Bodyshaping Orgy

This is a fictional story which
contains graphic sexual situations, if you are underage or easily
offended, stop.


By Wonder Mike

The peoples writer

Rick, DR. Pete and Kendall had
a surprise for the annivercity episode of Bodyshaping. They had
grabbed Jennifer and took her into a back room. She was surprised
when she saw, Deprise and Kiana.

Jennifer really missed Deprise,
she was glad that she came back every once in a while to do the
show, she really wasn’t that happy to see Kiana though, she that
Kiana was a bitch, but it had been awhile and old wounds

Kiana dropped her top, she was
ready to go, she was used to getting what she wanted, and she
wanted the guys and Jennifer, Jen had always eluded her in the
past. Jennifer was impresses with the way Kiana’s tits just stood
up. She couldn’t tell if they were real or not. Real breast
usually don’t stand out like that but she was so buff, hers

Jennifer had no idea what was
going on, the guys dropped their pants and Deprise was now naked.
Jen sat in shock at the absolutely perfect bodies that were on
display before her, she did not want to participate though.

Deprise started to stroke the
cock of Dr. Pete, it grew to about 8 inches, Kiana grabbed the
cock of Rick. She wrapped her lips around it and it grew to about
7 inches but it was thick. Kiana couldn’t get her mouth all the
way around it.

Jennifer didn’t realize that
she was rubbing her breast, she had held a secret desire for
Kendall for a long time, she couldn’t help but notice the bulge
in his pants during the show and now he was standing there naked
in front of her.

Kendall walked over to Jen and
pulled down her top, she didn’t resist, she reached down and
grabbed Kendall’s cock, it immediately sprung to life, it was has
huge as she had thought, about 12 inches long and as thick as her
arm, her mouth was watering.

Deprise had dropped to her
knees and had deep throated Pete, Kiana was still stroking Rick.

Jennifer had started to suck on
Kendall’s cock, she wasn’t has experienced as Deprise but she had
perfect lips and Kendall wasn’t going to complain.

Kiana was happy to see Jen
loosen up, she let go of Rick and started to finger Jen, She
worked her fingers one by one into Jen’s tight pussy until she
had stuffed 4 of them inside of her, Jennifer quickly had her
first Orgasm.

That didn’t stop Kiana though,
she kept working her fingers faster and faster, Rick mounted
Kiana from behind and slid his cock into her pussy, Jen reached
down and began to rub Kiana’s cunt while Rick was slamming her
from behind. That was enough to send her over the edge.

Deprise had pushed Pete over
unto his back and was riding him for all she was worth, she was
screaming in pleasure with every stroke. That was all Jen needed
to see.

She pushed Kendall unto his
back and slide down over his mighty cock, she slowly sat down and
began to slide the monster inside of her. She got half way down
when Kiana reached over and shoved Jen’s shoulders, forcing her
all the way down.

Kendall began to thrust up into
Jen while Kiana was holding her shoulders, Jen’s eyes had rolled
up into her head and her mouth was hanging open, this was the
greatest sensation she had ever felt. Kiana slid two fingers into
Jen’s virgin ass, that pushed Jen over the edge, her juices were
slowly flowing down Kendall’s cock. She than started to ride him
for all she was worth, she was screaming to be fucked.

Rick and Kiana each grabbed an
arm and began to lift Jen up and down on Kendall’s cock, Jen
screamed “Faster.” They slammed her up and down as hard
as they could.

Jen was still screaming for
more, so DR. Pete lifted Deprise off of his cock and mounted Jen
from behind, he slid his cock into her extremely tight ass hole.

It was so tight Pete didn’t
stand a chance especially after the fucking Deprise had given
him. He pulled his cock out of her ass after 4 minutes and stuck
it into Kiana’s mouth. She drank his entire load. Jen still
needed more.

Rick climbed on top of them and
slid his cock into her pussy along side of Kendall’s huge member,
Jen tried to scream in pleasure and pain but nothing came out,
she just laid there for a couple of seconds to get use to the
feeling, then she began to bounce up and down on the two cocks,
Rick and Kendall began to match her thrust, harder and harder
until they couldn’t take anymore, they both pulled out of her and
shot their loads simultaneously into her mouth, Deprise ran over
and laid on her back next to the trio and Jen spit the two loads
into her mouth, Kiana than stuck her tongue down the throat of
Deprise before she could swallow it all, it was great for the
gang to be back together.


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