Boyz 2 Men

Boyz 2 Men
by Freezer

It was the night that the Hardy Boys got a hard earned victory over Edge
and Christian at the Terri Runnell’s invational. They returned to the locker
room exhausted, but at least they were the winner. Terri Runnells followed
them back to their locker room.

"Uhhhh Terri? What are you doing in here?" Jeff asked.

"Well," she replied, "You boys had a very impressive win out there. I
figured I could give you another reward, if you know what I mean."

"But you already gave us this money" said

"Boys, boys, boys." said Terri "You are too naive. You’re in an adult
entertainment business now. There’s no place for boys anymore. It’s about
time someone made you into men."

Jeff and Matt looked at each other in silence, then they refocused their
attention onto Terri. Terri slowly slipped out of her evening gown, which
she was not wearing anything under.

Jeff and Matt gazed at her perfect breasts and her newly erect nipples.
She slowly walked twords them and rubbed her naked body all over Matt. While
Matt was mezmerized with Terri’s actions, Jeff started to take off his pants.

Terri turned around to see Jeff standing in his boxers, a bulge forming in
his pants. "Mmmm," she said, "I see you’re ready."

Terri got down on her knees and pulled Jeff’s boxers down with her teeth.
A seven inch erect cock sprang up in her face. Terri moved in close and
buried her face in his pubic hair. She moved down and took one of Jeff’s
balls into her mouth. She could tell he wanted it so bad, but she was going
to make him beg for it. She tossed his balls back and forth with her tongue
while Matt started to stroke his cock watching her.

"Please" muttered Jeff, and with that, Terri started licking his cock.

She started slowly at first, and as he became accustomed to the feel, she
started to swallow his cock. He moaned deeply and pushed her head onto his
cock, fucking her mouth. She started moving faster and faster until Jeff
could take no more and he exploded into her mouth. Jeff fell down to the
floor and layed down.

Terri then moved over to Matt who was busy jacking off. His dick was
already erect and slick with pre-cum. She spread her legs and guided his
cock in between her velvety folds. She moved up and down slowly, covering
Matt’s cock with her slick juices.

Before she knew it, Jeff was back up and had slid his lubricated cock back
into her mouth. She bobbed her hips up and down on Matt’s cock and once again
began to suck on Jeff’s knob. She felt the heat building between her legs.
Matt was almost about to blow his load, and started pumping Terri like mad.

She screamed and orgasmed, her inner walls tightening around Matt’s cock
and making him spew out his sperm into her hoy pussy. Then Jeff blew his
load once again and Terri swallowed it. As she lay there, naked and sticky
with Matt and Jeff, she knew that this was the beginning of a great

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