Brave New Interviewer 11: Jennifer Love Hewitt And Sigourney Weaver


Brave New Interviewer 11:

Hot Heartbreakers


     Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. A
hot one I couldn’t avoid.


     After my experience with Melissa and the "Charmed"
ladies, I decided it would be nice to

take a break from any extracurricular activities during interviews for
a while. So, I
managed to get

through a few without using my charms on any of the ladies (tempting as it was). Still, a
man has

to reach his point and it didn’t take long for me to hit mine, coming in the form of an

exceptionally lovely lady. Or in this case, two.

     I had to admit that I was a bit intrigued when I heard about
"Heartbreakers." Not that I

thought it’d be a good film (with a few exceptions, spring is usually the time studios
dump their

garbage pics) but because the stars really grabbed me as well as their plot. Sigourney
Weaver and

Jennifer Love Hewitt played a mother-daughter con artist team, Sigourney marrying some

guy, Jennifer coming in to seduce him into a compromising position, Sigourney taking him
in the

divorce settlement and the two moving off to do it again. The move focused on them trying
it out

on another rich sucker only one of the ex-husbands found out and wanted in on the scam.

     Well, although (sadly) the reports that Jennifer would do a
topless scene proved untrue,

the movie did have both lovely ladies in various states of undress combined with some sexy

overtures to various men. So, I was looking forward to interviewing the two of them
together and

quite happy with the circumstances involved.

     The two were in town for the film’s premiere and had agreed to do
the interview together

in Jennifer’s hotel suite. I arrived right on time, wanting to enjoy every minute of what
was to

come. The ladies were already waiting and ready. Jennifer was wearing a blue mini-skirt
with a

nice blouse, which slightly pushed up her famous chest, her long dark hair flowing to it.

was dressed in slacks and a light shirt, her dark curly hair framing a face that actually
seemed to

be more attractive now than twenty years ago.

     We did the usual chit chat about the film, the usual questions
about working on it and the

spiels on how the two worked together. They were obviously used to it by now, the way they

talked and got along with one another. In fact, they got along with each other pretty damn
well to

tell the truth.

     Now, I am a good study of human nature and body language. Not
just because of my

hypnotic skills but also because I really am a damn good interviewer. And right now,

was telling me there was more to Jennifer and Sigourney than just a good on-set chemistry.
So, I

figured it was time to get into my spiel.

     "So, would the two of you really do anything like that in
real life?" I asked in a light tone.

"Marry and then divorce to rip off a few bucks?"

     "Tempting," Sigourney smiled. "But I doubt it. I
like the single life too much."

     "I’m kind of like my character," Jennifer replied.
"A little too young to settle down."

     "So, you wouldn’t do it for anything?" I repeated.
"Not even this?" I reached into my

pocket and pulled out one of my special charms, a bright green pendant with a spiral
design on it.

     "Oh, a test," Sigourney smiled. "This is a bit
more enlivening than most interviews."

     You have no idea, I thought as I spoke. "You might be
interested in this, I thought. You

might be really interested in it. In fact, you might be downright fascinated by it, you
might be

really fascinated by it. You might want to look at it because it’s so fascinating, it’s so

fascinating to look at, ladies, it’s so very fascinating to look at, you just want to
watch the pretty

pendant, ladies, watch the pretty pendant, watch it carefully, ladies, watch the pretty

watch the pendant."

     The spiral design seemed to glow and spin as it caught the light.
Both Jennifer and

Sigourney had their eyes fixed to it, the spiral, combined with my own abilities, lulling
them both

into a trance. Jennifer was pretty far gone already, not surprising considering what a

target she was in the controller community, her mental defenses practically non-existent.

Sigourney was a bit tougher but I could tell she was going under well too.

     "Just look at the pendant, ladies, look deeply at the
pendant, deeper and deeper at the

pendant, deeper and deeper, ladies, deeper and deeper, you’re going into a nice sleep,
ladies, a

nice, deep sleep, you’re feeling sleepy, ladies, very sleepy, so very sleepy, you’re
feeling so very

sleepy, ladies, so very sleepy. You have to close your eyes, ladies, you have to close
your eyes

and sleep, ladies, you have to sleep deeply, you have to sleep very, very deeply, ladies,
you have

to sleep so very deeply. Close your eyes and sleep, ladies, sleep, go to sleep."

     Sigourney’s eyes fluttered shut as she slumped in the chair.
Jennifer was already gone,

eyes closed and head resting to the side. I lowered the pendant as I did my deepening.

they were under enough, I spoke. "Sigourney, Jennifer, I want you to answer all my

honestly. Now, have the two of you had sex together?"

     "Yeah," Sigourney whispered. "I love making love
to my female co-stars."

     Given the amount of films Sigourney had been in, the list of
encounters was staggering

and definitely needed further detailing. For now, I was interested in the slight smile
coming over

Jennifer’s entranced face as she spoke softly. "She showed me so much……Kissing my
tits and my

pussy….Playing with my hair."

     I couldn’t have asked for a better opening if I’d wanted and
spoke. "Sigourney, Jennifer, I

want you to remember what it was like making love to one another. Feel how good that felt

now, feel it come over your bodies." Both women began to shift in their seats as the

took hold, Jennifer’s hands moving to her ample breasts as I spoke, Sigourney drifting

between her legs. "Yes, the feeling is coming over both of you, ladies, it’s coming
over both of

you right now. That same incredible feeling is coming over both of you, ladies, you can’t
hold it

back anymore, you have to feel each other, ladies, you have to feel each other."

     Sigourney took the lead, moving out of her seat and practically
attacking Jennifer, her

tongue plunging into the younger star’s mouth, licking her tongue as Jennifer answered
back. The

two stood and embraced, both of them grabbing the other’s ass and squeezing hard for a

tableau. They continued to kiss even as they started to undress, Jennifer pulling off her
top and

then unsnapping her bra to let her generous breasts free, the half-dollar nipples
prominent as she

pressed against Sigourney, letting the older woman undo her skirt and then slide off her

     Sigourney undressed herself, her body still in terrific shape,
breasts hanging well, her nice

bush just a bit shaven. She and Jennifer fell onto the bed, kissing each other wildly.

moved her mouth to Jennifer’s incredible chest, taking one lush breast into her mouth and

suckling on it, tickling the nipple with her tongue as she pushed Jennifer’s breasts
together, one

hand going towards Jennifer’s pussy as she sucked on her young co-star.

     I couldn’t take any more, I had to get in on this. I undressed in
a flash and moved onto the

bed, taking Sigourney and pulling her into a hot, long kiss. I broke it off to move onto

and give her the same. Just as I had hoped, both of them were taken by arousal and readily

accepted me in their bed. I spent a few moment sandwiched between the two gorgeous naked

women, exchanging kisses with them both as my hands moved across their bodies.

     I rolled onto my back, bringing Jennifer onto me. She moaned as I
moved her onto my hard

cock and began moving it about, happy to see her pushing herself back and forth, her

breasts bouncing with each move forward. I brought my hands up to them, squeezing them

as I drove myself into her. I pushed her tits together as I helped her ride me hard.

     Suddenly, I was gazing up into a terrific ass, Sigourney’s, as
she stood, her legs straddling

over me. She moved forward and placed Jennifer’s mouth onto her pussy. Jennifer was soon

licking, her tongue sliding around Sigourney’s clit as her hands moved around to grip her
ass for

support, squeezing the cheeks as she licked away at the older actress. I managed to move

hands around Sigourney’s legs so I continue to knead Jennifer awesome tits in my hands,

squeezing them harder as I continued to work my cock into her, driving it harder and
harder into

her body. She continued to shift her pelvis around, taking me in her as she moved forward,

at Sigourney’s pussy with long, slow strokes, her fingers sliding all over Sigourney’s ass
as she

did. Jennifer’s moans were muffled when I shot my wad into her, shaking her entire body.

kept right on licking though, her tongue moving until Sigourney came, the bed shaking with
her, a

few drops of cum falling onto my face.

     I pulled Sigourney down as I pushed Jennifer off. I took the
older woman, kissing her hard

as I rolled her onto her back. I spread out her shapely legs and pushed myself into her,
loving the

moan Sigourney uttered as I slid my cock into her. I began pumping with fury, driving
myself into

her with hard thrusts. Jennifer decided to pay Sigourney back and sat herself onto the

woman’s face, lowering herself enough for Sigourney to reach up and lick at her, her

sliding over her pussy as her hands reached to Jennifer’s breasts, rubbing them as I had

     I continued to pump myself in and out of Sigourney, loving the
feeling as I drove my cock

deeper and deeper inside of her as Sigourney licked away at Jennifer’s pussy. I bent over
so I

could place my face in the lovely passage in between Jennifer’s round ass and Sigourney’s

breasts. I let my tongue roam around the wonderful curves, soon no longer caring if I was

ass or breast, my cock continuing to drive into Sigourney as I did. I soon came inside of

Sigourney, her cry, like Jennifer’s, muffled by her pussy licking. Jennifer threw herself

crying out as Sigourney hit paydirt, juices falling into her mouth as Jennifer came.

     I would have loved to have taken them both a few more times but
unfortunately, the

interview time was near over and the two had a full schedule for the premiere and all. I
had them

lie together as I quickly dressed and packed my gear. "Sigourney, Jennifer, listen to
me carefully.

When you hear the door close, you will wake up. You won’t remember what has happened with

me at all. You will remember me leaving and the two of you wanting to make love badly
after I

did. If you ever again see my pendant, you will fall into this trance but until then,


     I stole out of the room, shutting the door hard behind me as I
walked out. I could already

imagine the two wanting to go again before their next interview. I whistled lightly as I
tried to

think of when I could get them together again. Ah, to leave two such beautiful women was


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