Blue Hawaii

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I’m not completely thrilled with the way I pulled off this story as far as mechanics and constantly repeating names and words over and over, but I have to say it’s one of my favorite stories I’ve written so far.

Blue Hawaii


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Unbeknownst to either of them, both Mika Boorem and Sanoe Lake had decided to fly out to Oahu ten days before the shooting of Blue Crush was supposed to start. So it was much to their surprise and delight when they ran into each other at the airport.

Mika had planned on staying with some family friends until the others showed up, but instead decided to stay at the four bedroom house with Sanoe that was being rented for them and the others while they filmed Blue Crush. Michelle Rodriguez called Mika and Sanoe to let them know that she and Kate Bosworth would be showing up on Thursday, which was three days before shooting began.

Mika had just showered and was in the process of fixing her hair and makeup when she heard a car honk it’s horn outside.

“That’s my date, have fun at the concert,” Sanoe said walking past the bathroom. Mika leaned out of the bathroom and shouted after her.

“Don’t stay out tonight Sanoe, we’ve got to clean up the house before Kate and Michelle get here tomorrow.”

“I know I know, I won’t stay out this time.”

The front door slammed shut and Mika was now home alone. The second day the girls were there Sanoe found a local named Travis she had taken a liking too. Sanoe and Mika would mess around together during the day and Sanoe and Travis always went off together at night.

Last night was the first night that Sanoe didn’t come. She made some excuse about falling asleep at Travis’ apartment watching movies, and although she was young Mika wasn’t that naive and knew better. In the end though she decided that it really wasn’t any of her business and forgot about it.

In the days leading up to Michelle and Kate’s arrival, the two girls had paid more attention to the ocean and beaches than they did the house. As a result the house had become a pig sty and Sanoe and Mika decided to clean up the morning they went and picked up the others.

That wasn’t until tomorrow. Tonight Mika had a date with a local, Dan, who she met two days earlier, who had a car, and was very cute she thought. Mika finished up in the bathroom when a second car honked it’s horn outside.

“That must be Dan,” Mika thought as she slipped her shoes on and stepped outside. She locked the door behind her and jumped into Dan’s car.

“Nice to see you again Mika,” Dan said smiling as he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

“Thanks, nice to see you too,” Mike replied returning the kiss to Dan’s cheek blushing as she did so.

“You’re blushing you know?”

“I know, I blush easily. Remember I did it yesterday when you picked me up.”

“Yeah, I remember. You look cute when you blush though.”

“Thanks,” Mika replied. “You’ve got the tickets right?”

“No I thought you were getting them,” Dan replied.

“Me? You said you were getting them because you get also get us backstage passes?”

“I thought I told you my friend couldn’t pull it and that you need to get the tickets because I’d be too busy working.”

“Ah shit, so what’re we going to do then?”

Dan started laughing as a disgruntled looked crossed Mika’s face.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing…” Dan said still laughing as he flipped the driver side visor down and pulled out an envelope. “Here.”

Mika took the envelope from Dan and opened it up. Inside she found two tickets to Blink 182 and two all access passes from the local radio station.

“You moron,” Mika grinned pushing Dan on the shoulder, “but they’re going to know we don’t work for the radio station.”

“Look at them, they’re v.i.p. passes. They won’t say a thing to us.”

“Very cool. Hey, would you mind stopping somewhere to get a bite to eat? I ate lunch about noon and that’s it.”

“No problem,” Dan said as he put his car into drive and got onto the main road. “Chinese ok?”

“You’ve got Chinese food here? I thought you were all into SPAM.”

“We’ve got a few Chinese restaurants here, and no not all Hawaiians eat, drink, and breath SPAM.”

“Chinese food is just fine. I just remember reading that somewhere I thought.”

“Yeah well I don’t care really. Tell me though, it’s a dry heat out in Arizona right? So it’s not like it’s really hot?” Dan asked rhetorically with a smile.

“Just drive Dan,” Mika replied shaking her head grinning.

As Dan drove towards his destination, he and Mika chatted about a little bit of everything. Having never been off the island Dan was curious about Arizona and Mika told him what little she thought was interesting enough to bring up. Mostly she talked about living in Tucson and the handful of times she had visited Phoenix.

Alternately, Mika was curious about Hawaii as this was her first time visiting a non-continental state. Dan briefly mentioned Hawaii’s history and talked mostly about growing up being expected to take to water sports and people’s preconceptions of Hawaii and it’s inhabitants.

Dan was about to say something when he drove up on the driveway leading to the parking lot of Valley Wok. He parked the car and the two of them got out.

“Huh, so Hawaiian Chinese food does exist,” Mika commented. “So is there SPAM or coconut in it?”

“Damn Mika, you better watch yourself with some of the things you say, especially with some of the locals. They don’t take too kindly to certain things.”

“I know and I’m sorry, just blame it on the dry heat.”

Dan groaned loudly at Mika’s remark.

“Ok, ok we’re even. It’s a good thing you’re only going to be here for a short bit. You do know how to push people’s buttons.”

“I know,” Mika smiled as she walked inside followed closely by Dan.

“What do you want?” Dan asked as the two of them stood at the counter staring at the menu.

“Kung Pao Chicken.”

“You like that spicy stuff?”

“The hotter the better. I’m going to the ladies room, I’ll be right back.”

Inside the ladies bathroom Mika chose the middle of the five stalls and sat down on the toilet to relieve herself. Even after she finished Mika took a few minutes to read the various messages that hadn’t been cleaned of back of the stall door. They were mostly insults about people’s mothers and a phone number to call for a good time. Mika got up and finished then washed her hands at the sink. She threw away the papers towels after drying her hands and met Dan by the order counter.

“You order yet?” She asked.

“I’m really sorry for this, but something’s come up and I can’t take you to the concert tonight.”

“Something came up? What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing big, I just can’t tell you right now.”

“Oh… ok then.”

“I’m really sorry about this. I don’t suppose Sanoe would still be at the house and want to go would she?”

“Nah, she’s gone for the night. Look don’t worry about it. I’ll call you from the airport when Sanoe and I go to pick up the others.”

“Thanks, you’re the best!”

Dan and Mika left the restaurant without ever eating and Dan drove Mika home. The ride was mostly silent. Dan was unsure what Mika was really thinking and she was disappointed in not being able to go to the concert. More so she was trying to come up with reasons why Dan would cancel on her like he did. They pulled into the driveway of the girls’ rental house and the two of them walked to the front door.

“I’m really really sorry about this,” Dan apologized again. “Hopefully I can explain everything tomorrow. You’re going to call me right?”

“Unless something large comes up yeah I will.”

“Thanks, you’re the best!” Dan kissed Mika on the cheek before getting back into his car and driving off.

“Right… probably got called by an old girlfriend… Oh well, at least Sanoe is probably having a good time,” Mika muttered to herself as she closed the front door behind her and locked it.

Mika decided just to be content for the night with a bologna and mustard sandwich and a Pepsi as she flopped down on the couch in front of the TV flicking it on with the remote. She skipped through all the channels two or three times before stopping on ESPN to watch a re-run of one of the X-Games. It was the summer games with the current event being one of the skateboarding events.

She watched that for half an hour and when a commercial break came on she went to her bedroom to change into her sleeping clothes for the night. Mika left on her panties and put on a pair of old black Umbro soccer shorts over them. She took off her top and bra and slipped on large black t-shirt that said “Hollywood” in white print.

Mika then decided to try and call Michelle one last time to confirm the flight number and arrival time. She had written down Michelle’s cell phone number and left on her dresser, but it was nowhere to be found. Mika remembered that Sanoe had taped all the info to her dresser’s mirror and went to go get it. Inside Sanoe’s room Mika found all the info right where she remembered it to be.

She was about to walk to the kitchen to call when she heard the house’s front door open. Mika panicked, turned off the bedroom light, and shut the bedroom door all the way to a tiny crack. She peered through the opening and into the living room. It was Sanoe and Travis. Mika put her ear as close to the door as she could to listen in on their conversation.

“Hey Sanoe, you sure this is alright?” Travis asked as he took off his shirt.

“Hey in the bedroom. I don’t want to have to help you find your clothes later, and yes everything is fine. Mika won’t be back from the concert for a few more hours… Huh…”

“Huh what?”

“She locked the door, but forgot to turn off the TV…”

“You sure she’s not here?”

“Of course I am, we would have seen her by now if she was. Hold on let me go check something.”

Mika couldn’t see Sanoe anymore, but she had a pretty good idea what she was doing.

“Well her keys are gone so she has to be too,” Sanoe replied kissing Travis.

“That’s because they’re in my pants,” Mika said to herself.

“Good because interruptions wouldn’t be nice,” Travis replied kissing her back.

“Now into the bedroom, I’ve got to take care of some things in the bathroom. I’ll be there in a minute,” Sanoe smiled as she walked towards the bathroom.

“I’ll be waiting,” Travis smiled back as he headed towards the very door Mika was hiding behind.

“Oh shit!” Mika thought as she tried to figure a way out of this. She quickly looked around the room and came up with nothing. She then spotted the room’s large closet with the sliding doors and hid inside it.

“What am I doing in here?!?” She nearly blurted out sitting on her knees peeking through the slanted openings of the closet door as Travis walked in the bedroom. He flipped up the light switch, and sat down on the edge of the bed. “I should have just left the room when they got here! Oh my god…”

Mika’s thoughts were cut off as Travis loosened his pants and pulled them and his boxers down dropping them to the floor. Nude, Travis slid back onto Sanoe’s bed and leaned on one arm.

“You ready yet?” He called out as he started to stroke his shaft up and down.

“Holy shit…” Mika thought as she watched Travis’ member get larger and larger as he continued to massage it. She had fooled around with one of her friends and saw his privates, and even though she knew it was because Travis was older, Mika was still amazed at how much bigger Travis’ penis was.

“I’m very much ready, and I see you’ve already started,” Sanoe called from the bedroom door wearing a red lacey pair of panties and a bra. “Want me to leave you alone and come back later?” She smiled.

“Oh come on girl the wait was killing me. It would kill any guy.”

“Ok, I’ll believe you for now, but let me finish,” Sanoe coolly said as she slowly sauntered to the bed.

Mika just stared through the door’s slits wide-eyed as she watched Sanoe climb onto the bed and crawl over Travis. With Travis on his back Sanoe leaned down and kissed his lips. Mika couldn’t see their faces well, but the way Sanoe and Travis’ heads were moving around and the slurping noises that could be heard, Mika figured that they were French kissing.

Mika then watched as Sanoe started to kiss Travis on the neck, then on the chest, down to his abdomen. Sanoe then grabbed hold of Travis’ hard prick and began to run her hand up and down it with her tongue following the movements of her hand. Mika then begin to have flashbacks of Josh of when she performed oral on him and how he became turned on which in turn helped her reach her first orgasm.

It was creepy enough for Mika that she was trapped in a closet watching Sanoe and Travis have sex, but now her thoughts were betraying her, and she could feel a tingling sensation start to form between her legs. Mika slowly reached down into her shorts making sure not to snap the elastic band and felt her panties. A strange combination of panic and excitement set in when she found a wet spot. She quietly removed her hand from her underwear and shook her head trying to get rid of her needful feelings.

Mika continued to watch the couple as Sanoe’s head was bobbing up and down at a relatively slow pace. Sanoe brought her head up momentarily so she could turn herself around and get into a sixty-nine position with Travis. She went back down on him and he spread her pussy lips starting to tongue her vaginal walls.

As she continued to watch Sanoe deep-throat Travis and get eaten out by him, unconsciously Mika led her hand back down into her shorts this time inside of her panties instead of out. Her fingers slithered through her fuzzy bush and when they found her clit, Mika began to rub it. Moisture started to soak her panties again.

Sanoe and Travis separated and got off the bed. She climbed back onto the bed on all fours and Travis got down behind her.

Mika’s thoughts turned to curious disgust as Travis spread Sanoe’s ass cheeks with his hands and began licking at her asshole. What surprised Mika was when Sanoe began moaning from having her anus tongued. She continued to watch, almost transfixed on what was occurring in front of her, as Travis started to slide two of his fingers into Sanoe’s pussy and pull them out wiping them to his dick. Mika’s rational thought started to shut down and her desires began to flare up again when Sanoe reached down between her legs and beg to rub her clit.

While Sanoe started to grind down on Travis’ fingers and continued to play with herself, Mika

softly and quietly leaned against the closet wall stretching her legs out as best she could. The fact that Travis was now pushing his dick into Sanoe’s ass was of little significance to Mika as her hands were back down in her panties furiously rubbing at her clit with her finger sliding long her slit teasing it.

Mika pondered nervously about inserting a finger inside of herself. She had lost her virginity to her friend that night many months ago, and she remembered how good it felt to have his cock filling her, but she remembered to how loud she got when she reached orgasm. Mika’s wanton lust was telling her body yes, but her fear of getting caught was telling her no.

She made her decision when she turned her heard and saw Travis feverishly penetrating Sanoe’s behind. Sanoe was now clenching the headboard of the bed and a look of pleasure and pain adorned her face as controlled moans escaped her mouth.

Mika turned away as her eyes shut and her index and middle fingers spread her cuntal lips pushing their way inside. She bit her lip and tried to keep quiet as the electric sensation from being with Josh returned to her body. Having only orgasmed once months ago Mika could feel her built up juices start to move and head for the exit. Though she was not watching Mika could hear the screams of Sanoe start to get louder and more intense. Even Travis was panting heavily.

Mostly out of lustful curiosity Mika opened her eyes and watched as Travis pulled out of Sanoe’s rectum and his cum started to spray all over Sanoe’s ass and back. Mika bit down on her lip hard, but a moan still escaped as her fingers swirled around the inside of her pussy while her body spasmed and her orgasm took over. She could feel the flood of her juices exit as they flowed through and around her fingers soaking into her already wet panties then wetting her shorts.

Mika quickly turned to see if her moan was noticed, but breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Travis and Sanoe lying on the bed next to each other. They were talking, but it was in a low whisper so Mika couldn’t understand anything.

Various thoughts raced through Mika’s head as she wiped her fingers clean on her shirt and waited for Sanoe and Travis to leave. The first one was what kind of pervert had she just turned into. She had just masturbated while hiding in Sanoe’s closet watching her have sex with a guy. The second was Mika’s guilt guilty for spying on Sanoe. At the same time though, she didn’t want to tell her because she didn’t want to face the embarrassment. That was of course assuming she could sneak out of Sanoe’s room without being caught and without bringing on any suspicion of suddenly being home.

All Mika could do was wait patiently for the next half an hour as Sanoe and Travis just laid in bed next to each other cuddling and whispering sweet words to each other. Sanoe was on top of the bedsheets and had her back to the closet, so Mika got a good view of her butt and decided it was rather cute, before shaking her head in half-hearted disgust.

After that half an hour Sanoe and Travis both got up and left the room. They didn’t say anything as they left so Mika stay hidden in the closet. Within a few minutes she heard the shower running and a door close. Assuming it was the bathroom door Mika snuke up to the open bedroom door carefully peaked around the left corner. She saw nothing and began to turn to peak around the right corner. She froze when she saw Sanoe leaning on the wall next to the doorway wearing a bathrobe.

“So how was the show?” Sanoe asked with no expression on her face.

“Uh… Some family emergency came up and Dan had to leave,” Mika replied almost as a question.

“I see, so how was the show in there?” Sanoe asked pointing towards her bedroom.

“Uh… Good? Very educational?” Mika answered trying to make a joke.

“Must have been,” Sanoe replied as she rub her fingers on the spot on Mika’s shirt that was used to wipe her fingers clean and them brought them to her noise to smell.

“I can explain Sanoe,” Mika began embarrassed.

“Look, Mike’s in the shower right now and when he’s done we’ve decided to go see a movie. Just hide in your room until we leave, and while we’re gone clean up the house since you’re home. I’ll talk to you about this tomorrow before we pick up Kate and Michelle.”

“But you made part of this mess too.”

“Look Mika I don’t really think you’re in any position to argue, and besides I’ll make it worth your while and give you twenty bucks to do the whole house.”

“Ok then, it’ll be clean by the time you get home tonight then… Just one thing.”

“What’s that?”

“You’re not going to tell Kate or Michelle are you?”

“Probably not, now get to your room before Travis gets finished.”

“What do you mean probably not?!?”

“We’ll talk about this tomorrow. Now go!” Sanoe urged Mika as the shower shut off.

Mika barely slipped into her bedroom in time as she heard the bathroom door open and Sanoe and Travis start talking. She hid in her bedroom for twenty-minutes waiting nervously as she heard the couple walk around the house performing various tasks. Mika breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the front door shut and a car drive off. She quickly walked to the window and peaked outside. Travis’ car speed off into the distance and Mika watched until the rear lights were no longer visible. She then walked to her room changing clothes again and threw her dirty clothes into the washer.

“One situation resolved, another one waiting to be,” Mika said out loud to herself. She looked around the house to assess the mess.

“Wake up! Mika wake up!” Sanoe shouted as she shook Mika from her bed. Mika sat up on the edge of the bed and rubbed her eyes.

“Hey… What’s going on?” Mika asked as she stretched her arms over her head.

“We over-slept. Michelle and Kate will be here in two hours and we don’t have any time to waste. I’ve already taken a shower and you have time to take a quick one.”

“No, it’s alright. I took one before I went to bed last night. Can we get something to eat on our way to the airport.”

“We could, but I just figured we get something after we pick them up.”

“Ok, hold-on. Let me get dressed.”

Mika quickly changed into a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt that had the number 35 on the back and made a quick pit stop at the bathroom.

“You have your cell phone with you?” Mika asked as she and Sanoe left the house.

“Yeah why?” Sanoe replied as the two of them got into the s.u.v. Universal Studios provided them for the movie shoot and pulled onto the main road.

“I told Dan I’d call him,” Mika replied as she started dialing Dan’s number on the cell.

Dan: Hello?

Mika: Hey Dan told you I would call. What’s up?

Dan: Not too much. I’m just happy you did call. I thought you’d be pissed at me.

Mika: I’m not upset with you at all. I told you I would call. You busy tonight?

Dan: Not yet, why?

Mika: Well I’ve got this feeling that the other three are gonna dump me and go boozing and looking for boys tonight and I thought maybe you’d want to go to a movie or something.

“Hey! That’s so unfair!” Sanoe said loudly in feigned shock.

“Well, it’s the truth.”

“That’s besides the point.”

“It usually is Sanoe.”

“Hey now, don’t make me tell the others what happened last night.”

“You wouldn’t!” Mika said suddenly turning serious.

“Damn Mika, calm down! I was only kidding though we still need to talk later.”

“Ok good,” Mika sighed before getting back on the phone.

Mika: So how about it?

Dan: Sure, no problem. But what happened last night though?

Mika: Oh nothing.

Dan: Oh come on. Tell me.

Mika: I’ll tell you as soon as you tell me why you had to leave.

Dan: I’ll tell you at some point, just not yet. So I’ll see you tonight?

Mika: Ok then. What time are you going to pick me up?

Dan: I don’t know I’ll stop by at eight thirty and we’ll figure what to do then, ok?

Mika: Sure thing. See ya at eight thirty.

Dan: See you then. Bye.

With the beep of Dan hanging up, Mika flipped the cell phone off.

Mika and Sanoe sat in the vehicle in silence as it rumbled down the road to its eventual destination.

“So…” Sanoe said breaking the silence.

“So what’re you three gonna do tonight?”

“Actually I’m not sure if we even are going to do anything. I talked to Kate briefly the other day, but I don’t know. Might just stay home and let them recover from jet lag. Why?”

“Just wondering… I guess since we’ve got some time before we get to the airport we could talk about last night if you want.”

“I don’t really want to Mika, but I feel we kinda have to. Like why did you hide in the closet in the first place?”

“I went into your room to find Michelle’s number so I could call and confirm everything. While I was looking you and Travis came home and I was curious to see what you were doing home so early.”

“Yeah well you saw why we came home.”

“Look I’m sorry about that. Anyway, Travis already had his shirt off and was walking towards the bedroom. I panicked and hid in the closet. It wasn’t the brightest thing to do but it was all I could think of and before I knew it Travis was on the bed naked playing with himself. I didn’t want to be in there, but by that time if I came out it would have been very embarrassing for all of us. At least this way he doesn’t know and right now I’m the only one who got embarrassed.”

“That may be so, but I still find it creepy that you hid in the closet, and just a little more creeped out that you were in there masturbating while me and Travis were having sex.”

“Yeah… that…”

“Yeah, that. Look Mika don’t worry about it. I can obviously see that it’s bothering you, so I’ll just drop it, and don’t worry about Kate and Michelle. They won’t ever know.”

“Ok, thanks,” Mika replied almost mumbling. She quietly sat in the truck watching the traffic go by thinking, thinking about why any of this happened and why she did what she did.

Mika and Sanoe stood still in front of a window as they watched Kate and Michelle’s plane land and start to dock.

“You’re not going to say anything to them are you?” Mika asked as passengers started filing into the terminal.

“I already said no so stop worrying about it already,” Sanoe replied assuringly.

Kate and Michelle were supposed to be sitting in first class, but when coach started to empty out Sanoe got curious.

“You don’t think they missed the flight do you?” Mika asked as the trail of passengers started to shrink.

“I don’t think so. They would have called,” Sanoe replied as she started to walk towards the ticket counter to see if they could check if Kate and Michelle had even boarded the flight. She had just reached the counter when Kate and Michelle came lumbering out of the walkway.

“Hey Sanoe they’re here!” Mika shouted as she caught up to the new arrivals.

“Hey Mika, how’s it been out here so far?” Michelle asked as she dropped her bag to the ground and stretched her arms.

“It’s been pretty cool so far. Sanoe’s already found herself a boy-toy,” Mika replied shaking her head in amusement.

“Already? That didn’t take long,” Kate said grinning.

“Hey you two,” Sanoe began as she joined the group, “What happened, I thought you were in first class?”

“We were,” Kate began, “But Michelle here gets thirsty on long trips I found out. What’s this with you finding yourself boy-toy already?”

“A boy-toy? What exactly did Mika say?” Sanoe asked giving Mika a look. “She’s got a story or two tell herself.”

“Nothing really, just that you found yourself a boy-toy,” Michelle answered. “So what stories do you have to tell Mika?”

“Oh nothing really…” She replied with a half-smile.

“Don’t listen to her. She’s found her own guy she’s been hanging around with the last few days,” Sanoe butted in.

“Hey guys since we decided to show up early and blow off the studio’s ride, we need to get our luggage and haul it off to wherever you parked,” Kate interjected. “We can talk about the guys we met when in a bit.”

“Guys you met? Who did you find and where?” Sanoe asked.

“Me, I haven’t found anybody yet. Looks like I’m the only one still on the prowl. Now Kate she found somebody in the bathroom on the plane,” Michelle replied.

“In the bathroom?” Mika said raising an eyebrow.

“Eeeew girl, get your mind out of the gutter. You’re too young to be thinking like that already,” Kate began.

“If only you knew the half of it,” Sanoe mumbled under her breath.

“Oh shut up!” Mika shot back.

“You two ok? You’ve been acting a bit funny towards each other,” Michelle said

“Yeah we’re fine,” Sanoe said giving Mika a goofy look. “So where’d you meet this guy Kate?”

“It wasn’t in the bathroom. It was on my way in and his way out. I ran into this guy Steve I used to be real hot and heavy with in high school. It kind of ended when his family moved to London junior year. He lives in Hawaii now and was returning home from visiting relatives in Utah. Anyways we’re going out later tonight and I need a nap before we do so let’s go get our luggage.”

The four girls worked their way through the airport and made their way to baggage claim. Mika was on the phone again and Sanoe assumed it was Dan. Kate was next to the conveyor and Michelle was about to join her when Sanoe grabbed her arm.

“Hey Michelle I need you to do me a favor.”

“Sure what is it?”

“You doing anything tonight?”

“I’m not planning on it. I just don’t really feel like going out tonight you know?”

“Ok good, because here’s the thing. I’ve been seeing this guy Travis for as long as me and Mika have been up here, and last night we finally had timeto get intimate and mess around in the bedroom. Well Mika was supposed to go to some concert last night with some, but instead the date ended early. Travis and I were in my room having sex when she walked in on us.”

Michelle broke out in laughter at hearing the story.

“Shh! Quiet down!” Sanoe said.

“I’m sorry,” Michelle apologized still grinning. “I just find those types of stories funny.”

“Look,” Sanoe began to whisper. “I’m told Mika I wouldn’t tell anyone about this and I’ll probably tell Kate later to warn her, but I want you to do a favor for me. Sometime tonight before Mika goes out on her date ask her how the show went. She should flip out and at that point I want you to screw with her for a bit. Kiss her and make like you really want her. I want to make sure she doesn’t do anything like last night again.”

“And me kissing her has what to do with this?”

“You’re not afraid to kiss another girl are you?”

“No I’m not, not when I’m drinking anyways, but what does this have to do with last night?”

“Trust me on this one. I’ll explain later. Just do this for me please?” Sanoe asked half-whining.

“Oh alright, but you owe me. This is silly.”

“What’re you two talking about?” Mika asked walking up on them from behind.

“Oh nothing really, mostly about Travis. I’ll be back. I need to get my luggage,” Michelle replied before walking towards the conveyor belt.

“Sanoe you promised!”

“Mika I told you I wouldn’t tell them. We just talked about Travis, not last night.”

“We ready yet?” Kate asked dropping her luggage to the floor.

“Not yet, Michelle still needs to get her stuff. She and Sanoe were too busy talking about Travis,” Mika replied giving Sanoe a dirty look.

“Who’s Travis?” Kate asked.

“The guy Sanoe’s been fucking since she’s been up here,” Mika responded coldly.

“MIKA!” Sanoe growled grabbing her by the arm and pulling her to the side. “Now look, I told you I wouldn’t tell them what happened last night. I haven’t and I won’t, but you’re starting to push my buttons. Now stop it.”

“Ok, ok sorry. I won’t do it anymore,” Mika apologized still not one hundred percent believing what Sanoe was saying.

The two of them joined back up with Kate and Michelle who was now standing there with her luggage.

“What’s going on guys?” Kate asked with a curious look.

“Oh nothing really. Mika and I had a few words about something this morning is all. Right Mika?”

“Yup, something like that.”

“Riiight,” Kate replied. “Let’s just try and keep it friendly ok? We’re going to have to live under the same roof for awhile.”

“Sure thing,” Mika and Sanoe said almost in unison.

The four of them then started walking towards the parking garage. Mika and Sanoe started to get ahead so it was then Michelle decided to talk to Kate.

“What’s going to with those two?” Michelle asked.

“I’m not sure. They’ve been acting very strange though.”

“What do you think it is?”

“I’m not sure, but I heard Sanoe whisper something about ‘last night’ when she got pissed at Mika a few minutes ago.”

“Last night? Sanoe told me something about last night, but if I tell you you can’t let her know you already know because she wants to tell you and you can’t let Mika know, because Sanoe isn’t supposed to tell anyone at all.”

“Ok I guess, so what’s this big secret?”

“From what I understand Mika was supposed to go to some concert with some guy. Something happened that Mika came home early and walked in on Sanoe and Travis having sex.”

“Damn that had to have been awkward. But still… They’ve really been acting like something more happened.”

“So it seems. I’ll see what I can get out of Mika since I’m staying home tonight.”

By now Michelle and Kate’s speed had slowed to almost a standstill and Mika and Sanoe had taken notice.

“Hurry up you two, the car’s over here,” Sanoe shouted.

“Coming!” Kate shouted back. She and Michelle picked up their pace and continued talking.

“Huh,” Michelle said out loud as she thought about the conversation she had a few minutes ago with Sanoe.

“Huh what?”

“You don’t think something could have taken place between Mika and Sanoe do you?”

“You mean like sexually?”

“I don’t know, maybe. Mika’s not all that innocent. I don’t remember where I heard it, but she’s had sex before. She’s no virgin.”

“Still though, Mika’s rather young don’t you think? Besides Sanoe’s not lesbian or bi.”

“Ok, so you have a point with Mika,” Michelle conceded, “But even if Sanoe’s not a lesbian are you telling me you’ve never experimented with another girl?”

“NO!” Kate responded almost in horror. “Why would I?”

“Because it’s fun,” Michelle laughed as she patted Kate on the butt and then gave it a squeeze.

“Hey stop that!” Kate replied jumping from the touch.

“Damn girl, you need to loosen up,” Michelle teased as they reached the s.u.v. Mika and Sanoe stood there with an eyebrow raised and the vehicle’s back door open.

“What?” Kate asked noticing their looks.

“Should we leave you two alone?” Sanoe asked with a grin.

“What? What’re you talking about?” Kate asked incredulously. “She started it!”

“Ok, if you say so,” Sanoe replied closing the back door once all the luggage was loaded. She waited until Mika and Kate were in the truck and started talking to Michelle again.

“Look about kissing Mika tonight and messing with her, something’s come up so don’t do it just yet.”

“Alright, no problem,” Michelle agreed slapping Sanoe’s butt. She didn’t flinch at all.

“Nice try, you’re not going to get to me to react like Kate.”

Michelle yawned as she sat up in bed. She looked outside and saw that it was dark.

“I must have been more tired than I thought,” She said as she rubbed her eyes and walked into the living room. Mika was sitting on the couch watching TV.

“Good to see you’re up sleepyhead,” Mika said when she noticed Michelle walking towards the kitchen.

“Yeah well… Where are the others?” Michelle asked as she grabbed a Pepsi from the fridge and sat down the recliner perpendicular to the couch.

“Sanoe and Kate are already gone for the night, and I’ll be leaving as soon as Dan gets here.

“Huh… all right…” Michelle took a couple of drinks from her Pepsi and watched TV with Mika for a few minutes.

She then sat her drink down on the coffee table and walked back to her room to change into her sleeping clothes. They consisted of a pair of plain navy blue boxer shorts and white t-shirt that said Las Vegas black print. As Michelle was changing she heard the doorbell ring.

“That’s Dan, I’m leaving!” Mika shouted from the living room.

“Alright, just don’t do anything you’re not old enough to do!” Michelle yelled back.

“Eeew! You’re a pervert just like Sanoe is! I’ll be back later!” Mika screamed before shutting the front door behind her.

“Right, you’re one to talk walking in on Sanoe and Travis having sex.. I don’t know what you and her are hiding, but I’m going to find out,” Michelle said to herself as her shirt dropped down covering her. She then walked back into the living room flopping down on the couch turning the TV on with the remote.

“Seen it, seen it, seen it, hate that guy,” Michelle mumbled as she started channel surfing. After a few minutes she found The Usual suspects on TV and decided to watch that.

Michelle watched it for several minutes before it went to a commercial break. She reached over for her Pepsi and started to take several drinks when she heard shouting from outside.

“Go away Dan! You’re being an asshole right now!”

“SHUT UP! I thought you were my friend!”

Michelle quickly got and went to check out what was going on. She stepped outside onto the front porch and saw Mika rubbing her cheek and Dan standing a few feet away. Michelle crossed the grass and walked to Mika’s side.

“What’s going on?” Michelle asked.

“Dan’s fucking drunk just like his brother was which was why our date got canceled last night. His brother got arrested for drunk driving,” Mika answered still rubbing her cheek.

“Damn Mika, you never told me your friends were this hot,” Dan said as he eyed Michelle and started to slowly stagger towards the two girls.

“What’s wrong with your face?” Michelle asked moving Mika’s hand and ignoring Dan.

“The little shit slapped me.”

“Mika, go back inside,” Michelle instructed pushing her towards the house.


“Just do it.”

Mika walked back to the house, but she stopped in the doorway.

With a pissed off look on her face Michelle turned to face Dan.

“You want to explain why you hit Mika,” she growled.

“The little bitch started bad-mouthing my brother,” Dan slurred as he continued to stagger towards Michelle. “You must be Michelle, Mika started yapping awhile ago how you could kick my ass. Instead of fighting me how about showing me those lovely tits of yours? They’re so much bigger than Mika’s.”

Dan didn’t a see a low hanging tree branch and in his state drunkenness walked into it falling to the ground.

“Mother fucking branch! Who the hell puts a tree there?!?” Dan grumbled loudly as he clumsily got back to his feet.

“Hey Dan I’m giving you one chance to leave quietly and go away,” Michelle warned him.

“Don’t be a bitch like Mika. Fuck you Mika!” Dan yelled throwing his arms towards her nearly falling again.

“That’s nice Dan, now leave,” Michelle said getting more agitated.

“Look Michelle,” he began hiccuping, “Just because Mika and I now hate each other doesn’t mean we can’t see each other.”

The aroma of alcohol was strong on Dan and he was now leaning on Michelle with one arm.

“You know you’re right Dan, we can see each other and in fact I’ve got a little something for you,” Michelle whispered before throwing a knee into his crotch.

Dan fell to the ground screaming in pain as he held his privates and rolled around. After several minutes of pain, Dan managed to pick himself up and stumble to his car.

“You fucking dykes! Fuck you both!” He shouted before getting into his car driving off swerving down the road.

Michelle walked back to the front porch and with her arm around Mika walked back inside the house.

“You ok?” Michelle asked.

“I’m fine. He doesn’t hit all the hard and I don’t even think it’ll leave a bruise or anything. Just don’t say anything to Kate and Sanoe about this. I don’t want them acting like I can’t handle myself,” Mika said as she fell onto the couch and took a drink from the Pepsi on the coffee table.

“Hey that’s mine…” Michelle began to say, but she thought better of it and got a new Pepsi. She then sat down next to Mika who was just staring straight ahead at a blank TV screen.

“You sure you’re ok?” Michelle asked placing her arm around Mika’s shoulder hugging her.

“Yeah I’m fine, it’s just with last night, and now tonight, these last two days have been kind of crappy you know?”

“Tonight I can understand, but last night all you did was accidentally walk in on Travis and Sanoe while they were messing around. They might have been surprised or agitated for a bit, but I don’t think either of them were really upset. I’m sure they’ll get over it if they haven’t yet.”

“Come on Michelle you can say fucking, I’m not that naïve, besides it really wasn’t the walking in on them that made things weird—” Mika started to say before catching herself and stopping.

“Uh huh, just like I thought. What are you hiding from me?”

“Nothing, it’s just like we said it happened,” Mika quickly said flipping on the TV.

“So you won’t have anything to say if I ask you how the show was?”

“I didn’t go to the show, Dan’s brother was in jail remember?”

“I wasn’t talking about that show. I’m curious about the show Sanoe told me about.”

“That little bitch!” Mika said angrily. “She said she wouldn’t tell anyone about it! So what if I masturbate?!? She likes taking it in the ass!”

“Uh Mika she didn’t say anything about you masturbating. All Sanoe told me was that you walked in on her and Travis having sex and she asked me to ask you about the show and see how you reacted.”

Mika’s face turned a beet red and her mouth just hung down wide open as she realized the unintentional confession she just made. She squirmed in place trying to figure out what to do and then downed the last of her Pepsi having not been able to come up with something.

“You ok?” Michelle asked.

“Not really.”

“So what really happened last night?”

“——” Mika tried to think of something to say but drew a blank.

“You know I could go just wait until we go out and Sanoe gets drunk. Her lips like to talk when she’s drinking and Kate might be there when she does spill her guts.”

“Michelle please don’t. This is just really weird,” Mika pouted.

“Try me Mika, I’ve heard and seen some pretty weird things in my life. Besides Sanoe doesn’t seem too concerned with it other than when you two went back and forth at the airport and now I know she likes taking in the rear so now I have something I can give her shit for. Pun not really intended.”

“Oh god…. I can’t believe I’m going to repeat this. Please don’t tell Kate and don’t let Sanoe know that you know ok?”

“Ok, no problem. Now what’s this big secret?”

“Last night I was supposed to go to a concert with Dan and as you found out his brother was arrested and the date got cut short so I came home early. At one point I went into Sanoe’s room looking for your phone number so I could confirm flight number and everything. While I was doing that Sanoe and Travis came home early. Anyways, to make a long story short I got trapped hiding in the closet while they had sex.”

“Ouch, so you more than just walked in on them. So where does your masturbating come in?” Michelle asked having an idea of what the answer would be.

“Well… While I was in the closet I sort of got turned on watching them… And then when they finished and they were just laying there I sort of stared at Sanoe’s butt thinking how cute it was.”

After making her confession Mika leaned back on her side of the couch and covered her face with her arms.

“Does Sanoe know you think her butt is cute?”

“NO! And please don’t tell her!” Mika pleaded as she shot straight up. She just as quickly slunk down and made another confession.

“And while I’m at it let me further embarrass myself now by saying I think you’re attractive Michelle.”

Michelle just sat there for a moment thinking about what Mika just told her.

“By your silence I can tell that you’re either disgusted by what I said or not sure how to react.”

“Well… I’m not all that disgusted by what you said. There have been other females I’ve found attractive. It’s not all that unusual.”

“But you didn’t look at their butts and think how cute they were did you?”

“Not that I can remember, but- How old are you again?”

“15, why?”

“You don’t think you’re gay do you?”

“No, I like guys and I lost my virginity to one. Oh god what am I doing here telling you all this? You don’t want to hear this,” Mika just shook her head and half-laughed at the whole situation.


“Yeah?” She answered turning to face Michelle.

Mika barely turned her face all the way around before Michelle’s lips were pressing against hers. Mika wanted to move away, but the feelings from last night suddenly surged into her body. Michelle was the one who broke contact and when she did, Mika was at a loss for words. Michelle only smiled and taking Mika by the hand lead her to the bedroom.

Michelle removed her shirt and boxers and threw them to the floor. As she did so Mika only stared at her body looking it up and down. Her eyes became transfixed on the hairy busy between Michelle’s legs. Seeing Mika just standing there looking, Michelle prompted her by lifting Mika’s shirt up over her head. Soon the young girl too was nude.

Michelle started by kissing Mika on neck then bringing her lips down to the girl’s still budding chest. She took one of Mika’s breasts in each hand licking and kissing the right one first. Mika’s head tilted toward the ceiling and her eyes closed as she felt the excitement rush through her body when Michelle’s tongue circled around her nipple and her lips lightly pulled up on it. Michelle continued to squeeze and massage Mika’s chest pinching and twisting the nipples as her lips slowly kissed their way down Mika’s body.

Michelle easily passed through the small bush and stopped at Mika’s pussy. Michelle then tried to cover the slit with her mouth succeeding for the most part. Mika started to groan ever so softly as Michelle started to suck on one side of her cunt while darting her tongue in and out of Mika’s box.

Mika slid her hand down her body and stopped between her legs as she began to rub her clit. Michelle could sense her excitement as Mika’s snatch started to get wet. Wanting to push her over the edge Michelle removed her tongue from the moist hole and in its place slipped in a finger. Mika nearly fell over at the sudden sensation the fingers caused, but Michelle was there to help her to the bed.

Now on her back Mika began to rub her nipples as Michelle reinserted her finger into her pussy. With Michelle’s tongue now slithering around the fingers and slipping inside of her, Mika began to push her hips toward Michelle’s face as her body started to tremble. She then moved one of her hands from her chest down to her legs and began to rub her clit again.

“So young and vibrant,” Michelle cooed as she brought her head up and started to suck and lick on Mika’s right breast.

“Oh god! Michelle please…” Mika moaned as her body started to quake and shiver, her cunt clamping down on Michelle’s fingers.

With the sudden pressure on her fingers, Michelle began to penetrate Mika’s box quicker and harder, as her tongue continued to slide over Mika’s nipple and tickling it. As Michelle continued to work feverishly on her pussy, Mika started to push and grind down on Michelle’s fingers with a passion. With her body starting to quiver Mika could feel her orgasm nearing closer and closer. With a sudden push Michelle jammed her fingers deep into Mika’s moist cunt while bumping Mika’s finger out of the way and brushing against her clit with her thumb.

“Ooooooooooooh!” Mika groaned loudly as her body pulsed with ecstasy and she embraced orgasmed.

Michelle was caught off guard by the volume and rush of Mika’s cum as it completely drenched her fingers and flooded out onto bed soaking the sheets. When the flood subsided Michelle brought her fingers to her nose and sniffed them. Then without motivation or reason she licked her fingers clean. Not the best tasting stuff, but Michelle had had much worse in her mouth.

Mika laid on the bed for a moment then sat up on the edge of it joining Michelle. The two girls turned to face each other before embracing and locking lips. Michelle’s tongue slithered into Mika’s mouth and Mika’s tongue into Michelle’s mouth. They fell to the bed still in each other arms and kissing. Their heads pulled apart and they rolled onto their backs looking up at the ceiling. Silence filled the room for a few minutes before Mika broke it.

“Hey Michelle?”

“Yeah Mika?”

“Why did you? I mean with me and all.”

“I don’t know really, something just came over me. Like when you were hiding in the closet last night.”

“Oh… Well what about you? You didn’t come yet.”

“Ah don’t worry about it. I was more concerned with your first time being as easy as possible.”

“I’m not a virgin though.”

“I know.”

“Oh… OOOH, you meant with another girl. You’ve slept with another girl before?”

“Once long ago, but that’s a story for another time.”

“We’ve got time,” Sanoe said from the doorway.

“SANOE!” Michelle and Mika cried in unison shooting up in bed.

“Good work Michelle. All I asked you to do was kiss her, which if I remember correctly then asked you not to do, but instead you sleep with her.”

“What’re you doing here?” Michelle half-heartedly demanded.

“Turns out my luck with guys is pretty shitty. I got to meet Travis’ wife tonight,” Sanoe sighed melodramatically flopping onto the bed next to Michelle. “These queen-sized beds aren’t nearly as big as you’d think.”

“Whatever, now get out,” Michelle weakly scowled as she dressed and left her room.

“What do you have to be such a jerk for?” Mika glared as she picked up her clothes and started to redress.

“Me? A jerk? You’re the one that hid in the closet and masturbated while Travis and I had sex, and then tonight… I didn’t know you were into older women, or women at all.”

“You bitch!” Mika screamed as she lunged at Sanoe tackling her to the bed. The two of them rolled around screaming and cursing for several minutes before Michelle ran back into her room.

“Hey, Hey! What’s going on?!?” Michele demanded as she pulled Mika off.

“The little bitch got pissed off because she doesn’t like the truth!” Sanoe growled staring down Mika.

“Jesus Christ, not this again!” Michelle moaned as she sniffed the air and caught a whiff of alcohol. “How long have you been drinking?”

“I haven’t been drinking,” Sanoe giggled.

“Bullshit! I can smell it on you!”

“So can I,” Mika added.

“Well what took you so long to figure out that I had been drinking?” Sanoe fell backwards onto the bed and stared at the ceiling.

“We’ve already had to deal with it once before, and we didn’t think we’d have to deal with it with you too,” Michelle answered disappointed in Sanoe’s state.

“Well, if you must knoooooooooow I’ve been drinking since I left Travis which was about two or three days ago. Hours ago I mean. I was at some bar down the road. I think I was drinking Heineken though I really can’t remember if the bottle was green or not. Don’t worry though, I got a taxi ride home with some guy and we hit it off pretty well. I think his name was Tom Sear or Sawyer or something like that. He was really nice.”

“Jesus, you’re almost as drunk as Dan was,” Mika commented staring at Sanoe for several seconds before leaving the room.

“Dan? What happened with him? I thought he was a nice boy?” Sanoe asked struggling to sit up.

“He is… was… I don’t know maybe he still is, but he showed up here earlier tonight to pick up Mika and he was a bit drunk to say the least. He slapped Mika, I kneed him in the crotch, he got pissed and left,” Michelle answered.

“Ok, that’s all good and dandy, but why did you screw Mika? She’s underage you know.” Sanoe finally managed to prop herself up on one arm though it really didn’t look like it would hold.

“A I know that and b it’s none of your business.”

“It will be when I tell Kate. I bet you I could sell the story to the tabloids and make a decent amount. Hell I could blackmail you right now cause you’re career would be ruined,” Sanoe tried to said in an evil-genius I’ve got the upperhand type of tone. Instead it just accentuated her drunkenness. Michelle just stood there in disbelief before responding.

“What the hell’s gotten into you? Teasing Mika at the airport is one thing, but making blackmail threats is a completely different matter. You’re a very belligerent drunk.”

“I’m not some sixteen year old punk who doesn’t know anything! You can’t talk to me like that!” Sanoe sneered as she got to her feet rather wobbly.

“I’ve already dealt with one drunk tonight don’t make me deal with another,” Michelle warned.

“Deal with this!”

Sanoe took a very week drunken swing at Michelle and missed. Michelle didn’t take kindly to attacks so she reared back and was about to swing back when Mika interrupted them.

“Michelle don’t! Hold on!” Mika rushed between the two girls separating them.

“You’re lucky she’s here,” Michelle warned as she backed away.

“You didn’t hit me cause you know you can’t! You hit like a girl!” Sanoe said as she half-sat half-fell to the bed.

“That’s about the stupidest damn thing I’ve ever heard…” Michelle replied raising her arm again

“Michelle no,” Mika said pushing her back trying to calm her.

“She’s being a bitch!”

“Fuck you Michelle!” Sanoe shouted.

Michelle started towards Sanoe, but again Mika got in the way and dragged her from the room.

“Listen to me Michelle. I know she’s drunk and being a bitch right now, but come one she just found out the guy she was dating is married. She probably won’t remember any of this in the morning and she’ll be apologizing all day. Just let me take care of this ok?”

“You? What’re you going to do?”

“She needs comforting like I did earlier. Trust me ok?”

Michelle’s eyes widened when she realized Mika’s intent.

“You’re not going to do what I think you’re going to do are you?” Michelle asked.

“Why what’s that problem?”

“You can’t do that.”

“Sanoe’s being very belligerent right now and maybe she won’t remember any of this tomorrow, but if she does she might not run her mouth tonight, but she might run it tomorrow. Besides I like you too much.”

“This is insane you know? Let me go in there.”

“No Michelle it’s got to be me, trust me on this.”

“Fine, do whatever. This damn movie isn’t going to get made with the way things are now,” Michelle growled before sitting down on the couch and channel surfing the TV at light speed.

“I’ll be back in a little while Michelle, just calm down,” Mika said trying to reassure her before disappearing back into the bedroom.

Michelle settled on some station playing Men In Black and watched it for several minutes, before Mika returned to the living room shutting the bedroom door behind her.

“Done already?” Michelle asked.

“No, Sanoe’s out cold. I tried to wake her up but she kept falling right back to sleep,” Mika replied sitting down next to Michelle. “So what now?”

“I don’t know, I guess we’ll wait and see how she reacts tomorrow when she’s sobered up.”

Losing interest in the movie Michelle closed her eyes and leaned her head back thinking about how best to deal with Sanoe. As she sat there in thought, she felt a hand crawl up her shirt and start to fondle her breasts. Michelle opened her eyes and looking over saw a look of lust in Mika’s eyes.

“Mika we can’t… Not right now… Kate will be home any minute and there’s Sanoe to deal with.”

“Then we’ll just have to make this quick,” Mika replied coyly as she helped lift Michelle’s shirt up and over her head.

“What if Sanoe wakes up and catches us?”

“She’s good till morning. Don’t worry. Now get those boxers off and let’s go to my room. It’ll be more comfortable in there,” Mika toyed with Michelle before disappearing into her room.

“This is insane,” Michelle thought as she sat for a few moments. “We’ve already had one unresolved run-in with Sanoe we don’t need another.”

Michelle’s heart beat with excitement and lust pulsed through her body, but she struggled with a question as she got up and walked towards Mika’s bedroom. Ignoring the potential problems that could arise from the forthcoming situation, Mika was almost ten years younger which scared Michelle. With her shirt on the floor and on the bed on her back, Michelle wasn’t sure anymore if she was doing this for Mika or herself.

After removing her clothing Mika climbed onto the bed and straddled Michelle’s stomach. The two girls looked at each other for a moment and Mika noticed Michelle’s heavy breathing.

“You ok Michelle?”

“Yeah I’m fine,” Michelle laughed weakly. “I’m just a little nervous I guess.”

“We can stop if you like.”

“No, let’s keep going.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah,” Michelle answered smiling as she wrapped her arms around Mika’s neck bringing her face in close. Whatever it was that attracted her to the young girl Michelle couldn’t figure out, but by she decided to stop fighting the feelings.

Mika’s body collapsed onto Michelle’s as they pressed their lips together and started kissing. Michelle got

a little daring and slipped her tongue into Mika’s mouth surprising her as their two tongues touched. The surprise was only temporary as Mika began to passionately return the favor sliding her tongue all over the insides of Michelle’s mouth.

Mika was the one to break the kiss and Michelle only grinned as she felt lips slowly touch their way down to her breasts. With a breast in each hand Mika gave each one a thorough massaging and nipple pinch as she sucked on Michelle’s left nipple flicking her tongue along the outer edge and pressing down on the center.

Michelle ran her hands up and down Mika’s back as Mika switched from the left breast to the right one. The young girl hand become the aggressor this time and it was evident as Mika started to nibble and pull on Michelle’s nipple with her lips causing a small gasp to escape from Michelle’s mouth.

The prospect of Michelle getting turned on by her actions excited Mika. Michelle than began to half-giggle half-moan as Mika began to twirl her tongue inside Michelle’s navel. Carrying a small load of first time jitters Mika nervously brought her head between Michelle’s legs. Mika lingered momentarily as she eyed Michelle’s full dark bush, and sniffed for its aroma to see if had any. There was a faint aroma of something Mika couldn’t identify, but she liked it and bearing no reason to stop she lapped her tongue amateurishly at Michelle’s unspread lips.

Feeling Mika’s breath and moisture near her privates, Michelle’s eyes closed and her hands found her breasts and began to squeeze and fondle them like Mika had just minutes ago. Michelle bit her lip and her nipples ached as they were being twisted and turned between her fingers.

Mika’s own body began to heat up as low level moans from Michelle began to fill the room. With her right hand Mika began to use her thumb to rub and excitement Michelle’s clit and with her left she began to rub her own.

“Oh god Mika, please…” Michelle moaned as Mika’s slippery tongue began to stimulate her pussy as it slide in and out. Michelle brought her hands from her chest down between her legs and pushed Mika’s hand out of the way.

“Mika… Please… Inside…” Michelle pleaded as she began to stimulate her own clitoris

Mika began to pant heavily as she felt her own snatch start to get wet. Her body quickly began to twitch as she started to finger herself with her left and with her right hand slid her index and middle fingers inside of Michelle’s twat.

“More…” Michelle begged as her body began to glisten with sweat and her body heaved up and down.

While her fingers may have been big enough for herself, Mika had small hands and Michelle’s pussy required more substance. Mika then slid her ring finger inside. She could feel Michelle’s cunt already starting to get wet and her hand still moved around quite easily.

“OH MY GOD!” Michelle nearly shouted as she felt Mika force her entire hand inside of her cunt.

With one hand inside of Michelle and fingers from the other slipping and sliding in and out of her own pussy, Mika began to whine and moan as her body tensed up and a rush came over her. Michelle continued to furiously rub her clit as she was being fisted my Mika.

“Mika… I think… OH GOOOOOOD!” Michelle screamed as her body gave in, her vaginal walls clamped down on Mika’s wrist, and her body started to orgasm squirting cum all over Mika’s hand leaking out through what little space there was.

Mika pulled her soaked hand out of Michelle and lightly licked at it tasting her juices. The sweet taste of Michelle absolutely drove Mika nuts as she let out a silent orgasm. Mika’s fingers had her cuntal lips spread as she started to massively squirt cum forming a pool on the floor between her legs. After a few moments to calm down, Mika pulled herself up and fell onto the bed next to Michelle grinning widely.

“You ok?” Michelle asked smiling back as she kissed her on the lips.

“Yeah I’m fine, thanks to you. I didn’t know girls could be as comforting as guys.”

“I don’t do this often, it’s been a few years in fact since I’ve been with another female, and although you’re young enough for me to go to jail I felt something with you tonight.”

“You’re not going to jail. Kate doesn’t know, and Sanoe was drunk when she walked in. She might not even remember it. We’ll just have to wait and see tomorrow.”

“Speaking of Sanoe,” Michelle began as she took a deep breath and buried her head in a pillow closing her eyes for a moment, “I need to check on her in a moment and you need to get cleaned up before Kate comes home.”

“I know, I’ll do that when you get up,” Mika answered with her hands behind her head and her eyes closed as different emotions ran through her head.

As their date wore down Steve and Kate both ended the night with a glass of red wine. When their waitress brought the check Steve handed her a credit card without even looking at the bill.

“You don’t check your bills?” Kate asked, “Restaurants make mistakes and this place isn’t exactly Denny’s.”

“We’re having dinner,” Steve replied smiling.

“You know what I mean.”

“I know I know, but you’re every bit a good person as I remember from school. Besides my family received a ‘small’ inheritance from my uncle last year. I would really like to have taken you to Clyde’s but I didn’t know it burned down while I was away.”

“Don’t worry about it Steve, you’ve been the sweetheart you always were,” Kate smiled as the two them stared into each other’s eyes for a moment as they smiled. “Besides we wouldn’t have been able to spend a whole lot of time there, because I promised the others we’d all hit the road early tomorrow and spend the day together.”

“Well we better get going then if it’s going to be early tomorrow, because it’s already tomorrow. It’s almost twelve thirty.”

The waitress returned with the restaurant’s receipt for Steve to sign and then gave him his own copy. With the credit card and receipt in Steve’s wallet, they both rose from the table and left the restaurant heading for Steve’s car. On the drive back to the house, Steve asked and Kate told him a little more about the movie and how she came to meet and befriend the others. It was mostly idle chatter to past the time until they reached the house. As the car pulled into the driveway of the rented house Kate noticed the living room lights were still on.

“Huh… The lights are still on…”

“Somebody’s still up, looks like you won’t be getting an early start tomorrow.”

The car pulled to a stop and Steve walked Kate to the front door.

“Thanks for tonight. You were wonderful,” Kate smiled as she kissed Steve on the lips.

“You’re going to call me tomorrow right?”

“Yeah you gave me your number already. I’ll definitely call you. Bye…” Kate kissed Steve one last time and waved to him as he got into his truck and drove away.

Kate shut the door behind her and relished about how wonderful the night and Steve had been. She then started to walk to her bedroom, when she saw Mika’s light on.

“Ah so you’re the one still up,” Kate thought as she walked towards Mika’s room.

Michelle woke up at the loud gasp from Kate. When Michelle saw her she panicked.

“Oh shit! Trust me Kate this isn’t what it looks like,” Michelle said as she quickly picked up her clothes and tried to put them on.

Mika started to stir and woke up from commotion made by Michelle. She just froze with a look of horror when she saw Kate. Michelle tossed Mika’s clothes at her to get her going.

“Uh Michelle… When we agreed that Mika was a little young for Sanoe to sleeping with I didn’t think she would be sleeping with you…” Kate mumbled still a bit shocked now concluding that the pat on her butt by Michelle at the airport may not have been in jest.

“Hey what’s going on?” A sleepy and red-eyed Sanoe said stepping next to Kate.

“Oh, so it wasn’t a dream…” Sanoe replied when she saw Michelle and a still dressing Mika sitting on Mika’s bed.

“What wasn’t a dream?” Kate asked.

Mika and Michelle stared at Sanoe expecting her to tell about earlier tonight, not that it really mattered at this point with Kate walking in on them when they were both naked and sleeping.

“Before we get into all of this,” Sanoe began, “Kate can you follow me into my room? I need to talk to you about something.”

“Yeah alright,” Kate agreed as she followed Sanoe to her room. She looked back at Mika and Michelle who returned the look from Mika’s bedroom door. She didn’t actually catch them doing anything. They were just asleep in the same bed. And they were naked. Kate knew better but thought that maybe being naïve about the thing would be better.

“Can you shut the door behind you?” Sanoe asked after Kate entered her room. Kate obliged.


“No problem, but what’s this about?”

“It’s about Michelle and Mika. Michelle already knows and I’m sure Mika knows she knows so this isn’t a big secret anymore, but look. Last night or I guess technically the night before, basically what happened was that Travis and I came home early because Mika was supposed to be at a concert. Thinking that she was we started fooling around and had sex. Little did I know she had come home early and was in my room looking for Michelle’s number so she could call her and confirm everything. She panicked when she heard us and when she saw Travis walking towards my room she hid in the closet. Anyways to make a long story short, she watched us having sex and at some point started masturbating.”

“Ah shit!” Kate thought now knowing there was no denying what she already knew.

“Eeew… that had to have been awkward,” Kate remarked.

“It was and I tried to make her feel comfortable telling her I wouldn’t tell. She got kinda worked up at my slight innuendoes at the airport and before we left there I convinced Michelle to kiss her and freak her out a bit so she wouldn’t hide in people’s rooms anymore, but I thought about it some and told Michelle not to do anything. Then tonight I found out Travis was married and I went drinking. I came home drunk and I really can’t remember what I said or did, but I’m pretty sure Mika and Michelle are both pissed at me right now. I don’t remember what they were doing or if they did anything so I’ll let you decide for yourself on that.”

“They were both nude in Mika’s room, there’s really not a whole they could have been doing. Besides don’t you think Mika’s kind of young for that?”

“I was only sixteen the first time I had sex, besides it’s not like it’s the first time Mika’s messed around with somebody.”

“Yeah, but—”

“Shh!” Sanoe gestured putting a finger to Kate’s mouth quieting her. “Kate I’m going to tell you something and I want you to listen carefully ok?”

Kate nodded her head in understanding. Sanoe removed her finger and placing her hands on each of Kate’s cheeks, she kissed her. The two of them kissed for a few seconds and when Kate felt Sanoe start to part their lips with her tongue she backed off.

“Sanoe… What are you… You can’t be… Not with those two…” Kate fumbled on her words and Sanoe was quick to pounce on the opportunity.

“The door’s closed and as long as you keep quiet, they’ll think we’re just talking.”

“But what if they walk in? Wait! I can’t believe I’m even entertaining the thought!”

“What thought would that be Kate?”

“Well you know!”

Sanoe took hold of Kate’s head and pressed her lips to hers. This time Sanoe was successful in exploring the inside of Kate’s mouth.

“All I know is you seemed to like this a minute ago,” Sanoe grinned breaking the kiss. She slipped her hand up Kate’s shirt and moving her bra to the side began to fondle her breasts.

“Sanoe… I can’t…”

“Shhhhhhhh!” Sanoe whispered as she pulled Kate’s shirt up and over her head. She then reached around and unclasped Kate’s bra in the back letting it fall to the ground.

“Sanoe… I… Ooooooh!”

Sanoe began to tickle Kate’s nipple with her tongue as she reached down and unbuttoned Kate’s pants. Before Sanoe could act Kate pulled her pants down and removed them as if her motives were now the same as Sanoe’s. Standing only in her panties Kate stood in from of Sanoe as she attempted to make another move on Kate.

“No.” Kate simply said and Sanoe stopped almost with a confused look on her face at Kate’s sudden change in demeanor.

“What? I don’t get it,” Sanoe said starting to reach for Kate’s panties only to have her hands slapped away.

“I’ve decided I’m in charge now. If you want this to go anywhere you’ll do as I say.”

Kate surprised herself with her sudden change and as perverse and crazy a thought it was she rationalized going any further with the notion that then everyone would have messed around with another and hopefully things wouldn’t be as uneasy as they currently were. If she was going to do this though, she wanted to be in charge.

“You’re crazy,” Sanoe replied blowing off Kate’s new attitude.

“Try me.” Kate pushed Sanoe hard enough to make her fall to the bed.

“Damn,” Sanoe mumbled underneath her breath excited by the new Kate.

“Do we understand?”

“Yes Kate.”

“Good, now come here and take my panties off.”

Sanoe got up from the bed and walked over to Kate. As her hands reached for the underwear Kate pushed her to the ground.

“Not with your hands. Do it with your mouth.”

Sanoe obliged and after trying unsuccessfully for a few minutes, she used her tongue to slide up under the side of the panties and lift them from the skin so she could get a hold on them. When that feat was accomplished she pulled the panties down to Kate’s feet and started to bring her head back up.

“No, stay down there,” Kate demanded walking to the bed and sitting down on it. She then stretched her legs out in front of her. “Remove my shoes and suck my toes.”

Without any kind of protest, Sanoe did as she was told. Her tongue slid in and out of the gaps between each toe and she stopped momentarily to suck on each toe licking her tongue over each one.

“Good good girl,” Kate said impressed with Sanoe’s obedience. “Now take your clothes off and bend over my knee.”

“What… What’re you going to do?” Sanoe asked with curious excitement as she laid her nude body over Kate’s legs.

“You like to drink don’t you?”


“And you came home drunk tonight and harassed Mika and Michelle didn’t you?”

“Yes but you said-”

“It doesn’t matter what I said tonight! It’s what I’m saying now! You still have a slight hangover don’t you?”

“Yes…” Sanoe replied in a shameful whisper.

“That’s what I thought. There’s only one way to fix that!” Kate’s hand smacked hard against Sanoe’s bare butt making a loud slapping sound.

Sanoe squealed at the slap, and Kate smacked her ass again this time a bit harder. With yet another grunt escaping Sanoe Kate slapped her ass a third time again a bit harder than the last. Kate was about to land a fourth slap when she felt something wet trickle down her leg.

“Get up!” She demanded and Sanoe quickly did so. Kate touched her finger to the moisture on her leg and sniffed at it before placing the finger in her mouth tasting it.

“Are you getting wet already?”

“I don’t know…” Sanoe replied timidly. Kate sniffed at the spot between Sanoe’s legs.

“What do you mean you don’t know? Put your leg on the bed.”

Sanoe raised one leg up on the bed and Kate could clearly see light reflect off some moisture between her legs. Kate then pushed her face in and licked at Sanoe’s cunt. She ran her tongue Sanoe’s opening taking in what she just tasted.

“You can put your leg down Sanoe, but tell me do you really get turned on from being spanked?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? How could you not know? I have your cum on my leg.”

“I’m sorry.”

“We’ll see about that. Go to the window and open the blinds?”

Sanoe started to open her mouth to protest, but Kate shot her a look and she obeyed.

“That’s a good girl,” Kate purred as the window blinds opened. “It’s early morning and unless there is a peeping tom no one will see you so no arguing.”

“Alright…” Sanoe replied softly standing by the window and waiting for Kate’s next order.

“I want you to spread your legs and pleasure yourself now.”

Sanoe obeyed and with her legs spread she slowly licked her fingers before sliding them down to her clit. She began to rub her clit with her right thumb and with her left hand she traced her fingers along the outside edges of her pussy lips.

Kate laid back onto the bed and just watched as Sanoe slipped a finger into her cunt and swished it back and forth inside.

“Good good,” Kate finally commended as she felt her body start to heat up and a hand crept down between her own legs. “Tell me Sanoe. Yesterday when I was bringing my luggage into the house, Mika confessed everything to me. I promised not to tell, but things have changed. So I want to know, do you really like anal sex like she says?”

“Yes I do,” Sanoe moaned slightly as her fingers slipped further inside of herself.

“Mmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm. That’s what I thought. That’s another bad habit we need to break then. Turn around and finger your asshole now!”

Sanoe stopped momentarily and looked at Kate.

“Do it or I’ll do it for you!”

“Yes Kate.”

Kate felt her pussy start to really warm up as she watched Sanoe turn and slowly insert a finger into her anus. She started to squirm on the bed as her deft fingers continue to work their magic. Sanoe began to softly moan as fingers entered through both sides. Kate got up and placed herself behind Sanoe.

“You’ve done good Sanoe,” Kate commended, “but we’re nearing the end of tonight’s session.”

Kate took Sanoe’s hand from her ass and placed it near her slit. Kate then took her own hand and lubricated it with the moisture between her legs before poking Sanoe’s asshole with a finger. Slowly but surely Kate worked her finger all the way inside Sanoe’s rectum.

The two girls worked in unison stimulating each other’s orifices. Kate continued to finger Sanoe’s ass as Sanoe worked over both her and Kate’s cunts. Then without warning Kate felt Sanoe’s sphincter clamp down on her finger as Sanoe let out moans of pleasure.

“Finish me!” Kate commanded pulling her finger out of Sanoe as the orgasm subsided.

Sanoe obliged and getting on her knees began to dart her tongue here and there at Kate’s cuntal lips. Kate took the back of Sanoe’s head and pushed it towards her crotch burying Sanoe’s nose in her pubic hair.

“Do it!”

Kate soon felt her warm wet lips spread as Sanoe peaked in two fingers. Sanoe began to slide her tongue around her fingers and over Kate’s lips.

“Is this good?”

“It is for now.”

Sanoe began to really push and pull her fingers into Kate. She then brought her free hand up to lather her fingers with some of Kate’s escaping love juices. Without warning Sanoe began to slide her sticky fingers between Kate’s two ass cheeks and lather up her anal cavity.

“I don’t think so!” Kate scolded as she felt Sanoe feel up her ass.

“I do.”

With blatant disregard to what Kate said Sanoe forced her index finger into Kate’s anus. Kate froze momentarily at having both of her lower cavities filled. Then with a sudden rush her body exploded with pleasure and Kate whimpered continuously for a few minutes as her body convulsed with orgasm. Kate’s cum spilled more free and wildly than Sanoe’s had and it was obviously by looks of her legs.

Sanoe pulled out of Kate and both girls looked at each other momentarily trying to read into what just happened between them. They were interrupted by a knock and a voice at the bedroom door.

“You two ok? What’s going on in there? I heard your voices raised” Mika shouted through the door.

“Nothing! We’re just talking. We’re almost done.” Sanoe replied. She returned her attention to Kate who was trying to hide a smile.

“Well?” Sanoe asked.

“Well what?”

“You’re smiling.”

“Yeah well, that was a most interesting experience. You’re going to keep this a secret as well as you did for Mika right?”

“No I won’t,” Sanoe smiled shaking her head.

“That’s good to know,” Kate grinned leaving the room. “I’m tired and I’ll see you two in the morning,” She said to Mika and Michelle before heading off to her room.

Sanoe came out a few minutes later and Michelle spoke to her.

“So, what did you two talk about in there?” Michelle asked.

“Nothing really. Look about earlier tonight, I really don’t remember what I said or did, but I’m sorry for acting like a complete bitch.”

“I suppose I’ll forgive you for now,” Michelle replied in a teasing manner.

“Yeah thanks for your forgiveness.”

“No problem,” Michelle said as she and Sanoe hugged smiling.

“That’s good and all, but what about Kate and what she saw tonight?” Mika jumped in.

“That you don’t have to worry about.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want anything to happen to Michelle.”

“Trust me, as of this morning everything is cool, though if you can try and wait a few more years before you two get together again. Or at the very least wait until you’re absolutely sure nobody will be around for awhile. Like I said though, everything is cool and neither Kate nor I will say anything.”

Under the advice from Sanoe, Michelle and Mika kept themselves in check for most of the time they were on the island. The night of wrap party they both disappeared early in the night and while nobody thought anything of it Kate and Sanoe knew better.

While they were filming the movie Kate never mentioned her night with Sanoe, though it didn’t really matter after Michelle walked in on them one night.

Once the girls were back on the mainland they were often spotted together so it quickly spread that they had become good friends while filming Blue Crush. A public friendship that provided for less scrutinization of their visits with each other.

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