Blumchen Blossoms [Ch. 1-5]

Blumchen Blossoms
by Nine Star

This story is pure fiction. I don’t know or tend to imply anything about
Jasmin Wagner’s sexuality, or anyone else’s for that matter. Any feedback
should be sent to Thanks for reading!!

Jasmin Wagner or Blumchen as she was known in her native Germany had to
escape. Her popularity was making it hard to even leave her house in
Hamburg. She decided to take a vacation in a place where she would not be
recognised, the States.

She was 20 but
had never been to America, her mother had insisted she stay
away from the indulgence there. Jasmin was already a very wild person, and
her mother didn’t want America to help any. The time for her mother to
control her was over.

At the Munich Airport, several people looking for an autograph approached
the singer, even though she had tried her best to not be recognised.
Nevertheless Jasmin boarded the plane bound for San Francisco. She had
always wanted to go there, something inside in her told her that she
to go there.

Stepping off the plane Jasmin expected to be greeted by fans, but instead
she found only people wandering about not even noticing her. She had
already made reservations in a hotel nearby before leaving, now the
was getting there. She visited the baggage claim and picked up her two
and placed them on one of those silver carts. She then headed for the
marked Budget, a name she knew. Blumchen, spoke English almost perfectly,
apart from the slight accent, if you weren’t listening fully you might not
notice it.

Arriving at the counter Jasmin noticed a blonde woman working behind it
and she summoned Jasmin over.

"Hi, welcome to Budget Rentals, how can I help you?" the woman recited
almost robot-like.

Jasmin noticed the conservative outfit the woman was wearing and wished
she could have seen more of the woman’s figure.

Jasmin told the woman what hotel she was staying at and told her she
a ride, but could not drive legally in the US. The woman looked
understanding and told Jasmin where she could find taxis. Being that it
only about 8:03 am, the rental spot was not that busy, noticing this the
woman behind the counter intended to use this time to get to know the
stranger a little more.

"My name is Tiffany." The woman said as Jasmin had begun to turn around,
causing her to turn back.

"My name is Jasmin." She said instantaneously, giving the smile that had
become almost her trademark.

"Well, Jasmin, if you’re not in a big hurry there’s two other people
right now, so they won’t mind if I take a little break. And you seem
interesting, I’d like to get to know you." Tiffany said in a very sexy

Jasmin was taken a little aback, in Germany it was assumed she was
absolutely straight, but not in San Francisco apparently.

"Sure, that would be nice." Jasmin said, as Tiffany became the woman in
front of the counter.

Jasmin and Tiffany walked out of the airport doors and into the parking
structure, followed by a silver cart. Jasmin followed Tiffany over to a
little ledge overlooking the lower parking spots.

"Best view in the house." Tiffany said whilst looking at Jasmin. Jasmin
thought she was talking of the overhead view of the cars she was looking

"So Jasmin, where are you from?" Tiffany wanted to know everything about
the woman that stood next to her.

"Germany, actually. I’m here on vacation. What about you?" She said now
looking up at Tiffany.

Tiffany responded, "Right here in San Fran, born and raised. Listen, while
you’re here would you like to go out tonight at 8, I’ll show you the

Jasmin took only a second to think about it and promptly said,
"Definitely, I will be there, just tell me where."

Tiffany grew a smile on her face; "How about I pick you up, being as I can
drive here." Both women laughed.

The two exchanged numbers, and hotel rooms, and Tiffany walked briskly
to work as Jasmin wondered what had just happened.

After finally getting to her hotel room, she threw everything onto the
and collapsed onto the bed.

Chapter 2

Jasmin always knew she was gay, but she had never acted on it. For the
five years all she had concentrated on was her career, even going so far
to take her manager’s suggestions of going out with boys. It had been a
long hard road, but she was finally where she thought she should always
success, but there was an odd feeling left, the feeling of emptiness.

When Jasmin awoke she looked at her watch it read 4:03 a.m. She then
noticed the light outside and remembered the nine-hour time difference. In
San Francisco it was 7:03 p.m. She quickly jumped into the shower. After
showering Jasmin stepped out and looked into the mirror. She saw something
different than she had ever seen before; she used to see the diva and
dancer, now she saw a person, a mature 20-year-old woman.

She rummaged through her things and found a tight midriff and some
baggy but still fitting trousers. She looked damn cute and she knew it.
Her mission tonight, be herself and fulfil her sexual needs she had been
neglecting for so long.

Jasmin sat waiting, watching American MTV when there was a slight knock on
the door. Jasmin quickly turned off the Tele and hurried to the door what
she found when she opened the door made her skip several heartbeats.

Tiffany had defiantly changed her outfit from her previous. The
conservative outfit was now replaced by a tight-fitting, but tasteful
cotton shirt, with no bra underneath. This left her 36c breasts free to
seen by all. Next instead of an ugly brownish skirt was a skirt, but not
any skirt, it was see-through from different angles and the black lace
knickers. She smiled as she noticed the expression on Jasmin’s face.

"You ready to go?" Tiffany asked, noticing the tiny bit of drool around
Jasmin’s mouth.

"Um, ja.. I mean yes, yes." Jasmin stammered out trying not to sound

The two women walked down to the lift and took it to the main lobby and
to the car park. The two climbed into Tiffany’s Neon and started down the

"May I ask you where we are going?" Jasmin inquired softly.

Turning to Jasmin, Tiffany only smiled. Jasmin was now genuinely

"This is it, now or never." Jasmin thought to herself and took a deep

Jasmin reached out her hand and slowly placed it on Tiffany’s right leg.
She felt goose pimples rise immediately. Tiffany looked over from the
and smiled at Jasmin, but she noticed a little spark in Tiffany’s eye, so
instead of just leaving her hand there she began to move it slowly up
Tiffany’s skirt, all the while watching Tiffany for any sign of reserve.

Jasmin felt the car suddenly stop as Tiffany gazed at her. She knew the
look, for it was the look she had waited her whole life for. Both women
leaned across the car and their lips met softly and unsure at first, but
they both got a feeling of security the kiss became harder and more

The kiss was broken by a horn being sounded and Tiffany realised that her
elbow had triggered it. Upon the realisation both women giggled.

"Come on I want to show you something." Tiffany said as she began climbing
out of the car.

When Jasmin looked around she saw only a little alley and a few cars
in front of a tiny little door with a non-readable sign. By now Jasmin had
learned not to ask, so instead she grabbed Tiffany’s hand and let her lead
the way.

After going through the small door the inside did not seem that small. It
was a club of sorts, Jasmin thought it might be an underground rave, as it
looked like a perfect place for one. All thoughts of a rave were soon
erased when Tiffany spoke next.

"Welcome to, well actually this place doesn’t have a name, but welcome
anyway." Tiffany said toying. "This place in all reality is a bar, and
it’s a gay bar."

Jasmin smiled widely, grabbed Tiffany, and kissed her hard. Grabbing the
attention of some of the women in the bar.

Still holding hands the two walked to the bar and Jasmin looked very

"What’s the matter?" Tiffany asked concerned.

"It’s just that I’ve never been in a bar like this. Back in Germany, I
I know that they exist, but I’ve just never been to one."

Tiffany said nothing but leaned over and kissed Jasmin softly on the lips.
When Tiffany pulled away she kept looking at Jasmin, who was slow to open
her eyes. When she finally did open her eyes there was a look of pure
ecstasy, like a virgin.

"Jasmin, I don’t mean to be presumptuous but, is this, I am you first
relationship." Tiffany asked quietly.

Jasmin almost looked ashamed, "Tiffany there are a few things you need to
know, let’s sit at that booth." She pointed to a dark booth in the back

When both women were seated Jasmin took a deep breath and began the story.
"You see in Germany I am a singer. For the last few years I’ve been too
concerned with my career to worry about finding love, so I’ve been
by men, so it gives the impression that I am not gay."

Tiffany seemed to understand everything Jasmin said. "Baby, I don’t care
what the hell you do for a living all I know is you turned something
me on, like a fire, a fire for you."

Jasmin smiled and scooted closer to Tiffany, putting her head on Tiffany’s
shoulder. Tiffany took Jasmin in her arms and they both spoke not with
their mouths, but with their hearts for the next hour.

Chapter 3

At about 10 both women looked at each other, they knew the relationship
moving fast, and the next step was coming soon. Jasmin leaned up from
Tiffany’s shoulder and kissed her hard. Whilst kissing her, her hands
to rub Tiffany’s back, and Tiffany returned the favour. The two broke off
the kiss to breath and Tiffany suggested they go back to her place and
continue this away from the public, needless to say Jasmin agreed.

When they reached Tiffany’s flat, it took about three seconds from the
the door closed for both shirts to be removed. Jasmin started kissing down
Tiffany’s torso as Tiffany was working Jasmin’s bra. As they manoeuvred to
Tiffany’s bed socks, knickers and bras were all shed.

Finally upon the bed Jasmin took Tiffany’s right breast in to her mouth
began flicking the nipple with her tongue, going faster as Tiffany began
moan louder. After a minute she switched to the left breast and began
swirling her tongue around it before taking the nipple into her mouth and
biting it slightly, this caused Tiffany to climax at that point.

Jasmin slowly snaked down Tiffany’s tight stomach until she found the
patch of hair. She wrapped her arms underneath Tiffany’s body and got in

Just before tasting Tiffany Jasmin thought to her self, "I’m finally being
true to myself." And with that she stuck her tongue out, pressed it firmly
against Jasmin’s clit, and began to lick.

She was gyrating along with Tiffany, enjoying every drop that was pouring
from the American. She could feel Tiffany was very close to another orgasm
and began to lick faster. As she came Tiffany cried out with all the
left in her body, "Oh yes, JASMIN I LOVE YOU!"

Jasmin felt as if she was in heaven, she was making the most beautiful
she had ever seen cum, and she was screaming out her love. She drank every
drop that came out until Tiffany began to come down from her sexual high,
and began to climb back up to her arms.

The two lay intertwined huffing and sweating as Jasmin spoke, "I think I
like America." Both women laughed.

Blumchen Blossoms Pt. 2

Any feedback should be sent to Thanks!!!

Chapter 4

Jasmin was awoken by the sunlight that had crept through the blinds and
hitting her face. She groaned a little, but when she looked over and saw
Tiffany in a deep sleep she smiled. She slowly manoeuvred out of the bed
and when she was completely out she began to look for the shower. Once she
found it she quietly closed the door and started to run the shower.

Being a singer Jasmin subconsciously began singing, "Liebe Liebe, Komm zu
mir. Ich hab’ so Sehnsucht, Ich kann doch nichts dafur. Liebe Liebe, Geh
zu ihm, Sag ihm, ich weine und ich vermisse ihn*" Jasmin had attempted to
very quiet, but the singing ended up waking Tiffany up. Tiffany heard the
shower running and someone singing in it. She couldn’t understand what she
was saying, but she knew it was something wonderful.

Tiffany got up whilst Jasmin was still singing and quietly opened the door
and climbed in to the shower. The singing stopped when Jasmin felt hands
wrap around her and pull her towards a dry, naked body. She knew instantly
who it was and turned around in Tiffany’s arms.

"I was just cleaning up. My singing didn’t wake you did it?" Jasmin said
moving to kiss Tiffany’s neck.

"Actually I thought I was in heaven when I woke up, cos there was an angel
singing in my shower." Tiffany cupped Jasmin’s face and kissed her softly
and the cocked her head so she had instant access to Jasmin’s neck and
moving down to Jasmin’s 34b chest. Jasmin began backing away, which
confused Tiffany at first until she realised it was to lean up against the
wall. Tiffany smiled.

First Tiffany started but giving Jasmin’s tender breasts gentle licks, but
soon became harder and fast as Jasmin began breathing heavier and let out
moans and grunts.

Tiffany then moved from Jasmin’s breasts leaving a trail of saliva to
Jasmin’s very neatly trimmed black hair. She teased Jasmin by moving down
her leg and when Jasmin spread her legs she licked the inner part of her
thigh avoiding what Jasmin wanted the most.

Tiffany could not wait, she was not only teasing Jasmin, she was also
teasing herself. She could smell Jasmin and almost taste her, but almost
wasn’t good enough. Tiffany stopped toying and dove right in. At first she
only licked, but she wanted to not only be connected to Jasmin she wanted
be a part of her. She put one finger into Jasmin to begin with, but when
Jasmin pressed and rocked on it she inserted two more.

Tiffany could instantly tell Jasmin was a virgin, she was very, very
and Tiffany had a little trouble getting the third finger in, but when it
was in Jasmin cried out in pleasure. She was on the verge of an orgasm and
she loved it. All she had to do was relax and she would experience her
first orgasm caused by another woman. She smiled, took as deep of a breath
as her body would allow and relaxed into Tiffany. At that very moment
Tiffany looked up into Jasmin’s blue eyes and there was a connection, not
just a sexual connection but like when you come home to your dog after a
long vacation, that can only be described as ecstasy. Jasmin came

Chapter 5

After making it out of the shower the two dressed and decided to go out
breakfast. They drove to a nearby place Tiffany knew of as they held
When they arrived at the restaurant Jasmin looked around and noticed just
how different America is from Germany.

In America she had found the freedom to be herself, but in America she was
nobody, whereas in Germany she was one of the most popular German-speaking
singers in the World, but she felt she couldn’t be herself. She tried not
to think about this and the decision she would eventually have to make,
tried to concentrate on breakfast.

Jasmin spent the entire breakfast holding Tiffany’s hand. Tiffany took
with no arguments and even kissed her hand a few times. The two chatted
about different things during the breakfast but avoided the topic of
Jasmin’s return to Germany. Tiffany learnt of Jasmin’s traditional
upbringing and parents whilst Jasmin learnt of Tiffany’s independent
upbringing and self-reliance.

After they had finished eating they sat sipping tea, suddenly Jasmin put
tea down on the table, took Tiffany’s hand that was wrapped around hers
squeezed it tight and turned towards Tiffany. She studied Tiffany’s green
eyes to determine if she knew what was going on.

"Tiffany, there is something I need to ask you. I’m not going to sugar
it so here it is. Will you move back to Germany with me?" Jasmin said
steadily but her eyes were pleading.

Tiffany’s jaw dropped. "Uhh. God, uh, I don’t really know."

Jasmin scooted closer, "It could be just a visit. You could just come back
with me for a week or two."

"I’ll do it. I’ll come back with you and we’ll go from there sweetie."

The two didn’t care who was around they share a kiss that was like a
contract. Tiffany pulled away and saw a teardrop run down Jasmin’s cheek,
and pulled her tight and held her while she cried.

* = Translation:
Baby, Baby. I Love You, I Feel So Lonely, There’s nothing I Can Do. Baby,
Baby. I’m In Love and I Know, Heaven Send You From Above.

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