her set. So, Hugh had complied and was sipping on a bottle of iced water while waiting for the blonde singer.

A few more moments passed as he watched Carrie flash him a thumbs up and get ready to go on stage, as she was guided up towards the side of the stage, Taylor shared a quick high five with her before seeing Hugh. She was dressed in a silver, glittery dress that sparkled even in the dim lighting of under the main stage. Taylor whispered to her staff who nodded their heads and moved on leaving both Taylor and Hugh alone.

“So, did you see my set?” She asked, tilting her head to the side as she studied his face. When he nodded his head, she made a soft squeal of pleasure and nervously danced from side to side. She stepped forward a little bit and spoke to him in a conspiratorial whisper. “I haven’t stopped thinking about our other night. Don’t I owe you?”

Hugh looked puzzled at her and it was then that he realised that the area the two singers were sharing was now completely empty. He looked back to look at Taylor and was shocked at how close she was to him now. Her arms were linked around his neck and her lips were inches away from his ear as she whispered to him seductively. The opening bars of ‘Good Girl’ from Carrie started to play out on stage as Taylor whispered in his ear.

“I have to be on stage in twenty minutes. Think you can blow by then?”

Her fingers had found the front of his pants and the zipper was already undone. Taylor dropped down to her knees, not too bothered by her bare skin bumping against the concrete of the stage. She reached her hands inside of his pants and tugged at the waistband of his boxers, revealing his meaty shaft that was starting to rapidly expand. Her small, dainty hand wrapped around the base and she held it steady as she slowly stroked her way up and down his thick, aroused shaft. He could hear her moaning at the sight of it and that only made him get just the little bit harder.

“I’m going to enjoy sucking this cock.” She moaned up at him as she opened up her mouth and then took the massive head inside her small mouth. Her pretty red lips closed around it and she started to flick her tongue over the head, as she started to slide her hand up and down the base of his shaft. Her lips came up and off of his shaft with a very loud and very audible plop noise. Her fingers took a hold of the base of his cock and pushed the fat member upwards so the young, petite singer could lick along the base of the cock. Her tongue trailed along the fat vein that was hidden under his cock as she reached up and then kissed the head of his dick’s head. Her tongue flicked over his head and caught some of the pre cum that was starting to leak out.

Her lips opened and she eagerly took him back inside her mouth, her hands came down to his ass and she gripped a hold of the belt and kept him in place firmly as she started to accept some more of his cock into her mouth. Her blue eyes flicked up and stared deep into his as she started to accept more and more of his cock inside her. Hugh could feel warm saliva starting to pool around his length as she started to push more of his cock into her mouth.

His eyes watched as the spit and saliva started to drip down her chin while she kept her fingers pinned tightly around his jeans loops. She seemed to force more of his shaft into her mouth, the spit continuing to drip down her chin and run towards the cold concrete as he rearranged his boxers and let his balls drop out of his jeans fronts. One of her hands left his jeans loops and started to softly fondle his balls while the other slid down and gripped his ass firmly. She started to suck a little deeper, forcing nearly every inch of his length inside her mouth so that she could accept every part of his cock.

Pulling back, she coughed softly, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand while she squeezed his balls softly. Opening her mouth again, Taylor accepted his cock back inside her mouth and started to slide it in and out of her, covering every single inch with her warm, wet mouth. His hands moved forward and threaded his fingers through her hair and much to his surprise, Taylor’s hand left his ass and moved to sit on top of his that was in her hair.

Getting a fairly good idea of what she wanted, he shot her a look but was very surprised to see her just wink up at him and then roll her grey eyes down to study the soft mound of pubic hair he had at the bottom of his shaft. His hands bunched up her blonde, curly hair and her bobbing soon stopped as he held her still.

Then, his hips started to slide forward. His length penetrated her warm, wet and waiting lips only to be met by a pleasant moaning sound from the singer who was fidgeting on her knees, rocking from side to side as she started to have her face fucked by the support act on her biggest tour ever. His thrusting started off slowly, forcing his cock all the way inside before pulling out. As his cock withdrew, Taylor pushed his tongue upwards and flattened out sliding against the base of his cock to give the most pleasurable feel for him.

Hugh made sure that Taylor was comfortable with his cock in her mouth before he started to increase his thrusting. His large cock had spread her lips to make it look like a big ‘o’ shape that had started to force more of her saliva drip out of her mouth with each increasing thrust inside of her mouth. Her eyes flicked open and she looked up at him, tears had formed at the side of her eyes and were starting to drip down as he fucked her face.

Another moan fell from her lips as her hands left his body and while her left pawed at her chest, pulling the top of her dress down so that she could paw at her small chest. Her fingers pinched and pulled at her rock hard nipples, they had already been exposed to the cold of the concrete from when she had first dropped to her knees. Her right moved between her legs and started to touch herself between her legs, her eyelids flickered with pleasure as she stroked at her lips. Her fingers dipped in and out of her folds as her face was roughly hit by his groins base.

There was something erotic about having a guys balls bounce off of her chin, Taylor thought to herself as she fingered herself while the sounds of his grunts of pleasure and her moans joined the hot, sexy sounds of what was coming from under the set as Carrie started her third song of the set. She only had so long before she HAD to leave and get up on the stage. Having to find something new to set him off, Taylor stopped pawing at her chest and reached up to cup at Hugh’s large balls as they slapped against her chin. When they moved away, she squeezed them, when they smacked her chin, she left them alone. They seemed to be working though as his hips started to pick up and slide inside her mouth a lot faster.

Sweat was dripping down Hugh’s brow as his balls were both squeezed and battered against Taylor’s chin. Her lips seemed a lot tighter and one last bit of her warm saliva was pushed from her mouth as it became a vacuum seal and was happily used as a pure sex orifice while Hugh hammered inside her mouth. He had two hands full of hair and started to fuck her face harder and harder. Her hand beat against his thigh slowly, using the rhythm of his face fucking to keep his momentum going. There was a soft ring forming around his cocks base and soon he felt like he was going to cum.

“God! Taylor! Going to cum!” He gasped, with Taylor still having her mouth obstructed and no real way to warn him, she chose to warn him the only way she could do. Her nails dug into his thigh making him jump but thankfully not cum. He looked down at her and cocked his head to the side like a thoughtful puppy, he slowly pulled his cock out from her mouth and as she sucked in deep guts full of air, she looked up at him and nodded her head.

“Cum on my face. Not in my mouth!” She said with a grin, her hands wrapping around his cock and pumping the hard cock up and down rapidly. Hugh let out a low moan as his cock was stroked so expertly by the singing star. Her eyes closed and she let out a low moan as his cock exploded and shot out towards her.

The arc of his cum was remarkably well restrained, a long rope of cum tore from his dick’s head and expertly landed right between her eyes and onto her forehead. As the cum smacked against her skin, Taylor only encouraged him with another hot series of moans. Her head fell back and her mouth was wide open as more cum shot from his length, a glob of it smacked against her nose, just under the nostril of her face as the last jet tore from his cock and splattered against her lips.

Taylor sighed in pleasure before fishing out her phone and passing it to Hugh.

“Take a photo.”

It was an iPhone and had been unlocked before so navigating to the camera was fairly easy for him to find it. He aimed the camera at her and snapped a photo as Taylor gave him the most alluring look she could manage with a warm load on her face. When the sound of the camera clicking rang out, Taylor reached up and took the phone from him. Scooping up the load from her face, she fed herself some of his cum, cleaning her face as best as she could do without the use of a wet towel. Her face was all but covered except for a strand of cum that was still left on her lips.

The music above had stopped playing and now, Carrie Underwood was addressing the audience who in turn were responding just as passionately. Taylor’s eyes went wide as she was pulled to her feet, Hugh’s cum still on her lips. She turned to walk up the stairs as Hugh called out to her.

“Relax! I’ll see you after the show!”

With that, Taylor was gone and had gone up on stage with Hugh’s cum still on her lips. Hugh was struggling to find something to do. His mouth was agape and his penis was still exposed as the sounds of workers started to fill his ear. Rapidly tucking himself back in, he wiped his forehead with the back of his hand pushing some of the sweat away as he turned on his heel and started to walk towards where he could hopefully take a shower.


Close to an hour had passed and he had seen Taylor ever so briefly as she was whisked away backstage and to one of her own private dressing rooms to clean up after the show. He found himself left to his own devices as the majority of staffers were making sure that the show was going as perfectly as it could do.

Defeated, Hugh shoved his hands into his jeans pockets and walked over towards the car area, he wasn’t needed for the rest of the show. So, he was happy to just head on back to the hotel and get some rest. He tugged his jacket on and was waiting patiently by the back of the arena as the smell of a cigarette assaulted his nose. Turning, he saw one of Taylor’s personal assistants sneaking a cigarette who suddenly got a terrified look on her face as Hugh came over.

“Relax, I’m not a narc.” He teased as he took up leaning against the wall next to her.

“You’re Hugh right?” She asked. She was a cute enough girl, a little over twenty five with short, shoulder length brown hair with a rebellious white streak from the front of her hair. No doubt something to give Taylor a bit of a dangerous look to be seen associated with her. When he nodded, she smirked and cast a glance over his frame before deciding he seemed okay. “Taylor’s been speaking a hell of a lot about you recently. Like on par with when she first met that loser from One Direction.” She smirked and took another drag before speaking again. “She said if I saw you, I was supposed to tell you there’s some sort of meeting for the talent tonight in Carrie’s room. Eh… Midnight I think she said it was?”

“Midnight at Carrie’s room? Well, I’m sure they won’t mind me turning up whenever. The show finishes at eleven right?” He asked, pulling his jacket’s sleeve arm back so he could check his watch. It was a quarter past ten right now, so Carrie would probably be starting the first encore about now.

“I’m sure they’ll both be very happy to see you.” She smirked, finishing her cigarette before stubbing it out on the orange brick wall and moving away from Hugh. “Catch you later stud.” She said with a wink before making her way into the arena again, moving towards the sound of the music. Hugh’s mind started to wonder what she may have meant by that but the sound of a car horn made him look and see his own, personal driver waiting for him. Not finding the time to think, Hugh made his way over to where the car was waiting for him.


After the short, uneventful car ride, Hugh’s mind was running a mile a minute. He had got to his room in record time but had done next to nothing with his free time. His ass had been planted firmly on the foot of his bed and he was simply staring into the empty expanse of his full mirror. His face was in his hands as he waited almost like a bored child. His eyes moved from the mirror briefly to look at the small bedside clock, it read eleven fifty eight.

… Two minutes to midnight.

Licking his lips briefly, Hugh stood up and made his way out of his room. Shutting and locking the door behind him, the only male on the bill of the new super tour turned on his heel and walked down the corridor towards Carrie’s room. As he knocked on the door, he could hear a gentle hum of music playing from behind the white door. It wasn’t at an obnoxiously loud level but he could still hear it pretty well. If his memory served him, it sounded a lot like The Doors playing from behind the door. A few seconds passed after he knocked and then, the white door opened up so he could see Carrie standing there with a big smile on her face.

“Hugh! Hey! Come on in!”

She opened the door a little bit wider so that Hugh could cross the threshold and walk into the room. Lying on the bed with her shoes off while sipping on a glass of wine was Taylor Swift who shot him a sly wink. She had changed since the show, Taylor was wearing a turquoise blue tank top with a pair of denim skinny jeans, there was a pair of red Converse shoes that had been pushed away and were lying at the foot of the large king sized bed. Carrie shut the door and followed him in, offering him a glass of wine as well. Not having the best reputation with alcohol, he politely declined it.

“So, we’re just having a little get together. Just the three of us.” Carrie smiled, taking a seat on one of the plush loungers that was in the corner of the room. She was wearing a short enough midnight black, leather mini skirt, that came down to around the middle of her thighs, up on top she had a red t-shirt that was partially hidden by a beige mole skin jacket. Her hair had been washed recently and had been tied back into a loose pony tail. She caught Hugh looking at her legs and she seemed to make a big show of crossing and then uncrossing them.

Hugh’s eyes kept going back to her legs, even with their agreed distance, he still had very fond memories of when he had been voted off of the first American X-Factor. He took a seat on the foot of the bed as Taylor crawled up and sat next to him. Both Hugh and Taylor’s eyes drifted over to Carrie as her phone started to buzz to life. She lifted her phone out of her coat’s pocket, looked at it and then frowned softly.

“Sorry guys, I’ll be right back.”

As soon as the door was shut, Taylor had thrown her legs over Hugh’s lap and was instantly shoving her lips onto his. Her hands pushed his shoulders backwards and he fell down with a muffled ‘Oomph’ noise as Taylor’s hands roamed over his chest, tugging at the shirt to loosen it ever so slightly. Her lips came from his and kissed over his jawline before her lips hovered over his for a brief moment.

“We don’t have long. Carrie will be back soon. God, I want your cock so bad!” Taylor growled, her hands moving down her own body to unzip her jeans and shimmy themselves down her long legs. Much to Hugh’s amazement, she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her fingers slowly unzipped his fly and pulled out his now rock hard cock, rubbing the large, swollen heard against her tight, wet lips.

Taylor’s head rolled back as she let out a low, aroused moan in sheer pleasure. His fat cock slipped inside of her and spread her lips apart. Her mouth was almost permanently open in an ‘o’ shape. She opened her eyes as every single inch of his large, fat length was buried inside of her. Taylor’s hands ran over his shoulders as he started to lift her hips up and then drop them down, milking both his length and her tight folds.

Taylor’s desperation was obvious as what had started out as a slow, deliberate pace had exploded into a full blown gallop. Her hips were rising and dropping at an amazingly quick rate, her desire and need to fuck Hugh all too obvious. Their breath was collectively hot together, their mouths opened ever so slightly so they could suck in as much air as they needed. Her nails were sharp against his shoulder as her ass was raised and then dropped at a breakneck speed. Hugh couldn’t quite believe that the previously shy girl, Taylor Swift, was fucking him so hard and so fast especially after she had blown him earlier on in the evening.

Her head fell back ever so slightly as she let out a low, pleasure filled moan. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open ever so slightly as she cooed in pleasure, loving just how tightly she was squeezing his cock. Her hips slapped against his as quickly as she could manage while her hands swapped from grabbing at his shirt to gripping the bed sheets on either side of his head to pawing at her own chest as she bounced as quickly as she could do.

As Hugh’s hands gripped her hips to help her bounce, a part of the young man wondered just what he had done to deserve this treatment and what he could do to do it again, just to see what might happen to him. Taylor seemed to appreciate his hands on her body and bent her head down to kiss at him as her body rocked up and down on his now rock hard cock. As she bounced up and down, neither of them heard the door open and then close just after it.

Carrie Underwood had come back in after a few moments just like she had arranged with Taylor. The older blonde had been curious as to how long it would take Taylor to seduce Hugh and by the sounds of things, not too long was the answer. The sounds of the bed creaking and the noises of two people obviously deep in the passions of love making were emanating from the bed and that only made Carrie grin and love what she had attached to her groin. A long, ten inch teal blue strap on jutted out from her groin and with it being permanently hard, it certainly looked imposing.

The midnight black mini skirt had been unzipped and cast aside, stepping out of the clothing and the red shirt and jacket had been discarded as well, a pool of her attire left near the door to her room. She had neglected to wear underwear and with the large strap on included, it looked like that had been a good decision. She playfully wrapped her hand around the base of the fake cock and stroked it idly before walking into the room. Hugh was the first one to spot her but didn’t seem to do anything, too engrossed in the feel of Taylor riding him obviously. That worked just fine for Carrie though, with the dildo still in her hands she climbed onto the bed and then made her move.

Taylor yelped in surprise when her head was yanked back by her hair but her look of surprise quickly melted into an aroused grin as Carrie loosened the grip on her hair and then shoved her lips onto the ’22’ singer’s lips. Taylor seemed to have made an arrangement with Carrie because as soon as she saw that Carrie was here, she slowed her riding pace and moved forward, her lips hovering over Hugh’s as Taylor’s long hair flowed down over the both of them.

“I’ve always wanted to get DP’ed now it’s my chance-ah!” She had started off whispering to Hugh but as her ass was penetrated, her voice squeaked into a high pitched moan. Hugh’s cock now wasn’t the only thing inside of Taylor and he was pretty sure he liked it that way. Taylor seemed to love it if the look on her face was anything to go by, Carrie probably couldn’t see because Taylor’s long blonde hair had fallen down around her face but from what Hugh could see, her face was the essence of aroused.

Carrie brushed some of Taylor’s hair away from the side of her face as the older blonde moved down to press her lips against Taylor’s mouth. The ‘Blown Away’ singer moaned as Taylor’s mouth opened to share the flavour of each others mouth. Carrie could only purr in pleasure as Hugh lifted himself from the bed and pressed his mouth against their shared kiss. Both of the women opened their mouths up so that Hugh could kiss them and slide his tongue to join their fray as well.

Taylor moaned at the tenderness, yet erotic nature of the hot three way kiss. Her ass hole was being stretched open by the large strap on Carrie Underwood was wielding as well as the large cock inside of her snug cunt. The young singer couldn’t believe just how good this double penetration felt and she wanted to know just how hot it would feel to orgasm from being doubly stimulated by both of her lovers.

Taylor’s body was kept in a state of near permanent arousal as her body was held still by both Carrie and Hugh who hammered in and out of her tight holes. Taylor’s mouth had dropped open and she was struggling to keep her eyes open and stop from screaming out in such divine pleasure. Her hands had grabbed hold of the pillows on either side of Hugh’s head and she was gripping them as tightly as she could do while both the large strap-on and cock slid in and out of each of her tight folds.

Hugh had started to lift his hips up off of the bed to shove himself inside her, as the younger ’22’ singer was sandwiched firmly between the two thrusting fellow tour members, his eyes locked with Carrie’s who only grinned and moved down to push her mouth against his kissing him as hotly as she could do. As his lips collided with hers, Hugh could feel every single part of the first time they had hooked up and the sensation was just beyond comparison. Carrie’s hands slid through his brown hair and pulled him up towards her even more, tugging him up to his knees so he could slide deep inside her.

Carrie took hold of Taylor’s thighs and kept the younger, shy girl up and firmly pinned between the both of them. Carrie had truly missed the taste of Hugh’s lips on hers, she could feel his passion explode in her mouth and she had missed every little part of the way his tongue lovingly caressed and explored her mouth. God! She had just missed being with him! The thought of Taylor being intimate with him had almost driven her insane with jealousy but at the prospect of having a threesome not only with Hugh but with Taylor as well, she just couldn’t say no! As Taylor’s hands pawed at her hair and head, her nails scraping against her skin, Carrie let out a low, erotic growl as she knew that Taylor was going to cum.

Taylor had almost exploded as her position had been changed. Feeling Carrie’s chest press against her back and then Hugh’s rough, hair chest press against hers only made her pussy’s walls contract and squeeze at Hugh’s length while no doubt, her ass was tugging at Carrie’s wide strap on as the ‘Blown Away’ singer’s thrusting had started to slow inside of her ass. Taylor’s voice had become low and heavy as she chanted God’s name while her ass and pussy were ruthlessly pummelled. Her head was shot back with a whip crack and a shrill scream escaped her lips as she came with a massive explosion between her legs.

Hugh could feel Taylor’s warmth run from her folds and coat his dick liberally as he continued to lift himself up off of the bed and drive himself inside Taylor. Carrie’s mouth left his and she pressed her lips against Taylor’s skin, he watched as Carrie peppered Taylor’s neck with kisses while the older blonde slowed her thrusts inside of Taylor’s ass. Carrie slowly pulled her strap on out of Taylor’s ass and beat the fake cock against Taylor’s ass.

“Cum on her pussy Hugh, I want to lick it all up before you fuck me.”

That was all the man needed, he continued to slam in and out of her as hard as he could do as Carrie moved from behind her and stroked her fake cock while Taylor simply moaned and writhed in pleasure as she was rammed hard and deep from Hugh’s driving thrusts. Taylor’s hands reached up over her head, her long blonde hair spread out over the sheets as another wave of pleasure rushed over her. Her long legs were lifted up off of the bed and firmly wrapped around his waist, keeping his thrusting close to her folds as she was fucked hard by him.

Taylor’s back arched up off of the bed and her walls gripped him tightly as she exploded over his length again. Hugh let out a short grunt and quickly pulled out from her folds, a hot jet of cum shooting from his dick’s head and splattering against her pussy’s lips as Carrie had requested so sweetly. He slowly jerked his base up until he had finished cumming and fell back on his heels, staring at his handiwork while Taylor’s lust heavy eyelids slowly opened up so she could look up at Hugh. She slowly came down from her orgasm and was grinning from ear to ear as Carrie moved on the bed and looked at her cum covered pussy.

“Looks like a mess down there. I think someone needs to clean it up.” Carrie said with a grin as Taylor slowly crawled up the bed and spread her legs for the older blonde to move between them.

Hugh wiped away a series of beads of sweat from his forehead and moved back onto his ass, watching as Carrie crawled between Taylor’s eagerly spread legs and started to lap up the spread of pearls of cum that had been laid over Taylor’s pussy lips. The older blonde wrapped her arms around the younger singer’s legs and kept them spread as she started to lick from the bottom to the top, making sure that Taylor’s pussy lips were completely cum free from all of Hugh’s eager earlier explosion over her. Taylor’s hand threaded through Carrie’s hair but it wasn’t long before the ‘Blown Away’ singer lifted her head up and licked her lips.

Taylor wriggled herself free from Carrie’s grip and climbed up off of the bed, moving over to her own hand bag to rummage through the contents. As she found her own neon pink strap on, she fastened it up around her waist and turned to find Carrie had Hugh’s legs spread a little bit wider so that Carrie could suck on Hugh’s cock. Taylor looked at the way Carrie sucked and caressed Hugh’s length and she didn’t even realise that she was speaking out loud.

“You two have hooked up before.” Carrie’s chocolate brown eyes shifted from staring up at Hugh to look at the Nashville native. She made an affirmative noise around his cock and stroked her hands along his thighs while she rearranged herself and spread her legs apart. The ‘I knew you were trouble’ singer grinned and got onto her knees before crawling along to Carrie, moving right between the older blonde’s legs. Shortly before she moved further into their new found erotic encounter, Taylor gripped the bottom of her tank top and lifted it up over her head and threw the piece of clothing across the room, hitting one of the corner chairs

Taylor gripped the base of her bobbing strap on cock and angled it towards Carrie’s moist folds. Her hips pulled back and then slowly pressed her way forward, the plastic tip sliding straight between Carrie’s pussy’s lips and go deep inside of the older singer. Carrie let out a low moan around the fat cock inside of her mouth as Hugh shared a moan with her while his dick started to harden inside of Carrie’s mouth.

Carrie let out a soft moan as Taylor’s strap on invaded her folds willingly. Carrie could feel Hugh’s cock getting harder inside her mouth and she realised just how badly she had missed the taste of his cock. Her left arm came up and curled it around his waist, keeping him close to her as she pushed more of his hardening cock into her mouth. The way Taylor was fucking her made the Oklahoma native’s toes curl in delight as her hips lifted up off of the bed and pushed towards the sliding strap on.

Hugh’s head fell back as Carrie sucked on his length, he could feel her tongue lapping at the bottom of his shaft, licking up Taylor’s orgasm and cleaning him off. When her left arm wrapped itself around his waist to pull him closer, Hugh happily moved closer so she could suck him as freely as she wanted to. His hand came down to cup and caress Carrie’s generously sized chest. As he squeezed her breasts, Hugh felt Taylor’s hands on his as they both cupped and played with Carrie’s chest.

Carrie cooed in pleasure as her chest was doubly stimulated by both Hugh and Taylor. Her bare, hard nipples were tugged and pulled lightly as Taylor’s thrusting started to increase, getting into a steady rate of penetration sliding inside of the older blonde singer. Her legs had lifted up off of the bed and had desperately curled around Taylor’s waist as she was pummelled.

Taylor’s hands held onto both Hugh’s wrist and Carrie’s nipple and breast as her hips rocked backwards and forwards, her strap on sliding in and out of Carrie’s snug folds. Taylor’s blue eyes moved from watching as Carrie swallowed Hugh’s cock, the ‘Before he cheats’ singer was in divine pleasure and as Carrie’s mouth fell from Hugh’s cock, she curled her hand around the prick and started to jerk back and forth as a low moan started to become almost like a chant inside of Carrie’s mouth before her head fell back and she came sharply over Taylor’s invading banana coloured fake cock.

Sweat dripped from Carrie’s head as she wiped some of the sweat away from her head, some of her golden blonde strands of hair were stuck to her head as she sucked in some air. Looking around, the singer stared up at Hugh with a grin on her face.

“We’ve all cum once right? One more time?” She offered as Taylor slid the strap on down her legs.

“Fair. Who goes where though?”

As soon as Taylor had said that, Carrie had thrown her leg over Hugh’s head and had firmly positioned herself on his face. The older blonde had no problem with taking charge and by the sounds Hugh was making, neither did the man under her body. The younger blonde licked her lips and climbed on top of Hugh’s lap, gripping his slick dick from the base and aiming it at her folds. Slowly, she slid down on his cock and let out a low moan, her pussy being filled in a delicious fashion.

Carrie wriggled in pleasure, loving how Hugh’s tongue moved inside of her. He pushed it inside Carrie’s wet folds and hungrily explored the folds. Her body rocked forward slightly as her wet walls were licked inside her, tasting the orgasm Taylor had fucked out of her. The older blonde moved forward and linked her fingers with Hugh’s, her perfectly manicured nails pressing against his skin as she pressed his hands into the mattress, loving it as he ate her out. The way his tongue slipped inside of her made it feel like the first time they had made love and the way he had shown her so much pleasure.

Underneath Carrie’s wriggling body, Hugh was in two kinds of pleasure. Taylor’s snug pussy was squeezing him tightly as she bounced up and down on him, and the sounds Carrie was making on top of him from his tongue pushed a wide grin onto Hugh’s face. His tongue flicked upwards and downwards, swiping from side to side exploring every single little part of her folds. The way her hips rocked back and forth, coupled with Taylor’s bouncing made every single part of him shiver in pleasure. His own hips bounced up off of the bed and pushed himself deeper inside of the younger singer.

Taylor’s hands were resting firmly on Hugh’s chest, just behind Carrie’s perfectly toned ass as she slammed herself up and down on his large cock. His dick felt perfectly inside of her as she bounced up and down on him, his dick hitting every single perfect spot inside her, making her head rock back and let out a cry of pleasure. Her voice was joined in a high cry with Carrie as well as Taylor opened her grey eyes to look at Carrie’s back.

Carrie groaned and moaned in pleasure as Hugh’s tongue slid inside of her, the grip on Hugh’s hands tightening as she felt another orgasm be pulled from her. A big, wide grin had permantently formed on her face, as she let her head roll back, making her look like she was at the height of pleasure which would have been a very accurate description of her. Sweat trickled down her body as she moaned, groaned and whined at how Hugh’s tongue invaded inside of her, almost hollowing out her tight folds.

Hugh’s tongue slipped inside of her and started to assault the same spot over and over again, reigning down blows against it sending waves and waves of pleasure darting through Carrie’s pussy. He had heard every single part of Carrie moan and whine in pleasure and knew he was getting closer and closer to making her cum. His own orgasm was starting to bubble in his loins as Taylor continued to ride him hard and fast, a full blown gallop being bounced out on his lap.

“Cah Cah Carrie!” Taylor panted out, her head rolling forward to kiss against Carrie’s ear as the older blonde whined her name out in pleasure.

“Yuh?” Carrie managed to gasp out through the series of pants and moans getting forced onto her from Hugh’s tongue.

“Eat my pussy?” Taylor asked, licking along Carrie’s neck as one of Carrie’s hands left gripping the man beneath her’s hand. Carrie’s hand threaded through Taylor’s long blonde hair and pulled her into a deep, passionate French kiss as Carrie wriggled and shivered in pleasure. Taylor moaned into the kiss before breaking it and swiping her tongue along Carrie’s lips.

The chocolate eyes of Carrie met Taylor’s grey eyes before they both nodded. Taylor’s bouncing slowed on Hugh’s cock, before the ‘I knew you were trouble’ singer slowly climbed up off of his length and wrapped her hands around his shaft and haphazardly cleaned his length up. Licking her own juices from her hand, she moved down to the foot of her bed and spread her legs.

Carrie slowly and rather regretfully, climbed off of Hugh’s face and looked over at Taylor’s spread legs. She grinned from ear to ear and crawled over to where Taylor was spread eagle and waiting for her, Taylor’s hand idly rubbing against her clit as she watched Carrie look at her like she was a predator. Not one to normally be the submissive in bed, Taylor loved the feeling it gave her and she loved just how Carrie looked.

Hugh was watching as Carrie crawled up the bed and started to teasingly kiss her way down Taylor’s legs. His eyes were focused as Carrie’s ass swayed from side to side, despite being stationary. He got up onto his knees and moved down the bed, taking hold of her round ass and held her in place before pressing his dick’s head against Carrie’s pussy lips and slowly rolled his way forward, sliding deep inside of Carrie making the older blonde groan out in pleasure.

With a firm grip on Carrie’s hips, Taylor could see Hugh start to slide back and forth, pounding Carrie as hard as he could do while she moaned inside of Taylor’s pussy. She tried her best to keep her head up to stare at the increasingly erotic sight but found she was quickly losing that battle. Her head fell back and she let out a loud cry as her own orgasm started to rock through her body. She lifted a glistening leg and curled it around the back of Carrie’s head as she humped her hips against the older blonde’s head.

As she felt Taylor’s leg curl around her head and keep her against her pussy, Carrie started to dart her tongue in and out of her folds, keeping up the momentum to lick her pussy and swallow all of Taylor’s orgasm. As she ate Taylor’s pussy, her own was right on the edge and with one more delicious stroke inside her, Carrie cried out and came all over Hugh’s cock. A shrill scream left Carrie’s mouth as she felt a wave of powerful orgasms striking her, the sweat on her body made it incredibly difficult for Carrie to keep herself up and slipped down, her tongue removing itself from Taylor’s folds as she tried to recover from her squirting orgasm.

Hugh’s orgasm was nearly bursting through the door, feeling Carrie explode as powerfully as she did so. He removed himself from her and her pussy nearly exploded, a stream of her arousal shot from her folds and coated the bed and his slick cock. Keeping himself hard, he stroked his length as he cried out desperately for them both. Taylor was the first to see him and grinned, her hand lifting up and beckoning him with a curling finger.

“Come on baby, come cum on our faces.” She panted, her body weak as she lay on the bed sucking in air. Miraculously, Carrie had managed to pull herself up and laid down on top of Taylor, her mouth open ever so slightly as she nodded her head. The girls moved to be cheek to cheek as they both moaned for him. He manoeuvred himself so that his length was facing them both directly, his hand jerked himself faster and faster. Before long, his back arched and he cried out, his length exploding with hot sticky ropes of cum from an almighty orgasm.

The arcing ropes painted both of their faces nearly completely. The first strand landed against Carrie’s cheek before another one landed on her nose with another two landing on her top lip and across her forehead. Taylor found herself just as coated, two strands hitting her chin and mouth as another one shot across her right eye, sticking it shut as her forehead and cheek got the rest, one last bead of cum landed down from his head and dripped onto their tongues as they pressed them out to not only clean each other up but to taste his load.

“Oh fuck.” Hugh moaned, rocking back onto his ankles, looking at both of the women coated in his cum. The girls grinned and slowly started to kiss and taste each other, their tongue lovingly licking at each others skin to clean up the mess the man had made. Their arms curled around each other as they finished licking up the cum and started kissing each other. Carrie lifted her head and smiled at Taylor before winking over at Hugh.

“Was that as good as the first time?” She asked, her hand reaching over to lazily stroke at Hugh’s now soft cock.

“As good as and probably better.” He nodded, moving a little closer as Taylor kissed at Carrie’s cheek.

“It’ll probably get better next week then. Taylor, didn’t you say Katy Perry was coming to see us next week?”

– End –

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