Bodyshaping 1-2

The following story contains
sex of an offensive and GRAPHIC nature. If you are underage or
offended by disgusting sex of every kind imaginable you need to
stop reading now.


The violation of Jennifer

By Wonder Mike

The Peoples writer

It was a dark and stormy night,
oops wrong story.

It was the best of times it was
the, well it was the best of time for Jennifer Dempster. Her
television show “Bodyshaping” had just been renewed she
was getting a large raise
and she would finally become head
trainer after 7 years.

It was the first show of the
new season, she was working out with Carla and her two best
friends, Dr. Pete and Kendell.

They had moved the show to a
private ranch, an unknown benefactor offered them a secluded
place to shoot the show, it was great, Jen loved the ranch, she
was a farm girl at heart.

They were half way through the
first show doing light weight training, Jennifer always had a
smile when she saw the bulge in Kendell’s shorts.

Two mask men appeared from
behind the barn, They screamed “Shut up and nobody gets

The Director cried out
“Who are you?”

He was immediately shot and
killed. Jennifer was in shock. Carla tried to run and she was
shot and killed.

Nobody else moved.

“We brought you here to
see a real show, you will do everything we say maybe you can
leave her unharmed.”

The first masked man told
Jennifer to remove her top.

She was terrified and said

The man shot the first camera

Jennifer quickly took of her
top exposing her perfect breast.

The intruders instructed the
remaining camera man to continue to shoot.

“Now, play with your
breast.” They instructed.

Jennifer began to rub her
breast, there would be no more defiance.

“You better work harder
than that,” they said.

Jennifer began to lick her own
pert breast. That was more like it.

“Strip down.” Was the
next order, Jennifer did so without delay.

They had her lay on the weight
bench and spread her legs.

“Now spread you pussy as
wide as you can.” They yelled.

The beautiful slim brunette
grabbed both sides of her cunt and pulled. They yelled

She pulled as hard as she could
until her pussy was gaping. That was what they wanted to see,
they had the camera man zoom in for a close up.

“Play with it” was
the next instruction.

She quickly began to rub her
pussy. “Faster” they yelled.

Jennifer rubbed faster and
faster and then she started going in circles, she was almost in

“You better do better than
that if you want to live.”

Jennifer but two fingers inside
of her tight pussy, she began to slam them faster and faster.

“You can do better than
that.” Was all they said.

She slid two more fingers
inside and rammed them has hard as she could. She was embarrassed
that she was enjoying this.

The masked men tossed the a
three pound dumb bell, she knew what they wanted to see and she
knew better than to make them angry, they had already killed
three people.

She slid the weight into her
pussy and let it rest inside of her. One of the masked men told
Dr. Pete to help her. He went over to her and started to push the
weight slowly in and out of her.

They pointed the gun at his
head and told him.

“You better do it like
your life depends on it.”

Dr. Pete wouldn’t do it, He
would rather die than hurt his friend.

Jennifer said “Please do
it,” “I can take it,” “I don’t’ want to loose
you to.”

DR Pete began to ram the weight
harder and harder into his friend, he apologized for hurting her.

They men told Dr. Pete to strip
down. He stood naked in front of Jennifer, They told her

“You know what we want to

Jennifer grabbed his Dick and
began to suck, She still had the weight hanging from her cunt.
She was on her knees sucking as hard as she could.

“Deep throat him.”

She tried but she couldn’t do
it. They put the gun to his head, this was it for the Dr.

She screamed “No I can do
it.” “Help me Pete”.

Dr. Pete grabbed her by the
back of the neck and force his cock down her throat he couldn’t
control himself any longer he pulled out and shot his load, all

The intruders made Jen lick it
all up.

“You better get him hard
again” they said.

Jennifer began to suck his cock
again, this time she was able to get it all down her throat by
herself. His cock sprung to life.

“It’s your turn” they
told Kendell.

Kendell was ready to go, how
could he not be? His cock shot out at 13 hard inches.

He walked over to Jen and she
began to suck him off, She had always wanted to get Kendell, she
knew he was hung like a horse.

She managed to get two-thirds
of hid monster down her throat.

The men wanted to see some
fucking now. Kendell laid on the weight bench and Jennifer
straddled him and plopped down on his huge member. Dr. Pete stuck
his cock down her throat.

The intruders wanted more and
they had her Bend over so Dr. Pete could get at her ass.

The dr. Slowly worked his cock
into her extremely tight ass hole.

“We better enjoy
this,” The masked men said.

Jennifer was full but she
started to bounce up int Pete and down onto Kendell.

Dr. Pete began to slam into her
ass, as Kendell pushed up.

They were instructed to come in
her mouth.

“Open wide” they told
her. “We want to see it all go in and if you spill a drop
you are dead.”

Jennifer opened her mouth as
wide as she could and first Kendell shot his load into her mouth,
than Dr. Pete.

“Don’t swallow it”
she was instructed, “Open your mouth.”

They sent the camera man to get
a close up.

“Now let it drip down your

The slim Brunette stood there
being filmed with cum sliding out of her mouth, at least this
ordeal was over.

“This movie is just
beginning” they told her.

THE END pt.1

This is a fictional story that
contains graphic inter-species semi-violent sex. It should not be
read by anyone.


The violation of Jennifer

By Wonder Mike

The peoples writer

Jennifer was tired and wanted
to go home, her attackers had more planned for her. It was their

The attackers pulled out their
cocks and instructed Jennifer to suck them. She was able to deep
throat each of them. There was no more resistance in her.

The first attacker laid on his
back and told Jennifer to ride him. She sat on his cock and
leaned over so he could suck her perfect breast, she only wanted
to get this over with.

The second attacker stood
behind her and began to massage her breast. he was lifting her up
and down on his friend.

“Ride him faster he

Jennifer got off her knees and
squatted so she could slam her pussy down on her attacker.

The second guy stuck two
fingers in her virgin ass. This made Jen squat even harder. He
then shoved his cock in her tight ass hole.

Jennifer didn’t stop jumping up
and down on her attackers. She had another climax, and it
embarrassed her.

The second guy got tired of her
ass and squeezed his cock inside her pussy along side his buddy.

“We need to get you
stretched out you’ll thank us for this later.”

The two attacker began to
thrust in unison, they were stretching her pussy out.

That wasn’t good enough for
them, they both pulled out.

They wanted to feel something
tight around their cocks so they each slid their members into
Jen’s ass. She was screaming “No.”

It only encouraged the two
rapist. They each slammed two fingers into her pussy and began to
work them like pistons while they double penetrated her ass.

They pulled out of her ass and
made her lick their cocks clean. She sucked them off until they
were ready to spurt.

They pulled out and shot their
loads into a dog dish. They made Jennifer lick the dish clean of
all their cum.

They hand cuffed Kendell and
Dr. Pete in the barn, than they took Jen inside.

They tied her spread eagle to
the bed, one arm and one leg each on a bed post, They left her
there so she could get a good night sleep, They also inserted a
small vibrator inside of her pussy and turned it on high. They
left her there over night.

The attackers awoke early the
next morning and removed the vibrator. Jennifer had left a large
puddle of cum, she had been climaxing all night. They left her
tied there to rest for most of the morning.

Jennifer was actually been able
to get a couple of hours of sleep even though she was tied up.
She wondered how long she would be here.

She dozed off for a couple of
seconds, she was awoken by a wonderful licking at her pussy, she
had never been licked so good. She soon felt a second tongue
enter her. She felt the cold nose enter her, then she strained to
see, it was two German Shepherd’s, they were fighting over her
cunt. and shoving their tongues as far as they could inside her
pussy. She was cumming all over and the dogs were loving it, the
cum just mad them lap harder, like they hadn’t had anything to
drink in years.

The attackers grabbed one of
the dogs and pulled him away. the other dog mounted, Jennifer and
rammed his dick inside of her. This was the most humiliating
thing that had ever happened to anyone.

They brought the second dog to
Jennifer and instructed her to suck him off.

She would not do it. She was
still tied up and couldn’t move but she closed her mouth. The dog
was humping at her face.

The attackers brought Dr. Pete
into the room. They pulled down his pants and stuck a gun up his

They told her “Say
good-bye to your friend.”

Jennifer screamed no and the
dog shoved his whole cock in her mouth. She just laid there with
her mouth closed around the doggy dick as he pumped away.

It only took a couple of
seconds before he shot his load into her mouth. It came spilling
out of her mouth and she was instructed to lick it all up.

They then brought the second
dog to her face and she was forced to repeat the act.

The camera man caught all the

They untied and stood her up.
Her juices were running down her leg, that was the most
embarrassing thing of all.

The men led her back to the
set. They had her lay on the bench press with her legs facing the

They produce an eggplant. It
was 12 inches long and about 12 inches in diameter.

The first rapist put 150 pounds
on the machine and pulled the bar down. The second guy Stuck the
eggplant on the rod that goes through the weights.

They pulled her forward and
lifted her legs straight up. She was directly under weights and

They lowered the weights and
had perfect aim. The eggplant landed squarely on her cunt. The
attacker let the weight go a little lower and the eggplant was
pushing at her cunt. They finally let the weight go and all the
force rammed the eggplant into her pussy. It had no choice but to
go all the way in with 150 pounds of force behind it.

The attackers got their
exercise by lifting the weights up and down.

They took Jennifer into the
barn were they had Dr. Pete and Kendell. They told her it would
be over soon.

They let them have a couple of
hours together and then they had Jennifer lay down on the bench
they had set up.

They spread her legs as far as
they could go then they brought in one of the dogs. They let the
dog lick at her pussy, they knew that really got her wet. After
10 minutes and three climaxes they made Jennifer suck the dog
off. They wanted her friends to see this. She deep throated the
dog and it shot it’s load down her throat, she didn’t spill a
drop. They told her not to swallow until they got a close up of
the doggy cum in her mouth. She opened her mouth as wide as she
good and they got a good close up. They then got an Excellent
shot of her swallowing it.

Jennifer was scared dripping
wet and embarrassed, there was probably nothing she wouldn’t do

They gave her 20 minutes to
rest, well they had the dog lick her. Jennifer was about to have
her biggest orgasm when they pulled the dog away, she wanted to
tell them no but she didn’t, she still had some pride left.

The attacker brought in a
beautiful slim muscular horse, she was able to make out it’s
sash, It said “Skip Away”

She was a fan of horse racing
and remembered that Skip Away was being sent out to stud, this
wasn’t what she thought.

She immediately noticed he was
ready to go, his cock was swollen even for a horse, she had
fantasized about a huge cock but would never had done it.

Skip Away’s cock was two and a
half feet long and it reached a diameter of about 19 inches at
the base and 14 at mid point.

They told her “If you beg
for it and take two thirds of this cock we will let you go.”
If you can’t we will execute you all.

They led the horse over to her.

“Please give me that cock,
I need it bad.”

She wasn’t faking, she really
wanted it.

Skip Away tried to ram it into
her but they were holding him back. She slowly placed the tip
inside of her and began to thrust up. She got about a third of it
inside of her.

“Help me” she cried
to her friends.

Kendell and Pete had to see
this. They each grabbed a leg and pushed up. She had half that
massive member inside her cunt.

Skip Away was going wild, the
attackers couldn’t hold him back any longer. He gave a mighty
thrust and forced another 8 inches of his cock into the beauty.
The thrust pushed her forward or it would have embedded more of
it. He reared back and was ready to thrust again. The attackers
held her shoulders and Skip Away lunged forward. He rammed his
entire cock inside of her. He pulled back but she was stuck. She
just slid along with him.

The attackers tied her
shoulders down, and her friend held her legs. Skip away was able
to fuck her now. He was thrusting wildly into the tight pussy,
the horse and Jennifer had never felt anything so good.

The attackers had a surprise
for Jen, another horse. They placed it in front of her and had
her suck it off. She was impaled but she managed to get enough of
the horse cock in her mouth to get it to come, she was happy to
drink the huge load. They pulled her off Skip Away just in time
for him to completely drench her face.

She was so sore she couldn’t
stand, but she was happy, the crew had forgotten they were
captives and the attackers just left them, as they were leaving
Jennifer called out

“Can I have a copy of that


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