Blueprint For Success

***This story is just that, a story so it is fiction, a.k.a. not real. Therefore, this event never actually happened, but if it did it would have been amazing. Oh well, enjoy the story if you’re 18 or older***

Starring: Hayden Panettiere, Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus

Codes: Anal, Drug, MF, Mf, MFf, MFff, Oral, Reluc

Blueprint for Success

By: The Chemist

It was the worst day of Jim Chase’s life. He had managed to pull himself together enough to walk out of his former boss’ office and out of the building but he was still devastated. When Jim graduated
from university in business his professors touted him for greatness given his strong work ethic, creativity and motivation, however here he was fired from his first job as an agent’s assistant at the age of 23. He did all of the dirty work for his former boss and learned a lot and made the odd mistake in the meantime, but nothing that garnered his dismissal. He knew the reason was that Adam, his boss, had blown a big deal and through Jim under the bus and was thus fired. The agency knew he would get a job with a competitor so they blackballed him, making him getting another job near impossible for at least a few months.

Jim went back to his one-bedroom apartment in the city to think about where his life was going and how to get it back on track. With the disappointment still fresh in his mind and not wanting to think about the day’s events again, Jim turned on some mindless tv and some re-run of a reality show of hot girls being formed into a band came on. Jim was about to start flipping the channels when an idea hit him; he remembered the buzz this show received when it first aired and how this band went on to perform at award shows and get great CD sales. These girls were nobodies that were just hot pieces of ass that could sing and dance reasonably well and were marketed extremely well so what would happen if you took already famous, sexy singers and made them into a super-group. His mind was going a million miles a minute so he instantly shut off the tv, started his computer and was in research mode.

The next morning, Jim was still sitting at his home desk working on his project, which he had worked on the whole night with just taking enough time to eat every now and then and pour a cup of coffee as soon as he went out. He had the research accomplished and had picked the three singers that would make the group, however there was still the large problem of finding an agency that would hire him and put this in motion. He immediately decided that this idea was too good to just sit on so he would have to get in contact with the celebrities himself or else it wouldn’t get done. Rather than having the hassle of dealing with their agents and managers, Jim got the girls private number from someone he knew from his days as an agent’s assistant that was a friend of the three singers. Jim had convinced himself that the best idea would be to have all three of the starlets meet him at the same time, rather than make three individual appointments. To further convince the girls of his credentials in order to get the meeting, he created his own record label giving it the name Great Scott Records, named after his grandfather. After convincing the three singers to meet with him, Jim caught up on some sleep then got cleaned up and dressed for his big meeting the next day. The girls were busy people but they all had an opening for lunch the next day, only having to cancel plans with friends.

The 24 hours were the slowest to pass for Jim as he was going insane with a mixture of nerves, excitement and uncertainty. He decided to head to the sushi bar a little early, just to be sure that the restaurant didn’t forget about his reservation, but also to calm himself down. Finally 2pm rolled around and within a few minutes the lovely trio of Hilary Duff, Hayden Panettiere and Miley Cyrus had arrived and were seated. They were all surprised to see one another at the table since Jim had kept the details as vague as possible.

“I know you’re wondering why you guys are all here and I’ll explain. My name is Jim Chase, I worked at an entertainment agency until a few days ago when I was fired, but then I thought of the best idea and this is why you are here. Now I know you guys said you can only give me 5 to 10 minutes so I’ll be as fast as possible, but I want to make you guys into a band, a super, pop-singing band. I’ve done my research and in only a year you guys could each make in excess of 60 million each.” Jim explained.

“Wait, that much money is nearly impossible to make in 12 months, not to mention it takes time for a group to gel and write songs.” Hilary said.

“Wrong, that much money can be made but only under the right conditions. First, you three are all hot right now I mean your star power couldn’t be higher right now. So the fact that you guys are all big celebrities will grab the publics attention. Now in 12 months you guys will film a reality show, which will entice the audience and getting them ready for the CD drop, but more importantly it will allow time for you guys to have music written for you, practice and gel as a group. Then the CD is released which should easily be number 1 on every country’s music charts. Then the real money-maker, the tour and as long as we pair you guys with a good band that will draw in another kind of audience then you three will be very rich people. Plus we film some of the tour and launch it as a movie, just like Miley did with the Hannah Montana movie of her tour which earned over $65 million in the US alone.” Jim explained further, which had the girls sitting and thinking.

“Why us? I mean there are a lot of girls out there that are our age and the sing and that are sexy.” Hayden asked.

“Easy, given the success of yours and Miley’s tv shows, you guys are big draws, plus Hilary you add experience and real credibility to the group given your past musical success. Ladies this will work and the timing is perfect since Hilary is out of a contract with her label, Miley has an opt-out clause and you just released your album and only had a one record deal with your label Hayden.”

“Wait, it can’t be that easy.” Miley questioned.

“Not exactly. Song writing shouldn’t be a problem, I have a verbal commitment with a few different songwriters that will pen some songs and the team that did Ashlee Simpson’s reality show is available. The problem is your current contractual obligations to shows and movies, however compromises can be made with them. So what do you say ladies, want to become filthy rich?”

The answer was on their faces, the three stars were definitely in for the project. They all immediately got on the phone with their respective managers and told them about the proposal and the next day the three singers, their managers and Jim were sitting down in a meeting to discuss details. The three managers agreed to sign for Great Scott records provided that Jim could secure the time needed for them to accomplish everything from their tv and movie deals. Jim couldn’t wait to make meetings with the executives for Gossip Girl (Hilary’s show she needed to promote), Heroes (Hayden’s t.v. show) and Hannah Montana (Miley’s show), but they wouldn’t see him until later that week. In the meantime Jim secured the deals to have several prominent songwriters begin writing music for the talent girls and hired a camera crew for the reality show, which he was shopping to MTV.

With most of the details and preparation taken care of, all Jim had to do was make his pitch to the 3 shows and come to an understanding with them over getting the girls time off. However, by 4pm Friday afternoon Jim was ready to crawl under a rock and die since the meetings went worst then he could have ever thought. All his work so far was seemingly destined to go down the crap-shoot, all three shows rejected his plan and he was quite discouraged. He knew he still had to meet the girls and their managers in an hour and there was no good way to spin the news. When he told them about the news that night, the managers more-or-less said ‘I told you so’ and walked out on him, leaving there clients in the wake.

“Listen Jim you tried but it wasn’t meant to be,” Miley said trying to comfort him.

“Yeah really, creeps like Tim don’t care about other, especially if they get nothing meaningful out of the deal.” Hayden added about the creator of her show.

“Agreed, my producers are creeps too, all they do is stare at me or any other female that walks near them. They make decisions which only benefit their company, or there dick.” Hilary chirped.

“I know what you mean, my boss is the same way and I’m only 15,” added Miley.

All of a sudden the same idea hit all three girls at the same time. They looked around the table at each other and confirmed that they had the same thought and without words agreed that it had to be done.

“Jim, everyone in Hollywood is a perverted and since the media builds us up so much the big bosses of companies want to fuck us more than everything. We can use that to get our time off to do the group, I know I’d be willing to do it for that reason.” Hilary said.

“Me too,” Hayden and Miley said almost in unison.

“So you know what this means then? You guys are willing to sleep with these guys for this band,” Jim asked.

“We’re not going to be the first stars to fuck to get ahead and we won’t be the last,” Hayden stated, receiving nods from her future band mates.

“Okay then. I’ll get on the phone with the higher ups and then get back to you on where and when,” Jim said as they left the room.

* * *

“Miley, it’s me Jim.”

“Any news Jimmy.”

“Some couple named the Keane’s are the people to please for you. They are expecting you at tonight at their house. Here’s the address, got a pen?”

* * *

Miley arrived at the Keane’s home at 9 o’clock wearing a white tanktop with a red zip-up sweater overtop and black stretch pants that showed off her tight teen ass and long, slender legs. She walked up the interlocked walkway and climbed the stairs before knocking on the door, which was than answered by the Keane’s butler.

“Miss Cyrus, the Keane’s are expecting you in the guest house so please follow me,” the butler told her as he lead her through the house, across the yard and to the door of a small one-story house. The butler knocked twice on the door and turned to Miley to say, “Wait until I get back into the house before entering ma’am.” The butler immediately turned his back and headed into the house, which Miley understood that she was to go into the guesthouse.

Miley pushed opened the door and saw that there was a completely naked bald man sitting in a leather chair behind a desk in the corner of the room. The room consisted of a large bed in the middle of the floor with cushioned chairs spread around the area and a small staircase leading to a top area of a kitchen and desk, where Paul Keane sat.

“Miley don’t act so surprised to see me naked. You know why you are here, you made that quite apparent in your phone call earlier so I figure why waste time and energy of having you undress me. My wife will be joining me but she is currently in the other house freshening up, she wants to look good for you after all. So as we wait for her, why don’t you show me how you got that seductive raspy voice and suck my cock,” said the short, slim bald-headed man.

Miley wasn’t expecting that, however she knew Paul was right so she walked up the short landing and made her way around the desk and got down on her knees in front of her boss. She knew that this blowjob had to be great to get the time-off she needed for Jim’s music project so she got to work by grabbing the base of the cock and planting kisses on the head before engulfing half of the member into her mouth. Instantaneously she was bobbing her head up and down on the first 6 inches of his 10-inch dick as he bundled up her long black hair and used it to push and pull her, his form of helping. Once she had made several passes up and down his member, she accepted it all the way into her throat, which made her bury her nose and face into his thick mass of pubic hair, which brought moans of pleasure from the CEO. She deep-throated him for several seconds before returning to her fast-paced bobbing on his cock, mixing in taking him completely into her mouth every few seconds.

Miley felt like she was giving one of the best blowjobs she had ever given, and Mr. Keane must have been thought so too because his grunts were getting louder and his pelvis thrusts were getting harder and faster. She could tell he must be on the brink of blowing his load because the bald man stood up and started to practically fuck the 15-year-old’s mouth. Miley thought she heard the door open behind her but she couldn’t really tell as Paul used her hair to push his dick all the way down her throat then started to cum. Strand after strand virtually went straight into her stomach as she gobbled up every drop, being sure not to let any escape her mouth.

Before Miley could get back to her feet, everything went dark as something covered her eyes and she heard a strong female voice whisper in her ear, “Don’t worry little Miley, you’ll like being blindfolded.”

Miley guessed that the voice was from that of Mrs Keane, Paul’s wife, and she was right as Nancy Keane helped the Disney star to her feet and down the stairs. The 5’5”, 120 pound brunette beauty with D-cup tits started to softly kiss the slim teenager as she stood with a black sleeping mask covering her eyes. Miley noticed that the woman only 10 years her senior was a very good kisser, both of them now probing each other’s mouths with their tongues. Nancy unzipped Miley’s red sweater and pulled it off her lean arms, following quickly by lifting the white tanktop over her head, leaving the Hannah Montana star in only her tight black pants and black bra. The bra didn’t last much longer as Miley herself reached around her back to unclasp it, letting it slide down to the growing heap of her clothes. Nancy eased the singer/actress down into a cushioned chair so it would be easier to take off her pants, which looked as though they were painted onto her long legs. Once thrown aside, Miley’s cotton panties were slide out from around her waist leaving the black-haired teenager completely naked.

“You gave my husband a good blowjob I guess since he hasn’t joined in yet so as a reward I’m going to eat that cute little pink hole of yours. I bet you taste as sweet as honey baby,” Nancy said.

Nancy quickly grabbed a hold of Miley’s legs and lifted it onto the edges of the chairs to leave the teenager spread eagled. Nancy buried her tongue into the depths of Miley’s pussy, pushing herself as far as possible into her extremely tight cunt. She switched from concentrating on licking her inner walls to sucking on the nub of her clit, which made the Disney star even hornier since she never knew what the more experienced woman would do next.

Nancy saw her husband rise from his chair out of the corner of her eye, obviously he had seen enough to excite him again and want more of the skinny singer. Nancy pulled Miley to her feet before making her kneel sideways on the chair so she was bent over the arm of the chair. With her athletic body leaning over the edge and her ass pointed into the air gave Paul the biggest smile of his life.

Paul made his way to the front of the blindfolded girl while Nancy went to the back, where she started a tongue assault on Miley’s impossibly tight asshole. This made Miley gasp in a combination of shock, awe and excitement while Mr. Keane put the tip of his cock in her wide-open mouth. After her initial confusion she picked up where she ended several minutes prior in giving fantastic head.

Mrs Keane was still rimming her brown eye but started to piston two fingers in and out of Miley’s pussy, which after several minutes had clamped around the fingers. Nancy knew what was coming and swiftly sealed her mouth around Miley’s lovehole and was rewarded with her sweet tasting cum juice as Nancy had brought the teen to orgasm.

“Let’s switch,” Paul mouthed to his busty wife once he caught her eye.

They both moved away from the attractive singer and helped her onto the king-sized bed in the middle of the room and eased her onto her hands and knees. This time Paul had her backend and finally got to sink his throbbing cock into her very tight pussy while his wife got on her back with her own twat directly beneath Miley’s moaning mouth. Nancy clutched the teenager’s head and lowered it until Miley’s nose was rubbing in her nicely trimmed bush.

“You’ll have to give me suggestions, I’ve only ever fingered a girl before,” the inexperienced actress said.

“Don’t worry Hannah, I mean Miley. I’ll walk you through it,” Nancy said adoringly. “First use your fingers to spread my lips apart then use your tongue as you want. You can lick the slit, suck on the clit or lip flaps or dig into my pussy.”

Miley took the advice and took to task, randomly switching the goal of her tongue so that she was doing all of what Mrs. Keane told her. Meanwhile Mr. Keane was continuing to pound away on her pussy, completely removing his dick then burying it back in, his thick pubes tickling her supple ass. After 10 minutes of being fucked doggy style and licking Nancy’s pussy, Mrs Keane was ready to orgasm, but she had a special treat for the young girl. Nancy grabbed two handfuls of Miley’s black hair and pulled her head firmly to her box as she was orgasming, however she also squirt many blasts into the awaiting and unexpecting mouth of Miley. Miley started to swallow as fast as she could but there was so much that Miley spat some onto Nancy’s midsection, which allowed the last few gushes to splatter against her boobs.

“Mmm, you taste delicious Nancy,” Miley said as she was still being bounced from the hard pounding Mr Keane was dishing out to her young pussy. “Now how about I get more of your cum Paul so I can properly compare it to your wife’s.”

“Fine by me, but I know my wife is a sexual animal and is primed for another orgasm so it’ll be a race to finish first,” Paul replied.

He pulled out and guided the 15-year-old off of the bed so she was standing on the ground, then he lowered her onto her back before folding her long legs back over her body. Paul shoved his rock hard cock back into the eagerly awaiting blindfolded girl and continued to fuck her while his wife recovered enough to sit her cunt down right onto Miley’s face. Miley instantly started to eat out the pussy that was right on her mouth while Paul was jackhammering her twat. After several minutes, he pulled out and moved his wife away from the singer so he could jack off inches from her awaiting mouth, but as soon as he came Nancy pushed him aside and gushed into Miley’s mouth.

“Wow, you guys each tasted good individually but together you guys are un-fucking-believable,” Miley proclaimed as she finished swallowing the mixed-cum mouthful.

“So Nancy, how did you find her? Was she good enough to let her go do her own thing with that new band of hers?” Paul asked his exhausted wife.

“It takes a lot to impress me but this little girl did it for me. I think that if she promises that these ‘meetings’ become a regular thing once she returns than I am fine letting her go do her own music.” Nancy replied.

“Excellent ideas. Tell Mr. Chase that I will fax the appropriate papers to him tomorrow.” Paul said.

Having received the good news she sought, Miley started to redress and make herself look presentable in case any paparazzi saw her later that night. Luckily the horny couple didn’t rip any clothes or smear her make-up and after a little time in front of the mirror she had brushed out her wild sex hair.

“Oh and Miley, next time bring one of your new band mates. It’s been too long since we fucked Ms. Duff and I have heard very good things about Ms Panettiere.”

Miley nodded eagerly and left the guest house, her mind consumed with what it would be like having an orgy with the Keane’s, Hilary Duff and Hayden Panettiere…

* * *

The email that Tom Crong had sent Jim had been very detailed in terms of what he wanted Hayden to be wearing when she showed up at the hotel room, which Jim had put under his name to avoid any hassles. Tom had told Hayden to wear a schoolgirl’s outfit as he always found their get-up to be quite sexy. He left the choice of hairstyle and underwear up to Hayden but demanded she apply lotion or oil to her fit legs in order to make them glisten.

At about 7 o’clock, Hayden walked into the lobby of the 5-star hotel and took the elevator to the 7th floor and knocked at the door, which was opened by the creator of her TV show ‘Heroes’. Tom Crong was an ordinary looking man who was roughly 5’10 and 185 pounds, which was considerably larger than Hayden’s petite frame of 5’2 and 110 pounds. He was fairly lean with dark brown hair and glasses, which sat on a curled nose.

“Come in Hayden, I’m happy Jim passed along my email to you,” Tom said to the somewhat nervous looking 18-year-old. “You seem a little uptight, is anything wrong?”

“Well, no not really. This situation is a little strange but after all this is what I want so I’m fine,” Hayden answered, still not convincing him.

The beautiful blonde had listened and wore a white blouse with a navy kilt that was rolled up to her mid-thigh in order to show more of her lotion-covered legs. She had straightened her hair so it was long and cascaded down her pretty face. She had followed the email to the letter.

“I know something that always helps me when I’m feeling nervous,” he said as he pulled out a joint from the pocket of his dress shirt.

“Actually that seems like a good idea, it’ll really help me get into the mood too,” the blonde-haired actress-turned-singer replied.

Tom quickly took out a lighter from his khaki pant pocket and sparked up the joint, in which he took a puff before passing it to the younger girl. Hayden took 3 or 4 long drags before handing it back to him. They took turns puffing until there was nothing but the butt left and Hayden was immediately feeling the effects of the drug as she felt more relaxed and slightly light-headed.

“There, this seems much better,” Tom said.

Tom took a few steps forward to close the distance before engaging the blonde in a tongue-filled kiss as he backed Hayden up backwards towards the desk in the far corner of the room. Along the way Hayden was busy with her hands by undoing the button of his pants while he made himself busy by groping her bare ass with both hands under her skirt, delighted with her choice of wearing a thong underneath. When they got across the room he lifted her up onto the desk and dropped to his knees, whipped off her red thong from beneath her kilt and drove his tongue into her clean-shaven pussy.

“Oh, yeah,” Hayden moaned as the creator of her TV show munched on her rug as she laid back onto the desk and enjoyed the sensation.

Tom was using his tongue and fingers in unison on the blonde to pleasure her, alternating between dipping his tongue into her hole while rubbing her clit then thrusting 2 fingers in and out of her teenage twat while sucking on her exposed clit. After another few minutes of this, Tom stood up and helped Hayden.

“Ok babe, make your case to me as to why I should give you the time off you want,” Tom said to the starlet.

Hayden dropped to her knees and pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles to expose his already rock-hard cock that almost slapped her in the face when it came out from under his boxers. Tom’s cock wasn’t that think but it was an impressive 9-inches long, which had Hayden wide-eyed with anticipation. She grabbed the base and gave it a few long strokes as she lowered her head and began sucking and licking his ballsack. She eventually stopped stroking his cock and ran her tongue up the entire length before popping the head into her mouth and started her blowjob. She concentrated mainly on the tip in order to lap up the dribbles of precum before she slowly took more of the cock into her mouth. She was starting to pick up the pace, now bobbing her blonde-mane up and down on the first 5 inches of his dick while jerking the last 4 inches with her hand.

“Alright, that is a great start but you’ll never get 12-months of time-off with just a blowjob so why don’t you jump back on the desk and lay back. Lose the shirt and bra first though.” Tom demanded.

Hayden got back to her feet after being on her knees and slowly undid her shirt to reveal a white bra that was also discarded of to leave her standing in white shoes and a navy kilt. Her breasts were a nice size being a B-cup but were extremely perky with hardened pink nipples. She hopped up onto the oak desk, landing on her panty-less ass before Tom eased her backwards and brought her ass to the edge of the desk with her somewhat muscular legs dangling off. He then grabbed her glistening legs and hoisted them onto his shoulders as he lined up his long, slim cock with her awaiting pink pussy and slowly entered her. She was well lubricated from the rug-munching he performed earlier so it took little time until he was slamming his full length into her tight lovehole, causing his balls to keep slapping against her thick ass. He continued in this position for a good ten minutes until he felt the cum tingling inside his sack and decided he needed to switch positions as he was nowhere near down with his sex slave yet.

“All that fucking has made me a little tired so why don’t you show me your youthful energy and ride me over on the bed,” Tom said as he lead her over the bed.

He knew that for some reason he could never blow his load when the woman was on top of him so he figured he would elongate their fucking session and his pleasure at the same time. Tom lied back onto the bed and made himself comfortable while Hayden slipped off her skirt before kneeling overtop of him then lowered herself down. It took a second to adjust to his long size but once she did Hayden began to grind her hips back and forth hard then started rising up and down on his entire length very fast. After 10 minutes of energetic fucking, Hayden went from her knees to crouching on her feet while still having Tom’s dick embedded in her. This change of positioning made her pussy clamp like a vice around him and felt like a heavenly massage on his cock when she started riding him. 5 minutes into this she had worked up quite a sweat, which made her skin shine all over her body.

“Now I understand why you have such strong legs and how you stay so fit,” Tom said.

Hayden’s legs were growing tired from the constant squats up and down so she stood on the bed and turned around before impaling herself back on his cock so she was riding him in the reverse cowgirl position. As she threw herself all about on his stick, he sat up so he could knead her bouncing tits and jiggling ass, and also to rub her clit, which quickly prompted her to have an orgasm. Knowing she was extremely sensitive because of her orgasm, Tom shifted into a standing position, which forced Hayden onto all fours without ever pulling out of her bald pussy.

“I want to fuck you in the ass,” Tom said while pounding her pink snatch.

“I don’t do anal, sorry,” Hayden said firmly, having never been fucked in the ass and only hearing bad things about it.

Tom didn’t answer, instead he just kept fucking her from behind then began to massage her clit, which made her orgasm again. As she came, the walls of her pussy tightened around him and he knew that cumming was unavoidable.

“I’m gonna cum, roll onto your back,” Tom Crong told her quickly.

Once she laid on her back, he straddled her face and started to cum before shoving the head of his cock in her mouth, but not before a thick strand of cum landed on her forehead and carried down the bridge of her nose, barely missing either eye. Without having to be told, Hayden swallowed every ounce of fluid that erupted from his dick and kept milking him until his penis started to go limp.

“So we good Crong,” Hayden asked, looking adorable with the cum on her face. “I can have my year off from the show to do my music?”

“No Hayden. I’m sorry but Jim told me that you would thoroughly convince me and you have failed to hold up your end of the bargain. Therefore no Hayden, you have to stay and promote the show just like the other actors on the show.” Tom said which made Hayden jump off the bed, furious.

“You bastard, I fucked you for an hour and a half and your still not satisfied?” Hayden yelled.

“Hayden you’ve come so far, I mean you’ve had sex with me and I’m far from a catch. Not to mention that Hilary and Miley are doing the same things with here producers and probably pleasing them endlessly. Now why don’t you let me fuck you in that tight little asshole and you can have your time-off, you’ve come this far so why not give up your anal virginity.” Tom reasoned with a smug look on his face.

Hayden was having a moral dilemma in which the face of Hilary and Miley flashed through her head, followed by money then followed by her friends’ face as they recapped their anal experiences. In the end, Hayden went to her handbag and grabbed the bottle of lotion she had used on her legs then walked over to the desk and dropped to her knees.

“Well let’s get it over with,” Hayden said grudgingly.

Tom nearly ran over to the defeated blonde who was now kneeling in front of him and offered her his flaccid cock that she reluctantly took into her mouth. She used her tongue to massage the underbelly of his stick, which was making it grow inch by inch until it was back to its full length of 9-inches. She got up, handed him the bottle of lotion then bent over the desk with her beautiful ass facing him. Tom bent down so that he could spread apart her cheeks and dip his tongue into her backdoor, which was meet by a shudder from the foxy blonde. Tom meanwhile applied a generous amount of lube to his stiffy before putting the bottle down by Hayden.

“I’ll let you put lube in your own ass,” Tom said as he worked the lube over his penis.

Hayden just laid there a few seconds disgusted before squirting a lot of lotion onto her fingers and slowly brought them around to her hole and began inserting a finger into it, which made Tom stroke his lubed cock excitedly. After growing accustomed to one finger, she put in another finger that had lotion on it into her asshole and coated her rectum walls with it.

“Put a third finger in now,” Tom instructed.

To his delight Hayden did exactly as she was told as she promptly brought a third, well-lubed finger into her crammed ass. Fully expecting to fell nothing but pain, Hayden was pleasantly surprised when there was wasn’t any, just slight discomfort initially and now she liked the feeling of being full.

“Why don’t you shove that hard cock in my tight ass now,” Hayden said seductively as she made a please-fuck-me face.

Tom didn’t need to be told twice by the suddenly sexually adventurous blonde as he ran over and in one fluid motion pushed the head of his dick into her puckered hole. Tom waited until Hayden got use to his size and felt her push back on his prick before he buried his full length into her rectum. He fully removed himself from her asshole before slamming it back in with authority, pushing the desk towards the wall due to the force. Hayden still felt a little uncomfortable but was really starting to like being assfucked, even more so when Tom began massaging her clit.

“Yeah, yeah fuck that ass Tommy. Make me scream baby. OH FUCK YEAH,” Hayden yelled as she came unto her boss’s fingers. Tom felt her cream onto him and promptly brought his fingers to the starlet’s mouth so she can taste herself. “Damn I taste good. Mmm, no I taste delicious.”

Tom continued to fuck her until his balls ached so badly from fighting off orgasms for the past 30 minutes, in which time Hayden had 2 more of the best orgasms of her life. Hayden couldn’t believe that no one had told her how great anal sex was and now was going to get it in the ass regularly.

“I’m going to cum Hayden, I’m going fucking blow right in your ass. Fuck fuck fuck,” Tom screamed as she came into Hayden’s ass.

After they each recovered from hours of fucking each other’s brains out, Tom went to his briefcase, signed some papers and handed them to Hayden. Hayden took a quick glance, realized that they gave her permission to record her album with Hilary and Miley so got dressed and left, heading straight to see Jim.

* * *

Hilary didn’t really know what to expect from Will Brown and Kevin Rice, the executive producers of her latest movie. She knew that they were horny as hell as she always saw them checking out every girl that walked by them and would see the odd assistant leaving their trailer during breaks in filming. No matter what they were into, Hilary was dressed to kill, wearing a black t-shirt, short jean skirt and a pair of cowboy boots. The outfit did well to hide the skimpy black nightie that the blonde-haired actress was wearing underneath her clothes. She informed her driver that she was headed to the studio so she could have her “meeting” with her two bosses to work out her release from having to do promotional work for the movie, which would occupy several months that the band needed.

By the time they made it to the back room of the office, both men were taking turns making out and grouping the talented singer. Will proved to want more kissing than Kevin did so stood face-to-face with Hilary and made out with her while removing her top. Kevin was busy as he kneeled behind the gorgeous girl and pulled down her jean skirt, with Hilary’s black nightie in full view.

“I like your preparedness Ms Duff, very impressive…and sexy,” Kevin said as he reached underneath the silk material to pull down the tiniest black thong he had ever seen, which made her ass look even hotter.

Will continued to kiss and grope her chest until he realized the couch behind him so he had a seat and took off his pants. Hilary immediately put her mouth to good work and took his rock hard, 10-inch cock into her mouth and fondled his balls. Meanwhile Kevin was busy fingering the blonde’s pussy while he used generous amounts of saliva to tongue her asshole. He grabbed each of her perfectly round and plump ass cheek and spread them so he could thrust his tongue as deep as possible into her bum while he rubbed and prodded her pink snatch, which had a trimmed strip as a design. Hilary was loving the attention that Kevin was giving her tight asshole which made her even wetter, making her crave cock more so she took out her sexual desire on Will’s cock as she was completely deepthroating his large dick like it was a stubby finger.

“Need…cock…in…my…pussy…now!” Hilary managed to say despite having Will’s prick shoved down her mouth.

Will jumped to his feet and nudged his fellow producer out of the way so he could ease his long, thick cock into Hilary’s wanting twat, going slowly at first because of how tight she was. Kevin undressed quickly and took Will’s old seat on the sofa then presented his 7-inch long, 4-inch round cock to Hilary.

“Holy shit your dick is like the size of my forearm,” the blonde yelped before she took the head into her mouth.

Will was now fucking the shit out of the bent over girl with ease now, his cock gliding along her pussy walls because she was so wet. Will accidentally slipped out of her snatch and Kevin seized the chance to fuck Hilary by quickly spinning her around and prompting her to climb on his lap with her back to the sitting producer. Will, obviously disappointed, stood on the couch and once again offered his pussy juice-covered member to the cock-hungry blonde, who happily accepted it again. Hilary was barely able to concentrating on giving Will head as Kevin was pounding up into her snatch and hitting her g-spot which almost instantly made her cum all over his troll-like cock.

“Ok, my turn to fuck her again Kevin, you’ve been hogging that fine piece of ass for too long,” Will said as he climbed down and took a seat beside his business partner while Hilary switched over and began riding his cock while lip locked.

He couldn’t believe how horny this seemingly innocent looking girl was as her pussy still felt as though a river was flowing through it. Kevin was still horny as hell but know that it couldn’t be satisfied with more of a distracted blowjob so after several minutes of watching Hilary ride Will he decided to make his move and didn’t care if he ripped the 110 pound girl apart. Kevin stood up and walked to the back of the pop singer and pushed her flat down onto Will so her perky b-cup tits were resting on his hairy chest. Kevin then slowly eased his impossibly thick cock into her unsuspecting blonde’s asshole, which was met by a yelp, however to his amazement Hilary pushed back on him and took more of his cock into her backdoor.

“Fuck Kevin you have the fattest cock but I love it. Pound my ass Kevvy, oh it feels so good. Keep fucking me too Will, don’t go easy on me. I’ve been getting double penetrated since I was 14, I love cocks in my pussy and ass,” Hilary exclaimed as she was in utter bliss.

She managed to have 2 more orgasms in that position in the next 20 minutes as the men showed their experience by holding out for that long, but they weren’t superhuman and knew they both didn’t have long left. Kevin was the first to pull out, exiting her stretched asshole with an audible pop then Will lifted Hilary off him as he also got to his feet. Hilary knew what was coming so she knelt on the floor as both of the much older men jacked off inches from her face, her mouth fully open. Will came seconds before Kevin did, blowing his sticky load onto her round, nightie-clad boobs while Kevin took aim at her mouth, emptying himself into her oral cavity than had her suck in dry which she gladly did since she loved the taste of her own bum.

“So we will continue to meet once a week for the next 3 months if we give you a pardon on promoting our show, correct?” Will asked the cum-covered actress.

Hilary didn’t even hesitate in agreeing, after all she really wanted to make all that money with her new band but also because Will and Kevin turned out to be quite the studs.

* * *

The next morning the girls had a meeting with Jim Chase at a high-end sushi restaurant in the heart of Hollywood.

“Great job ladies! You guys got all your releases so we can go on ahead with the group. I have a meeting with the investors later today but that shouldn’t be a problem. Afterall, you guys have already done all of the hard work.” Jim told them as he dug into his red dragon roll.

“It was definitely hard,” Hilary said with a smirk.

The two other girls also reacted with sly smiles, knowing that the only thing hard about their encounters were the hard cocks.

“So then once you get the money for the record label we can go and start making the album?” Miley asked.

“Already done. I’ve already booked the songwriters who are working right now. We should be in the studio next month. Oh and in 3 weeks the cameras start rolling for the reality show. So things are good ladies! What do you guys have on tap for the rest of the day?” Jim asked as he moved onto the tuna handroll.

“Well we figured we would head over to Hilary’s house tonight and start some group bonding.” Hayden answered excitedly.

“You should come by Jim. I’m throwing a little party actually and it would be great to see you there,” Hilary added quickly, getting glances from the rest of her new band.

“Um sure. Sounds great. Just text me the address and I’ll be there. Anyway, I have to eat and run but I’ll see you later tonight.”

“I thought we agreed it would just by the 3 of us and lots of girl-on-girl sex,” Miley said with a pout.

“Jim did all these great things for us and is going to make us extremely rich so I figured we’d show our appreciation with a full out orgy,” Hilary informed.

“You are an evil genius Ms. Duff,” Hayden said as all three girls started thinking of the night to come.

* * *

Jim had hoped in his car and started his drive into the secluded part of Hollywood Hills reserved for the extremely rich and powerful. This was the area that Hilary Duff lived and as he pulled into the driveway he couldn’t help but think that someday he might have a house in the same neighborhood. His GPS said he had arrived at the destination but with only seeing Hilary and Hayden’s cars in the driveway, the others mustn’t have gotten to the party yet.

“Come on in Jim,” Hilary’s voice said coming from the upstairs bedroom balcony.

Locking his car and shutting the door, Jim made his way to the front door and found it unlocked. He entered the biggest house he had ever seen. The floors were gorgeous marble, white pillars stood from floor to ceiling and artifacts from all around the world came together in the front foyer.

“We’re upstairs Mr. Chase,” Hayden’s voice said in her normally flirty tone.

Jim brought the bottle of red wine he bought for the party and headed up the spiral staircase that lead to the second floor. Surprised that there wasn’t any loud party music being blared through the speakers, Jim was wondering what was going on. He dressed in a blue dress shirt with the top button left open for a more casual look and a pair of dark blue jeans.

“No offense but lame party Hil…,” Jim said as he walked through the threshold of the master bedroom.

The band manager stopped midsentence as his jaw practically hit the floor with the scene in front of his eyes. On Hilary’s massive bed were the three girls all in lingerie with Hayden and Miley already rolling in the seats with a passionate make-out session.

“Lame party? You can leave then Jim,” Miley said after breaking away from Hayden’s eager mouth.

“Um so what’s going on guys? I thought you were having a party,” Jim asked, still stunned.

“We are having a party silly and you’re the guest of honor,” Hayden said while feeling up Hilary from behind.

“We saw how much you’ve been doing for us and what you’re going to do for our career so we figured this would be the best way to thank you,” Hilary said before turning her head and bringing the Heroes star in for a kiss.

“So why don’t you come a little closer,” Miley said as she crawled to the edge of the bed and waited for Jim to slowly walk across to her.

Jim still couldn’t get his head around what was happening. Miley Cyrus, Hannah fucking Montana herself, was wearing a blue bra and thong and waving for him to join her on the bed. Then there was Hilary Duff in black lingerie and stockings making out with Hayden Panettiere in her pink nightie.

“Okay,” Jim said as he made his way to the bed.

“Us girls have been having a discussion about who gives the best blowjob. We were hoping that you could be the mediator,” Miley said as she was already undoing his belt.

The youngest member of the group swiftly had her manager’s pants bunched around his ankles and was stroking his semi-erect member. By the time Miley had his head nestled between her lips, Jim was fully hard and standing at 10-inches long.

“I think our band can really get along well,” Hilary said as she got on her back and moved under Miley.

Having felt the former Lizzy McGuire star move between her thighs, Miley squatted further down so that her neatly trimmed pussy was sitting on her hungry mouth. Meanwhile Hayden straddled Hilary’s lap so that she could sit on her while licking Miley’s exposed asshole.

“I had no idea you guys were so…horny,” Jim moaned as the brunette singer continued to suck hard on his rod.

Miley was savoring the feeling of two tongues working over her tight holes and made her increase the rhythm of her blowjob. She may have still been relatively new at pleasing men, but the country-pop singer knew that Jim was getting close to popping his nut. Feeling the large vein start pulsing along her tongue, Miley moved his bulbous head to the tip of her tongue so she could accommodate his expectant load.

“Holy fuck,” Jim screamed through his hands as the first blast splattered against the back of the girl’s throat.

Miley was just able to handle the entire load in her mouth with only a little cum spilling down her chin. Pushing herself up on her knees, she spun around and gave an open mouth kiss to Hayden, pushing the mouthful of hot sperm into the Heroes’ mouth. Hayden swished the cum around in her mouth for a bit before laying down on top of Hilary and spitting it into her mouth. Hilary loved the taste of jizz way too much to give the load back to Miley so she slurped it down with a smile.

“Um. My turn,” Hilary said as she pushed the tiny blonde off of her and spun around on the bed so she was sitting on the edge.

Jim barely had a minute to catch his breath before the 22-year-old star took his swollen member into her mouth and to the back of her throat in one shot. The manager was still rock hard after watching the girls snowball his load around and Hilary was doing her best at making sure she won the contest.

As Hilary was deep throating her grateful manager, Hayden was getting the favor returned to her by Miley. The young star had her face buried in the blonde’s ass cheek as much as possible and massaging her the inner walls of her backdoor with her nimble tongue.

“Yes Miley! Rim my ass!” Hayden groaned as she held her legs up by her shoulders as the brunette continued to work over her asshole.

“You’re such an anal slut now Hayden,” Hilary said as she moved from Jim’s cock down to his balls.

Hilary took turns putting the left and right nut in her mouth and sucking on them as her hand stroked Jim’s extra slick dick. Although Miley made up for her lack of experience giving head by using all of her youthful energy, Hilary’s technique was far superior to the younger girl. The dirty blonde had moved her panties to the side of her crotch so that she could feverishly rub her clit, making her moans vibrate erotically on Jim’s cock.

“Oh shit! Here it comes again,” Jim moaned through gritted teeth as he grabbed a handful of her hair and blew his load for a second time in half an hour.

“Mmmhhmmm. I wove cuw,” Hilary groaned before swallowing down her hot salty reward.

“I think you’re last contestant Hayden,” Jim said as he took a seat on the soft king-sized bed.

“Looks like someone is getting more comfortable with this arrangement,” Hilary said as she used her finger to push any semen that escaped her lips back into her mouth.

“One more second! YES YES YES!” Hayden yelled as the combination of her clit being rubbed and Miley rimming her asshole sent her over the edge.

“Your turn lover,” Miley said as she lapped up Hayden’s love juice and moving over to make out with Hilary, sharing the sweet nectar with her band mate.

Having broking the ice by having her first orgasm of the night, Hayden got off the bed and strutted to the end of the bed to drag over the large ataman so that it sat in front of her manager. The tiny blonde got on her hands and knees and lowered her head down so that she could take his twice-sucked cock into her mouth for the first time.

“Hilary, can you move that full length mirror behind Hayden so I can see her beautiful ass,” Jim asked of his bi-sexual host.

“Great idea. Plus now you’ll get to watch as I do naughty things to our blonde anal whore,” Hilary said as she broke her kiss with Miley.

Hilary grabbed the gold-bordered mirror and put it 5 feet behind the short cocksucker then headed to the bottom drawer of her dresser. Sorting through the massive wooden chest, she withdrew a 2-inch thick, foot-long tapered dildo and put a dollop of lube on the tip before walking behind the ataman. After moving Hayden’s silk slip over her ass, she rubbed the lube around Hayden’s backdoor before pushing the plastic cock several inches into her asshole.

“Mmph,” Hayden moaned around the saliva-coated cock in her mouth.

“Such a slut! I love it,” Miley exclaimed as she stood beside Hayden and gathered her long blonde hair out of her face.

“I don’t like criticizing but you seem distracted Hayden,” Jim said as he smiled with the scene unfolding before his eyes.

“You would too if you had a big fat dildo up your ass,” Hayden groaned as she stroked his slick cock with her small hand.

“All I’m saying is that if you want to remain in the running for best blowjob, you better do something extraordinaire,” Jim said as Hayden focused her talent tongue on his ballsack.

“What about if I let you facefuck me while you watch Hilary fuck my ass with a fake cock? Will that be enough,” Hayden said with her most innocent of eyes.

“Couldn’t hurt your chances,” Jim said as he moved Miley’s hands from Hayden’s hair.

Grabbing the side of her head with both hands, Jim slowly pushed the actress-turned-singer’s head all the way down his long cock until her nose was deep in his pubes. Hayden only gagged slightly but was able to suppress it, just as she continued to do as Jim kept moving her lips from the base of his large dick to his sensitive head over and over again.

“I could play with this ass for hours Hay. I absolutely love it!” Hilary exclaimed as she was constantly pushing the full length of the 12-inch dildo into Hayden’s glorious ass.

“We absolutely love it,” Miley corrected as she pulled out the dildo and replaced the hard plastic with her tongue.

Watching the mirror image of the two slutty girls ass fuck the cute cheerleader made Jim so horny that he stopped considering Hayden’s throat and increased his tempo. Not only was he pumping his arms faster by bringing her head back and forth, but he was now thrusting up with his hips just as the blonde touched her lips to his base. The extra force meant that Hayden was able to use her tongue to play with his balls as Jim held her down there for 10 seconds at a time.

“Wow, this girl is something special,” Jim remarked as Hayden tickled his balls while fully engulfed on his cock.

Jim continued his facial assault on the willing girl as Hilary and Miley took turns shoving the dildo up her plump behind. The 23-year-old man could feel his base start to swell and knew his orgasm was imminent so savored the last thrusts with extra force before unleashing his load deep into the blonde’s throat.

“Oh shit,” Jim yelled as he pumped blast after blast into Hayden.

“Yum. Just delicious,” Hayden said with a wink as after swallowing his still descent-sized deposit.

“Why don’t you get a little rest Mr. Chase. Feel free to use the shower,” Hilary said as she removed the dildo from Hayden and put it straight into Miley’s accepting mouth.

Without realizing what she was doing, Miley sucked and licked on the plastic toy that had seconds before been up Hayden’s asshole. Miley had never done anal let alone anal so she immediately noticed the new taste in her mouth.

“Mmm. Hayden your ass is so tasty,” Miley cooed as she put the dildo right back in her mouth to suck off any of the remaining flavor.

“Great idea. I’ll take a breather in the hot water. After all, we have all night,” Jim said as he threw off the rest of his clothes and headed for the master bathroom.

“What a stud. You’ve cum three times already and still want more,” Hilary said as she got to her feet.

“You know it! I can’t wait until we start recording and filming so we see each other all the time,” Jim said with a smile

“And touring! Just the four of us and one large suite,” Hayden said as she cuddled up in the bed with her two other band mates.

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