Boss Bitches

Title: Boss Bitches

Author: Noopster

Celebs: Selena Gomez, Cardi B

Codes: MMF, oral, cons, reluc, exh

Disclaimer: This story is a work of absolute fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all. Fantasy is legal and this shit is ridiculous anyway. Thanks for reading.

“Oh my God I’m having so much fun you guys!” Selena Gomez declared excitedly as she walked into an LA club with Cardi B, DJ Snake and Ozuna following her. The group had grown close after a few days of shooting the music video for “Taki Taki” their reggaeton collaboration, especially Selena and Cardi, who had bonded fast in a way that had surprised even themselves.

Selena had given Cardi her number and they’d been texting each other constantly whenever they weren’t on set together. She admired what a strong woman Cardi was, but also that she was so easy going and funny. The Puerto Rican rapper seemed to be absolutely free and to not give a fuck about anything, an attitude towards life that Selena had always strived for but could never seem to make her own. Cardi just thought Selena was really sweet and pretty.

Fuck yeah, now it’s time to party, motherfuckers!” the Bronx rapper shouted, taking a champagne bottle from one of the scantily clad waitresses. The four of them had been drinking for a couple of hours after wrapping the shoot for the video until Cardi said she was getting bored and they should go to a place she knew.

A bad drinker as she’d always been, Selena was feeling tipsy already and it wasn’t until they sat at a table near the stage that she finally noticed the pole up there.

“Wait, is this a strip club?”

The rest of the group burst out in laughter.

“First time?” DJ Snake asked, handing her a glass of champagne.

“No! I just– I don’t usually go to places like this.”

Cardi gave her a stern look, “What the fuck is wrong with places like this, huh?”

“Aw, shit, here we go now!” Ozuna said, walking away from the table and straight in the direction of the thickest girl he’d seen there.

Cardi’s time working as a stripper before becoming famous was a matter of public knowledge and Selena became mortified to have offended her.

“No, I didn’t mean it like that at all!”
“Well that’s how it sounded to me, bitch!”

“Oh no, I’m so sorry! I didn’t want to offend you!”

“I’m just messing with you, girl,” the rapper laughed before finishing her glass, “I ain’t ashamed of what I did to get where I am now.”

“And you shouldn’t be, Cardi. I actually think it’s really cool how you’re proud of it. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. Stripping is an honest job, it’s just like being a dancer…”

Overcompensating for her earlier comment, the mexican-american singer went on for a while about how cool being a stripper must be and that she loved strong and sexy women being proud of their bodies. Cardi and Snake shared a smirk as the girl with the slurred speech kept babbling on and on.

“What? What’s so funny?” she finally asked, confused about why they were now laughing at her.

“Oh, nothing, you’re really cute, that’s all,” Snake said, causing her to blush at the compliment.

“I actually used to dance here, you know.”
What? Are you serious?”

“Yeah, I know the owner pretty good, I bet we can get up there right now.”
“Get… up there?” the drunk singer replied.

“Yeah, why not? You were just saying that you think it’s so cool and all. Aren’t you curious what it’s like?”
“I– maybe a little bit,  but I couldn’t–“

“Come on, girl,” Cardi said as she stood up. She offered her hand to Selena, “It’s just dancing, you said so yourself.”

“You really gonna go up there?” DJ Snake asked, laughing his ass off.

“Why not?” Cardi insisted, looking down at her large breasts bouncing around in a tiny red bra, “I’m already dressed for the part.”

Selena also looked down at what she was wearing, “Well I’m just wearing pants so I guess I’ll have to watch from here…”

“Fuck that pussy ass shit, girl!  Don’t go bitching out on me now, I can get you something backstage real quick.”

“I’m too shy, Cardi, I–!”
“Come on now!”

Cardi dragged Selena by the hand and the two latinas made their way to the small dressing room behind the stage. Selena kept complaining and making excuses in front of a rack filled with slutty outfits until the rapper turned to her and looked straight into her eyes.

“Come on now, we’re friends, Selena, you can’t bitch out on me like this!”

“I just don’t– I’ve never done anything like this…”

“That’s why you should do it. What if you like it, huh?”
“I guess that disco outfit is kinda cute,” Selena admitted, finally giving in to curiosity and alcohol.

“And now for a special, one-time only treat, gentleman! You might be familiar with our next two girls. One is a legend in the business that’s moved on to a successful rapping career, the other is a Disney girl that’s all grown up now! Give it up for Cardi B and Selena Gomez!

The club was half-empty, but every guy there immediately turned to the main stage where the two sultry latinas were just coming out to the sound of Cardi’s song, “I like it”. Cardi was already popping out of her slutty attire while Selena danced next to her in a pink and shiny, 70’s style outfit.

Under the see-through pants she had tiny pink G-string that kept disappearing into her ass crack as she moved her hips around seductively. Her little top struggled to contain her fat breasts as they bounced constantly and wildly.

“Whoa! What the fuck did I miss?!” Ozuna shouted as he returned to the table.

“I don’t know, man, but I ain’t complaining,” DJ Snake said before slipping a bill right in between Selena’s tits. The latina giggled and said, “thank you,” with a sultry voice before resuming her erotic moves on stage.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this!” she told Cardi while she teased the audience by pushing her tits up and doing circles with them.

“Looks to me like you’re a natural,” Cardi said, already having disposed of her top and twerking on the Texan girl.

“I don’t know how to do that!”
“Do what!”

Well you can’t do it with those on!” Cardi shouted over the loud music. She grabbed the waistband of Selena’s pants and ripped them off, eliciting a big cheer from the small crowd. “Okay now get on your knees like this!” she instructed. The girls got on all fours and turned their asses to the crowd. Ozuna and Snake were sitting right behind them, both of them staring closely at Selena’s rear, where the thin string of her thong could barely cover her cute little asshole and puffy cunt lips.

“Oh my God!” Selena laughed, blushing as she watched the overwhelming lust in her new friends’ faces.

“Now go like this!” Cardi began thrusting her hips up and down so that her gigantic ass bounced in the same way and Selena followed suit. She heard the men behind her cheering and whistling and then felt their sweaty, awkward hands slipping dollars under her thong. “That is it, girl!” Cardi shouted just as the song faded out. She got off the stage but when the next song began, she was surprised to see Selena still dancing up there. The “Come and get it”singer didn’t seem to notice or care that she was now alone on stage and soon she had her hands wrapped around the metal pole, spinning her young, sweaty body around it and teasing the crowd with different poses where her ass was in full display.

“COME ON, TAKE IT OFF!” a bald man in a track suit shouted from the back. She smiled and blew a kiss at him. Grabbing her small top with both hands, she pulled it down a bit and paused just before her nipples were exposed. She looked around the room, allowing the expectation to grow, relishing the thirsty look on Snake and Ozuna’s faces. Every single person in that shitty club had their eyes fixed on her and she loved it. Finally, she pulled the top all the way down and exposed herself to them.

“Yeah, girl, you a boss bitch now!” Cardi shouted, proud of her pupil. She had a bunch of rolled up bills in her hand and Selena quickly approached her. Squatting down right in front of her, she spread her thighs to give her full access. Cardi playfully tapped the dancing girl’s pussy a couple of times before slipping a bill under there. Selena continued dancing with her tits out, exaggerating the dance moves from her sexy music videos to make them even more sexual. She rolled around on the stage floor covered with green bills, ran her hands over her body while she turned around and twerked to the rhythm of the generic reggaeton song they were playing and even used the pole as a prop, rubbing her tits up and down on it like she was giving a titjob to a metal giant.

She ended her second song by pouring a bottle of beer on herself and rubbing the liquid all over her skin, then finally got off the stage. “Hey, don’t forget the money, bitch!” Cardi joked, pointing at the sea of dollar bills strewn around the stage floor which neither of them needed.

Selena laughed and went back to her seat, “Oh my God that was so intense!” she laughed, fanning herself with her hands. Ozuna and Snake were speechless, the gorgeous brunette had not bothered to put her top back on or cover herself and both of them were staring at her plump and sweaty breasts, jiggling deliciously after every one of her movements.

“You two got real quiet all of a sudden, huh?” Cardi teased them, she also had her tits out and seemed perfectly comfortable with that.  Coming out of his trance, Snake had to readjust the way he was sitting to accommodate his raging erection, “Uh, yeah, it’s just that, uh, those are really… distracting.”

“Yeah, well, I figured everyone here already saw them. No point in hiding them now,” Selena explained, drinking from a bottle of Corona.

“Hey, I ain’t complaining.”

“Girl, you was so fucking hot up there, I didn’t think you had it in ya!” Cardi shouted while hugging her friend, their ample bosoms rubbing together as the hug got tighter. Cardi’s skin felt so good rubbing against Selena’s hard nipples and, as the ex-Disney star rubbed her thighs together, she realized how wet the whole thing had made her. Cardi let her go when a guy at the next table wearing a tan suit waved at her.

“What the hell she doin’?” Ozuna said when Cardi jumped to the man’s table.

“I guess she knows him?” Selena wondered out loud, shivering after discreetly putting the cold glass bottle against her left nipple.

“Yeah, probably one of her old clients. One of the regulars.”

Selena watched Cardi sit on the guy’s lap, wondering what that would be like. She had millions of fans around the world, but she didn’t really know any of them like that. She didn’t know what having regulars felt like, to perform for one person that intimately and have him come back just for you the next week. She finished her Corona and reached for Snake’s bottle, who seemed too fascinated with her tits to care about beer anymore. She stretched her back, making a point of pushing her tits outs so that he could get a better look, and giggled at how wide his eyes were getting. She thought he looked kind of cute. Then Cardi’s hand grabbing her arm pulled her out of her thoughts, “Come with me!”   

Confused but not really resisting, Selena followed her and the old guy from the next table to a small room at the other end of the floor.

“Hey, what about us?” Snake shouted as they walked away.

“Plenty of other girls out here!” Cardi shouted back at him before disappearing behind the purple curtains separating the private room form the rest of the club.

“Um, what are we doing here?” Selena asked, standing next to Cardi and in front of the man in the tan suit who slowly sat down on a small leather couch with no armrests. The only piece of furniture or decoration there.

Cardi sat on top of the man, facing the Texan singer. “Giving him a lap dance, for old times’ sake,”

“Uh, I don’t…”

“What happened to the boss bitch I saw on stage, huh?”

Selena smiled awkwardly and pulled her long hair behind her ear. Cardi grabbed her hands and started trying to make her dance with her. Slowly but surely, the shy girl began to get into the groove. “This is Robert,” she said, stretching her body on top of him.

“Hi, I’m Selena,” the actress said sheepishly.

The man nodded at her. His hands were busy massaging Cardi’s tits, but his eyes were fixed on the new girl. Selena began dancing slowly and seductively for him, with Cardi’s hands caressing up and down her thighs, her hips and her delicious breasts. Cardi’s expert touch gave her the last push she needed and soon the “Spring Breakers” star was lost in the erotic performance, eyes closed, mouth open and a seductive expression to go with the tempting sway of her irresistible hips.

Cardi then made Selena switch places with her. “Let’s really give him a real good show, huh?”

The man’s erection was the first thing she felt when she sat on top of him. It was bigger than she had expected and as she bent forward she felt it nuzzling between her ass cheeks. Cardi’s hands started stroking her chin and when the pretty singer looked up, her large brown nipples were being offered to her. Selena took one in her mouth and savored it for a moment before switching to the other one. Cardi’s excited breathing turned her on even more and she found herself grinding her hips against the old man below her, who had one hand squeezing her right breast and the other one gripping her waist, guiding her movements to pleasure him just the way he liked.

“Good girl,” Cardi said softly, stroking Selena’s hair as she continued sucking on her big hooker tits. Selena looked into her eyes before tracing little circles with her tongue around her large areola. Just then, she felt the man’s hand moving from her waist to between her legs. “Wait,” she said. Cardi made a disappointed face, thinking that she was about to chicken out but then smiled when the pretty latina took off her little thong and revealed a small patch of dark hair crowning a tiny little slit, glistening with arousal. The singer then moaned out loud when the man’s wrinkly fingers slipped between meaty thighs and found her wetness. She sucked Cardi’s tits harder and moved her hips in rhythm with his finger, faster and faster until her whole body shook and finally made her cum, moaning into Cardi’s breast as she did so.

When he pulled his hand out Cardi grabbed it and licked Selena’s juices from his fingers. After her legs stopped shaking, Selena turned around and faced the stranger that had just fingered her. Cardi and her climbed on top of the couch and motorboated him at the same time, laughing out loud as the old man stuck out his tongue to lick the two pairs of sweaty tits hitting him in the face.

“Now this, this isn’t really allowed here, but we can keep a secret, right?” Cardi said as she pulled the man’s dick out.

“Cardi, what are you…”

“Robert here was real good to me when I was broke as fuck, this is how I say thanks.”

Selena watched carefully as her friend went down on that wrinkly cock and swallowed all of it. Then she felt a hand pushing her down to join her. She got on her knees and her tongue met with Cardi’s. Together they massaged the swollen, purple-ish head, moaning and slobbering, stroking his veiny shaft with their eager lips. Selena licked her lips and pursed them while Cardi rubbed the wet cock all over her innocent face. The stunning brunette wrapped her full red lips over the bulbous head again and sucked hard while stroking the shaft intently under the proud gaze of her Puerto Rican friend who was greatly enjoying how pretty she looked with a dick in her mouth. The Cardi joined her again. French kissing the old man’s cock and each other,  they made a sloppy mess on the floor where the elderly man’s pre-cum mixed with their spit.

“Come on, get that pretty face in there,” Cardi told her as she started stroking the man’s meat fast and hard. Selena obediently complied, sticking out her tongue and resting it softly against the tip of that twitching old cock. Soon enough it began spurting its load, spilling over and around Selena’s tongue, coating her chin and dripping down on to her beautiful breasts. She giggled while the man ejaculated, keeping her hands behind her back while Cardi stroked him and caressed his wrinkly balls, all of it while holding it right in front of the actress’ cute face. “Now share with me,” the rapper said once the last drop was out. She grabbed Selena’s chin and made her face her, then the two strippers shared a passionate kiss that coated both of their faces with a thick layer of white goo. When the kiss ended Cardi began to lick and clean Selena’s face, the mexican singer reciprocated, a little disgusted by the taste of old man seed, but too lost in the moment to let that stop her from proving herself.

“Wow, you two had fun in there, huh?” Ozuna joked as the two latinas rejoined him and snake, wearing nothing but their tiny G-strings and a sloppy mask composed of spit, cum and each other’s runny makeup.

“Yeah, I had a lot of fun tonight,” Selena admitted, pulling a sticky clump of wet hair off her forehead.

“Well the night is still young,” Cardi said, inspecting her phone. “I have a couple of friends I want you to meet.”

“Okay, I guess I should go get my clothes then.”

“Nah, you’re done with those,” Cardi said as they walked back to the dressing room, “I think that schoolgirl we saw back there will do.”


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