Brave New Interviewer 14 – Berry Good

Brave New Interviewer 14

Berry Good


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. Something
I’ve long been
planning and couldn’t wait to try out. Enjoy.

As you can imagine, given my special gifts and my line of work, I enjoy the
position of being able to see actresses in the buff when they would never do it
on camera. Of
course, given how they don’t know I’ve seen them this way, the encounter becomes
all the more
special. Oh, there are a few exceptions. My encounters with celebrity
controllers like Melissa Joan
Hart and Gillian Anderson count and my sometime
encounters with Calista
Flockhart, who
remembers our lovemaking even if she doesn’t know about the mind control aspects
noteworthy as well. And there are a couple that are “on the cusp” as it were.

Halle Berry fit my definition of that. She’d been on the Hollywood scene
for a while now,
and had gone from simply a pretty face to a big name actress, a Golden Globe for
Dorothy Dandridge” and was riding high off playing Storm in “X-Men.” Now, she
was getting big
buzz for the upcoming “Swordfish.”

It was something to be the one getting the biggest buzz for the film. After
all, this was a
major summer film from Warner Bros, whose summer tentpole record hadn’t been too
(“Batman and Robin,” “The Avengers,” “Wild Wild West,” need I go on?). It was a
major action
film reteaming her with her “X-Men” star Hugh Jackman, trying to show he could
play more than
Wolverine. And of course, there was John Travolta trying to bounce back after
the debacle of
“Battlefield Earth.”

But Halle was taking the spotlight for a very simple reason: The film would
boast her first
ever topless scene, which many thought was worth the price of a ticket alone.
Such a move was a
big one for an actress and it was set to be the main line of questioning during
my interview with

It took place at a nice restaurant, one that had become quite popular. It
was a jungle-
themed place with authentic plants and fruits hanging near the tables. We were
seated in the back
near a window, away from most of the public, perfect not just for the interview
but for a little fun
I had in mind myself.

“So, how’s the nudity?” Okay, so it was a rough starting spot but Halle
smiled, letting me
know I was far from the first to ask that question. She was wearing a nice
outfits, slacks with a
blouse that showed just a hint of her impressive cleavage, her short curly dark
hair framing her
smiling face, looking very nice as she chatted about the film.

“It was a new experience, I mean, it just scared me to death,” she
admitted. “I was
actually less bothered by millions of people seeing it in the theaters and more
freaked by the guys
on the set.”

“Well, hopefully, it will pay off,” I pointed out.

“I don’t want that,” she said, shaking her head. “I had to work hard to get
where I am,
show I’m not just a pretty face. I don’t want this film to be a hit just because
I took off my top, I
want it to be a hit because people like it.”

I refrained from the comment that not a lot of people had liked the last
few Travolta flicks
and instead shifted to some other subjects, finally coming to the restaurant
itself. “Nice place,” I
remarked. “I can tell why it’s so popular.”

“I know,” Halle said, looking at the foliage near us. “It is really nice to
be around.”

“It adds to the effect,” I nodded, reaching out to pluck a small berry off
one of the trees.
Okay, it’s kind of lame but hey, I couldn’t resist. “I mean, you can find so
much beauty in so
many things. Like this. Just this berry is a nice thing to look at. Just look at
this berry, Halle, just
look at this berry and you can see beauty in this, you can see beauty right in
this berry, Halle, it’s
just so attractive to look at, just look at the berry, Halle, just look at the
beautiful, beautiful berry,
Halle, just look at the berry, focus on the beautiful berry, Halle, focus right
on the beautiful,
beautiful berry, Halle, focus right on the berry, right on the berry, Halle,
focus right on the berry.”

Knowing how kind of lame a focus this was, I was giving Halle a little more
“push” than
normal, trying to bring her under without drawing too much attention. It was
working, her
features becoming slack as her eyes kept themselves fixed on the berry as I kept
talking to her,
moving the berry from side to side so her eyes could follow it, glazing further
with every motion.
“You’re feeling very relaxed now, Halle, very relaxed as you stare at the
beautiful, beautiful berry,
Halle, you feel so relaxed now, so very, very relaxed, Halle, so very relaxed as
you stare at the
beautiful berry, so very relaxed as you stare at the beautiful, beautiful berry.
You’re so relaxed
now, Halle, your mind is relaxing, your body is relaxing, you’re so very, very
relaxed as you stare
more and more at the beautiful berry. You’re so relaxed now, Halle, so very,
very relaxed, totally
relaxed, Halle, aren’t you totally relaxed?”

“Yes…..” Halle whispered, her eyes glazed as she stared at the swinging

“Yes, Halle, you’re so relaxed, so very relaxed, Halle, so very relaxed and
you want to
listen to me, Halle, you’ll relax more and more as you listen to my voice,
Halle, just listen to my
voice, Halle…….”

“Wow, nice place,” Halle said as I led her into my home. “Interviews pay
more than I

“I get by,” I shrugged as she came following me inside. “Thanks for

“Well, I just felt like joining you here for some reason,” Halle shrugged.

“Hmmm,” I said, turning around. “Maybe it was this.” I held up the berry
and Halle’s face
immediately went blank as she slipped back into a trance. Obviously, I couldn’t
take her at the
restaurant so shifting things over to here was an obvious choice. “Just relax
and watch the berry,
Halle,” I said. “Relax and do what I say.”

“Yes…..” she whispered.

“All right, Halle, follow me to my bedroom,” I commanded, leading her
upstairs. Along
the way, I gave another command, allowing my stairs to soon be covered with a
trail of women’s
clothing, her shoes on the bottom, her underwear at the top so it was a
completely nude Halle
who was stepping into my bedroom.

I have to say, if her breasts didn’t make “Swordfish” a hit, nothing could.
They were nice,
large and round, the nipples erect and her full ass didn’t hurt either. I was
soon stripped myself
and moved around Halle’s standing body, moving my hands to her full ass,
squeezing it hard and
pinching the cheeks, causing Halle to moan. I moved behind her, reaching around
to cup her
breasts, holding them tightly, rubbing those gorgeous tits as Halle leaned
against me, my cock
pushing into her buttock as I continued to massage her breasts. I moved from her
breasts to her
ass, squeezing the cheeks harder, then moved back to her breasts, turning her on
carefully but

I finally moved Halle over to my bed, pushing her down and moving onto her,
kissing her
hard as I parted her legs. She put her feet flat on the bed as she welcomed me
in, sliding my cock
into her passage and started to pump into her. Halle moaned as I moved my mouth
to her chest,
licking at her nipples as I pushed her breasts together, taking one nipple in my
mouth and suckling
on it. Halle moaned louder, her fingernails raking my back as I kept at her,
tickling the curves
with my tongue as I kept right at her, my cock feeling so good inside her,
almost as good as her
tit in my mouth. We were a contrast, my light skin against her chocolate covered
but when it
comes to a body like that, race doesn’t even factor into it. Her legs were tight
around my back as
I kept up the rhythm, my cock going at Halle with a vengeance. I grunted as I
came, my voice
muffled by Halle’s tit in my mouth, her screams echoing in my room.

I slid my cock out of Halle’s snatch and moved it to Halle’s chest, moving
my cock all
around it, loving how a small trail of semen slid around each breast. Halle
moaned as I put my
cock in between my breasts and began sliding it inside the cleavage, Halle
moaning as I pressed
her breasts between my cock, increasing my output with every thrust forward.
Halle groaned
louder and louder, her groans mixing with mine as, sooner than I expected, I
released, trails of
yellow cum splashing over her chest, some near her mouth as I rubbed her soon to
be revealed to
all chest to my heart’s delight.

We made love for another hour before I cleaned her up, then led her
downstairs, having
her pick up and put on every item of clothing she’d left behind. I stood before
her by the door,
looking into her eyes. “When I snap my fingers, Halle, you’ll wake up. You won’t
anything that has happened here, you will simply remember having done the
interview here with
me and that is all. If you ever hear my voice say the words ‘beautiful berry,’
you will fall back into
this trance, but otherwise you will remember nothing.”

At my snap, Halle blinked her eyes open and looked at me. “Thanks for the
interview,” I

“I look forward to reading it,” Halle nodded as she headed out towards her
car. “I’ll
remember to check with you next time I’m promoting something.”

“No problem,” I smiled as she went. I was on a pretty damn high for the
rest of the day.
After all, I had gotten a sneak preview of a terrific chest before any of the
public. And I had the
real deal to myself. ‘Berry’ good indeed, if you’ll pardon the pun.

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