Branching Out

Branching Out

By: DeadBodyKid


Disclaimer: this piece of work is pure fiction. There is no such person as Mike and I am very sure that Michelle Branch is a pure virginal girl. If you are offended by stories involving sex or any acts related to it, please stop reading now. If you are under 18, please stop reading, or just get on your tippy toes (there’s alot of people hugging – Ralph Wiggum). and without further delay, here’s the story

“I own this town” Mike thought to himself. He had lived in this medium-sized town of Dayton all of his 18 year old life, he knew
this town like the back of his hand. knew how to get into every bar, every venue, and every event. Around this time, Michelle Branch, the young singer that was dubbed as the ‘next big thing’, was going to be in town for a concert. Personally he didn’t care much for her music, he heard a few songs and thought they were ok, but he wasn’t gonna run out and buy the CD. Hearing about how all of his friends are going to the concert, he decided to sneak backstage to see if he could show up all of his friends by getting a picture or an autograph from her. He got past security, mostly because they all knew him because his aunt used to work for the ballet company that always puts on shows there. He mostly sat around, humoring his aunt’s friends for a few seconds at a time. After about two hours of, a voice caught his ear

“Who are you?” she said “Are you the guy that my manager decided to set me up with?”

As he turned around, he realized it was Michelle Branch. He was panicking inside, both at looking at such a knockout of a girl that usually never give him the time of day and that the burly security guys could throw him out and stomp a mudhole in his ass. Thinking quickly, he decided to play along

“Um, yea, I’m that guy” he replied clumsily “They found me at a the mall, just hanging out”

“Figures” she said, rolling her eyes back “They figure a boyfriend will help promote my image within the media, as if having some guy by my side will help endear me to the kid down the street that blasts drowning pool out his window”

“Good point,” he said ” but I had nothing else to do tonight so I said I’d do it”

“Yea,” she said “so, meet me here after the concert?”

“Alright” he said

“See you then” she said turning away

About a few minutes later, a guy with a smug look and Abercrombie and Fitch plastered all over his clothes came over near the dressing room

“Hey, do you know where the famous girl is?” he asked “I was supposed to go out with her tonight”

“She canceled” Mike said slyly “Got cold feet I guess”

“Figures” he said “Guess she didn’t want a ride with the love machine, guess it’s back to skanks at the clubs”

After he walked away, Mike realized he unwittingly saved her from a date with someone that probably would date rape her given half the chance.

As the crowd began filing in, he took a seat in the balcony and waited for the show to start. He saw people he recognized from school and got asked constantly what he was doing there. He watched the show and was amazed. This girl commanded an audience using only a guitar and band. No choreography, No DAT instrumentals, just a simple performance. He then left for the backstage area to meet up for his date. He didn’t decided to dress up, just wearing the same Ecko shirt and baggy jeans he had been wearing all day, while Michelle was dressed up in a baby doll shirt and tight, low-fitting jeans.

“So, where are we off to” she asked facetiously

“Well, how about a bar or a club or something?” he replied “I just want to get know you, show you around town, y’know?”

“Yea” she said “Most of the guys that I get set up with just want to go back to my hotel room and see how far they can get with me using the mini-bar”

“And how far do they get?” he asked

“About very drunk and disappointed” she said

Seth laughed as he began to walk with her to a bar down the street. Along the way and at the bar, they started talking and getting to know each other over several beers. They began to tell each other dating horror stories and telling each other about themselves and their lives. As the night wore on, Michelle decided to get as smashed as possible while Mike on the other hand only had a few beers.

“Can you take me back to my hotel room?” she asked, sloshing her words “it’s only a few minutes away”

“Um, sure, no problem” he said

“I think you’re cute” she said

“Uh, thanks” he said semi-sarcastically

“Please stay with me,” she begged, ” I’m so fucking bored”

“I thought only your arranged dates got drunk?” he countered

“That’s because none of them are as interesting as you” she replied

As they reached the hotel, Michelle began to kiss Mike madly, groping his chest all around. They stumbled around into the elevator up to her room. She fumbled around to get the key out of her pocket and unlock the door to her room. Once inside the privacy of her hotel room, she began to undress. She revealed a black bra, holding in her round C-cup breasts. Instinctively, Mike began to grab behind her and unsnap her bra, revealing her aroused nipples. Mike raced to take off his shirt and unzip his pants, exposing his boxers. As they both rolled onto the bed, Mike grabbed her pants and slid them off with her panties in one swift move as he reached inside for his boxers

“Let me” she said panting “I need that inside of me”. In one swift move, she took off his boxers in one swift movement. He quickly buried his throbbing cock into her dripping wet pussy. He went to work quickly, working faster and faster inside of her

“OH GOD YES” she screamed “DON’T FUCKING STOP”

He kept it up, as he could feel her cunt convulsing around his erect member. He knew the faster and faster he went, the closer and closer he was bringing her to orgasm.

“OH GOD, I’M SO CLOSE” she cried with pleasure “OH GOD OH GOD, I’M CUMMING!”

She then let out a blood-curdling scream of orgasm. As Mike finished, he collapsed on top of her and then rolled over, exhausted.

“I so needed that” she said

“Yea, me too” he replied

Michelle laid in his arms for the whole night, as they both slowly fell asleep.

“WAKE UP!” a voice yelled in Mike’s ear

“Huh, what” he said half-asleep

“I know that was mean but I couldn’t help it” she said with a smile on her face

“Yea, so off to the next city, now” he asked with a bit of sorrow in his eyes

“Unfortunately, I can’t stay here” she said, “why every time I meet a decent guy, I have to go to the next city”

“I don’t know,” he said, “how many decent guys have you met?”

“One” she said coyly

“Hmmm,” he said he said, scribbling his number onto a napkin “call me sometime”

“I will, don’t worry” she said, “I’ll meet up with you once all this tour and promotion tour is over”

“I hope so,” he said

Mike got up and got dressed and went to the hotel door

“Well, this is goodbye” he said

“Goodbye” she said, with tears almost coming down her eyes “I promise I will see you again”

And with that, he walked down to the hotel lobby trying to keep as low as a profile as possible, when a friend who was working the counter recognized him

“Hey man,” he said loudly “what the fuck are you doing here?”

“I was just trying to get an autograph from the famous girl” he said

The End(?)

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