Body Hopper Saga: Shay Mitchell

Title:  Body Hopper Saga: Shay Mitchell

Author: LazyNinjas

Celebs: Shay Mitchell

Codes: MF, oral, sci-fi, body possession, mast

Disclaimer:  This story is complete fiction. This has never happened and it never will happen.

Two months had passed since the day I had that incredible experience in Charlotte McKinney’s gorgeous body. The photos that were released from my little session inside her big boob frame did nothing but boost her career, which made me feel better for taking over her body, fucking her body, then letting some old creepy man get a turn with her, but I thought that I did enough good for other and my community that I got a chance to be a little selfish every now and again.

With the large amount of money that I had earned during my encounter with the lovely Mrs. McKinney, I decided to use the money to do something I haven’t been able to so before in my adult life. I was going to take some me time and go on vacation. My destination was going to be the lovely Hawaii. I’ve always wanted to go somewhere tropical and it was still technically in the United States so I wouldn’t have to pay the international travel fee. So Hawaii was my destination. So I let my boss know I was taking 7 of my 14 allowed off days of the year. He was kind of upset since I did just bag him some of the best pictures we’ve gotten in a while and I knew he’d probably want to see if I could get more but he reluctantly gave me those seven days off.

I booked my flight and eagerly awaited until the day of my flight. My alarm clock woke me up three hours before my flight was supposed to take off. I got out of bed and took a quick shower. After taking my super quick shower and quickly drying myself off, I went into my room and got dressed in a white tee shirt, some black shorts, a pair of sandals, and my favorite pair of black sun glasses. I grabbed my suitcase and packed some shirts, shorts, swim trunks, underwear, and all of my electronic devices.

I was about to leave my house with keys in hand when something inside me told me that I should bring my work camera. I didn’t know why I had a strong feeling like this but I decided to pack it along to take some photos to look back on later.

I left my house and locked the house with my keys. I waited outside for 5 minutes before my Uber driver pulled up to my house. I grabbed my suitcases and threw them in the trunk while I kept my camera bag and my computer back up in the front with me. It was a 15 minute drive with the Uber driver before I got to the airport. I took my things out from the trunk and paid the cab driver. I was able to get through customs relatively easy, even though they pulled me aside to inspect my bags, but I was able to board the plane right on time. I sat in my seat and patiently waited for the plane to take off.

It was another 30 minutes or so before our plane finally left the airport to fly to our destination. I had booked a night at a very exclusive resort named the Galloway Resort. This was a very famous resort to members of the paparazzi like myself.  The legend behind the Galloway resort was that the resort that hosted many celebs while they vacationed or shot footage for their television show or movie and it was hard to get into without being famous. Luckily for me, the money I got from my previous adventure was enough to cover the cost.

The flight was not a good start to my vacation to say the least. It was full of annoying families who were taking along their loud crying children. I did my best to just ignore them but eventually I had to put in my headphones and try to relax that way. Before I knew it, the plane had finally landed on the island of Maui, where the Galloway resort was located. I grabbed my carry on and proceeded to exit the plane.

One by one each passenger was let off the plane. As we descended down the stairs, we were met by locals who gave us traditional Hawaiian leis. I walked into the airport and waited for my things at the baggage claim, which felt like forever. I turned around and started to walk around and find my driver when I saw a very familiar face.

Down on the other side of the baggage claim was none other than one of the stars of Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell. I had been assigned to photograph her before on various days when she was out shopping at the grocery store or when she was seen leaving a popular nightclub in Los Angeles.

We had sort of developed a relationship if you would call asking a complete stranger to pose for you to get a good photo of them while they were buying groceries or clothes a relationship. Shay was a sweetheart like the media made her out to be, she was always very kind and understanding of the like of a member of the paparazzi and gladly stopped to take photos. I watched her as she left the front door before I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Excuse me sir, are you the photographer that I’m supposed to pick up?” a short black haired man asked as he probably guessed by the huge camera that dangling from my neck.

“Yes I am the photographer, and you must be my ride,” I replied.

“Okay. That is good. My name is Kimo, or you can call me by my main-lander name of James, does not matter to me,” the man said as he put out his hand for a handshake.

“I’ll call you Kimo. Has a nice ring to it,” I responded as I gave him a handshake back.

“Is this all that you will be carrying with you?” he asked as he looked down at all of my bags.

“Yeah it’s all that I got on me.”

“Very good. I will take those bags for you,” he said as he grabbed my two big suitcases like it was not a big deal and gestured for me to follow him. I kept up with him as he led me out of the airport and walked up to his black car that he was going to drive me to the Galloway resort.

I got in the back seat of the car while he slammed the trunk of the car and got in the front seat to drive the car. Pulling out of the parking lot, I looked out the window and admired the beautiful scenery as we drove past some beautiful sights. I was totally lost in the beauty of Hawaii that I did not even notice that we were already at the Galloway resort. He got out of the front seat of his black car and walked out to the door of the backseat so he could let me out.

“I will carry your belongings in as well. You just need to sign in at the front desk,” he explained to me as he pointed me towards the front desk.

“Thank you for all the help. Mahalo,” I said as I got out of the car and walked to the front desk, where I was greeted by a surprising sight. There she was, Shay Mitchell, getting her room key from the front desk assistant. I watched carefully as she grabbed her rolling luggage and went towards the elevator. At this point I was sure that this was not some weird coincidence but I needed to check in so I put that thought away for a second.

“Aloha and welcome to the Galloway resort. Do you have a reservation with us sir?” the woman asked.

“Yes I do as a matter of fact, I reserved room 307,” I replied. She took a minute to look into the hotel’s database before she found my reservation.

“There you are,” she replied as she finally found my reservation.

“Okay sir here is your room key. I hope you have a great time at the Galloway resort.”

“Mahalo,” I replied as I grabbed the key and used the elevator to get to my floor. As the elevator got to my floor, the door opened. I walked and couldn’t believe it. There was Shay Mitchell again, this time she was going into her hotel room which just so happened to be room number 306, the only directly across from mine.

I walked down towards my hotel room and pushed the key card into the door, immediately unlocking it. The room was nice. It had one giant flat screen television and a view of the ocean that most people would pay a huge amount for. I also noticed all of my things were already in the room.

The one thing I couldn’t keep my mind off of as I unpacked my things all those coincidences that led me to being in the room right across from Shay Mitchell. I wondered if all the times I spotted her on this trip and wondered if this was a sign from the universe telling me that I should use my body hopping abilities to spend some time as Shay. I sat in my room for hours debating if I should do it or not.

On one hand she’s been nice to me and didn’t want her to not have any fun on her own during her stay. On the other hand, a good girl like Shay Mitchell getting naughty in Hawaii could bed me some serious dough. I thought about it for an hour or so and decided to meet somewhere in the middle of both of my ideas.

I decided that I would not be in Shay’s body for her entire stay. I also decided against taking naked pictures of her since she had been nice to me during previous meetings.  I was allowing myself to take pictures of her in any of the sexy clothes she brought with her and I was going to let loose during my time spent as her.

“Okay here goes nothing,” I said as I concentrated on turning into my body hopper form. Soon enough I was in my completely invisible form. I phased through the hallway and easily flew into Shay’s room.

I looked down at the bed where I found Shay. She was sitting on her bed, looking at something on her phone. She was dressed in a black one piece swimsuit which amplified all of her beautiful features, including her great tits and long legs. They way her body looked in that swimsuit was driving me crazy.  Not wanting to waste another precious moment, I flew right into Shay’s awaiting body.

I could feel Shay become terrified as she started to lose control over her limbs. Not wanting to have her experience this type of terror, I focused all of my energy on controlling her brain and making her consciousness fall asleep. It had worked better than expected and took her off quickly. From that point on, I was taking control of everything.

I slowly opened one eye and then the other. My vision was blurry as hell for a few moment before they became readjusted. I looked down at my hands and I was met with Shay’s small delicate hands and her bronzed skin. I looked further down to see that I was wearing what shay was wearing the moment I hopped into her. Looking out of the corners of her eyes, I was her signature long black hair fall down.

“Testing, testing, testing,” I repeated as Shay Mitchell’s sensual voice came out of my mouth.

“Yay it worked! I’m Shay Mitchell! Now let’s get some information on Shay’s stay in Hawaii shall we?” I said using my hopping ability to read her mind. I found out that Shay was going to be here for a three day vacation by herself. She told her manager not to call with anything, so Shay was completely by herself this weekend.

“This is perfect! I can do whatever I want with no one to watch me. So why don’t I get more comfortable with your body, right Shay?” I say to myself out loud as I giggle and head into the bathroom to get a better look at Shay.

I got off the bed and almost fell over due to the sudden shift in gravity from my own body but I made it into the bathroom with no other problems. I loved looking at Shay in the mirror. Those gorgeous light brown eyes, her smooth face, and those luscious lips were just heavenly to look at, but I needed to get down to why I was really here.

“Alright Shay, time for the main event,” I said in her soft sexy voice as I reached behind her back until I found the zipper to the black swimsuit. The sound of the zipper filled the bathroom with echoes until I could not push it down any farther. I moved my hand from the zipper and let the swimsuit fall down and pool around her ankles, letting me see Shay Mitchell completely naked.

I took Shay’s arms and placed them behind her head in a sexy pose. Shay’s skin was smooth as my eyes wandered down her body. Her small but perky tits were perfect for her frame. Her nipples were a light brown with a slightly darker brown areola surrounding them. Soon my eyes went down her toned stomach and abs as they saw her moist pink cunt, which was starting to drip from the arousal I was beginning to feel looking at her.

“Alright Shay your front side is looking pretty good but what about your back?” I tease in her voice as I turn around to look at her ass in the mirror. I look in the reflection and shake her hips as I watch her thick juicy ass shake in the mirror. I squeeze her ass cheeks in my hands and feel a rush of excitement burst from her body. I turn back around so I’m face to face with the mirror again and slowly bring her hands around to her lady parts.

“Wow Shay, I’m glad you keep yourself well-groomed down there,” I giggled as I brushed across her freshly shaven pubic area. I feel a jolt of pleasure go through me. Feeling bold, I ease Shay’s hand lower and lower until I slowly snake one of her fingers into her dripping wet cunt.

“Oh fuck that felt way better than I thought it would,” I thought to myself as I took a chance and add another finger into the mix. While two fingers are pushing in and out of Shay’s vagina, I take her other hand and proceed to squeeze her tits as hard as I can. I felt Shay’s body getting more excited by seeing Shay’s reflection in the mirror.

“Oh fuck that’s so fucking hot! You like being a bad girl fucking yourself like that don’t you Shay?” I squeaked out in Shay’s voice as seeing the normally good girl being naughty and fucking herself in the bathroom only added to the intense feeling pulsing throughout her body.

As I continue my little fuck fest on Shay, I wanted to add more sexy image to the reflection I was looking at, so I brought Shay’s mouth down to the tit I had in her hand and start sucking and lightly biting on the erect nipple. A giant shock wave of pleasure shot from Shay’s nipple down to the rest of her body.

I looked back up at the mirror in awe. There was Shay Mitchell, sweat dripping down from her head onto her succulent breasts, chest heaving up and down from the rapid breaths as her hand violently pushed three fingers in and out of her soaking wet love tunnel. It was one of the most amazing things I ever seen and I wanted to keep on going.

I take the hand that was on Shay’s tit and use it to open up her tight twat more so I could use her fingers to get at every spot inside her. I could feel the inner walls of her lady bits squeeze themselves around the invading fingers as the touch coming from the fingertips sent incredible bliss throughout her.

I was feeling closer and closer to orgasm so I inserted a third finger and curled all three fingers as I pushed them in and out of her, scratching them against her inner walls. Moans soon escaped Shay’s mouth as the pleasure was becoming far too much to contain in her amazing body. I could feel drops of sweat drop down from her forehead and onto the floor as the pace of Shay’s finger fucking began to increase.

I felt as close as I could to Shay’s impending orgasm. So I used her hips and pushed her cunt down harder onto the upward jabbing fingers. The movement of her hips against her hands had the force of a sledgehammer as they kept colliding into each other. I could her body begin to approach the verge of orgasm, almost ready to explode which was my signal hump harder and push her fingers in harder. I continued to use her fingers to fuck her wet crotch until I hit the right spot. I braced myself against the bathroom door as I started to feel my vaginal wall contract.

“Oh fuck here it comes, I am going to fucking cum,” I moaned in Shay’s voice as I feel a strong surge of pleasure course throughout her veins and go throughout her entire body.

I began to involuntarily twitch as I felt the amount of stored up pleasure get released.  The sheer power of her orgasm causes me to hit her back against the door and slide down to the floor as I let her orgasm flow throughout her entire body.

I let out a very loud moan as Shay’s liquids shot out and leaked everywhere. I could only watch in complete fascination as Shay’s lady fluids dripping down her legs. I take a moment to regain my breath before I take Shay’s hand and scoop up some of her left over fluids on her fingers.

“Looks like someone left me a little snack to try,” I say in Shay’s voice as I take her cum covered hand into my mouth and lick off all of the juice. I felt her taste buds come to life as the vaginal fluid moved around in her mouth. I finally swallow it and get up off the floor.

I take a minute to clean up the vaginal juices on the floor and clean up Shay a bit. I decided now would be the perfect time to take some photos and proceeded to snap picture after picture of Shay in various swimsuits and bikinis for work. I sent them to my phone and deleted them from my end so there was no way she could have traced it back to me. Wondering about what I should do now since I have the rest of the night in Shay’s body, I decided to throw on a bathrobe and look at the menu of exclusive perks that the Galloway resort had to offer.

Looking throughout the pamphlet, the only things I saw were things that I could not have fun doing while being in Shay’s body. I was about to give up until I saw a little perk that the resort offered, an in room message. My mind began to come up with the idea that I should use this opportunity to get Shay laid.

“I hope you’re ready for round two little buddy,” I giggled in Shay’s voice as I petted her aching pussy lips. I called the line and a man picked up the phone.

“Hello room service,” the man said.

“Aloha, this is Shay Mitchell in Room 307, I was wondering if I could buy an hour of deep tissue body message please,” I said in Shay’s cute voice.

“No problem miss. Now would you like a female masseuse or a male masseuse for your session?”

“I would like a male masseuse please, I’m so tight in my shoulders and I could use a good rub down,” I said in a seductive tone which made me giggle in my head.

“Okay I’ll add the hour massage to your tab and the masseuse will be up with a table in 10-15 minutes. Is that good for you?” the man asked.

“That is a very good time for me. Mahalo.”

“Mahalo,” he replied before hanging up the phone.

I knew that I had about ten to fifteen minutes to get ready for my masseuse to arrive, so I took off the white bathrobe and let Shay’s naked body feel the warm Hawaiian air.  I sat down on her bed and reached down to her lower region to lightly stimulate her down there before she got some man meat in there. It felt so good that I lost track of time until I heard knocking on the door.

“Hello Miss Mitchell, your masseuse is here for your deep tissue massage. It is okay to enter?”

“Its fine, come on in!” I say as I hear him swipe his card and slowly open the door. I heard a loud gulp come from his mouth when he realized Shay Mitchell was completely naked before him.

“Oh hey,” I smiled. “I was just about to call you.”

“Oh my, I’m so sorry Miss Mitchell, I did not know you were not dressed!”

“It’s completely fine, um what’s your name?” I asked.

“My name is Mano,” he replied.

“It’s completely fine Mano, I wanted to be completely comfortable during my session and I’m most comfortable when I am naked. I hope that’s not going to be a problem,” I replied in Shay’s voice as I bite my lip and give him a sexy wink.

“If that is how you are most comfortable Miss Mitchell,” Mano replied as he brought in the message table and the lotions he needed. He sent up the table and put a towel over it so I wouldn’t be on the cold table surface. I walked over to the table in the sexiest manor possible and make sure he gets a good look at Shay’s perky ass as I lay down.

“Are you ready Miss Mitchell?” he asked.

“You can call me Shay, and I’m more than ready for your hands on my body,” I moaned.

He rubbed the lotion between his hands and started the deep tissue massage by starting his work on her smooth, tanned shoulders. His hands were warm, almost hot to the touch as they pushed the knots that were in Shay’s back. His hands were performing magic as he slowly moved the tips of his fingers over and around her shoulder blades and neck.  I rolled my head slowly on her neck and let out a contented sigh as he continue to work. The lotion soaking into her skin felt incredible as he squeezed and massaged her shoulders.

“Wow Mano. You’re so good with your hands. This feels amazing,” I moaned in Shay’s sweet voice. “I’m starting to feel some tension in my lower back, care to help me with that?”

He responded to my wish by moving his hands down Shay’s back. I could feel him push her skin in with his thumbs as he worked and pushed them down her back. His hands felt incredible as they rubbed along her backbone. I couldn’t help but moan shivered suddenly and shot up straight as I lingered my fingers over her back.

I gasped as I felt him grab Shay by her narrow waist just above the small of her back. I knew even without looking that he was contemplating whether he should even bring his hands closer to Shay’s ass. I give him encouragement as I lowly lift Shay’s cute booty towards him and wiggle it for him a bit. He took the bait as both hands grabbed Shay’s ass cheeks and rubbed the skin.

I moaned in response to his touch and I bet he noticed he little wet mark on the towel from my arousal. I loved that he was giving both cheeks the attention they deserved. As it was starting to get Shay’s engine going he sadly stopped.

“Okay Shay, please flip over so I can get your front side please,” he said as he sadly pulled his hands off Shay. I wanted to move forward a little bit in the process so I had a plan as I turned around.

Without any warning after I was now on my back, I grabbed Mano by his wrists and pull his hands towards Shay’s tits, so that the palms of my hands were resting directly on top of her breasts. I could feel her hard nipples poking lightly against the skin on his hands.

“Would you mind giving these a good rubbing? They need it so badly,” I said in Shay’s voice as I batted her eyes and encouraged him to rub Shay’s tits. Mano thankfully picked up on the vibes I was sending out to him so he slowly began to rub his hands in a circular motion, squeezing the globes of flesh as he worked them in and out of his palms.

I could feel her brown colored nipples getting harder from his soft palms rubbing against them.  I could tell he was staring at Shay’s breasts and I could not blame him. They were gorgeous, with not a hint of sag – indeed, they were perky and natural looking, without a trace of a tan line anywhere on them.

“Oh fuck that feels good,” I moaned to him as he continued to knead and work her breasts, squeezing them together gently and bouncing them up and down lightly, working them out. Shay’s pussy was leaking fluids at this point, I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I sat up from the message table and pulled him in for a kiss. He was completely caught off guard by the action so I took advantage and used all of the force Shay’s tiny body could muster to push Mano on his back onto the hotel bed. I lowered left his mouth and sunk lower down his body.

“Shay what are you do….” He managed to get out before I put Shay’s finger up to his lips to quiet him.

“Relax, you messaged me, now it’s my turn,” I said in her most seductive voice as I lowered her body down to his waist. I quickly ditched the belt he was wearing and pulled down his pants and underwear in one quick motion, revealing his 6 inch cock.

“It looks nice but let’s see how it tastes,” I tell him with the most erotic face I could make as I take both of Shay’s manicured hands and wrap them around Mano’s cock. I open her mouth wide and take his hardening shaft into her mouth. Being a man and knowing that a woman should never neglect the balls during a blowjob I began to cup his balls with her hand. I began to shuffle them around in Shay’s hand and know from Mano’s grunts that I was doing a very good job.

Being a man who loved getting blow jobs from beautiful woman like any other heterosexual man, I knew exactly what to do to make this a great experience. I start by bobbing Shay’s head up and down on his impressive rod. I take little couple second breaks to spit on his shaft so it goes down her throat nice and easy. As soon as he puts his meat back in Shay’s pretty little mouth I make loud and wet slurping noises like I’m really enjoying an ice cream cone.

I took her tongue and make sure that every single inch of his cock has made contact with her tongue. I make Shay take more and more of his appendage until it slipped down to the back of her soft fleshy throat. I look up at Mano and knowing the look he had on his face told me I should stop before he bursts. I wanted him to squirt his baby batter into a more unvisited area. I moved up from his cock until Shay’s entrance was inches away from his man sword.

“You’re so sexy,” Mano murmured, admiring her flawless body as he rand his hands down the side of Shay’s stomach.

“You’re not too bad yourself. I mean look what you’re doing to me. You got me dripping wet baby,” I tell him with a seductive smirk as closed her eyes and spread open her delicate lady lips with her smooth fingers.

“Are you going to help me out with this little problem here?” I asked as I stared down at this throbbing member, knowing he could not take the teasing anymore. Without any hesitation I gripped his rod and aligned himself with Shay’s love canal. Within a few seconds his cock was covered in Shay’s love juice.

“Stay still and let me do all the work baby,” I said as I slowly pushed down on to Mano’s erect member. I could not help but let out a moan as his cock invaded Shay’s cunt. Both our eyes rolled back as I made Shay take as much of his good sized member into her as possible.

“Fuck, you feel so good inside me right now,” I moaned as I moved Shay’s hips back and forth, making sure his whole cock touched every square inch of her inner love walls.

I started to use Shay’s legs and bounce on his cock like a bouncy ball. Mano took his hands and slid them down her back to grab and squeeze her impressive ass. He also took hold of her firm butt cheeks to keep her body on his cock. He pulled Shay in closer so more and more of is rod penetrated her and got deeper and deeper into her eager pussy.

“Oh shit!” I screamed out in Shay’s voice as his cock had found her weak spot. Feeling his massive member hit the spot over and over forced me to arc her body back in pleasure. Shay’s inner walls started to squeeze Mano’s shaft tighter and tighter with every bounce of force. I could feel the sweat dripping down from Shay’s forehead as I continued to mercilessly take every inch of Mano into her cunt.

“Oh god you’re so deep inside me baby. Give me your all baby. Give that fucking cock to me,” I moaned as I rose up from his rod only to forcefully slam it back down onto him. At this point I was lost in the ecstasy that Shay’s body was feeling. Just going with the moment.

“Don’t stop Shay, keep going. I’m about to cum baby!” Mano roared as I took Shay’s body and slammed up and down on it with the speed of a jackhammer.

“Fill me with your cum baby. I’m on the pill just fill me with your cum! I’m almost there too! Make me cum baby make me cum!” I screamed as Mano began to fill Shay’s insides with his warm spunk.

“Oh shit. Holy fucking shit!” I screamed out again as I felt Shay’s orgasm. The force from her orgasm sent her body in twitches and pure adrenaline and pleasure throughout her body. I fell onto his sweat filled chest as all of Shay’s lady fluids leaked onto our thighs and the bed. We sat there on the bed for a couple of minutes before Mano looked up at the clock and noticed my hour was up.

“That was the best time I had during a massage hour Shay,” he said as he put on his clothes.

“I’m glad I was your best then,” I say and wink to him. Mano was called away to go to other appointments, so I was left in her room all alone. I felt I had accomplished all that I needed to accomplish being in Shay’s body during my trip. I gave Shay’s body one last good feel before I placed memories into her head that she had spent the day just hanging out at the beach. With the memories implanted, I walked over to the discarded black swimsuit from before and put it on.

Laying on the bed, I say goodbye to Shay’s body one last time before I will myself out of the hot Canadian and get back to my own vacation. The rest of my vacation went off without a hitch. I sent the photos of Shay I took before to my boss and I was given quite the heavy payday. Maybe even enough for me to go on another vacation. For now though, I enjoyed my seven day stay in Hawaii. It was tough leaving Hawaii when I had to go back to my life and job, but I had some great memories of Hawaii to cherish and look back to forever.

The End

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