Brave New Interviewer 13: Rosy Rememberence

Brave New Interviewer 13: Rosy Rememberence


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. A tip of the
hat to one of my
favorite authors with the same woman in the same numeral. Plus people were
pressuring me to do
something on this. Enjoy.

As a journalist (of sorts), I do keep notes on past projects. It’s simple
filekeeping, really.
Only my notes are spread out among various safety deposit boxes under assumed
throughout the greater Los Angeles area, to keep them from prying eyes. Oh, I
know by heart the
events they describe but I enjoy keeping the notes as reminders.
And every now
and then, I use a
reminder to help me relive a particularly nice incident…..

September, 1998. The MTV Video Music Awards. Always the usual hot spot in
and music and this year promised little exceptions. The VMA’s had become a nice
event for me to
check out and I always (and I do mean always) managed to have a fun night with a
star or two. I
kept my eye out on the red carpet to watch for any celebrities in particular
that called attention.
And it wasn’t difficult to find one in particular to keep an eye on.

It took a lot to get attention away from Marilyn Manson but Rose McGowan
was doing
the job quite well. Her “dress” seemed to be a thrown out mesh net barely hung
together. I could
tell she wore a thong but her ass was quite visible, nothing of course, compared
to her braless top,
her large and round breasts showing off more flesh in ten seconds than you could
see in most of
her movies. Her pursed lips and black hair made her look more than ever like a
Goth. goddess.

I didn’t envy the technicians who had to quickly create a blur effect to
prevent MTV from
turning into the Playboy Channel but there was nothing to be done for the
photographers, who
swiftly clicked pics of Rose that would soon be hot properties on the Internet.
I watched her pass
by and knew right then and there that Rose would be the only person I could
possibly choose to
spend the night with.

I spent the rest of the night tracking her with the care of a tiger for his
prey, loving how all
eyes flocked to Rose as she walked, even the woman gazing at her amazing body a
while. I knew
I had to await the right opportunity. Unfortunately, Marilyn was usually around
and that guy was
just way too freaky for me to even get near. Finally, however, I saw my chance
when he headed
to get ready for his number and I saw Rose sneak off towards a small alcove off
stage and
immediately headed after her.

She was leaning inside the small corner, evidentially grabbing a breath and
glanced up to
see me. “Look, buddy, you’ve gotten as big a look as you’re gonna get.”

“Actually, I wanted to talk, not look,” I said, identifying myself.

“Not really up to an interview,” Rose sighed.

“Oh, nothing major,” I assured her. “Just a quick sound bite is all about
the dress.”

“Wanted to get attention, that’s all,” she shrugged. “Movie offers haven’t
been biting me
on the ass so I thought I’d do something to get attention.”

“Well, you’ve succeeded,” I nodded, looking her over. “You did make a good
choice with
the dress. Really frees you up, lets you relax a bit. That’s why you came here,
to relax from all the
hoopla, you really wanted to come and relax, Rose, I can tell that’s what you
wanted, to relax,
you just want to relax, Rose, I can tell that’s what you want to do right now,
you just want to
relax is all, you just want to relax, Rose, you just want to relax, that’s all,
just relax.”

I kept my eyes on her’s letting my mind touch hers as I continued to speak
in a cool, flat
tone, managing the difficult task of keeping my eyes off of Rose’s rack and to
her eyes as I wove
my spell. “Yes, you enjoy feeling relaxed, Rose, you enjoy feeling very relaxed
like this, you enjoy
feel so very relaxed, Rose, you enjoy feeling this relaxed. You came to feel
relaxed, Rose and now
you feel very relaxed, Rose, you feel very, very relaxed, so very relaxed, Rose,
so very relaxed.
Your mind is relaxed now, Rose, your mind is relaxed and your body is relaxed so
close your
eyes, Rose, close your eyes and relax totally and completely.”

Rose’s eyes fluttered shut as she fell into a trance state. I usually have
to hurry things up a
bit in public places because of the risk of discovery but then, that added a bit
to the thrill. It took a
little more mental push than usual but it got the job done, within a minute Rose
was now in my
control. Sadly, taking her right then and there wasn’t an option. But there was
another, one I
would use as a standard procedure over the years. “Rose, listen to me

It’s always a mess getting out of awards shows, the traffic so bad that it
actually is much
faster to walk to her hotel. I whistled as I walked into my hotel room, opening
it up and moving
towards the phone. I picked it up and swiftly dialed a number I wouldn’t have
known a few hours
earlier. It took exactly two rings for someone to pick up. “Hello?” Rose’s voice
came on, a little

“Rambling Rose,” I intoned and heard that oh so familiar sigh as Rose
slipped back into a
trance. “Are you alone, Rose?”

“Yes….Marilyn’s at the party….”

“Good. Are you wearing what I asked?”


“Very good, Rose. Now, come to room 432 right now.” I hung up the phone and
began to
undress, thanking happenstance that Rose happened to be staying at the same
hotel I was at, made
things a lot easier. I had just changed to a simple robe when the door knocked.

I opened it up and saw Rose standing there, eyes wide and blank, still
wearing that terrific
dress as I led her in. “Come right inside, Rose,” I said, divesting myself of my
robe and sitting
naked on the end of my bed. I took a look at her in her near-naked outfit and
thought of how
easily she’d gone under even with my skills as I spoke. “Rose, are you now my

“Yes…” she whispered. “I am your slave…..Master……”

I don’t usually go for domination but there was something about Rose that
made it so
worthwhile. I spread myself a bit to show off my hard cock. “Suck me, Rose.”
Instantly, she
moved forward, falling to her knees before me and taking my rod into her mouth,
her lush lips
instantly going up and down the shaft, licking at my penis as she sucked me. She
was damn good
at it as I found myself groaning with pleasure that usually took a bit longer to
build up. Her
tongue managed to reach out to lick my balls as she sucked me, adding to the
terrific pleasure I
was feeling. I had been holding in myself all night with the thought of
controlling her and I just
couldn’t take it any longer and felt myself going loose, shooting myself right
into her mouth, her
licking away all the cum as she swallowed every drop I had to offer.

I pulled myself out of her and lay down on the bed. “Disrobe, Rose.”

“Yes, Master,” she said as she took off her dress which took approximately
five seconds,
leaving me to see her in her full naked glory. Sure, her breasts had been
visible all night but her
black bush was also a wonder and I couldn’t wait to feel it. “Come over here and
mount me,
Rose,” I commanded and she obeyed, sitting herself onto my hard cock and rocking
back and
forth on me, her amazing breasts bouncing with every shift forward on my rod. I
gripped them
hard and used them to bring her down onto me, kissing her long and hard, her
tongue darting into
my mouth as I kneaded her breasts in my hands, tickling the nipples with my
touch, loving how
Rose’s tongue kept working on mine as I did. As she bounced on my cock, I
managed to move
my mouth down to her chest, letting her tits engulf my face. I licked at the
curves, letting my
mouth encircle one nipple as I worked on the other with my hand, Rose grinding
herself on my
cock all the while as I did. Her moans grew louder as she drove herself on my
cock, my hands and
mouth still on her impressive rack all the while. I could feel myself build up
again, ready to let
loose and steeled myself, pushing my face in the middle of her cleavage as I let
myself go, Rose
screaming as I let loose inside her.

I spent a few minutes enjoying the taste of tits before pushing Rose off me
and onto the
bed. “How do you want it next, Rose?” I said, grinning.

“My ass….” she whispered. “I love it up my ass…….” I was only to
willing to oblige,
turning her over and letting her raise herself on her hands and knees. I moved
to her behind,
taking the cheeks in my hands and squeezing hard as I moved my cock to her ass,
sliding it in with
a thrust. Rose groaned as I started to go at her, plunging my cock in and out of
her waiting hole,
squeezing her cheeks as I worked my way into her with harder and harder thrusts,
starting to
build myself to unleash the first of many orgasms into Rose’s waiting

All this came back to me as I read the newspaper item describing the
breakup of Rose and
Marilyn. Guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised, they were two similar types
to truly go
together. Well, I figured Rose would probably need something of a pick-me-up and
moved my
hands to the phone, dialing her private number which she didn’t know anyone else
knew. “Hello?”
her surprised voice came on.

“How are you, Rambling Rose?” I asked. There was a sigh then the answer. “I
await your
command, Master.”

“Await my arrival and dress in the usual,” I commanded, hanging up the
phone and
making my way to my car. The usual meant the dress that would remind me of our
first meeting
as I went out to see to it this Rose bloomed in more ways than one.

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