Brande Roderick’s Mental Seduction


Brande Roderick’s Mental
Seduction by Helenoftroy


This story is about the Playboy Playmate of the Month for April 2000, whose name is
Brande Nicole Roderick. I started this story a week after I first saw her pictorial, but
half way through it, I lost track of where I wanted to take the story. If anyone out there
has any suggestions, please contact
me at .


Brande Roderick’s Mental Seduction by Helenoftroy


After a taxing day at work on the Baywatch set Brande Roderick she must be tired and
just wanting to take a nice long bath at home

Brande kicks the door shut and checks out the fridge for a little bit of light fruit to
munch on. She takes out her favourite yogurt and pours herself a nice glass.She takes a
nice long taste of the yogurt.  She can feel it run down her throat.

   "Mmmmm, this batch tastes extra good."

She thinks ‘I must remember to buy more of this brand.’ She thinks ‘I didn’t think I
had any of it left. oh well. must have slipped my mind’ as she pours herself another
glass. All that stress from work today, seems to just pour out of her. That guy on the set
was so annoying.

What was his name again ?  Joshua ?

   She takes a little walk over to the couch, after turning on some music

feeling relaxed.  more relaxed than she’s been all week. She leans back on the
couch, takes another sip of the yogurt. The music still played..

   If only that Phule character would stop bugging her, she could concentrate
on flirting with that other cutie on the set. Maybe she might be able to convince
Catherine Zeta Jones to get  away from Michael Douglas.’What does she see in him

Brande thinks of what she could do to CZJ to persude her away from the guy. ‘ I’m sure
I could tempt her.  Maybe with some help.’

She drinks another half glass of the drink and purrs again at the sweet, refreshing
taste, "Mmmmm."

    "Why does it feel so hot in here ?" she wonders and
absently lets her left hand stray and brushes her left breasts, using her wrist while
rubbing up and down as if it’s an itch over her tight red silk blouse. Her nipples can be
easily seen through her top, and she wonders why is she feeling so itchy? Brande can’t
tell why, but it doesn’t feel so bad anyway.

She’s at home alone anyway, so she lets her right hand stray up her right thigh,
lifting up her black skirt her mind begins feeling hazy. She realizes that she feels
happy, but also rationalizes that something isn’t right. What isn’t right?, she wonders.
Maybe she had better call her boyfriend John over.

    "He’ll know what to do." The phone on her desk near the
couch rings softly. "Halwwlllooaooooo," she slurrs. She hears a voice on the
other side.

   "Brande, do not panic. You are relaxed."

   Brande thinks, " I am relaxed," even as her head is still
foggy.Why is she feeling so weird, she wonders. The voice speaks over the phone, "You
know who I am, don’t you, Brande? I’m outside at the moment. Come to the door and let me
in. Don’t be afraid. You are relaxed."

   She then slowly unlocks all the bolts and things and opens it.

The blonde actress wonders ‘why am I opening it for a stranger?’ ‘Oh well it doesn’t
feel wrong.’ Joshua appears on the other side with the phone. Joshua walks in, closing the
door behind him. Brande just standing there, still gripipng hte phone. Her nipples still
hard showing through her tight red blouse. She hadn’t had the chance to get out of her
heels pumps yet.

    "You feel relaxed don’t you, Brande? Don’t feel afraid. Feel

Joshua lets one of his hand slip under her skirt, over her hips. With both hands, he
lets one hand run over her crotch.

   ‘Something isn’t right’

   ‘I should do something’

   "Brande, everything is fine. Relax.You are happy, you are relaxed.
Nothing is wrong," his deep voice told her.

   "Nothing is wrong."

   "I should call John."

   "Nothing is wrong, Brande."

   "Why should I call john ? Nothing is wrong"

   "Come with me," Joshua walks over to the fridge and examines the
content of the yogurt, and sees just how much of the drug she had drunk Joshua walks over
towards the couch, and sits down.

   "Sit down, Brande."

   Brande sits down.

   "Everything is fine and happy. You feel fine, Brande. You didn’t like
me this morning, but you like me now. You trust me."

Brande finds that he is quite trustworthy, in fact.

   "Brande, you find me attractive and sexy," but she has John.

Oh well what can she do, maybe get Joshua’s number and call him another time if things
with John don’t happen. 

   " Brande, in fact you find me VERY, VERY attractive. You’re feeling
hot for me, horny for me.

    ‘Something isn’t right, or is it?’ she wonders and then asks
herself, "Why am i so hot?" She can feel her panties slowly dampening, as she
thinks, "Man, is he hot, but John is sexy, unbelievably sexy."

   "You feel horny, Brande," he tells her, " you want sex.You
must have it… if you are good. I may fuck you."

   "Mmmmmmmm, he’s hot, I need him, I want him." Her hand strays
under her skirt unconsciously.

   ‘Something is wrong,’ he mind keeps screaming.


   "Something isssssssss wrrrongg."

   "If you obey me, I might be so inclined to play with you."

   "Mmmm play with him ….."

   As the lines slowly each but surely burning into her head, Joshua walks
over to the glazed Brande and slide his hands again over her thighs, under her short black
skirt. Brande tosses her head back some over the back of the couch, sending her long
blonde hair sliding over it. Joshua slides his hands over her bounded breasts. Her twin
globes are so strained against her thin right red top, her large aerola easily seen
through it. Her head back on the top of the couch head. Her light blonde hair flowing, her
rose tatoo sneaking out into view under her shirt, and in between her skirt.

   "Brande, pull your top up. I’d like a nice look at your gorgous

Brande thinks, ‘Mmmmmmmm.’

    Brande then slides her top upwards, until her breasts just flows out

from underneath it, her top still ‘on’ her but her large tits just flowing out, like 2
large melons. The tatto evidentaly on her ‘left’ part of her belly.

Joshua slides his hands underneath her skirt over her panties which are a pair of
soaked, lacy black French cut panties.

   "You want to obey. You must obey, Brande. I am your master and you
are my slave."

   "Johhnnn …. …."

   "Mmmmmmmm, my Master. I aaaaam your slaaaavee and am with you here

   " I’m sure we’ll soon have the rest of the "Baywatch" crew
all wishing to serve."

   "Mmmmm serve … mmmmmm."

   Joshua takes off the skirt and sees the well trimmed light brown pussy of
Brande, seeing the beauty before him. Richard spreads her legs apart on the couch,
  her heels still on, her ankle tattoo shown over his shoulder. Joshua thinks about
having her call John to break it off now, while he was having his ways with her… or to
call someone over, perhaps Pamela Anderson-Lee? Joshua ponders.

    "Must ….callll John…..," she lifts up the phone and
runs across the room with the phone she runs across the hallway, her bared legs flashing

and she shrugs off her heels so she can run faster down the hallway.

   "What’s the number again? What’s John’s number?" She brushes
some of her long hair apart. Running into her bedroom, she slams the door, locking it
quickly. "What’s his number? What’s his number?"

She slumps down onto the ground, her knees bent. He walks to the locked door and tries
to open it but to no avail. Joshua shouts through the door, "Open the door,

   ‘Call John,’ her mind tells her,’must call John.’

   ‘Must call John…’

   ‘Must call door…’


   She stares at the phone, as the voice chats in her confused mind, ‘Must
call the door….’

   ‘Must call John…’

   ‘Open the john…’ 

   ‘Mmmmmm,’ she says breathlessly, her mind going around in circles, not
making sense. She hears the door being knocked on and she glimpses at the door handle over
her left shoulder, she sees the doorknob being turned. Locked.

   The Baywatch beauty gulps for air, as her mind keeps swirling, and she
bables, ‘Must open the john…’

   Joshua shouts, "Open the door."

   ‘Open the door…call the door…must open the door.’ Brande slowly stands
up, using the bed as support Her long silky bared legs feeling the breeze again. She
stands up and walks to the door, the phone still gripped as she reaches with her left hand
and unlocks and opens the door. She lets her hand falls down by her side, next to her hip.

Into the room walks Joshua, his shirt had been previously taken off

but only his trousers are still on while chaising Brande in her own

home down the long corridors. He walks her backwards towards the big 4 posted bed, the
same bed she had fucked John last night

   "Relax, Brande. Obey, Brande." 

   Brande’s lips repeats the words silently ,even as she falls backwards onto
the big bed. Her mass of lond blonde hair disarrayed under her head, her breasts laying
there, with her large nipples just waving on top….

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