Brave New Interviewer 17: Collison Cruz

Brave New Interviewer 17: Collusion Cruz


Don’t read this if you’re under 18 and don’t try this at home. A big idea
that hit and I just
had to do it. Enjoy.

What is they say about being at the right place at the right time? I was
never a big believer
in something like that. Sure, I’ve had some nice encounters, but I wouldn’t say
I was ever at
something truly unique that could only happen to me, if anyone. Until a few
weeks ago, that is,
when I was at ground zero for an event that made me believe more than ever that
there is such a
thing as fate.

You have to love France. I
know, I know, they get a reputation for rudeness
that is
sometimes warranted, but it is nevertheless a great country. Nice oceanfront
property, wonderful
beaches (some of which even have women with tops on) and some of the best damn
resorts you
could ever hope to have. Oh, and of course, there are the film fests.

Cannes is the big one, of course, but the French do love cinema, despite
what their
infatuation for Jerry Lewis would indicate. They appreciate fine film and thus
became a hot spot
for European filmakers to strut their stuff before main release.

While Cannes is nice, it’s a bit overcrowded for me, the massive mob scene
and incessant
demands for interviews for others often preventing me from partaking in the
delights I want. So
the smaller festivals are a better choice. Sure, they may not have the same glut
of stars, but now
and again, something big comes along. Such as the woman worth the time and money
to cross an
ocean to talk to.

For a woman going through the most high-profile divorce in Hollywood
history, Nicole
Kidman seemed to be in good spirits as she said hello to me in the lobby of her
lavish resort. She
was wearing a nice loose white dress that showed off her light skin, her orange
curly hair
billowing out from that lovely face. “Nice to meet you,” she said, her
Australian accent a contrast
to all the European ones. “Heard good things about you.”

“Thank you,” I said, and I meant it. I took a moment to admire her again,
glad I was
dressed casually as well with just slacks, a shirt and jacket. “I’ll try not to
take up much of your

“No problem,” Nicole said. “So, you wanted to do this in my room?”

Who am I to refuse such an invitation? “Sure,” I said as I led her to the
elevator, hiding
my smile. I’d long had an eye on Nicole but this would be the first time I could
actually be with
her. As we passed through the lobby, we made a little small talk, Nicole talking
about the
of “The Others” at the festival and how she had high hopes for it.

“By the way, thanks,” she said as we entered the elevator.

“For what?” I asked.

“You’re the first person in weeks who’s asked about the movie first and you
know what

I smiled and nodded. I knew she had been bombarded with questions since the
divorce and
truly wanted to make it easier on her this time around. Plus, I intended to make
sure Tom was the
furthest thing from her mind that night.

Just as the doors were about to close, a hand whipped in between them,
pausing. A
woman entered, a large hat on her long dark hair, sunglasses on, a large bag in
her hands, partially
obscuring her face. “Thank you,” she said in a soft accent. “Twenty-three,

That was only a floor above Nicole’s so I hit the button and let the
elevator start its
ascent. The woman lowered her bag and withdrew her glasses and hat, showing off
her face of
almost perfect beauty and a nice black dress. “Thank you again,” she said as she
turned to face us.
“I was——-” She broke off and her eyes widened as she saw Nicole, Nicole’s
orbs also bulging
and her jaw coming undone as the two stared at one another.

What are the odds? I mean, really, winning the Powerball five straight
times buying only
one ticket each time has to be more likely than the chance that Nicole Kidman
and Penelope Cruz
should end up staying at the same resort with no one knowing. Winning all those
Powerballs after
getting struck my lightning five times without a scratch would be more likely
than they should find
themselves in the same elevator.

I could feel the tension rise immeasurably in the small space. The two
women’s shock
faded and suddenly a chill took the air. I swear, the temperature dropped five
degrees in the small
car as the ex-wife and current girlfriend of Tom Cruise stared daggers at one
another with me in
the middle, realizing I was at ground zero of a catfight of nuclear proportions.



The car chilled another three degrees.

“Well, what brings you here?” Nicole said cooly, looking Penelope right in
the eye.

“Vacation,” Penelope said in the same cool tone, her Spanish accent a
contrast to Nicole’s
Aussie. “Tom felt I needed the rest,” she added with a tiny smirk. I could
actually hear a growl in
Nicole’s throat as she moved forward to glare at the other woman.

“Listen very carefully, bitch,” she hissed. “Just stay out of my way and
I’ll stay out of
yours and we’ll both be a lot happier.”

“Oh, really?” Penelope said, arching an eyebrow. “And I thought we were
getting along so

By this point, thoughts of seducing Nicole were now secondary to hoping I
could get out
of this elevator alive before the fists started flying. As if to mock me, a
rumble went out and the
elevator came to a sudden halt. “Shit!” Nicole said, Penelope letting out a cry
in Spanish as we all
shook. There was a long pause before I moved my hand over to the emergency

“Hello? Hello? Anyone there?”

There was a long moment of silence before another voice came on. “Hello,
sir? Yes,
you’re in the elevator now?”

“Yes, I am,” I answered. “Me and two others. What happened?”

“Power outage, sir,” the voice said. “Some sort of major problem at the
plant, they’re
working on it now but it could take a while. Emergency power will keep the
lights on but I’m
afraid it could be a while before we can get you back on.”

“All right,” I sighed as I hung up the phone and turned to Nicole and
Penelope. I told
them what I had heard and naturally, neither was happy about spending time in a
confined space
with the other. They separated and moved to opposite sides of the car, glaring
at each other while
I just stood in the middle.

There was a long silence as Nicole glanced to Penelope’s bag. “So, tell
me,” she asked.
“What’s the in style for home-wrecking tramps?”

Penelope set her jaw tightly. “I hardly think this is the sort of thing we
wish to discuss here
and now,” she said with a slight nod toward me.

“Why not?” Nicole said, hands on her hips. “Why not tell him, huh? I’m sick
of this whole
‘our careers got in the way’ bullshit, of doing the happy face for the kids. Why
not actually tell the
truth for once?” She spun on me and spread her arms. “I went to the ‘Vanilla
Sky’ set for a
surprise visit and found her and Tom together. And after the yelling, it seemed
it wasn’t the first
time he’s cheated on me on a set either.”

“Foolish woman,” Penelope muttered.

“What are you bragging about?” Nicole laughed. “He cheated on me, you think
he won’t
do the same to you?”

“Maybe,” Penelope shrugged. “But to boost my image in America, I can do
worse than be
seen with the biggest star in the country.”

I could see Nicole ready to erupt again and felt it was time I stepped in.
“Ladies, while, as
a man, the idea of you two fighting each other sounds very good, I think we need
to remain

“Shut up!” The two women yelled at me, neither ceasing their glares at each
other. Okay,
I had tried this diplomatically, now it was time for another approach. And the
intensity of their
glares was giving me an idea.

“Now, Nicole, Penelope, I really think we need to calm down,” I said,
letting my power
lightly touch both of them. “Now, look, I really think you two will find you
have a lot of things in

“Like what?” Nicole laughed. “Different hair, different countries,
different accents—-”

“I have actual breasts…..” Penelope added, not really helping the

“Okay, okay,” I said, hoping to forestall the incoming brawl. “But you do
have some
things in common. Aside from you know who, of course.”

“Like what?” Penelope said, mocking Nicole.

“Your eyes.”

They both stared at me in utter confusion. “No, bear with me here,” I
insisted. “Just look
at each other, look at each other’s eyes, just go ahead and look right into each
other’s eyes.” I
was touching them both a little more in their minds so they turned to look right
into each other’s
eyes. “That’s right, just keep looking right into the other’s eyes. Just keep
looking and you can
see how deep the other’s eyes are, you can see how deep they are. Just see how
deep they are and
just feel yourself going into them, feel yourself looking deeper and deeper into
the other’s eyes,
just feel yourself falling deeper and deeper into their eyes, just feel yourself
falling deeper into the
other’s eyes, deeper into the other’s eyes.”

I could see it working, the animosity of the duo fading as they stared into
each other’s
eyes, both becoming more and more entranced by the other’s orbs. I knew the
situation was tight
and I didn’t know how much time until the elevator was fixed so I gave it a
little extra push to get
through their defenses.

“Just keep staring into the other’s eyes, Nicole, Penelope. Just keep
staring into the
other’s eyes, deeper into their eyes, deeper and deeper into the other’s eyes,
just keep staring
deeper and deeper into the other’s eyes, just keep staring deeper into the
other’s eyes, deeper and
deeper. It’s so relaxing to look deeper into the other’s eyes, it’s so relaxing
to look deeper and
deeper into the other’s eyes, deeper and deeper, so relaxing.”

I could see their lids drooping a bit and knew I was on the right track.
“Okay, ladies,
you’re feeling so relaxed now, so very, very relaxed. The deeper you stare into
the other’s eyes,
you feel relaxed, you feel so relaxed, Nicole, Penelope, you both feel so
relaxed, so very, very
relaxed. As you sink deeper and deeper into the other’s eyes, you feel very
relaxed, very, very
relaxed. So very, relaxed, now girls, so very, very relaxed. You want to close
your eyes, girls.
You both want to close your eyes now, you want to both close your eyes, close
your eyes, girls,
close your eyes.”

Their eyes fluttered shut and their heads slumped as I felt my abilities
work their magic.
After a few more minutes, they were both deeply hypnotized and I knew I had an
opportunity for
a lot of fun here.

It took a few more minutes to establish all of the triggers and open their
minds to
obedience to me when the elevator started moving again. I swiftly imparted the
last few
commands, telling them to remember nothing about being asleep, then woke them
up, the ding of
car reaching Nicole’s floor sounding just as their eyes opened.

“Hope never to see you again,” Nicole nodded at Penelope as she and I left.
I just threw
Penelope a little smile as I followed her out, watching the dark haired-woman
shake her head as
Nicole and I walked off.

Nicole opened up her hotel and led me in, throwing her purse aside as she
shook her head.
“Dammit, that pissed me off!” she hissed, staring at the window. “You know, it
really hurt to find
out about that, it really did. I thought we had a damn good marriage going and
then he throws it
away for that Latin tramp!”

“Hey, hey, take it easy, take it easy,” I said, moving up and rubbing her
shoulders gently.
“Look, it could have benefits.”

“Like what?” she sighed.

“Eyes so deep, Nicole,” I whispered and I felt her slump in my arms as her
trigger kicked
in. I smiled as I brushed aside her long hair and kissed the nape of her neck,
feeling her sigh in
contentment from the nice feelings.

A few minutes later, Nicole was lying on the bed, moaning with pleasure as
I pushed my
cock into her, her long legs on my shoulders as I pumped her, my hands rubbing
her pert breasts.
Her hair created an orange halo around a face of sheer ecstasy as she moaned
loudly, my cock
pumping away harder and harder at her. From what I could gather, it had been a
long time since
she had gotten some sex and it was showing, her nipples hard under my touch as I
kept on driving
my cock away at her, groaning as I felt myself start to build towards release. I
finally let go,
shaking her body with orgasm as she cried out long and hard.

I brought myself down, kissing each nipple as I whispered. “Nicole, listen
to me

An hour later, I had taken the stairs down, moving to the room number the
Penelope had given me. I knocked sharply three times and only had to wait a few
moments before
the door opened and Penelope stood there, staring in surprise at me. “Hello,”
she said. “I’m sorry,
I was not——-”

“Eyes so deep, Penelope,” I said and watched her eyes flutter closed as her
head slumped
forward slightly. I moved in, closing the door after me as I reached towards

Minutes later, I was on my back, enjoying the wonderful sight of Penelope
Cruz riding my
cock. Her magnificent breasts, full and pointed, bounced slightly with every
thrust forward on my
cock, my hands squeezing them hard as I encouraged her to rock harder on my
cock. Her long
dark hair flowed behind her as she thrust onto me, her soft groans adding to the
terrific moment. I
clutched her breasts harder, squeezing them and pinching the nipples as her
rocking motions
increased in speed, my cock reaching all inside her. She screamed and arched her
back as I shot
my load, shaking her entire body before she collapsed onto me. I brushed at her
long hair and
whispered into her ear. “Listen carefully, Penelope. Listen very

Penelope had just gotten out of the shower, wearing a pair of shorts and
loose shirt when
a pounding came from the door. Puzzled, she walked over and opened it, allowing
Nicole to burst
in. “What are you doing here?” Penelope demanded as Nicole slammed the door shut
behind her.

“We’re having this out here and now,” Nicole answered. “I told myself the
fault was
Tom’s, the fault was mine but kept right on forgetting that a lot of the fault
lied with you.”

“Oh, please,” Penelope sniffed. “I didn’t even have to do much, he seduced

“You wrecked my marriage!” Nicole screamed.

“No, I just gave it the final push, it was wrecked a long time before,”
Penelope pointed

Hissing, Nicole reached out, hands going right at Penelope’s throat.
Penelope pushed her
away and Nicole pushed back. Hissing, Penelope grabbed a handful of hair,
yanking on it. Nicole
yelled then grabbed Penelope’s hair and yanked it, causing Penelope to curse in
Spanish. They
each kicked at each other with little effect and smacked at the other with their
free hands as they
spun around, still grabbing the other’s hair.

“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” it was not.

The two eventually ended up in the bedroom, smashing each other into a wall
and then
moving over to the bed, falling on it. They ended up on their sides, still
holding the other’s hair,
hissing at each other.

“Tramp!” Nicole yelled.

“Bitch!” Penelope screamed back in Spanish.

They looked each other in the eye and froze, each taken aback by the sudden
covering them. Without warning, they each moved in and kissed the other full on
the lips, their
tongues wrapping around, their hands falling from hair as they started to get
into the kiss.

They finally broke off, looking at one another. “What was that?” Penelope

“I don’t know,” Nicole sighed, shaking her head. A slight smile came onto
her face. “But I
know I want to feel it again.” And with that, she moved in and kissed Penelope
even harder on the
lips, Penelope closing her eyes and welcoming the kiss as they rolled on the

Nicole knelt up to pull her dress up and over her head, exposing her lack
of a bra, her pert
breasts visible. She helped Penelope undo and then pull away her top and Nicole
gasped at
Penelope’s breasts, so much larger than her own. Her hands automatically went to
squeezing the mounds hard, causing Penelope to moan slightly. The Latin actress’
hands were
moving over to Nicole’s panties, pushing them down to expose her nether regions.
Nicole broke
her hands away from Penelope’s chest to do the same to her.

They took a moment to admire the other’s naked body, Nicole’s firm and
Penelope’s shapely and provocative. “God,” Nicole whispered. “I don’t hate Tom
now, I’m
jealous. Why wouldn’t he want you?”

“Funny,” Penelope said, gazing at the glistening tuft in between Nicole’s
long legs. “I was
just thinking he must have been an idiot to let you go.” She reached up and
brought Nicole down,
the two enjoying another long and slow wet kiss, tongue wrapping back together
as their hands
ran over their bodies, Nicole sighing through the kiss as she felt Penelope’s
hands squeezing her
ass. Penelope pushed Nicole’s face down to her firm chest, letting Nicole nestle
her face in
between those luscious mounds. Her tongue flicked out, licking the nipples as
she felt her hands
move and push them together, kneading the breasts as she licked the erect
nipples. Penelope
groaned as she felt Nicole going at her tits, holding the redhead in so she
could keep on doing it
harder and faster.

After a few minutes of licking and rubbing Penelope’s breasts, a sudden
urge took hold of
Nicole, as if she had heard an order and she moved her face down Penelope’s
body, kissing the
flat stomach before coming down to her dark patch. Nicole’s tongue slowly
dragged along
Penelope’s bush, causing the Spanish woman to moan.

“No,” Penelope suddenly said, breaking away. “What?” A confused Nicole
asked. “Am I
doing it wrong?”

“No, no, no,” Penelope smiled. “I just prefer it the other way.” She
flipped onto her front,
her round ass an open invitation that Nicole couldn’t ignore. Smiling, the
Australian moved in,
pushing her face into the clit, licking at the pussy as her hands clamped onto
Penelope’s cheeks,
parting them for her tongue. Penelope’s moans came again as she felt Nicole’s
tongue lick away
at her, the strokes coming more quickly and energetic as she licked at
Penelope’s ass. Penelope
moved back and forth on the bed, loving how Nicole’s tongue and hands worked
away at her
behind and pussy, much better than she thought. She gripped the edge of the bed
for support,
groaning in Spanish as she felt herself come, her juices flowing outward onto
Nicole’s waiting
tongue, Nicole taking a few more moments to gorge herself on Penelope’s ass
before backing

Penelope smiled as she sat back up. “Not bad,” she nodded, moving to
Nicole. “Now let
me show you how we do it in Spain.” She pushed the other woman down and moved
down her
body, kissing each nipple before coming to Nicole’s own red-haired pussy. Nicole
gasped as she
felt Penelope’s tongue enter her and immediately go to work, much faster and
better than Nicole
had. Nicole leaned her head back, groaning as she felt incredible pleasure
flowing through her
body as Penelope licked away. Damn, if this was what Tom was getting, she envied
him. Nicole’s
gasps grew louder and longer until finally, Penelope’s tongue-work bore fruit
and she felt herself
coming onto Penelope’s face, the dark skin marred by yellow juice that was
licked and swallowed
“God, that was wonderful,” Nicole moaned.

“Not over yet,” Penelope whispered as she spun onto Nicole’s body, going to
Nicole’s clit
while letting Nicole get at hers. I watched from the corner as the two went into
a 69, putting on a
damn good show. A shame they wouldn’t remember it but I think this was a bit
much to put onto
both with relationships and such. They’d remember the hostile meeting but that
was it. A shame, I
thought as I watched them go at it. Two such fiery foreign ladies, they could
have made a good
couple themselves. For now, I’d just be satisfied with one night watching as
hate turned to love.

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