Booty Shaking Sleepover

This story is completely fiction (only some of it) so if your not the age of 18,
GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, reader’s discretion is advised

BRIANA EVIGAN- Booty shaking sleep over

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I was falling asleep but I kept my eyes wide open, I was watching step up 2 the streets

And I wanted to see the scene that all my friends were talking about. Here we are watching the mid ending which is the battle and damn! I seen Briana dance like a fiend I really mean it. She poped locked and dropped her ass to the floor my dick was
waking up. I looked closely at her red short sleeved shirt then here comes my brother saying something that I already notice: “you can see her nipples man.” I looked at him “no really I didn’t notice that fucking retarded,”

“Hey I’m just saying.” I walked out the theater with half a smile on my face so we took the train to my house and my sister Denise calls me: “yo.” I answer “hey D my friend Briana is sleeping over and since Jo is sleeping in my room can she sleep with you?” my heart stopped for a brief second “Ok um sure anything for you I see you in a few…” my brother looked at me “Did she mean Briana evigan?” I shook my head “you goanna bag her?” I sucked my teeth “come on man one fucking shot and besides you have been wishing to fuck her.” He did have a point there he went of at downtown crossing and I went off at Jackson square. I came home with Briana watching a movie. “Danny this is my friend Briana.” Briana turned “Hey D.” I couldn’t respond for a second “Hi B…” I walked away until I stopped and heard something I will never forget “shit that your baby brother?” they laughed “yeah I know but he’s 19 so…” Briana looked at my sister “he looks older.”

My sister came to my room “she likes you already.” I smiled “of course that she does almost all your girl friends do.” I fixed my bed up “don’t do anything stupid ‘ight? “Alright.” I said sarcastically.

“What you doing?” she asked “research.” She looked at the computer “you sure that’s research because it looks like you want to grind?”

She looked at me with a funny look “Na it’s for dance class we first have to write a 500 page report about the history then we learn how to grind, crump, pin drop.” She laughed “I know how to do them but the only one I don’t know how to do is…” she finished the sentence “grind? Come on.” She gave me her hand “I’m good Briana.” She slid me off the computer desk I was sitting on the chair “research, report later teaching you how to grind now.” I got up “wait you need the right music to grind me.” She put on my PS3 she looked down at my playlist then Briana put on “It’s been so long.” By Marlon Bins

“Get behind me.” So I got behind her standing up straight “D.” she said “what?” she took my hands “put your hands on my hips.” I felt nervous usually I don’t.” relax, come closer

Move closer, and then just move slightly around.”

I moved silently she moved her hips back and forth, then her ass moved up and down I can feel her ass moving around. “You ok?” she asked

“Huh? Oh yeah.”

She laughed she closed her eyes. My hands went up her shirt I felt her nipples poking at my hands. She looked back and I looked at her reaction she smiled for a while then she stopped while the music was still going.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I looked confused “I don’t even know.” We stopped “now you know but since we still got time lets dance.” My room was bigger than the whole house with a polished wooden floor. We broke dance, crumpt all the sick ass moves we can do and that we made up I went to the kitchen to grab two bottles of water but then I snooped in the most private place in my room: the vision room where I look at some movies I cut a whole in the wall and blocked it just in case. she got up, played “drop it low” and did the pin drop I was impressed but then came her ass shaking and dropping move my dick grew another 4 inches.

“Damn she can drop that ass.”

She was done I came in and gave her a bottle of water “thanks Danny.” The lights were off and she was asleep so I went on her camera and saw her video there were a lot of fucking videos on it. But I looked at one where she did the same dance: naked “holly shit she did it!” she turned on her side I turned off the camera “You ant coming to bed? Come here…” she was still asleep but her eyes were almost open I lay down next to her. 2:55 am she was asleep and I was awake I was thinking about what my brother said and I think Briana knew she was expecting me to fuck her since the shirt incident so I took off her sweats mad slowly so I won’t wake her I saw her flat, shaved wet, juicy pussy in front of me. “What the fuck are you doing?” she was awake I knew she was expecting it “sorry.” She stood there still “Sorry? There is nothing you need to be sorry about.” Her eyes were still closed but then I heard her say something I wanted to hear her say all night

“What you waiting for eat me up already.”

I licked her slit up and down, she was shivering and shacking I forced my tongue into her pussy “uhhhhh, uhh yeahhh!” she pushed my head into her slit “ssssss uh, uh fffffuuucckkk yeah eat me, eeaat me!” She was wide awake licking her lips. I tasted her sweet pussy juice. I kept eating her out until she was sore “uhhhhh, stop, ssstttoopp!” she was moaning and laughing in pain and it turned me on even more.

“Ready for more of me?”

I didn’t even answer her question and I think she already knew the answer she got down to my p.j’s my dick was hard enough “looks like you already are.” She put her cold hands in the opening of my pants she grabbed my cock and stroked it slow then fast she smiled doing it. “This is my first so you’re lucky I picked you.” She said. Even when Briana breathed on my dick I couldn’t take it. She put the whole thing in her mouth to this day I’m still wondering how she put my 11 1/3 cock in her mouth.

I felt the warm side of her mouth with her tongue circling around my head and shaft. I was paralyzed from the waist down I didn’t feel nothing but I didn’t want her to stop sucking. I cummed in her mouth she stopped “You goanna spit it out?” her mouth was filled with my hot load but she didn’t spit it out she swallowed the whole entire thing and if we had a glass cup cum in her mouth could have over filled the top of the cup “Nope anything you throw at me I wont spit out I’ll swallow down.” She licked the remains of my cum off my head but every time she does that I keep Cumming. “Ohm…damn looks like your dick likes me D.” we laughed she took of her red shirt and exposed her big, clearish, peach nippled tits I waited for her whole shirt to be off her hair was messed up she laughed I licked her neck down. She started to moan a little.

Her tits were mad jucy. That when I sucked one of them I swore milk came out and she hasn’t even been fucked “drinks me, squeeze me dry.” She was kissing me, very time I tried to let her go she came back for more.

Next was her tight pussy but I wasn’t sure about this it was still hurting. She wanted it in hard and rough “do it! Stick that shit in my pussy!” I thrusted my dick in here pussy. And it was tighter than tight “uuuhhhhhhhhh! shit.” I stopped “take it out?” she looked at me with a straight face “No, noooo…keep it in.” I put the whole thing in she screamed to the top of her lungs “ooohhhhh shit! Oh shittttt! yeah, yes’s!!” I grabbed her hips and smashed her up and down.

“Fasster, fassstterr! Uhh, uhh, yeah, yeah sssss uh!”

I let her go and she grinded on my dick side to side, left to right. She looked at me while doing it she didn’t want to stop and either did I. “Uh, uhhh, uh yeah, mmmmmm….yeah!”

She closed her eyes and grinded faster and then slower “Uh oh shit.” She kept going,

And going. She got off and stuck her ass out to my dick I couldn’t believe what she wanted me to do to her. “you sure about this?” I asked “in and out.” She said “Quick?” she turned her head “just do it!” I took my dick and shoved it in her “asana….hhhhh, ah, ah oh shit, this shit is starting to hurt, starting to hurt uh, yeah!”

“Uh, you want me to…”

“No keep going!”

She pulled on me, I could see, hear and feel her pain but she still after 1 hour of an ass fuck to stop and she wasn’t bleeding to me that shit is just weird. Her ass cheeks were jumping up and down slapping me. I couldn’t stop fucking her fat ass she was screaming her ass off and I was the only one who fuck it no one is goanna believe this. I didn’t listen to her I just kept fucking her, shoving it in.”Uhh, uh yeah, yeah, hush yeah…..oh shit! ohhhh schist! Ssss uh yeah, yes, yesssssss!” She jumped up and down she felt, looked so good I had to keep going. She was tired already and her ass was hurting, I had to keep going “I’ goanna blow!” we both said “ohm schist!” we both chummed but after that we both felt the pain. She got off and almost fell back she went to the shower with clean clothes and I went to the second bathroom and did the same. She came out with her ass showing behind a clean pair of sweats. I came out with a white t, a pair of red long shorts. I went in my room with her changing the sheets “I was about to do the same thing just now.” She turned around and came toured name and hugged then kissed me “tough love…” I tackled her on the bed “please don’t tell me we’re goanna fuck again?” she said in pain “no you fucking crazy.”

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