This is a little something to start everyone out.
by Lowell Guerra

Ophelia Ivy lay on her bed watching music
videos. Then she saw Brandy’s video was coming up next.

"Oh, ooooo! Brandy! Brandy!" she said. Brandy
was her favorite music artist. And Ophelia loved
Brandy’s lips, not to mention her lush, exotic tits!

As Ophelia Ivy was watching Brandy sing, she
slowly slipped her black fingers down her panties, and
moaning with excitement as quietly as possible, fucked
herself. And she fucked the shit out of her. Still
fingering herself, she caressed
her black (a little
less than average sized) bosoms.

"Oh, Brandy," she said softly as she closed her
eyes for a moment. Then she heard a door open and some-
one came in.

"I heard my name," Ophelia’s eyes widened and
her lower jaw dropped as she heard "Brandy" say these
words. Ophelia’s nipples grew hard as she watched her
favorite singer strip for her.

Ophelia couldn’t believe it! She had Brandy
right in her very bedroom! Stripping!

Brandy kissed Ophelia, and as she opened her
mouth to accept the kiss, Ophelia Ivy held on to Brandy
Norwood as she explored her mouth. Then Ophelia took
off her clothes too.

When she that saw Brandy’s nipple were now erect,
she came so bad, it was like she pissed, right there,
she pissed.

"Oh, baby!" Brandy said right before she knelt
down to lick and then suck Ophelia’s clit.

"Mmmmmmmm…" Ophelia said, feeling the joy of
her favorite celebrity placing her tongue on her clit
and moving it inside all around.

Ophelia played with Brandy’s hair while she en-
joyed being eaten. Then Brandy licked the cum that
Opehlia Ivy left on the floor. Get on me, Ophelia
wanted to say but was too shy. At that moment anyway.

Brandy pushed Ophelia onto her bed and stuck her
tongue in her mouth, letting Ophelia taste her own
juices. Then Brandy pulled Ophelia so that her "fan"
could be on top of her.

Dreaming of this for at least two years, Ophelia
knew what she was gonna do. She kissed Brandy passion-
ately. Feeling her big, tits and playing with her taunt
nipples. Then she sucked on her nipples while she
played with her hot, wet pussy.

Ophelia was hungry for the sex and showed it by
the way she was sucking on Brandy Norwood’s tits and
finger fucking the hell out of her cunt.

"Oh, yes!" Brandy moaned with excitement as she
felt the electricity shoot through her body.

Ophelia’s sucked Brandy’s other tit while Brandy
finger fucked Ophelia back. Then Ophelia Ivy placed one
of her legs in between Brandy’s and the other, outside
of her legs so that their pussies were right across
from each other.

Then Opehlia banged Brandy’s puss over and over.
"Yes!" Ophelia cried, "It feels so good!"

Brandy banged back as they came, but they still
tried their best to keep it going. Brandy banged harder
as she climaxed. "More, Ophelia! More!"

Ophelia did just that. "Oh, Brandy! Yes!" Ophelia

Their tits were now bouncing faster than a basket-
ball dribbled by Mugsy Bogues. Ophelia licked her lips.

"Oh, ohhhhh, Ophelia, that feels soooo good!"
Brandy moaned.

"Oh, yeah, Brandy." then Ophelia slowed her
rhythm. Wait a second, she thought. "Hold up… How do
you know my name?" She asked, as Brandy started to look
into her eyes, which had been looking at her cunt.


Ophelia opened her eyes to find out it was a
dream. Just a hella’va good dream. "Damn, it was just
a dream!" she said.

Then she looked down at her bed to see her naked
cunt and her bed was all wet! All over!

She put her clothes back on and quickly took off

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