Brave New Interviewer 16: Hyp Me Baby, One More Time

Brave New Interviewer 16:

Hyp Me Baby, One More Time


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. A wild idea
that I thought
would be fun to play with. Accessing some of my stuff, some other authors and
some originals
here. For the authors who may recognize some of their stuff: It’s really me
honoring your cool
stories and maybe encouraging you to continue. Hope you understand. Think it’ll
be fun. Enjoy.

Given my skills, and I do mean my skills as a legitimate interviewer, I
usually get called
upon to interview the same people again.
That’s often a good thing, as it gives
me the chance to
“reacquaint” with some past lovelies and enjoy myself. At times, I find myself
doing something
different and it almost always pays off. For one woman in particular, my
interview with Britney
Spears definitely was a good thing.

I’ve never actually interviewed her. Oh, we got it together at the 2000 MTV
Video Music
Awards but that was a sudden urge driven on by that amazing outfit of hers. I’ve
never actually
done a regular sit-down interview with the pop princess and was looking forward
to doing so
now. Not that she was going to be doing an awful lot of sitting during the day.

She was between projects, working on a new album while balancing some movie
along with the usual hassles ranging from mail from rather overanxious fans to
the near-weekly
requests from “Playboy” for a pictorial.

It was still amazing to look at her and think of the woman who had
presented herself as
such a small-town innocent only a few years before. She’d realized what a sexy
image she had and
had been beefing it up with long blonde hair and a face that could go from
innocence to lust in a
flash. As one who had tasted the goods himself, I knew the sexpot image wasn’t
just for show.

We met at a hotel of her choosing, a nice suite which was thankfully
cleared of the usual
hanger-ons and agents and such that so get in the way of things. I had checked
out the bedroom
out of the corner of my eye and looked forward to exploring it with Britney
later. But first, I had
some business to attend to.

“Good to meet you,” Britney smiled as she shook hands with me. It took me a
minute to
remember that she had no recollection of meeting me at the VMA’s, let alone the
hot night of
lovemaking we enjoyed there. She was dressed in a low-cut shirt that showed off
a nice amount of
cleavage with a skirt flashing those nice gams. We sat and started to talk,
nice, easy, usual
interview stuff at first as I bided my time.

“I have to say, you’re one of the better ones,” Britney said after about
fifteen minutes.
“You don’t do a massive pressing on details like most of the others. I can’t
tell you how sick I am
of answering personal life questions and shit. Thanks for being a gentlemen.”

“Well, I hardly think I’m that,” I said with a smile. “I have to admit,
there are some things
I did ask and wasn’t sure if you’d be open to them.”

“As long as it doesn’t involve my sex life,” she chuckled.

“Too bad,” I sighed. “Guess we’ll have to do it the hard way.” I moved and
looked into
her eyes. “Sleep, Britney, baby.” Britney’s eyes were confused, then went blank,
sliding shut as
my trigger word sent her back into a trance. I watched her, watching her breathe
slowly and
methodically, then spoke. “Britney, stand up and undress, then sit back down.”

In moments, I was looking at the very nice naked body of Britney Spears.
Obviously she’d
had a little work done but her breasts were still amazing, so nice and plump yet
pointy like I liked
it. Her dark blond bush was nicely trimmed, no doubt due to her infamous libido
and I looked
forward to exploring that a bit more. But first thing was first.

We controllers speak to one another a lot and it came as little surprise
that Britney was
quite the target for some of my kind. What intrigued me was other tales I’d
heard, that Britney
may have gotten involved with some who weren’t controllers but still practiced
hypnosis skills. I
decided to ask her about it.

“Britney, listen to my voice. You will answer all my questions honestly,
Britney, do you


“Now, Britney, you’ve been hypnotized before, haven’t you?”

“Yeah….Lot of times…..”

“Okay, Britney. Why don’t you start from your most recent time and tell me
about it. Tell
me all about it, Britney……….”


It was last week. I was doing a quick shopping thing, just checking things
at stores, trying
to be a normal teen for once. I passed by this toy store and just had the urge
to check it out.

It was an upscale one, a lot of those fancy collector’s toys around and I
could actually see
a couple of my dolls there too. I was busy looking so I literally bumped into
this clerk, Chuck. He
saw who I was right off the bat and I spent a few minutes trying to calm him
down as he went on
and on about how great I was and how much he loved me and it was a while before
I could ask
him about any special items.

This weird smile came on his face and he led me over to the counter where
he picked up
this fancy doll of Dracula. He showed me how the eyes lit up and flashed at me
and started going
on about how it was like a vampire hypnotizing his prey, he just let them flash
while he told me
how it was like a vampire hypnotizing a prey.

I soon found myself unable to look away, just stand and stare into those
flashing eyes. I
could hear his voice telling me to relax, to let the eyes do the work and
hypnotize me. I soon
found myself believing that they were just like the eyes of a vampire and they
were hypnotizing
me, the eyes were hypnotizing me, those vampire eyes were hypnotizing me, they
hypnotizing me and I soon became completely hypnotized by the flashing vampire

I was under deep and Chuck asked me if I was going to be free that
afternoon. I told him I
was and he immediately closed up the shop and drove me to his home. He took me
to his
basement and he had all these women down there. They were all hypnotized, I
could tell, just
staring out blankly as he led me down to an empty cubicle. They were each in
one, frozen in
place. There were ones dressed like super-heroines and celebrities and stuff and
they were just
standing there, waiting for him to play with them.

He brought me to an empty cubicle and stood me inside and had me undress.
As soon as I
was naked, he had me pose like a doll, arms out and legs spread a bit. He moved
over me, just
running his hands all over me, rubbing my ass and breasts and squeezing my
nipples. He had me
freeze right in place while he moved in and took me standing up, just ramming
his cock in and out
of me and I was just frozen right in place while he fucked me like that.

After he came in me, he cleaned me off and had me redress. He walked me out
and told
me to walk for six blocks, then wake up and not remember anything except to go
back into a
trance if I heard him say ‘doll time, Britney.’ So, I just walked away while he
went back to his

I had Britney stop as I dove for the phone. I don’t pretend to be an
amazingly moral man
but keeping women as slaves was where I drew the line. I swiftly dialed a number
and waited for
the other end to pick up. “It’s me,” I said. I swiftly gave the other man the
address Britney now
remembered. “Got some freak there keeping women as slaves in costume modes. You
know what
to do.”

“On the way,” came the reply. Several controllers were on call for stuff
just like this, ready
to go and stop some hypnotists or rogue controllers from going over the line and
taking women
like that. It was not only wrong but missing people draws attention and that was
something we
didn’t want at all. With my good deed done, I turned back to the naked Britney
and told her to
continue. “Tell me the time before that, Britney……”


It was at a meeting with some guys in the advertising department of my
record label. They
were starting preliminary stuff for the marketing of my new CD and they wanted
to talk to me
about design work and stuff, what I’d like to see. I was just wearing one of my
casual but kind of
flashy outfits, purple top and blue skirt, midriff bare. I kind of like the
looks guys give me at it.

There was only one guy in the office, kind of young, mid-twenties with dark
hair, good-
looking, named Henry. We met and shook hands and he started to show me some
designs of what
they thought would be good album covers and posters and shit. They all looked
good but one in
particular caught my eye, me looking a disco ball thing.

I asked Henry about it and he agreed it would be a good thing to try out
and told me he
even had a model with him. He held it up, it was like a mini-disco ball attached
to a chain. He held
it up and started to let it spin in front of me. He told me to look at it
carefully, just to keep
looking right at it and I could see it was a very compelling image. He just let
it spin around and
around, around and around and I just kept staring right at it. It was really
soothing to look at, the
way it would just spin around and around and the mirrored surface would catch
the lights and play
them into my eyes and they’d just keep right on flashing into my eyes as I would
fall deeper and
deeper into a trance and pretty soon, I was hypnotized.

He just kept spinning it for a bit before my open eyes, making sure I was
under and testing
me. He started telling me how hot I was getting, warm hot, you know, and had me
take off my
clothes off to relieve the heat so I was naked. Then he had me kneel down while
he took out his
hard cock and made me suck it. It was good, really good and I’ve always liked
sucking on cock
so I just took him down my throat and licked his penis while he held me in by my

He shot his wad down my throat and I licked and sucked it all away, then
watched him sit
on a chair and pull me to him. I straddled him and slid myself on his cock and
started to work on
him, moving back and forth on his rod, my legs on the arms of the chair. He
moved in and held
me by my ass as I worked on him, my tits bouncing in his face as he licked at
them. I was kind of
turned on by the cocksucking so I was ready to come. I just waited for him to
come and then
orgasmed for a great rush. He took me again and then had me redress, spinning
the ball again and
telling me to forget everything except if I saw it again I’d fall into a trance.

A phone ringing cut through her talk and I hurriedly answered. “Yeah?”
“It’s done,” the voice on the other line said. “We’ve got the guy and are
working on
reprogramming the women. Big bunch, students, a couple of wives, some homeless
or runaways,
whoever caught his eye. Oh and Karen McDougal.”

“You mean someone dressed like a Karen McDougal doll?” I frowned.

“No, I mean, it really was Playmate of Year, 1998, Karen McDougal,” the
answered. “Guy got her only a few days ago.”

“Damn, we got lucky,” I whistled. Apparantly, this asshole had never
considered that
grabbing such a high profile woman would attract attention. “How are you doing?”

“Working on false memories to explain things,” the voice said. “We should
be done by

“And the guy?”

“He’s set for major punishment,” the voice said. I didn’t know what that
meant exactly and to
tell the truth, I didn’t want to. They wouldn’t kill the guy, I knew that. But
there was always the
possibility they’d do something worse and I really prefer to get some decent
sleep. “Okay, glad I
could help,” I said. “Try to make sure they’re okay?”

“We always do,” the guy said, hanging up. I knew it would be tricky for
them to create
memories to explain what had happened to the women but these guys were pros,
they knew the
job. Putting away my phone, I turned to the hypnotized singer. “Britney, have
you ever been
hypnotized by a woman?”

“Yeah….Couple of times……”

“Okay, tell me about the last time that happened…..”


It was on a flight from New York to L.A. for talk show deals. It was a late
flight and it
had been a long day but I couldn’t really get to sleep. I was up in first class,
of course, and had it
to myself, thanks to a light flight. I was just trying to cool off after a long
day of publicity stuff
and hoped I could get some sleep but nothing was clicking.

This flight attendant came up to me, her name was Karin, mid-twenties,
short red hair,
nice body in a tight uniform. She just came up to me and asked if I was okay and
just seemed
really nice. She just treated me like a normal passenger, which I liked a lot
and it had been a while
since I talked to a normal person so I asked her to sit down. I was the only one
in the section so it
seemed okay.

We got to talking and she seemed to be really smart, was just working as an
while going to school for psychology. We just talked and then she was looking at
something out
the window. I looked and all I could see was the stars and she told me that they
were nice to look
at during a flight, it was nice to look at the stars during a long, long flight.

So, I just sat and looked outside while Karin just kept telling me about
how nice it was to
just look at the stars and how relaxing it was just to stare out at those nice
stars and listen to the
hum of the engines, just look at the stars and listen to the engines, it was
nice, it was really, really
nice to just watch the stars and listen to the engines and her voice and I felt
myself relaxing more
and more, just relaxing more and more and before I knew it, my eyes were closed
and I was

She kept relaxing me, making go deeper into a trance until she was sure I
was under all
the way. She told me to open my eyes and I did and she was naked, with a very
body, pert
breasts, round ass. She had me undress and sit back down and she knelt down and
pushed her
face between my legs and started to lick me out. She put my legs on her
shoulders and paused to
tell me to keep quiet so I wouldn’t alert anyone and just went at me. I just sat
there, unable to
even moan as she just kept licking my cunt over and over again while she
massaged my breasts. I
helped her out, both of us rubbing and cupping my tits while she ate me out and
all I could do was
give a little whimper before I came onto her face.

She spent a few moments lying back and licking and fondling at my breasts
before she sat
on my face. I licked her out, my hands moving up and down her body, rubbing her
ass and rubbed
her breasts as I kept licking away at her. Karin kept rubbing her pussy in my
face and I just licked
away without ending until her juices shot into my mouth. She cleaned me up,
redressed me and
told me to go to sleep and let it all be just a dream……

I did a photo session and the photographer, Tad, had a gem next to his
camera that he told
me to focus on. It kept lighting up every time he’d take a picture and I just
couldn’t look away
from it, I had to keep staring deeper and deeper at it. He didn’t even say
anything, I was
hypnotized by the gem before I knew it.

So, he had me do a striptease and took photos of me naked, then took me on
the ground
and nailed my pussy and tit-fucked me before waking me up…….

I was doing “Saturday Night Live” and Tina Fey came up to me during
rehearsal and was
talking to me and she kept moving her head so the light reflected off her
glasses and into my eyes
and I soon felt soooo lose and relaxed and tired.

She took me into my dressing room and sat me down, took off my top and
kneaded my
tits while she had me finger myself. She kept rubbing while she moved down and
started to lick
me out……

(Damn, I thought. That comment Tina had made on “SNL” about feeling
Britney’s breasts
and knowing they were real wasn’t really a joke after all)

My limo broke down and the driver stopped at this little auto shop for
repairs and
directions. The attendant, Stu, had this gem and in seconds me and my driver
were both
hypnotized. He had me lean on the hood and took me up the ass, then had the
driver take me in
the back seat and nail me twice while I sucked Stu’s cock………

I surprised Christina at the Grammy awards and Madonna drove by in a limo
and used this
gem to put us both under. She took us in her limo and we spent a couple hours
licking and
sucking each other while we drove all over L.A…….

I was working with Melissa Joan Hart and she looked into my eyes and this
lightning came
out and I was her slave and she took me in the bathtub and we made love all
under the hot

I was at this resort I’d heard about and the hotel manager called my room
and told me to
put on a certain channel. I did and this spiral thing came on and between it and
his voice, he’d put
me under. Then he came out of this secret passage and fucked me in bed and had
me rub his cock
with my feet………

I once met Jewel at a benefit concert and after the show, she invited me
over to the trailer.
She held up this blue crystal on a pendant and had me look at it. Soon, she was
singing this “can’t
fight the jewel light,” and I was under. We did it all night long, her sucking
on my tits, me sucking
her tits, us in a 69…….

“And this one time, I was at the Video Music Awards and this guy came to my
room with a message from Christina and he told me to look into his eyes and I
just couldn’t look
away and I felt so sleepy, so sleepy and powerless—–”

That was as far as Britney got before I pressed my lips on hers, igniting
the passion she’d
been holding in. I just couldn’t take it. Besides the ones above, she’d told me
about nearly a
dozen other hypnotic encounters, all of which were hot as hell (although that
whacked out one
with her being turned into one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and
fighting real witches
B*Witched, a vampire Kate Winslet, a vampire hunter Winona Ryder and a bunch of
celebs with
mind control powers while an ancient evil tried to take over a mind-controlled
Earth sounded like
something resulting from too much pizza and beer).

The point being, hearing those tales, with Britney rubbing at herself
through it all, had just made me all the more desperate to have her again. My clothes were gone in
seconds and I was pushing her to the bedroom, the two of us rolling around on it. I came on
bottom, loving the ability to look up at those terrific breasts as she started to rock on my cock.
I squeezed those gorgeous mounds as Britney’s groans grew louder and louder. She clenched and
unclenched herself around my cock as I drove myself into her harder and harder, her breasts
rubbed red in my hands as we went at it. I’d heard so much from her on her orgasms the last few
minutes, it was terrific to hear it for real as she cried out when my wad shot into her.

I moved her onto her back, my face going to her chest again, licking at the
breasts as I felt her build back up. My mind was still reeling at just how popular Britney was for
my little clique and I knew encounters like that would no doubt grow. Britney would no doubt be
pleased at how hot a commodity she was. Too bad she’d never remember it. But I knew that, for
at least a few hours, I had a woman who was living proof that, in the right hands, she could
never be that

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