Bonds Have More Fun

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     <title>Bondage Payback</title>
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Bondage Payback:<br>
Tina,simpson was looking for to hired a personal assistant<br>
for her 2 daughter jessica&Ashlee, simpson i appilance for the personal assistant job<br>
tina asked me i,m willing to do anything then tina hired me my named is sophia i was born in france<br>

jessica gived me her car keys to do some earing for jessica like pick up jessica dry-cleanning<br>
other task i got jessica in trouble with the law i accident got jessica 27parking ticket the police haved<br>
issues a arrest waring for ms Jessica simpson for not paying her parking ticket jessica was@ a salon<br>
getting a tan the losangeles pd. arrest jessica after leaving the salon & bring jessica to downtown police station<br>
then brook jessica jessica haved to spend 30day in la countyjail jessica went to court plead her case to the honor<br>
the judge sent jessica to pay$ 2500 in parking ticket fee,court cost to jessica spend 25day in lockup in losangeles<br>
countryjail jessica called her sister Ashlee i need u to do me a favor i like u to teach sophia a lesson jessica told ashlee what happen then i show up@ nick lanchey house for worked ashlee told me i call sophia u must pay if u can <br>
stand tight bondage from me sophia asked ashlee i ,m willing to forgiven u so will my sister ashlee haved a bag of bondage sex toy then ashlee order sophia to strip sophia begin to strip her red blouse off&her bra then sophia strip off<br>
her red pants then her thong then ashlee pull out a leather black collar then ashlee force sophia to kneel on the floor next to mistress ashlee then ashlee pyut on the black leather collar around the neck of sophia neck then ashlee tigh the collar then ashlee pull out a black leash clip it to the ring around sophia collar then ashlee tug on the leash sophia was crawing on jessica floor in my boss house then ashlee pullout a large black buckle gag thatthe black buckle gag fit off my sophia head then sophia then ashlee shove the ballgag into sophia mouth then ashlee tigh it then ashlee tookout 1pair of silver blackmetal handcuff to cuff sophia wrist to her back then ashlee make sure the cuff around sophia wrist was tight then ashlee help sophia off her knee then ashll leads sophia by the leash to jessica couch then ashlee push sophia on the couch then ashlee was sucking on sophia breast then ashlee bited sophia breast&sophia nipple hard ashlee left her teeth marks in sophia breast then ashlee got a bottle out of her bag then pour some of the liques from the bottom on sophia was screaming then ashlee took out a white piece of paper then place it on sophia cunt then pull it hard sophia was crying&screraming under her gag then ashlee was laughting eviley then ashlee repeat over sophia body then ashlee have to used the bathroom then Ashlee got a wicked smile then ashlee unbuckle the gag then put in sophia mouth a mouthgag then ashlee squat over sophia face then a yellow golden liques come into sophia mouth then<br>
ashlee squat over then took a trouble dump half of the brown smelly turd ashlee was big piece then ashlee gag sophia again then put a coller so sophia won,t swollow ashlee pee&her turds for her sister jessica then ashlee tug on sophia collar then got up went down to jessica basement ashlee tied sophia hand above sophia head then ashlee got a hammer &2 meatal nail then ashlee pick up one the nail then place the nail next to sophia left brest nipple then ashlee hold the nail in her left hand then hammer the nail right into sophia left nipple sophia past out from the pain then ashlee redo the same thing to sophia right nipple then pull them out to put 2 meatal ring in sophia nipple then ashlee smack sophia then ashlee pull on sophia new pirce nipple then ashlee whip sophia with a bullwhip with metal spike on the whip <br>
i fell my skin begin tears&bleeding then ashlee release sophia from the pain then ashlee pull out a legal doucement &a black pen then ashlee force sophia to sign the contrant it was legal it mean jessica simpson&ashlee own sophia as long as they want to used theri personal assistant sophia <br>
andy edwards<br><br>

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