Brandy`s Germany Tour

Brandy`s Germany Tour

This story isn`t true (hope it would become true, so Brandy if ya read this email me 😉 at )

Brandy, the teen pop singer, was on tour in Europe. This was her first tour outta the USA, so she was a bit nervous. But everything went fine. She gave two concerts in the UK, one in France and one in Germany. But after her concert in Germany something “unusual” happened. After she retourned into her dressing-room their was a knock on the door. “Yep, who is it?”, she asked a little outta breath from her concert. “It`s me, Chris, I won this radioquiz and I won a backstage pass.
So, can I come in, please ?”, the voice said in a nervous way. Brandy thought about it for a moment, then answered :”Sure, come in.” And so he did. He was a 5,9″ feet tall, good looking guy with lightbrown hair. “Hi, nice to meet you Brandy”, he said to the dark goddess. “I saw your performance out there…it was great. Really!” “Oh thanks, that`s very cute from you”, she said to him :”But would you please wait here for 15 minutes ? have to take a shower, because I`m all covered in sweat.” “Sure, no problem!” His eyes never left her butt as she walked into the bathroom. He heard her lock the door. After 6 or 7 minutes he sneeked over to the door and peeked through the keyhole. What he saw was absolutely stunning. A damn nude Brandy walking around the bathroom, searching for a towel to rub her wet body dry. He watched her for about 8 or 9 minutes. When she came out of the bathroom (she was now wearing white thight pants and a yellow top) he was sitting in a chair with a huge hard-on. “Like what you saw ?” she said and pointed out at his cock. “um…yeah…I`m mean…you…” “No big deal, every man would have a hard-on, if he would peek through the keyhole and watch me rubbing my black, wet body with a smooth towel dry.” She said with a grin on her face. “You knew it all the time ? But why didn`t you …” She cut him off : “Because I love my fans. Even the perverts. And I`m trying my best to entertain them” She came closer to him, rubbing his thights with her pretty, little hands. “What do you like most about me ? The ass ? The titties ? Or the mouth ?” she asked in a horny tone. “The…the ass” he said (but to be true, he loved every part of her). “You mean this ?” she said, turning around and sticking her ass out. “This pretty, black ass?”, she asked him again, only to tease him. He nodded. “OK, then I`ll make you the happiest fan on earth”, Brandy said as she began rubbing her butt in his groin. She first started with small, slow circles, then became faster and made bigger circles. He moaned. “Like it boy ?” she asked him, knowing the answer already. “OH YES…I`M ABOUTTA CUM…OH BRANDY !!!!” “Oh no, don`t cum…you haven`t tried the mouth. Then you can cum.” she said, stopping the lapdance she was giving him. She quickly turned around and got on her knees. “Common, pull your pants down man!” He pulled `em down quicker as you can say “What about us”. His throbbing cock pointing out.

“Yummy…how tall is this thing ? 8, 9 inches ?” she asked him before giving the tip of his cock a big kiss. “UHHHHH” he groaned as she started to take it deep down her throat and bob her head up and down on it. “Oh Yeahhh….now I`m cumming Brandy…OH YESS!” “NO! You haven`t tried the tits, then you can cum.” she said. Now he knew what she was doing, she wasn`t going to let him cum, before she had her fun with him. She pulled her top over her head, standing now only in her white pants infront of him. Then she laid down on the floor, waiting for him to fuck her tits. He said on her stomach and put his cock between her tits. He started to fuck them with fast movements. The only thing he wanted now was to cum, right on her tits and in her face. After 2 minutes he was about to cum. “OH YESSS I`M CUMMMING” he groaned. “NO!, not yet…” “SHUT UP!” he moaned at her, “SHUT THE HELL UP, BECAUSE I`M CUMMING RIGHT NOW AND RIGHT HERE, ON YOUR TITS!!!” he screamed as he shot his first load in her black hair. The second shot spurted right in her open mouth and the rest shot on her tits and face. “Why did you do that ? I wanna cum, too” she said angry. “Hey, calm down, gimme two minutes with that sexy ass of yours in the same room and I`ll go on like this for months.”, he answered. “Oh…cool!” she smiled while licking herself clean of his cum. After 2 minutes she got on all fours and he began to stick his cock all the way down her wet, pink pussy. “OHHHHHH YESSS THAT`S A BIG COCK!” she moaned. He rocked slowly in and out of her “Common gimme the whole thing, I wanna cum”, she groaned at him. He did as he was told and fucked her pussy with full-horse-power. After 4 minutes of this she came with a big scream: “OH YEESSSSSS I`M CUMMMMINNGGG !!!!!” He shot his load on her back. After coming back to earth from her orgasm she said to him with a hot grin on her face :”Ok…wait a minute, I`ll take a quick shower. Then we can go on and on and on, ok?” But as she came out of the shower, he wasn`t there anymore. “Damn…the good men always leave too quickly.”, she said to herself rubbing her still aching pussy. “So…who should I fuck now ?”

The End ?

If ya liked this story, lemme know. Then I would write a second part. Mail me at or talk to me if you`ve got AIM.

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