Bobby Gets Lucky


Britney Spears had just performed and was very, very tired. She collapsed back
stage on the little bed that had been set up for her in her dressing room. She
was hot, sweaty and exhausted.
"Ah…." she moaned as she unbuttoned her blouse, allowing her humongous,
voluptuously bonkable breasts to pop out and rest there in the dim light, little
tiny beads of sweat rolling down over them. Britney never wore a bra, she
figured it was too much of a hassle. She grabbed a picure of herself that was
resting on the small table next to the lounge bed and
stared at it. It was a
shot of her from her Baby One More Time video wearing the little school girl’s
dress that had made her famous. She slowly removed the hot tight red leather
pants she had on, and slid her tin black panties down to the ground. She let her
shirt fall off, so she was standing there, completely naked. She lifted her left
breast and carressed it, then squeezed it up close to her mouth, where she
tongued her nipple softly, flicking her tongue over it and sucking. It became
very erect. Suddenly, there was a sharp knock at her door. She jumped and
grabbed a towel to cover herself. "Yes?" she stammered innocently. Britney was a
very shy girl when not on stage.
"Britney, we would like to come in," said two female voices.
Britney was alarmed! Those two voices again! She had been receiving prank phone
calls for the past three months, in which two sexy, sultry voices would say at
the same time "Hello Britney. We would like to come in." Now they were at her
door, whoever they were!
"How did you find me?" Britney asked. One of the voices replied "Britney, it’s
impossible not to be able to find you. Your whereabouts are posted all over the
internet and blasted all over the radio." Britney recognized that voice. It was
her childhood friend, CHRISTINA AGULIERA!!!
"How did you get past security," Britney shouted.
"Shhh," replied another, even more sexy voice. "We snuck in. Now open the door."
Well, since it was just Christina and a friend, Britney decided to open the door
just a crack. She saw Christina’s crystal blue eyes staring back at her. She
opened the door the whole way to reveal Christina standing beside BILLIE! She’d
never known the two amazingly gorgeous girls were friends.
Britney sighed. "Come in, " she said. Suddenly, a man rushed up to the door. He
was more of a boy, muscular yet cute, about 16 maybe. He was helping out with
"Let me escort these girls out. I’m sorry they got past us," he said to Britney.
His jaw dropped when he noticed she was wearing only a towel. His eyes surveyed
down her slim, shapely legs, and up to her thighs, then past the blue towel up
to her eyes.
"He’s pretty cute," said Billie, grabbing the boy’s tie and pulling him inside.
"What’s your name?" The boy tried to look away, as Billie’s incredible sexiness
was just too much for him. "B-b-Booby." he said. "I mean, BoBBy. Sorry." Billie
laughed. "Bobby, eh?" She walked over and closed the door. Christina turned to
"Look bitch, I’ve had it in for you ever since you got famous with that stupid
Baby Baby song." she scolded at Britney. Britney’s eyes got really big and
teary. Why wasn’t the stupid security guard doing anything about these hostile
"Now," said Christina, "I intend to get my revenge. Billie hates your guts too.
But we both think you’re fucking hot."
Billie removed a gun from her tight pocket. "Yes. This is loaded." she said,
pointing it at Britney’s head. Britney opened her sexy red lips to scream.
"Scream," said Billie, "and I’ll shoot you all."
"Get on all fours on the bed!" commanded Christina. Bobby felt his cock grow
rock hard in his pants, puching up against the seam, yearing to bust out so he
could jerk like mad. Here was Britney Spears, naked under just a towel, and two
other fine babes very scantily clad indeed. Bobby’s dick was 7 inches and he was
very proud of it. He reached down and massaged it through his pants as Britney
mounted the bed and climbed into the doggy style position. Her towel was still
wrapped around her hot body, but since her rump was flung up into the air in
that position, Boby could see her two, fat asscheeks popping right out. They
were perfect and so squeezable, and in the middle, down towards the bottom, he
notced a soft tiny pussy. He could see Britney Spears’s bald crack! She
obviously hadn’t grown any pubes yet. This made him massage his dick hardr,
realizing that she was a perfectly innocent virgin.
Billie walked over and tore the towel off Britney. There she was, naked and
quivering before them. Billie positioned herself at Britney’s rear end and began
to inspect things down there. She traced her slim finger around Britney’s soft,
white pussy. She reached forawrd and then flicked her clit and rubbed it between
her fingers. "Please stop," said Britney. "What, never hadan orgasm before?
Never masturbated?" Billie asked. "No," replied Britney. "I don’t touch myself
down there. It’s gross." That was the truth, too. Christina Aguliera removed all
of her clothes except for her red silk panties and bra and positioned her crotch
in front of Britney’s face. Britney looked away. "Britney, I want you to give me
something back. Since you’re always stealing the spotlight from me."
"Are you all virgins?" blurted Bobby, now fondling himself inside his pants. He
himslef had never had sex.
"Yeah," they all replied at the same time. Bobby thought he might cum in his
pants. Christina was removing her panties. "Bobby, come here and help me with
this," she asked politely. He walked over and undi her bra. Meanwhile, Billie
was still fingering Britney and she was squirming. Billie began to rub her
breasts when she saw Christina’s bare ones. Bobby reached arounf Christina’s
body and began to roll her harad nipples in between his fingers. His dick was
poking up against her tight butt. Billie pulled her shirt off, revealing a
fantastic chest, two huge, round braless tits. She then removed her pants, no
undies. A thin line of cleanly shaven brown lead down to her soft crack.
Christina’s pussy had a little tuft of blond hair right at the top. Billie
leaned forward and began to tongue Britney’s pussy. "No!" yelped Britney. She
was faced to face with Christina’s starlet pussy. "Lick it," said Bobby." "No!"
cried Britney. Bobby pulled Christina backwards and grabbed her legs and spread
them apart eagle, so her cunt was banged right up in britney’s face. "Lick it,
bitch!" yelled Bobby.. Christina smiled up at him. He leaned over and they began
to kiss passionately and Britney curiously stuck her poky hot tongue into
Chritina’s wet flaps. She tasted her pussy, and decided she liked the taste. She
continued to lick, her licking and sucking becoming more frenzied as Christina’s
juices squirted out and Billie licked her own pussy more violently/ Billie
penetrated her tongue into Britney’s tight little hole and she squealed, the
sound muffled by Christina’s soft puss in her mouth. Bobby squeezed Christina’s
titties and continued to make out with her until she let out a little scream and
bucked her hips. Billie came up round front when Britney orgasmed. Billie turned
around and unzipped Bobby’s fly. He was confused. What was she doing? His huge,
hard cock leapt out and almost smacked Billie in the face. She gave it a little
kiss, picking up some of the pre cum on her soft, wet lips. Billie and began to
jerk Bobby off. He felt like he was orgasming every second. There were tits and
pussies everywhere, and hot sexy young virgin ones at that. Billie grabbed the
cock and began to lick.She flicked her tongue over the soft foreskin and began
to suck on it. Bobby moaned. She shoved the whole thing into her mouth and began
to suck, tonguing it all the while. She was really deep throating it now. After
a few minutes she stopped and said "Gee, you don’t orgasm very fast do ya?" He
was sweating. "dont’ stop, please!" he begged her. She moved away. This made
Bobby angry. He grabbed Britney’s head and forced it onto his cock. "Suck it!"
he yelled. "we have a gun you know!" She meekly began to lick his hard dick,
still wet from Billie’s saliva. "I can’t take that thing in my mouth, " she
said. "Sure you can, " said Billie. Christina loved watching this scene and
began to finger herself right before bobby. Her legs spread wide apart on the
bed, a little wet stain right there on the sheets. She fiddled with her clit,
rubbing it and then licking her fingers. Meanwhile, Britney sucked away at
Bobby’s cock. Billie reached up and rubbed Britney’s clit. She then began to eat
her out. Bobby went crazy then. He began to come like crazy and blasted a hot
load all over Britney’s cute innocent face. He held her mouth shut so she
couldn’t say anything. Christina began to lick the cum of Britney’s face. She
then grabbed his cock and sucked the remaining dew off of it. It was still solid
hard however, as he grabbed Christina and flipped her over doggy style. She
didn’t resist. He examined her tight hot pussy and little cute asshole.He began
to rub it His cock was still lubed from cum and spit, so he began pushing the
head around her puckered anus. She moaned softly. He pushed at it. There was so
much resistance that he had to grab her supple asscheeks and hold on while he
rammed it with all of his force. It finnaly slid into her tight, hot, wet little
ass, and he began to fuck. Billie lay down in front of Christina spread eagle
and Christina began to lick and suck away at her hot pussy. She shoved a finger
into her ass and fingerfucked her as she ate her out. Britney had now entered
the spirit of things,m and she crawled under Christina’s pulsating bosy and
began to lick her clit. They were all pumping like mad, a crazy orgy. Soon when
Bobby had shot his hot load deep into Christina, he pulled out and allowed
Christina to lick him dry. He licked up all the leftover juices form her pussy
that had not been squirted all over Britney’s face. Billie had orgasmed into
Christina;s luscious mouth as well. Bobby got up and left, escorting the two
intruders with him after they had all washed and dressed. Britney lay down and

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