Brave New Interviewer 10: Spellbound

Brave New Interviewer 10:

     Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. A big one, I know, but
hopefully you’ll like it. Enjoy.

     I had been doing pretty well the past few days at my job. I had been in Europe, doing
some interviews with stars and starlets on that side of the pond (entries I may enlighten you with
someday) and generally having a great old time. Still, it was nice to be back in America, back to
great food, decent accommodations and plenty of beautiful women.
     I had finally managed to kick off the jet lag when
my phone rang in my apartment. "Hey,
it’s Melissa," came the voice and I knew it was Melissa Joan Hart, star of "Sabrina", blossoming
sex symbol and fellow mind controller. "I was wondering if you wanted to come by tonight?"
     "Really?" I said, raising an eyebrow. "Just you and me and fun?"
     "Oh, fun will be a part of it," Melissa answered. "But not just you and me. I was thinking
of inviting some of my WB pals."
     Given the plethora of incredibly beautiful women the WB had working for them, the mind
boggled at the possibilities. "Who? Soleil?"
     At the mention of her "Sabrina" co-star, Soleil Moon Frye, Melissa laughed. "No,
although I do have a story to tell you about her later. No, I thought it was time I hooked up with
the other witches on the lot. Alyssa, Shannen and Holly."
     Just the mention of the three names made my cock go hard. The best thing about watching
"Charmed," to me, was that unlike most shows, you knew what the three big stars looked like
naked, thanks to films they’d made before the show hit it big. And in one case, I knew one star
quite intimately. "Well, I hate to disappoint, but I’ve already had some experience with Alyssa and
     "Oh, you bastard," Melissa said in a teasing tone. "Come on, haven’t you ever wanted
them together?"
     "I’m a guy. Of course I had. Well, well, a witchy threesome, eh?"
     "Actually, I tried to get Alyson Hannigan and Amber Benson too but shooting on ‘Buffy’
ran long. Would have been a cauldron of fun."
     "Bad joke. But very good idea. Tell you what, I’ll let you ensnare Alyssa and Holly.
Shannen is mine."
     "Drink’s are at 7. Part is about ten minutes later." With that, Melissa hung up and left me
to smile at the way she was going to be casting some spells tonight.

     Melissa was crashing at a friend’s beachouse for the week as her apartment was being
fumigated and thankfully the friend was out for a bit. So, it was just me and four gorgeous
     Melissa was dressed in a loose black dress with nice cuts for the legs, her bosom straining
against the fabric in a way that let me know she wasn’t wearing a bra. "They’re set," she said,
     "All right. Let’s go." I entered the living room and took a look at the three lovely ladies
there. Alyssa, I already knew what she looked like underneath but she wasn’t leaving as much to
the imagination in a great short outfit that boosted her assets up. Of course, the fact that I had
already called and told her what to wear probably helped.

     Shannen’s outfit was a little less voluptuous but still nice, her long legs and firm chest on
display in her dress. Holly was a little more conservative but still nice looking in her light outfit.
The long dark hair of each woman added to the sexiness. You could almost believe they were
sisters. Of course, Melissa and I were planning some rather unsisterly stuff for them.
     The next few minutes were made up of idle chatter, future projects, what was coming on
the show, that sort of thing. A few drinks and the women seemed to be pretty loose, which played
right into what Melissa and I had planned.
     My chance came when Shannen stood up, explaining she had to use the restroom. Sharing
a hidden wink with Melissa, I stood up, supposedly to refill my drink. I moved to the kitchen, then
hurried over to the bathroom, coming just as Shannen was exiting. "Hello," I said, smiling at her.
     "Hey," she replied, nodding. "Nice to see you again. Alyssa was telling me how Holly
seems to be the only one you haven’t interviewed."
     "Yeah, I haven’t quite gotten to her yet," I replied. "But I intend to correct that mistake.
By the way, look me in the eye."
     "What?" Shannen said, but did so. As soon as she did, her eyes started to dull as she gazed
deeply into them. "Deeper and deeper into my eyes, Shannen, deeper and deeper into my eyes,
you’re feeling sleepy, Shannen, you’re feeling very, very sleepy right now, very sleepy, Shannen,
so very sleepy. You’re about to go to sleep, Shannen, your eyes are open but you have to go to
sleep. Sleep. Sleep."
     Shannen was soon standing, eyes open but unseeing, totally in a trance. I had used the
eyes to hypnotize her that first time we met and I just couldn’t resist doing it again to bring her
back into a deep trance. "All right, Shannen, take off all your clothes." With no hesitation, she
obeyed, sliding off her outfit to reveal her great body with full chest and ass, the brown tuft
between her legs quite inviting. "Let’s go, Shannen," I said, leading her into the living room.
     Alyssa did a spit take worthy of Danny Thomas as she saw her naked co-star enter with a
blank expression on her face. Holly dropped her drink as Melissa just grinned. "What the hell is
this?" Alyssa yelled, standing up. "Shannen, what are you doing?"
     "Not much for now. But I’ll change that." I looked Alyssa right in the eye and spoke.
"Embrace of trance." Instantly, Alyssa’s face went blank as her head slumped forward slightly,
eyes wide. Holly looked from one entranced girl to the other and backed up a bit on the sofa.
"What the hell is going on?" she asked, somewhat fearful.
     "Don’t worry, Holly," Melissa said in a soft tone. "You won’t remember a thing but you’ll
have a lot of fun." She locked her eyes with Holly’s and blue electricity flowed from them and
into Holly’s. She was stock still for a moment, eyes wide as the energy flowed into them, then
relaxing. I was impressed. Melissa had described it to me but I’d never actually seen her use her
power before and couldn’t believe how thrilling it was.
     Melissa gave me a slightly irritated glare. "You said I could take Alyssa."

     "And you can," I replied. "I just never said how, did I?"
     Melissa pouted as she lifted up her dress, showing off her naked body. "Undress, Holly."
     "Undress, Alyssa," I added and they obeyed. All were soon standing naked, giving me a look
at four gorgeous women. Melissa, Alyssa and Shannen all had incredible breasts and Holly’s,
though slightly smaller, were still great to look at, nice and round with tight nipples, long hair
flowing all around, Melissa’s blond a contrast to the three brunettes. "Alyssa, Shannen, you’ll
obey all of Melissa’s commands as you’d obey mine." Smiling, Melissa told Holly the same,
giving us control over all three.
     I moved forward and kissed Holly on the lips, eager to taste the one "Charmed One" I
hadn’t had yet. She answered back passionately, wrapping her arms around me as I brought the
two of us down to the floor, moving myself onto my back so I could sit her on my cock,
recreating her memorable and much downloaded nude scene from that old movie. Melissa’s
trances always sent passion into overdrive as it enslaved and Holly was soon rocking back and
forth on my cock as I cupped her wonderful breasts, kneading them in my hands as she pushed
herself on me, working her thighs to take my cock further into her pussy..
     Nearby, Melissa was fingering herself as Alyssa and Shannen kissed each other
passionately. I had managed to hook them up once for a threesome and I knew the two really tore
into each other, hidden passions unleashed by the trance. They lay on their sides, legs wrapped
around each other, ample chests pressing into each other as they kissed. Melissa must have been
hit by a while idea and stopped fingering herself, moving forward to take her full breasts in her
hands. She moved forward and slid each breast along an exposed pussy, causing both Alyssa and
Shannen to moan in delight as they felt her slide along them. Melissa continued to slide her tits
along their clits, nipples brushing against pubic hair as she went at the two lovers.
     The sight of the gorgeous controller tit-fucking the two women sent me over the edge and
I came, gripping Holly’s tits hard as I did, causing her to throw her head back and scream in
absolute ecstasy. I brought her down and took her own tits in my hands, pushing them to my face
and licking at them. God, they were wonderful to taste, the hard nipple sliding under my tongue,
Holly moving her body against me as she pushed them into my face, sighing as I licked away.
     Two screams echoed, letting me know that Melissa had succeeded to use her tits to drive
both Alyssa and Shannen to orgasm. That done, she whispered something I couldn’t hear, my face
pressed in Holly’s cleavage. I soon knew what it was, though, as the three women descend upon
the two of us, arranging into a nice tableau.
     I had Shannen on all fours, ready to take my cock up her ass, her favorite style. She was
bending over to push her face into Holly’s pussy, licking at it with fury as Holly moaned. Melissa
arranged herself so she and Alyssa had their pussies exposed to Holly, encouraging her to eat
them both out as they two kissed and caressed. I pushed my cock in and out of Shannen’s ass,

feeling it smack against her cheeks, driving her forward to lick at Holly’s pussy. Holly had her
mouth open, licking away at both Alyssa and Melissa, tongue dragging from one pussy to the
next. Each woman had her fingers in the other’s pussy at the time, fingering each other as Holly
worked her tongue around their pussies and fingers, trying to drive each to orgasm. It took a few
minutes, but she got it done, both women screaming in pleasure as they came. Seconds later, I
shot my wad into Shannen’s ass, causing her mouth to open just in time to catch Holly’s juices
falling into it.
     We arranged ourselves yet again. I had Alyssa on her back, my cock buried in her pussy
and pumping, her legs on my shoulders as I went at her, my head buried in between her breasts.
Melissa had her face in Holly’s pussy, the girl on her back while she licked away at Shannen, who
was sitting on top of her, her hands squeezing Shannen’s huge tits as she licked away, the blonde
and the two brunettes having the time of their lives. So was I as I slammed myself away at Alyssa,
the grin on her face telling me all I wanted to know about her pleasure.
     Now, I know you want to hear more and I understand. But a detailed recap of all we did
would require its own separate website on the Internet. So, I’ll give you a few highlights and I"m
sure your imagination can do the rest:
*Sitting back, my cock in my hands, watching as all three brunettes licked out Melissa’s pussy.
*Melissa doing the same, fingering herself as she watched the three try to lick my cock at once.
*Melissa and I making hot love while the three hypnotized women licked and sucked away at
each other.
*Melissa on her back, Shannen sucking one tit, Alyssa the other, Holly on her face while I fucked
her pussy.
*Alyssa sitting on the edge of couch, legs spread to welcome Shannen at her pussy while she bent
back and licked the cunt of the standing Holly.
*Alyssa, Holly and Shannen lying side by side as I dragged my cock over their breasts, trying to
see who I’d come over first (Alyssa, of course.)
*During that, Melissa spending exactly ten seconds licking each girl’s pussy, trying to see who’d
come first (Shannen, the little slut)
*Melissa sitting, back to me, on my cock, while licking at the standing Alyssa. Nearby, Holly was
going at Shannen’s ass with her tongue.
*Me standing, Shannen kneeling before me sucking my cock as Melissa stood and had Alyssa and
Holly go at her from either end.
     And more than I can remember. All in all, by the time the night was through, Melissa and I
were throughly exhausted. Alyssa, Shannen and Holly were in separate bedrooms. They would
awaken with memories of nothing but maybe some hot dreams, believing they’d spent the night at
Melissa’s by their own choice.
     Melissa and I had enough energy for one last go in bed together. As we lay there, sleep
nearly upon us, I had to say something. "Thank you for a terrific evening."
     "Yeah, it was something," Melissa sighed. "I lost count how many times I came tonight. I
must have dropped ten pounds."
     "A nice diet," I smiled. "So, I guess we should wait before I hook you up with some stars

I know."
     "Yeah, we should," Melissa sighed, closing her eyes. "A week?"
     "Sure," I said, closing my own eyes and feeling her relax on top of me. As I drifted off to
sleep, my thoughts were filled with one thing: How much I loved creating this sort of sexual

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