Bound And Punished

Fic Title:Bound And Punished

Author:Andrew Troy Keller

Disclaimer:This story is not true,only pure fiction.

Pairing:Peta Wilson/Linda Hamilton/Ron Perlman


Summary:Peta Wilson joins her two good friends,Linda Hamilton and
Ron Perlman for an innocent night on the town…or is it?

Warnings:BDSM,voyurism,female solo sex,drug use,graphic
violence,strong language,male solo sex,male/female sex,female/female

It had
all started on November 18th,which happens to be the birthday
of a hot Hollywood babe named Peta Wilson and was also the very
night on which two of her good friends,Linda Hamilton–who was
Peta’s castmate on A GIRL THING–and Ron Perlman–who was Linda’s
co-star on the hit CBS-TV series entitled BEAUTY AND THE BEAST–had
invited Peta to join for a night on the town.

And after she had given that little invitation some thought and
figured that it might’ve been innocent enough to do so,the smiling
Sydney,New South Wales,Australia born actress has said ‘yes’ and
left with the Salisbury,Maryland native and her New York City brn
partner to go paint the town of Los Angeles red.

But then,after they had gone to a few places along the Sunset Strip
and had themselves a wonderful time,the three friends had stopped in
front of a place that was specializing in lve BDSM entertainment.

“Say,you guys.I’ve got a really great idea.Let’s go inside and check
this place out.”,said a smiling Linda,after she had taken Ron and
Peta by the hand.”Come on,guys.How about it?Could be fun.”

And after he had given his partner’s idea some thought,Ron has
looked at Linda with a smile on his own face and said,”Okay.I don’t
see why not.You want to join us inside,Peta?”

“Well,you guys.I really don’t know about this.”,said a reluctant
Peta,after she had looked at some of the window displays with
wide-eyes.”I mean,it looks more like something out of THE ROCKY

“Oooohhhh.Come on,Peta.Don’t be a wet blanket over this.”,said
Linda,after she has placed her friendly hand on the 35-year-old’s
shoulder.”Besides,we’ve been having fun so far.”

And after she had given what Linda had said some thought,Peta has
taken a deep breath and said,”Okay,Linda.You’ve talked me into
it.I’ll go in there with you guys.”

But then,after the three friends had walked into the BDSM club,Linda
has sneaked herself away from Ron and Peta and walked over to a
young and handsome bare-ass naked blonde male with a chain connected
on each of the nipples on his chest and to another chain that was
connected on his dick.

And after she has whispered something in his ear and he had slowly
nodded his head at her,Linda has stripped off all of her clothes,sat
herself down in a nearby chair,picked up a black plastic dildo and
started pumping it in and out of her hot,wet pussy and carressing
her own tits with her other hand,while the blonde male has taken a
cloth that has been dipped in choloform and placed it over Peta’s

And even though she had tried as hard as she could to release
herself from the blonde male’s grip,the fumes from the choloform had
became so overwhelming that she has no other choice,but to drop down
to the floor and become unconscious.

Then,after she has finally opened her eyes,Peta has made the
shocking discovery that she has been stripped naked and chained to a
pole on a stage with each and every one of the club’s patrons
looking at her with such devilish glee.

And then,just as she was about to try to figure out what was
happening to her,a sinister-smiling Linda and a bare-ass naked Ron
had stepped up to the stage and over to a confused Peta.

“Well-well.Look,Ron.The bitch is finally awake and ready for some
serious fucking.”,said Linda,afer she had started twisting really
hard on the nipples on the helpless Peta’s tits.”Isn’t that

And after she had let out a scream of bloody murder,a
devilishly-gleeful Linda has looked at Ron–who has been stroking
his stiff cock–and said,”Well,Ron.I do believe that we should take
that as a ‘yes’.”

And then,after Ron has started pumping his stone hard dick in and
out of Peta’s asshole,Linda has started licking on Peta’s snatch and
grasping her tits in a vice-like grip.

“AAAAHHHH,SHIT!PLEASE,LINDA!STOP IT!”,yelled a teary-eyed Peta,who
was feeling the sharpness of Linda’s fingernails digging into her

And then,after both Ron and Linda has started moving harder and
faster and Linda’s fingernails had kept on digging into Peta’s
tits,the two BDSM partners and their newfound sex-toy had came and
both Ron and Linda had collapsed on the stage,leaving poor Peta
chained to the pole and crying her eyes out.

Then suddenly,after they were finally able to catch their
breath,both Ron and Linda had looked up at the pole and shockingly
discovered that their poor friend was still chained to it and in
such bad shape.

That has caused the two friends to realize what they had done and
free their poor fellow actress from her bondage,just before they had
gotten themselves dressed,covered Peta’s nude and bruised body with
a huge blanket and carried her out of that BDSM cub before things
had gone from bad to worse.

Just then,on the very next day,Peta had woken up and screamed her
lungs out,only to have her discover that she was actually in her own
bed and inside her own house.

And after she had let out a sigh of relief and placed her hand on
her forehead,Peta had turned her head towards the other pillow on
her bed and noticed that there was a folded piece of paper on it.

And then,after she had picked it up and unfolded it,a saddened Peta
has discovered that it was actually a note,which had said,”Peta–I
know and understand that you might not want to see us there when you
wake up.It’s just that Ron and I both hope that you would be able to
forgive us.–Your hopefully-still good friend,Linda.”


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