Bodyguarding Bella

Title: Bodyguarding Bella
Author: Marc Brown
Content Codes: MF, cons, oral
Celebs: Bella Thorne

Disclaimer: This story never happened and is not true, it is pure make-believe. Sex should always involve two adults of legal age. Fantasy is legal.


I should start this by introducing myself. I work as a bodyguard, generally working for celebs but not always. I’m not your stereotypical celeb bodyguard in that I’m not a huge mountain of a man, but in a way that helps me get a lot of work because it means I am easily under-estimated and can easily mix into a crowd. I am highly skilled in mixed martial-arts so I can easily take care of myself, and with years of good work under my belt my reputation and word of mouth keep me in work. I think being British helps too, its like all Americans think British guys working in security are James Bond or something.

A few years ago I was employed by Disney to look after a variety of their stars and staff. Initially I was looking after different people every day, one day it could be an up and coming 9 year old star of their new kids show on the Disney channel, the next a high level 50 year old director. It paid well and was in truth one of my easier jobs so I quite enjoyed it.

About 3 months into my contract I was assigned to a young actress by the name of Bella Thorne, someone I knew very little about, and seeing as though I would probably be with someone else by the end of the week I didn’t really pay her much attention, other than the fact she was a client I was paid to protect and look after. As it turned out, looking after her turned into a long term thing and within a week I was told that I would be with Bella for at least 6 months. I was also informed that she was the next big thing as far as Disney were concerned, and as such would require a 24 hour bodyguard.

“So would you be interested?” my boss asked.

He has just explained the situation with my new client. Disney had asked whether I would be willing to look after her 24/7 as her bodyguard. This would involve living with her whenever she was in Hollywood, and staying with her in hotels whenever and wherever her work demanded. It was a very well paid job, and as it turned out I quite liked the kid. Although only just turned 14 she was actually quite a sweet and likeable girl, and it seemed she quite liked me too. She had personally asked for me when told she needed a full-time bodyguard.

I had a quick think about it. I could use the money, and it wasn’t as if I was in a relationship right now anyway so I didn’t have a lot of commitments. If I did this for the next 6 months or so, I could probably take the next 5 years off.

“Fuck it, why not. When does it start?” I asked.

“Today, just go and pack some stuff together and go to this address. This is her place in Beverley Hills where you’ll spend most of your time. She’s not on set today so its a good time to move in.”

“Cool, OK. See ya later then” I said as I got out of my chair and headed for the door.

“Oh, 1 more thing…..” my boss said, “remember the usual rules apply about relationships with the client”.

“Seriously?” I said as I turned around. “She’s only just turned 14 for fucks sake!”

“I know, I know, I was only kidding. But don’t tell me that you can’t see that in a few years she’s going to be hot as hell” he said with a smile.

“Haha, maybe. But like you said, in a few years. She’s little more than a kid right now!” I replied as I left.

I made my way back to my place, grabbed a suitcase and filled it with clothes and anything else I thought I might need. It didn’t take too long, I could always buy anything I’d forgotten, and made my way to Bella’s place.

Although she still lived at home with her family, it quickly became apparent she hardly saw them at all. It wasn’t that she didn’t get on with them, but with all the travelling, filming and home schooling she was hardly ever with them for any substantial period of time. The people she saw the most of was me and her manager, and we quickly became close. Spending pretty much 24 hours a day together was always going to be difficult, but we got on really well and our relationship became more of a brother-sister thing.

Whenever we stayed away in a hotel we always stayed in connecting rooms. It was the easiest thing for us as it was usually me that had to wake her up on the mornings and it was always the easiest way for me to keep an eye on her. And it was during one of our hotel stays that I want to tell you about.

Although “Shake It Up” had been a success, Bella’s agent and Disney had bigger plans for her. We had had a busy day with Bella filming an upcoming pilot for a new show and it was late by the time we got back to the hotel. We’d both eaten on set so didn’t need to worry about getting any room service.

I opened the door to her hotel room and we both walked in. Bella flopped onto the bed.

“OMG I’m exhausted” she said as she stretched out.

I flicked on the TV, “You want to watch something?” I asked.

“No thanks, I’m just going to take a shower and then get into bed, I’m so tired” she said.

“OK no problem, I’m pretty tired too” I said and made my way to the connecting door to my room. “I’ll wake you up at 9 tomorrow for breakfast. Get a good nights sleep”.

“Sure, night night” she said as she chased me and gave me a kiss goodnight on the cheek.

“Night….” I said and opened the door to my room and shut it behind me.

To be honest I wasn’t all that tired. Sure I’d been working all day but when Bella is filming that usually involves sitting around checking Facebook and Twitter, and its generally pretty dull. I jumped in the shower and figured I’d watch some TV in bed.

I walked out of the shower with my towel around my waist and flicked on the TV, there was nothing on so I just started flicking through the channels and I stumbled across the porn channels. I turned the volume down so that Bella couldn’t hear, and she was probably asleep now anyway.

As I turned it on some hot teen red head was getting pounded by two guys, with one guy fucking her from behind whilst she sucked off another. As per usual the guys had huge baseball size cocks, but the girl didn’t seem to have any trouble taking it all.

After 30 seconds of watching my cock was rock hard. This was 3 months into working with Bella, and as was the nature of the 24-7 job, it must have been 4 months since I’d got laid. Of course I’d had a sneaky wank here and there but no where near enough for a young guy like myself. My balls were full and I was horny as hell.

I sat down in the chair in front of the TV. Bella was almost certainly asleep by now, she looked shattered when I’d left her and that was a good half an hour ago. Plus she always knocked on my door if she wanted me and would wait for me to tell her to come in.

I turned the TV up just enough to hear it and sat back to watch. The girl was now getting DP’d and was screaming filth at the guys to fuck her hard in her pussy and arse. I slowly started wanking my dick as I watched the scene in front of me. Whilst I was never as big as the guys on screen, at 8 inches fully erect I was bigger than most.

I didn’t want to rush this, so I was wanking slowly whist massaging my balls. About 10 or so minutes had passed and the scene was coming to an end. The girl was on her knees whilst the guys were jerking in front of her face, they both shot huge loads into her mouth and she swallowed it down.

An ad flashed up on screen, “High School Sluts 4” was the next film on and it looked good. Pre-cum was leaking out of my cock by now so I looked to the table to my right for a tissue to mop it up, and got the shock of my life.

Standing at the door was Bella, dressed in her PJ’s looking at me with my cock in my hand, and hardcore porn on the TV. I scrambled for my towel and put it over my lap.

“What the fuck Bella!” I shouted “What happened to knocking?!”

She didn’t answer, and just stood there looking sheepish.

“I thought you were asleep? How long have you been standing there?” I asked as I stood up, quickly realising my raging hard on was obvious through the towel, so I quickly sat back down again and flicked the channel over.

Again she didn’t answer.

“How long Bella?” I asked again.

“Long enough to know you like seeing two guys cum in a girls mouth” she said.

I didn’t know what to say. How did a 14 year old girl even know what cum was? Actually who was I kidding? She’d probably seen loads of porn on the net by now, all kids have by that age right? But that wasn’t the point, here was a girl I considered to be like a little sister who had just caught me wanking over porn. What was more worrying was that, despite the shock of the situation, my hard on hadn’t gone down. I was still raging hard and didn’t show any signs of going soft.

I needed to get Bella out so I could make myself decent and then go and explain things, but I couldn’t stand up as it would be obvious I was still hard.

“Bella, can you give me some privacy please, so I can sort myself out? I’ll come over and explain everything in a second” I pleaded.

“You can finish off, I want to watch” she said with a glint in her eye. “And besides, you don’t need to explain, I know guys like to jerk off, or wank as you Brits say”.

“I wasn’t wanking” I protested, hoping she would believe me.

“I can see pre-cum leaking out of your cock, and I’ve been watching you wank for at least the last a few minutes. If you stop being embarrassed for a second, then maybe I’ll even come and help you finish off.” she teased.

With that she lifted her top over her head and slipped out of her pyjama bottoms and stood there naked with a smile on her face.

I was shocked and couldn’t say a word. All of a sudden the brother-sister like feelings I had for her disappeared, all I saw now was a hot naked girl stood a few feet away from me. My rock hard cock seemed to agree too as it leaked a bit more pre-cum.

I looked Bella up and down as I had never done before. She was average height for her age at around 5’2″ but overall was very petite. I looked down and saw her developing tits, only an A-cup or possibly a small B-cup, but at 14 they were still growing. Her nipples were slightly darker than her skin tone which was pale as most red-heads are, and both nipples were hard and pointing up slightly. Unsurprisingly for her age they were very pert. I traced my eyes down her perfectly flat stomach and slender hips and looked at her teen pussy. It was completely bald and looked incredibly tight, the pink lips glistening ever so slightly indicating she was already getting wet.

Bella clocked me looking at her naked body and bit her lip seductively before slowly walking over toward me. I couldn’t understand what was happening, and what was worse is that I was getting seriously turned on.

Bella stood a few feet in front of me. She bent over to reach for the TV remote control I had just tossed to the side, in such a deliberate way that her small tits moved to within a few inches of my face. Almost as if it was an instinctive reaction I stuck out my tongue as her left nipple came close to my mouth and lightly flicked it. It shocked me more than it did her that I had just done that, but as I said, it was an instinctive reaction.

Bella picked up the TV remote having left her small tits dangle teasingly in my face, and changed the channel back to the porn, “High School Sluts 4” had just started.

Bella knelt down on the floor in front of me and whipped the towel off my lap, so I was now sat in the chair completely naked. My cock was rock hard and Bella gasped at seeing it up close.

“Wow, its huge!” she said as she grasped it with one hand, “I can hardly get my hand round it”. It was true, her petite hands could only just get right round it.

“Now you watch those school sluts get fucked while I finish you off” she said with a smile. At that moment I didn’t even think of Bella in the same way, and the fact she was 14 didn’t even occur to me. I was horny as hell and I had a sexy girl tell me to watch porn whilst she wanked me off, I wasn’t about to say no!

“Ah fuck Bella” I moaned as she began stroking my cock up and down, using my pre cum as lube.

“Tell me if I’m doing it wrong” she said. “I’ve never done this before, but I’ve watched lots of porn so I’m just copying what they do” she said innocently.

Fucking hell I thought, I was in for a great night if she thought porn was normal!

“That feels great baby, I’m not sure how long I’ll last though” I said.

“Mmmm…..I’m going to get my first ever taste of cum then” she said with a huge smile on her face as she sped up a little. She brought her other hand up and spat on it before rubbing the saliva all over the head of my cock. She then used that hand to massage the head of my dick whilst pumping the shaft with the other.

This 14 year old virgin was wanking my cock like a pro! I’d had hand jobs from girls 10 years older than her who weren’t anywhere near as good as she was.

Bella looked up at me with her beautiful, innocent eyes as she worked my cock. The hand pumping my shaft was now going so fast it was a blur, her other hand was smoothly gliding all over my helmet. I could feel the cum building in my balls and I wasn’t going to last much longer. I stood up as she continued to wank me off in front of her face.

“Are you ready to cum baby? Shoot it over my slutty teen face” she said. Such filthy talk from a sweet little girl surprised me and turned me on in equal measure.

She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, placing the head of my cock just inside her mouth while she stroked my shaft. She looked up at me just as I was about to blow.

“Give me your cum…..” she said just before I unloaded. The first blast shot straight to the back of her throat, nearly making her gag but she managed to hold it together. A second shot covered her tongue a before a third filled her mouth a little more. Bella continued to stroke my cock and it just kept on coming. A forth shot streaked across her face and a fifth landed just short of her eye. 5 blasts was more than I’d ever cum before, but there was still a few remaining drops which Bella milked into her mouth.

I looked at the beautiful teen, two streaks of cum covering her face and a mouth filled to the brim with semen. She smiled up at me before gulping it all down, then opening her mouth and sticking out her tongue.

“All gone!” she said with delight and a huge grin on her face as I sat back down on the bed.

“Mmmmm….that was yummy” Bella said, “Do you have some more for me?”

“There’s still some on your face, why don’t you scoop that into your mouth and clean yourself up properly?”

Bella ran a finger over her face and pushed the cumshots that had landed on her face into her mouth and swallowed them too. “It tastes kinda salty” she said “Hot, slimy, and salty but kinda nice, and it makes me feel horny knowing I’ve made you that excited that you came all over my face”.

“Well baby, you sucked me like a proper slut, now let me repay the favour” I said as I stood up and guided her to the bed and laid her down on her back. She naturally brought her knees up so they were slightly bent and I positioned myself in front of her.

“Do you ever play with your pussy Bella?” I asked as I looked between her legs to see her tight bald 14 year old pussy bulging out slightly.

“Sometimes” she said, “I get a tingle down there sometimes when I’m horny and it makes me feel good when I rub myself. The first time I did it I think my Daddy caught me though.”

“Oh really? Tell me what happened” I asked, intrigued. Bella’s father had died back in 2007 so she must have started very early.

“Well it was a few years ago, and I got a tingle down there just as I was in bed about to go to sleep. I slid my hand in my pjs and started rubbing myself, I closed my eyes as I did and imagined some hot older boys at school I’d seen that day swimming. After 10 minutes or so I was getting really hot and I opened my eyes and I could see my Daddy peeking through a crack in the door. He rushed off as soon as I opened my eyes, and disappeared into the bathroom. I quickly cleaned myself up and went to find him to see if I was in trouble. I was scared so pressed my ear against the bathroom door. I could hear Daddy repeating what he had seen to himself and a lot of rustling about so I thought he must be getting ready to punish me. He was saying things like “My little Bella, my little baby, rubbing her little pussy like a naughty girl, she needs Daddy to punish her, punish her for letting Daddy see that”. Then the shuffling about seemed to increase and I heard him moan my name and then it went silent. After a few seconds I heard him turn the taps on and wash his hands so I rushed back to my room and pretended to be asleep when he came back. He checked on me, saw I was asleep and closed the door. I never mentioned it because I didn’t want to get in trouble, but a few other times I heard Daddy doing the same thing in the bathroom, saying the same sort of things. It happened quite often if me and some friends from school had spent all day by the pool in our bikinis”.

Bella’s innocence made me smile. She knew about cum, wanking and handjobs, and yet clearly didn’t recognise that her Dad had been jerking off to her.

“That’s quite a story Bella” I said, “Now open those legs for me and let me get a good look at you”.

She parted her legs and I moved down ready to eat her sweet cunt. She was completely bald, any hair she did have couldn’t have been much given her age, but she must have shaved it off recently because it was so smooth. There was a slight glistening of the lips suggesting the blow job she had given me had turned her on. Her pussy looked unbelievably tight and was perfectly proportioned with the inner lips ever so slightly protruding from the opening.

“You’re already wet, you little slut” I said.

“Hee, hee” she giggled, “I know, I said getting you excited made me horny.”

I wasted no more time and licked her young slit from bottom to top, causing a sharp intake of breath from her. I immediately searched for her clit with my tongue and it wasn’t hard to find. A few licks and it responded very quickly, poking slightly out from its hood. I positioned myself lower down so I could fuck her pussy with my tongue and rub her clit with my finger. Pushing my tongue inside her was hard enough she was so tight, I couldn’t wait to get my cock in there. Her pussy was on fire as I started to tongue fuck her and rub her clit with a spare hand.

I looked up and Bella had her head thrown back as she let out long moans of satisfaction. One hand was massaging her beautiful young tits, tweaking her nipples slightly which were both rock hard. Her other hand was laying on her taut stomach, before she moved it lower to the back of my head and pulled me deeper into her pussy.

“Fuck…….” she gasped, “That feels…..amazing”.

Her juices were really flowing now, and I was lapping it up as I continued to fuck her teen mound with my tongue. I paused for a second and moved up her body until our faces were level.

“Taste yourself Bella” I said before kissing her deeply, making sure she got a good taste of her own pussy.

“Mmmm…….I taste better than Zendaya……” she said with a smile.

I took a double take. “Zendaya????? You mean….?” I spat out as I was working out in my head what she meant. Zendaya was her co-star on “Shake it Up” and a year older than Bella.

Bella giggled and nodded. “You don’t think we were rehearsing all the time did you, when we were in my trailer going over our lines? We also had a bit of fun!”

“So what did you get up to?” I asked.

“Not too much, we didn’t really get that much time, but we did eat each other out a few times. I’d never tasted myself ’til now though” Bella answered.

Bella was certainly a strange mix. When she first caught me jerking off she was acting all shy and innocent, and in some ways she was. But in less than an hour I’d learnt that her Dad had caught her masturbating at 12 and that he had been jerking over her, and that she and her co-star have been eating each others pussies for god knows how long. Bella had only recently turned 14 so I guess she would have been 13 and Zendaya 14 when they started. The thought of the two of them together turned me on and my cock was stiring back to life, and Bella noticed my cock as it poked her leg.

“Mmmmm….does it turn you on, thinking of me and her licking eachother’s pussies? it seems to have got you hard again”

“It sure does baby. Tell me more whilst I make you cum” I said as I resumed tongue-fucking her.

Bella described what her and her BFF got up to when they were alone, broken every now and again with gasps as my tongue fucked her tight cunt and my finger rubbed her clit,

“The first time, Zendaya had caught me stealing some candy from someone’s trailer,  she dragged me back to my trailer and said if I didn’t lick her pussy then she would tell on me. So I didn’t have any choice. She laid back on one of the sofas, lifted up her little dress and pulled her panties aside . I didn’t really know what to do, but I knelt in between her legs and started licking. It tasted weird at first but I quickly started to like it, and Zendaya was breathing heavy and pulling my head into her, and then her body went all tense and she started shaking and her pussy got very wet.”

She stopped as she realised that was exactly what she was starting to do as my tongue and fingers had the desired effect.

“Oh fuck………” she moaned as her pussy contracted around my tongue as the waves of pleasure swept through her body. I eagerly lapped up the juices flowing from her pussy as she came.

After 30 seconds or so she started to relax as the pleasure subsided. Eager to taste herself again she sat up and pulled me to her, kissing me on the hard and probing my mouth with her tongue.

She broke away. “Are you going to fuck me now?” she asked bluntly.

“Damn right I am baby” I replied.

“Yay!” Bella said and threw herself down on her back and opened her legs, “Come and put your cock in me!” she said with a smile on her face. Still the mix of innocence and naughty was turning me on so much.

I positioned myself between her legs. “This will probably hurt for a little bit baby, you’re so tight so I will go slow at first. But I promise after a few minutes it will start to feel good.”

“OK, I’m not sure it will fit in, your cock looks huge!” she replied.

“It will fit baby, just take a deep breath when I first put it in, the first time you might feel a bit of pain”

I grabbed the base of my cock and placed the head against Bella’s pussy. I looked her in the eyes and she looked so cute as she smiled up at me. I slowly pushed my cock into the 14 year olds pussy, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath as I told her to. She was unbelievably tight, and as the head popped in I saw a slight wince of pain from her. I slowly pushed forward until I had about 3 inches in and I felt the resistance of her hymen. I stopped there for a few seconds to let her get used to my girth. He pussy was gripping my dick like a vice, which was understandable given this was the first time anything had been in there. But it was so tight, it was all I could do to stop myself from cumming.

“OK baby, take a deep breath” I said.

As she did I pushed forward and broke through her virginity. She let out a little yelp as I did, and I lent down to kiss her on the lips. She looked to be in a bit of pain.

“Its ok Bella, just relax and in a few moments you’ll start to feel so good, I promise.” She nodded even if she didn’t believe me.

I slowly pushed on until I had my full length inside her, and very slowly began fucking her, gently at first as I let her teenage pussy get used to being stretched. After a few minutes she stopped wincing, and the groans of pain were slowly being replaced by moans of pleasure.

“Does it feel better now baby?” I asked.

“Oh my God, it feels amazing, you feel so big inside me” she responded.

I slowly built up the pace as her pussy provided the lubrication as she started getting more and more turned on. She got used to my cock stretching her quite quickly and she instinctively reached down to play with her clit as I thrust every inch deep into her pussy.

I wanted to see her bounce on my cock so I pulled out and lay down on the bed. “Come sit on my dick baby” I said.

She immediately straddled my lap and lowered herself slowly until I was balls deep inside her. I had the perfect view of her teenage body, and she sat up and used her legs to move herself up and down my length. She reached up and pinched both her nipples as she rode me.

“Fuck me with your fat cock” Bella said as she looked me in the eye, “You like my little teenage pussy? Yeah, wrapped tight around your cock. Fuck me like a slut” she teased.

I reached up and pulled her down slightly, so her small tits hung in my face, I sucked on her nipples as she rode me, biting slightly on the nipples. She let out a little whimper if I bit a little hard.

Bella continued to ride me hard for 4 or 5 minutes, grinding her pussy down and rubbing her clit. Every now and again she’d climb off and suck my cock so she could taste herself mixed with my pre-cum. Her dirty talking was making it hard to control myself and not blow my load deep inside her, calling herself a “whore” and a “slut” seemed to turn her on as much as it did me.

I was getting to the point where I was about to cum for a second time. “I’m gonna cum again Bella, you want it inside you, or do you want to drink it again?” I asked.

“Cum in my pussy, then ill scoop it out and eat it” she said with a wicked smile and a glint in her eye. And with that she started riding me harder, grinding her pussy down and talking filth.

“Fill my young pussy up, give me your cum. You like fucking me underage don’t you, you like it because I’m nice and tight, perfect for your thick cock to stretch like a whore. Now fill my 14 year old cunt with all your thick cum. Make me your little cum slut”

That tipped me over the edge, I thrust deep inside and unloaded a torrent of my semen deep inside her. I thrust my hips up with each spurt and she smiled as she felt the warmth flood her pussy. Bella waited until I had finished, before lifting herself off my cock and sitting back in between my legs. She looked down at her freshly fucked and stretched bald pussy.

My cum was leaking out already and she immediately scooped it up. She put two fingers inside her and teased more out until she had quite a pool in her hand, a mixture of my seed and her juices.

She looked at me, as if asking for permission. “Eat it you cum slut” I said. She carried on looking me in the eye as she licked it off her hand, showed it to me on her tongue and swallowed it down.

“Mmmmm……it tastes better when its mixed with my cum” she said.

I was exhausted and fell back on the bed as what had just happened started to sink in. I had just had mind blowing sex with Hollywood’s hottest property, but couldn’t tell a soul about it because of her age.

Bella came over and lay in my arms, she seemed to sense what I was thinking. “That was incredible, and don’t worry, I won’t tell if you don’t” she smiled.

She kissed me on the lips and got up, picked up her clothes and made for the door. “9 o’clock tomorrow?” she asked over her shoulder.

“Yes” I said.

“See you then, and then tomorrow night, I want you to stretch my other hole” she said as she slapped her tight ass and gave me a wink.

“Haha, you little slut!” I said as she laughed and walked through the door into her room.

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