Brain And Tommy Show: Emily Joan Hart Is Raped

Brain & Tommy Show: Emily Joan Hart is Raped

By Matt

This story is Fictional Story Featuring Rape on a 13 year old

It was a hot day an Brain and Tommy were having a guest on their show teenagers and the guest was Emily Hart. Melissa Joan Hart sister it was about 10:00am and Emily was going to get somthing to eat before they started fliming she had a tank top on and a mini skirt. Brain & Tommy just got hard looking at her legs but why would they get hart she is only 13 and they are 19 when Emily got back they started shooting the show the Manager called the show because Brain came down sick the next
week when Brian came back Emily walk in and had on a tight shirt with tight jean and Brain said is that a nice ass or what and Tommy said you are sick man she is only 13 so what you know you won’t a pice of that ass Tommy siad she did get me on hard in that mini skirt but i would not fuck her ok lets go and do the show now ok after day one of shooting they went home well the next day. Emily came in and the manager told her she would have to do a scene in a swimsuit she said ok and Brain said did you hear that yes Brain i did so what she is going to look hot in that swimsuit and when Emily came down to get in the pool Brain man is she hot and Tommy said i have a idea what is it Tommy she always wait til everybody leaves to change yeah what about it Brain we will wait in her dressing room when she comes in we’ll grab ok. Brain said ok. It was after the show and Emily waited til everybody left and went in to her dressing room when she droped her top her pick nippels were hard her tits were real little but nice and round then she droped her bottoms and her mount had little brown hairs on it Tommy said lets do ok Brain said they grab her and put her on the table she was screaming has Brain ran his hand up her legs and then put his hands on her fresh pussy then Brian rubed his hand on her young little tits Tommy said are you a virgin Emily said yes please don’t do these Tommy then forced his tongue in her luscious mouth. Brain grab Emily’s Hand and put it on his dick and move your hand up and down baby Emily said i am not your baby Tommy said shut up bitch Emily then tried to run but Tommy grab her and put her back on the table Brian said time to fuck Emily said NOOOOOOOOOO Please stop it Brain then stuck his 9 inch dick in her pussy IIIIIYYEEEEEEEE screamed Emily!!! she said you sick bastards she was crying Tommy said get off her it is my turn Tommy pulled out his 12 inch dick she said please no she scream helppppp anyone every body is gone Emily nobody can her you get off me you bastard he stuck is dick into her IIIIIIIIIIYYEEEEEE screamed Emily again Brian then lick her pussy after brian got thur licking he then turned her over and she have you ever been fucked in your ass no please don’t do this just let me go and i won’t tell Brain said baby your not going to tell even if i don’t stick your nice round ass whynot because if you do then this tape goes all over the internet and that was about the time that is dick went into her pussy she screamed IIIIIIIIYYEEEEEE it was tighter than her pussy he worked it until he shot all of his cum in her little ass your turn Tommy. Tommy said i don’t fuck girls in their ass ok i guess were see ya tomarrow you bastards are sick i am only 13 your 19 why did you want to do this to me Brian said because you hot bye baby.


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