Brave New Interviewer 15

Brave New Interviewer 15: Interlude With An Agent


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. It helps if
you’ve read
Carnage Jackson’s terrific “Journal of an Agent” series, specifically chapter
15. Thanks to
Carnage for letting me use his characters and such. Enjoy.

I usually do “fluff stuff” as I call it, just quiz celebrities on their
films. Sure, it usually leads
to some fun (as anyone who’s been reading these can attest to) but for the most
part, all I’m sent
to do is just to talk about a movie, a show, some personal stuff, that’s all. I
don’t generally get
major news stuff. Until now.

The news had hit and hit big. Natalie Portman, star of the new “Star Wars”
films and
budding beauty, had been held at gunpoint along with her agent, Dean, by Dean’s
ex-lover and
secretary, a deranged woman who actually murdered his limo driver right before
his eyes. She had
taken Dean and Natalie to Dean’s home, undoubtedly to kill them both but Dean
managed to
distract and disarm her.

The story had been getting big buzz for the sheer danger of it all, Natalie
so close to death
and an escape that not even the most contrived screenplay would create. The
secretary herself
was in jail but it was doubtful she would be seen to be fit to stand trial and
would probably be
committed to a mental institution for the criminally insane.

One thing that amazed people after the furor died down was that Natalie
continued to
keep Dean on as her agent. Many assumed she would want to get the hell away from
him but
Natalie insisted. It could be just gratitude for how he saved her (never mind
that he had started
the mess in the first place) but there were rumors that she and Dean had become

That didn’t really surprise me. We controllers keep an ear to the ground on
these sort of
things, trying to figure out who’s with whom and with our skills, we can get
info not even the
tabloids couldn’t. Dean had become something of a legend already, having affairs
with several of
his clients from what we heard. There had been a relationship with Alyssa Milano
that had broken
up around the time that Christina Aguerila had gotten into that topless snafu
and I had heard of a
fling he and Denise Richards had enjoyed in an elevator at a studio office.

I wasn’t making judgements about the guy, really. Hell, my experiences were
more than
his and one could argue that it wasn’t the same because of my…..talents. But
how Dean figured
into Natalie’s life was something I intended to ask her.

I met her at her apartment, her request as she wanted to be at ease for the
which I more than agreed with. I was struck by just how young she seemed, the
teenager she so
often played. Her long dark brown hair framed that face of innocent beauty, her
young form
wearing a light dress with a nice cut above her smooth legs. She smiled
nervously as she invited
me into her living room, the two of us sitting on the couch together.

“Well, I guess it’s been rough, huh?” I asked, starting off.

“Yeah, it has,” Natalie sighed. “God and I thought the Episode I hype was
major. Now,
I’ve got guys from Court TV banging on my door for stuff.”

“I’ll try to keep it quick,” I said. “I’ll try not to go over what you felt
at the time, that’s all
been written about before. I did want to ask about your connection with Dean,

“He’s my agent, nothing big,” Natalie shrugged.

“Yeah, but if it hadn’t been for him, you’d never had been in that
position,” I pointed out

“True,” she admitted. “But he helped get me out, he put my safety first.
And he’s been
helpful with me getting over my problems. And, hey, he really is a good agent.
Did you hear what
he did with Denise Richards?”

Somehow, I got the feeling that what she was talking about wasn’t what I
was thinking
about. “Um, a little.”

“Stood right up to a studio chief, told him that Denise wasn’t going to do
some film just
so she could be exploited with nudity. How many agents you know actually put
their clients
before their percentage?”

“Not many,” I admitted. “Sounds like a nice guy.”

“Yeah, he’s helped,” Natalie said. “But, I still feel a little troubled
about the night.
Sometimes…..When I’m sleeping….I have dreams about what would have happened.
she…takes the gun and put it against my head…..And I wake up just

“Hey, hey, it’s okay,” I said, seeing her eyes start to tear up and feeling
I needed to step
in. “Really, it is.” I rubbed at her arms and saw her calm down and in that
moment I decided that
Natalie needed more than just to talk. I took one of her hands and started to
rub it gently as I
locked my eyes on hers and softly spoke. “It’s okay, Natalie, really it is. Just
try to relax, Natalie,
you just have to try and relax, try not to think about this, Natalie, just try
to think about this.”

“It’s hard,” Natalie said, staring at me eyes. “It’s just hard.”

“I know,” I said gently. “I know it is, Natalie, I know it is. But you have
to try and forget
all that, try not to let it intrude on your dreams like that, Natalie, you have
to try not to let it
intrude on your dreams. Just try to relax, Natalie, just try to relax, Natalie,
just try to think of
what it’s like when you sleep, Natalie, try to imagine what it’s like when you
sleep. Think of when
you sleep, Natalie, think of when you sleep, try to think of what it’s like when
you sleep, Natalie,
try to think of what it’s like for when you sleep, Natalie, think of sleep,
Natalie, think of sleep.”

“Sleep…..” Natalie said softly, her eyes growing heavy as I let my
“talent” go forth, urging
her mind to relax and let go as I brought under my spell. “Just relax, Natalie,
relax and think of
sleep, Natalie, think of sleep, think of a nice, long, wonderful sleep, a very
deep sleep, Natalie, a
very nice sleep. There are no nightmares in this sleep, Natalie, there are no
nightmares here, it’s
just a nice, deep sleep, Natalie, a nice and wonderful sleep and you feel so at
ease with this sleep,
Natalie, so very at ease with this sleep. Let your eyes close, Natalie. Let your
eyes close and just
let the wonderful, wonderful sleep come over you, Natalie, just let yourself
fall into this
wonderfully deep and overwhelming sleep.”

Natalie’s eyes fluttered shut, her head slumping forward slightly as she
fell into a trance. I
kept caressing her palm a bit, talking to her softly and leading her deeper and
deeper into a trance
state. Once I was satisfied she was under, I decided to press her.

“Natalie, you are asleep now, deeply asleep, in a nice, peaceful sleep,
Natalie, a nice,
peaceful sleep. Listen to me, Natalie, listen carefully to my voice. As you
listen, Natalie, you feel
utterly at peace in this wonderful sleep. Now, Natalie, I want you to answer my
honestly. Are you involved with Dean in a sexual manner?”

“Yes….” Natalie whispered, confirming my suspicions.

“Have you been with any other men sexually, Natalie?”

“Just one….Couple of days ago…..”

“All right, Natalie. Now, Natalie, I want you to listen to me carefully,
Natalie, listen
carefully. You love being at peace like this, Natalie, you love to be at peace
like this. You will do
anything to be so at peace, wouldn’t you, Natalie?”

“All right, Natalie. I will tell you this, Natalie. Making love can make
you feel more at
peace, Natalie. It doesn’t matter who it’s with. Dean, a stranger, me, anyone,
making love can
make you feel at peace and rid you of the nightmares. And after a few times
making love, Natalie,
the nightmares will fade, Natalie, they will fade and you will feel so peaceful,
Natalie, so very
peaceful. You want to feel that peaceful, don’t you, Natalie?”

“Yes…Please…” I moved forward, pressing my lips on hers. She answered
back with
surprising passion, pressing herself against me, her body rubbing against mine.
I let my hands drag
down and onto her hips, her hands fumbling for my pants.

Soon, I had my pants pulled down and her dress was up and over her head. I
soon had her
naked and lying on the couch, a perfect picture of youthful sexuality, pert
breasts ripe for the
touch, the bush between her legs well trimmed. I pushed my face into it, letting
my tongue slowly
drag over the pubic hair and slide into her lips. Natalie moaned, working her
pelvis into mine,
letting me inhale all her sexuality as I slid my tongue in and out of her lips.
I like to think of myself
as being pretty good with a tongue-licking and was proving it here, my appendage
sliding in and
out of her and sending her into ecstasy.

As soon as I was sure I had her set up, I moved up, sliding my cock to
Natalie’s waiting
passage. “Do you want this, Natalie? Do you want to feel peaceful?”

“Yes….Please, yes…..” Nodding, I slid my rod into her and began
pumping. Natalie
groaned as she felt my member inside her young pussy. I knew she wasn’t a virgin
but she still felt
kind of tight as I started to work myself into her, sliding my cock in and out
in a nice, slow
rythym. I leaned down and let my tongue drag along those pert breasts, adding to
the volume of
her moaning. I worked myself at her, loving how she hooked her legs around me
and held me in
with every pump of my cock into her. My tongue kept going on her breasts as I
felt myself build
to releasing my wad inside her. I let my hands knead her breasts, they weren’t
much but they were
enough to play with and I could tell that was turning her on, her pelvis working
harder against
mine as we started to build together and I finally came inside her, Natalie’s
cries echoing
throughout the house so loud that I guess I never heard the door opening.

The next thing I knew, I was literally being yanked out of Natalie and
slammed against a
wall, pants down around my knees. I soon found myself looking into the face of
an extremely
pissed-off agent who looked ready to pound me into oblivion. My first thought
was to use all the
push I could to put him under. But then I got a look at his eyes and I could
tell that wasn’t going
to be an option.

“Natalie, are you okay?” Dean called and I was struck how, once again, she
was his first
concern. “Natalie?” He turned and I could see his confusion at seeing her just
lying there, still
moaning from orgasm.

“Natalie, sleep,” I called out and watched her fall limp on the couch. Dean
stared at her,
then at me. “What is this, that shit Victor does?”

I immediately thought of Victor Nourding, another big time agent who, with
his sister,
loved practicing hypnosis on celebs. I shook my head as I tried to keep calm.
“No. It’s a bit more
than that. Listen, can I get my pants back on while I explain?”

He looked at me for a long moment, evidentially trying to decide whether or
not to beat
the hell out of me, then moved back, letting me pull my pants back up. “What did
you do to her?”
he said in a dangerous voice.

I took a deep breath before speaking. “What Victor does, which I’m assuming
you know

He nodded. “Helped pay back Christina Agurelia for screwing my up with
Alyssa. Ran
into him a few more times.”

Damn. A kick-ass story there that would make be a big name but there was an
rule around us controllers: Unless for important reasons, never rat on each
other. “Well, what he
does is just something he learned. For me and others like me, it’s a talent.”

“Like you?” Dean said, confused.

“Controllers is the best definition although the majority of us are less
sinister than the
name implies,” I said. “We’re not sure how many of us there are, probably only
one for every five
thousand normal people or so. Whether it’s mind power, some sort of magic, or
just ultra-
hypnosis, we can control other people.”

“And get power and wealth?” Dean said, still angry.

“No,” I said. “Okay, it’s tempting but that sort of power attracts
attention and that’s the
last thing we need if we want to avoid being used by government agencies or lab
rats. No, most of
us just chose to use it to get by, that’s all.”

“And fucking celebrities is a hobby?” He said sarcastically.

I sighed and looked him in the eye. “Listen, given your rep, I wouldn’t go
around making
moral judgements on my sexual behavior.” He glanced away, letting me know I’d
hit home. “And
for another thing, what I do is a super kind of hypnosis but it is still
hypnosis and therefore what
these women do is something deep down they’d want to do, no matter what the
fictions say.”

“So, it’s just the unwashed public?” he asked, his anger seeming to cool
into curiosity.

“No, there are a few stars who have it,” I said. “Forgive me if I withhold

“What about the ones who abuse it, who try to make people slaves or shit?”
he asked.
“What happens to them.”

“We take care of our own black sheep,” I said tightly. “Whatever it takes.”

Dean wisely decided not to press the point and sighed. “Look, why are you
telling me
this? Why don’t you try to put me under, make me forget all this?”

“Because, my friend, by pure chance, you’re one of the 1% in the world who,
for reasons
we don’t know, is immune to a controller. Count yourself lucky.”

“Thanks,” he muttered. He looked to the sleeping Natalie and then back to
me, the anger
coming back. “I don’t like you hurting her.”

“I already told you, I don’t do that,” I said. “In fact, I’m helping her.
She still has a lot of
anxiety and fears from what happened and nightmares too. I’m helping that.”

“From now on, every time she has sex, those fears will dissipate and the
nightmares will
fade. I’m not turning her into a nympho or anything,” I clarified. “A few times
and it will all seem
a bad dream with no lasting effects. It’ll let her get on with her life and not
worry about a
breakdown in the future. If you care for her like you say you do, you’d
appreciate that.”

Dean was silent and I knew I’d gotten through. “What will happen to her?”
he asked

“If you hadn’t interrupted, I’d just woken her up and she wouldn’t remember
more than a simple interview. Like I said, a few times making love and she’d be
like she was
before all this, no fuss, no muss.”

Dean bit his lip and looked at me. “Okay, here’s the deal. I won’t talk
about this. Hell, no
one would believe me and I’m betting you people have connections to media and

“You’d bet right,” I admitted. “But we’re not planning a world takeover or
Those assholes are dealt with. We’re just normal people, just….touched

“Okay, but here’s the thing,” Dean said. “I appreciate this and all but
don’t come after
Natalie again.”

“I don’t ‘go after’ people,” I said. “But, it’s a deal.”

We talked for a few more minutes and soon, we reached an agreement of
sorts. I would
get exclusive interview access to any client of his I wanted on the provision
that he could refuse
any request and my solemn word that I would leave no lasting harmful effects to
that person. I
agreed since it gave me an in with some women. We also agreed on something else:
That we
could swap stories on who we’d been with. I knew he was interested despite his
moral front about
my hypnotic encounters and I knew I wanted to hear more about his time with
Denise and Jessica
Alba among others.

With it all settled, I moved to Natalie, still sleeping on the couch and
spoke to her.
“Natalie, when you hear Dean’s voice, you’ll wake up. You won’t remember
anything that’s
happened with me, just a simple interview and I left. You won’t even notice
you’re naked.” I
looked up to Dean. “I think you might want to get her started on her healing.”

“Yeah, I would,” he said with a slight grin. I was starting to like this
kid. I turned back to
Natalie and continued. “Remember what I’ve said, Natalie. With every sexual
experience, you will
forget the fears and anxieties of what happened that night until they are gone
Remember that but nothing else of this encounter.” In respect to my promise, I
omitted my usual
hypnotic trigger.

I stood up and shook Dean’s hand. “Pleasure meeting you, really. Can’t wait
to get
together again.” I turned to go but stopped at his voice.

“Hey,” Dean said. “Thank you. For this. Thanks a lot.”

I smiled in appreciation and walked out. An interesting guy. With his
connections and my
skills, I foresaw an interesting partnership in the future.


I watched him go, still amazed at what I’d heard. Mind controllers in
Hollywood. Well,
after all I’d been through, it didn’t sound that out there and actually
explained a lot. And the fact
that they were stars too also threw me. That grin on his face when I mentioned
an upcoming
meeting with Gillian Anderson, did that mean….? Nah, a problem for another

I knew I shouldn’t have been so moral. Hell, if I had the power to make
people do what
I’d want, I’d probably be worse than that guy. Not that I had too much trouble
on my own.

I moved down to where Natalie slept, brushing at her hair. The guys was
right, I did care
for her. A lot. Enough to know this was a good thing for her. I moved in and
kissed her gently,
feeling her wake up.

She looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes and smiled. “Hey, when’d you
get here?”

“Just now,” I grinned. “You just looked so beautiful I had to wake you with
a kiss.”

“Well, long as I’m awake, we might as well have fun.” She wrapped her arms
around me
and pulled me into another kiss. As I quickly took off my clothes, I had to
admit this guy was
good and I wondered which of my clients would have the honor of interviewing him
next. Then
Natalie was bringing my cock into her, my head to her breasts and I just forgot
all that and started
to work on her special, secret therapy.

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