Destiny’s Child had just finished there set at the uk show Jam in the Park.
They went back to there locker room. straight away. A tired Beyonce decided
she would go for a shower. She stripped off once inside the bathrooom and
looked at her body in the mirror. Damn, I look good for a 19 year old she
though as she looked down her body. She touched her nipples a few times until
they were erect. She smiled as she knew she was in a lot of men’s fantasies.
She wondered to herself if any women fantasized about her. This got her
thinking of Michelle and Kelly in the next room. She had thought about being
with a girl before but to her
it wasn’t a great thing to think about so she
quickly dismissed any thoughts. In the next room Kelly and Michelle were
looking through Beyonce’s bag looking for anything interesting.

This my first story please tell me what you thought of it and any stories you
would like me to write.
“Oh my God”, whispered Kelly, “She has a vibrator in here”

“Really”, replied a somewhat turned on Michelle.

“Yeah, and it smells kinda like um……”

“Pussy”, Michelle shot back before Kelly could say anything.

“Yeah, why would she have this in her bag”

“I dunno let’s go ask her,” Michelle was desperate to see Beyonce naked so
this was a perfect chance.

Kelly and Michelle antered the bathroom not knowing that Beyonce was in the
shower tickling around her pussy. She didn’t here anyone them coming in a
quickly rammed 2 fingers into her pussy. She moaned, Michelle and Kelly
looked at each other knowing what Beyonce was up to.

“Beyonce, can u come out here”, Kelly said coyly.

“Yeah sure!”, replied Beyonce, a little pissed off that she hadn’t cum before
they entered.

Beyonce opened the shower door naked. Michelle who was wearing white pants
started to get wet. Beyonce noticed.

“Michelle, are you getting wet looking at me.”

“Um……….”, was all Michelle could manage to get out, a little embarassed
by the situation.

“It’s ok, I wanna see you naked as well.”

“You do,” replied a now horny as hell Michelle.

“Yeah infact lets get that top off right now.” answered Beyonce as she moved
closer to Michelle and began to undress the black beauty.

She took Michelle into the next room and pulled off her bra to reveal
Michelle’s real and perfectly formed breasts.

“Mmmmmmmmm” Beyonce whispered as she stared at Michelle’s breasts.

She took the right nipple in her mouth and began to gently bite down on it.
Michelle moaned as she became wetter and wetter. After a good sucking on on
both of Michelle’s breast she undid Michelle’s pants and let them drop to the
floor. She stared at Michelle’s damp red panties. She put her hands on
Michelle’s ass, realising Michelle was wearing a thong.

In the corner of the room, Kelly watched a little disgusted at first but the
more she saw the more she wanted Michelle and Beyonce to eat her pussy.

Beyonce pulled down Kelly’s panties and gasped upon seeing that Michelle had
a shaved mound. She licked the pussy juice off of Michelle’s pussy and went
back up and kissed her. Their tongues collided and Michelle started to feel
Beyonce’s ass. Kelly moved up behind Beyonce without her noticing with the
vibrator in hand as Michelle began to spread Beyonce’s ass cheeks. They
stopped kissing and Kelly slammed the vibrator up Beyonce’s ass.

Beyone gasped, taken aback at first but when she saw it was Kelly standing
naked in front of her she smiled. Kelly wen to the back and turned the
vibrator on then went round to Michelle sat her on a chair, spread her legs
and began to eat her pussy.

“Oh Yeah” moaned Michelle, “Keep going”

Kelly found Michelle’s clit and began to flick at it with her tongue.

“Flick my clit, you dirty little ho”, Michelle stammered seconds before an
orgasm overcame her body.

Kelly lapped it up and went over to Beyonce. Her and Beyonce’s tongues
tangled as they felt each others tits. Beyonce broke up the kiss and took the
vibrator out of her ass. She rammed it into her own pussy and switched it on

“Lick around it, bitch,” Beyonce ordered.

Kelly licked around the vibrator tasting Beyonce’s ass. She rammed the
vibrator further into Beyonce’s pussy and began to ram it in and out.

“I’m gonna CUM!!!!” Yelled Beyonce as she let out a wave of cum.

Kelly pulled out the vibrator and licked at Beyonce’s pussy. Beyonce couldn’t
take it. She had a second orgasm.

“Now, I made you 2 bitches cum, now you make me.”

Beyonce smiled at Michelle knowing just how to satasfy
Kelly. She held her on the floor.

“Michelle, fuck her with the strap-on in my bag”

Michelle went into Beyonce’s bag and pulled out a 10 inch strap-on.

“No, No, please don’t. This is rape if I don’t wanna do this.” Kelly pleaded
but it was no use. Michelle lifted up Kelly’s legs and began to ram the whole
ten iches into her. Kelly screamed so Beyonce sat down on her face.

“We can’t have that noise, can we. Eat me out again Kelly.”

Kelly tried to resist but Beyonce rubbed her pussy all over her face.

Meanwhile Michelle hadn’t stopped fucking Kelly with the strap on. Kelly
loosened up and started to enjoy it. She began to buck her hips and licke
tentively at Beyonce’s prodruding clit. Beyonce blew her cum all over
Michelle’s face as Kelly had her first orgasm of the night thanks to Michelle
and Beyonce’s strap-on. Michelle licked the cum off of Kelly’s pussy but
Kelly jusy kept cumming. It took 5 orgasms to calm her down. They were all
tired and got ready to leave for the airport.

“Well at least it isn’t gonna be as boring on tours this year!” Beyonce said.

Kelly and Michelle laughed realising that they were gonna get a good fucking
form Beyonce and each other again.

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