Brande Roderick’s Photoshoot

Brande hated having to go back in for the reshoot. She was upset just thinking
about letting that crude man take her pictures again as she had to bare
g for him. She could almost see him grinning as he guided her through the grape
set that she would have to do for the second time. Brande sighed as she saw
her photographer waiting when she arrived. She could already feel his stares
she scolded herself for wearing such tight shorts. Her firm breasts looked so
ound even under her tshirt as she walked to him. She shook her head slightly
ng his eyes look her over. She almost felt it bad that she
had to be made up so
nicely for this guy to see. It didn’t take long for Rick to annoy her. He was
en worse then normal since they were the only two required to be here for the
ot. “Lets get those nice tits of yours out alreadly,” he said as she walked up.
She turned away from him as she pulled her shirt up. and couldn’t even see his
in as he looked at her soft skin. The sight of her in the sun was enough to get
Rick hard and the bulge in his pants did little to stop his coomments as he
ed her curves from behind. “We are going to need that round ass of yours too,”
joked as he stepped up a bit closer. Brande reluctantly pulled open the front
f her cut off shorts. She took a deep breath as she remembered how her
had to leave last night before she could take her pants off for him.

Brande wished it was him here right now instead of the annoying photographer Ric
k. She thought about him as she pushed her shorts and thong both down over her
ound ass. The V that started the crack of her ass quickly became visible and
paused, lost in her thoughts not realizing what a nice show she was giving Rick
as he stood behind not even bothering to look through the camera at her. Brande
new the drill and reached down into the grapes after stepping out of her shorts.
She pulled her hand up the back of her firm thigh and her fingertips left
of grape along her shapely rear end. Rick thought she looked even better then
ormal as he watched her, eyeing up that nice ass and seeing how the cheeks were
o round and pressed together so tightly, leaving him to wonder what it would be
ike to see her tight little hole. Brande was suddenly startled from her thoughts
when she felt a hand
on her. She started to turn quickly when she felt fingers, rubbing over her ass
that was slick with the grape juice. Rick got a glimpse of one of her breasts
as she turned and he was even more excited as he saw those large pink circles as
her hard nipples stuck out so firmly. He had spent so many nights at home
ing himself as he imagined touching her.

Brande made a feeble effor to push his hand away and then blushed as
she realized how turned on she had got herself thinking about her boyfriend.
e hoped that rick didnt notice the drop of her juices running down her thigh and
mimixing with the grapes. She knew for sure that he saw how hard her nipples
ugh were, especially when his hand squeezed on her ass again. “I can tell you
nt it Brande,” he said as he felt her up and she was too stunned to move. She
rted to pull away when she felt something else rubbing up against her, warmer
n that hand and softer then the rough grip. She gasped out and then bit her
lip when she realized his cock was out and it was rubbing against her bare
m. “Rick stop it.” She tried to sound forceful,her so distracted and turned on.
She couldn’t believe she was getting even wetter when she felt this cock
her, knowing how much she had hated this man, his words, and his stares. Just
der her chest and past her ribs before sliding over her smooth, toned stomach.
he started to flinch away, but stopped when she felt fingertips feeling softly
her well trimmed pussy. Her voice got quieter at the touch. ÒRick…stop it
ase.Ó She knew she shouldn’t be letting these fingers that weren’t her
s touch like that.

Brande didn’t hear a response, but instead felt a hand slide down the front of h
er this time. Its fingers feeling just under her chest and past her ribs before
sliding over her smooth, toned stomach. She started to flinch away, but stopped
when she felt fingertips feeling softly at her well trimmed pussy. Her voice
quieter at the touch….ÓRick…stop it please.Ó She knew she shouldn’t be
ing these fingers that weren’t her boyfriends touch like that. Brande thought
words would be enough to stop him, but instead she grasped his wrist as the
ertips stroked over her clit , and she felt her body shiver at the touch,
g she would enjoy it for just a second before she slapped the hand away. Rick
inned from behind her. He couldn’t believe she had not pulled this sexy body
y from his touch yet. He pressed forward and moaned, not beliving his hard
was lodged right in between the firm curves of her gorgeous ass. He felt her
ngers grip his wrist tighter, but not pull his hand away as he worked her pussy
ith the tips of them.

Rick started to pull back away from her and gasped in surprise when
that firm ass followed his movement back and rubbed up seductivly against his
k. He felt a hand reach back to touch his hip. Brande bit her lip, not
g she was doing this as she couldn’t help but try to feel how big that cock
d her was. Rick felt her push back and decided to test a bit further by taking a
step back. Brande whimpered since she could feel his cock was much thicker then
her boyfriends. She turned quickly to face him surprising herself and him both
s she blurted out “Please let me have it Rick!” Rick grinned at her as he stared
at her chest now. Her large globes stood out so nicely with those big pink
es. He traced them with his finger following the large circle. “I saw all
dirty looks you gave me Brande”
She was so hot now that she didn’t care it was him. She dropped to her knees,
looking up at him begging after seeing how long and thick his cock was, ÒPlease
Rick. I’m sorry.Ó

Rick got ready to tease her more, but couldn’t get the words out when her lips w
ere suddenly wrapped around his cockhead. He moaned instead of responding to
as he looked down to see this sexy centerfold going after his cock so eagerly.
ick grabbed a handful of her hair, watching as her head bobbed up and down on
cock. He groaned as he watched, seeing she could hardly fit his big cock in
hungry little mouth. His hips moved forward, pushing his way in deeper as he
oked over her at that round ass and felt his cock throbbing against her lips and
tongue. “Thats it..make up for being so mean to poor Rick.Ó

Rick slid both hands into Brande’s hair as her mouth worked. He smiled to himse
lf, so glad he had brought the recorder and had left it on since he
was going to get his own special footage of the shoot. Rick didn’t think the
age would be this good. He turned slightly knowing the angle of the camera, but
Brande didn’t even miss a beat. Her full lips moved up and down on his shaft so
expertly as he played with her long curly hair. Rick pulled his cock back,
g a hand in her hair so she couldn’t go after it. Her tongue licked across her
ips seeming to hope she could still taste cock on them. She pleaded as she
d up.

ÒNo…let me taste it Rick, please!Ó

Rick stroked his cock in front of her and the camera both, teasing her as his ha
nd pumped the length of it. ÒYou want my cum dont you?Ó

Brande nodded as she blushed, knowing now that she needed cock so badly that she
couldn’t resist giving into answering him. Rick stroked his cock in front of
and the camera both, teasing her as his hand pumped the length of it. ÒYou
my cum donÕt you?Ó

Brande nodded as she blushed, knowing now that she needed cock so
badly that she couldn’t resist giving into answering him. Rick grinned as he
cled around her body while she sat there on her knees. He watched the droplets
f grape juice run down her ass and thighs, following her curves so nicely as he
icked his lips. He moved down behind her and slid a hand up her back, urging

“You’ll get some cum,” he said as she gave into him and dropped to all fours, wi
ggling her full round ass hoping he would hurry and let her have more. “Not in
ur mouth though,” he added as she bent over. She gaspsed as she felt his warm
ckhead brushing over the trimmed pubic hairs that covered her wet slit. She
kly tried to respond when she felt him there…..ÓRick, no…we need a condom.Ó
s soon as the last word came out, Brande felt his thick cockhead spreading her
ssylips and pushing its way inside her. She felt firm hands on her ass,
with the grape juices and fingers trailing along the top of her ass crack. He
tarted to pull the head back out in answer to what she said “Oh we do?” Brande
aspsed at how big his cock was though and quickly shook her head….ÓNo
no!Ó She pushed her ass back to get more of his cock not caring he didn’t have
ny protection.

Rick thrust forward hard as her tight ass came back at him. He groaned when her
wet pussy squeezed his hard shaft so tight. Brande grunted in response, loving
how it felt to take that big cock in one hard stroke. She felt so slutty taking
this cock out int he middle of nowhere like this from her rude photographer, but
her pussy wanted cock too badly. She pushed her ass back harder, trying to fuck
his cock, wanting to feel how deep she could get it. Brande moaned with each
oke Rick took at her hot pussy. She pushed back and couldn’t believe she was
ing him up inside her without a condom on like this. Even her boyfriend had
r had her without one. She started topull off of his cock, but she felt him
ahold of her hair and tug back. She couldn’t whimpered as she realized she
dn’t pull away.

ÒOh god…Rick…stop please…get a condom and you can cum I promise.”
Rick grabbed her hair tighter, knowing he would love watching his new video as
s cock shoved its way into this hot centerfolds wet pussy. She groaned as she
ok it all, pushing her ass back to get it before trying to pull off again when
e remembered no condom.

ÒRick No!Ó

His hand stinging her ass hard was the only answer, along with a jerk at her lon
g blond hair. He twirled its tight curls around his fingers as he tugged back
ain as she resisted.

“Fuck my cock you little slut. Take my cum like you wanted!”

Brande squirmed as she realized she had went to far when she begged for his bare
cock. She tried again to pull away but quickly shoved her tight pussy back on
ijm like he wanted when his rough hands tugged again.

Rick smacked her round butt a few more times, making sure she didnt
let up. He barely moved now as his spankings and control of her by the hair
ed her. Brande kept moving on him, moaning and taking each thrust of his cock,
knowing she needed to get off it though before he had to cum.

Brande got desperate, turning her head to stare at him seductively as she start
ed to fuck his cock like an eager little slut. She grinned at him and then
d out as his cock pressed in deep. “I want to drink your cum Rick. Let me drink
it all for you like your little slut”

She knew this would get his attention as his cock fucked her so well from behind
. Just as she finished begging for his cum, she gasped out in pleasure. His
hit places so much deeper then her boyfriends and she couldn’t help but moan
as he swatted her ass again. She couldn’t believe how she, a woman who could
ve any man beg was getting spanked and fucked like a little whore for this lowly
cameran. Before Brande even noticed how she was pushing back and taking his cock
so eagerly she gasped out again in pleasure and shock this time as she felt
his cock push in all the way, and balls slap up against her…followed by the
ling of his hot cum squirting up into her cunt. She quickly tried to pull
d but got yanked back on his cock and her pussy milked it of its cum as Rick sat
groaning in pleasure behind her with his cock stuck in her pussy as he took
ol of her, filling her with his hot load.

Brande sat at the end of his cock. Her pussy aching but still wanting more as
she wondered what she would do now….. : Brande sat there on all fours, A
re of cum and grape juices ran down the inside of her thigh now after being
d with Rickk’s hot load. After thinking that should have been her boyfriend she
turned and stared at him.”I can’t believe you did that!” Her body still shook
ightly as she yelled at
him. “You could get me pregnant!” Brande started to realize what she did
and hoped she would be ok. Rick just grinned at this gorgeous girl. His eyes
moved over her shapely hips and he smiled as he leered at her. “Your going to
ke some more cum too you little slut.” Brande stood up and glared at him, know
ing a famous centerfold could not be treated like this. Rick grabbed the grape
ained white fabric that was wrapped aroundBrande and then pointed to the camera.
“Unless you want me to show that video to everyone”

Brande’s face whitened as she realized what had happened. She had images in her
mind of what was on the video. Her willing pushing her curvy ass back to fuck
his cameraman, begging for his cum for everyone to see. She felt a bit scared
how people might find out. “Rick no. Please. I’ll let you again…just with
condom please.” Brande didn’t know what to say since she had fucked him so
it would be easy to tell for anyone watching that she wanted him. Rick played
th the damp fabric, stained purple now after being draped around Brande’s body.
He motioned her over to a tree “Come here Brande.” She walked her naked body
r to him as he stood partially behind the tree. Her body trembled, wishing
ne would just happen to show up.
Rick grabbed her wrists as she got close. Brande struggled to get away from his
grip until he mentioned the video again. She lowered her head shamefully and
n realized he was tying her hands with the white fabric. The purple stained
h wrapped around her wrists and tied her hands together as she reached around
tree. Her body partially bent over as he pulled the tie tight. her tits
lightly up against the rough tree back as her arms reached around and hands
tied firm.

Brande struggled against the ties and saw how tight they were. She
was tied in such an awkward position. Her face resting up against the tree as
e bent down a bit. She didnt have much room to move as she felt Rick moving
nd her. Then his firm grip was on her ass again. She blushed since she couln’t
believe a man was treating her like this after her body had teased them so
Rick want to adjust the camera to face the tree Brande was on. He could still
ee his cum on her pussy and some drops of purplish white cream running down her
eg. Her knees and lower arms were dusty now too from being on theground and her
well done hair now tangled and sweaty. Even dirty like this Brande still so
Her curves and smooth back and stomach drew attention away from the dirt.
going to make a video for myself now”Rick said. “If I dont like how you act in
it…then Im going to sell it to the news instead of keep it”

Rick grinned imagining his friends seeing this tape. He whispered some thing in
to Brande’s ear. Instructions? Then he was running his fingers through her
curly hair. He could see the sides of her tits even from behind as she bent
r against the tree unable to move. Brande winced as his hand came down on her
t little centerfold ass. She bit her lip, but felt her pussy tingling again
though she tried to supress her urges. “What do you want Brande?!” Rick yelled
as his hand came down on one of her round ass cheeks again. She lifted her butt
up involuntarily as
she felt herself getting wet. She bit her lip though not caring what
s she gave him. His hand swatted her bare butt again, harder this time and
e knew she couldnt pull out of the tied fabric. She felt grape juice dripping
the indentention just above the crack of her butt. She thought of what Rick had
whispered to her to say and closed her eyes since she had never had this happen
even with her boyfriend. “Your slut wants your cock in her ass Rick. Please!”
She shivered as she yelled out the words like he said to if she didnt want
ble. Can you picture her on the tree like that. Her hands tied tightly, covered
in dust and grape juice. His cum still covering her trimmed pubic hairs and
ing down her thigh. Wondering if this photographer is really going to be the
st to have his cock in her tight centerfold ass?

Rick could never have planned for something like this. He tried to
make it easier, finding the only thing wet and rubbing some of the grape juice
his thick cock. It pulsed in his hand as he got up behind her and Brande
ed as she felt him close. She bit her lip again remembering how big he was and
idn’t know if she could handle this. Rick paused as the film kept rolling,
g sure his friends would get to see him in control of this star centerfold. He
pread her ass cheeks and
finally got a glimpse at what he was going to get. He squeezed with both hands
, loving how firm and toned she felt in his hands. His fingers dug in to remind
him of his whispers about what he would do if she iddnt listen. “This is where
ou want it Brande?”

Brande hugged the tree and tried to brace herself as she felt that big cockhead
rubbing up her ass crack. She gasped out as the head pushed again the small
ing and she felt the cool grape juice coating it. “Yes…in your slut’s
ease” She almost criied as she forced to beg for this mans cock in her like
, but she moaned out when his thick cockhead forced itself into her.

Rick grunted as his cock slowly slid up into this tight ass. He couldn’t believ
e it even fit as he watched her shapely bottom start to take it in. Brande
ed her tits and cheek up against the tree as she tried to handle it. Her ass
ng fucked for the first time by some guy she couldn’t stand while she was tied
begging for it like his slut. Before she could think anymore she felt a sharp
ain and was aroused at the same time by his cock shoving up into her tight ass.
She blushed hard as she gasped out involunarily “Oh god Rick!”

Rick started to work his cock into this virgin ass. After moving in
and out a few times he shoved up in hard. Brande screamed out since she though
she had already taken it all. When she felt his balls slap again her pussy she
couldn’t help but shove her ass back to get this huge cock that was in her.
let him fuck her nice and deep, hoping if she squeezed her tight hole and
his cock he would cum in her sexy rear end and let her go. Rick grabbed her big
tits, fingering the nipples and pinching them as she met his thrusts and took it
up the ass against the tree. She moaned out now trying tomake his cock cum.
s…let me feel it in my ass Rick ..please”

Brande felt so embarassed but wanted him to just cum in her like that since it w
as safer then what had already happened. Brande groaned as she begged out. Her
ass stinging from this rough treatment from Rick. He pumped into her
burying his cock in her ass and even grinning as a tear trailed down and let a
usty mark along her cheek before hitting her lipstick covered lips. Brande
know if she was crying from the pain or the humiliation, but she just kept
ng back, fucking him, grinding on his cock. She was just his whore, trying to
ke him cum as hard as she could….ÓRick please!Ó

Then quickly she felt empty. Rick had pulled his cock back and Brande took a de
ep breath of relief. As she sighed out and tried to catch her breath she
y gasped out again…oh god! Ricks cock was quickly shoved back up into her
. She could barely here him as he moaned and whispered about getting his slut
egnant as another hot load of his cum squirted into her already juicy cunt. She
bent over on the tree and whimpered as another tear streaked down her cheek
she took his cum for the second time in her pussy. She shivered as he filled
r again taking her pussy with no condom like that. As Rick pumped his cock into
er few more times, finishing inside her wet cunt again she could not resist

Through the tears and the moans and whimpering her pussy spasmed and
began to cum around his thick cock. She moaned out again as she squeezed his
ck hard, milking the last of his cum out and into her pussy, knowing she could
get pregnant from this cock and not being able to help oit. Her yellow hair
ed even brighter in the sun as it hung in the tree bark with her head against

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