Bon Appetit

This fictional story contains lesbian sex with a celebrity. Do not read if offended.

It does not depict the sexualities of those involved

The lights in the studio dimmed and Girls Aloud walked off the stage after an hour set.

Their summer concerts were going down very well. They had travelled all over the country, been to hundreds of cities, performed in front of millions of people

Cheryl made her way to the backstage area, immediately grabbing a bottle of water from the table in the corner which was set up with food and drink.

She drank half of it down, not stopping
for breath.

A tall thin blonde girl walked up to her, a look of disappointment on her face as she realised there were no more bottles of water left. Cheryl held out hers

‘Here have mine’

‘Thanks,’ the girl smiled as she took the bottle from her and drank just as Cheryl had.

‘I’m Lou’ the girl held out her hand and Cheryl took it. ‘I saw your act, you’re very talented’

Right then, a big burly man bumped into them

‘I think we should probably move.’ said Cheryl. ‘I got a little room out the back if you wanna come by’

There was a twinkle in her eye

‘Sounds good,’ an eager Lou replied.

The two made their way to the small room, which could pass for no more than a store cupboard, situated just behind the stage

Lou closed the door behind them, shutting out the noise

Lou found a space on the settee and sat down

‘Sorry it’s so small’ Cheryl apologised

‘No, it’s……..ok’ Lou mumbled, looking around

Cheryl sat on the couch beside her, crossing her long voluptuous legs

‘I haven’t seen you before, you’re a member of the crew, right?’

‘Yeah, I’m a lighting technician’ the pretty girl answered, ‘I have to check all the lights before the show’

As she spoke, her eyes immediately gazed over Cheryl’s fabulous legs, which were barely covered by a skirt. A long slit went almost to the top, exposing her creamy thighs.

Lou was suddenly aware she was staring and averted her eyes , but Cheryl had already noticed

‘You like?’ she asked calmly, lifting her skirt up even further

‘Yes……very much so…..’ Lou mumbled, unable to take her eyes off the delectable pins

Cheryl smiled, seeming to put her instantly at ease

‘Its ok, look all you want’

She then reached out and took Lou’s hand in her own and moved it so her palm rested on her exposed thigh.

Lou couldn’t speak, she hadn’t expected this.

Nevertheless, she ran her finger over the smooth skin, amazed at how soft it was.

Cheryl groaned softly and Lou moved her hand up further, edging closer to her already wet crotch.

Lou suddenly stood up, stepping back.

Cheryl looked at her in a puzzled _expression, expecting her to back off.

But she smiled as Lou started to remove her one piece black dress.

It slid down to the floor leaving her standing in matching black lingerie.

Lou took her place next to Cheryl on the couch

Cheryl, who was extremely wet by now, stood up and removed her low cut shirt, revealing a white lacy bra that only just seemed to just hold the big juicy breasts that overflowed in them.

She opened her legs, giving Lou a flash of the heaven that was between them

Lou leaned in closer, her dainty fingers slowly unbuttoned the girl’s trousers.

She slid them over Cheryl’s silky thighs, slipping them easily over her ankles

Her wet underwear closely followed, sliding over the smooth skin

Lou breathed in deep, catching the scent of Cheryl’s obvious arousal.

She moved in further, her face inches from the goal.

She immediately dived in, flicking a tongue over Cheryl’s waiting pussy

Cheryl jumped, opening her legs even wider, allowing her to delve in further

Lou dived in again, searching the centre of her pleasure with her mighty tongue, exploring every fold and crease of the delicious treat

She lapped at it willingly, savouring the taste of the girl’s forbidden treasure

Cheryl moaned softly as she succumbed to the wonderful waves of delight flooding through her.

She had removed her own bra now and was pinching at the nipples of her more than generous breasts.

She moved her hand to the back of Lou’s head, forcing her deeper into her.

Lou was an obvious expert as Cheryl soon found herself exploding into a fabulous orgasm.

Her legs trembled as she succumbed to the mighty delights of climax

She held on to the arms of the sofa, trying to catch her breath.

It finally subsided and she collapsed on the couch, positively struggling for breath.

‘Oh God Lou…’ she gasped, exasperated ‘That was wonderful!’

‘I’m not done’ Lou gave her a wicked smile

Lou, who had now removed her lingerie, straddled Cheryl’s hips, bending over, forcing her breasts in Cheryl’s face.

Cheryl immediately took the right nipple in her mouth, sucking on it delicately, pinching it between her teeth

Lou placed two hands on the back of her head, guiding her across her chest.

Cheryl slid a hand down Lou’s front, searching for her dripping wet pussy.

It was Lou’s turn to moan now as Cheryl expertly fingered her snatch, leaving no part untouched.

She was now extremely close to orgasm.

Cheryl deliberately kept her from reaching her goal, bringing her quickly to the edge, then stopping before she could release.

Meanwhile, she was still alternating between the two luscious breasts, only too aware of the intense desire building within herself.

‘Oh Cheryl, yes Cheryl! Please oh God YES!’ she screamed, as Cheryl finally brought her to the brink.

She let Lou come long and hard, coating her fingers in delicious juices

The orgasm slowly ebbed away, leaving Lou gasping for breath

Once done, Lou collapsed next to Cheryl.

They were both already tired from their frantic love making, yet both were still very horny, and within minutes they were in a 69 position, licking each other out, exploring ever orifice, every inch of each other’s bodies

They both came at the same time, succumbing to mind-blowing climaxes neither of them had ever felt before.

They were caught in a moment, blissfully unaware of the world outside.

Neither of them seemed to care if they were missing, as they lost themselves in their own delicious little world……

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