Booze Whore

Title: Booze Whore

Author: TheBigLove126

Celebs: Danielle Bradbery, Carrie Underwood

Codes: FF, cons, oral, drunk

Summary: Carrie Underwood visits Danielle Bradbery’s home

Disclaimer: The following is a fictional story featuring a real celeb and a fake man. Any similarities to reality or strictly coincidental.

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback to this or any of my other stories; feel free to contact me at – or chat with me on YIM, I am almost always online. When it comes to request, I will take them if they interest me, I like the celeb (no Miley, no Ariana, no Scarlett, no Kardashian, no Upton) and the request is not too detailed (I don’t like planning out stories, I like to write as I go).

Danielle Bradbery sat in her recliner, nervously waiting for her guest to arrive. The nineteen year old ‘The Voice’ champion, dressed in a short, fuzzy white skirt and a tight black t-shirt, still could not believe what had happened. Never in her wild dreams did she think her idol, Carrie Underwood, would text her out of the blue, asking if she wanted to meet up. The young blonde almost dropped her phone as she heard the heavenly voice of the super star invite herself over. She could do nothing but accept and give her address.

Several hours of cleaning and prepping led to this moment. The doorbell of her Nashville condo rang, a ring that flowed from her eardrums, all the way down to her rapidly-beating heart. Having only met Carrie once, almost two years earlier, she had no idea what to expect. They were not friends, they were ‘colleagues’ in the vaguest of terms. Why did Carrie want to meet with her on a random Thursday afternoon in mid-October? Danielle would soon find out.

With sweat coating her palms, and her arms shaking, Danielle opened the door and smiled wide. Carrie Underwood, in a purple plaid skirt that went halfway down her thighs, white socks which were just short of her kneecaps and a neon green hoodie, smiled back at her and pulled her in for a hug.

“Hey you,” she said in the friendliest of tones.

“Hi Carrie Underwood,” Danielle responded, rolling her eyes at calling her by her full name. “I mean Carrie, or Ms. Underwood, whichever you prefer.”

“Nervous?” Carrie asked with a laugh.

“I’m sorry, I’m still not sure why you even wanted to meet me,” Danielle stammered. “You’re my idol!”

“You are just adorable,” Carrie said, pinching her cheek as if she were a child. “Are you going to invite me in? Looks like rain is coming.”

“Oh yes, sure, sorry,” the younger girl said fast.

“Danielle, calm yourself down, I’m just a friend, no need to go super-fangirl on me,” she said as she walked in.

Carrie unzipped and removed the hoodie, showing a white button-up blouse underneath, along with a plaid purple tie, completing the schoolgirl look she was rocking.

“Cute outfit,” Danielle commented.

Carrie looked down at herself and smiled before tossing the hoodie to Danielle, who folded it up and threw it on her recliner before showing her place to her thirty-two year old guest. The girls went into the kitchen where Carrie was offered a drink.

“Well you’re too young for beer so I’ll take a water,” the older woman said.

“Right away,” Danielle nervously said as she opened the fridge and maneuvered her small hand around the twenty-four bottles of Budwesier that sat in front of the bottled water.

Danielle say across from her idol, watching her sip from the water bottle as attentive as if she were telling a story. Carrie noticed the young woman staring and started to laugh.

“What?” Danielle asked, nervously wondering why she was laughing.

“You’re like a little puppy,” she responded. “I’m just here as a friend.”

“But why are you here? I mean we’ve met once before, I didn’t even think you remembered me,” Danielle explained.

“I heard from a little birdie that you were looking to do some duets to help give your career a kickstart,” Carrie said as she sipped from the bottle again. “I wanted to come by and see what we can do.”

“Wait really?” Danielle asked, shocked.

“No, I lied, I came here to crush your hopes and dreams,” she responded with a laugh. “Yes really, you silly little mouse.”

Danielle’s heart was almost beating out of her chest. She had been putting the word out in Nashville that she was looking to collaborate but never in her wildest dreams could she imagine someone at the level of Carrie, let alone Carrie herself, would be the first to agree.

“Oh my god, wha-what song should we sing?” Danielle asked, still flustered.

“I’ve been thinking and do you remember Reba and Linda Davis’s duet ‘Does He Love You’?” she asked, finishing her water and sliding the bottle aside.

“Do I? I freakin’ love that song!” the teen exclaimed. “I listen to it almost every day!”

“Well grab your guitar and let’s sing it!”

Danielle rushed off to her bedroom to receive the guitar she was gifted by Blake Shelton after winning ‘The Voice’. She returned to find Carrie lounging on her couch, her legs crossed, tapping on her knees to the rhythm in her head. Danielle walked over and sat across from her, tuning her guitar with her shaky fingers.

“You really need to calm down Danielle, you’re going to have a heart attack,” Carrie commented.

“I know, I’m sorry, I’m just so happy and scared and nervous and-,” she rambled before Carrie leaned forward and pressed a finger to her lips.

“Breathe sweetie, breathe,” she said, staring her in the eye.

Danielle took deep breath after deep breath as she finally had the guitar tuned to her liking for the song. She started playing as the heavenly voice of her guest began to ring out through the condo. The teen played watched in amazement as Carrie sang with the perfection she was accustomed to hearing. When it was her turn to sing, Danielle shook the nerves to the side and let her talent show.

Carrie did as her young idolizer did and watched in awe as the girl, eyes closed and fully focused on the sing, sang her heart out. Carrie knew she could sing but this was the first time up that close and personal that she could sense the talent oozing out of her, something she imagined her idols thought watching her a decade earlier. Had Danielle been looking, she would see a glazed-eyes entranced look on her face.

Once the song was finished, Carrie happily clapped while a tear ran down Danielle’s cheek. She could not help but feel emotion from having someone like Carrie absolutely love her singing.

“Damn, no wonder you won,” Carrie said. “Your voice is perfection.”

Danielle wiped away the tear and leaned forward for a hug. The girls remained locked in embrace for several seconds before they broke away.

“I’ll be talking to my agent about setting up a recording session,” Carrie said. “You hungry? We should go get lunch.”

“Um, yes, absolutely,” Danielle said as she lay the guitar on the couch and jumped to her feet.

Carrie grabbed her hoodie, putting it on without zipping it up, while Danielle pulled her leather jacket from the closet. They walked out of the condo and headed to Carrie’s SUV in the pouring rain. Danielle, on a high greater than any drug could cause, recommended a small vegetarian shop just outside of the Nashville city limits. It was a quick lunch, not much conversation. Danielle was still beaming over her receiving an applause for her performance and was so nervous to say anything to ruin it.

The older woman continually stared at Danielle when she was not paying attention. She saw so much of herself in Danielle it was amazing. Even after only one meeting, she was convinced that she wanted to mentor the young woman and help set her career in the path that hers went because, to her, she deserved it.

Once the meal was over, the girls started their trek back to the condo. Danielle noticed that Carrie has a massive stain of white wine vinegar on her shirt, enough to cause her light pink bra to show against the damp spot on her thin shirt.

“Nice bra,” she said, pointing at it.

“Ah crap,” Carrie said in a sad tone. “That’s a shame.”

“Don’t worry, you can borrow one of my shirts when we get home,” the teen said.

Carrie grabbed her hand and squeezed, silently saying ‘thank you’ with a cute grin. The rain had stopped by the time they had gotten back. Carrie left her hoodie in the car and walked right behind Danielle as they entered.

“My room is over there, you can wear any shirt you want Carrie,” Danielle said as the jacket went back into the closet.

While Carrie was changing, Danielle rushed to the fridge and pulled a beer bottle out. The nerves were still racing inside of her despite the older woman’s friendly nature. She popped the cap off and started to chug the drink, hoping to finish and dispose of the evidence by the time she came back. She did not exactly know why she was so desperate to hide her drinking from the woman, being almost certain that Carrie would not have a problem with it. Fortunately for Danielle, she quickly learned that she was right.

“Cute shirt, huh?” Carrie said as she walked into the kitchen wearing tight white t-shirt that read, in big black letters ‘BOOZE WHORE’.

With the bottle still in hand, Danielle’s face turned a bright shade of red.

“Yeah, it is,” she said while nervously laughing.

“If I knew you loved beer so much, I would’ve brought a gift,” Carrie said, seeing the open fridge with now twenty-three beers visible.

“I didn’t want to look like a partier,” Danielle said, tossing her bottle aside. “I really wanted to impress you.”

Carrie walked up to Danielle and grabbed her by the shoulders.

“For the millionth damn time, I’m just a friend, I’m not some mythical being,” she spoke in a straight-laced voice. “Friends have fun together, not try to impress each other. Now give me a beer you little booze whore.”

Danielle burst out laughing as she turned around and opened a beer for her friend. By the time she had one of her own, Carrie had downed almost a full bottle.

“Wow,” Danielle said, amazed at how fast the superstar had taken her medicine.

After a soft burp, Carrie walked around Danielle and grabbed several bottles. After kicking the door closed, she nodded towards the living room and led the girl over. She placed six bottles on the coffee table.

“How about a game?” she proposed.

“What’s the game?” Danielle asked.

“We each get three beers, fastest to finish is the winner. Winner gets to choose what activity we do after,” she explained, adjusting her t-shirt.

“That sounds like a lot of fun,” Danielle responded as she picked up a beer.

The girls clinked bottle before removing the caps.

“Three, two, one, GO!” Carrie announced.

Both girls turned their respective bottle upside down and chugged the American beer. The first beer went down easy for both of them, finishing at the same time. The second bottle was harder for Carrie as a good amount rushed out of the corner of her mouth, soaking the shirt she was wearing, again showing Danielle a peek at her pink bra underneath. The distraction was enough for Danielle to soak her own shirt, much more than Carrie had. This led the way for Carrie to finish her third beer twenty seconds before Danielle, winning the contest.

“I guess you aren’t the real booze whore in here,” Carrie said, slamming the empty bottle on the table. “Sorry I soaked your shirt.”

“I got beat by the best,” Danielle responded. “And look at my shirt, I screwed up too.”

Carrie looked at the black t-shirt, soaking wet with beer and clinging to her body. Carrie could tell that, unlike her, Danielle was not wearing a bra underneath. The outline of her areola and nipple were very visible under the cotton shirt.

“Well I get to choose our activity and I say we raid your closet and see if there are any other secret shirts in there,” Carrie said as she started to pull the wet shirt off. “Get rid of that one first.”

“But I’m…I’m not wearing anything underneath,” Danielle said, covering her visible nipples with crossed arms.

“Oh grow up, I’ve seen plenty of tits in my life.” Carrie’s shirt was off and was left in just the pink bra, purple skirt, socks and sneakers. “If it makes you feel more comfortable,” she started as the bra straps were pulled down and the back unhooked. “There, you’ve seen mine.”

Danielle stared at Carrie’s bare breasts, shining a light glaze of beer that had found its way under the bra. She heard laughing and looked up, seeing Carrie losing it.

“You look like the last virgin I slept with,” she said, making a face that mimicked Danielle’s.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t think I’d be seeing this much of you,” she responded, her eyes drifting back down to the hard pink nubs pointing at her.

“Well?” Carrie asked.

“Well what?” Danielle asked back.

“I took my shirt off, why don’t you do the same?” Carrie said as the rush of alcohol started to hit her brain, giving her brain a buzz.

Danielle took a deep breath before pulling the wet shirt off over her head. She put her arms in front of her breasts.

“Don’t cover up,” Carrie said, grabbing her arms and pulling them down.

The older woman looked at Danielle’s breasts before looking at her own. Her eyes shifted between the four bulbs before she started to laugh.

“What?” Danielle asked.

“I had a baby in the last year and your tits are still bigger than mine,” she said as she reached forward and grabbed a breast in each hand, squeezing them firmly. “One hundred percent natural too. Lucky fucking girl.”

Danielle nervously smiled as her perky breasts were continually groped and fondled by her idol. Never in her wildest dreams did she see this ever happening. This was quickly becoming the weirdest, yet greatest day of her nineteen years. She was starting to feel a buzz herself, causing her nerves to rapidly calm down. She simply stood in place while Carrie fondled her for nearly two minutes. Finally, she felt the hands move from her breasts to her hand.

“Let’s go look in that closet,” Carrie happily directed, pulling her young host into the bedroom.

Danielle stood behind Carrie as she opened the door and started fingering through the long train of shirts. After finding a few blank shirts, she pulled one out and threw it back at her. Danielle held it up and read it out loud.

“Beer plus me equals awkward sex,” she read, immediately tossing it away, pretending she never read it.

Another shirt was thrown at her, reading “Country Girls Ride More Than Horses”. Danielle was embarrassed beyond belief as her idol continued to find risqué shirts that make her seem like the original shirt said, a ‘booze whore’, with the emphasis, in her mind, being ‘whore’.

“I’m really sorry, Carrie,” she said as she had a shirt tossed to her that read ‘I Swallowed Bud for a Bud’. “You must think I’m disgusting.”

“They’re just shirts,” Carrie said as she held one up that read ‘Fill Me Up’ with arrows pointing both up and down. “I get pot-themed shirts from Kacey Musgraves almost monthly and I’ve never touched the stuff but I still wear them. You apparently aren’t the only one who swallowed Bud for bud…lucky, lucky Bud.”

Danielle sighed and sat down on the bed, resting her hands on her thighs. Carrie, sensing her distress, walked over and sat next to her, throwing an arm over her shoulder.

“Don’t worry, our little secret?” she asked, holding out a pinky.

Danielle forced a smile and hooked fingers. She stared into Carrie’s eyes for several seconds before moving forwards and planting a quick kiss on her lips. Carrie looked back at her with a giggle.

“How sweet!” she exclaimed.

“I’m not embarrassed because I own those, I’m embarrassed because I am those,” Danielle stated. “I love drinking and I love sex, I can’t help it.”

“Oh my god Danielle, you’re such a monster,” Carrie joked. “You’re just like very frickin’ person on the planet.”

“I know, but I love you so much and I’ve idolized you since I was a child, I don’t want you thinking I’m some kind of slut,” Danielle rambled. “I mean if I was in your shoes, I’d be so-.” Carrie stopped her talking by pressing her lips tightly against hers, her tongue slipping inside of her mouth and heading for her uvula.

Danielle, whose eyes went giant initially, slowly closed her eyes and pushed her own tongue forward. She moved her hands to the sides of Carrie’s face while Carrie’s reached for her thighs. Both heads tilted before Carrie leaned forward, forcing Danielle flat on her back. The older woman lay down on top of the teenager, never allowing a molecule of oxygen to slip between their lips. After nearly a minute, Carrie pulled away and looked down at her innocent little ‘booze whore’.

“You ARE a dirty little slut,” Carrie said as her hand disappeared up the fuzzy skirt Danielle was wearing. “But so am I, sweetie.”

The second Carrie said ‘sweetie’, her fingers touched the silky panties hidden under the skirt, tickling the outline of her pussy lips. Danielle reached up and grabbed onto Carrie’s chest, returning the favor from earlier. She giggled like the same schoolgirl Carrie had been dressed as while she played with her breasts.

Carrie slid Danielle’s panties aside, feeling the heat emanating from her teenage twat. Her long fingernail softly traced the outside of one lips before it started inward. Just as she was about to insert, she pulled her hand out and grabbed onto the skirt.

“Can I get rid of this thing?” Carrie asked, her breasts still being violently squeezed.

“Only if I can take yours off,” Danielle responded.

Danielle’s earthy-blue eyes stared into Carrie’s set of dirt-brown globes as she felt the fuzzy skirt sliding down her smooth legs, allowing her idol to see her hot pink panties. The young girl wished she had shaved beforehand but never could have imagined what was happening to her. Carrie did not seem to mind as she slid the panties down, salivating at the sight her barely-tamed bush. She drew a finger through the hair before sliding down to her bright red clit.

“Wait,” Danielle stopped her, sitting up and letting go of her chest.

Without saying another word, Danielle grabbed Carrie’s skirt and slid them down her goddess-like legs. She gasped at the sight of her uncovered pussy sitting in front of her.

“No panties?” Danielle asked.

“They’re on the bathroom floor, I didn’t feel like putting them back on after I changed and tinkled,” she said, stroking Danielle’s long blond hair with her left hand, twirling a lock around her index finger.

As soon as her skirt hit the floor, Carrie grabbed Danielle’s hair and pulled her into her pussy. She let out a moan as the lips met, teeth brushing against her own growing clit. Danielle’s hands flailed for a second before they rested on the curves of her toned ass. Digging her nails into her butt, Danielle pulled her closer to her face and allowed her tongue to poke out, teasing the tight cunt opening.

“Don’t tease,” Carrie whispered.

Danielle locked up at her before shoving her tongue as far up Carrie’s cunt as it would go. The standing woman’s legs shook a bit as the invasion hit her buzzed brain like a ton of bricks. She had not had a tongue inside her private palace since before a seminal injection created a baby in her belly. She had forgotten just how good a warm, slimy tongue slithering its way against her sensitive tunnel felt, especially coming from a nineteen year old fangirl who was equally as buzzed as herself.

“Mmm, fuck,” she moaned as the hot breath on her clit caused it swell and sweat.

Carrie massaged her own breasts with her free hand while her other continued to hold her idolizer in place. Slowly, she released grip and allowed Danielle to freely control herself. Carrie licked her fingers and reached down, tickling her lover’s increasingly dampening cunt. She could feel the giggles shooting into her womb.

“Good girl,” she said, spitting into her hand and adding the moisture inside Danielle.

Once she felt it was time to repay the oral favor, Carrie backed away from Danielle and crawled onto the bed. She lay flat on her back while Danielle looked back at her. The younger blonde grabbed her legs and pulled them over the edge of the bed before dropping to her knees in front of her cunt. Spreading her legs wide, Danielle spit several large wads into Carrie’s cunt before crawling back onto the bed.

Danielle positioned her pussy over Carrie’s face, giving her an up-close look at the swampy snatch. Slowly, she lowered her hips down until she could feel the rapid breath blowing on to her. After slapping Carrie’s pussy, Danielle dropped herself all the way down, covering the older woman’s face with her private area.

Locked in a sixty-nine, the buzzed blonde beauties went to town on each other, swirling and slurping their slimy tongues around, catching and tasting every bit of their sweet, natural lubes. Both women were moaning loudly into each other, enough for it to still be audible. The only other sound that could be heard was the intense slurping Carrie was doing inside the soaking wet snatch of Danielle Bradbery. The younger girl responded by smacking her hand against her lover’s hips, eliciting laughter around the tongue that pleasured her.

The girls rolled around several times while locked in the love number formation. Danielle stopped every few seconds to wipe the slobber and love slime form her mouth on the white, knee-high socks that Carrie kept on her legs.

The nineteen year old’s chin was tickled by the light fizz growing on Carrie’s pubic area while the older blonde loved the feeling of Danielle’s bush on hers. The moans she shot up her pussy were joined by the giggling caused by the carpeting. Carrie reached up and gave Danielle a stiff smack on the left ass cheek, making her yell into her pussy. This was the final straw for Carrie as the pressure building from deep inside was hitting max level.

Carrie poked her head out between Danielle’s legs, her chin resting on the damp entrance as she let out a moan that caused Danielle to jump. Two seconds later, her hips jumped up, slapping hard against the younger girl’s face.

“Shit!” Carrie screamed as her pussy juices rushed from inside of her, coating Danielle’s chin and mouth in the sweet nectar.

Danielle’s tongue was swirling at a mile a minute, trying to taste as much of the orgasm as she possibly could. This was not the first time Danielle had brought a woman to orgasm but it was the messiest orgasm she had ever caused. Her entire face was glazed in a mask of sweet smelling sex residue.

After the orgasm subsided, Carrie’s hips relaxed and she lay motionless under the teenager. Danielle softly licked the woman clean while hot breath blew on her thighs. Once Carrie was cleaned up, somewhat, and recovered, she rolled Danielle on her back and sat up next to her.

“Your turn,” she said as she seductively sucked on two fingers before slamming them into the young cunt before her.

Danielle gripped the sheets of her bed tightly as Carrie’s arm moved so fast it was a blur. The superstar stared down at her lover, biting down on her lip and grunting like an animal as she tried her hardest to give her an equally intense orgasm. The splashing of Danielle’s pussy combined with her moans and groans only fueled the power of Carrie’s arm.

“Fuck me Carrie!” she exclaimed. “Make this little booze whore cum!”

Carrie grasped Danielle’s nipple between two fingers of her free hand and twisted it as roughly as possible. Her hard work paid off as a rush of cum flooded from Danielle’s spasming pussy. Her eyes were wide open as high pitched squeals of bliss squeaked out of her distressed voice box. It was the most intense orgasm of Danielle’s young life and making it better was the fact of it being her idol that brought it to her.

Once the orgasm died down, Carrie lay down next to her and shoved her dripping fingers deep into the girl’s mouth. Danielle suckled the wet fingers like a baby on a mother’s breasts, absolutely loving the taste of her own sexuality.

“See, nothing wrong with being a booze whore,” Carrie laughed. “Wait right here.”

Carrie jumped from the bed and returned to the bedroom with six more cold beers in her arms. She placed them on the end table and opened two, handing one to her friend. She grabbed the television remote and put a movie on before clinking bottles and chugging another beer, again finishing before Danielle.

“I want you to win, you come up with fun activities,” Danielle said as she intentionally spilled beer on her chest. “Oops.”

Carrie laughed before bending down and slowly running her tongue up and down each breast. Danielle poured more beer on herself, giving her more to drink. Without looking, Carrie reached back and grabbed a fresh beer and poured it all over Danielle’s body. Two minutes later, both horny, buzzed girls and the bed were soaked in four and a half bottles worth of beer. Eventually the stopped licking each other clean and just embraced in a hug. The two little ‘booze whores’ fell asleep in their alcoholic mess.

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